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Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on the Love of God, Self-Love, & Equality Isn't Always Fair


Hello All,

I'm just posting at the tail end of this month of August. Hurricane Idalia just passed my region of Florida via the Gulf of Mexico yesterday or so. (i.e. I'm in Sarasota) So this has been a weird week breaking up my routine which is expected for Floridians during an impending hurricane strike. I'm all right thankfully.

In other news, I'm happy to Announce The Spirit University campus is now stocking my paperback editions (i.e. all 3  volumes)  of the Jewels of Truth series of books. The books are located over in their lobby on their bookstore shelf. The Spirit University is physically located at 373 Braden Ave, Sarasota, Florida, 34243. 

Now for the good stuff, today's trio of channeled angelic Jewels of Truth statements are on the topics of the Love of God, Self-Love, and Equality Isn't Always Fair. 

The first statement is Short or abbreviated in size which is for how I preface it for social media attention spans. The 2nd statement on Self-Love is self-explanatory by the angel in caring for one's psychological development versus roasting yourself over the spit. The 3rd and final statement is a lengthy exploration of how equality and its implementations within a society runs into complications. (citing the example of Affirmative Action in America briefly.)

Now without a further adieu let's explore these channeled angelic spiritual wisdom statements with the inquiry they deserve. Amen. 

Love of God:

3246) Wherever there is the Love of God. Angels will always be present upon any world of the cosmos. Amen.  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


3210) For all the tribulations of this world and the earth therein are many graces left unspoken. One of which is of genuine importance which is a sustaining Self-Love by an individual person at large. As in a personal compassionate stance in all earnestness available. 

All Self-Love is a pivotal tenderness of the lesser ego mindset of your psyche. To continue the healing process from when this aggravated world triggers a negative response from you. Rather than just relying on external cherished people in your life such as lovers, friends, relatives, and even strangers. To bring to you the necessary supply of comforting compassion you may require at any given personal interval. 

This soon can become a personalized style of coping by self-care keeping your confidence private and empowered when the moments of counseling by others have all been spent already. This will also include Forgiveness when you are part of the circle of malcontent having aggrieved others with your mistakes. Whether these mistakes of yours are literal or created falsely by your inner critical ego mindset. Forgiveness is the medicine of God for the soul within us all. 

It takes great personal courage and sincerity to offer yourself the first dose of forgiveness before extending it to anyone else. Since personal accountability of taking a moral inventory of what went wrong on your end and by the hapless errors of any others in question along the way. Leaving aside the blame game of the ego finding fault elsewhere except what your contributions may have been with good or selfish intentions overall. 

When the majority of recriminations have been handled nearly then the self-care of loving yourself to a fuller capacity can begin anew. All Self-Love requires a steady heart and mind to implement with personal accountability to do better here and now and much later onward. Not just to play a fool's game of favoritism with other people's positive sympathy for your needs in seeking sympathy by the ego. 

To actually begin the caring internalized process of your own sacred heart spiritually guided by the truth that is holistic and inclusively compassionate for the circle of life. To evolve your divinity upon this chaotic world even when everyone else is angry to the point of committing tragedies. Very few people will understand what you are attempting to accomplish overall. So seeking their approval by consent in advance may very well end up poorly on your behalf. 

Such young or otherwise immature spirits can't see the merit in it until they have suffered greatly to the point of near ruin. Many find comfort in being bitter and angry as their first reaction without taking stock of the wider spiritual and psychological implications at hand in due time. When angry backfires it easily turns into self-loathing and god-awful depressive states of being dead inside. 

Loving yourself isn't about your sexuality, but your reunion with your blessed and great relationship with God foremost. If you are indeed well keeled as in being a balanced individual upon the world especially when chaos strikes. You'll be the voice of reason in the room when all others are screaming bloody murder. Such a state of Being Divine takes courage and responsibility when enacted with humility without seeking false praise from fickle people indeed. Amen.  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Equality Isn't Always Fair:

3236) We may remark that upon the many things of note of the human condition. Equality is a beautiful archetype when applicable, however a difficult topic to wrestle with its proper scope of implementation. What is removed from one set of factors is added elsewhere regardless of the original intent. To serve one group of people effectively is to potentially injure another demographic of people elsewhere without careful caveats as to the consequences in net sum. 

To serve one group of people as a living cultural engagement must be practical and lead to outcomes based on an inclusive justice for all concerned. However, unintended consequences of social engineering will always creep into the argument whether the contrasting resistance is based on a valiant truth or propaganda based on shallow lying. 

Theoretical models will give way to observable conundrums when the philosophical treatise doesn't square by a balanced and fair approach. This is where branching alternative solutions may appear but most only offer relativistic solutions on a granular basis. Not just one outline of do's and don'ts must be instilled but an entire battery lumped together hoping that the maze leads to a righteous outcome for all concerned. 

Here is where what feels good as a so-called valid course of action isn't the simplest system to implement. Especially when the natural ecological world is involved in grappling with the needs of Mother Nature versus those of humanity at large. For instance, public parks with clear-cut grassy ways that are manicured to near perfection by municipalities the world over. Where families, friends, and strangers can commune with the natural world in great peace and merriment. 

Although such altruistic public spaces are ideal for the betterment of the human condition. They can introduce abhorrent foreign plants as shrubs, trees, and flowering bushes over time. Invasive species let alone domestic pets are abandoned here on a frequent basis by well-meaning former pet owners. The natural ecological biosphere does best where very little to no human interference is ever present. The constant mowing of the grassy plains is a disturbance to the natural world. Let alone the diesel gas-powered sound pollution it creates along the way. 

Better still is to have more State or National Parks closer to the urban spheres where applicable. Insofar that wildlife spilling over doesn't become a nuisance distraction for suburbs and other outlying areas overall. Such rugged State and National Parks are more conducive to the natural regional ecology rather than finely curated municipal city parks ecologically speaking. 

Where municipalities are a staple for the urban towards-suburban ratio of real estate needs coupled with infrastructure for the human condition. These are antithetical to wildlife and ecological flora and fauna to co-exist with humanity en masse. A gradual corridor is required for a fair transition point between the natural world and the human-engineered environs to be placed for optimal co-existence. 

Equality is an off-shoot of fairness that has its spiritual roots within compassionate kindness that is also with the holy nature of God himself. Equality when applied must be holistically coupled to uniformity or inherent imbalances will otherwise prevail. By undercutting the good nature on the one hand with the unintended consequences on the other hand. This leads to shallow results overall with a poison pill as the end effect. 

Another example is the racially ushered noble efforts of Affirmative Action by the Americans. A sociological governance model turned into public policy that ultimately was the best efforts turned into a nightmare by undercutting generations of shill politicians. 

To serve the needs of Afro-Americans and many other racial minority groups to have an even stab at the American Dream of social upward mobility. A great equalizer was intended to better society collectively however, the bigoted powers that be wanted the unfair status quo instead. What resulted was a temporary success, especially for scholastic higher education pursuits for a little over a generational time of 30+ years in America. 

