Saturday, May 16, 2015

Jewels of Truth Statements & Favorite Quotes of the Month

Hello All,

I hope all things considered the first shoots of the Season of Summer finds you all in good health and in merry spirits. Aside from our daily routines taking us to places we would otherwise wish to be elsewhere. In our doing for ourselves and our loved ones we get so caught up in our living as people. We can easily speed by our divinity that is in tandem action metaphysically alongside our very lives.

A moment's notice is all we need for those of us that do not pray in a ritualistic manner everyday. A simple declarative conscious observation of our spiritual identity with the divine in each of us. Be it to count your blessings for events going your way for "Good Luck" is your divinity or grace in action. Believe it or not.

Today's "Jewels of Truth Statements and Favorite Quotes of the Month" are sourced from the tail end of my recently published third volume of the series. (ie "Jewels of Truth: The Journey of the Soul Continues", Volume 3")

My spiritual wisdom statements for today are on the: Eternal, Souls, and Good & Evil all as macro phenomena of the endless afterlife. In the numerical series # 1075-1077.

Enjoy the material which I channel as an angelic oracle via clairvoyant automatic writing. Even if these concepts are new to you or sit outside your personal faith tradition. May they nonetheless expand your sense of awareness as to what is possible with God. Amen.



1075) Our lives may seem insignificant on the scale of the eternal, but it is not. It is indeed worthy in its crucial state to be lived well and if possible in an abundant goodness. For it is not just to be given a life without it affecting the lives of so many others throughout our years in goodness. Many will depend on us by our own intentions and actions spoken outright or silently in every regard. As we depend on others directly or indirectly to help us live our lives as a collective society.

God depends on us to live through him according to his holy and righteous inclusive Will. A living Will as an accord that isn't capricious in divine nature. As it is profound in unison to all that is holistic in a dignified manner. For every soulful entity be it sentient or not within Creation as a whole. Eternity may seem to be an abstract theoretical concept to many people. It is however justified in an unending spiral of life without a beginning nor an end in a circular fashion. If our lives are worthy in respect to our intentions and actions then we all profit together in the Holy Spirit of God. Our lives are a dynamic temporal event within a constant reality that only God knows as himself. No matter how many times such a spirit reinvents itself within a lifetime or countless lifetimes we are teeming with divine energy to perform well. All of it is just one sacred moment to God(dess), alas but to us mortals we each see the eternal become an endless manifestation in our lives. Amen.                                                           ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


1076) We are all extraordinary spiritual divine beings having a common shared mortal experience as people. Our supremacy in Spirit is not from our mortal egos, but from the indwelling Spirit of God that is the spark of life in our very souls right now! We came to live as people so as to mature as souls through our various outlets of any one mortal lifetime. Many people exist modestly, others yet still succumb to temptations as weakness. Some seek to harm themselves in order to heal from pain from an anguish that seems like death to them. Others yet again seek to harm others because they have been allowed to suffer themselves at the hands of the depraved. Very few seek to transcend all of these circumstances in order to be uplifted not through their egos, but verily through the grace within their living souls. To shift via a fluid empowerment to cause a collective blessing to the masses in every meaning of the word of God come alive in one shared instant.

All experiences are valid and precious from the eternal view of God gazing upon his macro creations. Whom of which he lives in a symbiotic fashion through all of our living souls. We are extraordinary not so much as people, but indeed as eternal souls as holy children of a Majestic Creator. In whose Image and Likeness we resemble in our own creations seeking to be gods ourselves within a lifetime. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Good & Evil:

1077) Although contrary to popular belief perfect harmony in spirit has been achieved between pure good and pure evil within God. It is taking a far distant macro viewpoint within the universal beyond that of our primitive Earth based civilization. Both good and evil are united in perfect harmony although this statement may seem oxymoronic in principle. Since as humanity has had first hand witness to: wars, famine, diseases, poverty, and every other twisted crime in our shared global barbaric history.

Now take the cosmic mountain summit view where both pure good and pure evil. Are each spiritual twins as siblings of the other within the Spirit of God(dess). There is an eternal peaceful understanding between these two polar opposites as a dynamic paradox come through God himself. For only God can make harmony between these two halves of his own Divine Meta Spirit. Each aspect of God's Spirit has dominion over itself in respect to their rightful aligned interests. Each polarity of pure good and pure evil has free reign across Creation as a whole. In every spiritual reality these two faces of God are each housed in their own kingdom be it as Heaven or Hell.

Much like oil and vinegar both attributes have their origins within God as the whole meta being. We as humans are capable of good and evil within a lifetime. Versus our composure is often flawed where God's is immaculate in every expression to ever be conceived. Yes, evil is loudest and most vulgar to witness in every encounter in our lives. Where good is but a whisper in all its gentle favors of a living grace. They are a living dynamic paradox come into form in a circular fashion so as to create in their own kind. It is each with its own purpose and mystery as a clarion call for its own children to heed the Will of the Creator, God. Know that this physical reality is but one of the infinite rooms in God's ethereal palace in order to gaze upon the entirety of totality simultaneously. Every stage is like any other where pure good and pure evil are siblings in perfect celestial harmony in God's Spirit. Only it appears to clash to every mortal flawed primitive species trying to understand themselves through their own creations. Amen.                                                           ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


Difficult times have helped me to understand better than before how infinitely rich and beautiful life is in every way and that so many things that one goes worrying about are of no importance whatsoever. ---Isak Dinesen.

When you plant a seed of love, it is you that blossoms. --- Ma Jaya Sati.

The blessing of the Lord makes rich, and he adds no sorrow with it. 
                                                                                             ---Proverbs 10:22

Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose. 
                                                                                                 ---Helen Keller.

