Saturday, November 30, 2013

Humanitarian Opportunity: "Homeless Care Packages"

Hello All,

Now that the Holiday Season is entering full swing with this coming month of December. I thought to myself what sort of concept as a non-profit organization I could envision. I thought about "Homeless Care Packages", however, this is neither a new concept nor original I soon found out. Just doing a cursory search online I found numerous socially minded compassionate non-profits down to caring solitary individuals. Doing this form of community service for the homeless in their own locality.

Here's an example of a gentleman out of the city of Chicago as a one person outfit. The crowd sourced at " Homeless Care Packages" to the tune of $4,554 for a full year. Where his target was $4,500 which he met besides each individual care package cost him $17-$25 a piece. Now figure a full-fledged non-profit can stretch those dollars even further bringing down the price per care package.

A few years back my hometown of Sarasota here in the State of Florida. Received a notorious rank of the most hostile city for the homeless in the entire nation. Gladly that infamy has passed to a degree for the "City of Sarasota" itself. Everyone frowns upon the presence of the homeless in their own neighborhood. Be it panhandling for hand outs or the associated petty crimes that may occur for those desperate with drug addiction.

What I'm advocating here isn't my usual fare of innovative concepts, but rather an opportunity to engage with one's local community. A "Food for Thought" social enterprise regarding a fractional solution to every community that is being affected with homelessness. Especially families with young children sliding from the middle class into poverty stricken lower class economically speaking. The echoes of the so-called "Great Recession" feels more like a Depression for some in this 2nd Gilded Age in America.

So with that mini-rant out of the way, I would like to offer up a notion for those willing and able. As individuals, non-profits (new or established), and corporate entities that pride themselves on community outreach initiatives. To consider "Homeless Care Packages" as a worthy compassionate venture in your community be it in America or elsewhere in the world.

If I were to pursue such a venture as a non-profit depending on the budget. I would use a delivery van or a personal vehicle to handout such fully prepped care packages for the homeless. Be it delivered wherever the homeless congregate such as public parks, soup kitchens, or along roadways such an underpass location.

I would also devise a basic color-coded approach where rather than just a generic care package. I could set up care packages for men and woman, besides that for children be they, boys or girls. For example, the color green is for men, pink for women, red for boys, white for girls, and gray as the generic care packages.

Generic homeless care packages for a non-profit organization could locate community sponsors. Where the imprinted logo in terms of donated sponsor merchandise could be used as handouts. Such as T-Shirts X-Large size, Baseball Caps, Water Bottles, Poncho, Bandanna, basic First Aid kit, Hand Towel, Notebooks, Pens, cloth weave Shopping Bags, Back Packs, and a Fanny Pack. Many corporate sponsors seeking to promote a particular product such as a food stuff would be suited well for the homeless. That will utilize the merchandise immediately upon receiving such items. A form of complimentary advertising in exchange for practical items they could benefit from in usage.

Other generic items in a care package can consist of: Bungie Cords to help carry a load; snack bars; snack food in small bag sizes such as: peanuts, pretzels, and sunflower seeds; paperback travel size Bible; sample travel size bottles of: suntan lotion, tooth paste, hand sanitizer, hand moisturizer; other assorted toiletries; specially created pamphlet of local social service organizations; Ziploc bags, Coupon offers from fast food restaurants; assorted low denomination gift cards from $5-$20 in value for a supermarket, fast food eateries, long distance calling card, thrift stores (ie Goodwill or Salvation Army stores), coin rolls for quarters, dimes, and nickels that can be used at a vending machine.

In addition from the generic items for men to include in a homeless care package. I would place a: basic shaving kit, low-cost wrist watch, and cologne.

In addition from the generic items for woman, I would include in a homeless care package. Items such as hair net / shower cap, a compact makeup mirror, a cuticle set, assorted feminine hygiene products, a paperback romance novel (can purchase 2nd hand from a used bookstore to save on cost), and perfume.

In addition from the generic items for young boys up to the age of 12 years old. I would include in a homeless care package items such as candy, candy bars, toy action figures, Matchbox / Hotwheels miniature toy cars, pencils, notebooks, assorted school supplies, coloring books, crayon box set, and children books (new or used). All of it stuffed into a school size back pack for the child.

In addition from the generic items for young girls up to the age of 12 years old. I would include in a homeless care package items such as candy, a toy doll, a plush stuffed animal, arts & crafts materials, assorted school supplies, colorful pencils, notebooks, coloring books, a crayon box set, and children books (new or used). All of it stuffed into a school size back pack for the child.

