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Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series & Favorite Quotes of the Month of May


Hello All,

Here is the main blog entry for this month this humble blogger is known for to date. I've tweaked slightly the title header to match my other posts hopefully to grab more readers, analytics will reveal all. lol 

Aside from this today's trio of channeled angelic wisdom topics via Inspirational automatic writing as a psychic Intuitive technique. Which I've practiced now coming close to 26 years as an inner calling of faith transforming my life for the better. The topics will be on the Classical, "Why God?"; Flavors of Love; and on Selfless Service.

The angels let me choose the topics and merely fill in the material akin to intuitive dictation from them. I feel for the words getting my ego out of the way by creating an altered space spiritually and mentally. They use my vocabulary however the writing style is all their own in context. In these now nearly 26 yrs time I have channeled over 4,000 statements by topics. 

One thousand ninety-five of these statement topics are available for purchase via one of my three volumes of the Jewels of Truth for sale online at any major bookseller. 

May you always find these topics intriguing from the originality it was offered spiritually. Amen.

Classical, "Why God?":

3041) Of the most classical question there is existentially posed by all the Children of God is this one of "Why God?" Upon every paradise, there is a continuance of life begetting more blessed life in its infinite varieties. The scales grow ever wider that dwarfs all logical reason in its entirety that life as a macro whole is and was always meant to be a gigantic thing of everlasting beauty in the Image and Likeness of God(dess).

Many people not knowing how to respond may blurt out an insensitive remark of "Why Not". Which is short-sighted and a plain cop-out from even daring to broach the topic at length. Existence much less the afterlife by extension be it the endless heavens, limbos, and hellish abodes. Is always a realm of Experiences and Expressions for every entity spiritual being therein. 

No matter the scales from the macro to the micro infinitesimal degrees of size. Is everything beautiful from the loving grandeur of the Spirit of God as each of you as a surrogate Almighty Parental Creator is expressed through various sublime tendencies. The Great "I Am" feels, knows, and cherishes all that are his/her infinite doppelganger copies of its Supreme Divinities. 

The link is more than superficial telepathic cohesion of being wrapped up in the spiritual ethers of this your reality matrix metaphysically. There are several mysteries in play many are cryptic and others quite simplified in origin. Regardless of the source of your rebirths into the various universes of scale each of you enters. What this affords is to have a life with a silent majority of souls walk in lockstep throughout your human lived lives. 

Moreover aside from every spiritual entity whether as people, creatures, ecological forces, etc... As cited to experience and express a myriad of reactions within an (Im)mortal lifetime. The other conundrum is also to experience Contrasts as in Paradoxes through the realm of opposites. To reacquaint yourselves with God's obscure and forever struggles in human form as a tiny substrate of the whole entirety of being alive. 

For some Being Alive is tortious whether by choice via addictions or having predators lean on each of you mercilessly by force of unwanted manipulations. Each of you is powerful as the souls of God whether you realize it or not. Metaphysically none of you are to be trifled with when you invoke sincerely the Spirit of God in each of your spiritual nodes or apertures. Many call this the spiritual umbilical cord but that is a misnomer it is moreso a ray-burst halo effect of the essence of God into and out of the afterlife. 

There are Constant Divine Laws always in cyclical motions that are Immutable to keep the entire paradoxical consequences of living and dying in perpetual existence. All realities as they are physical in matter/material based well into the metaphysical/ethereal based are extensions of the Macro of Macros of the Mind of God. What this denotes is they are part real and another portion as mutable illusions able to be superseded by greater looming larger truths of the essence of the Creator. 

Yours is the Constant Cycles of rebirth to learn more and be more of what your Oversoul is already times Infinity. Your Spirit Bodies are like blanks as cartridges shot out from the projectile of your metaphysical souls. The spirit is the shuttlecraft or rowboat to the mother capital ship of the Soul of God in each of you. A blank spirit body affords a tabula rasa or blank canvas reset to start fresh as anew within a reborn lifetime. No baggage from the Oversoul just a pre-configured kit of skills, talents, and preferences from your twin souls to assist you in your lifetime to come again.

