Saturday, February 23, 2008

Anti-Sexual Assault Concept: Contempory Chastity Belts

Hello All,

This topic and subsequent concept is more so taboo but nonetheless innovative in protection from a sexual assault aka rape. This is a modern update of the older Victorian chastity belt women of higher status usually wore while they were still maidens. It can be utilized by civilian women but it is also geared to women in the military armed forces.

To date where the US Armed Forces deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan are being confronted with a higher incident rates of: marital divorce, suicides, desertions, rape (both civilians & military personnel from there own ranks), and misc criminality.

This innovation of the chastity belt is designed to protect women in the military forces deployed. However it can find a dual purpose utilization here in civilian use during daily living. For military women that are deployed in combat duty operations where rape could occur in enemy hands this is a must.

There are two models I would like to mention one is Passive the other Aggressive in nature.

First, the Passive design is a 2.0 version update from the traditional version your great grandmother may have worn during Victorian times.

This one is similar in a wrap around belt and sheath covering any female sexual organs and rectum. However the materials are modern be it a kevlar type weave that can deflect knife thrust or a bullet shot. The locking mechanism can be a tumbler design combination down to a similar lock used by your mail man to open a secured mailbox. (pun not intended) Of course carrying the key during use would defeat the purpose of wearing a chastity belt to begin with.

Another locking mechanism can be similar to a unique digital 128 bit encrypted key code randomly generated. Where the user would need a qualifying pin code to authentic and open the lock.

Second. the Aggressive design is more sadistic in nature and very brutal mutilation towards the rapist attacker.

A female wearer will continue to have the typical Kevlar mesh like cord covering her rectum typically found in a traditional chastity belt design. Noting the kevlar mesh cording would be insulated in a soft like foam exterior to minimize irritations during use.

The portion protecting the female sexual organs is inserted through a mechanical clamp hand tool. The exterior is similar in composition to what is covering the kevlar mesh weave cord protecting a woman's rectum. In this case a foam exterior inserted into the vagina. The interior lethal portion is the compromised of several razors at differing angles. Akin to a cheese grader on steroids if an attacking rapist inserts his penis by force into such an aggressive chastity belt. He will certainly mutilate his penis and if he yanks out his penis in a jerked reaction he will most likely sever his penis from his body.

Such an Aggressive counter measure device will deter one or more rapists during a sexual assault attack. If multiple attackers (gang bang) after witnessing the first rapist mutilated. The subsequent rapists may be in shock and retreat during the ensuing chaos. If not the female wearer would have an equal opportunity during the sexual assault to flee for safety.

Yes, the aggressive version is sadistic but it is an excellent deterrent from being sexually assaulted. Again the Passive version will also do the job but at less shocking mayhem.

Nonetheless in our Western period of hedonism where sexual media is on the rise. Having consequences of increased sexual abuse not just to children but to woman at an alarming rate globally. (especially in a war zone or in civil unrest) This can be one of the first lines of proactive defense a woman can utilize to her discreet advantage.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Jewels of Truth Volume 1 Excerpt & Favorite Quotes of The Day

Hello All,

Today I wanted to try something different instead of showcasing brand newly minted spiritual wisdom based quotations penned by my hand most recently. Allow me to share a three excerpts of my new publication of "Jewels of Truth: A Soul Odyssey Within" Volume 1. Most of these will also be new to this blog site and never before published here to date.

I'll also continue with my "Favorite Quotes of The Day" segment as usual towards the end of this post.


Category: Gratitude

"With unconditional gratitude in ones very own heart we can achieve wonders. Absolute hope becomes a fulfilled reality in ones journey through life." pg. 30 ---Ivan / Atrayo.

Category: Art

"Wherever there is art in any form there is soul with its infinite expression of the splendor of life." pg. 4 ---Ivan / Atrayo.

Category: Question

"A question often left unspoken is worse, than asking too many within a short period of time. Be glad you have a caring active listener who interacts with the speaker so as to expand on their discourse." pg. 67 ---Ivan / Atrayo.


When exercised with love, imagination creates that which is beneficial to all. ---Margaret Ponders. "Laws of Love".

We need to reach the realization that we can be in heaven right here, right now. ---Donald Curtis. Unity Minister (1915-1997).

A wise man should have money in his head, but not in his heart. ---Johnathan Swift. 17th -18th Century essayist, novelist, and satirist.