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Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on The True Sons and Daughters of God, Decision Making, God, and Majesty of Being


Hello All,

Wow, how many of us have just survived that year of 2023? 

Geez I hope 2024 proves to be the enlightened aftermath of 2023 with humility for those in dearest need. Aside from such a fandango, how many of you have made your New Year's Resolution? 

What I like to say in every year is a tried and true New Year's Resolution for myself as a near constant. Which is to do the best I can and to be thrice (meaning 3 times) very well for it overall. I've used that one for over a decade now so there's no guilt of making something up that is unrealistic for me to keep alive. 

Today I'll be sharing 4 Jewels of Truth statements channeled freshly this month of December by longhand. Two are the typical longer variety and the other two are the shorts which in my 1st published volume of "Jewels of Truth: A Soul Odyssey Within". Originally that's how I began my Inspirational psychic automatic writing with the angels. With short paragraphs and other one-liners of intriguing spiritual wisdom. Later it evolved into my social media posts on sites like Twitter where the text character limit was very prohibitive in Tweets. 

Today's shorts will be on God and Decision-making as a simplified rule of thumb when listening deeply to your own personal Intuition aka your gut. The other two longer statements about the True Sons and Daughters of God take the viewpoint of the angel that demigods as the avatar major leaguers aren't the only esteemed children of God(dess) on Earth. There are also minor leaguers to borrow an American Baseball term a secondary line-up of elder luminary souls reincarnating onto our world. 

Finally, the Majesty of Being is how in a world of struggles vying with our flawed human conditions. It is almost a radical notion to be able to succeed in such a backward society not just on the career front but the holistic notion of our divinity upon the world at large. 

Without further adieu may these inspired angelically channeled statements of mysticism and spiritual wisdom. Truly expand your devout horizons regardless if they challenge your assumptions or not of the divine. Amen.

The True Sons and Daughters of God:

3282) Are the truest sons and daughters of God only limited to the ancestral ascended masters as the miraculous demigods as avatars of renown? 

Nay, aside from such grandest masters of the holy of holies across numerous global religions of this world. The Holy Ghost of God is far more mysteriously clever to shine other great luminary wonders as souls of renown upon your world. There are other pillars of the angelic spiritual gestalt to being noble servants of all souls alike regardless of creed or national origin globally speaking. 

Many are credited to mature as the Saints who are often unrecognized by this world and reborn from other worlds within this farthest reaches of the cosmos resting outside of time Immemorial. By heavens sake they come to cross-pollinate the earth with foreign ideals as standards whose time has truly come for soulful evolutions of the humane species. 

No matter the epochs in question these tender teachers of the divine be they man, woman, child, and creatures. Whether they teach by words, heroic feats, sacrifice, etc... They each submit themselves to be unwitted role models paradoxically speaking landing upon circumstances that defy reason when the hour of the Lord God strikes fast and hard. 

The most overlooked spiritual elder masters reborn are the commonly encountered disabled mentally and physically in each of your global societies. As the Apostle stated in Matthew 18:3.

and said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. 

Such meek people disenfranchised by mobility and impairments of various kinds within a lifetime are they not like Master Christos carrying his cross to be sacrificed at Golgotha? Wasn't it dear Simon of Cyrene Mark 15:21 who carried the condemned master's cross because he was duly disabled?   

Such souls who are disabled mentally and physically are here to test their mettle as people and certainly children of God from farther afield across the heavens divine. Often it is a struggle for many of them just to keep a stabilized breath of life depending on the severity of their mobility literally and metaphorically speaking. 

Now there is a 2nd class of grand master souls which you will know by their angelic fruits of character as individuals esteemed and precious before God himself. Such impeccable persons become titans of the world, celebrities of artistry, chiseled athletes, and certainly scholars of analytical comprehension (ie inventors) the world over. 

Many will rely upon their achievements individually and collectively to inspire them with stories of accomplishment and other functional feats of technological wonders. The moment has arrived upon the Ziegheist of time for them to express what the world so richly deserves to experience. Such is the arch of a lifetime for icons, legends, and other historical figures valued for this or that contribution to humanity. 

A 3rd class of such reborn grandmasters as the True Sons and Daughters of God(dess) are the unrecognized Prophets and Prophetess. Most are martyred by your barbaric world as destiny unfolds. For example, U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., and certainly Mahatma Gandhi just to name a few in the last couple of centuries. Fortunately, other prophets often go unrecognized and alas are spared the barbarism of humanity to slay such pure souls upon the world at large. 

These are but three classes of grand master souls reincarnated as the giants of the heavens come full circle across around the world and back again. Fulfilling the Will of God however necessary for the mundane needs of the masses by extraordinary feats of bravery and polished wisdom serving the needs and wants of the collective majesty of God. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


3284) We are the Immaculate God(dess) reborn times Infinity upon this sacred Eternity known as the Mysterious Creation. We are the micronized expressions as Infinite emanations of the celestial foreign bodies at most unrecognized for the moment unless Willed by God to be cherished in the Constant Now. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Decision Making:

3285) Allow your Intuitive Heart to guide you with a balanced and gentle compassionate mindset. Then with near certainty, you can come forward when daring to make the right solemn decision for your beautiful needs and wants dear child of God. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Majesty of Being:

3283) All told to be alive is only half the battle for truth to be claimed and your majesty of personal endowment out upon this world. Many challenges and obligations will be set upon thee as people. Many will and have struggled unceremoniously with unduly unjust circumstances in order to surmount feats of all calibers of humanity at large. 

Sometimes a yeoman's effort is required for personal self-development to become a necessary form of dignified self-expression. In order to overcome flawed assertions set upon you unfairly by derelict minds and other prejudices that are unwelcome at any sensible moment. This can forestall the persistence to carry on with unwavering faith to do the right thing. Perhaps the temptation to cheat your way for an easier outcome is readily available. Suspecting such fools aren't paying attention?

The challenges of a critical considerate demeanor will be stretched by those who will beseech your sanity at times. Do you cave in and roll with the masses just to fit in because it's easier to become homogenous? To overcome a flawed human civilization at large many turn to charitable individuals be they loved ones and certainly institutions to balance your scales fairly. Not all charity from others comes with implied strings attached nor will it be equal from greater organizations of scale. 

Poverty is a human socialized disease not of its victims but of the wider bonafide societal stakeholders as the political establishment. Such macro inadequate governmental policies run askew making a mockery of the underclasses a failure of wholesale morality as God is your Supreme Witness. The agenda of the people is often no more lip service for the agenda of the powerful at the expense of everyone else who isn't them. 

Plain-spoken religiosity as a test of piety is a charlatan's trick of the ego to deceive well-meaning caring souls into trusting a pretender. Out of mind and out of sight will only work so long until the taskmasters of the celestial fates have a reckoning with you. A fatigued disconnect is one thing for herculean troubles to be wrestled into submission gradually over the years. Bad luck can only be justified for so long until it is recognized that a failure of your political leadership is at fault. Lip service is the lazy man's speech of the devil incarnate. Deceiver Is, As Deceiver Does!

The backbone of integrity is hard for any man or woman to have acclaim to resolve at any one point in a difficult period of living. Your willpower will only take you so far until you must call upon the higher visionary graces of the heavenly host to serve you with mercy. 

Not all wealth is equal to a life of pleasure and comfort without accountability. Many patrons and matrons are morally challenged with a gnawing hole in their hearts stating; "Why haven't I achieved glory as of yet"? Their needs may pale to the beggar on the streets still their needs have a rationale of truth that must be served with dignity over time. To appreciate this difference is to be a fine discerner of the woes of the human condition at various scales of preponderous. 