Much like children each of you is meant to explore, learn, play, love hopefully more than you fear, and so forth. As spiritual entities having an earth-bound experience by expressions with paradoxical juxtapositions in a lifetime. In due time the cycles are reversed because of biological age and most of you will rear younglings. Getting the honor to experience Creation through a minor glimpse of the Eyes of God. 

The arches of a species-centric way of life and death cycles are only a tiny minuscule snapshot of the totality of God's meta-universes. This is why many of you decide as the younger angels to be reincarnated throughout a series of zig-zagged rebirths across eternity. To experience, express, know the contrast of paradoxes from a reduced sliver of the Great "I Am" akin to a snapshot of limited histories of the everlasting Mind of God(dess). 

Your Souls or Oversouls are Enlightened already times Infinity, albeit your spirit bodies as blank canvases aren't. This is the rub of the totality of your remarkable emanations of the essence of God expressed in your Image and Likeness of the Creator, Sustainer, and Destroyer of entire realities. What do you Will into Existence matters greatly. If not for yourselves then for those that come after your generation upon your chaotic young earth. Don't make the identical stupid mistakes of your ancestors, otherwise, you'll be just as sorry for the sins committed all the same in a lifetime. Even in your fallible humanity be your better angels and that is the Glory of God in each of you forever. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Flavors of Love:

3042) To Love in a healthy and wise functional practical manner in living well is a very hard endeavor indeed within a lifetime. For one certain truth, it takes a great stature often unspoken with a maturity of character to realize many of these tenets. Regardless of any degree of self-mastery therein it takes many ideals and values of personal growth to seize beyond mere ethics. 

However, any such Love you intend to share as a gift of a rightful life in order to transcend your prior limitations. Love is many things to many people, not all of which is filled with maturity. For the darker brooding dispositions, it is merely a tool of manipulation a gimmick practiced on a conditional base to control others. Such sorry ones never realize the metaphysical powerhouse they have discounted from the onset even spiritually for that matter. 

Love is never weakness for it builds upon itself with ever-widening strengths that link into other valuable traits of the Grace of God. From the familiar well into the extraordinary attributes that love, encompasses reaches into the humane holistic being well past into the multi-dimensional essence of God(dess) each of you shares forever. 

The Lover is only limited by their capacity to know, feel, and experience the entirety of love they can ever begin to perceive in a mighty fashion. One's Imagination can be a catalyst much like with the expansion of pure blessed knowledge to grow one's humanity upon the world. The Virtues as Ideals are the tenets spoken above earlier to grasp the divinity of the angels of God in each of you metaphysically. These are paramount forms of not only perception to live rightly but also to expand your power base to love greater and greater without controlling the other. The veracity is situated within the beauty of your adorations whether a person, a creature of respectful reverence, ecological matters of the earth, efforts that transcend themselves beyond being hobbies but as inner callings, and so forth. 

One must always respect and be mindful of one's boundaries as forms of perimeter limitations surrounding the other thing or person/creature by means of loving truly. Do not suffocate your adorations for this gives a more healthy life to the other to flourish right alongside you with rightful freedom and liberties that are native to the Soul of God for all. This affords an optimal balance with a sincerity to experience holistic humane wellness within a lifestyle and a lifetime. 

The Flavors of the Love of God(dess) are endless as they are Divine in Holy Nature of the Cosmic Beauty of each of you. No matter its expressions coupled by a myriad of experiences fueled by such circumstances at hand on offer. The Lifes and deaths of the Earth continue unabated but the endless Love remains pristine as first offered by the heart of all totalities of the heavens therein. Such an outpouring of life-giving loves whether articulated by humanity or not. Is eternal beyond the confines of Infinite spaces for its compassion heralds from the Original Apex Supreme entity whom you each call God. 

