Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Prediction: Health Care Costs In America As Next Economic Bubble To Pop

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In this blog site I've done less than a handful of Predictions through the years. One looming mega-trend I can forecast is that the rising health care costs in the good old USA. Will be one of the next recessions or economic bubbles our country will face with near certainty. I draw my conclusion since our current infamous "Great Recession" brought about foreclosures in Real Estate. Where the market out priced itself including the secondary slap of loose credit lending practices. I foresee that the titans of "Big Pharma" & the "Insurance Industry" are milking the American Consumer until that delicious last drop.

Since now our nations prosperous GDP (Gross Domestic Product) has 13%-16% dedicated solely to Health Care costs. Taking note nearly 1/3 of Americans around 47 million as uninsured and another 25-60 million as under insured. In a nation of around 320 million plus citizens, and this is taking into account the illegal immigrant population as a undocumented labor force.

So that leaves about two thirds (2/3) of American citizens who are blessed (or cursed at inflated prices) to afford medical / dental insurance policies. The rest are in the lurch so to speak.

Allow me to make a statement that is shocking and probably insane in our current society. If the US Federal Government were to adopt a "Universal" health policy since we're the only laggard in the West. It can pay for it in near perpetuity, not in today's hyper-inflated health care prices. But in tomorrow's sustainable negotiated health care prices where a modest profit can still be made! The profits being made now are the equal greed to what brought us into this "Great Recession"!

Our lawmakers in either Federal or State congress know this but they are beholden more to the industry than to the American People. If there was ever a silent coup d'etat led by capitalists in America, this is it.

So wait until the common people become savvy to this disgrace. And when they do it will be too late since the economic bubble would've popped right in our collectives faces.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Food Storage Concept: Food Plastic Roll Bags (Vents Air)

Hello All,

Doing a quick cursory search via Google for a food storage plastic bag that vents excess air manually by rolling the bag. I've found nothing, but I did locate was a Ziploc Hand Pump manual freezer bag. Besides a Reynolds vacuum bag for the freezer and for regular refrigerator usage.

My evolutionary idea is only a matter of time give or take a couple of years. (That's if a patent hasn't already been filed for one) Before it is utilized for the food storage industry which it is already being utilized for storing clothing. That being either the famous "Space Bag" or "Pack Mate" brands sell a travelers plastic storage bag for clothing. That a user merely rolls the bag to remove excess air from within. For a slim and economical storage for packing whilst traveling.

While Ziploc or Reynolds nickel and dimes consumers with a vacuum seal bags. Expect one of the national food storage brands to trump them at the market with a roll-bag that manually vents air. No contraption necessary to use a simple "Roll Bag" similar to using a kitchen roller pin. Where either the plastic storage bag has a flap at the bottom that forces air out and not in. Or a similar suction hole that with manually rolling the plastic storage bag. Will force the air out via such a vent and thus extend the shelf life of the stored food.

Only time will tell who beats who to market with such a simple and gradual evolution for food storage.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jewels of Truth Quotations & Favorite Quotes of The Month

Hello All,

I hope your having a great summer if not a good winter for those in Oz (Australia). :)

Here is another iteration of "Jewels of Truth" for the month of July.



864) Love is eternal just as life is unceasing throughout creation. Love may change according to the customs of displaying affection and compassion in a culture. However the meaning and substance of love remains the same no matter the age of humanity it occurs within. Know that love without conditions is the purest form of love known to all creation. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

865) Pain is both a catalyst for growth by healing and a force for suffering. It is up to the participate to choose whether to heal by opportunity, Including to grow and transform for the highest good. Or to succumb to suffering and surrender all faculties to being wrecked in life.

Pain is a instrument and an effect to overcome or to be acted upon. Choice is always at hand to the naive mind or the mature mind of an entity at the crossroads of pain. Amen.
---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

(Note: #866 was posted on Easter 2008, I will continue onto the next numbered sequence)

867) Life itself is an experiment by dynamic and form of depth to be experienced. No one person nor an institution fashioned by mortals can provide an absolute guarantee to anything of a rightful outcome. Only God's grace in harmony with the Holy Spirit can any sort of pristine nature take hold. Co-existence with the Divine adds an additional element to the soul that words fail to quantify. Only when our intent is in harmony with the mysterious "Will of God(dess)" can we begin to have a meaningful life. Of course the caveat here is a life of benevolent living leads into the "Will of God". Whether a person is without faith living in a secular fashion or a devout person. Goodness trumps all the limitations a religious body can place on non-worshipers via their viewpoint with exclusions of "this or that". Amen.
---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


Take a chance on yourself if you expect others to take a chance on you. ---Sue Mackay and Laura Tonkin. "Living Well, Working Smart".

