Thursday, December 22, 2011

Humanitarian Concept: Homeless Camps In State Parks

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It seems during this period of America's Great Recession we're watching history repeat itself. In regards to America's Great Depression plight to a lesser degree in the rise of homelessness. Specifically families and thus children entering poverty for the first time in their collective lives. The CBS "60 Minutes" segment showcasing a single father and his 2 kids living out of a delivery truck in Orange County, Florida. Explained it all from that one families testimonial symbolically representing countless others in America.

Case in point the city of Saint Petersburg Florida in the county of Pinellas. Had the 2007 national public relations disaster of an impromptu tent city built by the homeless being torn down. By police with razor box cutters shredding private property tents on public city park land. I bet many drew parallels of the terrorists aggression of 9/11 using razor box cutters to hi-jack the airliners. But I digress. Afterwards that same year in 2007 the local Catholic Church Diocese used their own private property to open up a 250 tent city of their own. With regulated controls put in place for the proper governance of such a homeless shelter facility run by the Church.

I myself proposed a blog concept back in December 2007 called the "Community Homeless Campus" as one potential solution.

Now back in the Fall season of this year 2011 again the city of Saint Petersburg has opened up a 500 bed homeless shelter facility calling it "Safe Harbor". It mirrors some of the elements of my own homeless solution concept of December 2007 on this very blog site.

Here is a link to an Associated Press article dated September 5th 2011 discussing the new "Safe Harbor" facility:

My concept today is similar to my former concept of the "Homeless Community Campus". However this one is set in preexisting State Parks with full facility campgrounds. The Florida State Park system consists of 160 wondrous and unique environments not seen anywhere else on this world of ours. Fifty plus of which of these State Parks include full facility campgrounds for traditional camping and RV (Recreational vehicle) electrical hook-ups.

What I am proposing as a pilot program to see if the model can be replicated elsewhere in the United States State or National Parks inventory. Is to allot a percentage of these full facility campgrounds that includes: public bathrooms, showers, laundry machines, public telephones, electrical hook-ups, and most likely a nature center. Say as an example here in Florida in my county of Sarasota the Oscar Scherer State Park would qualify.

The "Oscar Scherer" State Park has 94 campground and RV mix of slots for campers under reservations with a fee to utilize. Where selected volunteers at 3 to 6 month stints are given a free campground slot to make sure the campgrounds facilities are well maintained. Under my proposed Homeless Camps in State Parks concept solution. Via a program run by the local county and applicable State agencies. Such as: State Parks Management, Health & Family Services, Veterans Affairs, County Commissioners, etc... Where homeless families and individuals that may qualify that are under the supervision of case workers. Receive temporary housing via camp sites and RV campers from the program in lieu of making the pledge to improve their lives overall. Such as finding a permanent housing solution elsewhere and maintaining a steady income with a job placement.

The homeless population best served are those families and individuals through no fault of their own now find themselves homeless during this "Great Recession" period. Instead of them getting permanently stuck into homelessness cycles they receive public and private social services assistance. To dislodge such an unfortunate circumstance they are finding themselves within currently. Case workers assisting the homeless members or clients of this proposed program. Would make sure the clients are utilizing local free medical clinics, children are in public schools and receiving the free school meal programs (breakfast / lunch), are on food stamps, have access to counseling services, higher education be it a vocational school (grants / scholarships), are utilizing the local county job resource center, have access to transportation be it public transit or otherwise, religious services if so desired, etc... Everything that may be needed in the basic needs of any dignified person living in our present day society.

On the part of the homeless member / client of this proposed program. There would be no public smoking / drinking within the campgrounds or State Park itself. No violence, which would would be a near automatic ejection from this program. A nightly curfew would be put in place. Any homeless client with substance abuse addiction must be fully engaged in their own outlined sobriety. Such as receiving access to substance abuse counseling, and be enrolled in a 12 Step self-help program and have a designated sponsor. All homeless clients would be required to help the State Park Rangers in maintaining the overall park. Not unlike the WPA (Works Progress Administration) of the late 1930's and early 1940's during the Franklin Roosevelt presidency. Homeless participates may even earn themselves minimum wage and get access to other grants and scholarships for higher education. All homeless clients would receive a crash course in camping and outdoors man survival skills. Homeless individuals would be furnished with camping equipment be it a tent and other miscellaneous camping gear. Homeless families would be allotted a RV (Recreational Vehicle) camper with access to an electrical hook-up. Not unlike the victims of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina received from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). Where individuals and families were placed within camper trailer parks or situated next to their former devastated residential property.

If this temporary housing solution proves successful after its initial pilot program implementation. It can be transplanted to other States in the Union. Where the customary user fee's the State Parks would collect from visitors and campers. Would be paid for through a block grant for this homeless temporary housing program. Besides the added boon of homeless members in the program. Aiding under supervision State Park officials in maintaining the parks they'll live within for a time. This is a proposed dignified solution for the new working poor that have found themselves homeless. To be able in our meritocracy society to climb right out of it and back into the middle class as productive citizens. Let's hope for all of us novel and applicable solutions are mandated to fix this social crisis not only in America, but across the world. If America is to lead the world by example as a model Democracy, it best start with the most vulnerable in our own society.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Jewels of Truth Statements & Favorite Quotes of The Month

Hello All and Welcome,

Thank you for visiting this humble blog site for the curious of heart and mind. May you all be enjoying this festive period of the year. No matter your own faith tradition it is a time of goodwill and merriment.

This months three "Jewels of Truth" statements first written back in early May 2009. Are on the topics of: Love, Covenants, and Companionship for you to reflect upon and consider for yourselves.

So a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to come soon enough.


954) Love is a great force for creation and salvation of one's well being. Love may be deemed temperamental if it is based on limited conditional demands by the will of another. True Love like all things that are of a wholesome and true nature. Takes development through the dedicated adoration of the lover. When hard work in relationship building is coupled with Love. Than the burden of the dutiful dedication becomes light and pleasant to carry for oneself. It is due to the factor of a joy that knows no bounds that offers the dedicated lover a sweet reprieve. No other creative force can offer so much for so little in its exchange of the sublime for the common, but extraordinary tenderness. Be still in such a truth and may it set you free in all manner of blessedness by the grace of the Divine. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

955) The grand legacy of God's children that are true to their own calling is irrefutable. That all the great prophets and the masters of each religious faith have offered this world true benevolence. Each master has been an agent of the Divine be it through the myriad era's of humanities greatest need. Many theologians may have determined that all the Holy works of God's true heirs as Ascended Masters are rendered in our collective past within antiquity. This is not so I tell you, our history is ripe with numerous declared and forgotten saintly men and woman in God's service. Be they prophets of their own day or unrecognized masters come in the name and authority of the Divine. Miracle workers no matter the age of humanity that have come forth with a ministry. Are a constant stream of the compassion of our creator God(dess). It is an unending pledge by the covenant of each generation that seeks such a renewed relationship with God. May we who worship in an earnest spirit of humility and thanksgiving remember this truth. Lest we forsake our dignity as souls of a living and dynamic God in creation. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

956) We are never truly alone in Spirit. We may forget our place in this world. Yet we remain true to what is precious, just as God keeps his promises on our behalf. God walks with us and within us, where his "Holy Spirit" nurtures us. The Angelic host walks with us even if we may at times feel that we are crawling by our own hands and knees. The "Kingdom of God" walks with us not forgetting we are the "Kingdom of God" given form and substance within creation.

God, and all that is good and Holy doesn't just walk with humanity alone. God(dess) and the Divine walks with all sentient species in creation, all animals, all insects, all plants, all minerals and bacteria as an eternal vigilant companion. The stars and heavens of this universe and the next one to come shines brightest from the Love of God(dess). We are never alone in Spirit, we may feel alone if we walk away from the Divine by choice. Yet the Holy Spirit is with us in a gentle and steadfast manner of grace. Remember this eternal infinite love of God(dess) and you to shall inherit the calm that sets all of us free in peace. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


Grace and gratitude go together like heaven and earth. ---Karl Barth.

To be grateful is to recognize the Love of God in everything. ---Thomas Merton "Thoughts in Solitude".

In the end will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught. ---Baba Dioum, Senegalese Conservationist (b.1937)

A heartfelt smile gives warmth enough for three winters. ---Mongolian Proverb.

Maybe the most any of us can expect of ourselves isn't perfection but progress. ---Michelle Burford.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Physical Fitness Campaign Concept: "Taking Off The Pounds Walkathon"

Hello All,

With holiday celebrations around the corner many of us are probably indulging a wee bit too much in all the delicious foods available to us. Today's concept focuses on obesity reduction which is plaguing the more affluent nations of the West. Especially amongst the youth, if not adults of various age groups with healthcare needs.

