Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jewels of Truth Statements & Favorite Quotes of The Month

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This month of February almost escaped me without sharing the "Jewels of Truth" segment with you my readers. This month's entry will be on the topics of: Surrender, Living, and Disappointment. All of which were originally written back in early to mid June 2009.

I hope many of you enjoyed your Saint Valentine's holiday and now are looking forward to Saint Patrick's this coming March.  

Be Well and in Good spirits.

960) Within the Christian Serenity Prayer it states: "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change..."

In recognition by taking into account such a form of "Acceptance" into full stride. One must remember that you are implicitly welcome to surrender all your burdens onto the shoulders of God's mighty spiritual physique. In full confidence knowing the "Things" you can not change are under the full purvey of God's dominion. It is only through the human condition we grab the bull by the horns and try to our displeasure to bend the will of the bull by our sheer ego's. This is often an act in futility, when fully disregarding the limits of our strengths and weaknesses.

Be still and know that there is a higher power at work amidst what appears to our mortal eyes as utter and reckless chaos. Behind the veil of our shared divine reality are Angels of all kinds afoot and diligently invested into our personal lives. Not as puppeteers, but as kindred souls compassionately seeking out our highest good. So when we zig and the Angels zag things become problematic for ourselves to say the least. To keep our interests aligned with our master plan in Life we must humbly follow the "Will of God". Which for each of us is just as unique to us as our fingerprints is to our hands. Release your troubles both real and perceived to the Lord God mentally and emotionally. Doing so grants him exclusive permission to realign your loves and joys into your master plan by a caring divine grace. Where our spirits begin to soothe and we vent the built up pressures in our lives internally so we may become fully resilient in him our "Father who art in Heaven". 

Thus the living waters of providence will flow steadily and surely filling us up with grace. To the degree you surrender is to the degree you will affect change in your own lives. So if it is lukewarm, you will reap lukewarm results. If it is unconditional, than the will of the Heavenly host will walk with you in lock step. When you stumble, the Angels will dust you off and help you back onto the horse of life. Surrender is not a compromise, it is total. Half measures yield half of the results when working in conjunction with the divine. Grant yourself the peace that surpasses your mortal understanding and be supplanted with the holy. Amen.  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

961)  We age because we are mortal human beings experiencing a life that so many before us have already lived. We offer up our lives as a sacrifice to those we love by our heartfelt motivations. Often those motivations are of a noble purpose at other times they are as selfish as our ego's can fathom. We live so as to have moments that we can call our own. Some live for pleasure, others live for sheer achievement, all the rest live without a plan and are aimless in this life. Our efforts whether intentioned as good or ill are our lives in totality. This is our contribution to ourselves, our loved ones, and most of all to God(dess). Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

962) When handling disappointment one must distinguish whether if the fault is your own or that of another person's own action that has caused the initial grief. Do not claim as your own the fault of another person's conduct. To do so cheats you of your own self respect. Take responsibility only for yourself and not the actions of another without full consideration of what is at stake. Assuming the mantle as your brothers keeper when your brother is of ill repute only invites misery. Only a steadfast engagement into another person's welfare will ensure balance in your personal dealings.

Disappointment when it is without merit and proven to be false by the selfish whim's of another person. Should not feed the gullible into pleasing such a tyrant, lest the naive at heart will lose their peace of mind totally. Be on guard that pleasing others is only secondary to making sure your needs are always met in their fullest measure. Otherwise error and travesty will seem to conspire against you at every turn. Walk away from the demanding fool, let them spoil in their own unruly mindset. Set yourself free from the miser that seeks perfection in creating for you a living hell.

If disappointment is of the actions of someone with a good heart which occurs than forgiveness is key. Followed by correction by example not to punish, but to teach with respect for all parties involved. Certainly the conscientious person that has erred is fully aware of their own misstep and is eager to make amends. Give them the chance when their self-worth has clearly indicated your earned trust in them. Those others who are of the misfortune of addiction seeking recovery must have setbacks in order to value a sober life. Just make sure a setback is not a face dive into total and an utter destructive relapse. All others that don't care the pain they have caused through disappointment and heartache are to be fully released to their own devices. Only if they are ready to return to the fold of your loving kindness will they become reconciled with you. Without such a requirement let them go, otherwise you welcome suffering for both yourself and them continuously.   ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


To set the mind on the Spirit is life and Peace. ---Romans 8:6.

