Sunday, October 28, 2007

Jewels of Truth Quotations & Favorite Quotes Of The Day

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Here is another three of my own authored material for your enjoyment.


804) Sex without orgasm is empty. In so much that life needs love to survive. Conviction without merit is meaningless, there are no in-betweens. We must either soar with a zeal or we fade into the neutral gray background of the status quo. We each define our lives differently, but we all experience it universally. We need to bind ourselves together so that we can unleash the living dynamic soul within us. Otherwise we fade without merit or a lovely muse to guide us onward. Amen. ---Ivan / Atrayo.

805) One does not change the world, the world changes you. It all depends how we flow with or against conformity. Do we stand out and do the truth or do we buckle and collapse into the homogeneous dust around us? There is a choice that is awkward but sublime, or no choice at all that makes the decision on our behalf. Do we become, or do we get acted upon? Do we allow the tempest within to shine, or do we throw the drapes on this performance as a curtain call?
What is our next move, and the one after that? Do we become rigid or bend like the wind to allow ourselves to be molded by the great artist within, we call God(dess) the maker. Amen. ---Ivan / Atrayo.

806) We know of miracles, but we forget constantly. Treating them as if they never happened, where skeptics demand proof of this or that. Cynics will never be placated to, there mind or bias is already set firmly into there foundation of comprehension. Cynics should not be ignored lest they become entrenched in their ideology. Neither should cynics be embraced as equals, due to the fact that they are evolving much like ourselves. Miracles are for the unconditional mindset guarded by moderate conduct. Those of conditional mindset are open or susceptible to half-truths or plain lies. Miracles are full of awe and majestic authority. Cynics are not and this is the simple truth. Amen. ---Ivan / Atrayo.


Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat. ---F. Scott Fitzgerald.

God always provides what we need, but we must be ready to open our eyes and see it. --The Midrash.

As you go, proclaim the good news, 'The kingdom of heaven has come near." ---Matthew 10:7.

My Whereabouts...

Hello All,

Sorry for the lack of updates to my blog site. Since for the past 4 months or so i had stepped up to lead a gamer's guild (club) through the beta periods of "Tabula Rasa". (an MMO game retailing 11/02/07)

On top of that i finally got off my duff and I'm having my first volume in paperback and e-book form of "Jewels of Truth" to be published. This first volume will consist of 365 of my own authored spiritual wisdom based proverb like quotations.

I'll notify all of you when it's published and where you can purchase a copy if you so choose to do so.

Regards, Ivan / Atrayo.

Humanatrian Concept: Veteran Service Force

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This concept of mine is about re-utilizing veterans of all past / present conflicts of the world. Where as a direct opposite to a mercenary force. To a humanitarian force of recruited veterans to serve as aid workers or Peace Keepers in the worlds troubled hot spots.

Often veterans of all nations are often misunderstood or worse discarded as if they were a spent ammo cartridge. Here in America we're notorious for discarding people in a consumer like mentality. Our burgeoning homeless populations is largely made up of veterans that we have conveniently forgotten. Let alone being the largest prison nation of the world with over 2 million inmates and counting.

I having reverence for military service personnel of all past conflicts. Would like to see them healed in spirit, for what nations gave them authority to commit in the name of Peace & Justice.

I would like nations again to invoke the names of Peace & Justice for all of our veterans to be able to service in a volunteer task force initiative. It could be offered by a NGO (non governmental organization) for veterans of all nations that are of able mind and body. To service as aid workers if not Peace Keepers in the troubled hot spot conflict area's of the world.

Our veterans like it or not are already hardwired in spirit for conflict. Many unfortunately left a portion of their souls in past battlefields. As a form of therapeutic service by allowing veterans to serve in similar troubled areas but not as soldiers, but as humanitarians. Without being directly in the line of fire, but relatively close to it they can cope and hopefully heal in body, spirit, and mind.

Of course these veterans deployed overseas will be accompanied by mental health care practitioners to help them in reintegrating their past trauma into a form of redemption.

For those veterans who are severally physically disabled can also serve. But not in direct deployments like they're other veteran counter-parts. Those of a physically or severely mental handicap can serve as logistical or administrative support roles to those in deployments.

