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Humanitarian Concept: Eradicating Poverty In America By Mimicking Its Best Socialist Example, The U.S. Military Branches

Hello All,

What I'm about to espouse will surely be like kicking a hornets nest here in the United States. This conceptual design is meant to shake the calcified foundation of public thinking beyond just political ideological terms well into humanism. For the sake of self disclosure I am an Independent politically in America leaning as a moderate on certain societal issues. For humanism and environmental issues I lean towards the progressive left. For commerce and the military towards the political right within reasonable balance. Since my readers would know I'm also deeply spiritual and as an Angelic Oracle a.k.a. a psychic-medium I channel many of these conceptual designs myself. Just like I do my spiritual wisdom statements as the 20 plus year discourse with my / our Angels. 

First, allow me to start at the very beginning with the definitions of Socialism & Capitalism as furnished by:


a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.


an economic system in which investment in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations, especially as contrasted to cooperatively or state-owned means of wealth. 

The political right especially the radical far right in America with dripping venom consider the word "Socialism". To be practically a cursed word in their vernacular. Similar as the word "Liberal" politically speaking in decrying the left side of the aisle although technically it means freedom of tyranny or bigotry. I suppose like how Muslims had the technical word of "Jihad" (righteous struggle) hijacked by the radical hate mongers to mean a holy war. Hatred breeds victimization be it in the political theater or in the combat theater.

Walking away in peace from any hate speech that would rather fear and destroy society one attack at a time. My conceptual designs are mostly humane, although I have past design examples that global militaries could deploy as well.

Now this is how I have witnessed Socialism in America. For to have an America without socialism is to create a dystopia on an Orwellian scale. For pure capitalism allows people to be a commodity not just as a labor workforce, but as slaves without dignity nor privilege. America had to experience a Civil War in the mid to late 19th century to end Slavery ushered in by Pure Capitalism with the triad of: Rum, Sugar, and Slaves. Today's triad of economic principles is: Money, Oil, and Weapons. Tomorrows economic triad may very well be: Power (Wealth Classism the 10% (Multi-Millionaires) to 1% (Billionaires) & Renewable Energy), Water, and Technology.

Second, here are the examples of Civilian Socialism in America to date. (This list is in no way complete)

1) Social Security Benefits a Federal Legal Ponzi Scheme (Pension & Disability Benefits)
2) Medicare & Medicaid Federal / State Healthcare Benefits (The Government is always the Insurer of Last Resort. Medicare is for the elderly and the disabled, with Medicaid for the economically poor)
3) Food Stamps (Food Insecurity Program)
4) Utility Energy Assistance (Discounted reduced rate electricity program)
5) Lifeline Federal / State Credits (For Landline & Cellphone Telephone rebate per month)
6) Temporary Cash Assistance (For the Economically Poor, usually the Homeless)
7) Public School Districts Across America as in Kindergarten-12 grades.
8) Public Colleges and Universities (At reduced rates for State citizens)
9) Public Libraries
10) Court Appointed Criminal Legal Defense
11) Public Municipal Parks
12) Federal National / State Parks (Although admission & camping fee's do apply)
13) Public Infrastructure of Roads, Bridges, Highways without paid Tolls (Subsidized by taxpayers)
14) Public Transit of Buses, Subway, Monorails, etc... (Admission fee's per ride do apply, but subsidized by taxpayers)

Now picture an America with none of that above as a pure Capitalistic society. Where everything is ala carte and your nickle and dimed to death. A dystopia by my definition, so the radical right politically do not know the horror they would create without an iota of socialism in America. That would include No Federal / State pork barrel projects and Corporate Welfare as Tax (Removal / Discount) Sweetheart deals.

For any democratic State in the world evolved to date it must have subsidized ventures via socialism. (Governmental & Philanthropic) However it must be balanced as well with a Fair & Free Market Economy without corruption, collusion, and conspiracies. To make a delicious pastry besides sugar it requires salt and spice otherwise it's ruined. In my example socialism is the salt, capitalism is the sugar, and the spice are private charities as non-governmental organizations. Since the salt and spice in this example both finance with public and private subsides to happen for social welfare programs and the humanities of the: arts, athletics, and education. So Pure Capitalism would have no socialism remember, that means no: Charities, Foundations, Endowments, Grants, Scholarships, Stipends, etc... whatsoever!

Third, to the meat of this conceptual design to showcase the Socialism in the American world class military armed branches. Where more than 10% of our annual GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is poured into as in subsidized by American taxpayers.

