Friday, September 29, 2023

Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on Beloved Kinship, Unique Blessed Talents, & godly Ascension


Hello All,

As we're on the cusp of being one month away from the start of the holiday quarter of the year. I wanted to reach out and post another trio of angelic-channeled Jewels of Truth statements. All three topics touch upon the spiritual Intuitive gifts in some fashion or another. Just as it is seen as pious to develop one's divine gifts from God in his worship. It is also seen as righteous by the heavenly angelic host to develop your Intuitive faculties in conjunction with further appreciating the holy upon the world and the afterlife therein. 

Perhaps with the exception of Judaism where the High Priest could use oracular abilities. The other two Abramahic faiths of Christianity and Islam go basically frantic when a person embraces their divine clairvoyant Inheritance on earth. 

If it wasn't for my not listening to my Inner divine calling as a scribe utilizing psychic Inspirational automatic writing to date. There would be no Jewels of Truth series of 28 years of channeling spiritual compassionate wisdom, metaphysics, and mysticism at large as a clairaudient and claircognizant. As they say no risk, no reward. 

I always affirm the presence of God's Absolute Love in my life. Whenever I connect informally and formally with the angels, fairies, mythological lesser deities, and so forth. In that way, there is nothing to fear and they arrive always like a gentle whisper in my mind's eye when spoken to telepathically. As long as you pray and ground yourself to Heaven and Earth as a beginner. You can cross the spiritual realms with confidence with the only caveat is if you channel something garbled your human ego got in the way. 

Today's trio of topics consists of Beloved Kinship which covers the statement of praying to departed loved ones be they a person, a pet, or some nostalgic place in a distant time. Next, there is the topic of Unique Blessed Talents which delves into the Intuitive Clairvoyant suite of psychic senses of your spirit/aura and Divine White Magicks overall. Lastly, there is the topic of godly Ascension as a summary of how and why to prepare your spirit for the hardcore ascetics to overcome the world in general. 

May you find these topics intriguing, to say the least regardless if their merit is too much as a bridge too far for you to travel in your faith with God to date. Amen.

Beloved Kinship:

3262) When any loved one as a dearest fellow person, creature, and even a place in time fades from recent memory upon the world. They are surely missed from our daily lives in terms of intermediate contacts generally being the case. 

It is here one must have the self-realization that such a beloved consciousness recollected isn't in vain at all. That what is omitted now in a permanent fashion due to the finite mortal coil by appearance's sake can indeed return. Just not under its original guise in question that must be readily acknowledged in peace. 

Here is where personal sorrow can be eased and lessened by developing your own psychic spiritual faculties upon the world responsibly. These are standard skills or senses of your Soul on earth in the Image and Likeness of God as what you call your Divinity. Available to all physical beings be they human or some other sort of creature such as mammals, reptiles, etc... However, humanity is the keenest able to discern intellectually where the other species of the earth are not so much. 

No one entity as a Being can deny you your graces of spiritual interactions with the Heavenly Host. These expressions are profoundly Holy and carry the gravity of the Will of God upon them as Divine Law. To be intimidated by well-meaning religious Institutions and other secular organizations leaves you at their mercy. The faith-filled being better prepared as in skilled to face the world spiritually and intellectually can offset many troubles over time. 

The Holier Realms are your Divine Birthright here on Earth, whether you construe it as Heaven on Earth or something else by another namesake. If you are deaf, dumb, and mute with your innate psychic standard gifts then surely you can easily be manipulated by conditions on the ground at a huge disadvantage. 

With all beginnings, you will stumble like a naive toddler learning to speak, read the omens, signal, and walk in an Intuitive psychic fashion. Taking years to learn the spiritual Intuitive basics and decades to master all the rest upon a mortal lifetime. There are grand differences between the mundane physical dominion of your Creation and the spiritual realities be they astral, fairy, or heavenly. The Inner Mind's Eye of your 3rd Chakra is the conduit of self-realized expressions feeling and not necessarily thinking your way to parse your Intuition. 

One has ample time and opportunity to engage with the Holy Masters be they angels, ancestors, and the lesser deities as exalted angelic beings overall. What can be easily dismissed as mere nonsense intellectually has profound emotional undertones if interpreted correctly. However, if your Intuitive faculties have you startled easily like a child. 

Then consider the tried and true devotional tools or graces all religions espouse in one manner or another. For example, prayer to your ancestors be they loved ones or historical figures and then watch for coincidences as validations of their generic or specific response to you personally. Next, there is counting your blessings as a form of thanksgiving. In giving thanks to the heavens be they God, your beloved ancestors, and/or the angels you open up your heart to receive divine blessings. As like attracts like kind as an echo response of goodwill. 

