Sunday, May 25, 2008

Video Game Console Concept: Video Game System Embedded Into Your LCD / Plasma Displays

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How many of you remember the days of the CRT televisions with an embedded VCR or DVD player in them?

Well what if carrying that multi-purpose CRT TV sets into the LCD / Plasma TV set age?

Where upon the base of a LCD / Plasma display be it upon a computer monitor or entertainment center. A video game console system is embedded directly into your LCD / Plasma. So if you have a 15"inch display to a 60"inch display you can have your video game system with it. Especially nowadays where the the PS3 (Playstation 3) or the Xbox 360 offer respectively Bluray or HD next generation DVD players with them.

If we can have multi-function PDA's or Cell Phones, why can't we have multi-function TV or Computer Monitor sets?

For those LCD / Plasma displays that hang on your wall instead. The base can be extended downward keeping the overall thickness of the set top display. Allowing the video game console system to be embedded into the base. Much like today's "Server Blades" that IBM has showcased in the past via commercials.

Having the video game console system configured into a blade design slipping right into the overall thickness of today's LCD / Plasma displays.

It can be done, it's just the video games industry hasn't envisioned it yet.

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