Here are the examples, and again this list is in no way complete. This list also omits base salary rates for enlisted and officer corp personnel.

1) Military Base Housing, including for Immediate Dependents. (whether on the military base proper or outside into a municipality)
2) All Medical Care as Active Duty (which is considered as world class top quality)
3) G.I. Bill (Higher Education subsidized dollars for College and Universities)
4) Uniforms & Fatigues (ie clothing)
5) Training in Warfare (aside from basic boot camp, and well into higher echelon learning for infantry, armor division, piloting, technical communications, etc....)
6) All Weapons and required ammunition (from small arms to large scale vehicles)
7) On Military Base transportation and deployment to theater operations
8) Limited free communication service on a Military base and when deployed (ie telephone, internet, & teleconferencing, otherwise at additional cost for extra usage)
9) Free Legal Defence
10) Hazard Pay Insurance (As an Insurance payout upon the death of a Soldier, Sailor, or Airman to next of kin.)

I'm the First to Admit that of course these soldiers, sailors, and airman must be supplied with the essentials. In order to fully accomplish their training and missions to safeguard America and our Allies. Be it the prior listed uniforms and weapons, but technically that is socially subsidized by the American taxpayer all throughout.

Now since the military armed branches have such a pivotal missions to protect and safeguard from all enemies foreign or domestic. They deserve all that the American Homeland can offer, which includes additional benefits such as for veterans.

(This list is no way complete)

1) Veterans Medical Care  (Although the VA (Veterans Administration) offers sub-par medical care for veterans mirroring State Medicaid programs of the poor in many instances)
2) VA Loans for Homestead Residential Property
3) Each of the 5 military branches has an Emergency Fund for Veterans, Spouses and dependent Children created by fellow active duty and veterans like a charity.  (Temporary rent assistance, higher education, medical procedures, etc...)
4) Retail discounts for admissions fee's from Theme parks to Federal National to State Parks. Cinema discounts, preferred rates in Banking and Loans, etc...

Our veterans deserve this adoration don't get me wrong by the general civilian population. Some of it is socialized and some of it is discounted by caring corporations as ethical and shrewd business practice.

Fourth, now considering all the support our Military branches receive in Federal and State government support by taxpayers. By keeping us safe and in an open manner the potential to be prosperous in our societal sandbox. Why don't our First Responders as in Police, Fire Rescue, and Hospital Ambulance get an equal representation of socialized support as do our military? Their mission keeps civil society from diving into sheer anarchy. Yes, there is socialized help by the Federal, State, and Local governments but many times these first responders rely on private charitable dollars to help procure much needed equipment.

Oh wait! So did our Troops when they were in Iraq and in Afghanistan due to the logistical nightmare from the Pentagon. Taking half a year or more to timely support our troops when deployed as early as 2008 in Iraq as reported by the ""Christian Science Monitor March 2008" (Link).

Since 9/11, the market for tactical war gear has expanded from nearly nonexistent to nearly $150 million in sales each year, which includes sales directly to soldiers as well as to the Pentagon, according to industry sources.
CIA operatives, domestic SWAT teams, and Border Patrol agents are also rounding out their gear at bazaars like Commando.
To some critics, the sight of soldiers buying their own battle gear symbolizes a divide between frontline grunts and rear echelon procurement officers who may never have seen battle. Rep. Gene Taylor (D) of Mississippi told the House Armed Services Committee last week that supplies such as body armor and uparmored Humvees "[have] taken entirely too long" to get to frontline troops.
In some cases, charity groups have stepped in to help. Operation Helmet, founded by Bob Meaders of MontgomeryTexas, shipped special helmet liners to soldiers to replace what many soldiers said were poorly designed helmet pads issued by the Army and the Marines. Just as Operation Helmet thought its work was done late last year, more requests came in from troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Five years later this trend only grows as reported by "NBC News February 2013" (Link) in Afghanistan.

A civilian military depot in California is trying to plug soldier-reported gaps in U.S. supply lines literally on a shoestring budget — by providing bootlaces along with tourniquets, tracheotomy tools, goggles and other gear to service members in Afghanistan who say they are increasingly strapped for basic equipment.

