Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Political Campaigning Regulation Concept: "Classifying Mud Slinging Political Attack Advertisments as Hate Speech"

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Right now a week from today at least here in my State of Florida we're having on August 26th our governor primary election. Aside from the State Attorney General and/or local municipal public elected offices up for grabs. Back in December 2nd 2009 here at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site. I posted a "Gem of Opportunity" concept called the "Governance Concept: Separation of Corporation and State" (Link).

It was regarding how our elected officials in public office spend at least a 3rd of their time chasing after political donors. Especially the sky rocket prohibitive costs of running in television, radio, Internet, direct mail, robo phone calls, etc... media political spots. That former concept of mine in Dec. 2009 was to utilize Eminent Domain of such national and regional State airwaves. Removing the broadcasting costs to politicians running for elected office. Where those economic costs would be redistributed to the public relations and advertising agencies instead as creators of such adverts. 

However today's concept now 5 years later piggy backs onto such a multimedia direct to voter audience practices. By politicians themselves and their political action committees (PACs) under their influence or from out of State actors beyond their control. If one didn't know it the much lauded First Amendment Constitutional Right of Free Speech from the American government Does Not Protect Certain Forms of Hate Speech. (ie Terroristic Threats, Fighting Words, Electronic Communication Harassment, etc..) Constitutioncenter.org Regarding Hate Speech (Link)

This political campaigning governance regulation concept is to curtail hateful political attack advertisements wherever they are found. Be they such as innuendo's, misquoted statements, half truths, misinformation or disinformation, character assassination, and just plain dirty lies. This form of political election campaigning as a form of Propaganda. Has reached an ugly art form starting nearly 50 years ago with the famous Nixon era Presidential election national television ad spot with a detonation of a nuclear bomb as a little girl is picking flowers.

Why I'm I so aghast at such a political election form of campaigning because I see it as a corrosive public psychological acid. Where voter apathy and disgust with our publicly elected or appointed officials in government has reached all time highs. What this permits is political advertisement agencies to use proven psychological warfare often employed or developed by the military historically speaking. Hurray! Political attack ads have the desired effect of turning away from the voting booth someone of an opposing viewpoint or opinion. This becomes a vicious loop of a successful short term victory at the ballot box but a notorious dilemma to our democratic constitutional representative republic.

Now besides allowing dodgy political candidates into public office with cutting edge minor victories at the ballot box. This can have a disastrous effect upon radicalizing unstable citizens in terms of mental health issues. What comes to mind is the 2011 Tucson, Arizona campaign shooting of U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords. Wikipedia.org 2011 Tucson Shooting of Gabrielle Giffords (Link) She was campaigning at an open air parking lot of a strip mall where a lone deranged gunman opened fire on her and those attending. Lady Giffords survived but suffered with a brain injury that took months of rehabilitation impeding her speech functions. With six others dying including a federal district court chief judge, a staffer, and a nine year old girl.

So now consider radicalized disaffected citizens with a militant disposition anger at our society. With disgusting political attack ads becoming the trigger for someone going postal in rage. Targeting another government official in full swing of campaigning in their local district. Now your starting to get the picture what I foresee occurring in the years to come if such political mud slinging degenerates further. Right now as of August 12th 2014 our national Congressional approval rating is at historical lows of 14% on average. Reported by Gallup.com (Link) With U.S. President Obama reaching new lows in approval as well at 41% as of June 24th 2014. Obama Gallup Polling (Link)

What I propose during a functional Congressional session rather than this low hanging fruit legislators Federally speaking. Is that partial to full comprehensive regulations be imposed with mostly punitive fines under the auspices of hate speech. If criminal charges are included which I highly doubt then add Treason to the mixture. Causing a whole jeopardy to our American electoral processes in swaying or otherwise brainwashing voters with those aforementioned political hate speech. This includes all current forms of advertising or any future technological ones. (ie Television, Radio, Internet, Social Media, Mobile Phones, Robo (Automated) Phone Calls, Direct Mail pieces, Bill Boards, Posters / Flyers, etc...) If the United States government can call to the mat internationally countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan for hate filled Madaras (Islamic Religious Schools). Then look at its own hypocrisy with these 50 years plus of vicious political media spot attack advertising.