Better to serve without a mark of disgrace upon you to avoid the moral pitfalls all so readily available to the innocent and guilty alike. Those who are servant leaders are hard to locate but when discovered cherish them truly with room to maneuver so they may fulfill their mandate in due time. They often when in a dysfunctional mindset serve out of guilt and shame to the point of personal masochism. To overly rely on such disgruntled souls is an abuse of privileges. 

Not until humanity on a collective societal basis can heal the systemic issues of the psyche and consequences of poverty in order to eradicate it. All will suffer ad nauseam directly and indirectly via acts of force majeure seeking their daily bread in order to survive unscrupulously. All must evolve together spiritually by compassionate means even if the scales are upside down for the moment. 

The countless wars and the growing number of despots globally as tyranny is the cultivation of Hell on Earth at the fringes before the unholy pit of the damned. Choose wisely for your own heart be true even if the strain is great temporarily to circumvent a greater tragedy from occurring. Have Mercy by being magnanimous to express the kindness of God for all to recognize silently without bombastic gloating. Yours is the hour at hand to act or be acted upon by the Impersonal godly fates of the afterlife. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 28 plus years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient-inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic Heavenly host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also utilizes a unique channeled angelic divination method called the Multi-Deck Divination SystemNumerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 18 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.

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Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on Spiritual Modesty, Exalted, Glories of God, & Grace


Hello All,

I hope for those here in the States you had a blessed Thanksgiving Holiday to cherish with friends and families. Aside from the tumult occurring around the world for various reasons whether noble or not. This is a period of faith for several of the world's religions to uphold our values and to cultivate our convictions in the face of strife. 

Today's Jewels of Truth statements will cover four topics with a bonus to start us off as channeled by the heavenly host. Kudos to one of my friends for starting me on the topic via phone text and her contribution to the topic category. Cheers. 

The topics are as follows Spiritual Modesty, Exalted, Glories of God, and finally on the topic of Grace. Often when I do a 1st draft via longhand on my notebooks they vastly expand in additional channeled content when it gets to its 2nd version digitally. I have reams of notebooks from over these 28 years of channeling the angelic heavenly host with psychic Inspirational automatic writing. 

May you find these topics nourishing to each of your spiritual or religious traditions. However, it may find you specifically in the world with true love by a living faith in God. Amen.

Spiritual Modesty:

3278) Those who may boast of their spiritual social status needlessly in the world. Have missed the point of earnest humility. They choose to act unconsciously by the ego and not truly as mindful living servants of the divine itself. 

Such pretensions become sadly a mockery by browbeating the other in a very unfortunate stance. They truly have forgotten their sacred Inner Truth by omitting their grace in life fully. Modesty or in other words, humility as a means of silent service when coupled through compassion speaks volumes in the holy sublime stillness. 

Not so much by bombastic grandstanding of why your faith has saved you for x, y, and z rationales. Evangelism has its place in houses of worship and in the community when it is respectful of the other. When such a code of conduct is misplaced then a wanton disservice is committed. By overstepping one's social responsibility in a spiritual manner of dignity for all souls alike. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


3277) What is truly exalted before all people on Earth as it is in the endless Heavens is God alone. There are countless mutable suppositions of what constitutes such attributes of the divine earnestly. However, when it comes to the spiritual sublime truths as outlets of divine expressions. Becomes bewildering out in the greater far-flung reaches of Creation itself universally. Only God(dess) is finely suited to being the Ultimate Exalted One.

All emanates from the first cause of this outlet of existence itself a truly mysterious beautiful realm of the Almighty towards the totality of the Supreme Holy of Holies. We are all made in this divine spark to excel in spite of the insurmountable difficulties faced by (wo)man, beast, and environment. Our combined totality as a macro collection of living souls is also dearly attributed towards the Omni-presence of him/her/itself as the Zenith Creator of all other creators. 

Nothing compares nor can match the delicate perfect excellence of all that is. We are nonetheless modeled after its Image and Likeness however, flawed we conduct ourselves by carnal human tendencies. There is a litany of Meta Expressions of Being True Forevermore by our integrity. By means of an elaborate adoration that persists beyond the physical known confines of this Universe as a collective configuration. 

Each unique imprint of our entity expressions of the divine as ghosts with physical bodies presently. Becomes an unquantifiable metric of the next dominion metaphysically superimposed over us like a finely layered spiritual stratification of Being or Divinity upon Totality. 

Many will compare themselves to God by means of maniacal hubris when out of context due to a tantrum of vanity at large. Whether it is fairly attributed to one's genius of skill and renowned experiences considered upon society as a titan man or woman of industry globally. However, such an established dictum of such subtleties is still grossly misplaced. A short-sighted Eureka can inadvertently feed the ego of a false prophet in the making upon the world. 

To be known as the constant "I Am" is beyond all paradoxical underpinnings on a basis that is both Infinite and Timeless dimensionally speaking. A sincere welcoming by faith of the unknown graces into a robust beautiful reality that is newfound in its discoveries yet to occur in all seriousness. Typifies the excellence of an exalted state of being alive as the kernel truths of liberty are revealed by the gestalt of great unknowns that become dispelled into keen understandings as novel inventions at large. 

Be mindful not all exaltations are equal to God in paradise when the excitement of wonder is crystalized as a reality of tomorrow becomes harnessed for today by invention. Allow your observations to be indeed remarkable and gloriously astute just do not lose sight of the marathon that must be traveled to reach the masses over the years if at all. There are many oddities towards humanity that are truly endearing to the angelic heavens as the custodians of Infinity. 

Please leave such philosophical treatise to the angelic masters to aid humanity. In discerning what such and such a factor truly represents metaphysically for the living fibers of its essence come alive. What is co-created upon the world has many redundant twins elsewhere out and about in your cosmos. Your version of it may be grand but it isn't the only model to exist in perpetuity. 

Be at Peace and Celebrate the excellent wonders forever present towards the one that affords such a marvelous attitude of appreciation. For all things natural and artificially co-created by the hands of the curious minds that dared to make things of hopefully lasting value. No one is truly the first out in the cosmos perhaps not even on the Earth when legacy inventions are forgotten over the epochs of time after civilizations have come and gone again. 

Allow all Exaltations to be truly the exclamation of God's Infinite Beauty and enfolded variety to impact upon reality with the dearest of par excellence. This is the mold metaphysically to resemble what is divine iterations after modeled versions become classical over time. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Glories of God:

3263) For all the pristine Glories that belong to God alone for his/her/its Perfect Truth shines Brightest in the hearts of the righteous and noble that are godly in holy nature indeed. None other are permitted to succeed until they have proven their worth unto God alone who values grace over the world. 

No matter if the merits are based on altruistic motivations or not. One whom is full of courage has rightly claimed the golden ribbon of accomplishment as their rightful prize in heaven. In order not just to overcome this turbulent world of yours, but to surmount it upon the wings of brave eagles to soar past all inequities both great and small therein. 

The Glory of God has no equal and thus its majesty is truly Almighty Forever! All who claim a glory of righteousness upon the world. Only do so by an agreement of a sublime permission of God's pristine essence as itself extended to all of merit.

What is the Glory of God(dess) has many countless interpretations as verifiable holistic truths of great renown. Here is where great changes happen to upset ill-gotten gains by foul tempests of all accursed kinds upon the world. Their Triumph is often short-lived whether in months up to god-forsaken years of mortal struggles of nasty upheavals.

