Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jewels of Truth Statements & Favorite Quotes of The Month

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I almost missed posting up my favorite segment of the "Jewels of Truth" series of spiritual wisdom statements. Today's entry of the trio of original material first written back in September 2009. Is on the topics of: being Civilized, The Earth, and Modesty.

As always enjoy the statements and may you find them worthy of contemplation.


978) When humanity as a whole species concedes with humility that they are not the apex or predominant creation in the galaxy. Or that they would consider themselves superior by means of the ego or in contempt of the lowly creatures on this Earth. Than the way becomes open to truly becoming a civilized sentient species under the stars of the cosmos. Ultimately access to technology of whatever capacity does not make a sentient species civilized nor supreme within creation.

What makes an intelligent species such as humanity on the path of becoming civilized. Is when warfare is no longer a hellish means of coercion that only brings ruin and destruction to all who come in contact of its consequences. When humane treatment is offered equally to all no matter philosophical, religious, or political identity. Although we are all unequal in terms of aptitude, moral fiber, charisma, strength of character, etc... A just fairness in treatment beyond unethical discrimination is the ideal we as a species can strive for no matter how many times we falter from society to society. The pursuit of such an ideal in plurality is what makes our intents and actions holy as God is our witness. When the constant egotistical need to dominant other people or our environment at large is addressed. This is when we open ourselves up to a greater cultural harmony from within the soul of the people. This will trigger our goodwill to pour out amongst those of near equal presence within our kindred nations across this world of ours. Where are differences actually provide a sense of community fostering inter-personal strength by means of a sanctified diversity. When compassion is treated equal to liberty and freedom than the need for justice will be far more balanced and tempered in execution. Without compassion it is far more easier to separate each other by means of elitist ideologies. Leading to all manner of strife be it hatred or down right resentment of those that do not look like us or act like us.

We the peoples in plural significance are the ones to save ourselves from the pain of those who would see us disappear altogether. The known world may never be tamed, it was never meant to be in reality. It is only those of the coalition of the willing that can grow such a grace of becoming civilized from the dignity of one person into a multiplicity of all people. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

979) Our world of this Earth is an ancient world filled with a multitude of wonders and mysteries awaiting our discovery. Science and the Humanities can only reveal so much knowledge at any one time before it becomes lost to us. Forgotten as the generations of our heirs pass us by from the rise and fall of societies in our combined history. However what was once lost is always able to being recovered with those of a focused intent by a noble pursuit.

Our global history is rife of ideologies that have ruled kingdoms and nations, if not dynasties. Modes of thought will change over time, this is a dependable constant that change is always afoot. The more we evolve as humanity the better will our society be in quality of life issues. The better fortified to provide immediate aid to our ourselves or our neighbors when travesty strikes. Our Earth is a living meta organism where natural disasters are its own systems of cleansing and regulating its body. From our mortal perspective they are foul incidents to avoid altogether. Yet they are a necessary action for this natural world to maintain its own health. The key is how we address as people and nations operational infrastructure and social engineering systems when the Earth must regulate her own health. How can we cope by safeguarding ourselves to ride through such havoc happening around us. Without succumbing to the horror by means of panic or lack of preparations be they training down to the individual or access to emergency resources.

We will certainly perish as mortal beings, but may it be during an age of relative peace. How we serve each other with dignity and how we treat our mother Earth will decide if we are worthy of her bounty or not. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

980) Modesty is the twin of the first virtue of humility. With modesty one is welcomed and trusted more than an arrogant fool. Modesty when it is coupled with humility will always leave such a person underestimated. Use this to your own advantage in order to seize upon opportunities at the expense of others inaccurate discernment. Go with confidence allowing your prowess to be in full display where your actions will speak louder than any empty words could ever accomplish.

The modest person is not meant to be construed as weak or as a insignificant person. A modest person has the presence of mind not to conduct themselves like a hypocrite. Such a modesty will speak volumes when a person lives with the courage of their own convictions. Those with the mind to think and the heart to feel will be witness to the noble wisdom and grace of such a person of modesty. The value offered to any such group they may be found within will be self-apparent in the long term. For often integrity follows the good sense judgment of a person of modesty in all regards.
---Ivan  Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination. ---Tommy Lasorda.

We go where our vision is. ---Joseph Murphy.

To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness. ---Dr. Robert Muller.

Every morning is like a new reincarnation into this world. Let us take it then for what it is and live each moment anew. ---Paul Brunton.

