Monday, May 26, 2008

Public School Support Concept: Schools Adopting A School Program

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During this period of "No Child Left Behind" Federal Act mandated by the Federal government here in America for public education. Where drilling students academically nearly in a para-military fashion to gauge they're overall learning for the pupil and the school itself. Has in effect voided the humane process of a public education based on inquiry especially for those schools that receive a failing grade. Many of these failing schools can be found not in the suburbs but in the inner cities of America. Such schools that continue to receive failing grades year after year are punished by removing resources and much needed public education dollars.

Instead of fostering a separate and very unequal public education system in America. My suggested concept comes into play allowing the creme d' la creme of the high grade scoring schools to adopt they're failing grade School cousins within the same school district county.

Each school district can devise the incentives of the high achieving school to adopt a school that matches the same grade levels they both teach. (IE a high school adopts another high school)

What this school to school adoption process entails is the following.

1) A teacher, administrative staff (IE assistant principles), school guidance counselors etc... Will be allowed to have an exchange program for a couple semesters at a time between the schools. So the high performer faculty can rotate to the failing school to serve for a couple semesters. And vice a versa the faculty in need to learning better processes can do so in the role model school.

2) A satellite non-profit "Foundation" is created for the failing grade school. Where excess resources, such as text books, computers, multi-media content, library books, etc.. Can be funneled from the role model school to the failing grade school through the foundation.

The foundation will also serve as a local community outreach fund raiser vehicle. For much needed monies that would otherwise be withheld from the failing school under the "No Child Left Behind" Federal Act. Preferably private donated dollars or other committed resources from the community can lift the ailing school in need. Fund raiser events can be also held in the role model school for their cousin school in need. Teaching perhaps civics and volunteerism to the student population in both schools by such fund raiser events.

3) The Foundation can also foster shared "Workshops" between the schools. Where akin to student tutoring the failing school can be remediated by the role model school and other faculty in the school district.

Such a school adoption process can take many years to reestablish the failing school into a productive passing grade school. But when it does occur the once school in distress of resources and monies will have graduated. The foundation laid in place for the ailing school will stay permanently to continue its mandate for providing what is needed when able.

Like the proud parent that adopted the school in distress they can be allowed to repeat the process all over again with a new school adoptee if they so choose after a cooling off period. The cooling off period will allow additional unofficial mentorship between the former adopted school. Where the role model school can recenter its role in its own local community. By having a time out period to readjust by being on its own again deciding if it will adopt another school within such a program.

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