Tyranny wears many illusionary faces of devils both pleasing and diabolical as draconian. All of it matters little before the Supreme Glory of God of perfected paradises. Much like pesky garden weeds they too will be uprooted in due time upon the world, even if it takes a generation or two of mortal souls.

No Empire of villainy lasts on the earth no matter its origin of civilization in history. All are toppled from within by citizens and outside by foreigners of just cause whether sufficiently prepared or not. Lest the righteousness of the heavens stir deeply to reincarnate a champion avatar that arrives as an ascended master to be. Do not be forsaken every one thousand years time a holy one appears be it a saint or a prophet(ess) to guide the noble heart away from the turmoil of the land.

Many have doubted and have paid the price of weak-willed character upon a lifetime. Courage depends on goodwill to be followed consistently by a compassionate truth and justice for all living souls. When mercy is offered genuinely then truly an earth angel has been reincarnated in your solemn midsts as witnessed by hallowed God eternal. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


3276) Wherever there is Grace there is God with conscious abundance! A manifold Immaculate truth that is absolute in pivotal authority. A force of good that can shift conditions for greater accountability upon all worlds. 

Here is where realizations of the renowned Glories of God wearing the cloak of majesty known as Grace are best understood. No one is forgotten all children are accounted for truly and remarkably so. Regardless of the species of origin upon Creation itself. 

All Life as a plurality is known to God as its impersonal extension as Creation itself on a macro scale that dwarfs all imaginations combined. There is a grand Intimacy struck since the inception of a spirit that is born in paradise. As an entity in the realm of the supernatural an elusive dimensional disembodied form finds its eventual expression. 

Here it can be implied that God is present unconsciously but that is amiss more likely the Omnipresence of God(dess) is paradoxically present unconsciously and consciously simultaneously. Where Grace awakens upon the doormat Holy Spirit of God in situ. What awakens the Holy of Holies are the angels and at times an exalted holy person such as a Saint or Prophet(ess). 

Otherwise, the generic script of reality continues unabated like an elaborate executable digital program (exe. format) of what it means for that locality. When the Great Almighty God of all lesser angelic gods Supreme awakens upon the world locally. There are several functions occurring simultaneously not unlike a whirlwind of graces akin to an instant checklist of "Do's and Don'ts" on site. 

Grace becomes the universal standard of superior and perfect spiritual elixirs as to what ails humanity and Creation at large. Here is where the extraordinary heavens metaphysically pours out their goodwill as the endless graces indiscriminately. Like an overturned Vat onto the masses in great need. For only an instant or two the circumstance in advance was planned out ages ago by other angels as specialists for the faithful. 

In order to remediate the entire scenario based on the hierarchy of needs from the smallest unto the greatest in question. No one is left out who deserves to be served with the unconditional Love of God(dess) forever present. Now and always such miracles may be few and far between. However, this is by design for all upon the earth and beyond may come to know the Grace of a Living Great Mystery of God Almighty. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 28 plus years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient-inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic Heavenly host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also utilizes a unique channeled angelic divination method called the Multi-Deck Divination SystemNumerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 18 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.

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Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on Broken Faith & Divine Rights


Happy All Hallow's Eve Everyone!

For those that celebrate Halloween and for those that don't. Don't be a spook!

Today's Jewels of Truth channeled angelic wisdom statements will be a duo this time around. The topics will be on a Broken Faith and on your Divine Rights as a Child entity emanation from God's Image and Likeness. You have inalienable celestial rights in the heavens as an eternal entity aka ghost. Not unlike having limited rights on a conditional basis from your host nation of birth or residency. Unlike those citizen rights as a human, these Divine Rights are everlasting and unconditional upon your flavors of a metaphysical Utopia.

The statement on a Broken Faith is self-explanatory for the most part. As always these statements are sourced via psychic automatic writing in an Inspirational fashion as a writing technique by longhand originally. I have 28 years plus experience as an automatic writer channeling the heavenly host. (Be they angels, ancestors, fairies, nature spirits, lesser deities, and certainly God(dess).

Atrayo's Oracle Blog Site is your online resource for FREE for the latest Jewels of Truth series of statements. Aside from Volumes One, Two, and Three of the Jewels of Truth series sold online at Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions. 

These two most recent statements were channeled less than ten days ago as fresh off the pearly gates. :o)

May you find them intriguing whether you accept them or not. As long as they expand your blessed horizons of the Infinite Divinity within us all. Amen. 

Broken Faith:

3269) Sometimes in life very bad things will happen to good people who were already struggling with other hardships outright. Often this signifies a hurling even further backwards personally akin to an insult to injury. From the Big Picture angelic Heavenly perspective in a detached compassionate manner, it is another opportunity to reset your dilemmas in the world. 

What appears as personally disastrous at first glance is the heavenly expression of Tough Love to steer you around so as to orient you onto a stronger pathway of redemptions. What was once before a dead-end cycle of turmoil leading you in a circle around a self-created abyss of your own annihilation. With a renewed long-distance Hope you have a 2nd chance to heal your psyche, living conditions, and a potential righteous outcome, if you have sufficient courage to claim such soulful treasures of God.

What was once a prior perpetual state of despair has you boomer ranged onto another loop that has a chance of success versus a dead-end street just before of wretched agony. We the heavenly host often sling-shot mortals through Tough Love in order to catapult them away from pre-existing miseries of all consecrated kinds. 

When your faith is in another person versus a set of circumstances of your own dysfunctional making as flawed coping mechanisms socially speaking in the world. You have linked hearts to another spiritually speaking whether they are a fine suitor or a wretched behemoth of foul relations. Be this with unspoken allegiances to individuals as relatives, friends, and perhaps strangers verily unto other impersonal organizations such as to a government or a corporation. 

Many an idealist that swears fealty towards an organization by a declared oath of principles. Only to realize years to decades later such people run Institutional entities are flawed. Much remorse with disgruntled recriminations occurs needing heartfelt healing of such feelings of betrayals to be allievated. No one can deny there is goodness and even greatness of the people nameless and perhaps even recognized in such human-led Institutions of all kinds on earth. However, there are also backstabbing politics of usurpers and deceivers as snakes in the grassy knolls best avoided at all costs.

When a Loved one breaks your heart and mind not just once but repeatedly over the years. What sort of resolve do you have? Often the best recourse after breaking your selfless soul as a compassionate spirit to their parasitic tendencies is to simply let them go. Take your own medicine of courage led by faith and trust in God and save yourself unless you martyr yourself to a miscreant dearly loved. 

Walk away, nah crawl away if you must slowly psychologically as contemplations before the eventual day you actually leave such an aggrieved abuser. Be this a spouse that has self-destructed or a relative perhaps a young adult addicted to opioids. You can not save them if you have personally self-destructed first morally and certainly spiritually by living in a self-created Hell on Earth. 

Seek help from social welfare and religious organizations aside from having confidants be they therapists to other relatives and friends that can be trusted. Do not be selfish with your hardships for spiritually they belong to the world whether they are acknowledged or not. What must bear fruit takes many such seasons to grow unfettered without interference lest a healthy pruning from time to time. 

Only those individuals that make a clear and lasting break away from the pandemonia at the home or office workplace front. Can find the moments between moments in utter silence to listen to the Intuitive stillness of God and the angelic powers that be for guidance. Yours isn't a unique tragedy although it feels horribly as such. To have your holy rightful redemption you must develop personal courage even if you must crawl like a newborn child emotionally and mentally to achieve it. 