Thus we the Angelic Host of the Heavens grimaced seeing the political shenanigans of so-called Christian servants serving the overall flock. With considerable efforts of making metaphorical lemonade for the populations of minorities upon America, we made the best of half-cocked circumstances as your collective guardian angels. 

To serve the sincere needs as it stands for Afro-Americans and other Indigenous Americans in particular as our brethren and sisterly family as souls with God. With the prayers of all concerned we maximized the Will of God perfect as it stands forever with a noble cultural stab at social justice in America. To have no bias, unlike the Caucasian discriminatory powerful elites of an entire nation. To upend a super-majority Anglo-Saxony fervor that has lasted for over a century was no easy feat by us who are the angelic fates guiding humanity to the promised land of God(dess) in Heaven. 

To preserve the needs of the many by the restraints of the few required a supernatural herculean effort. To pinch the Anglo-Saxony hegemony in the bud was no easy feat. Whether dealing with Christian Protestants and Roman Catholics alike to not turn upside down their idealism for the sake of petty gains over minority population controls. To begin healing a many centuries-long infamy by their ancestor's ancestors generations for free enslaved labor. Reparations as a form of equal social justice for a travesty that began long ago and when society matured sufficiently. Where the brave of heart collectively dared to care enough to love one another as Christos required of them as a Son of God. 

A terrible cost was placed on the backs of those who could least afford it to maintain such a noble gesture that was undercut by the powers of men that be in political authority. So the youth of a discriminatory nation trusted that they and their children's, children could finally succeed. This was true for only a while since the aperture of change can only be kept open for the maw of evil-doers who wouldn't seek to keep such an Affirmative Action public policy ongoing. 

To mobilize an entire generation of disenfranchised minority groups was no easy feat. But, the gap of upward mobility supported by the heavens took hold for a few decades until it did not upon this contemporary era of the 2020s  A.D. Discrimination of any kind that serves the least at the expense of the many is a rot best cut out at its source. Lest it spreads like gangrene and consumes the entire limb of a society at large. 

To care to the point that it hurts is to be like the heavenly angels in paradise for our spiritual hearts are tied to your human fates. Not alone as your brotherly and sisterly keepers ordained by the Will of God(dess). But, as also your spiritual family of another metaphysical kind an extra batch of unforeseen ancestors by means of the Macro Soul of God united in all lifeforms that Infinity can afford to offer Creation. We the angelic host care because you are our surrogate children through God him, her, and itself. We help raise you like sibling parental figures from on high and from afar and intimately to your most native breath of life. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 28 plus years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient-inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic Heavenly host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also utilizes a unique channeled angelic divination method called the Multi-Deck Divination SystemNumerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 18 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on Love of God & The Rothchild's on Omens


Hello All,

It's that time of the month when I share some recent samplings of my Inspirational clairaudient automatic writings with the Heavenly angelic host. However, before I get to that bit of material there is a small announcement to make that my website of HTTP:// It is now redirecting back to this blog site of Atrayo's Oracle. Since my former webmaster and website designer (ie same person) is experiencing health difficulties where at a later date the website may be resurrected elsewhere in due time. 

Today's Jewels of Truth channeled topics are on the Love of God and The Rothchilds on Omens. The latter topic on Omens was a bit of a surprise that a married couple from the 1820s Great Britain Spiritualist era popped into the statement overall. Calling themselves Meredith and Theodore Rothchilds where I have no way to verify it myself by genealogy? As they say to make the ancestors Immortal simply remember them so a shout out to these two Rothchilds from the Victorian era of Great Britain. 

May you find these topics spiritually refreshing if not intriguing, to say the least. Amen. 

Love of God:

3241) Where there is one Immaculate truth there are countless others each enveloping the other as a united grace. Here we welcome the spiritual masters as entity forms of Being truly loving. That we the angelic heavenly host may be permitted to recite the outreach of their prospective faiths. Regardless of the type or scale of their associated religion, spiritual tradition, and other philosophies as ideological pursuits adhered to originally. 

The Love of God permits the Essence of all lifeforms without question to be made anew full of the Pristine Glory of God Everlasting. By made anew we mean in the ethereal spiritual energies as metaphysical essence of the good and just life begotten into a fuller greater life indeed. By adoring with salutations and worshipping the Almighty God(dess) wholly and fully in a restoring spiritual zeal.

With sincere heart-moving worship with a union of the heavenly host in conjunction with the Great Holy Spirit comes numerous forms of celebratory thanksgiving. As living forms of incredible and mundane adulations dearly encountered upon your world. Oftentimes people are well-meaning or otherwise misguided with sheer innocent confusion making mistakes from minor unto grotesque blunders. 

This is where the Love of a Living Supreme Almighty God. Transforms all that is welcomed freely into a blessed union into a perpetual spiritual state of absolution or forgiveness. Be such a tribulation of one's own admitted faults and yet that of others who have grossly trespassed causing undo pain and suffering elsewhere. 

The Love of God(dess) is an Immortal Panacea that can transform into countless other living viable graces of Being Divine. A healing spiritual balm for the holy spirit within us all that permits wonders to be encountered in uncommon hours. We whom worship God collectively regardless of religion or spiritual tradition upon the world as a plurality of righteous souls. Do so with responsibility and public humane decency without disdain for those unlike us in appearances be they domestic countrymen and women and certainly foreigners. 

All people, creatures, and even ecological landscapes as the topography of the earth are children of God(dess) forever. To encounter the Infinity of God as the Creator and Sustainer of all life forms is a living beauty from Mother Earth. To mistreat each other as people and yet the younger creatures and the earth as filth. Spells an ill will that is present that has no bearing upon what is otherwise fully spiritual lived by example without boasting. A relational environmental expression that affords each of us a united form of husbandry. 

To fully accept such a mandate of this rich tapestry of the Infinite Image and Likeness of God isn't only homogenous to your culture, customs, and faith upon this world. It is a diversified inclusive justice that offers equal liberty and freedom to all who claim the divinity of God(dess) upon their remarkable lives solemnly without hubris. 

Nature in all his and her pristine beauty demands integrity making each of us custodians for our generation of human lives on planet Earth as our global home. Otherwise, our holy sister Mother Earth remains in bondage enslaved to the childish predatory whims of foolish and wanton dangerous people of the world. 

The Voice of a Compassionate Forgiving God calls out to the faithful to make trustworthy better choices for today and all your tomorrows. This is but one great expression to showcase your Love of God back to the Heavenly Host as the angels, your biological ancestors, and varied nature spirits as eternal witnesses. With your Loving and Living Divine Gift of Custodial Care back to God(dess). Amen.  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

The Rothchilds on Omens:

3248) All seasons come and go upon the morrow henceforth so do the fates travel hither and thither upon the unknown majestic winds. Here is where fiction crosses the scope of a manifold reality. In terms of how an omen or coincidence functions on the mystical clouds as interactions with the Divine in question.