He will yet fill your mouth with laughter, and your lips with shouts of joy. 
                                                                                                       ---Job 8:21

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Jewels of Truth Statement: "There Is No Flaw In God's Love, We Are In Spirit Without Punishment"

Hello All,

Today's spiritual wisdom statement may seem wishy washy to some if not plain arrogant or controversial to others. Nonetheless in our mortal lives as people its very easy to be punished by breaking the rules set out by others. Whether those rules are based on a truthful justice or one that is capricious in nature. Our suffering as people in many ways seems like an unjust punishment since karma is at work.

However we seldom consider the role of our divinity in life. Especially those of us who consider religion much less spirituality a nice thing, but nothing of supreme significance to our daily lives. Our short existence in decades as people and our eternal souls do go hand in hand on purpose. There is a web of connections metaphysically that baffles the mystic and clergy alike. To this end I've channeled from my Angels within as an Oracle. To be transformed by this 20 year plus discourse by their combined compassion. This is our eternal good news as living souls in God's Image and Likeness as his divine off spring. Everything else cascades from this point onward for us to make meaning of our lives, if at all. Much less to have a purpose worth living for especially one that we do not resent in life.

This "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement is numbered #1966 in this 20 years discourse with my / our Angels. On the topic of the "Children of God".

Enjoy and reflect spiritually within by your own sacred faith. Amen.


Children of God:

1966) To God there is no distinction between a way to be and the way you are. No judgments whatsoever, no condemnation, no wrath of God, and no other ill effects at all! All these preceding stances is the anthropomorphizing assumptions of God by humanity in the flawed Image and Likeness of humanity alone. It is that simple really to comprehend in divine compassionate truth in every sincerity. In order to love and understand God(dess) one must surrender by unloading the values of the world with all these misconceptions of the Creator. As he, she, and it in solemn beauty in every conceivable fashion in supreme truth.

Thus in the beginning there was God and he, she, it was very very good. Without anthropomorphizing the Creator with the misaligned perceptions of the created in any form. God is, was, and will be again forever be an ultimate deity with total self-mastery in divine Immaculate identity. To be an impartial entity in every stance of the truth to peer into the hearts and minds of all creatures within totality. This means as the eternal and Infinite Witness he has no favorites with no elitism towards any created entity, this includes the Angels and the Daemons as well. Any invented traditions by humanity set aside taken as literal theology is a vestige of immaturity by humanity as a misconstrued fallacy, that is all.

Until that society upon the world evolves or perishes from the remembered books of written history. Such narcissistic baggage placed unto the divine is actually carried on the backs of men, woman, and children. As a selfish tendency to say one thing when in fact its something else entirely different. Any one mortal species can play that nonsense at its own ideological expense. For the divine will have nothing to do with it in plain neutral truth.

To God we are his ever abiding children for this includes even the most mature elder Almighty Angels as the minor gods and goddesses of totality. On Earth this is witnessed when an elderly parent treats their adult off spring still like a child in certain affectionate respects. We are the living souls of God as such we must accept our juvenile role in Creation itself. In order to move onto greater mysteries God(dess) has in store for all the children of every imaginable species in flesh and in purely spiritual form. Be these children the blessed in heaven and the damned in hell. Each demeanor represents an infinite variety of the Creator equally in an all inclusive manner. God punishes no one not even the devils! However it is the evil committed through karma that punish all as a self-inflicted wound eternally so from lack of nurturing foresight. The Holy Ones are spared because of living in God's compassionate graceful truth always and the rest wait within eternity until they mature with God once more. Amen.            ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Jewels of Truth Statement: "Heaven Always Belongs To The Meek, Before The Bold"

Hello All,

Today's spiritual wisdom statement is rather in line with the Christian New Testament verse in (Luke 13:30) As stated: "You see, some who are last will be first, and some who are first will be last." (International Standard Version) Those who are hurting and innocent in spirit are the first ones to be scooped up by the "Holy Spirit" as a native divine response. A knee jerk reaction metaphysically for such is the "Will of God" in its fullest grandeur of compassion. For the strong can hold out a while longer for a blessed extraction from the world when the hour and the day are just right.

My statement today is #1960 in the series written just a couple of days ago via clairvoyant automatic writing as a technique. I channel the Angels as my own native soulful gift in a benevolent spirit. I have developed this relationship with the divine for the last 3 decades in fits and starts through these many years. The topic is for the Meek and the Lowly Ones of this world of which I am counted in such a rank and file. By oath I have emptied as much of my own ego as possible to be a clear and willing vessel for our spiritual relatives in heaven as the angels.

The "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom series is my conversation with them and the world. This is what came forth in our shared divinity via clairvoyant automatic writing. So far its 3 books published and counting of this dialogue with another 2 books awaiting to be developed, and as I write the 6th volume currently. I often feel as the scribe although the angels call me their herald of the eternal good news of the "Kingdom of God" in each of us.

Enjoy, and may you find insight and truth wherever your faith in the divine is found. Truly worshipped by whatever name you choose finds you loved and complete. Amen.


Lowly Ones:

1960) To all the vulnerable children of God who have been mistreated in the world. Prick your ears intently and listen deeply with your open hearts in dear silence. The God of the Heavens, this Earth, and the Infinite Stars above loves you in a considerate manner. Knowing your full names in spirit and as people of this world here and now. Your celestial parent loves you as his own living essence come alive as the Infinite faces of the Creator.