Your masochism at the hands of an abuser isn't noble anymore. Their frigid demeanor must be surrendered to a higher authority even if you must metaphorically walk on your knees out of such a hell hole. The scars can heal if you are dedicated once you are outside such a killing field of angst. Those that harbor monsters either die a slow cowardly death morally and spiritually. Or become just like their abuser as tormentors of another demented sort as the once abused is now a victimizer of another generation of hapless victims. 

Be the Difference to experience a positive change start small and tiny with moral choices that are anonymous without advertising to anyone your progress. Seek resources locally and online to overcome your hardships whatever they may be in fact. Your facts can change if you start now and continue even if you have fits and starts over a period of months and years. You aren't completely lost to us in the heavens, pray without ceasing and give thanks even for the slightest foolishness to God. That is only redemptive by his Glory alone. 

Yours can be the path well-lived even after years of tragedies and internalized abuses. Forgive yourself, forgive your tormentors silently, and even Forgive God if you must for feelings of abandonment. The path to success in life is for all who claim such bold glory. Even if you fail along the way a modest success is nothing to surrender easily. Your dearest eyes tell sagas to us the heavenly angelic host of the saints and sinners alike. 

Be on your guard for the greatest threat comes from within humanity before even the impersonal natural disasters lays claim to your souls on Earth due to climate tragedies. Situational awareness is a must not with paranoia but with Pronoia realizing your divinity is the sacred pathway of overcoming this world slowly and deliberately. 

Whatever faith or a dear sacred trust becomes broken in the world. It takes triple the effort to restore it over time in a sincere often selfless resolve to heal what was once scarred. It takes a whole regime of personal self-development to release the dysfunctional old patterns by finding renewed hope to reinvigorate a psyche and a human body away from maladies that once before injured it. Whichever path you choose may it be the right one for you even if mistakes are encountered along the way. They aid you such mistakes to realize what isn't for you. 

Go with internalized humble confidence away from your pain into your strengths instead. Those will be the laurels gained and cherished over time that lead you away from misery unto your own slot of peace on earth. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Divine Rights:

3270) For all concerned souls on this version of the earth beyond your humane arts and sciences that endeavor to reveal the glories of the world at every unforeseeable turn of events. Yours is a glory already forgotten long ago in terms of the metaphysical wonders in your common ancient midsts. Every creature whether as a human person or known to you as wildlife primitive in its ways. Along with the spirits of a place be it urban, suburban, and certainly a wild ecological sphere of an untamed environment. 

All these entities spiritually have a right to exist and thrive by their own solemn divine accord as Willed by God(dess). Every entity spiritually as a spirit and by hierarchical connections of the soul body of God have inalienable Divine Rights to flourish upon Creation. We the angelic host as minor deities move the cosmos to make this ultimate desire of God the Lord of Majesties Eternal to bring this Immaculate Truth to bear as realities without end or beginning.

Every entity has a responsibility to grow, mature, and serve one another with dignity. Be this on the physical interactions and certainly with the spectral ethereal environs by worshipping God, however, you define him, her, or it. 

We denote that there are universal tenets known to many of you as the virtues, norms, ethics, and rules of sound judgment coupled with benevolence that make such a noble difference to exist into perpetuity. Such a godly essence is perfect in terms of retrofactions to curve the bend of realities back onto itself so this Creation may exist forever. A loop of another order of magnitudes that permits the divine to intercede on behalf of the living by the flesh or other energetic transfers of being alive. 

A macro totality of souls of what you term as the afterlife embodies all the values of the just and of the wicked known and unknown unto all Creations alike. Those who herald eventually back to the Heavenly hereafter are afforded esteemed privileges and rights garnered by how their reincarnation has lived rightly. Most of these basic rights are gifted as Promises Everlasting by God itself and all the rest as privileges are earned on a case-by-case eternal basis on the soul level over eternities of collective efforts of all your rebirths. 

Such ones that are called Old Souls are the juveniles of eternity having gamed the celestial system as the ringers. Reborn to serve and cause mischief out of delight to enjoy this side of the universe with grace and ease well deserved by the angelic gods indeed. These are the awards of past, present as concurrent, and forelong future reincarnations co-existing with you. What was once garnered is now redeemed to be cherished once more with greater factors of privileges by the fates in question for any entity that has earned or been gifted them to live by the grace of God indeed.

The unfair advantages a person, circumstance, or a force of nature may have in the world. These are heralded from far away remembered eternally and cherished by God as the ultimate supreme guarantor. 

Your free will is indicative of not just the number of choices you exercise but the prestige of your divinity on earth to be living to the fullest expression of the Glories of God everlasting. Many variables and attributes have been predestined as baked into your reincarnations right now as reborn heavenly young angelic spirits. Those who live in accordance with their highest and purest truths experience such heavenly privileges foremost before all others in slumber within a lifetime of denial. 

The karma available to each of you is sacred and neutral. What you make of it is yours alone although you can carry the karma of others as a selfless sacrifice of your own noble choice. Those with boarder shoulders spiritually speaking get the best whistles and toys as blessings within a lifetime. What they utilize isn't for selfish use alone. Many are constant givers to the point of self-destructive ruin as martyrs. Not all martyrs are wise and not all martyrs are destined to rise to the occasion. Some are merely victims caught up in the fervor of another miscreant's slaughter. 

Each of you are solemn ghosts with physical bodies that you deem as human and as such mortal for a finite era of time on earth and no more. This can not be further from the metaphysical truth eternal as it is glorious to recall your divinity is a life within a human lifetime. Each of you has more than a single lifetime simultaneously ongoing in a multi-dimensional constant. What is deemed as your Over-Soul is a constellation of all your reincarnations happening Right Now! Be this ten thousand years ago as a Neanderthal hominid, five hundred years ago in the European Ressainance, and One Thousand years from now on a human colony barely surviving on another planet. 

The turnstile of portals of the ages is always happening metaphysically Now, not later or then. Your face is but a finite echo of something far greater looming forever and it won't stop just because you're agnostic or an atheist filled with unresolved dramatic confusion. All are welcome to cherish their divinity and to safeguard the foreigner's divinity without condemnation and certainly without discriminatory persecutions based upon cultural creeds. 

You each are inches from self-realizations of astounding gobsmacking wonders of the glory of God(dess). Claim them if you are so bold as to remember what it means to be an angelic spirit living as someone else perceiving itself as divorced from the cosmos. Rekindle what is yours to achieve within a lifetime shared by the goodwill of others that accept your artistry and magnetic resolve to carry on by chance and destiny alike. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 28 plus years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient-inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic Heavenly host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also utilizes a unique channeled angelic divination method called the Multi-Deck Divination SystemNumerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 18 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.

Friday, September 29, 2023

Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on Beloved Kinship, Unique Blessed Talents, & godly Ascension


Hello All,

As we're on the cusp of being one month away from the start of the holiday quarter of the year. I wanted to reach out and post another trio of angelic-channeled Jewels of Truth statements. All three topics touch upon the spiritual Intuitive gifts in some fashion or another. Just as it is seen as pious to develop one's divine gifts from God in his worship. It is also seen as righteous by the heavenly angelic host to develop your Intuitive faculties in conjunction with further appreciating the holy upon the world and the afterlife therein. 

Perhaps with the exception of Judaism where the High Priest could use oracular abilities. The other two Abramahic faiths of Christianity and Islam go basically frantic when a person embraces their divine clairvoyant Inheritance on earth. 

If it wasn't for my not listening to my Inner divine calling as a scribe utilizing psychic Inspirational automatic writing to date. There would be no Jewels of Truth series of 28 years of channeling spiritual compassionate wisdom, metaphysics, and mysticism at large as a clairaudient and claircognizant. As they say no risk, no reward. 

