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Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on Hate & Anger and on Humanities Future Prophecy


Hello All,

Today Halloween I'm just as surprised to be posting as some of you may be. This is a spontaneous event for me since I was watching BBC World news this morning. Of the opening ceremony of the COP26 global environmental conference in Glasglow, Scotland sponsored by the United Nations. 

I was struck by a Tough Love Inspiration to channel a futuristic environmental future in part for humanity as a prophecy. It also includes aspects of World War IV in the alleged year of 2043? Not to stop at that mini-apocalypse the prophecy continues for the next 5 thousand years as humanity has galactic off-world colonies. The planet earth is destined to be a cautionary legendary boogeyman ghost world to all who would listen. 

This isn't even mentioning my July 28th blog post Prophecy Prediction of a potential World War III with China versus the free world. Aside from the 8 Points of No Return if crossed by the Chinese State as gateways to Hell on Earth in that statement 3,048. There is only one glimmer of hope that angels shared with me as a minority occurrence. It is the Idealistic Children of China that is similar to the idealism of Tiananmen Square of 1989 uprising and subsequent massacre by the State. 

When the future strong-arm tactics developed against the Tibetans, Uyghurs, Hong Kong, and potentially Taiwan. (see a historical pattern here folks?) Is brought to bear against its own sovereign mainland peoples internally. The idealism of Chinese youth will cause a social movement that will spare the world. That World War 3 with China where Chinese authorities will be so distracted by this internal youth uprising that they let slide partially the military skirmishes with the Western world. Eventually, that youth idealistic uprising in mainland China is also brutally put down much like Hong Kong recently, and sadly history repeats itself like Tiananmen Square decades ago. 

The only silver lining is twenty years or so later those youth now adults start to take seats of political power in China and enact the reforms that would've been accomplished twenty years earlier. Is what the angels show me as a Chinese prophecy that would avert World War III. 

With all that stated here are the two statement topics for today on Hate & Anger which is one of my old-style short ones. With the futuristic environmental and colonial off-world Humanities Future Prophecy that will be disputed in the decades to follow all the same. Regardless, if you take this as entertainment or not this is Tough Love by the Heavenly Angelic Host. For those with the eyes to see and the ears to listen deeply by mutual peace and grace for all concerned. Amen.

Hate & Anger:

3091) All Hate and Anger cloud the mind and ruin the fragile heart within the divine spirit of any entity of God within life as you know it. It is awfully and truly the quickest route to Hell on Earth from the criminal well for the idealistic turn zealot in the world. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Humanities Future Prophecy:

3092) To the forebearers reading this statement decades to centuries from now. Not all is lost for the next eon humanity will be wrestling with Mother Nature and losing physically. No matter if great strides are made technologically and socially in terms of human governance of the species.

Yours are the destines to unfold with hopefully with mutual self-reflected preservation. Each special interest group will be a who's who of triumph and horror committed upon the earth collectively. Yours is the hardships left unfairly upon all by your collective selfish global ancestors irrespectively of society and culture therein. Nothing now can be left to chance in terms of reclaiming your future after World War IV of 2043. 

The Shadow Movement that began as environmental terrorist freedom fighters succeed as a movement to preserve humanity by the willing coalition of 153 underdog Nations and the Transnational Corporate States. Versus the G20 plus 33 other compatriot nations and corporate States throwing their weight behind the Elder States of humanity. 

The Elder States once in their heyday as bright and promising democracies the world over succumb to infighting as Imperialistic whims. Ruining the porridge for all upon this era as near unequivocal leaders of the once free world. Now living as victimized serfs due to a horrible defeat by the shadow democracies of the new world of the mid to late 21st century. 

Humanity begins to abandon the surface of the earth in the year 2077 similar to the fictional author of H.G. Wells's account of the novel "The Time Machine". The Great War of 2043 leaves whole entire metropolis cities of legend as vaporized as toxic nightmares. 