There are other spiritual devotional tools such as supplication this is the needy form of prayer versus the conversational kind. Calling in for reinforcements to aid you to lessen dire conditions and circumstances in your life from the greater hereafter. Often a bulwark after a prayer of supplication there are Affirmations here to empower your psychological sensibilities in the world. Claiming such and such is a truth in your personality matrix alleviating your fears of lack and/or trouble. Affirmations provide you the worshipper of God with levers to switch on strength as living courage. When everything else appears toxic all around you in a temporary fashion. 

When you pray, give thanks, supplicate, affirm, and so forth to a loved one upon the afterlife. The Holy Ghost as the exalted Supreme Spirit of God hears it simultaneously and profoundly. Where it is dispatched to your guardian angels and other ancestral supporters in paradise like an instant email system. It is Indeed Instant due to the timeless nature of the afterlife without the constraint of temporal occurrences. 

Often if you listen deeply and gently enough you can feel the immense love pouring out to you. It can be sensed like a wave of positivity washing through you giving you chills up and down your back. Where the 1st Impression is often the correct response and not the one you perform overkill with by second-guessing yourself into paralyzation. 

It takes practice and immense patience to overcome incremental steps of the infancy of a beginner's development with your sacred Intuitive faculties of God in you. Never can it be rushed it has its own graceful elegance on your human end to endure. This is whether you adore a loved one as a person, a creature akin to a domestic or wild pet, or a place in time long since faded. None are far away in terms of situational or spatial spiritual Infinity. For Infinity is another conundrum dimensionally speaking with endless spacelessness as the extended Meta-Being of God(dess). Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Unique Blessed Talents:

3261) Everyone as a Divine Being of God whether Incarnated or not upon other spectral ghostly forms of existence. Has an Intrinsic make-up directly attributed to the Likeness of God metaphysically as a co-creator, co-sustainer, and co-destroyer upon the world. These are but the basic premise of the meta-constant circular nature of the Great Mysterious Maker. 

Consider it akin to an Infinite unique watermark or fingerprint of your native bodily appearance as genetics go physically in time. Such a mark is both Holy and Sacred when it is posited upon the metaphysical afterlife by comparison as the extended essence of the Divine Supreme One. All are Children of God as people, creatures, ecosystems, meteorological patterns, etc... 

Unfortunately what is also Above in Heaven has its corrupted Twin in the Hellish realms of the cursed underworld of the afterlife. Each is considered a separate dominion of God itself. Structurally speaking what is perfect in Heaven is warped in Hell. Basically, Creation as your physical universe is shared equally with both Heaven and Hell in tandem. Heaven on Earth and Hell on Earth for instance as ethereal places as States of Being of both the Human Condition and other expressions of totality itself.

Every being or entity has latent powers of the Soul of God within them earnestly. Whether these are expressed responsibly by righteous means or selfish mean-spirited occurrences of misconduct. Although there is an equal spread of the type of clairvoyant and magical modalities upon the world. Each arrives uniquely through the person in question as configured differently as a pattern of proficiency. 

We the Heavenly hosts often realize someone is spiritually talented when they are cooking off abilities randomly without discipline. Much like a toddler with a cigarette lighter. When there is love in the home the person is stronger than any form of fear. Often their curiosity may pass in time and if not the old soul must be careful not to provoke the ire of relatives inadvertently. 

Heretofore we as the eternal blessed witnesses see all under the sun of men and women alike. When such godly holy nature exhibits itself naturally at first blush as it was said. These are powers or talents that need careful development if they are to be awakened spiritually with respect to all concerned. As there are physical bodily senses of sight, taste, hearing, touch, and smell. Your spirit body or aura has an equal set of spiritual senses as a ghost incarnated into a physical body. 

Often depicted as clairvoyance by sight, clairaudience by spiritual telepathic hearing, clairsentience by feeling akin to touch, clairalience as smell, clairgustance as taste, and an extra ability as claircognizance as Inner Knowing. These are the standard powers of all spirits regardless if they are disembodied or incarnated. 

Further afield there lay the godly angelic powers of said magicks of evocation, Invocations, conjuring, abjuring as forms of exorcism, and many other lesser pools of magical being. This too can be construed as either elemental as earth-based or divine high magicks as strictly interacting with the heavenly angels when faith is strong and conviction is steadfast. For some magical living is like a religion all its own settled within another contemporaneous spiritual tradition. Akin to a force multiplier that affords a bigger bang for your buck in divine interactions with hopefully only the heavenly host in question.