You are not alone as your earthly human bound infirmity would have you believe as an impaired physical or mental handicap. Your soul is a thing of living beauty a multi-faceted prism illuminated far more than any diamond could be in truth. For your combined spirits are the living essence of Heaven itself come alive in the earth and further out into Creation as a whole. When "Jesus the Christ" uttered that; "The Meek shall inherit the Earth." (Matthew 5:5) This truly means all the humble people filled with a robust authentic convictions of good conduct. Are the reborn masters of every paradise in God's Ultimate creativity made real. Although a fine dichotomy exists here on Earth as reincarnated souls especially as the infirmed with bodily limitations. It is because your soul sought out the most if not hardest expressions as mortal beings as flawed individuals. The grandeur of your living souls is apparent when in your innocence you smile deepest in your travesty out of ignorance. To be the children of God isn't for the faint of heart and of mind as people. For all the most blessed forms of God seek mortal expression in the most unlikely of places. Meaning in the vulnerable dire need of the handicap and poverty stricken materially speaking. God shines brightest in the ghetto's of the world than in the luxurious palaces with tower high cathedrals. The skin deep material beauty of the world is ok, but God isn't stuck on stupid for our divinity and eternal truest beauty is in the living pristine soul.

This wonderful Earth is sometimes filled with horrible monsters pretending to be people. They may have once been innocent, but have forsaken their divinity due to betrayal and brutality committed against their love. So they set out to ruin all who come near just because they do not care and feel empowered falsely to do so. So it is to all who are valued as the Angels of the Lord God to appear as reincarnated souls and in pure metaphysical spirit. These living examples attempt to heal a maligned world and preserve the noble beauty that may already exist in every flavor of life imaginable. For the love of God(dess) arrives instantly for God sits outside time itself as a dimension.

Please remember you are never alone in the "Holy Divine Spirit" within your being. Relief from the suffering of this world is only a shift in perception away, especially as you practice it as a conscious discipline. What you portray to the world is you and it isn't, you are the decider and God is the truest enabler. Choose the best always, lest you fall prey to your own misdeeds only to feel misery instead. As a human person you may end up isolated, but God rests in the silence in the nothing as a vacuum of clear space. In that frightening isolation at times and sobering in others God operates in paradoxes. What is nothing in the materialism of the world is also metaphysically the Absolute in totality. The "Holy Spirit" as the purest "Spirit of God" is the embodiment of all the Angels, the ancestors, and of the realm of every version of Heaven there is in infinity. This Force surrounds us, lives in us, and comes through us as power to be good or evil in the world. This force is neutral, we can choose the best in benevolence or we can choose to surrender to evil. God is always the witness to both and the final arbitrator in all expressions.

When you seek of the Love of God(dess) do so in moderation for this comes sweetest to the good of heart. There is nothing to reach for, you as the Infinite face of God are the embodiment of the divine just the native way you are right now and for eternity. And for all who are meek in their worldly suffering be it physical or mental handicap, the addicted wallowing in pain, the forgotten as the living dead, and every other form of hardship in existence. You are not the appearance of what you have evolved into through the flesh. This is just the stage to evolve our eternal souls through learning, growing, creating (like God), and most of all loving in a beautiful righteousness. You are not to abandon your responsibilities for the yoke of this world must be carried, but you carry it with the giants of the heavens always in a miraculous grace. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jewels of Truth Statements & Favorite Quotes of the Month

Hello All,

How have many of you been enjoying the first full month of Spring this year so far? Well this world the great mother or father Earth is alive in a meta sense with us and for us. Or are we alive for the Earth or just for our selfish whims? Recently the human tragedies in Chile with a Volcano erruption and in Nepal with a devastating earthquake. For a society barely with sufficient infrastructure before the quake is now facing the horror Haiti endured just a few years ago. The Earth is to be respected and not feared as a living meta-organism. How humanity co-exists with the Earth spells more for our well being or lack thereof for us than for the Earth. For the Earth will out live our species for billions of years to come.

Today's triple play of "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statements are on the topics of: Worship, Promises, and Good & Evil as a whole. In the series of #1072-1074, derived from what is included in the published "Jewels of Truth: The Journey of the Soul Continues, Volume 3". As always may you not just think your way to a better fuller life, but feel your way into the same. For life isn't just meant to be an intellectual exercise it is to be deeply felt mostly in goodness. All the rest beyond our control is an action of faith for those that worship a power or force greater than themselves in this life right now. Amen.

Expand your horizons for this offers both curiosity and well being when the inquiry is valid in grace.



1072) Those that seek to deepen their holy relationship with God the divine may do so through three valid approaches in life. The ever popular one is regimental prayer be it verbal or silently to oneself as a tool of confession, adoration, and supplication by the devotee. There are as many methods of prayer as there are stars in every Creation uttered by God. Every form of worship is made in the Image and Likeness of the religion and its cultural societal norms. Not necessarily in the true Image and Likeness of God himself in earnest.

With such an awareness in worship next comes that of sincere meditation. It is in a complete cleansing of the spirit within only to be bathed by the rays of the holy soul in each of us. Most meditate to become completely nothing in need and want with utter detachment. That is to invoke a sacred paradox from nothing becomes the whole absolute in truth. It is a circular truth known to the masters of every spiritual philosophy.

Finally the last form of devout worship is that of contemplation where thought is created to deepen consciousness by an intentional anchor. To grip onto our minds firmly in a cradle seeking to fathom an understanding by grace. This is where prayer and meditation is to surrender ourselves in spirit. Contemplation is to seize ourselves in deep thought and release any preconceived notions of what should be real. Imagination, consideration, and simplicity are the keys to a thoughtful form of truthful contemplation in reflection.

All three avenues to the divine have variants that can be mixed one with the other to deepen your faiths. The best worship is strictly personal in nature not dictated by outside influences which may in the end confuse more than aid your efforts of spiritual unification. The sublime is not beholden to one particular religion nor spiritual tradition. In fact it is beholden to the infinite variety as the true face of God in a singular oneness. Learn to laugh at the folly of mortals and you'll soon remember your deepest grace is that of a soul of God alive with him. It is such that God(dess) is within your every love in all our lifetimes with a delightful smile valuing our presence in his loving arms. Amen.                                                        ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


1073) For those of us that need a promise to be made to ourselves by another person. You must realize what you are asking by seeking first a promise from a responsible person with a willful good conduct. It must indeed be a trustworthy request sought out by one's solicitation. Even though when a promise akin to a verbal contract beyond what is humanly possible is pursued. Don't be surprised by disappointment when circumstances reveal another result entirely different instead.