I always affirm the presence of God's Absolute Love in my life. Whenever I connect informally and formally with the angels, fairies, mythological lesser deities, and so forth. In that way, there is nothing to fear and they arrive always like a gentle whisper in my mind's eye when spoken to telepathically. As long as you pray and ground yourself to Heaven and Earth as a beginner. You can cross the spiritual realms with confidence with the only caveat is if you channel something garbled your human ego got in the way. 

Today's trio of topics consists of Beloved Kinship which covers the statement of praying to departed loved ones be they a person, a pet, or some nostalgic place in a distant time. Next, there is the topic of Unique Blessed Talents which delves into the Intuitive Clairvoyant suite of psychic senses of your spirit/aura and Divine White Magicks overall. Lastly, there is the topic of godly Ascension as a summary of how and why to prepare your spirit for the hardcore ascetics to overcome the world in general. 

May you find these topics intriguing, to say the least regardless if their merit is too much as a bridge too far for you to travel in your faith with God to date. Amen.

Beloved Kinship:

3262) When any loved one as a dearest fellow person, creature, and even a place in time fades from recent memory upon the world. They are surely missed from our daily lives in terms of intermediate contacts generally being the case. 

It is here one must have the self-realization that such a beloved consciousness recollected isn't in vain at all. That what is omitted now in a permanent fashion due to the finite mortal coil by appearance's sake can indeed return. Just not under its original guise in question that must be readily acknowledged in peace. 

Here is where personal sorrow can be eased and lessened by developing your own psychic spiritual faculties upon the world responsibly. These are standard skills or senses of your Soul on earth in the Image and Likeness of God as what you call your Divinity. Available to all physical beings be they human or some other sort of creature such as mammals, reptiles, etc... However, humanity is the keenest able to discern intellectually where the other species of the earth are not so much. 

No one entity as a Being can deny you your graces of spiritual interactions with the Heavenly Host. These expressions are profoundly Holy and carry the gravity of the Will of God upon them as Divine Law. To be intimidated by well-meaning religious Institutions and other secular organizations leaves you at their mercy. The faith-filled being better prepared as in skilled to face the world spiritually and intellectually can offset many troubles over time. 

The Holier Realms are your Divine Birthright here on Earth, whether you construe it as Heaven on Earth or something else by another namesake. If you are deaf, dumb, and mute with your innate psychic standard gifts then surely you can easily be manipulated by conditions on the ground at a huge disadvantage. 

With all beginnings, you will stumble like a naive toddler learning to speak, read the omens, signal, and walk in an Intuitive psychic fashion. Taking years to learn the spiritual Intuitive basics and decades to master all the rest upon a mortal lifetime. There are grand differences between the mundane physical dominion of your Creation and the spiritual realities be they astral, fairy, or heavenly. The Inner Mind's Eye of your 3rd Chakra is the conduit of self-realized expressions feeling and not necessarily thinking your way to parse your Intuition. 

One has ample time and opportunity to engage with the Holy Masters be they angels, ancestors, and the lesser deities as exalted angelic beings overall. What can be easily dismissed as mere nonsense intellectually has profound emotional undertones if interpreted correctly. However, if your Intuitive faculties have you startled easily like a child. 

Then consider the tried and true devotional tools or graces all religions espouse in one manner or another. For example, prayer to your ancestors be they loved ones or historical figures and then watch for coincidences as validations of their generic or specific response to you personally. Next, there is counting your blessings as a form of thanksgiving. In giving thanks to the heavens be they God, your beloved ancestors, and/or the angels you open up your heart to receive divine blessings. As like attracts like kind as an echo response of goodwill. 

There are other spiritual devotional tools such as supplication this is the needy form of prayer versus the conversational kind. Calling in for reinforcements to aid you to lessen dire conditions and circumstances in your life from the greater hereafter. Often a bulwark after a prayer of supplication there are Affirmations here to empower your psychological sensibilities in the world. Claiming such and such is a truth in your personality matrix alleviating your fears of lack and/or trouble. Affirmations provide you the worshipper of God with levers to switch on strength as living courage. When everything else appears toxic all around you in a temporary fashion. 

When you pray, give thanks, supplicate, affirm, and so forth to a loved one upon the afterlife. The Holy Ghost as the exalted Supreme Spirit of God hears it simultaneously and profoundly. Where it is dispatched to your guardian angels and other ancestral supporters in paradise like an instant email system. It is Indeed Instant due to the timeless nature of the afterlife without the constraint of temporal occurrences. 

Often if you listen deeply and gently enough you can feel the immense love pouring out to you. It can be sensed like a wave of positivity washing through you giving you chills up and down your back. Where the 1st Impression is often the correct response and not the one you perform overkill with by second-guessing yourself into paralyzation. 

It takes practice and immense patience to overcome incremental steps of the infancy of a beginner's development with your sacred Intuitive faculties of God in you. Never can it be rushed it has its own graceful elegance on your human end to endure. This is whether you adore a loved one as a person, a creature akin to a domestic or wild pet, or a place in time long since faded. None are far away in terms of situational or spatial spiritual Infinity. For Infinity is another conundrum dimensionally speaking with endless spacelessness as the extended Meta-Being of God(dess). Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Unique Blessed Talents:

3261) Everyone as a Divine Being of God whether Incarnated or not upon other spectral ghostly forms of existence. Has an Intrinsic make-up directly attributed to the Likeness of God metaphysically as a co-creator, co-sustainer, and co-destroyer upon the world. These are but the basic premise of the meta-constant circular nature of the Great Mysterious Maker. 

Consider it akin to an Infinite unique watermark or fingerprint of your native bodily appearance as genetics go physically in time. Such a mark is both Holy and Sacred when it is posited upon the metaphysical afterlife by comparison as the extended essence of the Divine Supreme One. All are Children of God as people, creatures, ecosystems, meteorological patterns, etc... 

Unfortunately what is also Above in Heaven has its corrupted Twin in the Hellish realms of the cursed underworld of the afterlife. Each is considered a separate dominion of God itself. Structurally speaking what is perfect in Heaven is warped in Hell. Basically, Creation as your physical universe is shared equally with both Heaven and Hell in tandem. Heaven on Earth and Hell on Earth for instance as ethereal places as States of Being of both the Human Condition and other expressions of totality itself.

Every being or entity has latent powers of the Soul of God within them earnestly. Whether these are expressed responsibly by righteous means or selfish mean-spirited occurrences of misconduct. Although there is an equal spread of the type of clairvoyant and magical modalities upon the world. Each arrives uniquely through the person in question as configured differently as a pattern of proficiency. 

We the Heavenly hosts often realize someone is spiritually talented when they are cooking off abilities randomly without discipline. Much like a toddler with a cigarette lighter. When there is love in the home the person is stronger than any form of fear. Often their curiosity may pass in time and if not the old soul must be careful not to provoke the ire of relatives inadvertently. 

Heretofore we as the eternal blessed witnesses see all under the sun of men and women alike. When such godly holy nature exhibits itself naturally at first blush as it was said. These are powers or talents that need careful development if they are to be awakened spiritually with respect to all concerned. As there are physical bodily senses of sight, taste, hearing, touch, and smell. Your spirit body or aura has an equal set of spiritual senses as a ghost incarnated into a physical body. 

Often depicted as clairvoyance by sight, clairaudience by spiritual telepathic hearing, clairsentience by feeling akin to touch, clairalience as smell, clairgustance as taste, and an extra ability as claircognizance as Inner Knowing. These are the standard powers of all spirits regardless if they are disembodied or incarnated. 