But Troops, a nonprofit with one full-time employee and a small squadron of corporate backers, calls the latest request sent from soldiers soon to be in harm’s ways a disturbing first: They say they need key materials to protect them in a combat situation.
So with the advent of security contractors a.k.a. mercenaries like the famous "Blackwater". Now known as "Academi" (Wikipedia Link) due to a scandal in 2007 in Iraq by killing and wounding civilians. A Pure Capitalistic military branch doesn't depend on the lowest bidding contractor to fulfill a work order. They go directly into the military supply commercial marketplace just like civilians do everyday. We all know bureaucratic red tape is the death knell to a superior world class military logistically speaking.

Fifth, now to get to the meat of this conceptual design beyond this lengthy set up. By describing the necessary scale of Socialism has in positive societal effects overall. In order to eradicate poverty in America it can not be directly sourced through a free and fair market economy. Since American Capitalism isn't totally Free and Fair due to corruption, collusion, and banking conspiracies up the proverbial ying yang. Leaving it totally on the plate of private philanthropic donors and foundations is a severe sadistic disrespect of the scale of this dilemma.

Following in theory and to a limited degree the American Socialism as showcased in Civil and Military society. I would envision a quasi-paramilitary solution by undoing the centuries long status of the under or lower economic classism in America. Allow me to explain the nine rings of Classism I see in America to date:

9 Rings of Classism:

1) The Lower, Middle, and Upper Under / Lower Class (from the destitute chronic poor to the Working Poor holding down one or more part time jobs without a living wage)
2) The Lower, Middle, Upper Middle Class (Ever so shrinking in the post Great Recession Era)
3) The Lower, Middle, and Upper Upper Class (From the Multi-millionaires 10% up to the Billionaire 1%)

My conceptual solution in theory is to outlaw or completely eliminate the Under / Lower Class. Not as a criminal offence, but to raise the quality of life of such a disadvantaged economic class. Up to the Lower Middle Class by giving them a quasi paramilitary structure of upward mobility.

What this entails is not creating new ghetto's of public housing stock. That experiment failed in the United States, Britain, France, and Russia by the mid-20th century vestige of high crime neighborhoods has left society as a whole. What I'm proposing is the new trend in this early 21st century of Mixed Use Housing Stock in middle class neighborhoods. Using a voucher system subsidized by the Federal / State / Local governments that individuals and couples get apartment units. With the under class now lower middle class as families with children get a single family home. Be it a refurbished foreclosed property to a newly constructed property like by "Habitat of Humanity" does across America and the Globe.

These once former Under / Lower Class economically speaking won't be sitting idle collecting benefits either. All will be required to serve at a minimum on a weekly volunteer basis under this quasi paramilitary societal infrastructure. Much like President "Franklin Theodore Roosevelt" ushered in during the Great Depression 1930's & 1940's American era. Like the historical "Works Progress Administration" (Wikipedia Link) that put unemployed adults and delinquent children to work. Those that are part-timers will volunteer a minimum amount of hours each week under this renewed system. Everyone else that wishes to work full time will pull down a salary much like anywhere by being guaranteed work. However the work may not actually be what they want, but what is needed in such a societal public works campaign to eradicate poverty.

All the while those enrolled due to economic hardship will get medical care, transportation, housing, food, etc... all subsidized until they break free into the Middle Middle Class. Then they can join the rest of civil society in the Free & Fair Market Economy like everyone else to date. Many have stated that the American Military Industrial Complex and each of the five U.S. Armed Forces Branches of the: Army, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, and Air Force. Are like a society within a society at large with their own bureaucracy and legal system. Well this system to eradicate poverty in America if not picked up elsewhere Internationally will create a similar society within a society with its own bureaucracy and legal system. Those working within such a system will not be taking jobs away from those in the Free and Fair Market Economy. Since they'll be insourced public infrastructure and social service jobs to maintain such a Lower Middle Class standard of living.

This is just a potential conceptual design on what could be to undo centuries of the under / lower economic classism of the disadvantaged. Since any sort of Capitalism has been an Utter Failure to address the needs of the poor. Trickle Down Economics is a Fallacy not worth repeating. Only a form of Socialism can help alleviate for the chronic poor economically a chance of upward democratic values mobility. Otherwise if one wants endemic servitude of a slave class. Then use capitalism to expound the suffering upon such an economic demographic of people.

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Jewels of Truth Series Hits Its 2,000th Statement!