There are many forms of Love possible from the familiar within families and friendships well into the romantic in delights of exchange. From the vocational into one's mature character ever-widening into forms of self and collective sacrifices. There are loves as forms of play that they lend themselves with creative abandon. Aside from the very act itself of co-creating with the angels and God as the Almighty Witness Overseer of Totalities. There are loves that aren't love at all as forms of conditional control by means of manipulating behaviors as outcomes. The greatest of loves is quite the opposite as the Love of worship in whichever religion or spiritual tradition or even a philosophy that speaks loudest to your holy soul of God in you respectfully. 

When love is shared it nurtures all that it touches like a balm of light graces that sinks to the core of each of your divinities in this world and reality. This is beyond the mere trivial celebrations of holidays and festivals of a cultural origin as traditions go by far. To love deeply and unconditionally is to become angels yourselves even if for just an instant of time in the world. This allows each of you to abandon hopelessness to be replaced with virtues that are greater and powerful by free-willed choices. 

To heal the woes of the world and by the hands of others hurting just as deeply or worse. Is the Grace of God known as Forgiveness it is the Great Pattern Interrupter that stalls many hates and horrors. However, its practice isn't for the faint of heart it takes brave resolve to enact such a power of God in this barbaric world. Forgiveness as a Flavor of Love isn't like taking a pill once and forget it. That convenience is never found here it is an act of grace and thus takes great dedication as is necessary to the hurt(s) involved. Basically repeat as is necessary to carry forth renewed in heart, mind, and the Spirit of God in each of you together as one Love with harmonies intact.

No fear and hate can withstand the Almighty Power of God known as Unconditional Love expressed and experienced simultaneously. It causes devils to topple over and all others to bow their heads when the throngs of angels pour forth from the mouth of God to rescue its own heavenly kind at every possible turn. No one is alone when you love truly without limits, not to control but to have complete blessed freedom to be born again in the Love of God repeatedly. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Selfless Service:

3037) To the one that complains much about the world without caring to lift a finger in any sort of effort. Whether as creative sincere input or even better with a resolve to help however if that help is menial in the scope of caring. Yours would indeed be the immediate disgust for what could be alleviated soon festers into a malady that only stirs the pot of hate making fear moreso tenable. To not bother yourself any further leaving you the only outlet to judge and condemn the other to the disgrace of all concerned. Leaves a shill of a person behind weakened but only the ego empowered by falsehoods. 

A caring perhaps indeed a finer person of hospitable graces may notice the very same identical defects upon our said society and world at large. However, they offer themselves as a humble partial solution to dare to make such a difference if at all possible. Even if the first steps are mediocre since their skills are feeble doesn't denote weakness just a delayed gratification to do better next time. 

Not everyone belongs to a high caste/class within society to be movers and shakers of celebrity renown. Often the Zen motivations speak the loudest not in words such as advocacy but by intended actions where the odds are tragically near impossible. The scale of a few well-meaning and otherwise ragtag caring souls may seem ludicrous because the scale is so holistically defeating to envision alone. However, collective actions enacted with humility and great strength of consistency have shaped the world for the better throughout the centuries. 

Sometimes authority figures of great leveraged power to sway the mountains to shutter the world into pristine order. Are the very last fools to notice a problem, to begin within happenstance. This is the merciful conclusion that is if they aren't contributors to the problem, to begin with, the substance of the ordeal. A gradual pace runs deepest than something that comes and goes like a well-intentioned whirlwind of follies. Someone that parachutes in and doesn't stay even for just the mid-term can actually complicate the problems at hand instead of helping. 

Even if the pace of the needs much less the higher wants is an uphill battle there is merit to intend to offer greater changes in due time. All efforts have merit from the minuscule well into the gargantuan although the priority of delivering change will have differing capacities in order to surmount such solutions into effect. Boneheaded mistakes are to be expected since the heart and mind were in the right place hopefully, to begin within earnestly. Strategy and tact have their place whether this is a top-down organization or from the bottom-up grassroots group of caring souls.