Whatever your life's pursuit: art, poetry, sculpture, music, whatever your occupation may be. You can be as spiritual as clergy, always living a life of praise. ---Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan. "Bowl of Saki".

The greatest things ever done on Earth have been done little by little. ---William Jennings Bryan.

May I see my own limits with compassion, just as I view the limits of others. ---Roshi Joan Halifax.  Spoken at the "Legacy Wisdom Conference" April 17th 2011.

The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper. ---Eden Phillpotts.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Law Enforcement Legislation Concept: "Penalities For Bad Cops & Lawyers Doing Flawed Investigations"

Hello All,

(First off I am not anti-police, I actually respect and admire to a point honorable police institutions. I may be biased due to having myself and mother saved from a random arsonist attack a couple years ago in our home.)

Good cops would not or should not be concerned with my proposed law enforcement concept for a flawed criminal investigation. To narrow this down further by flawed criminal investigations are cases of false imprisonment. Where be it by incompetence or downright corruption of police detectives that care nothing more than to close a criminal case. Sending an innocent man or woman for years to decades at a time to prison. If not in the very rare case of an innocent prisoner dying in prison from execution by the State to an attack from other inmates.

Usually its for advocacy organizations like the nationally known "Innocence Project" to vindicate innocent men and woman from the penal code system. Be it by means of DNA testing, false confessions that are coerced, erroneous eyewitness identification, bad lawyering, government misconduct, informants or snitches giving misleading statements, etc...

The Innocence Project

Cases like these are made worse that globally we are known as the world's jailor. With a prisoner population exceeding 2 million inmates, more than any other nation including China. Although China has the infamy of executing prisoners on a fast track basis with very little due process. Unlike here in the States where a death row inmate can spend decades waiting to be executed.

Right now in my own State of Florida where our State legislature is in its yearly session. They are deciding on a 1.3 million dollar award for a man that was falsely imprisoned for 27 years time. Every year the State of Florida gets these cases not unlike other States in our Union. Besides leaving the American tax payer in the lurch for a case of false imprisonment. Why not share the shame and pain of an ineffective justice system with the police detectives that caused such misery in the first place. Of course such a system can be extended to cases of poor legal representation by over loaded incompetent criminal defense lawyers provided by the State. Or an over zealot State prosecutors office that wants justice at all costs, even if it means ruining an innocent persons life.

What I'm proposing is a 3 Strike Policy similar to what felons receive in many U.S. States. Unlike here it would be aimed at incompetent or corrupt police, criminal defense lawyers, and State prosecutors office. Under a 1st Strike offense that later proves sometimes years or decades after the fact of a wrongful imprisonment occurred. Be it a Police departments Internal Affairs or a similar State task force pours over the documentation of a flawed investigation. To see who was to blame, be it one or more aspects of the law enforcement or the criminal justice system. Would be a penalty of some sort to the offending party, be it garnished wages or a 5% to 10% deduction of someone's pension. If still serving as a police officer or lawyer an official admonishment can be stacked onto their record of misconduct of the public trust. Either the police officer such as a detective, lawyer as a criminal defense lawyer, State prosecutor can be sent to retraining or re-certification courses.

A 2nd Strike ratchets up the offenses, which would mean in the career of a police officer or lawyer they have sent 2 innocent persons to false imprisonment. Here a career ending resignation or reassignment duty is forced upon the offending party. Wages would continue to be garnished, if not a 15% to 25% deduction from their State government pension. The reasoning of the wage garnishment or pension deduction is to help the State recoup a small percentage of the false imprisonment award. To the innocent person that goes through the court system to collect from the State.

