Thursday, August 25, 2022

Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on Hypocrisy, Conduct, & Higher Living


Hello All,

I was delayed this month from posting due to a bit of melancholy per se. Earlier this month I celebrated my birthday on August 10th and that week consumed my attention. There is also my recent direction of making these blog post entries follow a Theme with fresh new content, versus older content that is now buried in my angelic channeling notebooks since I write in longhand initially. 

This week the topics are Hypocrisy, Conduct (ie Good), and on Higher Living. The topic of Hypocrisy feels fitting since here in the States we're in political campaigning mode across the country. Without picking sides the angel goes into the general maleficence of hypocrisy itself. The topic of Conduct is self-explanatory. Finally for Higher Living by being at a higher or superior threshold of self-governance over your faculties versus being at the whim of negativity around your surroundings. 

Without a further adieu may you find these topics of morality and higher mindfulness intriguing, to say the least. Many blessings as always from the Heavenly Host forever more. 


3167) To all that listen and care as deeply to know such despicable things indeed. Be forewarned for this isn't for the faint of a noble heart. This will disturb the righteous and make the weak appear strong. When in fact nothing is real when a hypocrites touch is at hand. 

Here lies the woe of the great as pretenders as charlatans of ill repute. To mislead in order to become powerful amongst men/women as failable creatures is a disservice to all forms of honesty. The art of seduction is but one alluring talent not just for women alone. To deceive with intents to harm is treachery best served cold and bitter indeed. Any warmth of personal character of the pristine human spirit would be falsely interpreted as weakness. 

A curmudgeon like no other is a fakester or fraudster that misleads many off a cliff for shits and giggles as the naive and the astute alike. The greater the bolster of promises and declared values as pandering the worse the con job overall. Here lies a simple trick to dissuade fools from their gold as treasure. Tell them what they wish to hear whether it is good, bad, or fearsome. Feed their bias of reality so all becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Then the so-called idiots become allured and falsely enchanted by bravado and charisma in order to follow the false prophet anywhere they direct. Be it as their fodder as followers and supporters they will lead by gossip and innuendo that ultimately lands upon the victimized as the ruinous rapture. 

Where gold, as monied interests are given fools gold, is exchanged in its place as something for nothing at all. This works with propaganda all the notorious time, unfortunately. Be it by wolves in sheep's clothing metaphorically all the while fleecing the innocent as hucksters. They are vampiric suckers who steal the marrow from the living bones of the unsuspecting. 

Theft and rape of the senses are two similar atrocities with violently conducted actions as evils of society. Even the pious as foolish idealists can fall prey to such ego-centric traps of the mind. Betraying the heart with all too sticky webbing stealing home life, the coined pursed or wallet, and even lovers in order to get ahead of all others. A pretentious secret of initiated knowledge is a trick as humbug all the rotten time as pure wickedness of liars at play. 

Steer clear of such false prophets as politicians of the State, so-called religious or spiritual leaders as cultists, and people of illegitimate commerce and finance that surely mislead all astray. They are thieves of the truth stealing with great pride in order to usurp ill-gotten gains and the social power to mislead over the masses. These are the Hellspawn reborn upon the world to deceive all whether foolish and innocent alike.  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


3168) To the one who speaks ill of another is no friend of ours so sayeth the Lord God of Hosts. For the days are cold when a person seems pleasant only to being cold-blooded in temperament. To put themselves above or ahead as the victimized when in fact they are the perpetrators of vile chicanery is a reversal of the truth in question by a manipulator. 

To catch a liar in the act can be a dangerous unmasking of a revealing of their awful horrors displayed. Be forewarned a fool's trick is to sob uncontrollably in fawning weakness for sympathy's sake. Seldom if at all are they mere white lies but rather dangerous endeavors to harm psychologically in order to gain dominance. They are meant to corrode and seep into circumstances akin to slow dripping acids. Only to buckle the sacred trust and respect of the righteous to cause havoc in their ranks. To vanquish the upholding supports of a moral super-structure to collapse them from within. 

Only the unconditional truth can be a solemn disinfectant to release all manner of vile wickedness by the grip of death by liars all the while. In one fell swoop, the beautiful truth replaces all falsehoods for magnetic righteousness. Truth for its own sake can appear sterile and gruesome when it is wielded unfairly without mercy or mutual compassion. Such venomous delivered truths have been weaponized to harm to great effect by the ill will of its caster with much hatred in their hearts revealed. 

To cause great harm emotionally or mentally when the truth or lies are spoken with false intentions. Reveals the wicked character of the person(s) or an organization at large to conduct itself with malice instead of piety. To meet unsanctioned fire with mutual hate can eventually make you a worse miscreant over a trail of fearsome encounters. 

Be the better Soul of God as a nobleman and noblewoman to misdirect such horror from eating your psyche alive. Flip such poison into an anti-venomous encounter by cultivating it as medicine for the entire ordeal. Instead of making greater hatred as evil with worsening consequences akin to escalating warfare. Use Tact and Strategy to your advantage which both can be your friend with truth as your trusted ally when utilized for clearly justified pursuits. 