The Taking Off The Pounds Walkathon notion stems from a commemorative holiday called "Liberation Day" the Dutch celebrate every year. From their own liberation during World War 2 from the allied forces from German NAZI occupation. In some parts of the country persons of all ages receive civic duty medals for accomplishments of various sorts. Be it walking distance along certain designated routes or doing ancillary activities. Where participates keep a log book to document their accomplishments in order to redeem them for their civic duty medals.

Learning of this Dutch "Liberation Day" festivities got me thinking wouldn't this be a novel idea for an obesity reduction event in America. Yes, in the past such as in the city of Chicago they have had obesity marches to promote good health. However my concept takes more inspiration from the Dutch "Liberation Day" national holiday. To be repurposed into a walkathon to promote overall health amongst people of all ages. Such as those civic duty medals that the Dutch hand out to participates that record their accomplishments. Would be ideal for participates of a obesity reduction regieme. Of course not to alienate other people even the civic minded citizens and those physically fit can join in such an event.

For instance if a select group of national or local charitable organizations are invited to participate. Not so much as sponsors, but as recipients of the goodwill to be offered by civic minded conscious people of all ages. Where those aforementioned civic duty medals the Dutch hand out to participates with recorded event related accomplishments. A similar set of activities such as recorded volunteer hours to those select charities can be one aspect to earn such event civic duty medals. There can be a slew of devised activities that center around volunteering. Be it environmental clean up at parks, beaches, canals, etc... Spending time with the elderly at a nursing home facility. Being a "Meals on Wheels" volunteer or helping at "Habitat For Humanity" house building location. The opportunities to foster volunteerism in their local community through such an event are endless. Especially amongst the youth if such an event is sanctioned by the public education school district.

If such a "Taking Off The Pounds Walkathon" proves successful as a model. It can be transplanted to other regions or evolve into a national holiday. Just picture the President of the United States attending such an event with his spouse and children. Promoting a healthy lifestyle for all citizens alike and leading by example. Taking part in many of the activities that event organizers seek that participates would enjoy doing. However if such a notion is too bold for a national holiday to reduce obesity in America. Than this model of an event can be transplanted to other regions of a State or to other States themselves. Where high density of citizens are being afflicted by rising healthcare costs related to onset diabetes and/or heart attacks. Be it related to weight gain or other high stress conditions affecting an overall lifestyle.

The particulars of how event organizers can approach such a concept is as follows. In regards to the charitable organizations only a select group of them are offered to participate every year. Where tailoring the civic duty activities would be customized according to the mission of every charitable group that is sanctioned for the event. The walkathon itself may be held for one day or several days at varying alternating routes per day of the events. A multi day walkathon set up at varying locations within a city affords those that can't attend one day do so for the next event. The civic activities can commence a month before the official walkathon takes place. So participates can be funneled into the select charities to volunteer their time in order to qualify for the civic duty medals and ribbons.

All participates can ask by snail mail or kept on site at participating charities for a basic complimentary logbook. Where attendees can begin recording their activities set out for that year by the event organizers. For every accomplished activity every charitable group will have their own unique stamp of approval designed just for that years activities. In order to promote uniqueness amongst the missions of each charity and to minimize any cheating by attendees. Each charity can also sell a fancier attendee logbook that is custom designed for their organization and sanctioned by the event organizers. In order to facilitate additional donation dollars in their direction. Akin to how PBS runs their own televised fund raising drives with certain donation amounts affords a gift. Their can be merchandising material that is designed for each charity and sanctioned as a source of donation revenue for that years events.

Aside from the attendee logbooks there will be a portal website where attendees can register for free. In order to develop a personal profile where all progress of their activities can be tracked. Be it tracked for personal enjoyment or statistically by charities and event organizers to gauge overall participation for that year. There can be strict controls on how the charities upload their data of attendee activities to the portal website. The portal website is promoted alongside the commencement of the volunteerism that precedes the walkathon by one month. The portal website serves a dual purpose of taking donations for the charity groups online for that year. Including if an attendee happens to lose or damages their logbook by a misfortune all their progress isn't lost. The logbooks aren't the size of an accountants ledger, they are however compact in size.

Attendees of the multi day walkathon after registration on site are given the usual fare of a free T-Shirt promoting the event. Where those that have a profile on the portal website get their ID tracked for having started the walkathon. Along each route depending on that day there will be the usual rest station stops in order to get rehydrated or for any first aid needs. Upon completion of the walkathon they have to check-in one more time to be recorded and congratulated for their efforts. Where all attendees can receive a "Certificate of Accomplishment". Be it by snail mail or printed out from their profile section of the portal website. Highlighting all the activities and achievements they participated in during the course of the events.

At they very end of all the events there can be a televised ceremonial festivity. Where all awards be it civic duty medals, ribbons, and high awards are handed out. Before the televised portion there can be a festival where common activities are held. For the youth to enjoy as well folks of all ages. Leading up to the walkathon during the month long of volunteerism. There can be free workshops of healthy meal preparations and nutrition. Local hospitals can be invited to promote their free clinics and set up at select locations free screenings. Local farmer markets can be promoted alongside in order to increase public awareness of the healthy produce and vegetables in season.

For the part of corporate sponsorships suitable partners may be sectors such as: Fitness Centers, Supermarkets, Health Insurance companies, Healthy eateries, etc... Examples for instance are: Subway restaurants, Gold's Gym, GNC, United Healthcare, Humana, Blue Shield / Blue Cross, even McDonalds in terms of youth orientation. Donations that are raised in total for all select participating charities for that years event. Can have corporate sponsor matching dollars to be contributed with the famous "Big Cardboard Check" at the televised ceremonial festivity. There can be a luncheon held after the televised ceremonial event in order to invite esteemed and generous guests. Where tables can be solicited at various donation amounts as a final fundraiser.

The "Taking Off The Pounds Walkathon" is to promote overall healthy lifestyles for people of all ages. Especially our youth in order to catch them young and to reinforce strong ideals of healthy lifestyles and volunteerism. Everyone benefits be it the attendees by being recognized by their civic and personal accomplishments. Be it civic duty medals, ribbons, and a certificate of accomplishment for attendees. The select group of charities that partook of that years events. The corporate sponsors and event organizers in order to promote goodwill for community outreach programs. This is by all means just a sampling of the scope of this concept to facilitate a healthy conscious living within a community at large. For the benefit of every generation that chooses to make of it what they will in order to promote civic responsibility.

Monday, December 05, 2011

"Jewels of Truth: The Wayfarer of the Soul, Volume 2" Is Now Published!!!

Hello All,

With giddy excitement I'm proud to announce with the aid of iUniverse as the publisher. That "Jewels of Truth: The Wayfarer of the Soul, Volume 2" is now published and ready for retail!

My first book "Jewels of Truth: A Soul Odyssey Within, Volume 1" started off the series back when it was published in late October 2007. Now four years later I'm proud to offer my readers this next volume. Bringing to publication 365 all original spiritual wisdom statements and proverbs for the faithful on the go. Now both volumes means 730 all original material for the spiritual pilgrim of the mind, heart, and soul to enjoy and reflect upon.

Just go to the Links section here to the right column of this blog site. To be taken to the bookstore of iUniverse. Or visit any major book seller online such as to make your purchase.

Thank you for your time and interest.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Education Concept: Consumer & Financial Literacy Courses

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I hope those of you in the States had a very "Happy Thanks Giving" holiday. Of which the shopper days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday were of paramount importance to retailers. Possibly faring whether this economic quarter of the year offers good tidings to the U.S. economy, or not. Today's concept has the shopper in mind in finding the best deals out there in the marketplace. However it would be offered as a certificate program accreditation to be called "Shopper Advocates".

Now what would this so called Shopper Advocate study program entail for potential students slash consumers?

Let's see if school courses like home economics are being cut out of public schools due to funding restraints. Not unlike the elective courses of the arts and athletic programs here in the public education system. Why not vocational schools if not some sort of community college campus offer a curriculum of consumer and financial literacy. Perhaps not to the scale of a full university degree nor a multi-year technical certificate program. Just something to arm consumers for the marketplace not to be fleeced like sheep by unscrupulous predators. Be they high pressure sales tactics or what brought us to this Great Recession. Such as the liar loans or predatory home mortgage lenders.

This curriculum can be taught either as a certificate program, lecture series, workshop series, study course (print or online), etc... How to foster being a savvy shopper and a sophisticated consumer in America or elsewhere in the world. That are driven by informing accurately pertinent issues facing the unprepared consumer in the marketplace of commerce. The course work which can include field trips to retail outlets or financial institutions be they banks, brokerage firms, or insurance companies.

