Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fund Raiser Concept: Gamers Tournament Marathon

Hello All,

I've got to thinking once more what if a typical gamer's tourney (tournament) was applied as a charity fund raiser system.

The common gamers tournament of today consists basically of individuals or teams of gamers competing head to head. For a cash prize or other sorts of prizes backed by a corporate sponsor(s).

Taking that gamers tournament model and converting it into a fund raising event wouldn't be much of a stretch. Where the overall scores of all participants during this gamer's marathon tournament. Can be formulated into a cash value equivalent that is matched by the corporate sponsor(s).

So for example where multiple gamer teams compete head to head during a all day event. The net total of the winning team scores from the entry level, semi-finals, and finals is tabulated and converted to a cash equivalent value. Not that much different on how many Java based games today give tokens today as a virtual reward versus a cash one.

In such a gamers tournament marathon for a fund raiser. Be it the: March of Dimes, St. Judes Children Hospital, Make a Wish Foundation, etc... The corporate sponsor(s) can agree to pay a baseline donation if the tournament scores are lack luster. However if they exceed the baseline arranged in advance much like a "Jerry Lewis" type of telethon of raising a certain amount of cash. (in this case score value). The corporate sponsor(s) will pay a matching amount to whatever the overall winning teams net score will be.

Of course corporate sponsor(s) can go beyond just cash donations to donated goods or services likewise to a charity event.