On a 3rd Strike Offense of sending 3 or more innocent civilians to false imprisonment in their sorry career as a police officer or lawyer (defense lawyer or State prosecutor). They would be convicted as a Felon of abusing the sacred trust of the community at large. They would be either docked 50% of their State pension or completely forfeit it entirely. Such an incompetent or corrupt police officer or lawyer can be blacklisted nationally from ever serving in such a capacity as well. After they have served their time in prison for falsely convicting others.

Exceptions to a deduction to a police officers pension is they died in the line of duty. So their heirs collecting as an inheritance on their pension would not be penalized. However it would be known that the former officer committed such a past offense of incompetence or corruption to their reputation. Police officers or lawyers of the State receiving a pension be they still in their career or in retirement are still subject to any penalties. Police or lawyers that have since died long ago after their retirement where remaining heirs are collecting on their pension as an inheritance. Can be docked or deducted from their pension on a case by case basis on the severity of a 3 Strike Policy.

The injustice of subjugating an innocent person to false imprisonment should be a crime against the State as well. Be it incompetence or corrupt malfeasance needs to be penalized be it by offending Police Officers, Criminal Defense Lawyers, or a States Prosecutors Office. The buck has to stop somewhere and rightly so it has to stop those that initially caused a tremendous amount of pain and suffering on the innocent in our society. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

"Jewels of Truth", Find Your Soul and You Find Your Truest Essence

Hello All,

It seems as of late, at least for continuing for the year I'm making a habit of sharing a newly minted "Jewels of Truth" statement. From the yet unwritten Volume 4 in the series, which this one is numbered at #1230 on the topic of the "Soul". Like always these "Jewels of Truth" statements that I'm singling out I feel are notable in their own right. Aside from the ones I share as a trio each month on this blog site of "Atrayo's Oracle".

With that introduction out of the way here is spiritual wisdom statement #1230. May you find it thought provoking and sublime by whatever faith tradition you prescribe yourselves to in grace. Amen. 

"Find Your Soul and You Find Your Truest Essence"

1230) How do you nourish your soul?

Do you go outside yourself seeking others to make you full with comfort and delight? Do you become co-dependent on loved ones to be your everything? Are you obsessed that something or some person is your source to alleviate pain and suffering?

These are aspects to our human condition we must seek to overcome. Those of us who are spiritually minded in the "Holy Light of God" know a better route to take. Meaning rightfully go within your soul and seek out the "Holy Spirit". Go past your self-doubts, fears, guilt, and shame. There like in "Pandora's Box" you shall find Hope at the end of such an inner trek. Hope is just a renewed beginning to the path not taken often in life by the good at heart. The soul can be a wonderland of benevolence if one cultivates such a place sincerely. Intention, by intention, act by act both dreamers and doers will find sanctuary in their souls temple with God. Forsake not your divinity, lest you misplace the essence of your truest self. Amen.  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gems of Opportunity: Amusement Park Concept: Musical Genre Theme Park

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I originally penned this concept back in mid May 2009 in one of my older notebooks I scribble down my concepts and spiritual wisdom writings. My blog site "Atrayo's Oracle" only showcases a sampling of the more prominent futuristic concepts in summary form.

Now picture an amusement park dedicated to musical genres of all sorts be it contemporary to classical to historical for attendees of all ages. Be it situated in Orlando Florida or some other part of the world. Although ideal suitors for such a theme park concept could be a collection of music recording labels. (ie Sony Music or Vivendi Universal) Besides additional under writers could be like the owners of the Hard Rock Cafe franchised restaurants.

Here's the meat and potatoes of the concept picture the main attraction seen from a distance outside the musical theme park itself. Much like Disney's EPCOT globe as the center piece pavilion ride near the park entrance. In this case it isn't an architectural globe but a Ferris Wheel suspended in mid-air on its side. So to be horizontally suspended held in place with pillars and high tension steel cabling. The neon lights can be seen for miles at night when this horizontally situated Ferris Wheel is rotating or standing still.

