Thursday, September 28, 2006

Jewels of Truth Quotations & Favorite Quotes Of The Day

Hello Readers,

Today I'll also deviate from the numerical line-up of quotes for another of my highly regarded quotes I've just written. Then return to the normal order of spiritual wisdom based quotations I've writtened.


771) From our perspective here on earth as mortals we fell from grace in the symbolic chronicle of "Adam & Eve". This is only partly true and the rest of this understanding is skewed by conditional foresight.

From the perspective from Heaven there was no falling from grace. Just a transition of one form of living into another. Much like the catepillar transforms itself into a lovely and gentle butterfly.

From the human perspective we are sinners and full of fault. In the eyes of God we are growing and full of life. We may have transitioned into this world of form. But who is to say that we have actually left the side of God within his throne in Heaven. We are in both places at once as by a miraculous act of his grace. Amen. ---Ivan / Atrayo.

(Now returning to the regular sequence of quotes)

767) What is Beauty?

Beauty has an inherent balance by its aesthetics. A symmetry of order that fills us with a sense of awe and appreciation. Beauty is living art whether by its contrast or gesture. It is a representation of the Divine in all of us. A sacred union of souls that transcends often our comprehension of its depths of magnitude. Beauty is what it is, wonder that is manifested! ---Ivan / Atrayo.

768) What is the hallmark of a dignified spirit? It is carrying out the precepts of silent and humble conduct. That one is not grand standing in order to receive praise or adoration from the vanity of others. So as to enact a sense of confirmation of being valued. One is independent from such leanings and also binded to the lovely nature of modest conduct. Amen. ---Ivan / Atrayo.


Dwell as near as possible to the channel in which your life flows. ---Henry David Thoreau.

First keep the peace within yourself, then you can also bring peace to others. ---Thomas a Kempis.

Do not let those things which may not in the present be understood weary thy soul, but know that sometime, somewhere, you too, will understand. Keep the faith. ---Edgar Cayce. Reading 5369-2.

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. ---Blessed Mother Teresa.

If we do only what is required of us we are slaves, the moment we do more, we are free. ---Cicero 106-43 B.C.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

E-Commerce Concept: Merchandise Catalog Presentation

Greetings Reader,

Today many if not all e-commerce retail outlets online today relay on 2-D presentations of their merchandise. The typical thumbnail picture leading to a full blown picture of the item in question. If one is lucky there will be different cut-shots of the merchandise displayed at the online retailer.

Now picture (all pun intended) the e-commerce retail merchandise thumbnail with a 3-D presentation. IE a clock that is ticking to your local time, beverages in glassware being consumed by a model, clothing being used as intended by a human model in short animated loops. If your demographic is for children's merchandise one would have the company mascot doing these various presentation animated loops. From playing with the toys, to modeling clothing, to singing certain MP3 media in small clips.

From the thumbnail merchandise media presentations we traverse to the full blown pictured merchandise. That will show the merchandise used as intended all streamed from the e-commerce website, without obliging the end retail user to download anything. Cusory information can accompany the retail items that are being shown and used by the models or animated figures. In some cases AI speaking mannequins can assist the customer in selecting or handling a POS (point of sale) transaction online. The AI package can include repeated "Live Acted" previous customer testimonials of product usage. In other instances the pending customer can select which animation or human acted model to be displayed. For example if house decor is to be displayed the customer with a click of the mouse. Can select how they're pending order of merchandise is to be used in a mock up virtual setting in the retailer space. This can extend to intended uses of retail clothing ensembles selected to jewelry, watches, and accessories.

These are the few of present functions that E-commerce retailers can use today in enticing increased sales in the online sphere of transactions.