All of the above is in a general sense how I would approach in a fledgling manner such an operation. Be it conducted with a few prepared homeless care packages on a weekly or monthly basis as resources and time permits. These care packages are meant to promote goodwill as an outreach method. In showing that charitable organizations or motivated individuals care about their general welfare in the community. That such persons aren't forgotten nor their plights no matter the cause makes them any less human. The homeless care packages will provide hopefully practical items that aren't cumbersome in everyday use. That will be put to immediate use as the situation presents itself.

I hope this socially minded opportunity motivates those willing with sufficient backing to consider such an initiative for themselves. Like any charitable outreach, it will teach you patience, humility, empathy, and certainly compassion as such a noble effort is accomplished.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 21 years of his life to the pursuit of clairvoyant automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 11 years plus online. Your welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Jewels of Truth Statements & Favorite Quotes of the Month

Hello All,

The American "Thanksgiving Holiday" is just two days away for many of us. Where many fortunate families get to share quality time with each other. Even if the traditional meal is difficult for needy families to attain in celebrating this holiday. There are countless food banks helping the financially poor acquire a holiday meal at no cost. Other Americans like anyone on this globe may also become sad with the holiday blues due to a past regrettable incident. Be it a death of a loved one, things left unsaid, or worse left out in the open without a heart felt reconciliation. I'm sure all these circumstances occur simultaneously throughout every holiday period no matter our nation of origin.

For those of a sincere faith in the divine, if not in the goodwill of humanity must make a amends to a certain point alone. For many its a gentle and simple prayer for comfort and understanding. All others a simple "I'm Sorry" conveys mountains of much needed heart to heart healing. Otherwise surrender your ego at the door of hope and accept for yourselves a spirit of glad tidings which everyone equally deserves. By the loving "Spirit of God" in us all.

Today's trio of "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statements are on the topics of the: Good, being Present, and having Purpose. In the series of #1021-1023 written originally back in early March 2010.

As always enjoy these often inspired movements of my soul for all to benefit in understanding and certainly in wisdom.



1021)  One must first know good in its many forms before one can sincerely offer it in kind to others in a genuine spirit of goodwill. All those offering good with a empty heart with a very shallow spirit make it an experience best left undone. In sharing the good tidings with a cheerfulness is the secret ingredient in knowing what is a genuine offer and what is clearly not. A grateful heart is the one with the richest heart to offer a very generous cornucopia of blessings. Without overt preaching nor a self-righteous attitude the grateful heart speaks in the language of the sublime. The Ineffable is expressed by the actions of the noble heart, not just the intent of their softly spoken words.

No belief system is superior to another person's all have an equal credence. No matter how foreign or bizarre the intent of their ideal way of life is portrayed. It becomes a red flag event to boast superiority in ideology. Often the pathway of ideals that speaks the loudest is the one that acts more than speaks. As the old adage goes "Talk is cheap". Be still and know that the most generous person you may encounter may be filling a black hole from a life of guilt. Unless they have made peace with their own humanity long ago and seek only to spread good news by their loving actions. Only an open heart will not hide their truest intentions in giving out of goodness. With an enriched heart comes often a sense of duty, if not obligation to do what is in their own power to accomplish. Perhaps not to save the proverbial world, but to make their own slice of reality a better place for all and not just a few.

Thus the circle of life envelops us whole when one form of goodness ignites that of another. When it is best experienced akin to a daisy chain of wholesome beauty seen from a far. In giving and receiving truly their is responsibility it can not be an empty gesture. Nor should one give out of a spirit of fear, jealously, hate, and certainly hypocrisy. One must also be mindful in giving wisely so as to not be exploited where your kindness is used against you. Observe where your heart leads and your mind will follow in giving from a spirit of goodness. Love encountered in any form is divinity in full display. Not to become someone else, but to be what you truly are already as God is our witness.  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


1022)  Only some of us live in the present tense of the word by being fully self-aware. Life tugs at us from a myriad of directions wanting our attention like a child in a toy store. Our frustration erupts when we can barely cope with what is just in front of us. Much less what will need help from others in the long term. We are a fickle bunch not so much out of vanity, although that can exist for some in life. Our fickleness comes when we forget our role in this universe. Distractions will tempt many of us away from our much needed focus. Not all of us are meant to be Zen masters with a laser intent of poised inner beauty.

Those living with regrets choose instinctively to live in the past. Reliving a series of events that they covet like a grand prize. If not wishing for a second chance for something that was not their own fault to begin with as it occurred. Guilt and despair from one's past if not addressed become cancerous to the spirit within. Only surrender with a willingness to move onward will release these souls from an endless loop of their literal past life. For the rest it comes down to forgiveness for what was left unsaid or undone even if you weren't at fault. Guilt is quite the trickster where reason has no bearing in our fractured judgements of ourselves.