Know that we can't make promises that only God can keep by his holy authority and permission in any reality. A noble promise made out of guilt will soon find itself a shallow promise indeed irrelevant of its original intentions. One must know the difference of what is sincerely possible and what is clearly wishful thinking alone. Otherwise only disappointment and heartaches will follow out of setting expectations that cannot be true in any given circumstance. Be truly wise and know the boundaries of what is sensible and what is not when making any sort of promise worth its substance in gold. Amen.                                  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Good & Evil:

1074) Know this truth that when turmoil persists for a period of time it may seem to last for an eternity in spirit. When woe and pain appear to be commonplace know that such a misery will only last for a time and no longer. Anguish always seems to arrive first, if not horror when evil occurs amongst a just and noble people. Evil by its own nature much like its twin opposite of goodness is both hidden and publicly known in reality. It is however when evil strikes, it strikes first at its own time table of choice.

It is always the good that will come towards the very end of the turmoil. In order to offer benevolence at every turn so as to correct, heal, and especially offer numerous avenues of great potential for all. Such is the spirit of evil that may occur overnight, but know goodness is like a living investment taking years to fully blossom in God's truth. By the good deeds you will know the divine children of God as his worthy heirs. When anyone complains about the lack of efficiency in every potential good be mindful not to listen to their venom. Have them get involved instead to take a rightful share of the growth of good that will certainly yield when they commit to the tasks ahead. Like any yeast within a baked loaf of fresh bread of true life all perseverance will yield always back to God in such positive results. Amen.                                                   ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. ---Martin Luther King, Jr..

The same pain that can blemish our personality can act as a creative force, burnishing it into an object of delight. ---Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan. "Alchemical Wisdom".

Healthy discontent is the prelude to progress. ---Mahatma Ghandi.

The future is not some place we are going, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found, but made. And the activity of making them changes both the maker and their destination. ---Joan Schaar.

Each of us can become a blessed channel of peace for the healing of Earth's wounds; We can awaken from apathy and find creative, non-violent ways to transform the abuses rampant in today's world. ---Nam Merrill with Barbara Taylor. "Peace Planet: Light for our World".

Reality is permeated, indeed flooded, with divine creativity, nourishment, and care. ---Marcus J. Borg. "Conflict, Holiness, and Politics".

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray. ---Jalaluddin Rumi. "The Essential Rumi", translated versions by: Coleman Barks.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Counter Culture Concept: "Popular Artistic Hack of Mass Media"

Hello All,

This month's conceptual design is more so an evolution of the underground culture of fandom alter existing popular entertainment media. Be it to splice Images, soundtracks, audio dialogue editing, and video editing at large. Yes, this is possible with today's video editing technology, but its not so much a cultural modality of expression amongst digital artistic youth. This is what I envision could be in the years to come whereby popular mass media, such as: movies, television episodes, documentaries, commercials, music albums are all Artistically Hacked. Not just by re-sampling a song here or there as by DJ's (disc jockeys) or other popular singers.

This is more to do with rearranging wholesale segments of popular media. Remember the days of the Tv series called "Mystery Science Theater 3000"? How the shows host and the robotic sidekick lampooned or riffed against the lousy B-Movies playing on the theater screen. Well consider this a artistic hack by riffing entire video productions as sources of entertainment. In Digital Shredding the source material and inserting ones own style or brand of art in its place. For example this will annoy if not excite sci-fi nerdom for sure. Take any "Star Wars" movie and re-score the musical soundtrack in the movie by syncing it with the appropriate action scenes. Using a movie musical soundtrack from a "Star Trek" film. If done respectfully it'll be appreciated and feeling the movie musically in a different dimension than the original work by a film studio. Another example take the 1996 musical film of "Evita (1996 film)" with Madonna playing the lead role of "Eva Peron". By tossing or shredding the entire soundtrack and inserting music from "Rihanna or Beyonce" into it.

Other examples of digital shredding as an artistic hack is editing out a lead or secondary film movie role. Let's say still picking on Star Wars by removing "Han Solo" and reinserting "Indiana Jones" instead into the hacked movie. It'll take work to sync up usable action moves and thus creating new (sometimes animated) action moves with a digitized rag doll of the actor. If importing one movie's popular lead actor isn't your thing. How about taking an amateur actor and inserting their role into an existing film. Playing the lead or supporting cast role shredding existing scenes or creating fresh cut-scenes by hacking the film.

A third example is sampling from my own concepts one of which I posted here in July 10th, 2013. Called "One Song, Multiple Lyrics" whereby the lyrics of a popular song are tossed or shredded completely. Giving new song writing talent a chance to recycle an existing song, perhaps inserting it into another genre of music altogether. Take your pick of any song by keeping the exact instrumentation, but just gutting the words to the song. Nothing is sacred be it National Anthems to church music to nursery rhythms, just pick a song and Artistically Hack it.

A fourth example can be to leave the musical score in place and the video images. Just to partially or completely rework the dialogue in the movie itself. Show your prowess to either spoof the entire voice acted scenes or take it seriously and show one's talent for screen writing. By using an unknown talent pool of aspiring actors to be super imposed onto an existing movie or Tv series episode.

A fifth example to really mess or Artistically Hack a film by inverting its movie plot entirely. Take the recent movie of "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies". By doing a mind bender and making the villainous orcs win against the forces of good against the dwarves, elves, and men. Tolkein fans will call this sacrilegious, but with Artistic Hacks using Digital Shredding there are no sacred cows.