So area's like the Congo, Darfur province in Sudan, or elsewhere can serve with dignity as aiding humanitarians.

Monday, October 01, 2007

School Budgeting Concept: Cut School Busing From 4th Graders On Up

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In the climate of continued revenue short falls for public school districts across the nation. That is a symptom of other fiscal monetary crisis's that will surely occur in America. The signs are evident be it the first nation to spend a Trillion Dollars and going into a regional Middle East war campaign. The US Dollar currency valuation in thirty year lows. China owning 25% of the US debt at around 8 Trillion dollars and growing. The writing is on the wall across our society but like a highly caffeinated society we're in denial or distracted.

My suggestion is to reduce or cut down on public school district busing. Only for those over the 4th grade ages on up from Elementary unto High Schools. Those that are 3rd graders and below including disabled students will continue to receive public school busing as usual.

What this will save for the public school districts is fuel costs, less drivers & mechanics, retire older high maintenance buses, close down certain bus depots, etc... The solution for public school students to continue arriving to school is to receive "Student Passes" from the school board to be used on local Public Transit systems. Problem students who act like fools on these transit county buses will be kicked off just like they're adult counter-parts. A few incidents like these would force the juveniles to act like adults or start to use a bicycle.

The excess buses in the school fleet can be auctioned off. Besides being used for certain county events or emergency excavations.

Another less radical alternative is to start charging parents for school busing by passing on the costs to the parents. Of course like breakfast free or reduced lunches in public schools. There can be free or reduced cost school busing for those school children eligible due to low income parents.

In directly this could force more students to attend a Virtual School Academy similar to what the State of Florida offers.

Florida Virtual Academy:

Something has to give in this growing climate of budget shortfalls. Due to the fact that public schools are a form of Socialistic education in a Capitalistic society.

Movie Concept: Beevis & Butthead (Non-Animated) Comedy Movie

Hello All,

With the recent string of moronic comedic movies being churned out by Hollywood these days. Why not develop a comedy based movie on the mid 1990's MTV generation of "Beevis & Butthead"?

Of course this wouldn't be an animated movie like the recent televised series that aired back in the day. It would be portrayed with live actors much like the recent portrayal of Eon Flux action movie. Which was also an animated action series from said MTV in those 30 minute spots.

Now which comedic actors would be the one's to cast as the moronic teenage duo? Who can best play "Cornholio"? Perhaps Mike Myers from his antics in "Wayne's World", or is he not still worthy? Drew Carey was Mike Myers side kick during "Wayne's World" back in those Saturday Night Live days. There can be Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson filling those teenage antic roles.

Since if the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy directed by Peter Jackson can miniaturize adult actors into Hobbits. Than modern camera technology can certainly make a well known adult comedian into a snot nosed teenager of the ilk of Beevis & Butthead.

Military Concept: Add Inflatable Belly Fuselage Airbag To The Osprey V-22

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Just the other day I was reading the latest issue of Time magazine. Where the cover story was regarding the glitches of the "Bell Boeing V-22" (Osprey) Marine corps aircraft for troop and equipment transport. Since the Osprey V-22 is now starting to see combat operations duty in Iraq, if not Afghanistan.

The article was describing in how when the Osprey V-22 is in helicopter mode it is in a precarious spot. From 150 ft. downward as its two turbine engines are rotating into airplane mode. The danger would be in helicopter mode would be a fatal "Belly Flop" if it lost power, an engine, or hostile fire causing it to crash.

My concept is to add to the belly of the Osprey aircraft a similar airbag that the NASA Mar's Rover utilized. How many of you remember that rendered video from NASA regarding the Mars Rover coming into planetary reentry. Where before landfall the packaged drone inflated with multiple balloons and bounced several times to the ground to avoid a destructive impact of the payload.

If something like NASA's airbag unit for the payload of the Mars Rover can be applied to the belly of the Osprey V-22. It can save numerous lives of the crew if not and passengers or salvageable payloads. Of course the inflatable airbag system tucked into the fuselage belly of the Osprey would only discharge in a helicopter mode emergency. Be it on land or over water as an air cushion to absorb as much G-Force impact as it can for the 150 Ft. and lower downward crash.