Many more will choose to pine away for an ideal future they wish to be here right now, if not yesterday. Such is the misguided steps of a child wanting to go out and play. When the playground is right before their eyes and not in some aimless tomorrow that may never come in reality. Be mindful where you place your aspirations right now. For "Now" is eternally constant as moments come and go. How will this moment define you? Are you even aware of this present moment as it presents itself to you? What can bring you to a place of wholeness that leaves you self-actualized as it pertains to now?

These are some of the pertinent questions one should ask themselves before venturing into a flowering self-realization. That conjures what I call "Lucid Awakening" in one's life by means of a self-awareness that cascades a series of acknowledgments. That must happen before life right now becomes real to you. Otherwise you'll awaken for just a short while and like a drowsy soul you go back to sleep preferring the so-called dream. Rather than to the open horizon that lays before you to be lived right now. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


1023)  What is purpose? Purpose can mean many things to many people. It can mean for some a steadfast mission with clear objectives to reach an overall goal in mind. To others it can mean a total arc of events that leads one to a desired place. Be it of mind or of circumstances in life that one must reach in order to live fully. Lastly purpose can mean a form of service to others left without needs fulfilled and wants met in action. Allowing oneself by each encounter to mold and become molded by the events that transpire all around us for our highest good. With a spirit of joy and thanksgiving to be given openly alongside your enthusiastic service will reveal to you the grace that is meant to be offered to all.

When one accepts their highest calling as a passionate truth in action. Than God and his Angels will move "Heaven and Earth" so you may find your bliss in its fullest measure. Trust the process laid out before you by your inner soulful guidance. Allow yourselves to become transformed from within by living in cooperation with the "Holy Spirit". So you may find yourself well groomed and hand tailored to serve in your greatest calling in life by "God's Will" as a testament of your mutual love. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


Anything that has real and lasting value is always a gift from within. ---Franz Kafka.

Whatever God does, the first outburst is always compassion. ---Meister Eckhart.

A sacred illness is one that educates us and alters us from the inside out, provides experiences and therefore knowledge that we could not possibly achieve in any other way. ---Deena Metzger.

Empathy is the love fire of sweet remembrance and shared understanding.
---John Eaton.

After you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, support, strengthen, and establish you.
---1 Peter 5:10

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jewels of Truth Statement: "I Wait On The Lord God"

Hello All,

Many of us here in the States are revving up our engines finally for the Holiday Season. We're ten days away from our National Thanksgiving Holiday celebration. After that I believe our retailers begin their own commercial "Black Friday" day for shoppers. This time of year many retailers accomplish 20% of their own business. So consider this on par with a Superbowl of sorts for them.

Not to get to distracted today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement #1610 is on the topic of Time. To include the mystical dimension of time itself metaphysically. Besides the aspect of time as to how it relates to one's very personal faith with God. How such a union evolves by transforming the worshiper in spirit and in life itself.

As always may you find today's statement nourishing to your soul.

Be well.



1610) I wait on the Lord God, and I do not wait alone. For all my siblings on Earth and in Heaven stand beside me. We do not wait in vain for we have not been forsaken by our Almighty God. Our truth lays emboldened by this fact alone that life occurs gradually. Only in the realms of the "Great Holy Spirit" do all intervals of time occur simultaneously in the eternal "Now" moment. As mortals living under a constricting dimension of time we wait our gradual turn for the blessed events to transpire. Our patience is rewarded tenfold when our time comes to pass.

Not all who wait in faith understand such a notion of how the Heavens operate in truth dynamically so. Take heed dearest seeker of the glad tidings of the "Lord God". Be not afraid that you are unworthy of this living grace dwelling deep within your very soul. All whom wait in earnest for the increase that only God(dess) can accomplish find peace instantly. Do not forget such a law in application of manifesting your highest good now and forever more. This is the great way to grow with hope, faith, and certainly love in praise to the Divine in us all. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Jewels of Truth Statement: "On Truth"


Those who say "Seeing is believing" and "Believing is seeing" are both correct. Since these statements are a living paradox of truth and inclusion. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

"Jewels of Truth: A Soul Odyssey Within", Volume 1 pg. 77

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Games Industry Store Policy Concept: "Treating Game Cards Like Lotto Scratch Off's At Retail"

Hello All,

Today's concept is more so a common sense retail store policy that is long over due. For nearly a decade now game publishers first introduced on retail store shelves like in "Walmart or Best Buy" game cards as a product. Basically a Game Card is a highly decorated piece of card board with a very much lauded crucial hidden code. The code is layered under that latex like silvery substance you see on Lotto game scratch cards. What the game card code buys is either proprietary currency from the game publisher. Or a month's worth subscription to any particular MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game they may offer. 