It is our choices...that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. ---J.K. Rowling.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Charity Fundraiser Concept: "The Charity Bus"

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Today's concept is a novel methodology in providing a fundraising mechanism. As a community outreach in providing a lasting goodwill project at large. For instance a division of "Panera" restaurants as a non-profit entity called "Panera Cares". Provides a suggested menu price at their select restaurant locales where customers still pay for a meal. However they pay a voluntary donated amount based on the Honor System of the value they ascribe to such a meal in total. Some low income customers pay less or nothing at all. Which is balanced out by those that pay the standard menu prices, including those that pay generously more for menu items.

Here is an article from "USA Today" dated June 27th, 2010 explaining the concept of "Panera Cares".

Panera to open more pay-what-you-wish restaurants

My concept of the "Charity Bus" is a variant based on the theme and setting that "Panera Cares" adheres to in principal. For example philanthropists, Community Foundation(s) within a city, or a collection of private businesses set up an ongoing extended private charter of transit city buses. That within a metropolitan area will run at least one or more routes through busy thoroughfares within any given city. Be it the main strip in the city of Las Vegas, Neveda or Orlando, Florida. If not major intersections throughout an artery street or boulevard of a municipality.

Basically an arrangement is made by leasing as an extended private charter of a city transit public transportation bus authority. Where like any other vehicle lease or charter the company in this case the Transit Authority owns and maintains the bus providing a driver and what not. The bus toll machine is recalibrated to accept larger paper currency denominations and coinage as donations from the ridership. The bus will have one of those advertisement second skins envelope the vehicle denoting that it is a "Charity Bus" for lack of a better name. Where the supported charities of this organization leasing the private chartered bus will showcase adverts on the 2nd skin of the bus. Including the interior of the bus will have posters or other signage directing riders in how to learn more about the supported charities. There can of course be a media publicity campaign alerting the general public of the existence and purpose of these buses.

The general public that ride city transit buses may at first think of this as a gimmick. Some riders may also confuse that "Charity Bus" as a regular transit authority bus and pay their standard fare as usual. Of course with all donations made via the toll machine on the bus next to the bus driver. All donations are final without refunds.

The organization that is promoting or offering this novel charity fund raising concept. Again be they one or more philanthropists or a collection of private businesses (ie Auto Dealerships, Restaurants, Supermarkets, etc...). Including Community Foundation(s) within a region of the State or Province they may be located within. Where there aim is to provide a local community outreach of promoting goodwill by offering Free Public Transportation. Where Voluntary Donations will be requested when explaining the concept via the public media publicity campaigns. Including free literature by means of pamphlets within the bus itself. There is of course a second fundraising model where a mandatory donation is requested. However the transit rider decides what amount to offer as a donation itself. I prefer the free public transportation depending on the Honor System with voluntary donations that "Panera Cares" also utilizes for its select restaurants.

The term of the bus lease as a private charter with the Transit Bus Authority can be seasonal. Such as the "Holiday Season" or the summer months, if not a year round affair. Limiting it to at least one city transit bus if not more providing if this fundraising charity model proves successful or not. All of this can be launched with a grand ceremony where the charity or charities in question are highlighted with an event open to the general public. By also inviting the local news press outlets to document the event for maximum exposure in publicity. The selection of the charities can either be picked by the organization promoting this concept. Or by inviting the general public at large to select from a list or to nominate their own local / regional charities. Allowing for an extended time period in the absorption rates of the general public at large to be educated and support this non-profit enterprise from the start.

This charitable giving concept as a fundraising mechanism is to promote as I stated at the onset. The goodwill amongst the local populace of a select metropolitan area. Be it in fostering civic participation throughout the process of becoming educated of local / regional charities. This is a Win / Win model by helping city transit bus ridership to a degree during these tough post-recessionary times. Including positively impacting select charities with a sustainable revenue stream of donated monies depending on the time frame the "Charity Bus" is in service.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 21 years of his life to the pursuit of clairvoyant automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan, is the author to the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work is available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 11 years plus online. Your welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Social Commentary & Prediction: My Rant About America's Economic and Politcial Dysfunctional Climate

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The recent U.S. Census report on poverty in America states around 46.2 million American's in 2011 are in poverty. Not including the other 47 million or so near poverty itself one paycheck away from a household misfortune. America's population is around 320 million citizens not counting immigrants be they legal or otherwise. So 1 out of 3 American's are facing similar difficulties that only the generation of the "The Great Depression" could understand. Our "Great Recession" or our "Lost Decade" is nurturing ironically America's "Greatest Generation 2.0". Historically America's first "Greatest Generation" were the children of the great depression that served in either the "New Deal" ushered forth by President Franklin Roosevelt. Be it through the "WCC" (Workforce Conservation Corp) or the "CCC" (Civilian Conservation Corp). These hard working children later grew up and served as volunteer or drafted soldiers in "WWII".