Not many dare to perturb the mysterious unknown and come away with a satisfactory understanding dear spiritual child of ours. Yours is the struggle to find meaning and then purpose alas a truly universal sojourn indeed. 

Let's not dilly dally the poor child inquiry my love lest he loses his clairaudient focus with us. We are indeed a married couple of souls. Lest you call us dearly and technically true as angelic spirits from the 1820s period of Great Britain of the Spiritualist era as our persuasion goes. 

However, allow not the messengers of this Statement not to confuse you any longer with your genuine topic dear inquisitive child. Of how a coincidence or an omen functions upon the world at large. Be not dull my dear (ie the husband) and have me do all the talking. :o) Soon we will figure out our speaking order dear child. 

Now where was I? Yes, many forms of omens function as a catalyst of an intermediary bridge of further interactions with the living person or creature. Not all omens are created equal. Each has the style or spiritual imprint of its maker that being the entity that presents it forward into the world. If it is indeed perceived truly as factual and/or subjective by the intended recipient(s) overall. 

Many days are lost when a delicate omen is misunderstood or only partially comprehended. In this manner, omens become like several postal mail pieces staying on topic as necessitated. Here is when omens deliver not only symbolic truths unto the directed participants. But, also the deeper meaning of procedural understanding of what faces them nearly in just-in-time scenarios. This is where Patience is indeed required for the recipient to calmly discern enough of the omen's cryptic message or otherwise until its blessing is fully received as understood. 

Yes, as an omen arrives it can also signify a meeting of the minds in a solemn mysterious union as a gathering. Akin to being in the right time and place in order to unite fellows that need each other for one aspect of living or another.

These chance meetings are omens in themselves truly and may seem like a freak pleasant accident. However, this is the spiritual art form of angelic match-making heavenly style in purpose-filled deeds. No one need to fear these queer interactions when they do occur. All are meant to partake on Earth in this fellowship by the mutual desires of the angelic godly fates in question.

Here too we are involving a deeper understanding for you, a dear spiritual child of the early 21st century. That you may share these deeper spiritual meanings without misgivings on our behalf. We are related to the Rothchilds family of long ago. I am Meredith and this is my husband Theodore

Now to continue after these pleasantries are put aside. We are here to teach you these deeper layers of comprehending the subtle mystery of what you also call contemporaneously as synchronicities. We were asked to appear here by greater authorities so as to contribute as guest co-authors with you. Of this fascinating discourse of the angelic "Jewels of Truth" compendium series of yours dearest "Ivan the Atrayo".

Do not fear you haven't fully shocked us yet only partially confounded us that is all. We aren't told much-needed background pleasantries in order to fully appreciate your repertoire. You are a nostalgic piece of antiquity reincarnated dear spiritual child. Do not worry you are indeed in fantastic celestial hands as far as we can perceive of Heaven on Earth

Finally, as this final paragraph nears its end please permit us all orchestrations of divine interactions. By the holy presence are boons for the earthly living person, and the dearly departed soul in question. We wish you all the best dear son and we welcome the opportunity again for further discourses of these clairaudient missives of yours. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 28 plus years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic Heavenly host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also utilizes a unique channeled angelic divination method called the Multi-Deck Divination SystemNumerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 18 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.

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My Appearance as an Angelic Oracle at The Spirit University "Enchanted Tides" Psychic Faire comes this June 24th, 2023


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Hello All,

Come this June 24th here in Sarasota, Florida I'll be appearing as one of the five or so psychics doing divination readings. There will also be one energy healer in attendance.

The Spirit University is celebrating its 12th year anniversary with this showcase psychic faire on Saturday, June 24th from 11:00 am until 3:00 pm. Where they'll have 15 or so guest speakers with 15-minute rotations on a variety of New Age topics. At the very end of the speakers, line-up at 2:45 pm the school founder Victoria Ackerman will be doing a mediumship gallery for all in attendance. All standard psychic readings charge a rate of $20 for 15 minutes at the fair beyond the $5 admission cover charge. 

I'll be debuting in public an all-original Multi-Deck Divination System I channeled from the angelic heavenly host and evolved during the Covid-19 Lockdown period. It's a Cartomancers Smorgasbord revival utilizing 12-card decks and not the solitary one-card deck most Tarot users employ. 

For example, I'll be utilizing Tarot, Lenormand, Kipper, Mah Jong cards, miscellaneous Oracle decks, and other irregular misc decks overall. It employs Five Layers of Psychic Divination besides the card decks I'll also utilize an astrological set of 3 dice, a set of 13 Witches or Gypsy Runes, a set of Viking Elder Futhark Runes, and finally my trusty Pendulum connected to my Master Angelic Spirit Guide. 

Each reading takes a minimum of at least 30 minutes which I'll be charging double the psychic reading standard rate for $40 a session with yours truly. 

I'll also be inquiring with my clients if they wish that I hold onto their Multi-Deck divination reading. For a subsequent Blessing Ceremony which is basically, to upload the card spread to the angelic heavens from my home altar at a later date. 

You see the the Multi-Deck divination system doesn't reshuffle the cards back into their respective decks after an individual card spread reading. My marble altar table at home can mount up to 65 horizontally stacked card spreads. That can take up to a full month to achieve a complete load. 

The Spirit University is located at 373 Braden Ave, Sarasota, Florida 34243 and their website is at:

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 27 plus years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic Heavenly host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also utilizes a unique channeled angelic divination method called the Multi-Deck Divination SystemNumerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 17 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on your Greatest Treasure & Kingdom of God


Hello All, 

Today's Jewels of Truth channeled angelic wisdom statements go slightly hand in hand. Albeit it takes a willful approach where half-measures leave the person disillusioned with the entire effort in question. In many ways the life-long spiritual path whatever that means to each of you. Is a remarkable journey of both the consciousness of the human condition coupled well into your divine form as living ghosts with physical bodies on Earth. 

There are often two lifelong paths of the spiritual life. One is by arrogance choosing such accidental or tragic pains for the stubborn person to only respond by screeching at the ancestral heavens. The other is far moreso fairer in spiritual well-being by means of evolving via wisdom as a course of self-development. 

In my lifetime when I was young and inexperienced I made no choice and ended up learning through ignorant pain in terms of circumstances. As I matured and began to exercise my own free will with purpose-led intentions consciously. I began to self-realize an alternate pathway led by concise wisdom learning from the universal pains of other hapless people generally. This was the beginning of the beginnings of what later became my manifold spiritual journeys leading to my own native intuitive flowering as a devout person for the divine. 