For instance the Shopper Advocate program can teach topics of great concern and interest to the consumer. Be it shopper tips, tricks, and tactics to get the best possible price in retail or wholesale. Shopping for groceries (IE like the TV show of "Extreme Couponing"), electronics and computers, automobiles and recreational vehicles, clothing, home furnishings, travel, and homes as residences or investment properties. The financial literacy component can include how to shop for financial instruments. Be it for a safeguard in ones future such as insurance of all types. Or investments be it a brokerage account for retirement dealing with stocks, bonds, options, etc... There can also be study material covering how students can pursue scholarships and sources of eligible grants for higher education. Where the instructor(s) of such a curriculum aren't pushing endorsed products or services for a commercial related kickback as a commission.

Once a student completes such a course work of the "Shopper Advocate" program. They can go on to produce actual savings for their own household. Perhaps whilst even in the process of completing the program itself. Students upon completion will certainly spread their lessons to relatives and friends alike in a similar circumstance of making a major purchase. If a certificate program is offered that is geared towards professionalism. Those participates can provide formal or informal workshops with an entry level exposure to others. By being hired as a professional shopper in order to save money for their clients. Be it in savings for groceries, clothing, or in major purchases for their clients. The really entrepreneurial shopper advocate may even take tour groups of consumers. To retail outlets in order to save them money on products / services and how to pull it off in a mentor field trip capacity. A generous Shopper Advocate may even volunteer their time to shop on behalf of the local church food bank. For instance providing large amounts of groceries at pennies on the dollar via couponing. Or related purchasing tactics during sales at a grocery chain.

Why not offer a whole shebang cocktail of consumer education and advocacy to shoppers? Maybe retailers and financial institutions want their customers to be dumb as sheep for the slaughter? I would rather we that are lifetime consumers out of necessity are hawks and not sheep. It is up to a private or public school of higher education to provide such a robust curriculum of consumer and financial literacy. I hope this concept finds its way to passionate educators who truly seek to make a difference in our shared world.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jewels of Truth Statements & Favorite Quotes of The Month

Hello All,

For those of us here in the States we're about to celebrate a major holiday of "Thanksgiving" next week. The rest I would assume continue their lives until there own major holiday season in December.

I'm also nearing completion of my Volume 2 of the Jewels of Truth series, with my publisher iUniverse. We're at the stage of doing revisions of the interior of the book. Where the book cover itself has already been finalized in preparation for the printer.

Today's trio of all original "Jewels of Truth" are on the topics of: Love, Bubbles, and Appearances. Written back in early May of the year 2009. So without a further adieu may you enjoy them.


951) "Love & Life", are interchangeable much like "Fear and Death" in regard that one plays off the other in reality. Love is many things to many souls. Love is simple, elegant, purifying, nurturing, empowering, and most of all miraculous. Life likewise is many things to many people whether viewed with true eyes or not. Life is complicated, difficult, confusing, and with suffering. Fear leads to hate, anger, guilt, shame, anxiety, depression, and ultimately destruction be it of the self or the world. Death is final with discouragement for those who are not fortified for its journey in spirit and sense of character. By seeking unconditional Love there you will find the eternal life of your soul. Where God as the dutiful parent will stand ready to embrace you silently with thanksgiving.

Be still and listen intently until the spark of life murmurs within gently stirring your heart and mind. Setting you free by a personal choice from your own self imposed bondage. Thus allowing your spirit to soar as a child of God in his grace always. Amen.
---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

952) We all live in a self-imposed Bubble of one sort of size or another. Some bubbles outgrow their former selves and become "Globes" in scope and utility. For the rest of us we are in the bubbles of the "Ego" of our own creation. Not all bubbles are bad, some heal us or our loved ones that set us on a course of redemption. Yet again most bubbles are short sighted and see only what they selfishly choose to see. Such close minded bubbles are in the proverbial "Ivory Tower" by seeking not to truly know the truth laid out before them. Willing instead to choose to maintain the status quo at nearly all costs. Whether they are the ruling majority in a society with a centralized authority. Or be they miserable souls who are in a state of constant denial.

Other bubbles are struggling to break free by popping their ego bubbles. Emerging as a new found globe in the circle of life, love, and within the prism of the Holy Light. To those we are thankful for their progress, no matter how slow it seems to all other doubters. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

953) Those who solely judge by appearances are misguided if not worse yet shallow in disposition. A true reality of a circumstance is far deeper under the layers of the heart, mind, and soul. Be one an individual or extending to an entire people or a society at large. If one seeks a rightful outcome than put all your energy with a faithful intent upon a sincere audience with the "Will of God". Such a holy directive when beseeched without the ego of an entity. Allows many things beyond mortal sight of a flawed people to be revealed in totality. Harken back to the wisdom of Solomon and you will know when you are upon the sacred ground of the Divine. Where the pure and the inspired outcomes flow like riches with depth and promise.

Seek first the promise of the covenant of the Lord God. For all other creative avenues of solutions in the open ended realm of possibility are yours. Then the hallmarks of a continued path of opportunity that is not selfish for its own glory. Will be filled with goodness offered by the "Holy Spirit". Laid out at the steps of your mind, your heart, and placed in order for your soul to achieve. Look with only the eyes of the soul and not your own eyes of the flesh. Such is the truth when one is sincerely ready in seeking rightful outcomes based on grace everlasting. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


Will you ever understand how near God is to you? ---Lalla, 14th century C.E.

All the way to heaven is Heaven. ---Catherine of Siena.

Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder. ---E.B. White "Charlotte's Web".

Resolve to be thyself: and know, that he who finds himself, loses his misery. ---Matthew Arnold.

Remember when life's path is steep to keep your mind even. ---Horace.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Territorial Concept: Proposed Six Grandfathers (Mt. Rushmore) Lease With The U.S..

Hello All,

This concept today regarding as a possible solution to the controversy surrounding Mt. Rushmore. Stemming back to the 1868 Treaty of Fort Laramie with the Lakota Sioux Nation. It's not ideal, but allow me to set up the back story first off.

The South Dakota Black Hills Mountain range has been the ancestral lands of the Sioux Nation of American Indians. Originally "Mt. Rushmore" was known to the Lakota as "Six Grandfathers". However an advocacy group known as the "American Indian Movement" in 1971 renamed the mountain to "Mount Crazy Horse". The "Treaty of Fort Laramie of 1868" ensured the Black Hills would belong to the Sioux Nation in perpetuity. However gold prospectors crossing into the Sioux lands ignited the "Black Hills War". Which the United States stepped in and illegally confiscated the Black Hills in 1877 for themselves. Thus officially starting the land dispute that has followed the Lakota and surrounding Sioux tribes to this day.

In 1980 the "U.S. vs Sioux Nation of Indians" won a landmark case for the Sioux. Where the United States government was willing to pay the Sioux Nation $15.5 million dollars. This was the 1877 real estate market value of the Black Hills plus 5% interest amounting to a total of $105 million dollars in 1980. The Sioux Nation proudly refused the settlement offer only seeking to retain ownership of their ancestral lands. Since that time several individual tribal members have laid a claim to the settlement monies. However they're awaiting in limbo for approval of disbursement from the Court of such funds to date.

My concept allows the Sioux Nation to be awarded title deed ownership to the Black Hills Mountain region. However there is a catch which is to agree to a 100 year lease with the United State Government. Similar as to how the United States had a lease in the "Panama Canal Zone" or as it is now in "Gauntanamo Bay, Cuba". The Sioux Nation would be awarded back rent payments stemming from all the back to the year 1877. Which is when the United States government illegally seized the Black Hills from the Lakota Sioux Nation. So any of those individual tribal members laying claim to the settlement funds of 1980. Would have that settlement reclassified as back rent from this potential lease for the Black Hills.

Effectively the lease of the Black Hills if acceptable to both the Sioux Nation and the United States government. Can be set for 234 years time of which 134 years have already been served in the lease of the land. Where a remaining 100 years time is in effect as long as the United States keeps up in good standing its lease payments. The lease payments set at whatever base amount would increase at 5% every 10 years time or during the U.S. Census period. I chose 5% interest lease increase since it falls in line with the 5% interest increase from the 1980 settlement. That was originally refused by the Sioux Nation overall.

If the lease for the Back Hills is agreed to than the back lease payments and future lease payments. Would be deposited into a trust fund administered by the Sioux Nation Elders. Where the monies would be utilized for the betterment of all Sioux people and the tribal lands as a whole. Meaning it can be dispersed as a stipend payment to all Sioux. Including improvements to Sioux education, infrastructure of the tribal lands, tribal lands 1st responders IE police and fire rescue, cultural upliftment, commerce, and tourism.

The United States government would have 1st option to renew the lease of the Black Hills. At the conclusion of the remaining 100 year lease period. Otherwise full use of the Black Hills would revert to the Sioux Nation and its heirs. To use as they see fit in whatever manner that best suits their purposes.