Further afield there lay the godly angelic powers of said magicks of evocation, Invocations, conjuring, abjuring as forms of exorcism, and many other lesser pools of magical being. This too can be construed as either elemental as earth-based or divine high magicks as strictly interacting with the heavenly angels when faith is strong and conviction is steadfast. For some magical living is like a religion all its own settled within another contemporaneous spiritual tradition. Akin to a force multiplier that affords a bigger bang for your buck in divine interactions with hopefully only the heavenly host in question.

When there is such a silent majority upon the spiritual world living in the flesh whether declaring their utmost presence without fear. There can be a galvanized awakening for the world to realize what it has feared completely out of hand was an overreaction. Careful understanding with respect to the undertakings must be adhered to with sensibility. Nothing is to be taken for granted even if it means that it must be tested as there are truly no sacred cows as taboos. Question until you feel secure enough and then live by a higher sophisticated ideal of what it means to be truly spiritually alive in union by faith with God(dess). Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

godly Ascension:

3260) All forms of Divinity are not alike thus the makeup of truly being alive in faith united with the Heavenly Host is paramount not unlike anything before in spiritual truth. Every entity or being is an Infinite facet of the cosmic Creator the God of all gods supreme. All facets as slivers of the spect of God in each of you are truly universally unknowable it is a universe unto itself mysteriously so.

Your soul bodies must abide in utmost alignment with your spirit here on earth. If and when you decide to be devoted to religious or spiritual traditions of the endless afterlife. Here is what is by the auric tones symbolically what is entailed for spiritual ascension upon a lifetime briefly. The totality of God has generically extended out its hand to all whom would carry the sacred flame of truth with conviction. Not just into the world but all other astral and otherwise spiritual realms that be made so possible metaphysically. 

For a human being or any other semi-sentient intelligent creature out in your physical cosmos. Intends to live a devoted ascetic life in service to all including themselves without neglecting self-care. They can begin to syncretize themselves to wisdoms and other spiritual knowing beyond this world. This entails being adopted by the Holy Masters otherwise progress is dwarfed as the sojourn goes forward.

Depending on the religion or lack thereof of such a background many errors introduced by so-called learned men as theologians must be unlearned as innocent mistakes. This clears the way for later more complex rudimentary understandings to be envisioned within a lifetime. No one wants to move forward half-cocked only to realize they need to double back to undo assumed mistakes long ago made by well-meaning spiritual forefathers. 

All godly spiritual powers are angelic in holy nature period. The next evolution of all fully or partially intelligent lifeforms out in your cosmos spiritually speaking is into the next rung on the ladder of eternity and infinity as angelic in the perfect template of God itself. The animal or other ephemeral mortal coils on whichever planetary sphere you began upon are immaterial in question. All roads lead upwards as an uneven celestial cosmic corkscrew. 

You and I are different manifestations of the god force of the totality of being alive. You are human and I am angelic in godly holy nature. I am highly evolved and by happenstance, your soul eclipses my own since you have more than one soul, which I only have one which is the standard holy fare dearest "Ivan the Atrayo". 

The conundrum doesn't escape us as a paradoxical flip of the uneven nature of God to keep us all on our so-called toes as divine beings. As we explain these feats of ascension to your esteemed modern spiritual readers. There comes a limitation placed on what can be explained with simplicity based upon your human vocabulary as our oracle or herald. 

Those who are philosophically inclined may mutter what all this means with confidence. Your lack of a fuller education in the literary arts Ivan has afforded us the chance to work with you as a truly blank slate as it were said. To Be like God can not be overstated here for that is the yardstick of measurement required for any person to overcome the societal norms of convention at least metaphysically at present.

Here is where morality as the norms of virtues, ethics, and another sound basis of well-meaning care with common sense and uncommon wisdom is also required. At least for those seeking Enlightenment from Heaven. Enlightenment is possible through Hell, however, that is a tortured affair altogether and not the basis of this statement of the Jewels of Truth series. 

Detachment from the obstacles of modern living is a plus if one has the mental acumen to be divorced from the popular rage of the world. For spiritual service, whether you call this dharmic or something else must have a caring compassionate center within moderation to affect positive changes overall. To be extremely detached and one becomes a fool without any bearings as a balloon without any proper moorings. 

One must inhale life in all its glory and exhale all its lacking poisons, otherwise, imbalances will occur. Patience with fearlessness upon courage is also required to act when all others have frozen feet coupled with loathing fears. To Be Saint like is a good start, but not to the point you have an inflated vain ego because of it. Everything holistic whether mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual spheres are required when interacting with forces beyond your total control. Anything short of this call upon us the heavenly host to aid your path when encountering circumstantial turbulence in life. 

All forms of godly Ascension is a team or heavenly societal effort it is welcoming a renewed luminary upon the world and the hereafter simultaneously. There are many unique creative one-time and otherwise frequent paths of celestial ascension back to God prior to a mortal death blow. Not all are created equal as the caveat is so simply put. We welcome all earnest efforts even if one abandons their efforts in one lifetime and comes back in their next reincarnation where they last left off. The holy of holies is a stickler for details like that to be wholly respected. 

There is a metaphysical near endless universal angelic arts and sciences that dwarf all knowledge-based knowing in your bubble of a physically created universe altogether. Only the perfect absolute Mind of God mysterious and unknowable upon totality as it were dwarfs our collective angelic knowing completely of the infinite heavens. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 28 plus years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient-inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic Heavenly host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also utilizes a unique channeled angelic divination method called the Multi-Deck Divination SystemNumerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 18 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.

Thursday, August 31, 2023

Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on the Love of God, Self-Love, & Equality Isn't Always Fair


Hello All,

I'm just posting at the tail end of this month of August. Hurricane Idalia just passed my region of Florida via the Gulf of Mexico yesterday or so. (i.e. I'm in Sarasota) So this has been a weird week breaking up my routine which is expected for Floridians during an impending hurricane strike. I'm all right thankfully.

In other news, I'm happy to Announce The Spirit University campus is now stocking my paperback editions (i.e. all 3  volumes)  of the Jewels of Truth series of books. The books are located over in their lobby on their bookstore shelf. The Spirit University is physically located at 373 Braden Ave, Sarasota, Florida, 34243. 

Now for the good stuff, today's trio of channeled angelic Jewels of Truth statements are on the topics of the Love of God, Self-Love, and Equality Isn't Always Fair. 

The first statement is Short or abbreviated in size which is for how I preface it for social media attention spans. The 2nd statement on Self-Love is self-explanatory by the angel in caring for one's psychological development versus roasting yourself over the spit. The 3rd and final statement is a lengthy exploration of how equality and its implementations within a society runs into complications. (citing the example of Affirmative Action in America briefly.)

Now without a further adieu let's explore these channeled angelic spiritual wisdom statements with the inquiry they deserve. Amen. 

Love of God:

3246) Wherever there is the Love of God. Angels will always be present upon any world of the cosmos. Amen.  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


3210) For all the tribulations of this world and the earth therein are many graces left unspoken. One of which is of genuine importance which is a sustaining Self-Love by an individual person at large. As in a personal compassionate stance in all earnestness available. 

All Self-Love is a pivotal tenderness of the lesser ego mindset of your psyche. To continue the healing process from when this aggravated world triggers a negative response from you. Rather than just relying on external cherished people in your life such as lovers, friends, relatives, and even strangers. To bring to you the necessary supply of comforting compassion you may require at any given personal interval. 