However, such untouchable environmental catastrophes are still ripe for the plunder of the logistical exodus by the colonist craze of the 2080s until the 2120s. Where the abandoned surface Infrastructure of a mere century ago becomes a surplus commodity goldmine. Be this lost cities, landfill dumps, the several global ocean gyres, and everything in between. Is now ripe to being cannibalized as building materials of the colony ships to come. To make their fortunes off-world into mostly godforsaken wild starry ventures amongst the cosmos.

Only 10.8% of the minority succeeded with these colony ships abandoning the earth altogether. All the rest become carnage on the roads of Hell of Creation with misery for the utterly failed ventures. Regardless of the colony charters are granted officially or not by these enterprising colonists to be. 

There will be unscrupulous exploiters that remain behind in the underbelly of the world as the fabled engineered societies of the underworld. In their world view, they will exploit the suckers headed off-world as the religious zealots, militaristic, scientific heretics, and all other hooligans abandoning humanity on earth. The next two thousand years for the humanity that remains upon the earth will be an unruly schizophrenic existence. Attempting to cope with the natural disasters that continue with failing underworld infrastructure and above world travesties. This isn't to mention human-created disasters by accident or on purpose as political rebellions go. 

The bulk of the categories for the colonists to mine from the surface of the terra-firma are as follows. These are all sourced from the husks of dead landscapes and seascapes including antiquated oil drilling platforms. There are seven main types however, there are truly 16 types of commodities that are coveted overall. 

They are water; wood; precious metals (which now include steel, copper, and iron after the Great War of 2043.); Synthetic compounds; Plastics; Chemicals; and Oxygen for the profiteers. The remaining nine commodities are considered lesser materials such as animal by-products such as leathers; Noble Gases, Gemstones be they precious or semi-precious used technologically as data crystals and power generation catalysts; Generative Power Systems such as nuclear fission and old-world electrical equipment; Petroleum oils; sands, clays, and concrete as construction materials; plundered legacy technological scientific and military platforms and surface, aerial, aquatic vehicles of the 4th Great World War of 2043; textiles, and food stuff's overall.

In the late 21st century humanity begins as newfound pioneers burrowing into the underground environmental cavern matrixes of the Inner Earth. By chance encountering old-world bunker complexes of the 20th century, abandoned extra-terrestrial and time-traveling humans from the future as lairs, and other natural wonders along the way. Besides all this other branches of humanity submerge themselves into the deep aquatic depths. To create wondrous undersea pearls of human engineering that are spell-bound ingenuity of the human condition. This is where genetic biological sequence manipulations begin to occur to offset their surface world ancestral species adaptations.

The Environmental Sciences are abandoned by humanity for the most part as a farce of a heretical philosophical movement. Since it failed against the barbarism of the human-animal nature to preserve the surface world of antiquity. 

In spite of all these hurdles the human partially sentient species of the Homo-sapien Hominid genus. Truly thrives with the 10.8% of the colony ships that succeed amongst the stars as newfound settlements off-world. Seeding the Milky Way Galaxy with future governments, empires, and all the subsequent colonial wars to come between them earnestly. Such is human nature to conquer the known and the formidable unknown that is encountered along the way upon Creation. As so-called civilization-making enterprises of tempting natural virgin territories elsewhere. 

Humanity from the Terran earthbound species that remains behind evolves differently than their off-world cousins over the centuries and eons to come. For better and for worse when the population pool begins to shrink due to inbreeding without new off-world genetic stock. They are forced to also either dwindle away or beseech for mercy their off-world human genetic cousins to be rescued as a remaining shrinking society. 

By this timeline, cyborgs will be replaced with androids as former people as ghosts within the literal machine constructs. The genetic sciences lead to near immortality for the privileged castes of humanity able to afford such augmentations by birthright or other forms of esteemed wealth. As near godlike by biological scientific engineering as apex predators amongst the unaltered natural-born homo-sapiens.

The era is now five thousand years after the year 2043 of the 4th Great Global World War on Earth. As the catalyst of the former environmental Shadow Movement versus the now ancient defeated G20 nations plus 33 subordinate nations and the Transnational Corporate States as sympathizers. In this far-flung future earth has been abandoned as a failed civilization. Now considered a cursed ghost world with boogeyman legends as a cautionary tale told to all who would listen.