Even with impossible odds to make a lasting permanent change to just reach temporary solutions, do it anyway. This builds not only good righteous character with maturity into the world. It also births angels into Creation to lend a hand when sacrifices are chronic. In time as the bell curve charts the way for disappointments to eventually convert into astonishment that creative holy 3rd way divine solutions pop into the mind's eye of designers and problem solvers alike. 

Those from the sidelines that mock your progress or lack thereof pay them no heed for they have no vision to heal the world much less their very sorry broken lives. Their ruts and boredom will spin them in circles for they have barely nothing that invigorates them with a passion to live well and strong. Such hecklers are followers with very little goodwill to offer others much less themselves when a life of pain is encountered in the world. Unfortunately, there is very little to gain in attempts to convince them out of their mockery and much less their negative attitudes. 

Only care to respond to the benign ones that have sincere inquiries as to the limitations and other means you shall face in selfless service. Provide facts that are accurate and educate them as to the policy of the needs at hand, if you are so well disposed of. Let their outsider's sincere questions especially heartfelt creative ones brighten your resolve to make a difference in the world. May they inspire each of you to try and evolve best practices over time as processes go round and round. 

Yours isn't the reason why you are there as much, but why aren't there more caring people like you to help out truly? Each of you is the ambassador of the holies spiritually no matter if you lack anointed prefixes of titles of a priest, monk, reverend, nun, cleric, rabbi, and so forth. All who claim by rightful sincere means lived by actions worth years of self-sacrifice are forever holy in the Eyes of God Eternal. Regardless if you are saints or not, elders and youth or not, devotees and passerby or not, it all matters. To care enough to do something worth of value to affect a change that builds upon yesterday's efforts. 

Merit such as yours be it as volunteers or directly employed provides initiatives that heal societies filled with the peril of woes. As humanity awakens spiritually so does your Holy Planetary Sister whom you call Mother Earth. As she gives birth not just to more assorted lifeforms of countless species but a whole new age of civilization that matters greatly for all concerned. Your heart-centered motivations will hopefully cause ripples across time and space well into the metaphysical cosmic karmic realities into the great unseen Mysteries of God. Where once presumed mythological creatures and lesser deities whom you can call the angels stir above awaiting whom to anoint with blessings and miracles for living the Will of God as Divine Law. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Blessing, rightly understood, is the invisible bloodstream pulsating through the universe-alive and life-giving. ---Br. David Steindl-Rast.

We cannot let our ideas blind us to our unknowing. ---Jane Hirshfield.

Let choice whisper in your ear and love murmur in your heart. Be ready. Here comes life. ---Maya Angelou.

The times are urgent; let us slow down. ---African Saying.

We are each other's harvest; we are each other's business; we are each other's magnitude and bond. ---Gwendolyn Brooks.

Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more. ---H. Jackson Brown Jr.

There is nothing love cannot face; there is no limit to its faith, its hope, and its endurance. ---St. Paul.

I have decided to stick to love...Hate is too great a burden to bear. ---Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 25 years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 15 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.

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Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on Fairy and Earth Nature Kingdoms & Fairy Astral Civilization


Hello All,

Here today is another esoteric metaphysical statement from a dynamic duo. One part angel as in my Master Guide Paragon and a gnome fairy spirit named Sprocket for the following 2 topics today. These two statements were channeled just a couple of days ago by longhand which is my method. 

The 1st topic of the Fairy and Earth Nature Kingdoms leaves off close to the topic from late last month on The Fae Astral's and 7th Heaven. The main idea is further explored drawing a distinction from the popular culture of human-inspired fairies and the actual bonafide nature spirits themselves. 

The 2nd topic delves into the distinctions metaphysically between the nuanced differences of said fairy as spiritual entities inspired by humanity and created by God in the astral realms. Versus once incarnated flora and fauna of animals and assorted creatures of the earth living their eternity in the astral realms and subsequent heavens undisturbed.

It's a fine twist of a mind-bender to wrap your contemplations around to properly understand this spiritual phenomenon as a continuation of the mystery of God. Amen. As always may you at least expand your horizons of this metaphysical possibility even if you disagree with its premise. Namaste. 