All things are difficult before they are easy. ---Dr. Thomas Fuller.

Your success and happiness lie in you... Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties. ---Helen Keller.

In dreams begins responsibility. ---William Butler Yates.

Set me a task in which I can put something of my very self, and it is a task no longer, it is joy, it is art. ---Bliss Carman 1861-1929.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Land Development Concept: "The American Riviera Project"

Hello All,

Although unofficially the "America Riviera" is considered the "Santa Barbara" coastline off of California. This concept will deal more with something else quite differently in geographic location of the United States.

What I have in mind is when I originally wrote this concept back in December 2007. (yes, this is another archived concept from my collection of notebooks) Back in late 2007 is when the Category 5 to 3 hurricane of "Katrina" first struck South Florida through Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Then continuing in its wayward course through the Everglades and out into the Gulf of Mexico. Where it made direct impact onto the depleted barrier islands or marshlands of the Louisiana coastline. Smacking into "New Orleans" as a category 3 hurricane and flooding portions of this American iconic city.

That in brief is the trepid history of Hurricane "Katrina". Which is another name that will live in infamy for the decades to come along the Gulf Coast of America.

However with foresight and hopefully a lack of corruption and/or of incompetence. A project like the "American Riviera" could be developed with the necessary vision and competence needed. Inter-connected municipalities like links in a chain would consist of the "American Riviera Project". From the cities of Key West all the way dotting along to New Orleans.

As a much needed environmental sustainability component restoration of the Florida Everglades would continue to receive additional private dollar funding. At least in the portion of the Everglades from Key West to Naples which is pristine and undeveloped. It'll stay that way for generations to come as a natural wonder. Another environmental sustainability location would be the barrier islands or marshlands off the coast of Louisiana. That after decades of neglect or underfunded mandates the "American Riviera Project" would hopefully complete past empty promises or pledges from the Federal / State Governments. Where by re-nourishment of such marshlands would be a high priority to help ensure as a natural barrier, for the land development to come along the Gulf Coast of America.

Once the environmental sustainability and mitigation factors are being addressed and confronted. Years ahead of breaking any ground for land development. Although during this environmental re-nourishment period there is plenty of work to be done. Gaining much needed private financing for the projects to come and the Federal / State / Municipality permits to undergo such a project.

When actual land development can commence after the environmental, legal, and additional funding has been secured. Than similar to how the "Chunnel" project that connected France and England via the "English Channel" can be approached. Where land development in this case would commence from Key West / Naples and simultaneously at New Orleans. Starting at both end points where each link in the chain of municipalities will eventually meet in the middle.

Another cornerstone of the "American Riviera Project" is any jobs generated stay local. Be it with environmentalists to the local Corp of Army Engineers if required. If any additional engineering or architectural planning must be done abroad, OK. However all boots on the ground must be resourced locally so as to help convince Local / State governments. Of the sincerity of any jobs and tax revenue created will stay local when under going the permitting process and the sourcing of local contractors if any are nearby. (if not contracted by the region)

What the "American Riviera Project" will entail is the redevelopment of the battered or neglected Gulf Coast of the United States. Redevelopment will help ensure local economies will get a boost by creating and attracting: Tourist, Hospitality / Casino, Industrial, Research Firms to invest in these locales. The Industrial / Research components would consist of new industries of manufacturing that the 21st century will demand. If not academic and technological research requirements that helped pioneer America as a super power in the former 20th Century. State Government "Tax Breaks" and other private industry incentives from the collaborators of the "American Riviera Project" will lure such institutions to the region. If they are already located in such a portion of the Gulf Coast States than they are ensured that they will stay. Aiding them in their continued outgrowth of their preexisting facilities and complexes.

The whole concept of the "American Riviera Project" is to foster a renewal of America along the Gulf of Mexico US States. That have either been neglected by Government or Private Self-Interests if not the damaging effects that Hurricanes Katrina has left in its wake for potentially decades to come.

Do we have the Courage and Foresight similar to what Eisenhower initiated with "The U.S. Interstate Highway System"? Or is such an American vision left behind dead in the 20th century as history only and no more?