Humanity amongst the cosmos expands until eventual first contact is made with extra-terrestrials eons earlier. Alien contact leads to skirmishes than to all-out war in the decades to follow after mutual spiritual understanding degrades over time. Where both partially sentient species lose and gain collectively depending on the off-worlds that survive because of this Inter-Xeno species war. Thereafter the human species through foreign interbreeding with other yet still luxurious advanced alien civilizations. Are naturally subsumed much like ancient neanderthals are genetically embedded into the homo-sapien genetic genome overall. 

The Soul of God persists with or without humanity and Mother Earth heals unmolested without humanity present any longer. This is the outline for the sake of the faithful to generally be informed of your collective austere futures. As this will certainly be a disputed religious doctrinal prophecy from the very onset. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 26 years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 16 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.

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Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on Crossing Over & Multi-Dimensional Spirits & Souls


Hello All,

The holiday season of the major celebrations of this year 2021 is now upon us. Festive occasions besides intended for celebration are also a period of somber reflections for those that have lost loved ones during this auspicious time of the year. What has been usually termed the Holiday Blues

Aside from a very special All Hallows Eve aka Halloween to the rest of us in modernity. May it be celebrated well and safely by all. With a heartfelt shout out to the Pagans and Wiccans that this is your moment to observe. Including tertiary holidays for the Roman Catholics of All Saints Day on Nov. 1st and All Souls Day typically on Nov. 2nd. 

With that stated today's theme of channeled angelic metaphysics via Inspirational automatic writing as a clairaudient psychic writing technique. Is on the topics of Crossing Over for the recently deceased spirit wise and on Multi-Dimensional Souls & Spirits. The latter topic is rather lengthy and picks up where the first topic broaches originally. They weren't originally written this way just another coincidence. 

Aside from how you consider these spiritual interest topics may you the reader at least expand your horizons of the inventory of ideas. Or possibilities of the expansive divine realities as our sacred union with God(dess) forever. Amen. 

Crossing Over:

3077) As when a mortal being upon the physical universe crosses over back to the divine realms metaphysically. As a recent mortal death has become anew in the Eyes of God in the template of an angelic spirit body in the Likeness of the Creator. It is likened to a newborn babe in a zero-gravity spaceless environmental chamber upon the afterlife. As fully weightless without an iota of mass much like an astronaut accomplishing an extravehicular activity of a spacewalk. 

This is where one's loving ancestors or one's guardian angels in life continue with your case in the afterlife lovingly so. They become a pillar for you to hold onto much like a parental figure teaching a toddler how to swim in a swimming pool for the first time. Not until the recently deceased gets their spaceless ghostly bearings of up and down with lateral side to side movements. Will your guardian angel stick it out with you compassionately so. 

After you learn how to move as a newfound specter of a ghost upon paradise. Will you be taken for the next phase of your sojourn deeper upon the foyer lobby of paradise as an angelic ethereal being or entity. No matter if the ghost remains stubborn that they are still a once human person and now is a human spirit body. Which is oxy-moronic in our angelic macro perspective of the eternal evolution of the Soul of God in all spiritual entities combined. 

During your extended travels around your localized spaceless and timeless region of paradise learning how to float or glide on your own as the recently deceased. Where you aren't constantly attempting to grasp at other angelic beings fearing you'll fall much like with gravity on earth. Something akin to holding onto Peter Pan with Tinkerbell's pixie dust upon them. 

You'll get to choose what or when in your former lifetime you wish to project your former youthful or older visage you wish to portray to the heavens as your avatar. Either at your prime age once long ago on earth now hopefully realizing the irony you're no longer on earth or human at all without a body of flesh. It is much like children pretending with their jolly imaginations who they wish to become once more during playtime. 

