Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jewels of Truth Statements & Favorite Quotes of The Month

Hello All,

I almost missed out on delivering my monthly trio of original "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statements. Just like last month to the very day I am again posting on the 29th of the month for this segment of "Atrayo's Oracle".

Today's trio are on the topics of an: Apology, Memory, and a Paradox. Written back in early November 2009, now only seeing print for the very first time for your enjoyment.

With that said may you be well and in good spirits as this New Year starts to enter its own routine.

Without a further adieu....


990) Apologies that are sincere in nature and come voluntarily are a precious gift to be shared. A reconciliation of bringing back to order in what was only crooked moments before in experience. It is the holy nature of True Forgiveness, which is a living grace from God(dess).

However when an apology is false or coerced in any way it becomes tainted with insincerity. It would only stroke the vanity of the receiver to hear such empty words. A forced apology usually stipulates the one giving the apology is sorry for having to utter such sentences. By being put into an awkward position against his or her own judgment. There is no redemptive value in a forced apology. It only utilizes the vanity of the receiver and the ones forcing as witnesses the wrong doer in all mannerisms. To gauge sympathy where there is very little to none in all regards is false and a lie.

A sincere apology is heartfelt person to person(s) and at times a healing balm able to remedy the anguish of the heart and the mind. When a circumstance can permit such a moment to take place for the highest good of all involved. An apology is Never Too Late be it spoken to the injured party or spoken to God in a sacred prayer of repentance. Love is timeless, it heals absolutely when it is richly deserved in seeking peace and harmony between all forms of life. There is only redemption in truth and not in a false apology. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

991) The memory of God(dess) is what we all call reality. Perhaps in terms of physics a parallel dimension is another version of ourselves, but remembered differently by God the Creator. Albeit all of life is what we consider as sacred without distinction nor guile. A memory recalled through the "Mind of God" is a living consciousness without ego, yet very distinct with character. A collective synergistic force where the store house or vaults of all living memories are kept very much alive. Not as dusty archives or voluminous texts, but the very essence of living souls as a sacred repository or a heaven if you will.

God, has been defined by some as all living creatures of Life. Made very much manifest in their own inherent forms within creation. There is no distortion of time to being reckoned with from the very "Living Mind of God". What is past, present, and future is always Now to God in the illusion of eternity itself. A "God of gods" beyond physical or meta physical matter and essence, beyond the confines of all dimensions. Stands in the very middle of all our beings, no where to be found and yet very much alive with us right here and now. Living vicariously like a parent through all his children and always seeking the best for each of us.

To humanity a memory can be misleading and distorted over the confines of time itself. An artifact or remnant of the carnal mind and the ethereal soul in union with one another. How can the meta physical soul grasp such profound intricacies to express such sublime recollections? Why do our individual selves matter so much that the mundane is glorified by the angels as miraculous? Only those full of grace may understand such mechanisms of the mind and the divine spirit within. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

992) Where God is all things that are real and very much alive. Whereby God(dess) is everywhere in creation as an omnipresent force as paradoxically both silent and active simultaneously. God, can turn the impossible into the possible and vice a versa by his sheer "Holy Will". The very first spark of divinity come alive and the very last spark to extinguish itself. All of it as the sacred heart as the living flame of purity that only the righteous may pass and enter into such a beautiful union.

God, can utilize a paradox and thus take the impossible into the very real and probable. The phenomena of a paradox is essentially likened to a filter where life and death are meted out in order to offer balance to creation. However the paradox is but only one tool enacted by God to plumb the depths of creation. There are other sacred laws within us all that are constantly in motion captivating and propelling us further and further closer and away. Can you recognize them between what is merely physical and meta-physical constructs as the applicable laws of nature? And, yet it is all one macro entity we call our beloved God. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


I have existed from all eternity and, behold I am here; and I shall exist till the end of time, for my being has no end. ---Kahlil Gibran.

(Karmic Conditions) can be met most in Him who, taking away the law of cause and effect by fulfilling the law, establishes the law of grace. Thus the needs for the entity to lean upon the arm of Him who is the law, and the truth and the light. ---Edgar Cayce.   Reading: 2828-4.

Faith is seeing light with your heart when all your eyes sees is darkness. ---Unknown.

Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift. --- 2 Corinthians 9:15.

Heaven and Earth are threads from one loom. ---Shaker Proverb.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wearable Technology Concept: "Techno Clothing"

Hello All,

Last year around June I was inspired to share my own version of a potential augmented reality (AR) eye glasses or helm visor piece of wearable technology.

Atrayo's, Augmented Reality (AR) Eye Glasses & Visor Concept

This was due in part to Google's foray into their own initiative on the topic known as "Project Glass". Also, last night I saw a segment on PBS "Nightly Business Report" that aired this past Friday Jan. 25th in conjunction with the "Street.com".