Recorded Media Prediction / Observation: Analog To Digital To True Holography

Hello All,

Most of what I'm stating today is mostly a no-brainer. Since 2/3's of it have occurred to date in terms of recorded media in presentation and technological improvements. From the days of Analog media be it in LP's, 8-Tracks, or other magnetic tape media like cassettes and VHS / Betamax formats. Notably analog media in most circles still outperforms in terms of quality playback than next generation digital media. However subsequent generations of digital playback may make this point moot sooner than later. Perhaps with thrusts of improvements coming from the second generation of DVD introductions. Like the new formats of "BluRay or HD-DVD" being introduced most recently in the consumer marketplace. This can be working hand to hand with future generations of MPEG play back skipping entirely the old format of the MP3.

Where will recorded media lead us in the next decade and beyond? Perhaps the much lauded Holy Grail of 3-D that has been described in science fiction for nearly over a generation now. That of "Holographic" technology that exists today, but not in sufficient portable technology that consumers demand today. Holography today is still in that old IBM PC mainframe sizes of old that is a pain to transport anywhere.

But in the years of tomorrow this to will no longer be a limiting factor. Expect new iterations of true 3-D technology to leap beyond the present pseudo three dimensions that digital technology offers us today. Holography will be the new vanguard of not just data media but also in display technology. Unlike the present dinosaur esque 2-D displays we're still lugging around from the latter half of the 20th century. Be it the now classical transistor tube displays to the CRT's transforming into the present deluge of: LCD's, Plasma's, & HD TV's.

Holography of tomorrow will present us with displays in its first few generations that are more so vertical 3-D projector like in presentation. Than present day horizontal displays with a 2-D display. These first 3-D projector like displays can be rotated by the human hand or voice commands. Where the end-user won't need to fumble with a awkward virtual reality glove or microphone. But motion sensor technology of tomorrow will take this fuss out of the equation.
Do expect the first generation of holographic display technologies to have it's glitches. Chief amongest them is particle quality where the presentation will be too transparent where foreign light sources will degrade the quality of viewing. This will phase out over time where the holographic displays will yield substantial improvements in filtering out foreign light sources in the commercial and personal use options. Other potential glitches will be corruption of data that is no stranger to us with digital technology of today. But in holographic circles will blend data stream images causing a corrupt image to be displayed and viewed. Basically a mutation of images that onboard processors will need to compesate when the transmission becomes hazy.

Lastly holographic technology will yield substantial productivity improvements in how data and images are manipulated and shared. Top amongest them is confercing where large summits of group gatherings will choose the holographic chat room of tomorrow rather than the long distance trek to another location. The television of tomorrow will also host various game shows, TV interviews, and such as future fads in how this holographic media is consumed amongest the masses. This will entail cultural shifts that will take at least a generation to be fully absorbed into mainstream society. Much like in today's western cultures warming up to digital entertainment be it in the form of: PC & Video console games, to the more recent distribution of media in MP3 formats and such.

This reality is coming the hard part is predicting actually when it will occur over time. Due to many competiting forces seeking top dog pole positions in the display and recorded media industries.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Jewels of Truth Quotations & Favorite Quotes Of The Day

Hello All,

Here is another 3 spiritual wisdom based quotations for you to have a thought provoking experience. Whether you agree fully or not with the topic they represent. Or are able to expand on their inherent meanings in our comments section, thank you for your pending feedback.

763) A secret place in time is what is termed as eternity. It is a living phase of existence often overlooked by mere mortal activities. Its impacts are varied from a raised consciousness due to the interconnectivity of all life. Or the transition of events that are not in a neat modus operandi. Eternity as a force is not one of conformity, but of action guided by the orchestration of life. It is a vast ocean of movement that on the surface is misunderstood. But at its depths performs paradoxically like a ballet. ---Ivan / Atrayo.

764) Where there is symmetry there is beauty. Whether it be of one order or another of scale. Its harmony transcends limitations imposed on it by others. Who lack a full comprehension of its subtleties and graces. The function of a system full of symmetry does not distinguish between friend or foe. Since both are one and inclusive to the other in the grand scale of life. Amen. ---Ivan / Atrayo.