I suggest the entire pipeline from Political candidates, public relation consultants, advertising agencies, political action committees (PACs), lobbyists, activists, broadcasters, etc... All have their feet held to the fire of public decency standards. Allowing political advertising be something other than assassinating political candidates in public in terms of their character or record. Let it all go back to the basics much like non partisan elections in your local municipalities. Such as political campaigns about the issues at hand and the personal resume of the candidates themselves. None of this Orwellian operatic drama only to rally the fundamentalist extremes of either political party and drive all the rest completely disgusted.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

"Jewels of Truth" Reading From: The Wayfarer of the Soul, Volume 2

Hello All,

Today's entry is another excerpt from my 2nd Volume available in paperback and electronic formats at all the major online book retailers.

Our topic today is on Grace which in its many appearances operates as a meta agent of God. Either with the "Holy Spirit" or the Angels at large orchestrating wonders of whatever order and scale. Be the recipients faithful or not be they human or not across Creation this is a metaphysical truth expressed in beauty or grace itself.

Please enjoy today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement.



Grace is an expression of love that is unconditional in nature. Such a love is not timid, nor is it foolish, it is a love that has upheld nations by a common trust. It is the love that both saints and lovers live by to the fullest of spiritual delights. Grace when it is released into our shallow experiences breathes new life into our hearts and minds. This life is one of renewal from the old ways that led us astray. Down alleys filled with shadows and shallow experiences that at times was beneath our fullest expression as people and especially as souls. Grace is the long arm of the Lord God as an agent of the Holy Spirit to carry out the "Will of God(dess)". By allowing grace to take hold in our lives we permit justice and truth of the holiest spirits to rescue us from ourselves and from this crazy world. Take comfort in such a place and this will become your salvation through the Lord God forever and ever. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Jewels of Truth: The Wayfarer of the Soul, Volume 2 pg. 64-65

Friday, August 08, 2014

Jewels of Truth Statement: "To Love God Is To Unite All Souls As One"

Hello All,

This summer season not to be surprised is creating record breaking drought conditions in California. Other portions of this organic world torrential rains are flooding parts of India and there abouts. In spite of this environmental chaos that is constantly afoot in this our mother Earth. We as humanity manage well to other times manage poorly to survive with our dignity intact. We may not be responsible to save the entire world, but we may attempt to save what is within arms reach right before us. Success may not be guaranteed although our virtue is only enabled to grow that much stronger in our next attempt to succeed. Life delivers no promises but one. Whatever is will be expanded into a greater scope of abundance. So please be mindful what you promote by your sheer presence in life. It affects us all, even if it is spiritual in nature.

Today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement is on the topic of a unified Love. Through God(dess) all things come into view when we love without constraints nor conditions. Our vistas may only witness one horizon at a time. Although through God all comes into view simultaneously according to his genuine love of the totality of life. Be in accord with such a beautiful truth and watch the wonders begin to overwhelm you in grace.

This statement is #1770 in the series written just yesterday so please enjoy in your devotional reflections. Namaste.



1770) To Love God is to love Life as a whole. All wonders become majestic through him that adores all of Creation as himself. No one is supreme other than the Creator even in transcendence of your own selves in spirit. Be as life should be which is full of abundant agreement with all of totality. Not all is as it seems but what is expresses abundantly clear in truth. Nothing is beguiled unless the senses choose to perceive wrong doing in the shadows wherever it is present.

To Love God(dess) is to love everyone simultaneously within the Holy Spirit. The absolute reaches through life so all is loved as one holy instant. All lives, all souls, and all powers are in agreement with such a divine accord. Loving the Creator brings joy to anyone you have ever known, know now, and will know tomorrow. In this one incarnation or in any other reincarnation you shall ever be within. Love is circular in its ever flowing beauty. Be glad for this splendid essence exploits all forces as itself. Be they the Ancients, the ancestors, and all progeny to come are One and the same breath of God. Amen.
                                                                         ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Jewels of Truth Statement: "Go Now With God To Do Beautiful Things"

Hello All,

Aside from the turmoil those of us here in the rest of the world are witnessing in conflict zones. There is little that the commoner can do but give moral support and our prayers. That the "Will of God" will prevail for those that choose to listen to their inborn divinity instead. Versus promoting fear, hatred, the politics of injustice, and consolidating their hold on power. Nationalism seems to be trumping human dignity because the old adage of Might Makes Right seems to be in effect right now.