In many ways this is an evolution of the "Machinima" genre of grass roots video artists. Taking inspiration from video games and reworking scenes in video acting, sound effects, dialogue, plot, etc... Nothing will be taboo to the underground artist hacker trashing existing portions of popular mass media. As genuine modes of self-expression by the upcoming generation to lay their influence onto the world. Perhaps using it for activism, if not hackivism to promote artistically their ongoing struggles in whatever society they are in the world. Reworking: race, politics, religion, economical classism, sexual orientation, sports, additional lifestyle choices, etc... in their own Image and Likeness. Be it a surge of cultural identity or an ongoing manifesto seeking a voice for the voiceless. Of course just to bull shit is fine as well by not taking the world so seriously can be the most sane of all. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Jewels of Truth Statement: "Our Illuminated Divinity In Action"

Hello All,

Today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement is rather a wee bit more mystical in nature. However do remember I receive these statements via clairvoyant automatic writing as what I term as inspiration. My process as a channel permits me to select the general topic, but the authors are Angelic in nature. The body of my work these past 20 years in automatic writing isn't tied to one spiritual master alone. I'm just on and thus a semi-trance of sorts commences for the query to be received as a sacred jewel of truth to marvel. I have never asked for the angels name, although I do have small talk to adjust a word or two along the way.

My topic for today is on the Holy Light within our sacred divine beings. The one often referred to having a human experience in light of being truly spiritual beings in essence. As coined by the French Jesuit Priest turned philosopher "Pierre Tailhard de Chardin".
"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience."
The rest of my statement takes a turn as to how the Angels as the minor gods and goddesses create on the macro scale of Creation as a whole. How eternity speeds up for them in regards to deploying their creations onto Infinity akin to quality assurance testing.

Without a further adieu may statement #1905 written in mid January of this year. At the very least expand your conscious thought of what could be metaphysically speaking.


Holy Light:

1905) All of us have the stuff of Angels within our Immaculate souls because of the holy "Spirit of God" within us. Which means our souls are living prisms of "Holy Light" in divine nature from the endless heavens. We are walking bonafide multi-dimensional vortices through the sheer omnipotent and omnipresent aspect of God, akin to an ethereal network of timeless souls.

Some people more than others that are a native adept, if not otherwise developed over the decades are capable with discipline to harness these divine gifts of the eternal soul in each of us. Be these persons considered as: psychics, oracles, witches / warlocks, priests / priestesses, saints, and especially as prophets. All these celestial entities depending on their sphere of influence that acknowledge the divine within. Are anointed not by human kind, but the spiritual powers at bay that ultimately are always attributed to the Glory of God(dess).

Our Light as the Illuminated Divinity within is the stuff of fantastical legend a grace if practiced for good or an abomination if committed in evil. Metaphysically this denotes the majesty to create with intention and if used poorly tragic results will occur. This spiritual power be it called magic or divinity has the equal effect as completely neutral in expression. It is always a gift although the practitioner can hold to the belief that its a curse if confused by not understanding its origins. We are all God's spiritual heirs of the realized "Kingdom of God" within this Earth and the one to come for our progeny. It is to each person's faith in God coupled by free will that will enlighten the expression of the spiritual or secular in life as it is right now.

Those that are gifted in spiritual prowess are entrusted to be stewards to all that is benevolent in nature, irrespective of the faith in worship to God the Almighty. The other that seek self-gratification by misapplying these soulful powers in life will illicit misery unknowingly. For a broken covenant with each entity discards the divine for the accursed instead. The balance is intricate loaded with principals that fosters the choice between life and death in abundance. One commits by benevolence to serve in humility, the other is enslaved as a thrall to perform depraved feats to satisfy a darkness with no end. Both are acting with free will, and both will have their fate determined by what is in their heart of hearts.

The holy power in each of us is not our own at all it is in genesis God himself through us in spiritual identity. We are merely conduits be it in ignorance or cognizant as symbiotic souls with the Creator. We are meant to create as in the Image and Likeness of him we adore lifetime after lifetime. We are the toddler children playing in the sandbox of the eternal living out lives of glory in his honor alone. To create wonders in the heavens we as the Angels and the assorted spiritual forces work in concert to design and implement the known and unknown of Creation. Through our spiritual projections we simulate our machinations until they are deployed onto Creation. Much like Adam and Eve were explained as the first forms of reincarnated flesh come into existence. This is aside from the validity of the claim that Creation occurred in such anecdotal manner for the earth and humanity itself.

As spectral entities we experience no time whatsoever for us all linear perceived time and space is but a dream. To the living the realm of the divine without time nor space is the dream. For all the Angelic co-creators with God(dess) no time accelerates the projections of the created. Everything as in totality becomes crystallized onto a fixed point irrespective of correlated systems in nature. The spiritual realities always supersede the lesser realities be they mental or physical in expression. The underlying substrate to every consciousness is that of the spirit within with memories beyond the one lifetime experienced as right now. The simultaneous collection of life is witnessed in a non-local fashion. As the band of perception expands to include awareness that isn't plausible by local experiences. All of life plural is circular in nature albeit it is non-linear in a tandem phenomena in all that is sacred to all living souls in the light and love of God. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo. 

Monday, April 06, 2015

Jewels of Truth Statement: "Guard Our Compassionate Givers With Care"

Hello All,

I hope for all my Judeo-Christian readers you're enjoying Passover for the remaining days of the week. Also, the day of Easter that just completed yesterday in observation with celebrations. Even all the Pagans or Wiccans where the rabbit is a symbol of good fortune and fertility from ancient times.