(Note: I used Wikipedia for any pertinent historical accounts.)


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jewels of Truth Statements & Favorite Quotes of The Month

Hello All,

Besides the development of Volume 2 of the "Jewels of Truth" continuing at my publisher iUniverse. I've returned from a twelve day family visit slash vacation in Miami last week. This is where I'm catching up to my routine which includes posting to this blog site.

Today's entry of the "Jewels of Truth" series deals with the topics of: Living, Art, and Invisible Links that connect us to others. These original spiritual wisdom statements were written back in late April and early May of the year 2009. Now only appearing more than 2 years time later here at "Atrayo's Oracle" for the very first time.

Without a further adieu here they are for your enjoyment.


948) Live well, by living well is the greatest truth in seeking contentment. Whereby we focus on the positive to illuminate the way to a fuller lifestyle. A lifestyle that is not overburdened by our limitations. That fashions our personal inadequacies into ropes that bind us into a stronger form than weakening our resolve to "Live Well". By living well I do not only mean materially speaking, but holistically. Finding expression of our mental and emotional being having a healthy outlook on life as we know it. As the experiences of life toss us about we can remain in our truth that we can overcome such obstacles. Not alone, for if we are wise we will align ourselves with souls that will support us by their own compassion and truth.

Living well is a privilege, and not a right. It is our responsibility to maintain a mindset and a character that is robust enough to be in harmony with our own individual circumstances. If we falter than we succumb to suffering leading the way by hardships that may become countless. Strengthen your character and most of all your faith in God to carry you to a better place by being well prepared for life itself. Otherwise you will always cheat yourself of the destiny and blessedness of the glory of God(dess) all around you constantly. Amen.
---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

949) Art as a medium has Infinite sources of Inspirations. This is what makes art a creative force of delight and expression for some. Others yet still use art to give expression to the suffering of the world facing injustice. Art is the bridge between the unspoken and the articulated. Art is not just for the elite within a particular society, it is for the masses. As a space to offer the people as a whole a place of enrichment and growth. A growth that is both thought provoking and at times if needed controversial. Forcing the cultural norms to evolve for the highest self to shine with dignity, and not vanity alone. Art is the mainstay of any civilization worth its weight in the souls that find expression through the sacred act of creation. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

950) There are numerous invisible links that bind us to other people. Be it by circumstance or affinity of intent these invisible links can be supportive for a person leading to empowerment. If meant for one person alone or for the many at large by the consequences of actions yet to be fully resolved. All leaders no matter their stature in a society will need invisible links in becoming catalysts for change. However not all invisible links are supportive in nature. Many yield destructive effects if not immediately than down the road to an uncertain future. Out of the ashes of such a misfortune the ones to follow can rise once again to bring order out of chaos. It is not the invisible links or the ties that bind us together that make them good or bad. It is how the ones with the power to recognize and wield them that shall be the determiner of the integrity of their actions. Those that lead through ulterior selfish motivations will eventually be caught in the full display of the rising sun. Where the masses will declare "No More" we are not your slaves! Thus breaking their chains in order to live with liberty versus obligated indebtedness. Those whom lead with conviction no matter if disagreement follows them shall be honored. For their hearts are just and not filled with a lust in authoritative power can bring alone. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


Peace is not an event, its a process. ---Leymah Gbowee. Liberian Peace Activist. On PBS "Tavis Smiley" show on 10/17/11.

God always provides what we need, but we must be ready to open our eyes and see it. ---The Midrash.

Success isn't how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started. ---Unknown Proverb.

Do not let what you can not do interfere with what you can do. ---John Wooden.

Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they've been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing. ---Muhammad Ali.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

"Jewels of Truth, God Is Reality!"

Hello All,

Just a heads up I'm a bit busier than usual because Volume 2 of the "Jewels of Truth" series is being developed at my publisher iUniverse. So I may not be posting to this blog site perhaps towards the end of October.

So I'll offer up this morsel that was written earlier today where the ink is still drying on the page. It's on the topic of God(dess) being our reality unto all that was, is, and will be. Do take note that towards the end of this spiritual wisdom statement I make a controversial utterance. To say the least its thought provoking to others yet still I'm speaking heresy. Fortunately I live in a pluralistic society here in America.

To add clarity as to my spiritual writings is that I'm an Intuitive with a clair- cognizant ability. Amongst a couple other psychic traits of being an empath with premonitions. As always I have stated my writings are inspired by Automatic Writing. I consider this a writing technique that moves me by inspiration. Others yet still describe automatic writing to be a psychic quality of taking dictation from one's Spirit Guides and Teachers. Either definition for me works depending on the audience I am with at the time. Be they secular, spiritual, or religious in nature when they ask what my faith is it throws them for a loop.

I consider myself to be Multi-Faith, which I define as including all benevolent faith traditions. Be they religious or philosophical that promote goodwill in moderation. Since I believe God or Goddess in the feminine form is prevalent everywhere in reality. Not pigeon holed to one region of this primitive world be it in antiquity or in our contemporary days.

So without a further adieu here is spiritual wisdom "Jewels of Truth" series statement #1193.


"God Is Reality!"

1193) God is beyond thought for he is reality itself. A living energy or force that permeates all as his own creation. Not to be mindless without purpose or conviction, but to recall his own reason for being. A majesty with no equal, alone and with all the company of his own creations across "Eternity and Infinity". A basis in spiritual truth alive and in constant renewal.

All of this occurring in a space that occupies nothing. In a moment that is ageless for it all occurred in one singular instant. The proverbial blink of the eye, a moment between moments is where God is most intimate with all of physical creation. The backdrop is also the forefront of who's Image and likeness we resemble the most. As miniature children of the "God of all gods". We are not without worth for we all have the speck of God in our souls. Our spirits are illuminated with this spark that is most Divine and also makes us Angelic. We are Angels in a slumber of forgotten knowledge. Minor gods living a paradox existence in order to grow, love unconditionally, and return to our source God(dess). Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Humanitarian Governmental Concept: "Industrial Effects Catastrophe Fund"

Hello All,

This concept is more of a bailout hazard fund for the ordinary citizen subjected to industrial pollutants on a discriminatory basis. By discrimination it can be either direct Environmental Racism, which large swaths of urban Afro-American populations have systematically been subjected to within America for decades. Or any American of whatever creed or social mobility having the misfortune of having lived near an industrial facility with poor quality control standards. At least in terms of leeching toxic environmental pollutants into nearby residential districts and local water sheds.

Here in Florida my home State we have a "Hurricane Catastrophe Fund" known as the "Hurricane Cat Fund". Taking this as a governmental funding mechanism in such a State wide trust fund held and maintained for the public trust of all Floridians. I'm proposing a similar mechanism across all of America on a Federal level in partnerships with the States and Territories. Be it operated by Federal / State agencies of Environmental Protection in conjunction with Federal Law Enforcement agencies. Be it the FBI or expand the mission mandates of environmental law enforcement agents that guard our National and State parks. Yes, I'm first to admit that such environmental law enforcement agencies be it Federal or State levels are treated as the third wheel in resources. Be it in personnel numbers or funding on a whole basis. Here in Florida we have only a couple hundred law enforcement agents covering thousands of miles of our peninsula wilderness. I'm not advocating pulling out such limited resources already in place for our natural wonders. Just to create a new law enforcement department within the overall investigative arm of such an environmental protection agency.

The "Industrial Effects Catastrophe Fund" will be funded by both private industry and joint Federal / State dollars. In order to safeguard residential areas from nearby polluting industrial facilities. Be they harming the air, land, and especially water quality of those neighborhoods. Industry Lobbyists will be forbidden from participating on any oversight committees or panels of such a catastrophe fund. In order to keep the wolves out of the hen house for a period of a decade. So any present day industry lobbyist of whatever stripe can not nor should not have authority for a period of 10 years time. In regards to oversight jurisdiction since it becomes a "Poison Pill" all its own if they mettle in such affairs. The burden of proof will be shifted onto private Industry and not on the ordinary citizen in terms of exposure to toxic pollutants. Such a policy written into law should keep such a legal Juris prudence in perspective at all times.

Citizens petitioning for aid from such a catastrophe fund will receive access to both a case manager and legal counsel. Such staff provided will be funded on an administrative basis out of such a catastrophe fund. Environmental law enforcement agents will only receive a portion of their overall funding for their department handling such a case load. In terms of investigative faculties and subpoena powers in getting access to records be it the Federal or State level Attorney Generals. Any private legal counsel hired by citizens petitioning for aid from the "Industrial Effects Catastrophe Fund". Will have their legal fees capped at a certain reasonable rate. Any bureaucracy created will not forbid the ordinary citizen from receiving aid in terms to a petitioning application process. Which means legal hardship loop holes will not become a barrier due to political mind games by the administrators of such a catastrophe fund.