I rather stand for those aspects of our collective being that promote a spiritual love, life, and a holy light. Not because I'm an ostrich hiding from this chaotic savage world. But to mimic the fine examples of the masters of every benevolent faith that set the bar high. So instead of condemning the ones I deem are misguided out of duty to protect their fellow countrymen. I choose a subtler path laid out with wisdom versus angry or revenge under the guise of security or preserving the status quo of nations.

Today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement is on the topic of Initiative. How we dream of a better tomorrow that remains idle wishy washy nonsense. Albeit we sometimes want it some than life itself but we do not act out of paralyzing fear. A fear more superstitious than real that we have empowered with bull shit. Name your poison of "what ifs" or "what will they say or think" or the buzz kill "I can't afford it". This statement is #1757 in the series written in early July last month.

May it speak to you those that find solace in sharing your dreams with God. Having faith give you strength to sometimes surprise yourself that what you thought couldn't be, actually is possible.



1757)  Any worthy venture start it now! No matter if you feel ill prepared for the complete scope of the task ahead. Prepare reasonably, but do not falter with vain excuses. Pinning away for a lie of a future tomorrow that never actually arrives. That form of denial has cost humanity so much progress as a civilization. Where bright souls defeat themselves before the world gets to marvel at their own version of genius. Dear one it is an error to believe in such a stalling tactic of the dysfunctional ego. It is fear speaking to you. Simply undo it be offering yourself compassion followed by action in baby steps if need be in principle.

No one can have everything they want out of life simultaneously at the same time. That is for the celestial gods, we as mortals must wait in intervals for such a joy. Begin now at 10% as you live your joy or passion filled with promise. The next juncture of 10% of what you need will appear by grace over the time of your concerted efforts. A life lived like such will reveal to you that you have experienced a 110% overall. Looking back at your progress will reveal your partnership with the divine "Holy Spirit"  by your side all the way. Live richly in spirit with such a blessed conviction based on such a beautiful truth. In order that you may be free to live the glory of God only you can experience in this one lifetime of yours. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Environmental Protection Concept: "Climate Change Technology"

Hello All,

We as humanity have become more so sensitive to the negative impacts we're having on the collective environment. Be it on an industrial scale or further afield to the more mundane actions we take in our everyday lives. Cross- disciplinary scientists are starting to sound like a chorus trying to awake us from our fantasy world bubble of environmental ignorance. Power structures are entrenched to such a degree they would rather be wealthy and the rest of the world be damned. Short sighted greed leads to other unintended consequences but that isn't the topic at hand today.

Many of us have heard of the science fiction term of "Terra Forming". Whereby planetary engineering is conducted to alter the climate of a planet lets say "Mars" in our solar system. Well inadvertently we as humanity have recklessly terra formed our home world by mistake. Releasing "Green House Gases" to create an eventual botanical world not seen on Earth since the age of the dinosaurs. My opinion we as humanity have hit the fast forward button by mistake accelerating natural processes. By releasing all these fossil fuels into the environment with our global emissions. 

My concept today is a hand brake of sorts to slow down a runaway street car named chaos. The street car can't be stopped that train has already left the station long ago. However we can slow it down so when it hits a future human generation on Earth after we're all dead and buried. It won't be a tragic nightmare for them as a testament of our compassion for our progeny and the Earth itself.

Thus my concept is to utilize one of 3 functioning obelisks or pillar like structures to synthesize natural processes in our favor. If humanity has for decades if not a century terra formed the Earth by mistake. We can for a century if not longer terra form the Earth to a more sustainable environment or so goes the hypothesis. Each of these 3 types of obelisk structure will have one of three functions in helping to alleviate the damage to the meta environment at large.

The first obelisk will be based on land to act akin to dozen tree's in the environment they're placed within. Perhaps situated mostly in industrial complexes or in neighborhoods where environmental racism is most prevalent. (ie Environmental racism is when sticking vast industries with toxic emissions next to impoverished ghettoized neighborhoods.) Such a "Climate Change Obelisk" structure will filter out Co2 carbon dioxide emissions from industry at or around ground level. Including secondary industrial pollutants in the local breathable environment. And like a tree emit back into the air natural breathable oxygen or O2.