Here below is a picture from "Sony Online Entertainment" (SOE) game card as how it would sorta appear on a retail store shelf.

Such game cards appear in a card board deck as a promotional display usually within the video game sales department. For years this is how they have been presented and sold at retail spaces. The danger is either unattended minors or professional shop lifters just scratching off the game cards and thus stealing the highly prized codes. When I first learned about such a product within stores I was astonished that these game cards weren't placed under the sales counter. Now years later when I venture into the video games department I see littered scratched off game cards. Plundered like booty by young or older devious gamers that literally game the system (pun intended) by stealing such retail codes. What can be far worse is potentially criminal thieves stealing dozens of these unattended retail game cards and grabbing the codes. Where like a ticket scalper they hawk the codes at a lower price point reselling them creating a cottage "Black Market" before they've ever been sold!

What this denotes is a game publisher and the retailer not fully comprehending the jeopardy they're in with legitimate sales. This can drive up incidents of stores returning damaged or in this case tampered merchandise back to their wholesale distributors. Not to mention putting your customers through the ringer by having them explain at your store what happened upon returning the product.

Case in point I heard of a testimonial from a community guild mate of mine within our forum site. He went to his local "Walmart" store here in the States and purchased several SOE Game Cards like the one shown above. When he arrived home and began to input the codes he received errors that the codes have already been claimed. I'm sure his frustration only grew from there when he called the SOE customer service department in California. (note they do not have a toll-free phone number) He was told his only recourse is to return the tampered game cards to the retailer. In part as a first time buyer of these tampered game cards he certainly feels jilted which his only fault wasn't being careful. However sincerely this wasn't the customers fault it was both the retailer "Walmart" and that of SOE. Consider how many non-gamers buy these game cards as a gift for children or other adults to enjoy. Only to hand them a tampered used game card without knowing any better. A major insult to injury I say.

Thus this Store Policy Concept is born where hopefully those industry insiders or Venture Capitalists that may happen to read my unique blog site take notice. Opportunity is afoot. Below I'll explain three potential solutions that game publishers that can provide guidance to their retail partners.

First, train your sales cashiers that ring up your customer transactions to spot a tampered game card. If it's been scratched off by a thief its no good to your customer. This one step alone will save the store a drama with your customer by having to return a tampered game card. A customer service situation averted is a customer service incident saved from ever needing to occur.

Second, if game publishers or retailers insist that product placement within a video game department has to stay the same. Then train your store management, stocking employees, and electronic department attendants to keep on the look out of any tampered game cards on store shelves. To immediately remove them as encountered before a hapless customer purchases one. Also, to keep very vigilant of any store thieves stealing codes in that department. They may also take the product into the store bath room and lift potentially dozens of game card codes. Then subsequently dumping the tampered game cards into a random store shelf hallway. To be replaced by staff on its proper shelf not realizing that it was tampered. Or the code thief could just not even care by being that sneaky in effort and leave countless game cards in the bathroom area itself.

Third, this is the most Ideal Method to place the game cards behind a sales counter display or secure area shelf. Much like a Lotto game Scratch-Off that are prominently displayed next to the cigarette cartoons and porn magazines. (ie convenience stores like "7-Eleven") This way the game cards aren't a temptation for unattended minors or thieves from stealing the codes. If this means paying retailers extra to place such merchandise behind the secure sales counter it will be worth it. Saving yourselves the headache and your customers as well for being the point man in dealing with such cases of unnoticed code theft in regards to customer service incidents.

Basically this is a clear case of a lack of understanding of the gamer sub-culture in popular society. Where game publishers offering a convenience to their customers in a store retail environment. Just having them placed in an unsecured location on a store shelf. This sort of retail store neglect and free for all by thieves has been ongoing for numerous years now. Game publishers are partly to blame for not providing their retail partners clear guidance on product placement. I suppose game publishers have lacked this fore sight since they sell their game currency and game subscriptions in a secure E-Commerce outlet.