Any neighborhoods or limited residential areas that must be condemned due to environmental industrial toxic degradations. Will need to go through Federal, State, and local eminent public domain ordinances. Where the citizenry affected will either be relocated at cost by the offending corporation or by the catastrophe fund. Or just directly buying out their residences at pre-disaster real estate market prices.

The environmental law enforcement agency department overseeing protection of the public trust. Will pursue any corrupt appointed or elected governmental officer on any level be it local, State, or Federal. If corporate kickback schemes of bribery or unfair best practices in attracting bids of an industrial facility to a region. Be they for decades past to the present are discovered by environmental law enforcement. Than the "20 / 20 Rule" will apply for any living or deceased estate of a present to former governmental officer. The "20 / 20 Rule" means that for 20 years time at 20% the estate of a corrupt appointed or elected official will be garnished. Any monies / assets collected will go directly into the "Industrial Effects Catastrophe Fund" as a punishment for the severity of the crime committed upon the local citizenry. If undo hardship is created that isn't frivolous in nature to the estate of the surviving heirs of such a corrupt governmental official. Than a waiver can be submitted due to financial hardships invoked in adhering to the "20 / 20 Rule". The waiver can either completely forgive the financial penalty or enforce it on a sliding scale basis.

Similarly any offending corporation per facility found to have bribed any local, State, or Federal governmental official or entity. Will be subject to the "20 / 20 Rule" as well. Be it paid as a lump sum, installments, at a higher tax rate, or having any remaining sweet heart deals completely revoked. Of course any combination of the above could occur if the offense committed is so gross in maleficence.

The Industrial Effects Catastrophe Fund is a social safety net similar to coal miners or railroad workers. However here it is directed to safeguard the public from the bad actors of private polluting industry. In covering their short / long term healthcare costs, stipends if disabled due to toxic exposure, or any heirs that have become developmentally retarded due to toxic pollutants exposure. Whether the exposure is be means of air quality, proximity by land, or water pollutants in bathing, washing, and cooking sources.

In the future God forbid any industrial nuclear facility accidents occurs that exposes the general populace to lethal radiation exposure. Such an "Industrial Effects Catastrophe Fund" will have been put in place for such a national calamity. Consider this "Cat Fund" to be an expansion of any FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) duties on the Federal level. Similarly the recent "BP Gulf Oil Spill" would have fallen under the auspices if such an "Industrial Effects Catastrophe Fund" would have been in place already.

This is the vision I foresee that is much needed for our country. On the basis of a yesterday that was never brought forth by a lack of American leadership. We are long overdue for such a national policy of justice in terms of industrial bad actors polluting our homes and especially our lives. If the government won't protect us, than who can?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Jewels of Truth Statements & Favorite Quotes of The Month

Hello All,

Welcome to another entry of the "Jewels of Truth" series of all original spiritual wisdom statements. This trio of statements were first written back in mid April 2009 and are only now seeing the light of day for the first time. Sorta like a fine wine having reached a sufficient vintage by being ready for consumption. The topics of this month's "Jewels of Truth" are on: Guilt, Possibility, and Opportunity.

Please enjoy them as I did by writing them with inspiration.


945) Those who are generous by nature that are trying to hide something in themselves be wary of guilt itself. Person's who are just and give of themselves and their treasure are the most blessed. Where those that give out of remorse from a past bad experience are burying themselves through giving. The intent in giving here is not selfless nor genuine in so much out of compassion for others. "Guilty Givers" are ones who are full of shame seeking to give in order to gain self-respect. Self respect through giving is lop sided when it comes from a place of shame and unease in one's mind and heart. The more such a person gives the more they become consumed in emotional pain. This is where forgiveness, compassion, and surrendering one's pain from a past bad experience because of lack must be released wholesale. Otherwise a "Guilty Giver" will drown the more they give out of shame and not compassion for others.

Give when it is warranted, and when the giving is good in nature by its intent. Be full of thanksgiving when one gives through joy and compassion. Not when one is miserable by shame or guilt. Be gentle with persons who are "Guilty Givers" and do not exploit their personal vulnerability for your own gain. Surrender your guilt when it is tied to your own generosity with an unconditional forgiveness and love for yourself. These are the healing agents of the heart and mind when darkness hides in your shadow. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

946) God makes the Impossible possible once more within all of the sheer magnitude of creation. Such a power is a mystery to all mortals. However such a system or filtering the impossible to become possible surrounds us everyday through the grace of God(dess). We even have names for this such as the Divine, Miraculous, God Send, Great Mystery, and so forth. Trust your faith when a powerful thrust of divinity is revealed to one or the many. Be they stranger, friend, or enemy alike in this life. The "Will of God" has no equals by the majesty of such a wonder in benevolence. Be still and surrender your knowledge for the increase of wisdom. Grow the understanding of the "Lord God" through your relationship with him. Be open to the blessed from the mundane in everyday experiences and into the impossible. Only through perception and our experiences can we know in a God that is in our midst by his "Holy Spirit". All else is just noise without a deeper meaning of the Divine. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

947) Where one door closes in an unwelcome predicament. Seven doors of various sizes of opportunity will reveal themselves to you. Only if you keep an open mind and heart by not being dissuaded from the one door that was closed upon you. Child of God, if you allow grief to over take you in your pain. You shall become blind to any opportunity to come your way by grace. You will be lost to yourself, lost to your loved ones, and will convert your pain into immense suffering. Surrender the rejection of that one door closing upon you. Allow grace by means of forgiveness to settle upon your heart and mind. Give yourself permission to move onward with confidence. Enter into wellness and enter into a space of wonder and delight of what the future can bring. Seek those seven doors of opportunity of various sizes. Find the one you can pass through without becoming stuck in its archway. That will be the one to set you free in your journey for a little while longer. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. ---Joseph Campbell.

The only chance you get is the one you take! ---"Redemption Road" the movie.

Nobody in the world can prove to be your ideal unless you make yourself one. ---Hazrat Inayat Khan. "Gayan"

Love is the first ingredient in the relief of suffering. ---Padre Pio.

Holiness comes wrapped in the ordinary. There are burning bushes all around you. Every tree is full of Angels. Hidden beauty is waiting in every crumb. ---Macrina Wiederkehr, O.S.B. "A Tree Full of Angels".

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Recycling Concept: Accordion Collapsible Plastic Bottles

Hello All,

Today's entry is an innovative solution to one of our many everyday products is upon the recycling of plastic bottles. Particularly Water Bottles although other cylindrical shaped plastic bottles would work for this concept.

My favorite brand of mineral water is "Zephyrhills" which is owned by the "Nestle" corporation which is a Swiss conglomerate. Many plastic water bottles of today are ribbed in contour although needing a good foot stomp for crushing. Much like plastic milk jugs need a solid foot stomp when placing them in a recycle bin. My county of Sarasota Florida still utilizes recycling bins. And not the more modern roll away containers on two back wheels like in Miami-Dade county. Which offers substantially more recycling space in such a recycling program by residential users.

What I'm getting at is an ease of function of plastic bottles to be shaped like an Accordion. That the spacing of the ribs in the bottle design is very compact. Allowing one not to foot stomp, but to easily hand crush a plastic bottle for recycling purposes. Picture a collapsible campers cup that can easily be opened and then after its use be closed again. Similar to the opening and closing of a musical accordion instrument but in this case, it's a one-way collapsible movement.

So after a person enjoys their beverage in a plastic bottle with water or name your favorite drink liquid. They twist the top of the bottle slightly allowing it to snap into alignment with the accordion shaped ribbing. Then in one forceful thrusting motion collapse the plastic bottle where it is crushed completely. Hearing a delightful crushing sound knowing that the deed has been done satisfactorily. Then the person just tosses the now compact plastic bottle into a recycling bin. Where a recycling container be it in a public or private space has yielded a greater capacity. In a public space, recycling container means fewer janitorial runs. To make sure there's no need to tend to the recycling container as quickly as before people tossing in non-compacted plastic recyclable wares.

Still, this will require a willingness for people to hand crush plastic bottles or other containers in recycling. Where empty space in an uncrushed plastic container can be portrayed as a nuisance. In public "Ad Council" type of outreach media campaigns. This one simple step by the general public will foster maximum utilization efforts in recycling. At least in terms of the public enjoying the process of crushing their plastic wares for recycling. Much like certain individuals enjoy popping the plastic wrap bubbles in shipping packing materials. The psychology is the same where plastic bottles to start off in a collapsible accordion shaped design. Will promote additional crushing of individual use plastic material that is suitable for recycling purposes. This is but an additional step of sophistication for consumers in managing their behavior for a positive environmental outcome.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 21 years of his life to the pursuit of clairvoyant automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels inspired conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 11 years plus online. Your welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Games Industry Concept: Mega Multiplayer Games

Hello All,

What I'm proposing with "Mega Multiplayer Games" or MMG as an acronym is a scaled down version of a full blown "Massively Multiplayer Online Game" or a MMOG. Where MMO's or MMOG's consist of thousands of players per server shard if not tens of thousands together in one super shared game world. An MMG takes a single player game and regular multiplayer game mode and makes a glorified game mode together. Not to the scale of a MMO, but extending the shelf life of many single player RPG or FPS games to come.