This soon can become a personalized style of coping by self-care keeping your confidence private and empowered when the moments of counseling by others have all been spent already. This will also include Forgiveness when you are part of the circle of malcontent having aggrieved others with your mistakes. Whether these mistakes of yours are literal or created falsely by your inner critical ego mindset. Forgiveness is the medicine of God for the soul within us all. 

It takes great personal courage and sincerity to offer yourself the first dose of forgiveness before extending it to anyone else. Since personal accountability of taking a moral inventory of what went wrong on your end and by the hapless errors of any others in question along the way. Leaving aside the blame game of the ego finding fault elsewhere except what your contributions may have been with good or selfish intentions overall. 

When the majority of recriminations have been handled nearly then the self-care of loving yourself to a fuller capacity can begin anew. All Self-Love requires a steady heart and mind to implement with personal accountability to do better here and now and much later onward. Not just to play a fool's game of favoritism with other people's positive sympathy for your needs in seeking sympathy by the ego. 

To actually begin the caring internalized process of your own sacred heart spiritually guided by the truth that is holistic and inclusively compassionate for the circle of life. To evolve your divinity upon this chaotic world even when everyone else is angry to the point of committing tragedies. Very few people will understand what you are attempting to accomplish overall. So seeking their approval by consent in advance may very well end up poorly on your behalf. 

Such young or otherwise immature spirits can't see the merit in it until they have suffered greatly to the point of near ruin. Many find comfort in being bitter and angry as their first reaction without taking stock of the wider spiritual and psychological implications at hand in due time. When angry backfires it easily turns into self-loathing and god-awful depressive states of being dead inside. 

Loving yourself isn't about your sexuality, but your reunion with your blessed and great relationship with God foremost. If you are indeed well keeled as in being a balanced individual upon the world especially when chaos strikes. You'll be the voice of reason in the room when all others are screaming bloody murder. Such a state of Being Divine takes courage and responsibility when enacted with humility without seeking false praise from fickle people indeed. Amen.  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Equality Isn't Always Fair:

3236) We may remark that upon the many things of note of the human condition. Equality is a beautiful archetype when applicable, however a difficult topic to wrestle with its proper scope of implementation. What is removed from one set of factors is added elsewhere regardless of the original intent. To serve one group of people effectively is to potentially injure another demographic of people elsewhere without careful caveats as to the consequences in net sum. 

To serve one group of people as a living cultural engagement must be practical and lead to outcomes based on an inclusive justice for all concerned. However, unintended consequences of social engineering will always creep into the argument whether the contrasting resistance is based on a valiant truth or propaganda based on shallow lying. 

Theoretical models will give way to observable conundrums when the philosophical treatise doesn't square by a balanced and fair approach. This is where branching alternative solutions may appear but most only offer relativistic solutions on a granular basis. Not just one outline of do's and don'ts must be instilled but an entire battery lumped together hoping that the maze leads to a righteous outcome for all concerned. 

Here is where what feels good as a so-called valid course of action isn't the simplest system to implement. Especially when the natural ecological world is involved in grappling with the needs of Mother Nature versus those of humanity at large. For instance, public parks with clear-cut grassy ways that are manicured to near perfection by municipalities the world over. Where families, friends, and strangers can commune with the natural world in great peace and merriment. 

Although such altruistic public spaces are ideal for the betterment of the human condition. They can introduce abhorrent foreign plants as shrubs, trees, and flowering bushes over time. Invasive species let alone domestic pets are abandoned here on a frequent basis by well-meaning former pet owners. The natural ecological biosphere does best where very little to no human interference is ever present. The constant mowing of the grassy plains is a disturbance to the natural world. Let alone the diesel gas-powered sound pollution it creates along the way. 

Better still is to have more State or National Parks closer to the urban spheres where applicable. Insofar that wildlife spilling over doesn't become a nuisance distraction for suburbs and other outlying areas overall. Such rugged State and National Parks are more conducive to the natural regional ecology rather than finely curated municipal city parks ecologically speaking. 

Where municipalities are a staple for the urban towards-suburban ratio of real estate needs coupled with infrastructure for the human condition. These are antithetical to wildlife and ecological flora and fauna to co-exist with humanity en masse. A gradual corridor is required for a fair transition point between the natural world and the human-engineered environs to be placed for optimal co-existence. 

Equality is an off-shoot of fairness that has its spiritual roots within compassionate kindness that is also with the holy nature of God himself. Equality when applied must be holistically coupled to uniformity or inherent imbalances will otherwise prevail. By undercutting the good nature on the one hand with the unintended consequences on the other hand. This leads to shallow results overall with a poison pill as the end effect. 

Another example is the racially ushered noble efforts of Affirmative Action by the Americans. A sociological governance model turned into public policy that ultimately was the best efforts turned into a nightmare by undercutting generations of shill politicians. 

To serve the needs of Afro-Americans and many other racial minority groups to have an even stab at the American Dream of social upward mobility. A great equalizer was intended to better society collectively however, the bigoted powers that be wanted the unfair status quo instead. What resulted was a temporary success, especially for scholastic higher education pursuits for a little over a generational time of 30+ years in America. 

Thus we the Angelic Host of the Heavens grimaced seeing the political shenanigans of so-called Christian servants serving the overall flock. With considerable efforts of making metaphorical lemonade for the populations of minorities upon America, we made the best of half-cocked circumstances as your collective guardian angels. 

To serve the sincere needs as it stands for Afro-Americans and other Indigenous Americans in particular as our brethren and sisterly family as souls with God. With the prayers of all concerned we maximized the Will of God perfect as it stands forever with a noble cultural stab at social justice in America. To have no bias, unlike the Caucasian discriminatory powerful elites of an entire nation. To upend a super-majority Anglo-Saxony fervor that has lasted for over a century was no easy feat by us who are the angelic fates guiding humanity to the promised land of God(dess) in Heaven. 

To preserve the needs of the many by the restraints of the few required a supernatural herculean effort. To pinch the Anglo-Saxony hegemony in the bud was no easy feat. Whether dealing with Christian Protestants and Roman Catholics alike to not turn upside down their idealism for the sake of petty gains over minority population controls. To begin healing a many centuries-long infamy by their ancestor's ancestors generations for free enslaved labor. Reparations as a form of equal social justice for a travesty that began long ago and when society matured sufficiently. Where the brave of heart collectively dared to care enough to love one another as Christos required of them as a Son of God. 

A terrible cost was placed on the backs of those who could least afford it to maintain such a noble gesture that was undercut by the powers of men that be in political authority. So the youth of a discriminatory nation trusted that they and their children's, children could finally succeed. This was true for only a while since the aperture of change can only be kept open for the maw of evil-doers who wouldn't seek to keep such an Affirmative Action public policy ongoing. 

To mobilize an entire generation of disenfranchised minority groups was no easy feat. But, the gap of upward mobility supported by the heavens took hold for a few decades until it did not upon this contemporary era of the 2020s  A.D. Discrimination of any kind that serves the least at the expense of the many is a rot best cut out at its source. Lest it spreads like gangrene and consumes the entire limb of a society at large. 