Hello All,

It was only five and a half years ago I proclaimed here on this blog of "Atrayo's Oracle" that I completed my "1,000th Statement" (Link) of the "Jewels of Truth" series. Well I've repeated the feat once again about three days ago with a whole lot of help from my heavenly friends the Angels. :o) I continue to stay true to to this inner bliss like the tempo beat of my soul. Since December 2009 when I completed my first 1,000th spiritual wisdom statement I had only one small book of the series published. Now in 2015 two additional volumes are published and this discourse only continues to pour out of me like the living waters of Heaven.

So thank you for visiting this isolated oasis on the great desert we know and love as the Internet. Thank you for resting awhile and reflecting on your divinity with God and our shared grace with each other in life. Below is spiritual wisdom statement number 2,000 on the topic of Genius. Enjoy.

Vaya con Dios y Amor. (Go with God and Love)



2000) For every genius is a fool of another sort of a hard to fathom person. To what avails them can often be finely called madness at the edge of reason and known logic. And yet a genius as a man, woman, or child drives many into the unknown out of sheer curiosity seeking to create wonders. Although not all wonders are worth creating especially if they are far from truly benevolent in nature. Humanity needs not another weapon to destroy itself with in whatever future way of life. For the benevolence that empowers all within seeks to yield to a far flung promise that again may not be fully realized in the world. For it isn't well understood with the platform of invented simplicity for the unprepared minds. Too much complication that can't be easily articulated to the ignorant power brokers and the ordinary person and the genius is discarded as a fool.

To be a fool isn't wrong, it is to comprehend genuine truths before all the rest. The foolishness of brilliant minds and hearts sets you apart from a world a century or more in time from your present brilliance. That is if you do not succumb to evil just to be seen and heard in the worst case of negative attention. Such a genius leads easily to tyranny of another name such as a devil incarnate. Infamy isn't the best manner to be remembered for one's genius.

Again be well honed to expect misunderstanding of your intentions to attempt to do good in the world. Although never travel on this Earth voyage alone do teach those with a humble potential. For they may betray you if they are vain at heart so select them wisely as your stewards. Those who you impress as friend and colleague will support you when you deliver success to their political or financial supporters. Worry not yourself whether they completely understand the depth of your diligent capacity to create. Just be yourself in silent inner poise, but not to the point you lose yourself within the ivory tower of the mind. For this world is a fickle place filled with clowns, heroes, and villains. Your foolishness has no place amongst those clowns. The clowns are merely the blind ones, but you see visions of untamed horizons. As I see you as the children of Heaven come alive when good is your beautiful response to this world. Amen.                                 ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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Jewels of Truth Statements & Favorite Quotes of the Month

Hello All,

According to my calendar today is the first day of Summer. And boy was it a scorcher since I took my weekly walk today to refresh my body and soul. I stepped out around 4:30 pm in the afternoon and the sun was like 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Just here in my part of Florida on the Gulf of Mexico side of the peninsula. I've been walking on a consistent basis for a year now and today's walk had me in a grip of exhaustion under the sun. This was even with my canteen of water, sunscreen, and cap worn.

Today's trio of "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statements are on the topics of: Truth, the Generations, and Manifesting through a prayer request. In the series of #1078-1080 of this automatic writing discourse with my / our Angels as an Oracle myself.

May you enjoy the spiritual channeled material and may it take you into expanded reflections within.



1078) God as the silent Immaculate witness is the ultimate truth to be experienced as the Alpha, the Mu (Middle), and the Omega. God is a deity of deities like no other that is omnipresent with an omniscient in knowing everything as his own truthful being. There can be pain and suffering in knowing the truth when it is used as a blunt instrument with the intention to harm. Truth can also heal a mind and a heart that needs wise closure and compassion. Truth can be offered freely or it can come at a premium expense dependent on the giver.

Truth offers balance when there is chaos and disorder. Truth comes always before peace in settling a troubled mind and in bringing to a close a difficult resolution. Truth can be serious and humorous depending on what is disclosed and shared. The truth offers sanity during a troubled time as well as relief during events of good news.

Where truth is in your midst there is also God(dess) upon you with an absolute gaze of compassion. Surrender the need and want to lie or tell complete half-truths that cause trouble and discord among a few or the many. Set each other free with the truth and therein lies your salvation. As it will be your personal heaven in a resounding total metaphysical truth as life becomes fulfilled in you. Amen.                 ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


1079) When societies commit errors or blatant atrocities as crimes against the State and the people therein. Then only time as a witness can offer another forthcoming generation of souls an opportunity to alter for themselves the path of destiny. It is whether to commit the same prior mistakes of their forefathers. Or be brave enough to cast their lots into the courageous unknown. This is being willing to heal the past by trial and error so as to improve upon the present altogether. To be nearly ready when hopefully moving as a collective society into the future together in near peace. Where those children as the descendants of the forefathers that denied their society at large justice and dignity by pursuing hypocrisies. Need to choose once again to be villains themselves set by the examples of their forefathers. Or consciously become the righteous generation in order to usher in a new era of blessings and miracles.