Geek Chic: Wearable Technology the Latest Fashion Buzz

Where they spoke about industry leaders such as: IBM, Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Samsung. Making in roads to such a stylish version of wearable technology to come world wide. Briefly IBM was mentioned making a Flexible Substrate material so as to be applied on top of clothing or as a substitute to clothing itself.

So again I'm eager to take a stab of what would such a wearable technology look like through my Imaginative eyes?

This is what I came up with using a Man's suit ensemble of a blazer jacket, vest, and pant slacks as my forth coming examples. I have no idea what the aforementioned IBM flexible substrate material or chemical compound will look like on clothing. This is my supposition that it'll be like a waxy plastic looking organic LED screen material when applied to clothing. It can be applied to segments of a piece of clothing or all of the contours of an entire piece of garment. If applied into segments than the top of the sleeves, back of the blazer and vest, front & rear legs of the slacks using my male suit ensemble example.

The 1st generation of such a wearable piece of techno garment will have a hip wearable module. That interfaces the downloaded images via a USB cable or thumb drive that can receive updates when synced to your smart phone. The hip module is no more the size of an old fashioned "Sony Walkman" from the 1990's. Where wired plug connectors, similar to a head phone jack connects to the blazer jacket, vest, and male slacks. All hidden neatly out of site where the wires will not detract from the ascetic of the clothing outfit. Later generations of this "Techno Clothing" can eventually meld the hip module into a small module sown into a flap of each garment. That these later generation modules will plug directly into each piece of garment having a WiFi connectivity. A futuristic app on your smart phone will simply Ping the piece of clothing to apply updates to the firmware or rotate through preferred displayed Images.

The days of squinting your eyes looking at a movie on your smart phone are over. Now users with "Techno Clothing" will look at their preferred arm sleeve to watch video programming. No more small 4 or 5 inch smart phone screens, your Arm Sleeve is your screen of choice to interact wirelessly with your smart phone. So the arm sleeve flexible substrate organic LED material will also have touch screen functionality. Users can still wear their smart phones in a holster attached to their hip. Or choose to wear a sleeve holster with a plastic housing clip attached to a forearm configuration assembly. That is worn underneath jackets, coats, and such except for a long sleeve shirt.

Let's say a user walks by a store front or a "Clear Channel" futuristic Video billboard like seen in the "Tom Cruise" movie of "Minority Report". Besides just seeing your favorite brands broadcasted out loud via your own social media publicly shared preferences. With "Techno (Wearable) Clothing" you'll display on your clothing via the aforementioned men's suit ensemble example. The product brand name video advert on your blazer jacket, vest, and pant slacks. If the person next to you is using augmented reality (AR) eye glasses they'll see the advertisement commercial not just in plain 2D, but in full glorious 3D.

Now that your broadcasting as a "Shared Shout Out" your brand name of choice to those passing you by on the side walk inside a shopping mall or elsewhere. The next time you make a purchase for that brand name in any store front you'll receive a promotion freebie item. Or a discount up to a certain amount at point of sale, applied as a mobile coupon. Just for being such a loyal customer willing to promote the brand amongst friends and strangers alike.

If your caught outside during a rain storm you won't be electrocuted for wearing such gizmo clothing. Since the outer coating of the flexible substrate will act like a barrier to keep moisture outside. Without affecting the internal hip module or later versions of the sewn in modules inside flaps of the garments. However if your submerged in liquid of any sort you may very well be screwed.

Consider this if your wearing a neutral tint suit by my men's ensemble example of a blazer jacket, vest, and pant slacks. Let's say you want to change the color of each garment so it is all uniform in one color. Or provide contrast with differing colors or dyed tint shades. By interacting with your preferred input command sleeve you set the hip module or internal clothing flap modules. To shift the color spectrum for each piece of clothing all at once or individually. Like switching a TV channel on your television, but broadcasting picture in picture quality many times over. Where each piece of garment is treated like a different TV screen all of its own making. So one generic neutral tint men's suit can mimic an entire wardrobe of clothing in someones closet.

Now more seriously consider first responders like police, fire rescue, paramedics, or even road side construction workers. Each wearing a wearable Vest of technology displaying emergency or standard information to all locals. If not, a good Samaritan choosing to display an Amber Alert or NOAA Weather Alerts when they're issued to the general public. As they're going about their typical day outside or in the work place.