Today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement is a no-brainer for some, although for others it may very be a taboo topic to broach. That is the compassionate caregiver in our society that if not for their ardent presence much of society would become unglued. Caregivers can run the gamut from taking care of the elderly, the young, those seeking sobriety from addiction, and in hospice for the dying. Caregivers are often times relatives, but they can be the med tech in a hospital to a nursing home, if not some other affiliated health care worker.

Now that much of the Western and parts of the Eastern world such as Japan are graying in demographics. The younger generations will be forced to step up, perhaps whether they want to or not. In families and those electing to make it a vocation because the demand is high career wise. Since very few are hiring in other sectors although that could be a grand mistake if your heart and mind aren't in it.

Nonetheless the Compassionate Caregiver from the lowly young lady that is easily ignored to the socially awkward young man with the heart of gold. These are angels in disguise that need care as much as they care for others even to the point of burnout. My following statement #1920 in the series is a shout out to all kindred souls as caregivers be it with people and even animals in shelters or elsewhere. Namaste for your living grace come alive in your love, which is the vibrant presence of God, whether realized or not.



1920) All compassion in action requires a solemn giver and receiver of grace. Often times compassion flips the roles of the giver and the receiver all throughout the process of showering grace. When compassion is returned with fear based emotions than one is dealing with a fractured person in spirit. Compassion offered will be seen as weakness to dominate the giver by turning their ideals against them akin to falling on one's sword.

Be wary when a heartless man, woman, or child sees you as a fool. Please take additional measures to avoid being exploited and become the next socially viable victim of a heartless predator in spirit. When the abuse is given to the compassionate giver with an inflated sense of importance lo and behold the trap is almost sprung. The horror can be cruel treatment if not worse as to physical malice by a so called loved one or a stranger one is serving.

Only with a robust network of fellow loved ones can help the one person endure in seeking compassion for themselves. By decompressing from the daily stress exposed to in such a role of a caregiver in living and at times loving the ones in need. Many are screaming in pain even at times the caregivers screams loudest by not knowing how to Ask for support and help all throughout the process. Only those by the convictions of their ideals are the strongest in courage to surmount such agony of the spirit within. For to go it alone is a recipe of creating a living hell in isolation without a therapeutic circle in living. To become vulnerable through service is no crime it may very be a living miracle if done appropriately.

Those having an immense emotional compassionate heart that hardly acts with a balanced mind. Can inadvertently sabotage their raison d'etre for all compassion needs reason and logic of the mind with creativity in action. It takes a group effort to heal the afflicted with life in whatever modality they are having difficulty with in circumstance. Vanity becomes an Achilles heel if one pretends that a strong demeanor will shield you from all the heartache to be experienced. The best medicine is unconditional love for oneself in moderation and especially to those in need. With an ample dose of forgiveness that learns the lesson by not repeating it in earnest. Give because it is required of you, but how you give spells everything about you, more than you can ever realize in a full lifetime. To parry as a caregiver isn't a sin, it may be indeed a saving grace in the psyche and within one's spirit. Amen.                                                                          ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Jewels of Truth Statements & Favorite Quotes of the Month

Hello All,

Boy! this month of March has flown by so fast it leaves me humbled. That in the beginning of this month my recently debuted 3rd book was still in post production at iUniverse my publisher. These "Jewel's of Truth" spiritual wisdom statements being shared on a monthly basis from this segment all stem from Volume 3 of the text recently published. For today's trio of topics on: God, Vanguard, and Creativity are in the series of #1069-1071. In the original draft manuscript they numbered at #332-334. Since each volume of the "Jewel's of Truth" series comes with 365 all original spiritual wisdom statements and some contemporary proverbs.

So keeping my head straight in what I'm posting is vital since I've been writing this inspired clairvoyant Angelic automatic writing for the past 20 years now. It's pouring out of me by consent and like I've stated before I'm behind the eight ball in publishing these volumes. "Jewels of Truth: The Journey of the Soul Continues", Volume 3 just debuted but I'm writing the manuscript of Volume 6. A hang time of two volumes is a daunting process to envision, and yet this is my dharma or my bliss in life so far. I carry on with a smile in my heart and soul.

Enjoy as always no matter where in the world and in what format your reflecting on this channeled material. Be well.



1069) Within our hearts is where God is most dynamic in living nature. This is where his unconditional love is readily available to us as a reservoir of no end in sight. Such a love is not trivial nor fleeting, it’s a renewing source of uplifting energy that dwells from the most high in us as a constant force for goodness alone. When we invoke this total love we rekindle our oneness with all that is within Creation. Be it in this cosmos or in the several heavens known to God fully.

Be still and awaken to such a truth setting you completely free in Spirit. So as to know God in such a benevolent manner as a friend, a total partner, and most of all our singular parent in the "Holy Spirit". For God is there for you always when you need him and also when you do not need him. He is a She and she is our mother as well as our Father as a constant in our hearts as the "I Am That I Am". Relish such a joyful awareness and cherish it in a shared mirth of loving one another as God loves you right now. Keep this awareness of him in all your dealings and you would have become angels in your own lifetimes dearly beloved. Amen.   ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


1070) Those souls that come to life fully and become alive heeding their true heavenly call. They are closely ready to engage life ahead of their current era of all mortal kind. It is a time that does not correspond to their conduct by divinities own sake. Being ready to offer all manner of heavenly progress in their surroundings can such delightful souls be "Vanguards" or Heralds in the "Holy Spirit". Leading from the front and setting in place the seedlings that will certainly blossom tomorrow. That tomorrow may come in their lifetime or it may come several lifetimes later as in all relative things in divine nature.