They can teach you and educate all others on what you stand for in principle and well-conducted norms of ethical character and what you otherwise seek to avoid as pitfalls. The foolish care not for such entreaties of moral living and will mock it with evil and harshness at every possible turn with stupidity. To deliberately care as a loving choice is difficult when the world is barbaric and animalistic. All forms of sincere compassion belong not to this world but to the heavenly host as divine law with God(dess). 

To care compassionately in a world that is hostile is a living grace of God forever before you as an everlasting gift of the angelic host of paradise. Treat it verily with respect and affection when at all possible. For when done so you invite the very essence of God into your bosom every time. Safeguard all the children of the earth as people, creatures, and environments alike. For to cascade such a grace onto the world will be your gift back to God(dess) instantly as well. Amen.  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Higher Living:

3162) All that is of a necessary output for the higher regard of a near total self-mastery. Must consist of one of two attributes of wellness being true. In order to seize upon the grace that is at hand sayeth the Lord God of Hosts. 

First, all supplicants of God endearing must surrender their tragic willful negativity as egos at the gates of paradise surely within. For an animalistic tendency of violence even if it is passive-aggressive on a dysfunctional basis. Has no bearing in an Immaculate and harmonious union with God(dess) supremely forever upon the endless stupendous Heavens. 

All egos make folly controlling often selfish whims as conditional demands in order to enslave the other person, thing, event, and even ideas themselves as memes. Nothing escapes the wrath of a spurned ego-centric mindset on the warpath for revenge against all and even against God at times. 

So it goes to stipulate to please leave your primitive animalistic egos at the gates of Heaven on Earth preferably overall. This will afford you greater detached clarity of purpose and well-intentioned meanings truly. This can facilitate greater meaning in realizing the grandeur of scale and necessary function of being still amidst the chaos surrounding you in the world. The nonsense that can easily trip all others you can release gently without taking personal offense. The unadulterated judgments that can cloud the well-meaning are surrendered along the route of deeper self-mastery by spiritual and psychological means. 

To Become Like God is To Be Angelic in Holy Nature. A beautiful Faith arrives when cultivated like the garden of your living souls over the decades consistently. 

Second, to develop your Divine Being when in the flesh of this world. This means behaving with utmost relaxed dignity of sincere values to not being overly displaced when you seek to dominate your local environment with all others. Do not be goaded into ego-prone responses such as unchecked anger, hate, and certainly fears of all stressful kinds. When you engage in such mental hostilities against yourself or another person or creature. You become complicit in a reactionary often undisciplined knee-jerk response of the flawed human being within.

To cultivate personal values of enriched character helps to dispel several notions that you are victimized by the world. It affords you the private spaces in your mind's eye to face your fears and walk through them without weakness. You apply the balms of the Soul of God consistently with personal mercy, forgiveness, compassion, and most of all unconditional love in moderation unto your psyche at every observable moment of solitude. 

This welcomes the universal divine presence into your beautiful spirits and magnetizes you unto the sacred heavenly host as a recognized child of God as a prodigal return by faith.  Allow yourselves to Flow evenly and purposely with convictions that support rather than degrade your humanity upon the world with harsh personal recriminations that you are less than. To experience divinity upon the world will take many false starts to undo personal mental blockages of the ego brain. Your vulnerabilities have seeds of greatness as solutions within your Divine Being layered inside Stillness itself. The silence beyond world silence that leads all to the exalted spiritual realizations is paramount in order to succeed in welcoming the blessed upon you. 

When you begin to enjoy your unique emanation of the Creator's essence as yourself with utmost humility without pride. You begin to discover your soulful gifts of God awaiting you at every intuitive turn upon the world. When you listen deeper still you will become the heavenly clarion calling you forward to accept your pious and beautiful roles in your earthly reality. You begin to become the archetype of the holy before your very eyes and hearts embracing your auras at every possible turn as your 5th energetic limb as a spiritual appendage. 

Unnecessary worry and stress are released as soon it is realized as another trick of the ego's undisciplined response of the lesser self. The Holy Spirit of God aids you to catapult your place in the world whether it is when you take appropriate faith-led actions. Or when the circumstances around you beyond your control turn in your favor mysteriously. As you continue upon the path of Being a Willing Vessel of the Blessed Divines. The virtues as lessons will teach you along the path of a thousand lives upon the eternal Now as a multiplied lifeforce within, through, and around you constantly in spiritual living graces. 

To become the living Conviction that is Like God as the Angelic Nature of the Holiest of the Heavenly Ancestral Host. Beckons all the universal whys to be nearly understood with dedicated contemplations with telepathic union with angelic spirits, teachers, and protectors of a lifetime clairvoyantly. You are each the Heaven's Reborn when you Invoke your Divinity to become self-realized by a sacred ineffable faith with loving gratitude once again in this your present reincarnation of the Holy of Holies. Amen.  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Hope so often delivers itself in persistent subtleties and we need to be truly awake to receive its gifts. ---Kristi Nelson.

We can't control our destiny, but we can control who we become. ---Anne Frank.

To know someone's pain is to share in it. And to share in it is to relive some of it. ---Nned Okorafor. 

Good things happen when you take one more step. ---Jennifer Pharr Davis. (World Record Holder as the fastest hike of the Appalachian Trail of 2100 miles.)

Our actions entrench the power of the light on this planet. Every possible thought we pass between us makes room for more light. ---John Lewis.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 27 years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic Heavenly host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 17 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.