Current multiplayer games be they FPS mostly have been stuck at either 32 to 64 players per game server as an artificial limit. Not due to technological hurdles, but economic ones of not willing to invest resources to push the regular multiplayer ceiling. The "Mega Multiplayer Game" pushes that ceiling where a standard single player game gets a backdrop conversion.

Take for instance the Bioware games franchise of "Mass Effect" as an example. Mass Effect games 1 and 2 play differently from each other as will "Mass Effect 3". Its logical since its an evolution in game play mechanics and game design to see what works and what doesn't. What if under a MMG game treatment a gamer can play "Mass Effect 1-3" with the current flavor of how "Mass Effect 3" will be presented. For example as each single player game iteration is introduced previous single player game titles under the same IP (Intellectual property) entertainment brand. Will be stitched together like a daisy chain keeping all the game encounters in "Mass Effect 1 & 2" intact. But be presented with the User Interface and game mechanics of "Mass Effect 3". Akin to when the game developer "Blizzard" redid "World of Warcraft" through the MMO game expansion of "Cataclysm". The entire MMO landscape of that one game was given a facelift.

A "Mega Multiplayer Game" offers continuity of past single player games to be assembled by a skeletal framework. Where the most recent game version gives all past game title versions a facelift in game play. So where a MMO allows thousands of players together in a game world. An MMG allows hundreds of players together to experience their favorite single player games together. Picture playing an MMG version of "Mass Effect 1-3" just with your clan or guild mates all being able to explore the galaxy on the Normandy. Where each player has their own version and custom look of "John Shepard". If not allowed to play other prominent roles of "Garrus" the Tunarian and so forth. Or allowing players to jump randomly into Npc's (Non Player Characters) of whatever race and play them out according to the game's story arc for that npc.

There can be other versions of "Mega Multiplayer Games" than just the one example I provided above. Where the latest single player game dictates the game mechanics in user interface that all games in their line up are played. There can be via the MMG skeletal frame work conversion allowing each game to be played as it was designed. So continuing with the "Mass Effect" example "Mass Effect 1-3" are played as each one is presented in game design. However they are all still glued together to form a continuous game world. Still that would mean a dizzying manner in how the game is played by user interface differences between each game title version.

Game rental service vendors can offer gamer consumers servers that are tailored towards a "Mega Multiplayer Game" environment. Just like how they are tailored towards the FPS game match server business model today. Game Publishers can offer present and future game entertainment IP's with a MMG game mode. Right alongside the vanilla single player or traditional multiplayer game modes. So instead of a game publisher investing into a full blown "Massively Multiplayer Online" game project. They can go the "Mega Multiplayer Game" route instead where gamers not needing to subscribe in a "pay to play" monthly MMO business model. Do something closer to a "Guild Wars" business model where the consumer just buys the game itself and no monthly subscription fees on the back end. The game publisher can offer a selection of its own servers so MMG games can be played. Just like they currently do with FPS game titles. It'll be the game server rental vendors by interested consumers to allot additional server rack space on how popular a game entertainment IP may be.

This is but a choice to another way how we all enjoy our games. No way I'm I spelling out all the intricate obstacles that may be encountered like any game title project in development. It is still a novel and different game mode model for our games to be played and enjoyed together.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jewels of Truth Statements & Favorite Quotes of The Month

Hello All,

It's that time of the month with another trio of "Jewels of Truth" statements to share with all of you. This month's topics are on History, the Mundane, and Desires. Of course finishing it all off with some select quotations from other famous people.



942) History is alive! History are the factual stories, recorded events, and memories of a peoples recollection through circumstance. It is their lives remembered for an instant longer than their span of life permitted. Some of the richest history becomes life long lessons of triumph and tragedy. True that certain periods of history can become embellished over time to fit one ideological stance. However each subsequent period of humanity will garner the eventual truth and fit the remembrance in contrast to their present period. History remembered always runs in parallel with a people and a society. This is a common reality for those who are wise and earnest enough to discern for themselves what is real and what is mere fabrication. History is life and death recorded for our benefit. If we are but humble enough to receive it with open minds we shall continue to become wise by grace. Otherwise if we reject history as a guiding light we become fools wanting to be punished again just like our ancestors. What is worse being innocent through ignorance of ones history and repeating it? Or being completely arrogant by knowing ones history and making the same mistake as your fore bearers? ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

943) From the point of view of the majestic Heavenly realms the mundane experiences are wondrous. Due to the fact paradoxically the dynamic and marvelous reality that Heaven engenders on a total basis of the miraculous. From a mortal human point of view it is the extraordinary to be chased after at all costs. The opposite is also true in the Heavenly paradise where uncommon experiences are that of the mundane ordinary activities amongst the living. Often we forget as humanity that we all are united in a common struggle to improve our lives. Where in a spiritual sense we truly are one Spirit under God. Our mundane lives are interwoven constantly with the Divine which imbues the miraculous. It can be stated with confidence that God(dess) and the Heavenly host occupy the realms of the mundane. In equal proportion to the majestic extraordinary realms of Absolute Love.

Observe a newborn child of any species and how they gaze with total awe and splendor to their surroundings. That is but an inkling in scale as to how the wonder and absolute love of God(dess) see's us all in totality. No matter what form of activity be it in mundane or extraordinary circumstances we may find ourselves within. Treasure your moments of life be they boring with complete normalcy and those few spikes in life where we feel closest to the Divine. Both are Holy and sacred in an unconditional love and wonder to be had and fully cherished. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

944) Desires are not just from the heart. Desires also encompass the mind and soul as well. Desires can be altruistic or selfish, they can also be benign in nature. Desires from the heart are usually selfless, but they can also be conditional in nature. Demanding more in an outcome than what is truly necessary. Desires from the mind are elaborate and far reaching in scope, whether intended for good or ill. Desires from the soul are the one's that last the longest. For the desires of the soul are the purest in all of creation. Where they stem from the gentle "Mind and Heart of God(dess)" within us. Desires that are unconditional in nature are always attributed to the Soul. Our "Free Will" is the deciding factor of the intent of a desire. Be it for goodness sake or for a devilish despicable outcome. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


A humble life dedicated to a great purpose, becomes great. ---Paul Brunton. "Perspectives"

As the Sun shines upon my heart, so may my heart shine upon others. ---Upanishads.

You will never be commonplace if you are vigilant in Love. ---BI. Elizabeth of the Trinity.

Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person we become. ---Jim Rohn.

Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you. ---Mother Teresa.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Navigational Technology Concept: "Portable Laser Mapper"

Hello All,

This concept at the onset can be utilized by caverneers be they on foot or as underwater divers within a submerged cavern. If not used by scuba divers to explore an elaborate shipwreck where an interior swim may be desired or needed. Of course this device could also be utilized by first responders. To locate victims that have been buried by falling debris such as earthquake victims. Or fire fighters to gain a floor by floor layout in a high rise building when any visual aid is nearly impossible.

For the last 70 or so years the only way cavern explorers have had a means of avoiding to get lost in a cavern system. Is by chalk, by writing markers on cave walls or other underground land marks. Strings of rope akin to a tag line mostly used by underwater cavern divers. And most recently in the last 20 plus years glow sticks which are snapped and thrown down to light a path.

My portable electronic navigational concept will hopefully be an inspiration for a plethora of similar devices yet to be devised. Be they in underground environments (Caverns, bunkers, labyrinth, Catacombs, Mazes), underwater (Caverns or Shipwrecks), debris piles from a natural disaster (earthquake, tornado, hurricane, etc...), or a multi-story building for an interior layout.

The example I'll focus on below will be that of a caverneer gaining foot access to an underground cavernous lair. Where at the entrance access point the caverneer lays the portable laser mapper electronic device on the ground or on a tripod stand. So as to commence its scanning protocol where at its front end are two circular lens sockets. The socket on the right end is the emitting red laser diode with 4 beams. The left end socket is a receiver blue lens diode to act as a completion for the mapping scan. Where the returning red laser emitter confirms its scan with the blue laser diode receptor like an electronic handshake.