I hope this games industry store policy concept is of help to major big box retailers and game publishers. Since your small business hobby store owners probably already have the better common sense by avoiding the mistakes your committing at point of sale opportunities.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Jewels of Truth Statement: "On Mentors"


We often in our lives lament actions not taken and things done that were off-center of our true being. The truth of the matter is these pains we carry all too readily can be surrendered and imparted as wisdom to others. Whether one is in such a role of a mentor or not by becoming the mindful teacher to others with their permission. You can yield noble guidance for those who act on such truths. When you the teacher are redeemed in regards to your former pain of speculated lost years. Where your pain is transformed into a solid grace that is tangible in your mind's eye and especially your heart of hearts. By aiding another to fulfill their life story in such a way to save them from themselves. For what is saved on Earth is also saved in Heaven instantly where a union or a bond on the soul level becomes transfixed. The mentor and the willing pupil are both reclaimed by a holy kinship that can last a lifetime. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

"Jewels of Truth: The Wayfarer of the Soul", Volume 2 pg. 106-107

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Jewels of Truth Statement: "Democracy Come Undone"

Hello All,

Recently as I have been witnessing the devolution of politics in my own country at least on the Federal National level. Like many of my own countryman I have felt appalled, apathetic, disappointed, besides many other stomach turning emotions. This is not to say there is no hope, yes there is hope. However it may not fully materialize itself in our present tense by the litany of shenanigans of our elected buffoons. Since truly a congress under a zoological sense is considered a pack of buffoons by the definition of the word. Yet, this is insulting the literal buffoons as our primate cousins to compare them to near useless elected political officials.

The following "Jewels of Truth" statement #1607 was written on the topic of Governance. It's more so directly pointed at America's contemporary disposition in terms to illogical and ineffective governance policies. With its petty and selfish bickering in our national halls of power. In the wake of all this inaction perhaps unrealized by many its creating a literal and figurative power vacuum in Washington D.C. Whereby if the Federal government is no longer seen as credible, than the States in themselves will usurp more power to their own ends. Creating a new or old "Tug of War" between the Federal powers versus the States semi-autonomy.

This is what happens as unintended consequences to the "Great American Sell Out". By our political leaders to the capitalists (monied special interests) without much pension for ethics or morality. True profits, led by false prophets ain't that a recipe for disaster in the world? 



1607) For a nation to value its contributions to the world. It must first make an honest assessment of what it holds dearest in societal values. Sometimes hypocrisy will creep into such a discourse. When elegant and noble platitudes will be paid lip service. Where in the farthest reaches away from the public eye is mischief afoot. Setting up a program of maleficence in order to maintain internal and external grips on power at nearly any cost.

If such a nation is a declared democracy it won't stay one for long. For the classical modus operandi  has changed in order to calcify its base of power. The term the "Emperor Wears No Clothing" signifies a "House of Cards" or in other words a power vacuum is occurring. A costly game of charades where even ones allies across the globe are confused as to your actual motivations. Pretenders posing as the ideological solution parade themselves across all forms of public media outlets as the populace consumes the news. Truly do not follow the clowns for their amusement is not to be desired. These are the charlatans seeking fame and fortune to develop their own "Cult of Personality". False Prophets by any other name to confuse the sincere and entertain the vain at heart.

When a nations cultural celebrities are gossiped over the neglect of the masses. Than surely a societal revolution is simmering just beneath the surface. This is when the temperature of a nation becomes frothy where tempers begin to boil over the pot. Ignore the pains of a society to your own undoing in the end. Whistle blowers seeking to alleviate the steam being generated senselessly soon find themselves as public enemy number one by the State. Patriots of tomorrow despised today by the actual felons committing crimes against the populace. Only to become upheld by the doctrines of subterfuge allowed by the State, but revealed by the whistle blowers.

Revolt is not the answer, but civil disobedience is the first line of defense against gross injustice across the land. Deny not the dignity of those you disagree with in terms to secular governance policy. Never demonize them lest you seek violence over peace. Make not enemies of your own countryman. Resolve differences in the spirit of goodwill led by true compromise. Otherwise the nation will erupt into chaos, if not eventually become fully undone at the seams.   ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Friday, November 08, 2013

Jewels of Truth Statement: "On Life"


In all of life your spirit is in everything as one macrocosm. Likewise all you see in life its spirit is in you. One divine rubber band, be careful how you stretch it. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

"Jewels of Truth: A Soul Odyssey Within", Volume 1 pg. 44

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Jewels of Truth Statement: "On God(dess)"


 There is only one love we know as God(dess). All Love in its Infinite forms emanates from the very center of God's being. It has always been "One Love with Infinite Expressions". This one love binds all as one blanket of warmth across eternity. In the sweetest eternal embrace for all life through which all the realms of creation may flourish. God(dess), is for all Lovers of any sort as they desire to express their grace within. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

"Jewels of Truth: The Wayfarer of the Soul", Volume 2 pg. 70