Lastly, there is the basic matter of induction period of your orientation as an apparition as a now angelic type of beinghood upon the afterlife. Meaning here you get your karmic heavenly exit interview from orientation what Christians often refer to as the Final Judgment. You'll see in review with your social worker peers of your guardian angels and beloved ancestors reminiscing your former lifetime together as a loving group. 

With delight and laughter and indeed serious moments much like pulling out the family photo albums and film reels or videos to rejoice together. The hard tragic moments are reviewed with dearest utmost compassion collectively with heartfelt tenderness as it should be in heaven. All of your shadow work of facing your earthly fears is also entered into as a divine union of supportive group therapy with your guardian angels and beloved ancestors in solemn reunion with God. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Multi-Dimensional Spirits & Souls:

3090) To the one that knows much greater yet still will be added unto thee that care to know more. The Heavens are the birthplace of all civilizations upon all Universes combined. Be it extinct as antiquated or of modernity all of it thrives perfectly upon the dearest Heavens.

The imposters reside in the netherworlds as literally damned experiments of corruption gone horribly wrong many eternities ago. No one escapes damnation that deserves it in the world or the Universe at large. Only the perfect Absolute Forgiveness of God can snatch one from beyond the clutches of perdition. 

All are welcome to know more about the afterlife without fear and on the basis of complete unbridled truths. All of it spoken without selective revisionistic guile of theologians making mistakes along the way of the dogmatic centuries. Your inquiry "Ivan the Atrayo" comes without institutional baggage and political intrigue of the clergy as an undiscovered theologian. Due to your dialogue with us the angelic host for now a burgeoning period of twenty-six plus years. This grants you the honors to know marvels of these auspicious truths at your beck and call by your longhand penmanship of psychic psychography. 

The Angelic Guardians are appointed to all creatures (Im)mortal upon Creation are legends unto themselves. They are perfect in soulful structure, but still are evolving in spirit. As immature aspects of God albeit at much higher echelons than humanity can ever dare to imagine. 

When people cease to be human upon the grim hour of their demise upon the world and your cosmic reality. Your guardian angels are your heavenly psychopomps to return you back to God and the ancestral Heavens. As the long since dead relatives and friends may appear to help beckon you back into ethereal safety. Back to God(dess) only as a tag-along very important guests as your retinue with your psychopomp guardian angels.

As you are now the newfound dead to the world the earth you're now a young version of an angelic spirit body that once had a human experience. Much like with any other creature of your world and the cosmos at large in a macro sense of totality universally. Your Guardian Angels become your guides and social workers upon the Heavens thereafter for eternity. 

Your newfound young angelic spirits once as people on earth are still in the Supreme Perfect Image and Likeness as Archetypes of God(dess) forever. That is an immutable Divine Constant Law metaphysically even when you were once a person upon the Earth reincarnated. When Being in the Perfect Image and Likeness of God affords each of you esteemed fringe benefits like no other. Whether on earth or upon the endless Heavens as ghosts without mortal frames as bodies of flesh and sinew any longer.

Meaning your young angelic spirits are now as you've always been forever as Multi-Dimensional much like God as the Prime Supreme Example. As angelic ghosts and not human ghosts no more, for that latter portion is a fallacy. Or a narcissistic view to assume you were human of clay on Earth. So you would be human upon the Heavens or for the cursed upon the God-forsaken Hells as well.

As angelic ghosts since God only made one type of Perfect Soul for itself alone. In a meta macro sense of universal archetype of a total supreme entity as the God of all gods Absolute. God or Goddess is truly without primitive animalistic gender or has any sort of sexual orientation of the flesh or spirit and soul. This form of godly perfection constitutes all Universes within an elegant singularity. Without comprehension by even the eldest of the first waves of lesser deities as the original angels of the purest heavens could ever fathom. 

To be angelic or the lesser gods and goddesses stems from the structural embodiment of the essence of the Creator, Sustainer, and Destroyer of entire macro realities. Each angel is of an individualized node or imprint emanation as an entity of the Infinite expressions of God(dess) much like an endless multi-faceted diamond. Thus all souls and spirits are of an angelic genesis of universal proportions. As the default standard that God the Creator made ethereally with elegant simplicity and majestic supergenius knowing. 