To care to the point that it hurts is to be like the heavenly angels in paradise for our spiritual hearts are tied to your human fates. Not alone as your brotherly and sisterly keepers ordained by the Will of God(dess). But, as also your spiritual family of another metaphysical kind an extra batch of unforeseen ancestors by means of the Macro Soul of God united in all lifeforms that Infinity can afford to offer Creation. We the angelic host care because you are our surrogate children through God him, her, and itself. We help raise you like sibling parental figures from on high and from afar and intimately to your most native breath of life. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 28 plus years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient-inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic Heavenly host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also utilizes a unique channeled angelic divination method called the Multi-Deck Divination SystemNumerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 18 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on Love of God & The Rothchild's on Omens


Hello All,

It's that time of the month when I share some recent samplings of my Inspirational clairaudient automatic writings with the Heavenly angelic host. However, before I get to that bit of material there is a small announcement to make that my website of HTTP:// It is now redirecting back to this blog site of Atrayo's Oracle. Since my former webmaster and website designer (ie same person) is experiencing health difficulties where at a later date the website may be resurrected elsewhere in due time. 

Today's Jewels of Truth channeled topics are on the Love of God and The Rothchilds on Omens. The latter topic on Omens was a bit of a surprise that a married couple from the 1820s Great Britain Spiritualist era popped into the statement overall. Calling themselves Meredith and Theodore Rothchilds where I have no way to verify it myself by genealogy? As they say to make the ancestors Immortal simply remember them so a shout out to these two Rothchilds from the Victorian era of Great Britain. 

May you find these topics spiritually refreshing if not intriguing, to say the least. Amen. 

Love of God:

3241) Where there is one Immaculate truth there are countless others each enveloping the other as a united grace. Here we welcome the spiritual masters as entity forms of Being truly loving. That we the angelic heavenly host may be permitted to recite the outreach of their prospective faiths. Regardless of the type or scale of their associated religion, spiritual tradition, and other philosophies as ideological pursuits adhered to originally. 

The Love of God permits the Essence of all lifeforms without question to be made anew full of the Pristine Glory of God Everlasting. By made anew we mean in the ethereal spiritual energies as metaphysical essence of the good and just life begotten into a fuller greater life indeed. By adoring with salutations and worshipping the Almighty God(dess) wholly and fully in a restoring spiritual zeal.

With sincere heart-moving worship with a union of the heavenly host in conjunction with the Great Holy Spirit comes numerous forms of celebratory thanksgiving. As living forms of incredible and mundane adulations dearly encountered upon your world. Oftentimes people are well-meaning or otherwise misguided with sheer innocent confusion making mistakes from minor unto grotesque blunders. 

This is where the Love of a Living Supreme Almighty God. Transforms all that is welcomed freely into a blessed union into a perpetual spiritual state of absolution or forgiveness. Be such a tribulation of one's own admitted faults and yet that of others who have grossly trespassed causing undo pain and suffering elsewhere. 

The Love of God(dess) is an Immortal Panacea that can transform into countless other living viable graces of Being Divine. A healing spiritual balm for the holy spirit within us all that permits wonders to be encountered in uncommon hours. We whom worship God collectively regardless of religion or spiritual tradition upon the world as a plurality of righteous souls. Do so with responsibility and public humane decency without disdain for those unlike us in appearances be they domestic countrymen and women and certainly foreigners. 

All people, creatures, and even ecological landscapes as the topography of the earth are children of God(dess) forever. To encounter the Infinity of God as the Creator and Sustainer of all life forms is a living beauty from Mother Earth. To mistreat each other as people and yet the younger creatures and the earth as filth. Spells an ill will that is present that has no bearing upon what is otherwise fully spiritual lived by example without boasting. A relational environmental expression that affords each of us a united form of husbandry. 

To fully accept such a mandate of this rich tapestry of the Infinite Image and Likeness of God isn't only homogenous to your culture, customs, and faith upon this world. It is a diversified inclusive justice that offers equal liberty and freedom to all who claim the divinity of God(dess) upon their remarkable lives solemnly without hubris. 

Nature in all his and her pristine beauty demands integrity making each of us custodians for our generation of human lives on planet Earth as our global home. Otherwise, our holy sister Mother Earth remains in bondage enslaved to the childish predatory whims of foolish and wanton dangerous people of the world. 

The Voice of a Compassionate Forgiving God calls out to the faithful to make trustworthy better choices for today and all your tomorrows. This is but one great expression to showcase your Love of God back to the Heavenly Host as the angels, your biological ancestors, and varied nature spirits as eternal witnesses. With your Loving and Living Divine Gift of Custodial Care back to God(dess). Amen.  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

The Rothchilds on Omens:

3248) All seasons come and go upon the morrow henceforth so do the fates travel hither and thither upon the unknown majestic winds. Here is where fiction crosses the scope of a manifold reality. In terms of how an omen or coincidence functions on the mystical clouds as interactions with the Divine in question.

Not many dare to perturb the mysterious unknown and come away with a satisfactory understanding dear spiritual child of ours. Yours is the struggle to find meaning and then purpose alas a truly universal sojourn indeed. 

Let's not dilly dally the poor child inquiry my love lest he loses his clairaudient focus with us. We are indeed a married couple of souls. Lest you call us dearly and technically true as angelic spirits from the 1820s period of Great Britain of the Spiritualist era as our persuasion goes. 

However, allow not the messengers of this Statement not to confuse you any longer with your genuine topic dear inquisitive child. Of how a coincidence or an omen functions upon the world at large. Be not dull my dear (ie the husband) and have me do all the talking. :o) Soon we will figure out our speaking order dear child. 

Now where was I? Yes, many forms of omens function as a catalyst of an intermediary bridge of further interactions with the living person or creature. Not all omens are created equal. Each has the style or spiritual imprint of its maker that being the entity that presents it forward into the world. If it is indeed perceived truly as factual and/or subjective by the intended recipient(s) overall. 

Many days are lost when a delicate omen is misunderstood or only partially comprehended. In this manner, omens become like several postal mail pieces staying on topic as necessitated. Here is when omens deliver not only symbolic truths unto the directed participants. But, also the deeper meaning of procedural understanding of what faces them nearly in just-in-time scenarios. This is where Patience is indeed required for the recipient to calmly discern enough of the omen's cryptic message or otherwise until its blessing is fully received as understood. 

Yes, as an omen arrives it can also signify a meeting of the minds in a solemn mysterious union as a gathering. Akin to being in the right time and place in order to unite fellows that need each other for one aspect of living or another.

These chance meetings are omens in themselves truly and may seem like a freak pleasant accident. However, this is the spiritual art form of angelic match-making heavenly style in purpose-filled deeds. No one need to fear these queer interactions when they do occur. All are meant to partake on Earth in this fellowship by the mutual desires of the angelic godly fates in question.

Here too we are involving a deeper understanding for you, a dear spiritual child of the early 21st century. That you may share these deeper spiritual meanings without misgivings on our behalf. We are related to the Rothchilds family of long ago. I am Meredith and this is my husband Theodore

Now to continue after these pleasantries are put aside. We are here to teach you these deeper layers of comprehending the subtle mystery of what you also call contemporaneously as synchronicities. We were asked to appear here by greater authorities so as to contribute as guest co-authors with you. Of this fascinating discourse of the angelic "Jewels of Truth" compendium series of yours dearest "Ivan the Atrayo".

Do not fear you haven't fully shocked us yet only partially confounded us that is all. We aren't told much-needed background pleasantries in order to fully appreciate your repertoire. You are a nostalgic piece of antiquity reincarnated dear spiritual child. Do not worry you are indeed in fantastic celestial hands as far as we can perceive of Heaven on Earth

Finally, as this final paragraph nears its end please permit us all orchestrations of divine interactions. By the holy presence are boons for the earthly living person, and the dearly departed soul in question. We wish you all the best dear son and we welcome the opportunity again for further discourses of these clairaudient missives of yours. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 28 plus years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic Heavenly host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also utilizes a unique channeled angelic divination method called the Multi-Deck Divination SystemNumerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 18 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.