Where one generation refuses to learn and move onward by committing the same mistakes time and again. It is up to their children to mend the ways of past discord in order to offer salvation to each other. Where several missed opportunities of the forefathers became lessons learned by the children of the next generation. Offering up a renewed round of fresh opportunities to be seized with a bold and crisp truth recognizing mutual prosperity is at hand. Time can only heal when it has a living and willing partner in a society for a people who seek better for themselves in every era. 
                                                                           ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


1080) When seeking to manifest by grace any need or want through the "Holy Spirit" of God. There is an alternative to traditional supplicating prayer in doing so, it is within a tranquil meditation on what you seek. However the power utilized is truly unconditional love expressed in moderation in how you envision the darling of your request in Spirit. Do not ever gaze or affirm on what you do not want with petty complaints. Instead discipline your mind by focusing with patience on what will aid you. So as to manifest with your divinity what is already yours in the "Holy Spirit".

If you catch yourself slipping up or wandering away in focus then re-center your attention using gratitude to God. For your need and want is already manifested in heaven spiritually speaking. No matter if that moment of time has yet to occur as a circumstance. You are purposely linking your divine spirit to the eternal in order to manifest your request in the "Now" or the near present tense. Try using contemplation by only generalizing on the details of what you seek with your mind and heart. Keep it simple, do not overly complicate the request with obtuse rituals or phrases as affirmations. Whereby practice surrender after you complete your observation in visualized details. It will be like releasing your request to God and the Angels in your spiritual midst. Only use a sweet and gentle affirmation when you grow impatient in order to remind you to be mindful and to surrender once more in spirit. Make good on any opportunities that present themselves to you. Be constructive with your actions to your faith as a devoted partner with the "Holy Spirit" in a splendid union.

Any selfish requests may seldom be honored by the "Will of God". Unless it is used to teach you a dear lesson with hardship in your own soulful personal development. Never ever tell the Angels as the agents of the "Holy Spirit" how to complete in every iota a prayer request. It is like telling a genius or a master artisan how to do their job, or in this sacred case their living bliss. There is very little humility in such a bossy act. Always remember to gaze like staring into the reflective mirror of your energized soul lovingly with gratitude upon your request. Do not then negate under the next breath by dwelling with recriminations or fears on what you do not want. Do not broadcast that as your most ardent desire upon a neutral metaphysical reality instead. Amen.                  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


I can feel guilty about the past, apprehensive about the future, but only in the present can I act. The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness.                        ---Abraham Maslow.

In the stillness of the quiet, if we listen, we can hear the whisper of the heart giving strength to weakness, courage to fear, hope to despair.                                                                                                      ---Howard Thurman.

Never be so focused on what you're looking for that you overlook the thing you actually find.                                                               ---Ann Patchett. 

The moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too.                                                                                        ---W.H. Murray.

May he grant you your heart's desire, and fulfill all your plans. ---Psalm 20:4 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Jewels of Truth Statement: "Enlightenment Is Beyond Good & Evil"

Hello All,

The Summer heat wave is upon us here in the States, especially in my sunny Florida. The dignity of having a working air conditioner is a remarkable blessing to have. Those that work outside, boy must need hydration and protective clothing or sunscreen is essential. You have my humblest appreciation of your work in the grueling heat outside be it in landscaping, construction, hospitality, etc...

Today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement is on the topic of Enlightenment. Which I penned back in late May of this year in the series at #1974. We always have had the assumption through the benevolent master of the Buddha. That enlightenment could only be achieved through benevolence alone for all dignified life plural. Well I channeled via automatic writing from my Angelic teachers a surprising contradiction to this general assumption. For myself it is right controversial to state much less agree to in realization. I personally I'm still reconciling the elements of what I have channeled within a benevolence based upon clarity of the soul within.

