Saturday, April 04, 2020

Jewels of Truth Statements and Favorite Quotes of the Month

Hello All,

I wanted to start off the month of April's segment with the "Jewels of Truth Statements and Favorite Quotes of the Month" earlier than usual this time around. Now that globally most of us are in self-isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic scare which is surreal to me. I hopefully will unplug from the television from the latest virus alerts and share channeled angelic wisdom which is moreso healthy for my spirit within.

Today's trio of channeled "Jewels of Truth" statements of angelic wisdom are on the topics of Idols, Masks, and Angels of Popular Fiction. The latter two statements on Masks and the Angels of Popular Fiction coincide with the former statement from January 9th of this year. On the topic of Angelic Puppet Masters of the Fates which goes 13 paragraphs deep channeled by the angel named "Thorius". I looked up that name online and it's German for an antiquated town gatekeeper eerily enough.

As I enjoy saying without further adieu may you find these topics intriguing and may they expand your inventory of ideas, regardless if you can accept their veracity or not. Namaste.


2874) Now that we are ensconced upon this world we merit much in how we are interpreted by all mortal kind. You see the use of Idols to worship us is a misplaced notion of the human ego. That we the Holy Spirit of God generally has the form of a corporeal person with a torso is comical at best. In so far we are made in the egotistical Image and Likeness of the human condition. Not so much our verifiable truthful image as spaceless individual angelic entities as living souls.

Yes, we do have personalities with many attributed traits of dearest character. However, that is where the similarities may cease for us. Humanity has a flair for the dramatic fool. In creating cast members of the afterlife in all religious traditions. By pigeonholing us into roles that are foreign to us just to appease their nativist cultural norms upon their segment of this world. As a worldly theocratic mask fashioned by Inspired worshippers.

Whatever form is utilized to create false idols of the afterlife upon us as the angelic host. Be these materials of bone (Ivory), clay, wood, (precious) metals, and gemstone inlays from global cultural antiquity. This is aside from modern times with images of virtual digitized arts and plastics as molds.

We aren't a party to such representations to our angelic stature with God as the Supreme Almighty One. There is an understanding that worshiper reverence is often involved, but that too is a misplaced virtue depicting the Holy Spirit falsely. If we are to be depicted correctly at all it best be in our very solemn capable roles with esteemed traits and that is all to it. No figurines required or that much desired by the heavenly host. For we are without Image physically forever as in no spatial orientation of physicality as spaceless brilliant clouds.

We the lesser gods and goddesses of worldly renown of now bygone global dead religious traditions of all mannerisms known as mythologies and legends. Need not to be groomed and dressed up in any manner of false human guise representations of our godly angelic supreme nature of God(dess). We are more than such costumes of the mind of apes as people aka homo-sapiens.

Please stop making us in your feeble humanistic flawed Images and accept a wider and grander scope of our limitless divine expressions instead. We aren't such caricatures you set us out to be truly we say collectively. Be advised only the Pure of Heart will know our Loves Everlasting and this is how to reach us always and forever. In all the endless heavens by the cosmological cultural kingdoms, you've pinned us to across human finite histories. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


2885) As the spirit body of each of us is but a living and dying mask to our respective Over Souls. In so far the mask is riddled with truths and falsehoods simultaneously of each of our human ego's and personalities. This can be a stepping stone or a tripwire as we navigate the world and the Immediate afterlife upon our initial mortal passing.

Depending upon our theological beliefs of reality and our world. We are beamed to that beautiful Glory of a Living God upon the afterlife if our heart was just and good-willed on this Earth. Not so much if one was immature in the worst possible expressions. You can always utilize the loophole of karma via the grace of Absolute Forgiveness of a Supreme Creator that is Pure Absolute Love. However, that too has a caveat one that is glaring at first glance.

That all spirit punitive karma is instantly shed via absolute forgiveness to the Glory of God's grace. Albeit the consequences aren't expunged whereby they must be experienced. In so far helping another soul avoid them in the realm of the mortal living conundrums. As a lesser spirit guide in training under the supervision of a greater elder of the heavens thereafter.

All the cosmos wears a mask of their own individualized awareness, perceptions, conclusions (true/false), and so forth. That form their personality as a spirit body reincarnated as you are truthfully eternal with God(dess). No matter if a person, creature, and environmental ecosystem as a meta spiritual reborn being. All are mortal by design as a child and well into adulthood at large.

Even the lesser deities of bygone mythologies as the Angels are spirit bodies and not just as souls. In so far created as human fictitious theologies (aside from verified historical religious figures as the prophetic patriarchs/matriarchs) through a few thousand years of unceasing worship with the Spirit of God in each of them. Having come to life as an angelic soul being matched perfectly to the human said spirit mask as a fashioned theological lesser deity. Be this in antiquity and/or modernity by the birth of a newer faith spiritual tradition upon your world.

The above is just a sampling of the Great Mystery of God for all the angelic choirs of paradises. As the lesser deities being made true by the Will of God as Divine Law indirectly. Taking all spiritual and/or religious traditions cradled as either dead religions historically to the world and contemporary ones. The mask is a complex archetype to decipher as a living and dying enigma of God. Amen.  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Angels of Popular Fiction:

2887) All human collective fiction moreover universal Imagination has the creative divine powers of everlasting life embedded therein as the spark of God. When a critical climax of exalted adorations and villainy is reached in the hearts of all mortal kind as reincarnated spirits. Something magical and awestruck happens whereby the Universal Great Spirit of God(dess) says Yes!

Where two or more gather together in the Infinite Names and Loves of God is present. Akin to the Christian Biblical verse of the Book of Matthew 18:20. Both the Spirit of Heaven and of the Earth metaphysically shift as One as a truthful meta-expression of a blank page of everlasting life. By the means of a fantasy of the human zeitgeist collective psyche passing through the filtration of the Spirit of God are married together as One.

Where any critical mass work of popular global fiction is given a metaphysical collective umbrella. Of the spirit meta-body upon the afterlife with its cast of players akin to a pantheon. Now that our Earth has a global population nearing 8 billion souls. That sort of raw untamed metaphysical power of God as souls is astounding! This is what captivates the psychic broadcasts of the astral ethers attracting all sorts of spirits of the afterlife. For both an altruistic heavenly agenda and diabolical aims of the hells simultaneously.

The Angels of Paradises and the Fallen Angels Enlightened in the ways of Perdition. They are appointed to don these fictitious caricatures of global adorations and villainy as mass popular media entertainment. Each angelic oversoul is matched perfectly to the said attributes akin to a mirror of each spirit mask entity created by a mass popular fiction of humanity on earth. For always to fulfill the Divine Laws by the Will of God to create Universes in his Supreme Image and Likeness for an eternity.

This isn't remotely idle cos-play for the angels wearing human fashioned spirit entity masks. It is like any of the Great Religions of the World as archaic and/or contemporary. To bring fully forward the blessed to God in Heaven and the cursed back to God in Hell as their native ethereal abode everlasting.

As the Glory of God extols and the Angels claim Hallejuhah for the remembrance of "Ivan the Atrayo". That the works of Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Marvel universe, Disney characters, and so forth. Are each alive in their native afterlife as the Infinite magical kingdoms upon the endless realities of God. Be these represented as the heavens, limbo's, and hells combined brought forth in unison by the creativity of humanity and conjoined by the Will of God. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

When there's a big disappointment, we don't know if that's the end of the story. It may just be the beginning of a great adventure. ---Pema Chodron.

Seek goodness everywhere, and when it is found, bring it out of its hiding place and let it be free and unashamed. ---William Saroyan.

Let Nothing dim the light that shines from within. ---Maya Angelou.

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