God or Goddess or as I like to merge together semantically as God(dess) as optionally Father & Mother Almighty Creator simultaneously. Talk about a metaphysical non-binary as one can foresee via mysticism. God the Lord of Heavenly Hosts grants every person a solemn gift as an imprint of its own splendid oversoul. Those people and perhaps creatures fortunate enough to intelligently unravel such a grace within a lifetime. Discover their particular Inner Genius as their individualized hidden Face of God peering back at them with loving eyes forever. 

My first Jewels of Truth channeled angelic statement covers such a topic by the nameless egoless angel. Speaking to everyone's Inner Genius followed by the next statement of first seeking the Kingdom or Queendom of God(dess) before you begin any serious living on earth period. 

May you find today's statements intriguing if not outright inspirational for your own beautiful lifelong hopeful journey with God. Or the polytheist angelic lesser deities however you may define them by your faith traditions. Amen. 

Greatest Treasure:

3231) As the Greatest Treasure of God is each of you come alive right now in our shared spiritual environs. When fully realized as kinship aids your journey back to your solemn divinity and subsequently back to your Inner Genius. Every person and/or creature has this infinite potential available by free will to discover for themselves alone or in united worship with others for God(dess). 

Your Inner spark of Divine Being is Immaculate in the Image and Likeness of God ever told as a spiritual vessel of your spirits and souls forever. However, your divine consciousness is very young as human beings having a spiritual experience as the Jesuit priest "Pierre Teilhard de Chardin" wrote many decades ago. 

Your solemn hidden treasures have a destined purpose to be lived for all concerned with your humanity on earth. Whether they realize it within your lifetime or not. Each of you that seeks by faith only to discover themselves surrounded by grace. Receive an instant conviction of a living divine thanksgiving when your angelic gifts are shared with the world at large. 

Be not afraid to live your truth however contrarian it may seem to society at the time. Sometimes it takes many moral martyrs to trailblaze a greater initiative of the human condition. To live by faith isn't for the weak of heart, it takes gumption to etch out a life of spiritual devotion for yourselves. When conformity from the masses is screaming in your ears to follow the herd or else. 

There comes a time perhaps after several attempts to care what people think that your heart and mind shatter. Only to self-realize you've catered to weak people that haven't lived their own truth much less convictions with courage in the world. To follow well-meaning even loving people who are wrong is a difficult course of action to resolve. Not all your initiatives will pan out some wisdom is truly found in the fears of others. However, do you really listen to their fears or your courageous convictions in the final analysis? 

What is unorthodox, taboo and other unspoken so-called sacrosanct rules are meant to be challenged. Even for just your own woeful mistakes to being made gradually. You can not learn unless you make mistakes however, don't make tragic ones without sufficient contemplation of the consequences involved. 

Each of you has merits beyond your own human lives as reborn divinities of countless infinite foreign heavens right now. For the Almighty God of Abraham is also the Creator of all the cosmos. How ancient peoples globally infer what is divine to them is derived from their societal pressures and cultural norms. What is sacred to one race of people on the other side of the world is dismissed outright by another society due to different competing agendas both political and spiritual. 

Heaven isn't just for man-made religions by people be they Judean-Christian-Islamic. Or Hindu, Jainism, Sikhism, and Buddhism for instance. We the angelic heavenly host can go on such as Zoroastrians, Shintos, Hellenistic, Mayan, and even Santa Muerte as syncretized with Catholicism as a recent faith tradition in Mexico. 

Heaven is both real and unreal paradoxically for all the grace of universal benevolence becomes sanctified upon Creation and it is heavenly. The opposite is also true that all vile evil collectively like a bottomless universal funnel accumulates into an accursed reality as endless Hells. Those that become enlightened during a mortal or immortal afterlife reconcile both heaven and hell perfectly. Graduating to a higher and purer plane of existence at a deeper resonance of the Great Mystery.

To reiterate your Greatest Treasure is your hidden Inner Genius as the essence of God's imprint upon you as individuals at the micro divine expression. When you consciously choose to be forgiving and loving towards all without prejudice this is when you begin living like Jesus the Christ of turn the other cheek. It is hard to carry on with such a resolve at first as ego-centric people. You must surrender the ego gradually over the years if not decades for those who are persistent in the world. 

Your zeal is your gift when you each comport yourselves with dignity for what is important to each of you in life. Be this family, career, hobbies, religion, social causes, etc...The Golden Rule of do unto others as if you wish to be done back to you is necessary here in simplified truth. Great movements take time and effort and can hardly be accomplished alone without help. For even Christos had the Apostles and Buddha had the saintly Arhats to support their heaven-sent earthly divine destiny. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Kingdom of God:

3229) To seek first the Kingdom of God as in the Book of Matthew 6:33 of the Christian New Testament often means to live a blessed life upon this world. Which requires steadfast discipline to muster such courage where a just near pious personal spiritual character will be necessitated. To live such an illumined life isn't for the faint of heart for your mind will be tested with feats of morality.

Often you must develop a mutual consenting spiritual union with God and the Heavenly host akin to a metaphysical family. Alongside your biological or adopted human families here on Earth. To consecrate your heart and soul as worthy by a faithful trust that defies complete understanding. This enacts the beginning of your afterlife being prepared for you as you live in the dominion of Creation with your routine human needs and wants in tandem. 

Some will remark this is madness to have such an unconditional devotion to the unseen spiritual realities that are constantly mysterious. We are the finite children here today and fragilely gone tomorrow. Consider to seek first the Kingdom of God as your personal get-out-of-heck divine life insurance policy paid in blessed acts that are both mundane and extraordinary. 

Once you have proven your salt of the earth to being genuine and not merely a curiosity seeker of gee whiz that's fickle about spirituality. The earnest efforts have just begun or perhaps continued from your last reincarnation across history or the infinite universe. Mutual loyalty and trustworthy nature must be galvanized through acts of sincerity and kindness. Even if you struggle with motivation to follow thru at first for repetition leads to positive habits instilled as lifestyle choices spiritually on earth.

Goodwill begets goodwill especially when you encounter foreigners of differing faith traditions these are your benevolent cousins in God's Infinite Beauty in the world. Please do not besmirch their contrasting divinity for diversity is the natural truth of our collective universe and not homogeneous purity. The ego proclaims racial, sexist, religious, political, economic, etc homogenous purity that belongs to your animalistic carnal human nature and not to God in Heaven. 

As you cultivate your beautiful holy relationship with God(dess) over a lifetime. You begin to explore the rather mystical aspects of your spiritually shared realities with other divine demographics. Such as the ancestors, nature spirits as ghostly creature kind and ecosystems, fairies, mythological fantastical holy entities that defy phenomenal description, and of course, the angelic heavenly host as our spiritual family shared with God as our singular macro parent in paradises found. 