May such vanguards know they have not failed for this is what has been foretold. In what is delayed is never denied by God's total manifestation in all that is governed by the "Holy Ghost". Be still and know the season will arrive but not on your perceived time table. Surrender your will to what will come within the good pleasure of God(dess). You are a child of tomorrow that came back to yesterday so as to prepare the feast for your brothers and sisters yet to come alive. We sincerely thank you dear kindred for your sacrifices and courage. Fear not for your efforts will never suffer in lack as you have invoked deeply God's Absolute Love as your reality in life. Smile within your heart and Thank you for coming alive in yesterday ahead of your destined tomorrow in time. Amen.  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


1071) An infinity is oneness of many facets of the whole. Love is just being the greatest creative force to offer the most complete life. A life that is not weak but strong in a spirit that is abundant and unyielding in its own scope of totality. Love absolute is meant to build up and expand its presence as a force of good alone. A light that illuminates all also offers itself without compromise.

Realize such a conscious God mind in Oneness and the whole of Creation may be revealed to you in simplicity. A simplicity that is both elegant and divine in its luster by its grand reach in all things. A gentleness that is both gradual and strong towards its own design. So all creative forces out of a spiritual love last the ages and are universal in scope. Destructive elements that appear creative quickly become forgotten if not despised by only offering a suffering that does not last in principal. As such an Infinity that is oneness has all this and so much more to teach us who are its inheritors of this Creation. We are all the authors from our heavenly abode with God by a cherished Spirit of Love. Amen.                      ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray. ---Jalaluddin Rumi. "The Essential Rumi, translated by: Coleman Barks"

The same pain that can blemish our personality can act as a creative force, burnishing it into an object of delight.  ---Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan. "Alchemical Wisdom"

Change the story and you change perception; change perception and you change the world. ---Jean Houston. "A Passion for the Possible"

He gives power to the faint, and strengthens the powerless. ---Isaiah 40:29

When I dare to be powerful--to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid. 
                                                                           ---Audre Lorde.

And you will know exactly who you are, forever, by knowing what it is that you love. ---Mark Helprin. "Winter's Tale"

Where there is great love there are always miracles. ---Willa Cather.

Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming. ---David Bowie.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Social Media Concept: "How To Beat Twitter With Blast It!"

Hello All,

Today's social media business model concept could be employed by Twitter to a degree. Since Twitter hasn't to this point experimented with a voluntary subscriber or one time fee pay scheme for regular users. As a source of additional revenue for the company aside from what they're doing already with advertisers.

This conceptual design also nearly dove tails onto the one I had shared last month. Which was the "Telecommunications Industry Concept: The Smart Pager (Beeper) Redux" . Since a service that is based off of the SMS (Short Message Service) is an ideal cross promotion for a smart digital beeper to utilize. A Twitter App could merely be developed by the company for users to download onto a smart digital pager. (otherwise come pre-installed onto the device itself).

Back in September 21st, 2009 on this blog site I posted a marketing campaign conceptual design. Based off the "Jackson Five" song of Rockin Robin it is a no brainer for Twitter to pursue. Here's the link to my blog entry back then "Ad Concept: Twitter Advertisement Campaign" .

Now back to the concept at hand today much as how "MySpace" was usurped by "Facebook" in the pioneers of social media. One day another social media platform could overtake "Twitter" at its own game. I call this so far fictitious social media platform as "Blast It!". Twitter has by design constricted itself to the SMS limit of 140 characters per Tweet. That restriction is a throwback from the 1990's or literally the last century. Recall my last month concept regarding Smart Pagers (Beepers) well the 1990's was the era when beepers were the predominant form of letting someone know you called. Ironically today hospitals, physicians, and certain law enforcement departments still utilize pagers today for an area wide alert signal.

My idea for "Blast It!" would upend the artificial ceiling of the 140 SMS digital character limit per Tweet. Much as I stated in the first paragraph of this blog entry Twitter could pursue an optional subscription package of incentives or a one time upgrade fee for users. To set a new limit per tweet beyond the 140 character limit message of the antiquated SMS era.

Nonetheless "Blast It!" would shrug off such a SMS vestige by blasting away such Tweet or micro-messaging limits in text. Before Twitter there were and still are "Instant Messengers" such as: AOL, Yahoo, ICQ, and X-Fire. The latter one was popular for gamers, but never fully recovered after it was sold off to Viacom in 2006. My proposed social media platform would automatically start off all Tweets at an incremental limit of 420 (3x140) digital characters. At triple the amount of today's Twitter service provides. Such a service could also allow users to have a message feed from Twitter of their personal account onto the "Blast It!" service. To rub it in the comparison in message sizes per Tweet and per Blast.

At the time I wrote this conceptual design business model was back in early November 2014. Before the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) ruling on Net Neutrality most recently regarding throttling. Throttling was the tactic ISP's (Internet Service Providers) wanted to utilize to charge for higher rates of transmission speeds as gate keepers. The reason I am bringing this up was that my concept of such a social media company would throttle free users after a set limit of Blasts per day (24 hour period). Perhaps as little as after the first 15 Blast messages a day a free user would be throttled with a delay timer per their next set of messages. This was to encourage Silver and Gold tier voluntary subscriber plans to take hold as a source of revenue for such a company.

These proposed monthly subscriber plans of Silver and Gold would be billed annually. Making free accounts in effect a Bronze plan user. However all accounts would be able to send still images and video cross-linking in their messages. With whatever else comes standard today in custom settings and lists set-up by a user. Next comes the upgrades as voluntary one time fee's where the "Blast It!" social media platform. Can elect to offer extensions in message character limits to both free users and subscribers at 560 (4x140) and respectively 700 (5x140) digital character limits per message. However those that elect to pay the one time upgrade fee amount would first need to go through the 560 character limit. Before unlocking the 700 character limit per message which is a cheesy way to generate additional revenue on accounts with such incentives.