Such an obelisk station will have a sensor array package so as to act like a gas scrubber. It'll be self-powered to a degree with a solar panel type of exterior reflective skin on its top half. The sensors will wireless transmit back to a regional headquarters to crunch the data. In order to generate scientific reports to local, regional, national, and international climate scientists and meteorologists. The local Tv news channel meteorologist will want this information so as to give an air quality index report. Massive global cities like in Beijing, China; Mexico City, Mexico; Tehran, Iran; and Atlanta, Georgia USA as burgeoning human populace urban centers. With declining air quality will need such a technology suite yesterday.

Every region where these arbor like obelisks are deployed in a grid like pattern for hot spot air quality scrubbers of Co2 back into O2. Will be like a super sized indoor air filter, however in this case the pillar will have a self-cleaning filter of its own. To minimize trips on maintenance overall from technicians. Although inspections would still occur like a utility company would for its own assets in the field. The obelisks can be a generic color or for cultural upliftment have a mural like pattern design skinned onto them. As long as it doesn't block the solar panel skin and exterior sensors including the air ducts.

The second obelisk pillar will be put out to sea around Coral Reef formations. To act akin to a temperature inverter since we all hear about how coral reefs globally are getting warmer. The effect of such a consequence is they're getting bleached and dying off. These under the sea pillar obelisks will be situated like fixed fence posts surrounding a coral reef formation. Pointed towards the coral reef in a grid like perimeter using real time sensors to drop the warmer temperatures by cooling a coral reef. Since coral reefs help sustain local fishery populations acting like underwater nurseries to a degree. In this case in partnership with marine biologists using strict controls of a coral reef with this climate change technology suite and another without. It can be tested with an in field coral reef if such a mechanism is viable for a mass scale deployment along coastal regions with reefs. Perhaps even island chains in the Caribbean or Pacific island nations where tourists visit.

This structure will have similar ducts like the land based arbor variant. However for emitting like a slight refrigeration in cooling the coral reefs. Not to hard or too soft but to get the temperature just right like Goldilocks porridge. The under the sea obelisk will either have kinetic flaps in order to generate electricity. So as to power the structure from undersea water currents. If not cabling can be buried along the perimeter fencing posts to an ocean surface buoy. Where the buoy can transmit wireless data points as to how well the coral reefs are doing. The buoy can also have a solar panel array to power the obelisks to a degree if such a mechanism is viable with the cabling system. Underwater cameras can also be fixed to the pillars to gauge the overall progress on the coral reefs health. Over time the coral reef may attach itself to the obelisk as an artificial substrate, minus the cooling ducts. Diver technicians would be the ones on a quarterly basis if not for longer periods would clear away any obstructions manually if needed.

The third obelisk pillar structure would be placed in coastal waterway inlets. Typically where recreational boaters would frequent these obelisks would replace some of these longer standing wood pylons. That are pounded into the waterway to act as coastal markers. This variant would like a wood pylon be half exposed so as to continue to function as a auxiliary inlet waterway marker. However its main mission would be to clean the waterways of man made run off pollution such as nitrogen. When a rain storm occurs on land all the nitrogen rich lawn chemicals end up in the local sewage drainage system. Which in turn eventually makes its way into your local inlets and out to sea. Why this matters is it creates terrible algae blooms known as "Red Tide". Such a coastal algae boom when it occurs causes respiratory health hazards when it causes a die off of local coastal fishery stocks. That wash up on the beaches and elsewhere along marina's. So if your in a tourist hot spot industry its an instant economic dollar buzz kill to the local economy.

This obelisk would filter out any pollutants that would eventually end up out in the sea. It would also be self-cleaning in regards to its own filtration system. The upper portion of the obelisk pylon would have a solar array panel in order to power itself. If a harsh storm approaches the regional headquarters can issue a wireless transmitted command to stow away its solar panel and antenna array. Until either its battery power cells is low on energy or at a designated day and hour to reemerge. The sensor package would collect metric data points of what type of pollutants are encountered and which ones have been scrubbed or filtered out. The types of pollutants, the volume encountered and removed, and any other pertinent information it can transmit for climate scientists to crunch the data.

These three types of climate change technology structures can be a first in a series. For giving humanity solutions to mitigate environmental damage that was caused by industry. Besides other careless practices such as burning the Amazon forest by peasant farmers burdened by economic factors. Our consumer products like water and air filtration systems have been sold at retail for around a couple of decades. Its about the right time to give mother earth a similar mechanism to help humanity alleviate the ignorant harm we've committed.