There are many beatitudes to discover with exploring your infinite relationship with the holy afterlife. Often respect will be gifted natively to you by enlightened souls, however, unenlightened spirits will still portray personalities that grow on you over time. One must not mistake the adoration and reverence of all these souls as worship that alone is signaled out for God alone. This even includes the once mythological lesser angelic deities of Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Ancient Egyptian, and any other pagan heavenly luminaries each in their private boutique paradises living in perpetual stasis for an eternity. 

There are additional roles and responsibilities for the ardent faith-filled person. Many are simply to cultivate at your own pace the countless virtues as spiritual ethical norms within a lifetime. Not to get overly self-righteous to the point of your anger that one way is the only way to live a good life on earth. Your mileage will vary and here is where the rubber hits the road to avoid needless envy and jealousy of what others have in materialism and romantic partners. 

The materialistic consumerism philosophy that you can have it all is short-sighted. It is usually only true for the well-advantaged with many privileges as well supported by their peers. Not everyone has that Goldilocks quality of life and to get to such a quality of living takes work to get there and keep it. A Game of Thrones in itself. 

This is not to say don't try, but know you will need trustworthy people and impersonal institutions to help you to get there eventually. Many will reduce themselves by breaking their moral values by cheating and backstabbing the innocent and guilty alike. Others will take bribes and become slaves to be easily manipulated by the inferior whims of so-called godless people. One route takes years if not nearly a decade plus to achieve the other less time but costly heartaches reduce your self-worth to near trash. 

Is the loss of personal grace that important to achieve temporary status and materialism in the world? Not all wealth is bad it is just how you get from point A to Z that matters most. Will the journey help define your likes and dislikes or will you compromise so much that you lose your self-respect along the way? 

A personal sacrifice to God is a miracle best experienced by the unseen angels in Heaven instantly surrounding you. Which may cause a knee-jerk love offering of the heavenly host on your solemn behalf upon your life in due time. Your patience and immense gratitude are necessary here as the world shifts gradually all around you as circumstances go. Always be sure your personal or collective sacrifices are pleasing to the benevolent Will of God and not the shallow will of men and women in authority. 

This will ensure healing wonders will overtake you gradually albeit some may happen sooner taking you by pleasant surprise. The rhythms of the heavens are slower not so much like our technological modernity that everything must be delivered now and not later. It is an alternative outlook that takes practice and cultivating joy helps ease the monotony along the way to personal spiritual fulfillment. 

What is Ineffable belongs to God alone as the Absolute Forever. Our gifts back to God and the Heavenly Host are our energetic attention span and our sacred deeds practiced by a shared benevolent value set of beautiful customs that vary globally by faith tradition. Only then as the eternal spiritual pilgrim can we appreciate the awestruck marvel of the Holy of Holies sublimely in our constant midst. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 27 plus years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic Heavenly host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 17 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on Justice & Apostasy


Hello All,

Here at the tail end of this month of May 2023, I'm posting two channeled angelic heavenly statements via psychic Inspirational clairaudient automatic writing. The first one on Justice is slightly heavy-duty as a topic. However, certainly, the 2nd topic of Apostasy is controversial, to say the least. The angel here shares the blame with Judaism, Christendom, and the unholy feud between Islam and Hinduism stating God's disappointment at the whole ordeal. 

Doing this as my spiritual devotional outlet at times very therapeutic on a psychic Intuitive basis. It has transformed me for the better the content although at times intense can also be flowery as poetic and philosophical in holy nature. I often consider myself as a young sage and mystic, perhaps even an amateur theologian with this 27+ year ongoing angelic heavenly host discourse. With over 4500+ topic statements on a litany of eclectic subject matter from the mundane well into the extraordinary in a universal divinity. 

If this is your very first reading of my Intuitive angelic materials then you've jumped into the deep side of the swimming pool. I would rather recommend as a shameless plug to please consider my 3 volumes of the "Jewels of Truth" series of paperback books published by iUniverse. (ie also in Amazon Kindle, Ebook, & Barnes & Nobles Nook formats)

Without a further adieu may you be at least intrigued by expanding your beautiful spiritual horizons whether you accept the premise or not of these topic statements. Amen.


3232) Towards each of your merits whether those of the unforgiven will suffer immeasurable discord being unable to alleviate such pain in their solemn lives. Their wants will turn to ash before their very eyes. For yearning for the very objects and people as riches and powerful status they can ill afford to gain presently. 

Here is where fools come to tread only to achieve their ill-gotten spoils instead. This is so because of their prior stances with miserable unethical conquests they have sunk into personally. Such an ill-advised journey forestalls the good by traveling the byways of ruin within the shadows of this chaotic world. 

The best punishment from an all-knowing Supreme God Almighty is to give them all they have desired with the weight breaking nearly their hearts, minds, and shoulders in life. To pursue the riches and the status of this world without merit and mercy as living compassion for each other. Then suffer the consequences to avail yourselves a trajectory that is best not to tempt the fates. 

The status and riches of this world aren't evil just how they are obtained as destructive in personal nature versus creative and mutually constructive is far better. To have greed and lust for wealth and other people feeds your minds and hearts poisonous ruin with contempt. Regardless of this is a man, woman, and even a child yearning with flights of fancy as a person of rotten character. 

No matter if shrewd wisdom as machinations by criminals and fallen political leaders as proverbial charismatic False Prophets deceive the masses. As the dictum says that the path to Hell is paved with good intentions. 

However, in a very paradoxical universe we each find ourselves deeply within currently. The path of the Heavens can be equally paved with conditional unwittingly selfish intentions in a hap-hazard capacity. Many a hero or heroine have started with petty intentions only to be transformed personally on their life's journey to be redeemed by God and the Heavenly Host. 

Both Heaven on Earth and Hell on Earth rule simultaneously here upon this physical and metaphysical universe you call Creation. These realms of the afterlife are subsequently Perpetual States of Being and not spatial locations of the hereafter or of Infinity. Thus the Great Mystery of God(dess) persists for the penitent heart to resolve hopefully within a lifetime or many reincarnated lifetimes. 

When Justice is perverted by dangerous miscreants of the State as your political leaders and/or civil public servants. Their ultimate glory as reigning fame becomes the ruin of the victims impacted be they innocent and guilty alike in question.  

Although when Justice is indeed virtuous in a noble well thought fashion it redeems and forgives all with Mercy. Even for the once fallen from grace by ill-repute. This becomes a consecrated act of holiness for the earth and the lesser heavenly limbo where personal sacrifice is rewarded with prosperous dignity and redemptive peace. 

This is how to ascend within a lifetime back to God by faithful praises and to put aside the discordant chaos this world exudes relentlessly. Please choose to become beautiful and handsome angelic-like spirits within the eternal "Now" and this Infinite "Here" of the Kingdom/Queendom of God(dess) everlasting. Allow forgiveness to become a staple of personal Inner strength and each of you will witness the redemptive Glory of God before your very eyes and hearts forever. Amen.  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


3233) The ways of a wanton world obfuscate the truth in order to subjugate the old with the new using blatant falsehoods as sheer propaganda in question. All major religious traditions often led by Great Patriarchal movements tend to whitewash their misdeeds by subverting the truth and projecting falsehoods in their place. 