At the inception of a scan the 4 beams of the red laser diode lens emitter will each scan in a up, down, left, right pathways. If an obstruction is encountered during any point of the scan. The portable laser mapper will recalculate much like a (GPS device) and redirect the red laser to a 90 degree bend. Be it in the 4 aforementioned pathways of: up, down, left, or right directions all are 90 degree angles. If a 90 degree angle fails than a greater swath of 180 degrees is recalculated into the scan. If the red laser diode emitter beams meets a wall after a complete 360 degree calculation is reached. It will back track and look for a side passageway to continue its scanning protocol.

During the scan all 4 beams will be scanning for floor to sheer chasm drops. Ceiling elevation or direct passage way width and if a constricted pathway is encountered where a person may not pass. It will mark the scan with an appropriate icon marker in the completed scan data points. Where the user can sift through the complete scan through the device flip top key board and top screen. During the scan the device can recognize "Points of No Return" set to ignore nearly straight pathway scans of more than 1, 3, or 10 kilometers. Where the red laser diode beam will recalculate and redirect its scans elsewhere during the mapping process. If the beam does happen upon a mineral with a bluish tint or that of a sapphire like gem in its scanning protocol. In order to avoid a false positive completion of its initial scan. It will demand the electronic handshake from the blue laser diode receptor lens. If it does not receive the right input or reception commands it will disregard the connection made and continue scanning.

If the "Portable Laser Mapper" is being utilized in a hand held capacity by an underwater cavern diver. The bluish reflection of the water will be disregarded as mentioned just above until the proper reception commands are confirmed. Also the refractive qualities of water will be utilized by the mapper as a means to amplify or boost the signal range of any scans.

Subsequent generations of any developed "Portable Laser Mappers" will have sensor packages built into the device. Such as to gauge temperature, noxious gases, radiation, chemical, mineral or gem deposits during a scan. So the user can avoid any hazards or utilize additional read out markers in planning out their route. The "Portable Laser Mapper" can include an emergency transponder beacon in case of a dire event occurs. Where the user pushes a panic button on the device that can be located on the flip top key pad / key board. When an emergency signal is initiated and if not canceled by a premature declaration. The "Portable Laser mapper" will seek out using its previous scan that the user is utilizing during their route. To find a surface access point where it can commence broadcasting like a satellite phone call to any nearby first responders. During the emergency signal protocol the device user if they haven't been separated from the device. Can check to see if a surface access point has been located and the broadcast signal stage has been reached. Perhaps a screen flash or tone alert from the device can be set to notify the user of its progress during an emergency signal protocol.

Any first responders with a proper "Portable Laser Mapper" of their own set to receiving emergency signal alerts. Will receive akin to a download the route scans of the distressed users device. Including any other pertinent information that the first responder may need in order to locate and rescue the distressed user. Perhaps even initiate a "person to person" voice conversation in order to gauge the nature of the emergency, much like a 911 telephone operator.

Aside from emergencies the device user will have a positional awareness when they are traveling the route of any completed scan. Much like a GPS device knows its position in relation to the tracking satellite. The "Portable Laser Mapper" will know where it is in relation to its completed scan. The user traveling the route can track his or her own progress. During the journey by zooming in or out on the scanned route using the top screen of the device. The device user can also broadcast his completed scan to any nearby users with either another portable laser mapper, smartphone, computer (laptop, tablet), etc... Of course such a feature can be turned off manually if the device user so desires it.

Hopefully depending on the scope of the area being scanned it can take anywhere from a few minutes up to an hour. Depending on how powerful or accurate the model of the device proves to be. However even if a scan is not complete but has only scanned 25% to a third of an area. The user can commence their journey along the route not needing to wait for a total completed scan. Eventually a secondary market of resold area map scans may appear for other users to purchase. Where a purchased map is downloaded via a USB flash media slot or some other internet connectivity. If a pre-purchased map is utilized a side by side scan can still be commenced. To prove how worthy your initial map purchase proves to be originally. And, to make any potential alterations in new changes to the map scan if it proves to be outdated depending on the access point used.

My sincere wishes is that this concept or anything like it to come out of other innovators. Proves a success for extreme sport enthusiasts, if not especially for First Responders in order to save human lives in life threatening circumstances.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Movie Concept: "The Thief of Heaven"

Hello All,

From time to time I've been known to blog about a movie concept that I would be delighted to see in theaters. Which I'm sure would have wide audience appeal to consumers if these ever saw the light of day. Past examples of movie concepts on this blog site is within the musical genre of a hip hop "Christmas Carol" set in Detroit, Michigan. In science fiction "The Garden of Eden Discovered" on Earth and "The Book of Enoch" where our Judeo-Christian theology is set upon a political action adventure drama of an alien extraterrestrial race that conquered the Earth in our pre-history. Or if comedy is your thing a non-animated remake of "Beavis & Butthead". With live action comedians in a complete misadventure that is its own hilarious farce.

Today's movie concept I'll title as "The Thief of Heaven". Where a cunning thief who thinks he is world renowned for his craft. Becomes both the victim and the hero when he steals an ancient long forgotten blessed holy artifact. From an archeological dig site set upon an unknown to humanity as of yet grand civilization on the verge of discovery. Just as grand as Ancient Egypt or the Minoan civilization in Ancient Crete.

Where the classic scoundrel thief makes his way through an underground maze unto a hidden temple. This is a thief of plunder and no archeology professor of "Indiana Jones", nor of "Lara Croft" adventurer of the Tomb Raider series. This would be part "Han Solo", part smuggler and thief, and lastly part fool.

As the cunning thief weaves his way through the archeological underground lair. He happens upon this hidden temple filled with symbolism and arcane writing along the walls and archways. He could never hope to decipher, but only make a best guess in his crudest form.

As he happens upon this ancient artifact he says to himself he has found the treasure that will put an end to his thieving ways. Because the jewel encrusted artifact is so marvelous he will surely be paid a kings ransom by an unscrupulous collector of antiquity. Little does he know that this holy artifact of a bygone human civilization is the equivalent of the "Holy Grail" to Christians. When he takes direct physical possession of the relic it begins to hum with an eerie radiance of both sound and sight. Just for a second or two which startles the thief which he quickly dismisses since it was so brief to barely notice.

As the thief returns to his contacts in the black market. He begins to encounter something he has never begun to experience before in life. A sense of awe and bewilderment that anyone he offers to sell this treasure refuses him. Akin to if all they see is junk, but yet they acknowledge in reality the lustrous precious metals and jewels of such a relic. Months pass on as events begin to transpire that continue to confuse the thief. As to why no one will purchase directly or indirectly this ill gotten antiquity. Where it is so hot or radioactive no one dares to even consider purchasing it akin to committing a crime onto itself.

The thief at this point is completely going bonkers and going out of his wits with frustration and anger. That such an antiquity that would deliver him unto untold worldly riches and yet no one is interested in purchasing. What the thief fails to surmise is that this ancient holy artifact is Enchanted.

As soon as the thief comes to terms of such a possibility he immediately deems it a cursed object. However all around him he is treated well by a myriad of coincidences that he can barely fathom. Which startles him even further into attempting to just throw away the artifact to no avail. Since the holy relic has become attuned to his very essence the moment he first grabbed it in the hidden temple.

Since the now hapless thief can not sell or lose such a holy and forgotten relic. He attempts to return it back to the archeological underground site to no success at all. Because obstruction and obstacle after another seem to battle him at every turn. As if this holy relic does not want to be returned with a mind of its own. As the story unfolds the thief himself becomes transformed as a person. An odyssey occurs as he attempts to find alternative means to take this holy relic to other holy shrines across the globe. Both known and especially unknown speaking to countless psychics, sages, and holy anointed souls. All intrigued and yet bemused at his plight. As the years turn into decades this once cunning thief realizes what he truly stole was not a holy relic. But his life, that in seeking a king's ransom he did find. Not of this world, but of the Heaven's where he is now the protector and guardian. Of this miraculous holy relic of a forgotten ancient human civilization.

During the course of the movie those bizarre coincidences that occur to the thief. Are blessings and miracles occurring all around him to all whom come into his proximity. As the years and decades unfold he learns more of this ancient civilization from the archeologists that discovered them. Including from the artifact itself akin to a form of telepathic bonding with flashes of impressions.

This movie is part inspirational and also a cautionary tale to becareful of what one truly seeks. Since in the end it may make its appearance totally different from what you originally surmised it would be in reality.

I hope you enjoyed reading this movie concept and perhaps one day a producer will take kindly to its possibility for moviegoers.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jewels of Truth Statements & Favorite Quotes of The Month

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Welcome to another entry of the "Jewels of Truth" series based on an all original spiritual wisdom inspiration of my own making. Today's trio of entries are on the topics of: wonder, love, and synchronicity. Written back in late March and early April of 2009 now finally seeing the light of day. May you enjoy them and find them intriguing to say the least. Of course my spiritual wisdom writings are based on a universal outlook that is an inclusive cornerstone set in place. Not only to better ourselves but to be a bread crumb trail in treating each other with dignity.

