Saturday, December 29, 2007

Social Justice Concept: An American "Truth & Reconciliation Commission" Is Needed

Hello All,

After viewing a PBS episode of "Bill Moyers Journal" this week where Desmond Tutu of South Africa was mentioned and discussed.

I got to thinking that America unlike South Africa in 1994 with the ending of Apartheid had no "Truth & Reconciliation Commission". In regards to the near genocide committed to Native Americans and especially to the imported slaves and than later Jim Crow treatment of African-Americans.

It took the U.S. nearly 50 years to address the Japanese internment camps during WWII during the Reagan Administration. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Abolisher's before him began the century long societal discussion of the treatment of African-Americans. However these discussions with our American society is still ongoing as a social democratic experiment.

I'm not talking about reparations to Native Americans or Afro-Americans. What I am discussing is something very similar to the "Truth & Reconciliation Commission" that helped heal the nation of South Africa in 1994 in regards to "Apartheid".

The United States of America has had nothing close to this, lest the work begun or continued by Martin Luther King Jr. with his "Beloved Community" philosophy.

The inequalities with Native Americans continues to this day and if not for grass roots social organizations would be very much forgotten. Casinos on Native American reservations isn't the ultimate solution for these indigenous people of our America.

On the other societal discussion is that Afro-Americans make up nearly 2/3's of our national prison inmate populations. Often stricken by poverty and lack of opportunity we as a consumer capitalistic society would rather discard people than invest in them it seems. This is just a continued tapestry of hardship facing Afro-Americans in our nation that continues to this day and age.

If we as Americans in our civil society do not demand a change not just from our government, but from each other. Our civil society will sooner than later implode onto itself. It may not be a catastrophic implosion but a social paralysis of will power and vision will lead us further away from a Republic Democracy. It will turn us into something that may take more than a generation to extricate ourselves from in the future.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Game Concept: Enhancments To Avoid Sorry & Lose A Turn Results

Hello All,

How many of you have played online those free Java based games that offer real cash and prizes? Be they from an "Instant Win" sweepstakes promotion or online sites like:,, or elsewhere.

Well my game concept enhancement is to completely get rid of those: Sorry, Lose A Turn, or Try Again game play results. Where a great marketing slogan can be:

"Making Every Spin A Winner!"

Besides the very typical virtual reward payouts of tokens or free spins to such Java based games. To offer additional variants to those two cited above to enhance game play. And thus completely avoiding the annoying use of those: Sorry, Lose A Turn, Try Again game play responses.

Here are five examples to get one started:

1) Automatic Spins: Where instead of the free spins where one manually has to use a free spin with a left mouse click. The "automatic spin" variant will do the free spins on behalf of the player, completely hands free.

2) Multiplier Payouts: Where instead of receiving X,Y,Z amount of free tokens during a spin. A multiplier amount by a certain number of free tokens is rewarded, much like on a slot machine. IE 3x 500 Tokens is paid out when one lands on such a spot.

3) Free Entry Tickets: Meaning free prize raffle tickets without fussing with any token payout conversions. Where most game sites offer a token reward that can be converted to a number of prize entry tickets.

4) Cash Jackpot Spin: Most of these game sites offer some sort of cash jackpot that continues to grow via a ticker depicting the growing cash value. For such a spin game model there can be a tie-in cash jackpot free spin offered. That will accrue on the side until one plays that cash jackpot game later on.

5) Free Scratches: Many of these free or paid membership game sites offer a scratch game that offers cash or real prizes of various sorts. So when one plays a spin game model "Free Scratches" can be rewarded much like the "Cash Jackpot Spin" variant choice.

These alternative virtual variant game play choices will enhance the spin game models. Where the default: Sorry, Lose A Turn, Try Again choices can become increasingly invalid offerings during game play.

Truly, "Making Every Spin A Winner!"

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Jewels of Truth Quotations & Favorite Quotes Of The Day

Hello All,

Here is another three of my original spiritual wisdom based quotations / proverbs for your pleasure.

Enjoy them as I have in writing and sharing them with all of you, thank you.


807) Silence speaks the loudest with its anchored conviction of its sheer majesty, by nature itself. God's silence dwarfs us all by his/her sheer presence of testament of glories. God's palette of creations continues to leave me dumbfounded and awestruck in its magnitude and variety of orders of life. We are so blessed, yet so conflicted by the incomprehension of it all. Such grandeur of mere presence leaves me feeling guilty and unworthy to gaze upon such sublime existence. Yet, I am a part of this orchestra of creation that has become manifested as a form of life itself. So than by at least default I am worthy to be here to experience life and its often mundane splendor. Amen. ---Ivan / Atrayo.

808) Life is a rainbow of inclusive colors of the living. Not the binary thought system of the atypical black, gray, and white. When humanity evolves as a species beyond binary thinking. It will have healed itself of poverty & injustice. ---Ivan / Atrayo.

809) Beauty is the tranquilizer of the soul. ---Ivan / Atrayo.


To bring the sublime into the mundane is the greatest challenge there is. ---Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan. Alchemical Wisdom.

To take time to think is to gain time to live. ---Nancy Kline. Writer.

Salvation is not putting a man into heaven, but putting Heaven into man. ---Maltbie D. Babcock.

As long as one keeps searching, the answers come. ---Joan Baez. Folk Singer.

Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it. ---Rabindranath Tagore.

Society Concept: Homeless Community Campus

Hello All,

Our super power nation is slipping from grace when 97 million of our citizens are either in poverty or labeled as the working poor. Even to date among US military bases, at least the larger ones have "Food Banks" for enlisted personnel families. Yes, enlisted personnel in the US military are also considered the "working poor". Particularly those with a larger family and sometimes holding non-commissioned officer status.

Now back to the point aside from my small rant above on the working poor of the US military.

Picture a public college or University campus but instead of classrooms. Being reconfigured to house and treat the local or regional (usually tri-county) homeless populations. Having social services all in a centralized community campus location. Not so much treated as a segregated prison facility but a community campus onto itself.

With an auditorium, a hospital / clinic, vocational institute, GED services, Chapel, etc... All treating various classifications of those considered homeless, be it: veterans, mentally ill, elderly, physical disabilities, children & mothers, runaway children, etc...

The "Homeless Community Campus" can have the typical multi-bed facilities that places like the "Salvation Army" utilize. But also there can be numerous efficiency units for those with dependents who need a minuscule amount of privacy and dignity.

The "Homeless Community Campus" can be considered a place of rehabilitation back to a productive citizens of our nation. Besides those who are considered as "Chronics" who aren't willing to help themselves but can be cultivated as human beings in some other dignified outlet.

If America the bastion of Liberty and Freedom can't willfully care for the least amongst us. Than we have no business for much longer of being a superpower of anything.