For instance, Christendom has victimized the elder indigenous faiths of paganism of the Old and New World altogether for centuries. When the grandmotherly Slavic matriarchal spirit of pagan Old Eastern Europe of Baba Yaga encountered Christiandom she was soon demonized as a child cannibal predator. All in an effort to steer worshippers into the Imperial Churches of Rome and Byzantine. 

Another example of Christendom is when the Ancient Roman Empire converted to Christianity away from Hellenism. The Ancient Greek Creator lesser deity of Lucifer was soon falsely associated with the Infamous Satan the Devil. Again to uncouple their populace by literally demonizing the old religious ways for eons for the new Christian Church of Emperor Constantine. 

The sins of great religions must have accountability before Almighty God with divine transparency for all the faithful concerned. Your modern age notwithstanding truthful non fear-mongering democratic ideals that no one is above the law. This shall include man-made religious traditions bearing false witness for centuries and eons to date. 

This includes the Great and Holy Lands of Judea when the Pantheon of the now foregone Ancient Semitic Canaanites prevailed. Where the children of Abraham knew of the old ways where the Wife of God was known as Asherah and Shekinah was the feminine face of God. Here in the Lands of Canaan, the Jews worshipped the chief lesser Creator deity of "EL" before they migrated into monotheism.

Thereafter the deified son of EL otherwise known as Bhaal the fertility god of Life and the Storm god of rain and dew and also Lord of Heaven by the Phoenicians of Bhaal Shamen in such a polytheist society. Was demonized by the Jews as a Devil in order to scapegoat on the altars of discord to decouple from such a once proud religious tradition. 

This is not to mention the sacrilegious tendencies to falsely accuse the Jews by the upstart Christians. To persecute the Jews falsely for centuries within Old Europe and now the modern world. For even Holy Christos was a young Rabbi in his day and his religious movement was meant as a sect of Judaism. Such an inter-religious sibling rivalry of covenants is malaligned before the Eyes of God Almighty. 

To further declare profusely that the children of Islam of the Great Prophet Mohammed Eternal Peace is Upon Him Forever ordained by God himself! Have clashed upon the Indus Valley vehemently with the noble Hindu of Lords Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Fierce mutual hatred in certain circles has led unto Hell on Earth as a falsified state of hellish being for such proud peoples and worshipers of God. 

This power struggle within Mother India for cultural supremacy leaves no one as a direct winner. Only losers will inherit woe, destruction, and bitter rivalries to no end in sight. Such is the way of the apes and not the holy children of God irrespective of religious tradition upon the world. Please heal this god-awful curse of a religious blood feud seeking to cultivate Heaven on Earth together culturally, spiritually, and humanely by the Divine Will of God.

To victimize innocent older spiritual and/or religious traditions for the gain of the newer spiritual and/or religious faiths upon the world. Is a mighty disservice to all worshippers of the holy divines and an act of sheer destructive Apostasy that has no place upon the noble-hearted. Such an Orginal Sin to borrow a tenant of the Roman Catholics is of no good to certainly modern well-educated societies the world over. 

Penance and mutual healing through forgiveness and accurate inclusive spiritual education where the slander and libel truly happened by overzealous religious leaders must occur. Otherwise, the sins of the man-made Patriarchal Temples, Churches, Mosques, and Holy Shrines will persist well into the afterlife for the ancestral dead to bear witness before God in Judgement. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 27 plus years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic Heavenly host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 17 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.

Sunday, April 30, 2023

Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on Transvestites


Hello All,

Today's solitary topic is going to be a controversial zinger. Call me an idiot since I broached the topic with the Holy Angel because of all the sociological hate occurring here in my State of Florida. These are the angelic heavenly viewpoint from the mountaintop Big Picture. Don't shoot the messenger meaning, Moi!

Anyhow I'm heterosexual for any homophobic haters out there. (just in case) Throughout history, practically the slow arch of justice has turned in the favor of the persecuted. Pick your type of wrathful animosity be it religious, economic, political, cultural, disability, or even sexual orientation. America for its mighty ideals of Freedom and Liberty has an exceptional fear of the unknown of persecuting all manner of foreigners. Go figure!

As the good book of the Apostle John once wrote in chapter 8 verse 7. 

"So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her."

This is just the hysteria of divide and conquer out of irrational animalistic fear by the persecutors.  


3230) For those that have been persecuted in the world for being bi-sexual, homosexual, and certainly fully transvestites. You are the holiest esteemed children of God as the beloved angelic young martyrs to be reborn as spirits. All of you reincarnated into a very vile barbaric society of prudish fools having a myopic homogenous existence thrust upon you. Just so they don't feel uncomfortable with their own Protestant lifestyle. 

Those who insist on becoming homophobic fearmongers with hysterical untruths as unfortunate cultural tropes. Become no better than the disgusting wash thrown out the window in order to keep the House of God hygienic. Such deceivers have no place as tormentors of the inclusive diverse faith of God amongst all religions and spiritual traditions globally.

These are the will of dividers to separate not the wheat from the chaff. But, to mix their inhumanity into an outlook that was settled by countless spiritual masters of grace eons ago as the lesser deified divinities. These angelic spirits are known in your global mythologies as Avalokitesvara, Dionysus, Pan, Hermaphroditus, Eros (ie Cupid), Zeus, and so forth. 

The selective memory of humanity is indeed grotesque when hypocrisy enters into the so-called Puritan values. Something so holy and beautiful to be inverted into its insidious opposite is ungodly by rhetorical hatred of others. So speaketh the Lord of Hosts, Metatron

You see spirituality includes a gentle bridge of acceptance of one's multi-cultural identities and lifestyles. Allowing the fullest expression of grace to incapsulate anyone regardless of political, economic, humanitarian, and so forth customs of orientation. There is no shame and guilt or even fear whatsoever of your oriented genders and consensual loving sexual practices in the paradise of the Heavens. 

It is an all-inclusive Immaculate spiritual reality that exceeds the dogmas of Patriarchal men. Who fear the lack of procreation of the species due to all manners of homosexuality. Passing Judgement is wholly based on the concept of the freedom of sexual expression that is against the so-called Orthodoxy. Of any particular castrated and mutated religious tradition bent out of shape over the centuries and eons ago. 

A warped religious tradition by the so-called Councils of Nicea was more a pecking order of who's who importance representing Christianity long ago. The Manichaeism be Damned into submission to their way of life or else!

The persecution of the martyrs of the world regardless of the type of hatred endured. Becomes redeemed in God instantly through a Gnosis of utterly Pure Compassion for all souls and reincarnated spiritual beings upon this world of yours. The Heavens aren't just for one earthen religious practice for the world based on whichever epoch in question has supremacy culturally and historically speaking. It is an umbrella a beautiful sanctified macrocosm of the infinite expressions of a benevolent Creator Almighty God reborn as its children.