To reiterate your Guardian Angels upon the afterlife of the Heavenly Host at least. Are your intake coordinators upon the endless heavens for new arrivals of the recently mortal dead usually. There's is the task to orient you like an astronaut experiencing zero gravity of utterly complete weightlessness of zero mass as the reborn ghosts. 

As newborn angelic ghosts once you are able to glean your multi-dimensional reflexes to a certain limited tract of mere degrees of initial self-mastery. You as cherished angelic spirits go on to orientation which is your once mortal life review process. What the ill-advised Christians as scare mongrels put the Fear of God into people needlessly. 

Afterward, the spirits get to exist and thrive simultaneously upon the Heavens. Meaning as the multi-dimensional angelic ghost without carnal bodies anymore. You have infinite lateral spatial movement able of more than just Bi-Temporal locational presence. You can co-exist or Be in three or four places simultaneously without missing an iota of a beat of what your consciousness is expressing collectively. You can play, volunteer upon the heavens, learn, discover, witness, teach what you know, create new wonders, etc... All of it as one smorgasbord of roles as truly a multi-taskers wet dream of activities. As if you are cramming for final exams at a college of the hereafter, but instead with the pure bliss of God as your grantor. 

In the Heavens, you don't live one lifetime like a mortal upon the universe much like on earth as people. New arrivals can operate from three to five up to eight angelic spirit eternal lives simultaneously full tilt. Depending on if they paid spiritual attention when as people on the Earth? If they were slackers and view the entire God thing as a nuisance. They'll have to play catch-up in the heavens like kindergarten children on Earth learning their 123's and ABCs. 

Others spiritually mature get a collegiate boost to become more at their own pace of spirit to soulful connections go eternally. All spirits want to become souls much like children on earth want to be adults already. Souls are the Kings or Titans of the afterlife collectively within the framework of the singular Soul of God. Spirits as the undergraduates whereas Souls are the upper crust or premium rays of God's Heavenly Host. 

When the Judaic Prophets of Enoch and Elijah as angelic spirits as once people on Earth. Were ascending back into God they were divinely transformed into souls respectively of the Archangels of Metatron and Sandalphon as newfound celebrity all-stars. This means that the spirits of Enoch and Elijah still exist as individualized entities within the hubs of the souls of Archangels Metatron and Sandalphon. No spirit is ever for whatever reason is erased or undone or superseded. For all of it is the essence of God itself, it is structurally perfect forever, albeit the entity therein is young or evolving.

However, souls all of them as sidebars were created by God on the fly as Metatron and Sandalphon as Archangels were destined to become by the Will of God(dess). The archangels are angels 2.0 versions basically as souped-up advanced angels or captains of the fates of the universe. There are numerous other angelic choirs or spheres all the up to the Seraphim and yet others exist further. All multi-dimensional spirits have direct allegiances to one or more souls or Oversouls. All souls are hubs akin to spokes on the wheel of the fates of God's ineffable mysterious realities. 

What this means is that souls as administrative hubs can launch reincarnated angelic spirit bodies as ghosts with carnal flesh bodies into the Universal Cosmos. Like spokes on the Wheel of endless rebirths much like the Hindu faith professes truly in a generic metaphysical sense. The Archangel soulful hub of Metatron of the spirit of Enoch as prophet upon Judaic antiquity. Exists in his heavenly eternity in a bubble of his own image and likeness of what God's heavens is preferred in design by him alone. Both Enoch and Metatron are multi-dimensional of the other through God alone as a living mysterious conundrum now explained plainly. 

All is pristine upon the sacred beautiful heavens as dearly intimate within Creation itself. The Heavens aren't tone-deaf of the plight of the Cosmos or your world the young Earth. They are spacelessly with all of you within the very idea of God's eminent Omnipresence forever yours with Absolute Love, if you dare to believe and know by faith once more. Amen.  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 26 years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 16 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.