Nonetheless the Angelic teacher at this juncture draws parallels on how God accomplished the feat as the prime example. The "Way Showers" of all way showers as it is above so it is below. I always channel numerous angels many of whom choose to remain in complete humility without a name. Whomever is meant to be the heavenly messenger I receive the meaning and the words verbatim. The writing always appears in my personal style, but the sentence structure differs from my everyday usage. I started automatic writing in 1995 and have continued for these 20 years in the discourse you know as the "Jewels of Truth" series.

On this topic I presume many of you will balk and disagree with, I know I had difficulty accepting it as well. Besides that point consider this a primer of exposure on what could be to the enlightened soul in the afterlife.



1974) With all things in life comes recognition of either if it was good or evil in occurrence. Not always but sometimes the good things happen in a intertwined fashion during rough patches as the bad times in life and vice a versa. Life can be a series of encounters many of which are intended to be complicated by people and circumstances on purpose. There are no accidents in such incidents from the perspective of the angels as the pure event driven orchestrator's. For metaphysically good and evil are two focal points as the passage of life and death through encounters. Be these encounters personal or impersonal in nature, they are localized and non-local points of contention to propel all to ascend and shift through their perceptions of life.

God, the Greatest Creator is also the Great Observer or the Immaculate Witness in utter pure neutrality. He the "Lord God" witnesses all in our very souls through every experience ever surrounding us continually. This is possible because he God has complete symbiosis with Totality as his Grandest Self. For God(dess) as the essential Source of all inhabits a realm of non-localized reality or dimensional space. Making Him, Her, and It in exuberant form totally linked to all absolutely. Thus a complete paradox in expression is found and achieved as a corridor function. That he the "Lord God" of all gods & goddesses can co-exist in totality simultaneously as a living dynamical principal.

For God(dess) has mastered his/her own purified ethos of being true in divine essence beyond that of the polarities of good and evil itself. To be truly enlightened as an entity soul one must subjugate good and evil within one or a series of lifetimes completely in their sacred spirit. This affords ascension naturally to occur by following the precepts of how God emphasized the process. By how he accomplished simultaneously this feat for his own essence in a remarkable and beautiful truth. This becomes the standard conviction for all masters attaining self-mastery of their own ethos. Through being alive and dead simultaneously to the lowest and highest Self achieving total neutrality in spiritualized form.

Those who in eternal spirit as souls be they reincarnated or not as entities. Can accomplish after numerous incarnations dependent on the very comprehension of the entity soul. Be they good of heaven or evil in wickedness in hell can overcome themselves to find enlightenment truly so. Which as I stated earlier is beyond singular just good or just singular evil to become renewed. Through self-mastery of the sacred "Spirit of God" therein having achieved for totality such a truth before hand. Paves the way for all souls to reach for this sterling plateau of the self in essence. To be the minor deities of the realms plural be they heavens and hells simultaneously in principal. All the souls created by God have the combined inheritance to be minor gods and goddesses in spiritualized form. The paradox enters upon reincarnation to become flawed creatures in truth. Always struggling to awaken beyond the shell of the body to return to the pristine essence of the spirit within.

After such a miraculous feat of eternal self-mastery beyond good and evil then such an enlightenment process will commence. This affords the entity soul to be completely utterly neutral in life and death just like the Immaculate Witness of God. Exactly as it is willed by Divine Law in every codex of the heavens and hells in spiritualized phenomena. Such an entity soul achieving enlightenment cancels out their former self in a prior manner of just good or just evil. They commence by free will to aid God(dess) the source of all in a renewed expression as the sacred arbitrators to this beautiful truth forever more. Amen.                                                                                                    ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo. 

Monday, June 08, 2015

Governmental Union Concept: "The Creation of European Union Territories, Having Greece Its First Recipient"

Hello All,

Just as of yesterday the British newspaper of the Guardian is reporting the ongoing feud between Greece and the European Union and the IMF (International Monetary Fund). This of course is Greece's way to stall for time seeking to find a better settlement for its economic crisis. Playing Chicken is an ugly affair for all public spectators be one an insider or the mass population gawking from the outside in towards this plain street fight. 

The phrase “trench warfare” comes to mind. On Friday evening the Greek prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, lobbed some choice words at his foes in Brussels, calling their proposed debt deal “absurd”. Days earlier, the International Monetary Fund had joined its allies in Brussels to fire a volley of criticism at Athens. The Greeks already had “significant flexibility” to get out of their budget mess, IMF boss Christine Lagarde said, as she urged Athens to repay the €300m instalment of its bailout loan due on Friday.
Seven years after the crash, the Greek economy is still 25% smaller than it was at its previous peak, 10% of households have no electricity and youth unemployment is running at more than 50%. Tsipras and his finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, may specialise in needling their creditors, but the troika also need to take into account the fact that Syriza has formed a legitimate, democratically elected government and cannot be told that its electoral programme is irrelevant. 