A united dominion beyond the need for humanistic reaches of justice. What counts as justice upon the world when it is corrupted by evil doers becomes a tyrannical empire by any other name. Heaven is more of a Perfect Union not of only exceptional luminaries as the Heavenly Host, but of all the gentle loving souls that are its native utopian citizens metaphysically. 

To hate and deceive based upon disgusting and twisted fears is anathema to the grace of God in Paradise. Puritans of so-called family values as conservatives are nothing more than well-meaning souls tricked by a false prophet leading them into perdition instead. 

The Hour of the Lord God casts a long shadow of ill-ease for those that profess Christos and then do the opposite in political rallies of subjugating the other that is different from their own lifestyle. Such backward mentality spells an unease of the faithful being tricked to hate in the guise of being pious Christians instead. Wasn't the WWII (World War 2) Holocaust of the Jews, Gays, Disabled, Political Prisoners, Criminals, Gypsies, and so forth enough to not repeat that demonized history? 

When times are difficult humanity is always key to blame the other minority group as a mere convenient scapegoat. Nero did it in Ancient Rome against the cultists of the early Christians in the Coliseum making sport out of their devoted piety unto God himself. Will the insurrectionists do this again in America of your Trumpian hateful era? Will the disgruntled Confederacy rise again out of the ashes of destruction to wield its divisive head? 

Humanity in America is at a crossroads again to choose from during your troubling times of distrust and unease. Flashpoints of historical need always reveal both villains and heroes at every possible turn. Will those brave martyrs of sexual orientation to be knighted by God(dess) as reincarnated angels please step forward with conviction. 

Those as Homosexual, Bi-sexuals, Pan-sexuals, Transvestites, Queer, Non-binary, and so forth please realize. That each of you is spiritually transforming your beautiful remarkable essence of God from your biological sex at birth into its twin opposite within a temporal lifetime. 

The Divine Perfect Constant Almighty Apex Supreme Identity of Patriarchal Father God is also equally and forever Matriarchal Mother Goddess for all countless Creations times Infinity! You are the spiritual transformative heroes and heroines of the ages volunteering to be reborn at this chaotic barbaric animalistic simian flash point. You are indeed the Heavenly Children of God reborn! Amen.  (Channeled via Metatron the Archangel) ---Ivan A. Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 27 plus years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic Heavenly host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 17 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on Mercy and Forgiveness & Preceptive Reality


Hello All,

Today is some bonus content for the very tail end of this month of March. While I have a moment to focus and channel subsequent material for you the spiritual reader to explore topics of faith and introspection of the divine. 

The topics are on the conjunction of Mercy and Forgiveness as similar but distinct vulnerabilities of Inner strength. The 2nd statement topic is on the Preceptive Reality of the Divine and how we can mount a robust connection to it spiritually. 

As always may you find the topics intriguing if not Inspirational on your spiritual journeys throughout the world. Amen. 

Mercy & Forgiveness:

3221) There are many tenets to pursue upon this world that can cause great pause for the noble-hearted. That is with the handsome attributes as graces of Mercy and Forgiveness at large. Both are servants to heal disruptions of all manner of ill ease upon the human condition. Often as a tough love to remedy sickness of the spirit within in order to help overcome this troubling world altogether over time. 

Each is a marvel of wondrous magnitudes of ever-widening vulnerabilities to uphold by the strong with great convictions at hand. Knowing full and well that each of these attributes has separate distinctions and yet qualifying similarities to unify by means of compassion. 

This turbulent world is awash with hostilities both great and small in orders of degrees that leave the onlooker with vertigo. It is no wonder that what one objects to by being offended due to fearsome tenacity. Will upset the stoic person and the very sensitive emotionally in tandem when confronted with disgust. Such rotten negativity can easily consume oneself twisting and warping one's psyche against themselves and the world with great heartaches. 

Acting with ill will as in vulgar hostilities towards loved ones, strangers, and certainly with enemies destroys the peace leaving Hell on Earth in its wake. Only the pious one be they a holy man, woman, innocent child, and creature can overcome such encountered hatred with utmost mercy and forgiveness in earnest. 

Such restorative actions heal the heart, mind, and the holy spirit within each of us in complete and utter Oneness. The person cultivates a heavenly balm that for all intents and purposes is a gift or grace of a very Living God in your midst. Both Mercy and Forgiveness usher forth a solemn balance to enliven holy spirits and the very essence of God(dess) in each of us with intentional permission to ascend with mutual dignified justice.

By healing the perceived faults whether caused by senseless error(s), corruption(s), and any other harbinger of evil. Taking the Leap of Faith to overcome this world by surrendering your ego not looking for faults in the other aggressor. But, yearning and needing to break the dysfunctional cycle of fear, hate, and revenge altogether in life. 

For when Mercy is granted selflessly it is a noble act of God from within your very soul. A magnanimous strength laced with piety and grandeur that is of a highly effective goodwill. It is an honor that when bestowed bears witness to the wrongdoer being released from their own perjury at hand. 

In earnest with the vulnerability of truly rendered Forgiveness, it takes a total dissatisfaction with someone, a circumstance, or an event and releases it from sinking you into an abyss of your own making. It takes stalwart vigilance to release one's psyche and distrust of the offense to merely choose a better option through internalized compassion for oneself. 

When otherwise emotional and mental hardships would wreck and poison your beauty that would wholly exist if no injury had occurred. Here lays the person or creature to behold a finer alternative that is sublime to merely walk away with integrity instead. Not to be goaded into a confrontation that all lose together no matter the stakes in question. 

The vacuum of such pain and suffering becomes backfilled with such acts of divinity known as Mercy and Forgiveness as a unified front. Some can enact these convictions Immediately and countless others need to approach such internalized healing gradually. As if walking a private solitary path best accomplished with deeply personal reflections allowing moments of sorrow to be released with utmost tenderness involved. 

Both Mercy and Forgiveness are acts of God that restore each of you as divine heirs into the Kingdom of God upon this chaotic world. Enacting a silent form of inquisitive justice that never boasts its kindness, but surrenders the ego assuming your divine role as earth angels instead. To share such an abundant healing allows for an everlasting Love of God(dess) to continually flourish without equal. This welcomes Heaven on Earth to take root not only upon this transitory world of humanity but also in your everlasting souls in and with God forever. Amen.  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Preceptive Reality:

3185) All of reality is both real and unreal simultaneously beyond merely what is observed but by whom is observing equally in tandem. This conundrum unravels upon itself several unknown paradoxes by sublime means possible and impossible. As life is often declared spiritually to be an impossibility that this universe shouldn't even exist. But, alas here we are united in an Omnipresence known as God it, her, and his macro totality.