This isn't a free pass for industry to go ahead and pollute even more. It is an expansion on an industrial scale to revert if not slow down damage to the air and water on the Earth itself. Be it in local cities down to the remote portions of aquatic eco-systems in hopes to preserve for future generations these ecological resources.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Atrayo's Oracle Is 9 Years Old Today!

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Another year another anniversary here at Google's Blogger service with my blog "Atrayo's Oracle". Little did I conceive of a 9 year trek and hopefully many more to come. The content here is all original and although the index tools are spotty. The spiritual wisdom is extensive with content and innovative concept summaries are fascinating albeit grandiose at times. Opportunity and Inspiration are here to be enjoyed hand in hand in this off the wayside oasis of being. Come and enjoy the shade.

This blog site was mostly started to share the "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom series. Be the material from either of the two published volumes of work and growing as showcased throughout the topics here at "Atrayo's Oracle".

Your always welcome to support my work by purchasing either volume in paperback, e-book, Nook, and Kindle formats. Atrayo's Oracle, is also available on the Kindle as a monthly subscription priced at .99 cents US.

"Jewels of Truth" Formats at Amazon.com (Link)

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To date as of today July 24th 2014 there are over 340 original spiritual wisdom statements and counting. With over 180 roughly innovative abstract summary solutions located on this blog site since July 2005. Consider this a labor of love or my own dharma at work. Thank you again for being a reader be it as a first timer or a loyal ongoing member. I appreciate your time and interest in my work.

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Jewels of Truth Statements & Favorite Quotes of the Month

Hello All,

It's been a crazy last week ago for moi. Let's just say when something goes wrong its more than one unrelated freak occurrences. From landscapers mowing the lawn to mowing my Internet cable connection. I was offline for a week having withdrawals without an Internet connection. To losing power for my entire neighborhood last Friday for over 4 hours time in two occurrences. Having 1,623 utility customers affected. Enough of my own mis-adventures. :o)

Today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statements are on the topics of: Meta-Physics, Life, and Lust. That last one on Lust is more so a topic of repentance from committing such an act in desiring what shouldn't be your own. Otherwise this is in the series of #1045-1047 written in the middle of July 2010.

May they speak to the aspect of self that is universal in each of us.



1045)  An eternity in Creation is but an instance of remembrance within the Mind of God. God, is also capable of recalling the totality of his memories akin to a living kaleidoscope of form and function all shown simultaneously. Portraying a daisy chain of sorts of Creations and realities superimposed on each other to become a living whole dynamic. All encompassing within very same literal identical space located nowhere and everywhere, although many of which are out of phase with each other. Vibrating energetically at an array of differing tonal cues that resemble an extraordinary orchestra of life in unity.

All of totality be it one or more Creations as entire universes or realities unto themselves appear from a distance like a living orb. On the surface all is as a foreign landscape of jumbled chaos. Although once depth perception is overcome a symmetry appears showing an elegant simplicity that is beyond genius. Synchronized events are like a ballet of forces in concert with one another. It often takes the view of the grandiose to fully recognize the tiniest mundane details when confronting them for the first time in an intimate encounter. Holding the "Big Picture" within the mind's eye of Creation upholds us all as the family that we are meant to be spiritually speaking. Divisions fall away, nuisances become irrelevant and superficial in the magnitude of the supernatural.

All whom marvel at this great mystery from a vantage point of awe. Are truly the ones to relish the beauty in every simple form in expression. To go from the complicated chaos to the most ineffable order in simplicity that exists. Welcomes a universal principle that is applicable on a number of fronts and scales of living magnitudes. Be not weary child of God(dess) as to how comprehension will come into focus. This is intended to be a mystery from the onset although all mysteries can be solved by the epochs of civilized education that precedes all endeavors. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


1046)  Our lives on this Earth isn't meant to be run like a marathon onto our graves like a finish line. It is meant truly to be a hike of great purpose walked gently and at other times rigorously. Each of us taking our time in certain intervals be it more than others in our personal treks in life's journey. It is all meant to be a discovery of joy, a life to be lived well without terrible anguish. Our time as mortals as the spiritual ancients that we are combined in the Holy Spirit as eternal souls. Is meant to experience illusion in a refined cultural evolution of the self. To love and to be loved in return, to offer help and to receive it in return, to grow and promote sensible growth everywhere. This is how God interacts through us and through each of us individually from person to person, soul to soul unified in the divine of heaven.