Here's the link to the "Guardian News Article" referenced above dated June 7th, 2015.

Greece in all its citizenry are suffering a self-inflicted Great Depression economy not unlike the American historical one of the 1930's. However the huge European Union (ie Germany), IMF, and some World Bank bail outs have cushioned the fall from making it a total train wreck. Nonetheless the locals on the ground would say otherwise, still a societal suffering on this scale hasn't been experienced since the end of World War II. Although the EU (European Union) is experiencing a continental wide Recession it is countries like: Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, etc... have fallen the farthest. The reasons are many with easy credit lending standards, generous subsidies for the people, and plain old rotten corruption, followed by negligent incompetence makes any nation experience this sort of pain. 

Still the cure right now feels worse than the disease itself from Greece in particular as of late. Although the onlooking European brethren in similar depressions economically are playing a wait and see approach. If Greece succeeds in getting a better deal for stalling, perhaps Cyprus or Portugal may follow Greece's formula. This soon becomes the unraveling of a cheap worn out suit for the EU as a whole putting out man-made economic fires on the continent. 

All societies rely on the free movement of people and commerce in order to prosper. Additional pillars are of the rule of law and a robust security element domestically for all its citizens. In the case of meta-national unions like the United States and in this case the European Union. Cohesion is a must if not a crucial need for the proper regulation of such a union, which in the EU case can easily unravel with Greece's exit. Russia would smile like the Cheshire Cat in Alice of Wonderland fairy tale. Since at the dissolution of the former "Soviet Union" bloc Iron Curtain counties along Eastern Europe. Those once intimidated nations many resembling mini-me's as little Russia's leaped onto the arms of the more stable democratic nations to their western flanks. This caused a whiplash and a entrenchment by the current Russian Federation in order to stave off incursions of Western encirclement, much less influence. It's past years of tantrums by invading Georgia and now the eastern flank of Ukraine are the consequences of such a EU or NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) policy. 

My concept for today is to float the idea of why not creating direct EU Territories within the greater European Union. Yes, the EU has indirect existing territories globally via its Nation State members such as: Great Britain, France, Denmark, etc... In my conceptual design this would be expanded to include future European nations seeking EU candidacy. Such as: Turkey, Bosnia, Macedonia, and so forth although others are already standing in line per say seeking such a status. 

A European Union Territory Nation would create a two tier assembly for the continent. Removing some of the stiffer standards of a full State eligibility would require. Whilst providing a common Euro currency to a degree, the free flow of commerce and peoples, and security military mutual safety measures. However an EU Territory would be allowed to maintain its once abandoned sovereign currency. In the case of Greece it would be the Drachma as it phased out its own currency for the Euro around the year 2002. This would be a windfall perhaps for Greece's dilemma to float its own currency and wiggle around some of the stiffer issues of restructuring its debt to a relative degree. The return of the Drachma won't be a surefire way to avoid debt repayments of existing loan's. The global currency markets may even treat the Greek currency akin to junk status in terms of writing its own national bonds and/or treasuries. Still this is a steam vent valve worth considering attempting to avoid a cliff drop by kicking Greece out of the EU as an economic basket case.

European Union Territory status would give nations like Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Malta, and others leverage to evolve at their own nativist pace economically. Avoiding hopefully the nasty D word of Default along its trajectory of recapitalization by healing its way out of such Depression status economically and socially. The newly minted Territories would also act as a buffer security zone. From its core EU States already in place and functioning at nominal standards as capitalistic democracies. Insuring cohesion of the meta European Union and thus avoiding fragmentation of its weaker and delinquent current States. Those current States struggling to keep their heads above water will have some breathing room, but not total since accountability to the EU is still paramount. 

Now this concept allows for the fact that the whole of the EU Commission and Council would have to deliberate over such a potential notion. Where Greece in the short term can literally drown with an economic partial or full default of its payments in the meanwhile. So it may be a shotgun marriage if the EU Commission created an emergency waiver for Greece to accept demotion to Territory status. Thereafter it can be ironed out all the nagging details of the consequences and obligations of such a two step entity for the EU itself. 