Regardless of whichever reality in question, you feel tethered to the most at any given moment of your days and your endless lives together with us the Heavenly Host. Each of you is afforded a deeply personal connection to the divine that no one can alter not even God itself. For it would contradict his own edict or Divine Law of unique expressions of each entity. 

However, what is objective to God is alone absolutely unified constantly unto every other divine truth forever. What is transitory as illusionary exists and it doesn't for a time and a space that is also subject to interpretations and reinterpretations ad nauseam. 

Often what is fiction to humanity is only impossible for a short while until either by technological means it is disproven as total facts. This is true of the theorems of the sciences and the supremacy of highly evolved spiritual masters known as avatars. What is sacrosanct to one religious tradition can easily become disputed and called into question as heresy. Regardless of the merits involved and thus myopic rationales are encouraged in spite of greater looming truths at large. 

The basis of human civilization is faulty at best if not utterly corrupt by criminal tendencies. To ingratiate at the pinnacle classes what should otherwise be the communal property of welfare. Pure anything on earth by humanity leads to disaster when it is applied in theory and practice. Only by means of half measures of moderated compromises can Heaven on Earth as the Wuji of the Ying & Yang be found forever. 

Nonetheless, the afterlives thrive on the impossible scales of divinity as enlightened tracts of what is otherwise extraordinary in godly angelic nature. These expressions as paradoxes and greater than these conundrums defy the rationale and the known dwarf infantile spiritualities combined on earth by humanity to date. 

What is impossible to humanity in any given epoch soon gradually becomes developed either by ethereal spiritual magicks or scientific-technological means. Whichever comes first unto the reality of mortal creatures such as the semi-sentient simian apes of humanity. This is what passes from one series of generations of fundamental understandings until it is grasped by other epochs of civilization by means of temporal occurrences. 

Humanity has access to three pillars of the Soul Growth of God upon the world and Creation at large. These are the three legs to the stool to attempt to reach the metaphysical angels by faith as nascent spiritual children. They are the foremost spiritual devotional faith regardless of religion or any other tradition on Earth. Second, the clairvoyant powers of the Highest Self aka the Holy Ghost of God upon each of you. 

With higher echelon senses of spiritual sight (Clairvoyance), hearing (Clairaudience), taste (Clairgustance), smell (Clairalienance), touch (Clairsentience), and knowing (Claircognizant). Thus the six spiritual or otherwise metaphysical senses of your ghost auric body are wholly intertwined with your carnal flesh human mortal temporal body here on Earth.

The third stool leg is the study and practice of divine and/or elemental magicks to perturb or influence reality with your divinity. Whether used for good, neutrality, or evil your karma will echo the consequences of your intents and actions upon this transitory world. These are the trio of metaphysical bridges of faith, intuitive, and magical powers of the Soul of God available to the brave of heart. To evolve past primary human barbaric tendencies for greater exalted divine inheritance upon the world. 

Only the meek follow the herd spiritually without questioning all of reality as the norms, taboos, and the sacrosanct altogether with respect to personal spiritual evolution. Thus the wheat is separated by the chaff with those courageous enough to explore the Inner worlds without falling prey to ancient wickedness. The path of the penitent heart is difficult and lonely at times but full of the Glory of God at every possible turn. 

The road to perdition is easy and alluring at first absent-minded of the consequences that can harm the guilty and innocent alike. It is the base of a pyramid wide at the bottom but narrows at the top pinnacle. Where only the animalistic barbaric competitive few ever reach the very lonely top as the capstone. 

The inverse occurs for the beneficent supplicant of God where struggle and hardship and myriad forms of character-building long-suffering are encountered. Here the pyramid is inverted upside down the pinnacle top is at the very base full of responsibility. Only by trekking with virtue and gratitude does one begin to overcome the world with the angelic heavenly host and your blessed ancestors. Here success arrives as an open-ended Glory of an Everlasting God(dess) the pyramid of power at the pinnacle end is the very wide base of the triangle itself. 

What is fictional to humanity is only a fading of the senses a temporary setback at least when robust self-development is pursued earnestly. Otherwise, self-delusions often lead to forms of zealotry and subsequently madness of the ego mind. When wisdom is coupled with beauty from within there creativity is found to recreate your local environment into the very plausible as the 3rd-way philosophy. Where all parties involved reach a modest success as the greatest final inheritor of these pursuits is God itself spiritually. 

No one is denied by God prematurely to access the blessed realms spiritually by solemn faith. However, the righteous must earn their way in the very beginning as the inverted pyramid indicates as a modular formula of personal character. By stripping away the ego although not completely but developing altruistic tendencies of mutual inclusive compassion. Unexpected blessings begin to occur randomly over the path of a lifetime spelled in decades (ie 20+ years) as a journeyman of dedication to the pious spiritual life. Regardless if one is married to a monastic life with a religious institution or not as a hermit solitary by faith. 

Those willing to suffer with compassionate dignity, not for the sake of masochism. But for a greater character-building personality by means of discipline as a regime of grace on Earth. Begin to realize that the heavenly currency of the hereafter is unconditional love as utmost reverence and adulations as praise to God(dess). With consecrated private acts of generosity whether in personal self-mastery and/or charitable giving whichever is more plausible to the supplicant in life as the seeker of faith. 

No one is truly lost that seeks redemption no matter how bastardized it may seem at the first dear child of God. Half measures over the years lead to greater personal revelations of the wondrous heavens in your common midst as a State of perpetual divinity all around you constantly. By the very act of compounding your efforts in years and subsequent decades, holiness binds to you as a second skin of living graces. 

Here is when life becomes remarkably magical where divine order yields to predominant encounters out of the ordinary. That only reinforces the beauty within your heart and mind. Yes, misery will still exist in the world if you aren't careful and lose temporarily your divine center. You can start to wallow in stress and depression if you misplace your tethered moorings of the faith-filled blessed lifestyle. Daily devotions as prayer, contemplative meditations, and the use of life-affirming blessed affirmations are basic tools to cultivate your divinity in this world. 

Allow for your intuitive impulses balanced with your non-emotional mindfulness to afford a better rationale to bring you filtered pathways of better living practices. Over time with the cooperation of trusted fellows, you can come to understand that reality is perceived from within foremost. 

To do the opposite and live by the whims of approvals of others leads to a life of misery tied to the capricious egos of foolish people indeed. God within always approves of you absolutely forever with true and pure blessed love everlasting like no other entity upon Creation altogether. Let this be your ardent perfect truth to defy this or any other reality perceived as real or fictitious and in that, you are home in a forever paradise of your own cultivated beginnings. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

To be astonished is one of the surest ways of not growing old too quickly. ---Sidone-Gabrielle Colette.

Change is brought about because ordinary people do extraordinary things. ---Barrack Obama.

My Religion is kindness. ---H.H. (His Holiness) The 19th Dalai Lama. 

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 27 plus years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic Heavenly host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 17 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.