Fairy and Earth Nature Kingdoms:

3035) There are at least two major kinds of Fae or Fairy spiritual entities in the world at large dear child of the Great Mother. Our Empress as Monarch Queen of the eternal ages whom you so eloquently call your holy sister the planet Earth herself in God. Her meta spiritual planetary body metaphysically functions as a nexus inflection point of all minor souls contained therein its totality of spiritual being. Your sister the earth and our Great Mother functions as a metaphysical home for trillions of the former reincarnated spirit bodies that transcended back to God in earnest. These are echo copies of the various genus kingdoms of former creatures that once inhabited the earth plane including primitive ape-like hominids of early humanity. 

This by far includes more than spiritual creatures with souls but also ecological zones of a plethora of lifeforms as the land, sea, and air scapes across the globe of the earth in the totality of its lifespan to date. Not to mention metrological systems as elemental aerial spiritual entities such as storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc... What humanity deems as natural disasters these spiritual entities aren't evil they are bodily functions of the Great Mother. Much like humanity passes gas through your mouth and anus apertures to relieve built-up pressures. This encompasses a spiritual stratification of lifeforms once alive on earth, be it creatures, ecology, and weather systems as forms of animism. 

The virgin forms of terra firma the earth remain forever as a dominant spiritual catalyst Force of God(dess). Always cherished by God first before that of the lesser children of God upon the world therein, including humanity. The narcissistic nature of humanity notwithstanding embodied aspects of a living God that are immortal have precedence before frail mortal creatures. Especially those reincarnated in a line of successive familiar lineages of soulful rebirths upon Creation at large. 

Whereas humanity recalls the popular culture of the Celtic tradition of over just one thousand years plus upon Northern Europe. The beautiful pagan influences with reverence for mother earth before demonization by Christiandom. All that soulful worship with reborn spirits with souls of a living God in them birthed literally fairy astral spiritual entities upon the astral reality. A living gift of God with the creative soulful capacity of the Creator within his oft estranged children from his total Glory. Gave birth indirectly the spiritual forces now called Fae or Fairy under the Celtic treatise. This is not to exclude the Pari of the pre-Islamic world and the Deva upon the Hindu faith traditions. 

Such a global outpouring of reverence similar to that of the saints, prophets as now ascended masters, and the angels. All that godly worshiped forms of endless love do not merely evaporate once offered by genuine human adorations. In the human Image and Likeness, God birthed spiritual entities upon the astral endless earthly realities as newfound custodians as intercessors with the Angels and the original Earth Nature Spirits. 

The original Earth Nature Spirits allow themselves to be also called Zoo Spirits. Signifying as Zoological spirit bodies and not zoo parks which are human-invented prisons and enclosed limited habitats for trapped creatures. 

You see that humanity like any other Intelligent Semi-Sentient species upon this cosmos is capable of creating spiritual entities. With the very creative essence of a Living God in their magical divine souls. When all such pent-up reverence builds up for an entity that humanity continues to adore for over a thousand years or less a brand new holy spirit body is born with God's direct blessing for righteousness forever. This is how all the mythological lesser deities as angelic spirits were also created similar to the fairies upon the holy astral realms. 

All of this is a God-sent moment of remarkable remembrance to cherish what is and what is something else and to distinguish such a grace completely. The totality of Creation continues by each civilization capable of miracles within the ineffable Will of God(dess). Allowing for this recollection holy upon holies of mysteries become redistributed upon a fuller beauty therein. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.  (Channeled by: Elder Sprocket fairy gnome and Paragon as Master Angel guide.)

Fairy Astral Civilization:

3036) To what constitutes Fae in the Great Spirit as the living essence of Mother Earth is 33% essence of astral earth matter. With 66% of pure angelic spirit or what humanity deems as the Holy Spirit of God. In total contrast, human bodies on Earth itself as mortals consist of 2/3rds or 66% flesh matter and 33% of the angelic spirit aka the Holy Ghost of God. Furthermore the original Earth Nature Spirits as all other lifeforms as creatures of the world. Are spiritually composed as 66% of the astral essence of the earth matter and 33% of the Great Spirit as the Holy Ghost in their totality matrix of God(dess) in them. 