The Ferris Wheel ride itself will have its cable car compartments facing outward. However the compartments will be enclosed and air conditioned with a wind shield. So riders can still be seen within and looking outward from the suspended height of the vehicle. Each Ferris Wheel cable car compartment can seat up to six passengers. In front of each passenger is a tablet like computer touch screen input device. That when utilized by the passengers allows them to select from a catalog of music to be played either in medley form or fully. There will be icons on the touch screen tablet device of the musical artist or of the album art. Besides a text field section allowing the rider to type in their musical artists or song request. Before the Ferris wheel ride commences all passengers will be given up to 3 minutes time to make their musical ride selections. A full rotation can go as slow or as fast as the park operators wish the horizontal Ferris wheel to travel. Say after all the 6 riders have made their touch screen musical choice selections. When the ride starts a medley will be played from the top songs from each compartment car passenger all in high fidelity. Such as surround sound speakers perhaps found in a typical IMAX theater or something of a higher caliber of audio technology that is being showcased. Whereby a complete rotation of the Ferris wheel horizontally can be of 15 minutes or so.

Taking inspiration from Disney's EPCOT (Experimental Community of Tomorrow) amusement park layout with the world pavilions surrounding a man made lake. This Musical Theme Park will have numerous pavilions situated at a distance from the center piece Ferris Wheel. These secondary themed musical pavilions perhaps also surrounding a body of water as well. Let's say each pavilion is a musical genre onto itself each with its own museum of memorabilia, gift shop, themed cafe for that musical genre (ie like Hard Rock Cafe as an inspiration). Additionally each pavilion can have a theme park ride with automated animatronics similar to Disney or Universal Studios theme parks. For that musical genre pavilion ride famous notables past-present can be showcased. Like Jimmy Hendrix's playing a solo on his guitar as one of the segments of the Rock genre theme park ride. Allowing ride passengers to soak in a couple minutes of Mr. Hendrix's music and his contribution from a narrators background voice.

The starting musical genre pavilions can be of: Modern Rock, Classic Rock, Classical, Pop Music, Dance Music, Punk Music, Gospel, Rhythm and Blues, Country, Latin Pop Music, or other assorted types of International World Music genres. Each musical genre pavilion will follow a similar foot print as in floor plan. But each will have a unique interior and exterior decor to set the mood for the music to be soaked in by the attendees. For instance each pavilion besides having a theme park ride, museum, gift shop, restaurant, cafe, and music store. Will have its own amphi theater or concert stage be it open air or enclosed with an adjacent building. Where out of town performances for that musical genre renowned artists can be held all year long. Whatever is a top act performer of the day, if there is a musical genre pavilion that fits the bill they would be booked there to perform for devoted fans.

The music stores in each pavilion showcasing electronics and music under their particular genre. Will each have a unique feature of retail kiosk technology for customers. This is where I highlight an "Atrayo's Oracle" exclusive concept entry from back in October 25th 2005.

Franchise Concept: Digital Media Outlets

In a nutshell envision a vending machine retail kiosk where a customer inputs his or own music playlist on a touch screen. After a playlist is selected the customer chooses the medium be it: CD, Vinyl LP, Cassette, MP3 Download, or an MP3 burned onto a Flash Drive. Wait a few minutes and the playlist is burned into the selected format in a store brand slip cover packaging. If an LP is chosen an album cover is printed on demand and the play list is printed on the inside cover. With any additional artist pictures on the inside or outside album cover that is branded by the store.

Every musical genre pavilion will have such a retail music store with such a retail kiosk technology for customers. Aside from the typical rack space and laid out shelving for music album merchandise found in any run of the mill music store. There can be even musical instruments sold besides albums from various artists making it a true musical store.

This is just a glimpse of the potential I can envision for a musical genre theme park to be had for attendees of all ages. Be it to young ears having never been exposed to the classics or some notable song their parents generation may adore. For the music recording labels can have their catalogs of music available via licensing agreements. Allowing their music to be consumed in the traditional and in new novel mediums due to technology. Be it recorded or Live performed music many will be delighted by the sites and nostalgia to be encountered for sure.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 21 years of his life to the pursuit of clairvoyant automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels inspired conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 11 years plus online. Your welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.