766) Those that expect God to swoop down from the heavens with his winged angels to save us from ourselves. Is grossly mistakened with that picturesque fictional interpretation. God will however by our developed Faiths transform us from within our very being. Where humanity will serve each other and the world at large by compassion. Coming to each others aid when needed and deserved by permission. Make no mistake about this God will rescue us, but only through his creations and not outside of them. Amen. ---Ivan / Atrayo.


Diversity challenges harmony but paradoxically nurtures it when diversities gifts are respectfully honored. ---Carolyn Baker, Ph.D.

It is only imperfection that complains of what is imperfect. The more perfect we are the more gentle and quiet we become towards the defects of others. ---Joseph Addison.

You have pain now, but I will see you again, and your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take your joy from you. ---John 16:22.

Happiness is not what makes us grateful. It is gratefulness that makes us happy. ---David Steindl-Rast. "A Listening Heart"

But I do know that self Love, (unconditional) can give a person a sense of satisfaction, where you attract others because of love, not so much because of need. ---Carol Harquail.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Property & Casualty Insurance Incentive For US States

Hi All,

Lately across many US States effected by hurricane property and casualty insurance companies that are pulling up stakes from renewing or writing new policies. Thus as a survival mechanism on their part they've headed to the hills instead of losing their shirts. Thus abandoning many policy holders or future ones to fend for themselves in disillusionment.

This has to be seriously mitigated and turned around in many southern and coastal US States. I've even heard that insurance companies in Rhode Island have become skiddish and have either shot up their rates or stopped from issuing new policies. We have across our nation have had this veil of false security lifted from us for either good or ill. Now creative solutions and incentives from State governments are needed.

Such measures may warrant that residential or commercial properties may not be able to insure the structure if they are located on or near a beach front community. Including island / isle keys off the mainland due to the high risk factor for the insurance industry. Those property areas in the future may only by for the brave or fool hardy. Which in turn may in a chain of events scare away future construction developments. If there is any insurance in those vicinities it may be just for residential furnishings or business inventories. This may prove more beneficial for mother nature allowing natural barrier sediment within inlets to replenish. So to accumulate by proving beneficial in certain natural barriers to be recreated. This is especially the case if some islands / isles that were once developed that are abandoned later on due to do a "no insurance zone".

My suggestion is to have US States cover the "Doughnut Hole Deductible" for the insurance industry and policy holder customers. The Doughnut Hole Deductible is the portion of a policy after the customer deductible has been paid in full. Then the State government pays a deductible amount in the middle value of the writtened policy. This will insure that the Insurance industry isn't as skiddish as before and indicates that the government will share in the burden. Instead of fully depending on a catastrophe fund until it is wiped out during repeative natural disaster events.

This will also remove to a degree some of the scare that a State government will become the insurer of last resort. Thus insuring that the insurance industry stays involved in writing new policies and honoring past policy customers with renewals.

Textiles Concept: Bullet & Knife Proof Clothing (Not Vests)

Hello All,

For the last couple of decades bullet proof clothing technology has been restricted to various sorts of vests. Whether they are kevlar lining, ceramic plates, or a combination there of for such protective vests.

What I envision is further improvements with synthetic textiles that are lighter and can be woven into regular clothing material as in a mesh. Where the: military, police, security guard protective vests will morph into protective clothing. Be it the typical: police, military, or security guard uniform that can stop a bullet or a knife blade thrust. Perhaps early versions of this protective clothing may be very itchy in wearing. So personnel may need to wear underalls that allows them to wear this futuristic protective clothing. The underalls may be material that retains heat or cools when appropiate whilst out during field work.

Eventually the industry with subsequent protective clothing iterations will mitigate this "itchy factor". Overall law enforcement, military & security personnel will have uniforms that provide a defensive edge whilst worn. Alleviating the need to wear these present day bullet proof vests with ceramic plates, or other bulky vests. Thus helping in carrying out their duties in a efficient manner that assures safety beyond just the torso. And/or wearing full SWAT assault gear to get a similar level of protection.