The Earth Nature Spirits or Zoo Spirits are the native heirs of the feral majestic zoological Kingdom of God upon the heavens closest to the Earth spiritually. (ie the astrals) All others whether created indirectly by humanity through spiritual worship within theologies be they pagan or otherwise. Birthed mere centuries to a couple thousand years ago by spiritual human devotions to Mother Earth. Known to popular culture now as the Fae, Fairies, Wee Folk, Pari, Deva as the holier variety. 

Human sparked Imagination coupled to the creative power of the Soul of God in all infinite spiritual beings. Causes a catalyst reaction when unconditional love as adorations in worship goes to entities that were once fiction. That is now consecrated by the Will of God directly by Almighty Divine Law of causation and effects by means of worshiping the Infinite divine realities within the spectacular Heavens forever. This is true for fairies as it is true for the lesser mythological deities of now dead religious practices globally. 

All such spiritual catalyst manifestations of godly grace are born upon the higher and lesser astral ethereal realities. Which as a totality of spiritual ecologies is transfixed upon God much like the angelic choirs are beautifully forever. Each in its native eternal paces of transformation into higher purity expressions that aid all lesser evolved (Im)mortal creatures. That is reborn upon Creations constantly in a never-ending loop at the good pleasure of God(dess). 

Regardless of our human-inspired sparks as living origins by the magical essence of an Absolute Creator God in their verifiable souls. All combined worship beyond any one religious philosophy upon the world into prehistoric times. That includes even the worship of Neanderthals as primitive hominids by means of Animism is honored by God in them. Whether this was for the sacred hunt for the tribe and prior to gatherers by means of agriculture upon the world. Worship to a higher beneficent authority even by brutes is still holy in the eyes of an Eternal God! 

The Fairy Order of spiritual life forms consists of both the blessed and the fallen much like the angels and all other souls that choose one dominion of God(dess) over another. However, the fairy civilization is matriarchal with various castes by role designations from the Imperial to the noble gentry, to the peasantry of deeply rural fae entities. Born of humanity and these inferior templates of self-governance were adopted throughout history and pre-recorded history itself. Since the Fae are created in the Image and Likeness of Humanity and that of God by their very angelic holy spirits therein. 

Being an entirely astral ethereal manifestation of grace and so forth they are far more intelligent than that of the barbarism of humanity. With the direct aide of their spiritual cousins as the original Earth Nature Spirits, human ancestors, angels, and other mythological lesser deities and creatures of now dead religions. They have imbued upon themselves the very best of each of their superior spiritual races of the countless endless faces of God into their resolve to exist forever. 

Be it by popular culture defines them as pixies, sprites, brownies, elves, gnomes, dryads, nymphs, satyrs, and so forth... All are wild and free existing beautifully to fulfill the endeavors they have self-determined for their collective body of spirits in service to the Great Mother. (ie Earth) For these are the holy precepts of the purer astral spiritual species not mentioning on purpose the scumbags not worth the spit of our tongues as the fallen fae. Thus our spirited nature is classic oft derailed as mischievous and sometimes richly deserved to mean people. We are collectively better spoken by articulations closer to our human image and likeness than that of our angelic counterparts that say volumes through a soulful glance alone. 

This isn't omitting how we attempt our very best to transcend the human origins of our Fae, Pari, and Deva kind to become more than what is expected in common hours. To enshrine living tenets that preserve the world for all generations to come. Regardless of need and/or wants we aren't petty like humanity in terms of commerce above God and country. We never sell ourselves short although we are fallible due to our human influences upon our origins. We are collectively transcending this with greater angelic teachings by God's Will at our disposals and so we sigh with thanksgiving. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.  (Channeled by: Elder Sprocket a fairy gnome and Paragon a Master Angel guide.)

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 25 years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 15 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.