Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Consumer Media Retailer Prediction & Concept: "NetFlix Has New Moves"

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Today's business forecast regarding "NetFlix" is more of a given already in terms of a trend. Now that "Blockbuster" has been sold off in a bankruptcy auction to "Dish Network Corp" for a mere $320 million dollars. The days of the video rental bricks and mortar stores are over. Much the same way that "Best Buy" gained market share when its chief rival "Circuit City" collapsed. (Circuit City, is now a shadow of its former self as a E-Retailer online) So "NetFlix" and "Red Box" will now gobble up what "Blockbuster" has surrendered in market share via its consumer base.

I have two probable concepts that "NetFlix" could pursue to gain additional subscribers and thus market share.

First, "NetFlix" to partner via an agreement with any one of the major Hollywood movie studio's. To do a movie theater simultaneous Super Release of a AAA blockbuster movie across America. NetFlix, could agree to stream the super release film for a period of two weeks to its own subscribers. Where during this period "NetFlix" will be offering new and former subscribers sign-up member deals to increase its consumer base. NetFlix, could also offer sweepstakes and contests to its existing members. As an incentive to rent / stream such a AAA blockbuster super release featured film.

Yes, this may very well eat into movie box office revenue. But, it may very well indicate to the movie studios that consumer behavior in viewing such media is shifting. Be it to hand held devices to home entertainment systems that the viewing quality is just as good, if not better in some house holds than within a movie theater. Just as the video rental stores are mostly dinosaurs ala "Blockbuster". So it may be the case with movie theaters in regards as to how consumers wish to view media programming. Nonetheless, the movie studios and "NetFlix" will gain sufficient consumer demographic research if such a deal went through for both parties. NetFlix, for its part can offer such a AAA movie blockbuster super release in the regular 2D and the fancier 3D formats to its subscribers.

After the limited 2 week super release that "NetFlix" can secure from a movie studio. Only available by streaming and not the mail delivery of DVD's or Blu Ray discs. Which will only occur when the regular cycle begins many months later for a DVD / Blu Ray consumer retail release.

Second, "NetFlix" can expand its media programming catalog to include TV & Movies from Latin America. Particularly starting with Mexico, which is the Mecca for Latin American "Soap Opera's" worldwide. TV programming such as this will gain Hispanic eyeballs be it here in the United States. And, eventual market expansions into Central and South America. Ideally if a co-branding could occur with Mexico's "Unvision" TV channel. Which has TV stations across the United States chiefly the States of: Florida, Texas, California, and New York. That would be an additional boon in gaining access to their TV media catalogs of past or present TV programming.

The Hispanic audiences here in the United States will only continue to rise as a consumer demographic. Be it for generations of American Hispanics or others from abroad living here within the United States. Where if "NetFlix" began catering to them as well it will only gain subscribers and perhaps market share within Latin America.

Both of these concepts as noted above are potential directions that "NetFlix" could pursue. In order to expand its membership base of subscribers and to continue growing its market share favorably. Nonetheless "NetFlix" will continue gaining ground now that it has no equals amongst its rivals as it stands currently.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jewels of Truth Statements & Favorite Quotes of The Month

Hello All,

Here is our next trio of "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statements seeing the light of day for the first time. These were written back in March 2009 and are on the topics of: Intuition, Pain, and Souls.

Also, this month I'll share more than a trio of favorite quotes of the month. Since it seems I've collected a bunch for this entry to share with all of you.
The favorite quotes of the month are the ones that speak to me on many levels. Which showcases the works and inherent wisdom from other notable souls, whether from our past or present days.



930) The Holy Spirit speaks to us all with gentle nudges and notions. In a generalized sort of way by the simplest terms possible in creation. Such manners of speaking are not uncommon for the youth and old alike to listen through their own intuition. For as much we seek thorough and detailed responses from our heavenly host. There is always the common denominator that is simplest to understand by sharing with open minds and hearts. For without an open mind and heart there is no intuition whatsoever. There would only be guile and self-deception led by the ego as a reckless behavior. So guard your mind when listening to your intuition. That you are not listening to the false you via your ego or vanity. The distinction is always crystal clear if you know what to look for in communication with your highest self.

When communing with your soul it will always be a gentle nudge or whisper. Not a rash argumentative response that is commonly found in your inner critic. That is the first sign in seeking your authentic intuition. The next step is to to stay calm and not rush through the connection. By establishing an internal rhythm you will follow your own cadence or pace to your highest self. The last step is to be open to all that is holy, sacred, benevolent, and most of all divine to appear. Only by offering the welcome mat to the blessed, will they who are your Angelic guardians come in abundance in your life. Be open to their suggestions, beyond your selfish resistance. Allow your false ego self to melt like an ice cube before the rays of the sun. Where your frozen heart and mind will become fluid like the running waters of eternal life. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