This will keep the ideal of a European Union from coming apart like the aforementioned cheap suit metaphor. Allowing less mature as government institutions a chance to evolve with a training wheels environment than a full blown EU State status capacity. European Union membership is a privilege and not necessarily a right to Statehood. This Territory mechanism will make sure of that by giving less stringent demands to such sovereign entities to work out its internal structures. While hopefully all the rest of the EU States prosper and grow together the worthy continental union of Europe.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Jewels of Truth Statement: "A Love Without End, For It Is Constant"

Hello All,

Now that the Summer heat is starting to take hold and here in the State of Florida where I reside the rainy season is commencing. Those in the middle to southern portion of California have been experiencing now a three year drought. However not unlike Florida contributing factors to such a drought is over population of the State itself. Including underlying factors of aging infrastructure causing leaks of various scales. Besides other variables of wasted water by not valuing it as a commodity due to its cheap retail price. I have heard of the disgrace of utility water being shut off to residences in the surrounding metropolitan area of Detroit, Michigan. Mostly due to skyrocketing costs, leaving households in the lurch with little to none recourse.

This isn't the America I remember growing up in, this sounds more like the America of history books of the Great Depression era. The sad joke is we're calling this period the so called Post-Great Recession, more like our lost Decade starting in late 2007.

This is the time probably more than ever with our spiritual siblings on a global scale. To love deeply versus giving in easily to despair and every other form of Fear Mongering. Politicians just love in a sadistic manner to push our buttons treating us like sheep scaring us into submission at times. Although aren't these elected or appointed leaders our present day shepherds? How much of the rod should we be receiving, versus being guided to a better place?

Nonetheless by loving deeply we choose consciously or unconsciously to circumvent the triggers of suffering in our lives. Those bravest that love in the sheer sight of horror are the holiest amongst us. Only if our leaders loved more by empowering us, rather than lusting for control in whatever form they are pleased to do.

Today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement as #1981 in the series. (getting close to 2,000 after writing or channeling now 21 years time) Is on the topic of Love how stating its blind is only Half the Truth. Besides that God's love is so pure that Karma was brought into the world. To give us balance or moderation in order to maintain love from slipping into pure hate.

May these spiritual insights ignite your wise understanding of our very souls in union with the divine. Amen.



1981) For those that state: "Love is Blind". Are only speaking half a truth in principal. Love needs not eyes to see into our very lives or into totality as a whole. For love sees into our unique albeit common souls from the mountain top of Heaven's highest pinnacle we lovingly call God. What love is blind to in circumstance is often frivolous from the perfect clarity of an optimistic truth. Which is about to be birthed into reality through goodwill by those persons or the force of providence involved. For love to be blind it must consider transitory remarks and conclusions as unimportant.

What matters to love is seen by the capable wisdom of love. A dynamic that transcends fools and the stupidity of a confused Earth. Often the foolish are hijacked unknowingly by true love to become unwittingly accomplices for a righteous outcome. If love does fail, this becomes then a shallow conditional love based on fickle or capricious demands.

True or noble love is everlasting next to the "The Word of God". Falsehood in love is often conditional aims that flicker out as quickly as it began in pure truth. Be wise enough to understand that a lasting love goes without conditions always. Even a "Tough Love" seeks to heal by jolting the ones needing to move onto a better place in life. If tough love seems to dictate to you demands, purely it only seeks your highest good, by whatever means you define it and not them. An unconditional love lives in moderation as a sort of safety net baseline. For moderation avoids obsession which can easily turn into addiction or worse as pure hate without checks and balances along the way.

The "Love of God" from God(dess) brought us "Karma" as his / her own form of moderation for all life forms that live within Creation. This gives us balance by revealing to ourselves the truer exquisite balance in Heaven miraculously from within our holy being. For we are holy that love with God in life. What love is blind to isn't worth its attention over time. If consequences do arise then it will be settled gently in respect to all who are stakeholders. Love heals for it punishes no one ever, however love teaches all in humility equally so in a powerful grace. Without true unconditional love in moderation there would be no benevolence or heaven to speak of much less a nurturing God(dess) as our Creator.

The "Holy Light" demands light to be perceived through the spirits of all beings be they noble or not as incarnated or as ghosts. Those that truly love as the Saints, Sinners, and Atheists always carry the presence of God(dess) within them miraculously so in a fullest compassion. This is always by Divine Law as the "Will of God". Amen.
                                                                                       ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.