So I repeat again we are raising the "Greatest Generation 2.0" from our "Great Recession" and/or "Lost Decade". These children of today's America be they homeless in poverty, struggling with education needs, etc... Will eventually become tomorrow's corporate and political leaders knowing full well for what passes as governmental policy today isn't passing the sniff test. That either due to dysfunctional systems, lack of vision or social / political will in governance, incompetence, or plain dirty corruption. We're giving today's youngster a hard lesson in life of what not to do for societies benefit. They'll hopefully not commit the "Sins of the Father" by repeating our woeful stupidity. Instead this "Greatest Generation 2.0" may fight in another war as soldiers. If not they'll pass in law and culture a solid plan for their tomorrow that may usher in the next American Golden Age. Not unlike our own in the 1950's -1960's that fostered the "baby boom generation".

Aside from my societal prediction in America we have learned that "Trickle Down Economics" is a Bold Faced Lie. Corporate America is holding over $2 trillion dollars in assets courtesy of the bail out most received. Yes, Corporate America is spooked about tax reform or additional business reforms from the Federal government. That tends to happen when a bubble bursts in our collective faces. Still the lack of vision from a collective of our trans-national American based companies is deafening. So any heavy lifting again rests on the shoulders of "Big Government", since "Big Capitalism" is sucking its thumb.

Here's a small caveat for why the American Republican political elite want as small a tax base for Big business and the wealthy. It ushers in their methodology of creating a shrinking government by suffocating it of capital resources aka a formidable tax base. Where government dies from a thousand tax cuts, slaughtering the fatted calf for their collective benefit. Those without economic power or influence be damned since in their eyes your just another commodity to be manipulated to fit their so-called just ends. I suppose this is just history repeating itself as we're in America's "2nd Gilded Age". The 1st Gilded Age was just before the start of the "Great Depression" in America.

(Disclosure: I'm an Independent Moderate that upholds a democratic capitalistic economy that is both Free and Fair. Meaning today's "Banana Republic" power brokers is a National Security disaster in the making.)

What I'm not stating is that the Republican party is all wrong. Many of the conservative values be they family, religious, societal are a stabilizing force. Nor does the Democratic party always bode well on matters of commerce and military needs. America's future hopes of a 3rd political majority party died in a still birth long ago. Every major social movement in America has been cannibalized by either the Republican or Democratic parties. In many ways the "Tea Party Movement" gave way by example for the "Occupy Movement" to stand up for their own ideals. Where the "Tea Party Movement" merged into the Republican Party, it is yet to be found if the "Occupy Movement" will follow a similar route and merge into the Democratic Party.

In my opinion America is Top Heavy in Wealth in jeopardy of facing the fairy tale of a "Humpty Dumpty" incident. We are already titter tottering leaning towards a double dip recession. The "Great Recession" spared the corporate entities from getting their clocks cleaned by the Federal & State Governments. Unlike their ancestral brethren of the "Great Depression" era where hefty policy shifts spelled a clear and present danger that the 1st Gilded Age was a national security threat. Today our collective Humpty Dumpty didn't fall down all the way on the ladder. It's leg's got tangled somewhere in the middle saving our arse's from shattering into a million bits. A double dip recession may halt our climb out of this quagmire we're in to the point our humpty dumpty shatters for good.

Then expect American societal civic participation to mirror what we saw last in the 1960's. Riots, Marches, and Rallies where I hope to God that "Martin Lurther King Jr's." Beloved Community Philosophy of Non-Violence is pursued. Otherwise the consequences of what the NRA (National Rifle Association) has been espousing in citizen gun rights will come back to haunt us all. Desperate citizens with gun permits will enter those political civic marches of tomorrow. (carrying concealed or openly their side arms) When the police begin to crack down on such peaceful marches turned ugly. Expect a minority of gun fights between citizens marchers and law enforcement to break out. Stampedes will be the least of everyone's concern, when the police can't locate a shooter they may open fire on innocent's in the fog of confusion. Not unlike those 1960's University riots where the State National Guard opened fire on students killing a few and wounding many.