As we deepen our relationship to our truest self we are in tandem deepening our relationship to the divine simultaneously. Unity as a combined absolute whole does that to and for us inadvertently. God is our kind host and we are his guests forever. It is up to us to show our sincere appreciation for the banquet of life laid out before us to enjoy, foster, and secure for those to come after us. We need not rush through life akin to a mad jog of mayhem and confusion. Make your hike that much sweeter take in the sights, the aroma, the essence of it all in our minds, hearts, and especially our benevolent spirits. Doing so with a gratitude in experiencing every bit of it, even the unpleasant at times. For it becomes an instructive practice on what not to repeat anytime soon. We are each incarnations of the "Spirit of God" expressed in our righteous souls. Do as the goodness that you are native to do and reflect your truth without harm nor shame to invigorate life the beautiful and handsome all around you. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


1047)  Those who lust are living a fear that is often unspoken, perhaps not of shame but one of guilt nonetheless. A lack that is corrosive like any acid boring through the self leaving gaps that should otherwise be filled with true purpose. For lust arrives when those that believe they lack should have more or those that already have too much want it all. Thus pride corrupts the ego to strafe the senses with a warped justification to lure and seduce ones mind's eye to near ruin. It is often best to never achieve ones darkest lust for to do so commits a personal atrocity of sorrow. Where gray clouds turn black with a raging storm of indulgences that leave a once functional person in the throws of complete perversion. Not all sensual beauty is sincere, nor even benevolent in nature. Be wary not to lay down with the sick to become the diseased yourself in time.

All others that lust from a distance lacking the courage to act upon their madness. Are in the realm of the mixed curse either diluting their humanity leaving it to a dark fantasy that knows no peace. Or realizing their anguish slowly overcome their sorrow by replacing it with a truer sense of joy practiced in peace. Not all who lust are evil. To lust is to fear in the short term and in the long term to become a monster that bears no resemble to your former self. The cure for lust is not carnal punishment to the point of masochism. It all begins in a sincere spirit seeking authentic forgiveness with a resolve to undo the lures of seduction. For some it takes half a dozen or others a dozen relapses before they realize their journey out of the lifestyle of lust. This is when having a compassionate sane support system of care givers and friends of a like health induced mindset. Shall guide you back to a peace beyond all understanding in order to having matured beyond the idle fantasies of youth. In order to experience your greatest self day by day, love by love in practice and beauty. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


When you plant a seed of love, it is you that blossoms. --- Ma Jaya Sati.

Acceptance is the universal currency of real friendships... It does not warp or shape or wrench a person to be anything other than what they are. --- Joan Chittister.
                                                                                             "The Friendship of Women".

For he is the living God, enduring forever... He delivers and rescues, he works signs and wonders in heaven and on earth. ---Daniel 6:26-27

It is the ultimate luxury to combine passion and contribution. It's also a very clear path to happiness. --- Sheryl Sandberg.

God is love, and those who abide in love abide in God, and God abides in them. --- 1 John 4:16

Sunday, July 13, 2014

"Jewels of Truth" Statement: "Our Mortality Is A Reflection Of The Earth As We See It"

Hello All,

Late into the night and perhaps into my own early morning period but here is the next "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement for the week. Its topic is on "Mortality" almost resembling an intimate conversation we may have with God one time or another. On why are we here now on Earth? You may see at least how I struggled with the inquiry with a bit of humor towards the end of the statement.

May it speak to you on a spiritual level although it can transcend it into the human sphere of all of us. This statement is #1749 in the series written in late June of this year.

Enjoy as always, go with God by whatever love you profess to him or her.



1749) Who am I but a reflection of the one true vision we have all come to know as God. We shimmer with grace for awhile then we fade back into the Earth as dust forever. A couple generations of time is all we have before we are forgotten once more as people. Akin to having never been born to begin with in truth. Our tribe we call humanity is so immense we can bring a planet to its knee's. This bodes a biblical event to occur to re-balance outcomes in favor of mother nature against humanities own self-loathing chaos.

Only a handful of worthy successors are meant to be recorded in the limited annals of history. The rest of us are fodder to each our zeitgeist of the moment. If our family has heirs perhaps our names are recorded on a genealogical tree, but no more after that. Are we but a branch also of the tree of celestial life as well? Or merely a leaf thinking of itself a mighty branch in absence of any objections in thought. Why must we have difficulty to remember our divine splendor only to return with new found appreciation after a mortals lifetime? I seek immortality not of these senses, but of this consciousness which in faith is already assured. Described as the living soul of all persons or creatures unique in form. Than why do I complain as a living reflection of who's Image and Likeness I resemble in Spirit? I feel trapped by mortality not able to escape the confines of this incarnation at will. I yell for my jailor only to be greeted by an Angel of God. Are we the prisoner or the prison itself?