Those accounts that elect for the one time upgrades can have additional incentives rolled into the fee. Such as reduction of throttling if its a free account user in the Bronze tier line-up. Have for subscribers the option to have increased speeds than a nominal speed Silver plan tier account. At the 700 character limit the incentive of a text to audio speech recognition app can be offered. So instead of reading your messages you listen to them as another feature rich offering.

When such a service did launch commercially for all users it could offer a limited Platinum tier Lifetime plan. Billed at $140 US annually to rub it into Twitter for their SMS dinosaur limits. Maybe after every successful anniversary date such a social media platform milestone is reached. The Platinum service tier plan could be brought back up for users to partake of in a promotional rate.

The "Blast It!" social media conceptual platform is just a notion to be a direct competitor to Twitter. An Arch-Nemesis if you will with a wink and nod to their success, but taking their business model and super sizing it. Since when Twitter launched it didn't have an inkling on how to commercialize themselves. They had to rework their service just to become commercially viable for investors and stakeholders. Without the Linchpin of advertisers Twitter doesn't have any other source of general revenue at least for only the commercial accounts. The general population of regular accounts wouldn't have the incentives I'm listing here for the fictitious "Blast It!" platform. Maybe someone at Twitter should wise up before a young upstart beats you at your own social media game or business model. (Unless Twitter buys them out first)

Time will tell who will be the usurper to beat Twitter, just like Facebook bested MySpace.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

"Jewels of Truth: The Journey of the Soul Continues", Volume 3 Now Available For Purchase!

Hello All,

With sheer happiness I would like to proclaim the 3rd volume of the "Jewels of Truth" series is available for purchase as "Jewels of Truth: The Journey of the Soul Continues", Volume 3!

It's a hefty book coming in at 348 pages long covering a gamut of 224 Topics of Spiritual Wisdom to the enlightened inclusive seeker of faith in each of us. Each volume of the series to date contains 365 Statements originally channeled by means of Clairvoyant automatic writing with my Angelic host as guides, teachers, and scholars of the heavens.

Each volume in fact takes me 4 years of personal time to crank out on my own dime since I self-publish them. I'm quite unsophisticated as to the literary world of publishing by hunting down a book agent and securing a formal publisher. This is my Dharma & Bliss in part as the expression of my being since each volume is like a child to me. Today I pass onward the sun flower to invite you my readers new and old to partake in whatever format you please of this work. Currently it's available in paperback, E-book (epub, mobi, pdf formats), and the Amazon Kindle. (working on getting it on the Barnes & Noble Nook eventually)

Here are the links for your convenience to please help my continuing work in the spiritual wisdom "Jewels of Truth" series, thank you sincerely.

My self-publisher the iUniverse Bookstore selling the "Jewels of Truth" series.

Including the giant of the Amazon Kindle also selling the "Jewels of Truth" series.

The paperback is selling for $23.95 US coming in at 348 pages.

The E-Book (epub, mobi, and pdf) and the Kindle Editions are selling at the economical price of $2.99 US.

Thank you again for your support and may you purchase which ever volumes speaks loudest to you.


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Jewels of Truth Statement: "The Children As Natural Healers"

Hello All,

Today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement is on the topic of Children. This entry is #1923 in the series written in mid-February last month. It touches upon three points of why children are important to the human spirit in maintaining our youthful attitudes to a degree. This statement goes deeper explaining how it is always the heirs of this world that often attempt to heal past divisions within a society at large. Lastly the upbringing of the children is of greatest concern so we make them not into hateful people when they come of age.

Always cherish the children for they are our embodiment unto the world and a reflection of our living souls unto God himself.

Enjoy the statement as always and may you reflect deeply always in your personal truths. Amen.



1923) The proxy of the fabled "Fountain of Youth" that Conquistador "Ponce de Leon" so feverishly sought in the New World. Was for himself and for God fearing Spain in the annals of history do we recall such an event. This is the stuff of folklore and legend misconstrued as attributed to fact. This is when inflated tales take on a life of their own in the world. Albeit if such a fountain of youth ever did exist it is long since gone or lost to the ages.

So the next best substitute at least in a spiritual sense of finding youth. Is to willingly associate with the young from toddlers up into young adults in their prime of life. What this offers is known to every grand parent that is involved in the life of their grand children personally. By allowing a refreshing window of abundant innocence to pour into their very surroundings. What this does is often widening the expanding horizons of the near jaded to the world. The living spirit of youth is infectious with a well meaning positive change to be usually embarked upon in life. Often it has rather healed the wounds of the fore fathers that have hated more than forgiven other groups of people within a society.

Be willing to find the Imagination alive coupled with a nourishing Inspiration amongst the youth of all ages in spirit. They are often the heirs and the greater harbingers of things to come in the world at large. Potentially taking humanity into the stars one distant age from now. To be built upon the efforts of our children's children that shall first attempt to tame our solar system.

Remember metaphysically our souls are eternally young without age as a metric of time whatsoever. What denotes age akin to mortals in the spiritual heavens is truly maturity of character in the essence of each soul. The greatest illumination of heaven is found in the children of every species, and not singularly just within humanity itself.

Be mindful as caregivers and mentors to the following generations in the footsteps of our ancestors. They will want to repeat our mistakes of this era, make sure they avoid the atrocities of every generation before them in time. Knowing full and well why such travesty is evil to the very soul of our species. Unless they jump headlong into such misery out of error and arrogance that may last a century or more in misgivings and hateful retaliations.

Discipline is good and so is compassionate wisdom filled with respectful instruction to all whom are willing to listen. However as with all things important in life best to be served fully in the allotment of moderation only. Too much of either discipline or compassion taken out of balance and one creates either a monster or a brat in life. Which ever comes first will declare the erroneous upbringing of a child into an eventual adult if God is willing. Amen.                                                                                  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.