How will wearable technological clothing affect society as a whole? Well forms of expression be it secular or artistic will explode across all societies that utilize them, including religious or holiday festivities. Maybe a new sort of spam will likely occur as well from all the displayed images people will showcase. Some of it may be vulgar in origin, where local police ordinance obscenity laws will need updating. Nonetheless this can only be a good thing to a degree, depending how well it is embraced overall. Just picture someones grand mother showcasing their grand children's pictures via their clothing outfit. Tacky and comical as it sounds this could be possible within the next decade or so world-wide.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Arts Education Concept: "Public School Mural Graffiti Arts Program"

Hello All,

It's a New Year with many renewed expectations to tackle tough issues in our local and regional communities. There will be triumphs and there will be set backs to be encountered. Some set backs are blessings in disguise, but they aren't immediately seen as such when they do occur. Today's topic is one that isn't new nor unique it has possibly been presented in a myriad of different formats. Perhaps as numerous as the communities that gave birth to them in practice.

Allow me than to indulge your time to present another version of how it can be conducted for our public school youth. Since private schools, certain charter schools in affluent neighborhoods, or other private religious academies aren't impacted like the inner city public schools have been, and continue to be. My twist of a mural graffiti arts program for inner city youth in a public school district borrows heavily from other venues.

A hearty Kudos goes out to the "City of Philadelphia's" murals arts program going on for over thirty years time since the 1980's.

Mural Arts Program 

As I bow to their contributions to they're own local region in combining divergent needs and forming a collective solution. At least in terms to serving the community, public schools, and most certainly the students involved in such endeavors. I would like to present my own interpretation of such a community and public school partnership initiative.

For instance instead of traveling outside into the community itself to paint neglected neighborhood walls. I aim to keep it in house within the school grounds itself. For instance looking for opportunity walls in the exterior or interior of the school campus. If not other concrete barrier walls or fences if such are available. Such concrete walls can be erected off to a corner of the physical education school grounds. Perhaps start off with one concrete block wall to being erected, that is divided into sections. Allowing several smaller graffiti murals to being painted throughout a school class year. If the arts pilot program succeeds than additional walls can be erected over time as needed.

Following the similar Buddhist practice of "Mandalas" which are colored sand intricate portraits laid out. Than summarily destroyed via a religious ceremony by the Buddhist monks. This one concrete wall if not other opportunity walls that are part of the school campus itself. Will be literally white washed and painted over by either the custodial staff or the students themselves. Also another stipulation is no gang symbols can be painted onto the graffiti murals so as to maintain an inclusive learning environment. By avoiding conflict with any potential gang initiated students in such an arts graffiti mural program. Besides no gang land body language or gang colors can be worn by the students participating in such an arts program. If the public school district already promotes school uniforms than the concern of wearing gang colors by any students is muted.

The arts department faculty will hopefully have arts exposure to painting or supervising the painting of murals in general. If not local community artists can be invited as guest speakers and instructors to assist the arts faculty and to provide inspiration to the students. Be they in graffiti mural painting or in other art medium disciples so as to promote a diverse perspective of art itself. Both art faculty and students will be provided painters face masks and aprons so as to minimize accidents. Be it with inhalation of paint can fumes or accidental paint ruining a school uniform or personal clothing. If students can wear physical education school uniforms such as a T-Shirt and shorts than possibly all the better. So as to not have paint ruining a set of clothes.

Several different graffiti mural renditions can be conducted throughout a school year on campus. Be it as stated prior on opportunity walls as part of the interior or exterior building of the school campus. Or a separate concrete wall being erected out in the physical education grounds. With a gallery of walls in the future if the arts pilot program proves successful. Having the painting of said walls done singularly on a school campus promotes greater control of the student body in teaching and supervision.

When it comes time to erase or white wash a graffiti mural on a wall. Similar to the Buddhist "Mandala" practice there can be a ceremony tied to the event itself. This will be key since it fosters a sense of letting go and preservation at the very same instant. Where the teaching of the students will surpass the art itself and enter into a life lesson. As well one of the Funding Mechanisms will be derived by preservation of the graffiti mural in another art medium of photography. Having a professional photography on site either prior or during the ceremony to preserve the mural on film. Where said image will be presented in either a singular portrait or into a Mural Lithograph Series. Signed By the Art Students and listing the school class year as well on the original portrait.

The one photograph portrait or the graffiti mural lithograph series will be auctioned off in a charity fund raising event for such an arts program. So if several graffiti murals are painted throughout a school year. Than by class year there will be a small collection to be presented in a art gallery prior to the fund raising charity auction. Other funding sources for the graffiti mural arts program can be the usual contenders of: miscellaneous art grants, block grants, non-profit agencies, or one or more philanthropic patrons.

The offering of a mural graffiti arts program may be nothing new in many inner city public school districts. However I hope at least my format for one is as unique until proven otherwise in aiding school children. To appreciate art as an ascetically pleasing form of self-expression and collective upliftment for a community at large.