We need each other as American's beyond our ideological differences. These differences aren't meant to be despised since they lead often to a well rounded compromise for the betterment of all.  When political compromise in Washington D.C. becomes a dirty word I fear for us and our children. We need our democratic experiment in the world not only to survive, but to thrive. Otherwise we can inadvertently truly become an "American Empire" morphing into what we've been falsely accused of for generations by the rest of the world. 

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Video Game Console Concept: Tablets & Laptops as a Video Game System Platform

Hello All,

The last video game consoles from the big three of Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony arrived sometime around the year 2005. They are already 7 years old with a protracted shelf life due to our global economic Great Recession. Why not go in a simplistic manner that may be slimmer as a consumer friendly computer product offering to gamers. Instead of building a peripheral video game system that attaches alone to an existing home television hook up. Offer instead a video game console system that is based off the existing computer platforms of a Tablet or a Laptop computer?

Steve Jobs, of Apple Inc. computer fame and mentor ushered in the tablet computer device only 2 years ago. It's full retail price point is $499 US for the most recent model. Yet Sony fell flat on its face 6 years ago when it offered the PlayStation 3 at such a price point. For decades the American consumer is only comfortable of buying into a new video game platform at the $299 US offering at retail. Since video game makers consistently lose a bit off the top of selling the game hardware at a loss. Knowing full well that the games be it in disc or cartridge format sell the video game system. However nowadays so does the game download or micro-transaction as well from an existing online network for members.

I'll offer two simple no-brainer concoctions for your purvey this day on a potential next generation video game platform. Nintendo, has already spilled the beans on their next generation system with so-so responses for now.

A) Offer the next generation video game system platform to resemble more a modern laptop or notebook computer. So for instance consider the company Dell that owns the Miami, Florida based "Alienware" line of computer hardware offerings. For example lets say they come out with an Unlocked specifications laptop video game console platform. So according to the budget conscious consumer all the way to the price is no limit gamer. Dell or Alienware will build you a next generation laptop that doubles as an exclusive video game console. Being easily backwards compatible with past PC games since its computer architecture is based off the personal computer. Any number of generic or dedicated game controllers can be selected for such a video game platform. Aside from the keyboard and mouse that is native to all laptop computers. Offering a catalog of game emulators to play yesterdays games with today's laptop hardware. Besides offering exclusive game titles to its own video console members at a cheaper price. Months later such exclusive game titles are offered to other retail customers whom can buy the same game at a higher price point since it'll be played on other game systems.

B) Offer the next generation video game system to resemble more a modern tablet computer. Say for instance that Apple, Samsung, or Amazon would be an ideal company to make such a video game system offering. Recalling that the American consumer doesn't usually budge outside a $299 price point at retail. For a brand spanking new video game console model, whereas the brand new tablet computers sell at $499 US, not a problem.

An exclusive video game console presented as a tablet computer isn't so much of a stretch. Able to play the current crop of freemium game titles, Mac / PC games to a point, etc... If exclusive game titles are tossed into the mix allowing multiple game tablet systems a local adapter hook up for multiplayer game play. Not bad, this is not to say that game controllers unique to such a system can't be devised as well.

Both of the ideas above would have their own Member Online Networks that is partly Cloud based. Just in case a AAA Blockbuster game demands more performance than the local user game hardware can muster. Not a problem let the Cloud handle it on its own end.

Now envision this Cable Tv / Internet providers say I want to get into the video game console business. Say perhaps Comcast or Verizon for instance want in on this side of the games industry. They already offer 24/7/365 entertainment content pipeline streamed to your existing home televisions, VOIP & smart phones, and of course Internet connectivity. It would be a hop skip and jump just to offer a Laptop or Tablet computer to their customers as a stand alone video game console system. Today's Sony Playstation 3 and XBox 360 already offer cable Tv programming via their exclusive member networks. Besides the typical Blu-Ray or HD disc players on this current generation of video game consoles. Why can't a Cable TV / Internet provider do the same since Microsoft and Sony plunged into their pool of customers?

Back on May 25th 2008 I offered another video game console conceptualization. Of an LCD or Plasma televisions having a built-in video game console. Similar as to past VHS / DVD players and now Blu-Ray players attached to the back half of a modern flat screened television display.

LCD & Plasma TV's Doubling as Dedicated Video Game Consoles

Who's to say that the recent Ouya as a droid operating system video game platform. Won't be an equally appeasing consumer hit amongst gamers. However the "Ouya" is for nearly now and my notions are for a tomorrow that could be possible for a mogul with a sense of vision for gamers.