931) For those with a heavy heart release your pain to the "Holy Spirit" within the very fiber of your soul. By doing so invites the grandeur and mystery of God's own compassion into your personal life. It also allows your personal emotional pain to be processed by the "Divine Wind", which will transform your pain into a personal triumph. Surrender your pain to God and surrender the tendency to suffer alone. Give yourself permission to release such burdens onto him who cares for you constantly by a mutual Holy Spirit of Love. Treat not your pain like a monopoly, share it sincerely with those who are your friends in Spirit and body alike. Share it as an instrument to heal your woes by the holiest sacrament know to creation. Which is unconditional love, love yourself without conditions. Not a love that is warped by conditions or limitations or a fanatical love. But one that is gentle with you in moderation, forgiving and light to the touch of the soul. This will allow the truth, your truth to ebb out of you in order to be transformed and liberated from your pain. Into a personal form of spiritual resurrection of the soul. God will ask no less from those who worship him through thanksgiving and faith. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

932) Our souls display numerous qualities that have a brilliance all their own. Many have come to the awareness of the "Halo" effect. When confronting a being of immense prestige and stature. Angels have been described to having wings like a bird. However it is more apt to say the glorious light of their angelic souls. Has a holy light that arches like a rainbow of pristine beauty. These "Arches of Divine Light" is what is mistaken as the wings of an angelic being.

All souls in creation are in the Image and likeness of God(dess) the majestic creator of all. Which the shape are like orbs of a holy sparkling light. The brighter the light in sheer immensity. The more evolved the soul that is in creation by service and absolute love. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much. ---Bessie A. Stanley.

A harmonized mind produces harmony in this world of seeming discord. ---Paramahansa Yogananda.

Grace is poured upon your lips; therefore God has blessed you forever. ---Psalm 45:2.

Every exit is an entry somewhere else. ---Tom Stoppard.

Seek freedom and become captive of your desires, seek discipline and find your liberty. ---Frank Herbert.

You cannot give your life more days, but you can give your days more life. ---Unknown.

People over things, essentials over non-essentials. ---Florida House Speaker Dean Cannon. Broadcast on "Florida Face to Face", on the Florida Channel March 24th 2011.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Nuclear Industry Safety Concept: Containment of Fukushima Daiichi Facility

Hello Readers,

Today I wanted to share some trends I foresee besides potentially creative approaches in order to contain the nuclear fallout from the Japanese "Fukushima Daiichi" facility.

(Do note: I am not an engineer nor related to any field of the nuclear power industry. I am a futurist and envisioneer as a hobbyist so my suggestions are only that at best.)

First off, the horror that is unfolding before the world community from the after effects of the Japanese earthquake Tsunami are apparent from mother nature herself. However now we're witnessing the man made disaster as a cascading effect not only for the Japanese, but potentially the radiological fallout world-wide.

Those 330 brave souls as the "Fukushima Daiichi" nuclear facility workers in my opinion have sacrificed their health viability for the long-term. In order to save their countrymen from perils that are even worse if these damage control measures were not instituted by them. If they're health lasts more than a decade without cancers and other forms of radiological poisoning I would be genuinely surprised.

I highly recommend that either TEPCO the utility company responsible for the facility. Or the Japanese government set up a healthcare fund for these 330 plus workers. Because one day Japanese citizens will remember them as their national heroes who sacrificed their lives and future for them. Similar as to how we Americans revere the "911 Victims" as national heroes. These Fukushima Daiichi facility workers will fall under the same historical limelight. As these 330 plus facility workers begin dying. I would hope that the Japanese government set up a fund similar to the 911 American victims fund for their surviving heirs. Be they spouses and especially children to receive akin to a hazard pay life insurance for the sacrifice endured.

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power facility consists of 6 reactor units. Reactors 1 through 4 are the highly unstable ones, where reactors 5 and 6 are mostly stable. The reason why reactors 5 and 6 are mostly stable is because before the earthquake these reactors were brought down for maintenance. Reactor 4 was in the mid way process of being brought offline when the earthquake and subsequent tsunami occurred. Reactors 1 through 3 are the most dicey to date and reactor 2 the most suspect. Each reactor has a trench tunnel system underneath for accessibility and such needs. Reactor 2 trench tunnel system somewhere along the line has developed a crack. Where coolant water is leaking out. The reason why the workers haven't been able to close the leak. Is because these trench tunnels are highly radioactive due to being so close to the reactor units. The workers did try pouring concrete to seal the leak, but it failed. Last I heard is they would try some sort of polymer material as a band aid instead.

As of the last couple of days April 4 & April 5th the facility workers have been dumping several tons of low level radioactive water into the ocean. So as to create capacity in their external storage tanks for the very high level radioactive water instead.

These are my suggestions as follows:

That the U.S. government loan the Japanese government military drones to monitor the direct aerial portion above the Fukushima Daiichi facility. Besides the current usage of satellite Imaging being employed. The American military drones can be outfitted with radiological sensor packages. Including aerial imaging be it night vision, still cameras, or live camera feeds as the drones fly over like high altitude vultures. This will avoid the need to jeopardize human piloted aircraft from radiological exposure above "Fukushima Daiichi".

My next suggestion is we've heard for the last 30 years or so of Japan's technological robotic wonders. My question is why haven't these robotic units that are pertinent to aiding the workers inaccessible area's of the facility been deployed?