Thank you for your participation as a reader and/or practitioner in achieving arts enrichment one youth at a time.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jewels of Truth Statement: "Just Ask"

Hello All,

I hope the beginning of this new year is finding many of you well and in continued good spirits. For myself i'm cranking out inspired spiritually written material at a good clip of a pace. Knock on wood. As is often the case for the month of January we're struggling with our "New Year's Resolution". After taking inventory of ourselves in the preceeding Holiday month of December. Many a time we strive for very noble goals, but somehow along the way we fret and begin making poor choices once more.

So today I wanted to share a newly minted "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement on the topic of "ASKing". Much of it inspired from the Christian New Testement Biblical text in regards to this topic. I first wrote this exactly 8 days ago in the series numeral of #1397, for those keeping count. Since I'm sampling from a far flung Volume 4 that is still being written of the "Jewels of Truth" series.

Enjoy the inspiring thought as I have in channeling the material from my Angels via automatic writing.


1397) All things come at a price whether stated or implied. In the Christian Bible it states to: Ask, Seek, and Knock when invoking the divine to aid us in life. Take note that I've underlined the first letter of each word of: Ask, Seek, and Knock. Which reveals the hidden word of "Ask" once more to the devout seeker.

As we beesch the "Lord God" to aid us and our loved ones in life by asking, seeking, and knocking. That God, Jesus Christ, Moses, Mohammad, the Holy Spirit, the Virgin Mary, the Saints, and most certainly our Angels. Will do the same with us, by asking, seeking, and providing knocks to awaken our slumbering spirits from this crazy world we've found ourselves within. Sometimes rather more than not we misinterpret such holy knocks on us as painful personal experiences. Life may have jostled us unfairly by our own assumptions. Yet the events that transpired are a prepartion by God's mysterious plan for our lives. Many times we have suffered greatly by our sheer confusion or wantonly dwelling in a place of misery. Our free will and free preceptions must not misunderstand the life affirming hardships that were laid at our feet for a higher calling. Not to be cursed or punished, but to be strenghthened as an act of a mysterious compassion. Prepared in such a manner as to be groomed for our freely choosen purpose in life. Do not dwell on the loss or give into a sense of fear or failure from such knocks or tests in our lives.

When God(dess) or the Spirit Realms of Absolute Love come asking, seeking, or knocking for us. It is always in our better interests perfectly so to respond to their inquiry. For a loving relationship with the Divine is a two way street to bliss. Amen.
---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Jewels of Truth Statement: "Life's Voyages"

Hello All,

Yesterday was the Catholic holiday of Epiphany or what in the Hispanic community celebrates as "Los Tres Reyes Mago" (The 3 Wise Kings or Magi).  Where usually an additional gift is given aside from the customary treasure trove of gifts from Christmas morning. The city of Miami in South Florida usually has a parade to celebrate this occasion in the "Little Habana" neighborhood. Miami, is my hometown and I only visit once a year or so when able on a family trip.

So whether you celebrate Epiphany, or not. I would like to offer you this "Jewels of Truth" statement #1379 penned in early December of last year. As my gift to all of you, although these postings are a regular feature I enjoy sharing holiday or not. Yes, I'm guilty on that count. :op

Today's topic is on Life and the spiritual qualities that aid us along our life's journey.

Enjoy the sentiment as I have in sharing it here for the first time.


1379) Without faith a worshipper in religion or spirituality is useless. The faith is the navigating rudder that steers the ship or the soul. God, is the north star as the navigators aid in life. Love, is the wind or the energy in motion that makes the world go round. The faithful are the captains or the commander, where the Angels are the crew as the selfless guardians in our lives. Gratitude, is for the blessed Omens encountered throughout a voyage. Trust, is that the mapped course will lead us to our destination. Forgiveness, is when the unexpected surprises or what haunts us during the course of our voyage is healed. Hope, is that all souls on board arrive well and in good working order. Providence, is the Grace at work constantly by Angels and people alike, whether the known or unknown is encountered. A Miracle is that this voyage and crew ever left port at all for the mission at hand.

The rest belongs to the journey, which is the ever revolving present moment of the "Now". All decisions are always happening "Now"! Be it later defined as the past is another mariners tale metaphysically speaking. A prayer is the gift of free will to invoke all that is mighty in Heaven and the Earth to aid us. For the Holy is based on cooperation and not confrontation between the Infinite Children of God(dess). The Truth is our bravest ally or our cruelest teacher if we lack his respect. Beauty, is confusing your lover as a mermaid or a strong sailor in uniform. And, than waking up in the morning with something else instead. Laughter, is knowing when to laugh as a sign of mirth, and of courage of a better tomorrow along your voyage in Life. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.