Be well.


939) All the Wonders before us are the many smiling faces of God himself laying before his children as a living testament. We must humble ourselves by such a grace by entering into this holy place filled with awe and joy in our hearts and minds. By letting the wonder of God(dess) to shine upon us in totality. We allow ourselves a moment of liberation so we can soar past our daily turmoils. Into a magical place where the Angels themselves dwell constantly being in such a sacred and holy environment we can barely Imagine.

Be still in the presence of a blessed Wonder since you are also in the presence of God himself. In all his exalted glory and majesty dressed in a kaleidoscope of the colors of life eternal. The rays of the lord God shine brightest within the spirits of the children of God. No other comparison is possible to showcase the multitude of graces. We can enter into by a union of unconditional Love with our creator. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

940) An unconditional Love is not easy, but it is freely given to all. Love is not painless, but it is also heals totally all that are afflicted. Love is a struggle filled with true sacrifices, but it is also a living Miracle. Love is the hope backed up by faith, trust, gratitude, compassion, mercy, and especially grace. Great is he or she that can love unconditionally in life without succumbing to the darkness of the world. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

941) Synchronicities are acts of a Divine Intervention at work sprinkled across our lives. Each coincidence is a stepping stone to a greater realization of a two way conversation with all that is Angelic and Holy. Allowing a fuller life to unfold filled with many good things for the devoted seeker. Synchronicities are a way for God(dess) and the Angels to reach into our lives gently. Whereby permitting a meaningful and a conviction laden purpose to take hold. Each coincidence on its own may seem insignificant, but taken as a total sum reveal a strategic arch at work. All we need do is accept these signs of the Divine as hallmarks of something greater than ourselves. Leading us far and wide to our destiny in life. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


The greatest things ever done on Earth have been done little by little. ---William Jennings Bryan.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. ---Theodore Roosevelt.

Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. ---John Wooden.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Gems of Opportunity: Wind Power Industry: Bladeless Wind Turbine Modeled After The "Dyson Air Multiplier" Fan

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How many of you have benefited from a "Dyson" product?

I have yet to own any since they're too pricey for my budget. Nonetheless the spokesperson "Mr. James Dyson" has showcased many of his products in the past such as the "Dyson Air Multiplier". Which are those very sleek bladeless fans with a pivoting circular head.

Here's a link down below to their assortment of fans:

Now I'm in no way affiliated to the company "Dyson" and the wind power industry. This concept I'm about to offer below is entirely of my own creation. In so much there doesn't exist to my knowledge any sort of bladeless wind turbines modeled after the "Dyson Air Multiplier" fans.

We all have seen whether in person or through the mass media those towering wind turbines generating electricity. In the United States, they're more common in the western States in rural plains. They can be an eye sore, especially if many are clustered together like a wind farm. In Europe, some are situated nearby residential homes such as in Great Britain. Albeit these homes are in rural village regions and not near urban settings. Such residents are complaining about a Shadow Flicker coming in through their home windows. Besides a thumping sound as the wind turbine prop rotates during constant operation. There is of course, a sort of environmental landscape blight but I'm not going to discuss that point. Since the private land owners that lease their land for wind turbines are making a good income on the side.

My evolutionary concept is to borrow heavily from the design of the "Dyson Air Multiplier" and create a blade less wind turbine for residential use. Since if satellite dishes deployed in residential back yards are not more an eye sore than a blade less wind turbine dropped into such a spot.

Of the 2 main annoyances as I explained above being the "shadow flicker" and the "thumping" sound coming from today's wind turbines. Can be minimized if not removed with a blade less wind turbine. For instance, without a bladed propeller wind turbine, there is "No Shadow Flicker" whatsoever. The "thumping" sounds can be minimized by adding sound proofing materials around those segments of the center mast pole. Where the internally embedded propeller turbine generator would be situated.

Now to explain simply that the "Dyson Air Multiplier" fan has a propeller within its base. Including intake vents in the base shaft to suck the outside air and to blow it out via its circular head with slits. The slits are said to cause 15 times amplification in cooling a room. Much like a water hose where on the nozzle you place your finger and it sprays out at a quicker and harder velocity.

With this futuristic blade less wind turbine modeled after the "Dyson Air Multiplier". The internal shaft has a wind turbine propeller generator somewhere that is optimum within the center mast pole. So according to the size of such a center mast pole the blade less wind turbine would generate electricity in various amounts. Where the circular figurehead with slits is the intake area allowing it to pivot where the wind blows. The circular head slits can have some sort of wired mesh barrier to prevent wildlife such as birds to be sucked into the shaft pole. The interior wind turbine generator would be spinning in reverse thus allowing a suction to take place. The excess air is vented below the wind turbine propeller out via the exhaust ducts closer to the base of the center mast pole.

This can be an alternative design for wind turbines in generating electricity. Thus minimizing the Eye Sore tendency of the traditional pin wheel design or that of a classic Dutch wind mill. I'm sure if the "Dyson" company gets wind (pun intended) of this concept. They would run with it perhaps in partnership with "General Electric" that manufacturers wind turbines of their own.

So consider this concept a 2.0 version to the wind power turbine design for a greener alternative energy future for us all.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 21 years of his life to the pursuit of clairvoyant automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels inspired conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 11 years plus online. Your welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly. 

Friday, July 01, 2011

Environmental Commentary: Has Atmospheric Nuclear Weapons Testing Contributed To Global Warming?

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I hardly ever do a commentary on my blog site and less often on the environment itself. Not from a lack of caring mind you. This topic in today's entry I have never heard discussed by scientists at least in the news media outlets. Much less in any scientific journals of esteemed peer review research.

Allow me to set up the question with some background information derived from "Wikipedia" as a source. Under the keyword searches of "Nuclear Weapons Testing, Downwinders, Mayak, Chernobyl, and Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki".

According to Wikipedia there has been 504 atmospheric nuclear weapons testing from 1945 up to 1980. That's a span of 35 years or so, which underground nuclear weapons testing stopping in 1998. (although North Korea's underground nuclear weapon testing in 2009 counts) Of those 504 atmospheric nuclear weapons testing, 331 were conducted by the United States. Be it in the Pacific Proving Grounds, Marshall Islands in the Pacific, U.S. States of Nevada, New Mexico, Alaska, Colorado, and Mississippi. The other 170 or so nuclear weapons testing in the atmosphere was conducted by France, Great Britain, China, and the Soviet Union. This is not counting underground nuclear testing conducted more recently by India, Pakistan, and North Korea. (also Israel and South Africa have dabbled in the affair.)

Do note when an atmospheric nuclear weapon is denoted it soars 10 kilometers up into our stratosphere. Dispersing akin to an aerosol radiation fallout not for years or centuries, but for Thousands of Years. Besides nuclear weapons testing, there have been other atmospheric dispersals historically speaking. Not to forget the U.S. World War II attacks on Japan in the cities of "Hiroshima and Nagasaki". The atomic bombs of "Little Boy and Fat Man" had their own effect of nuclear fallout in those regions of Japan.

There is, of course, the more recent Japanese nuclear energy facility melting down at "Fukushima Daiichi". With both atmospheric and underwater dispersal's of radiation upon that region and beyond. Speaking of which there are two Soviet Union nuclear facility disasters one known publicly as Chernobyl in April 1986 and the lesser known Mayak in 1957. Mayak, was kept secret by the Soviet Union until 1992 which according to Wikipedia the CIA knew of it occurring decades ago. But it didn't want to stunt the development of the fledgling U.S. Nuclear Industry with its policy agenda.

Taking all of this into account and speculation that Israel when it was amassing its own nuclear weapons stockpile. Didn't cook off a few nukes in the desert secretly in the 1960's or 1970's would be reasonable to conclude. Since Israel was in a "War of Attrition" with Egypt from July 1967 to August 1970.

My question again stands:

Has Atmospheric Nuclear Weapons Testing Contributed To Global Warming?

This is not even including the U.S. WWII Japanese Bombings, 3 nuclear facility accidents of Mayak, Chernobyl, Fukushima Daiichi, and potentially clandestine Israeli nuclear weapons testing.

Although the nuclear weapons testing underwater in the Pacific Ocean would be problematic on its own. At least for the marine life in those regions for the next few thousands years. Since we know how important the world oceans are a factor to weather patterns. A few cyclones in those affected Pacific regions makes a great aerosol dispersal agent into the atmosphere.

I hope serious scientists take a look in this direction since humanity may have affected the green house gases of the Earth. Via its scientific curiosity in weaponizing nuclear weapons we have already exposed the Earth to a scaled down version of "World War 3".

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 21 years of his life to the pursuit of clairvoyant automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels inspired conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 11 years plus online. Your welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.