When there is such a silent majority upon the spiritual world living in the flesh whether declaring their utmost presence without fear. There can be a galvanized awakening for the world to realize what it has feared completely out of hand was an overreaction. Careful understanding with respect to the undertakings must be adhered to with sensibility. Nothing is to be taken for granted even if it means that it must be tested as there are truly no sacred cows as taboos. Question until you feel secure enough and then live by a higher sophisticated ideal of what it means to be truly spiritually alive in union by faith with God(dess). Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

godly Ascension:

3260) All forms of Divinity are not alike thus the makeup of truly being alive in faith united with the Heavenly Host is paramount not unlike anything before in spiritual truth. Every entity or being is an Infinite facet of the cosmic Creator the God of all gods supreme. All facets as slivers of the spect of God in each of you are truly universally unknowable it is a universe unto itself mysteriously so.

Your soul bodies must abide in utmost alignment with your spirit here on earth. If and when you decide to be devoted to religious or spiritual traditions of the endless afterlife. Here is what is by the auric tones symbolically what is entailed for spiritual ascension upon a lifetime briefly. The totality of God has generically extended out its hand to all whom would carry the sacred flame of truth with conviction. Not just into the world but all other astral and otherwise spiritual realms that be made so possible metaphysically. 

For a human being or any other semi-sentient intelligent creature out in your physical cosmos. Intends to live a devoted ascetic life in service to all including themselves without neglecting self-care. They can begin to syncretize themselves to wisdoms and other spiritual knowing beyond this world. This entails being adopted by the Holy Masters otherwise progress is dwarfed as the sojourn goes forward.

Depending on the religion or lack thereof of such a background many errors introduced by so-called learned men as theologians must be unlearned as innocent mistakes. This clears the way for later more complex rudimentary understandings to be envisioned within a lifetime. No one wants to move forward half-cocked only to realize they need to double back to undo assumed mistakes long ago made by well-meaning spiritual forefathers. 

All godly spiritual powers are angelic in holy nature period. The next evolution of all fully or partially intelligent lifeforms out in your cosmos spiritually speaking is into the next rung on the ladder of eternity and infinity as angelic in the perfect template of God itself. The animal or other ephemeral mortal coils on whichever planetary sphere you began upon are immaterial in question. All roads lead upwards as an uneven celestial cosmic corkscrew. 

You and I are different manifestations of the god force of the totality of being alive. You are human and I am angelic in godly holy nature. I am highly evolved and by happenstance, your soul eclipses my own since you have more than one soul, which I only have one which is the standard holy fare dearest "Ivan the Atrayo". 

The conundrum doesn't escape us as a paradoxical flip of the uneven nature of God to keep us all on our so-called toes as divine beings. As we explain these feats of ascension to your esteemed modern spiritual readers. There comes a limitation placed on what can be explained with simplicity based upon your human vocabulary as our oracle or herald. 

Those who are philosophically inclined may mutter what all this means with confidence. Your lack of a fuller education in the literary arts Ivan has afforded us the chance to work with you as a truly blank slate as it were said. To Be like God can not be overstated here for that is the yardstick of measurement required for any person to overcome the societal norms of convention at least metaphysically at present.

Here is where morality as the norms of virtues, ethics, and another sound basis of well-meaning care with common sense and uncommon wisdom is also required. At least for those seeking Enlightenment from Heaven. Enlightenment is possible through Hell, however, that is a tortured affair altogether and not the basis of this statement of the Jewels of Truth series. 

Detachment from the obstacles of modern living is a plus if one has the mental acumen to be divorced from the popular rage of the world. For spiritual service, whether you call this dharmic or something else must have a caring compassionate center within moderation to affect positive changes overall. To be extremely detached and one becomes a fool without any bearings as a balloon without any proper moorings. 

One must inhale life in all its glory and exhale all its lacking poisons, otherwise, imbalances will occur. Patience with fearlessness upon courage is also required to act when all others have frozen feet coupled with loathing fears. To Be Saint like is a good start, but not to the point you have an inflated vain ego because of it. Everything holistic whether mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual spheres are required when interacting with forces beyond your total control. Anything short of this call upon us the heavenly host to aid your path when encountering circumstantial turbulence in life. 

All forms of godly Ascension is a team or heavenly societal effort it is welcoming a renewed luminary upon the world and the hereafter simultaneously. There are many unique creative one-time and otherwise frequent paths of celestial ascension back to God prior to a mortal death blow. Not all are created equal as the caveat is so simply put. We welcome all earnest efforts even if one abandons their efforts in one lifetime and comes back in their next reincarnation where they last left off. The holy of holies is a stickler for details like that to be wholly respected. 

There is a metaphysical near endless universal angelic arts and sciences that dwarf all knowledge-based knowing in your bubble of a physically created universe altogether. Only the perfect absolute Mind of God mysterious and unknowable upon totality as it were dwarfs our collective angelic knowing completely of the infinite heavens. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 28 plus years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient-inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic Heavenly host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also utilizes a unique channeled angelic divination method called the Multi-Deck Divination SystemNumerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 18 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.