I remember a few years back that "Honda" had a bi-pedal human operated robotic unit capable of mimicking human movement. By taking all these capable units by they "Honda" or other developers of robotics and sticking them into the radiological hazardous quarters of the facility. Loaded up with radiological sensors and other tools be they automated or human operated. Will minimize the need of endangering human lives within Fukushima Daiichi problematic areas, such as those trench tunnel lines under each reactor. The robotic engineers and designers can treat the facility as a live experiment hotbed. Much like America treats its military theaters of operations as experiments for technology in development.

This robotic unit suggestion is such a "No Brainer". I hope something like it is already being utilized for the workers.

My last suggestion is the most industrious taking a lot of engineering prowess to pull off. Right outside the "Fukushima Daiichi" facility along the coast their is a Harbor with an inlet with barrier jetty walls. My idea is to seal the opening of this harbor out at sea and divide it into two channel pools. One channel pool is where the facility workers will continue to dump radioactive water by the tons. Where a waiting empty super oil tanker ship will suck it up like a straw. Instead of dumping radioactive contaminated water into the ocean any further by jeopardizing the ocean eco-systems for the decades to come. The stored contaminated radioactive water upon these oil tankers can be taken elsewhere for processing its cargo holds.

The second channel pool from the now sealed off harbor will act as an intake pool of water to be sprayed onto the reactors. Since the facility workers have been spraying seawater and piped (trucked) in freshwater for all of the 6 reactor units. To maintain them cool and hopefully stable from melting down any further. As the intake channel pool reservoir seawater begins to become depleted. Another ship floating outside of the jetty sea barrier walls will siphon fresh seawater and deposit it into this intake pool. A third ship will also be a floating power plant station to the "Fukushima Daiichi" facility. Since the facility is having power generation difficulties because of being completely offline and now fully legally decommissioned.

These 3 ships will act as a stop gap measure until a permanent solution is put into place. Which is shipping in 3 Oil Rig Platforms" to be erected outside the sealed off harbor of the "Fukushima Daiichi" nuclear power plant. Each of these oil rig platforms will be configured to take over the roles of those 3 floating ships. One oil rig platform to become a permanent power generation plant. Another rig platform is be a pumping seawater station into the intake channel pool. This pumping station will also utilize desalination capabilities into the channel pool. Albeit there doesn't need to be 100% desalinated portable drinking water. Perhaps something more like 35% to 75% desalinated water will do instead. The reason why desalinated water will help. Is because when the initial seawater was sprayed into all of the reactors to keep them cool. It was a very desperate act that damaged the nuclear reactors that are only used to freshwater. The third and final oil rig platform will continue to extract the dumped radioactive water from the facility. Into awaiting emptied oil tanker ships for reprocessing at another location.

As the TEPCO utility company is more likely to be nationalized by the Japanese governement. Akin to a bailout and in order to manage this crisis better from their vantage point. Where eventually they may find a new owner and operator for the utility company. The current TEPCO President a "Mr. Masataka Shimizu" shortly after the news was getting bad. Had an incident of high blood pressure and checked himself into a hospital. My take is he did this as a strategic move to avoid the political heat coming down on his neck.

There has been rumors calling for "Mr. Masataka Shimizu" to be charged criminally for manslaughter. Because for the last decade or so the "Fukushima Daiichi" nuclear power facility has been falsifying its safety records to the governmental regulators. I say if the TEPCO is going to be nationalized by the Japanese government. They might as well extend those manslaughter charges beyond the President of TEPCO to include the entire board of directors as well. Since i'm guessing the TEPCO President had the consent of his actions however clandestine from the TEPCO board of directors.

Meanwhile the Japanese government is having their own version of a Meltdown due to political infighting. For the past 6 or so years there have nearly been that same number of revolving Prime Ministers in office. I suspect the current Prime Minister will also be forced out of office in kind. Although the Japanese people need stability right now from their elected and appointed officials now more than ever. Even if its just a symbolic brave face in these hard times facing their very noble nation.

May God keep them safe and filled with a fearless courage. Amen.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Jewels of Truth Series: "God As A Child"

Hello All,

I seldom go out of turn in the number series of sharing my all original "Jewels of Truth" statements, unless of course they are profound keepers. Today's entry falls in line with such an insight at least from my perspective to date.


"God As A Child"

1127) It has been written in the Biblical New Testament that "Jesus Christ" once stated that to enter the "Kingdom of God" one must be as innocent as a child in spirit. If God is a god of unconditional Love in majesty. Picture a newborn child gazing upon a common item with a sheer amazement as if they have witnessed the true face of God himself. I Imagine this must be how God gazes upon creation and all his children on a macro scale upon eternity. Such an absolute love like a newborn child's gaze is how God adores all of us through his "Holy Spirit". Who is to say that the classic old bearded man in the heavens sitting on a throne upon the sky. Isn't a child as the "God of God's" marveling his works through all of his children?

As we worship God with love and thanksgiving. He may very well be gazing upon us through the sheer Divine innocence of all the embodied children in our universe. How we care for the children, and our neighbor's children no matter the origin of the species. Is our sacred duty and gift back to God as he would care for us. Just like a newborns gaze of sheer amazement out of an absolute Love for us all. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.