No one seems the wiser lest the souls that have escaped by mortal death. Are we fools proclaiming the Glory of God to only realize we are God in the scope of this united Infinity? Why must we suffer in this form of paradise but to know what a mortals life is all about? Color me tickled pink, but the next time I'm curious in regards to mortality slap me straight instead dear God. I need not know to this intricate depth what it means only to be your seeming distant reflection. I rather seek to be your constant joy in every lifetime as the minor gods that we are in truth. The rest belongs to another fool to question the role of mortals in Creation. Release me from this Shadow of my greatest self as an essence of your love dear God. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

"Jewels of Truth" Reading From "The Wayfarer of the Soul, Volume 2"

Hello All,

Right now in America the approval ratings of our government are at record lows. Especially with the Federal Congress at 6% according to a survey poll conducted by Gallup. Cited here by the newspaper "The Washington Post" (Link) on June 20th of this year by: Jaime Fuller.  With that in mind I thought why not provide a "Jewels of Truth" statement from Volume 2 I made on the topic of "Politicians". Something to keep in mind on how legislators sound the rhetoric bell by compelling us the citizens to live sometimes against our better judgements.

Peace for us all.



Be wary of political leaders that use fear tactics to herd their citizens to a consensus.  For no good is occurring by seeking to ambush the naive of heart turning their ideals against them. Rather than heed those leaders within the leadership of an organization. That propose notions of inspiration that bind many into a common cause for a greater good. This is the difference between a cheating hypocrite and a Shepard of true ideals and values. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Jewels of Truth: The Wayfarer of the Soul, Volume 2 pg. 132

Monday, July 07, 2014

"Jewels of Truth" Statement: "A Divine Love in the Three Mercies of Christ's Crucifixion"

Hello All,

I hope the start of this week is good for each of you. No matter anywhere on this globe your receiving this blog site or anytime in the present and the future. I have limited access to "Google Analytic's" which helps me track the page hits and their point of origin. The bulk are American in nature, but I am humbled truly to be received abroad on every major continent.

Today's "Jewels of Truth" statement seems to have written itself in 2 parts. One on the origin of Creation and another on the passing of a Great Prophet, if not Savior to many more. I was raised Roman-Catholic and I made it as far as to the 1st Communion. Before my faith led me on a more inclusive path away from a place I saw more the will of mankind than of the Spirit of God. Everyone's experience is unique although the access routes to the sublime seem to be well founded. I followed spiritually the path less traveled and it has made the world of difference to me. I guess "Atrayo's Oracle" is the by product of such a testament of inspired grace. I wouldn't call it a ministry, but I would call it giving witness to the glories revealed to me in simple fashion as an intuitive spiritual writer.

Enjoy today's statement in the series numbered #1751 written in late June of this year. On the topic of "God's Love".


God's Love:

1751)  All of life is a magical gift from God. It is so because of the divines is fully unceasing in how it gives abundantly life. All of Heaven rejoices being filled with wonder based on a compassionate if not a romantic principle of truth. Heaven is the prime realm of whence came the very first spiritual light unto Creation itself. This celestial illumination is the point of origin when God decreed "Let There Be Light!" in the universe. (Genesis 1:3) This has become the focal point where all benevolence sprang forth into complete expression as a glorious action of God come into form. 

God, has come into form countless times throughout the cosmos be it on Earth or elsewhere. When "Jesus the Christ" hung on the cross during his crucifixion. He offered Three Mercies for all who would Love a Divine Love Like His in Life.

Christ's, 1st Mercy was when he prayed for his persecutors or others that have mocked his life to such a point. That they be fully forgiven for they know not what they do. (Luke 23:34) In their blindness they have acted against their faith in God.

His 2nd Mercy as he was being executed as an innocent man of God. Was with the Penitent Thief  to his right side also being crucified for his crime of thievery. He recognized Jesus by giving a heartfelt testimony that here is a innocent man as the Son of God. Being mocked before the roman soldiers and the fellow thief being executed to his left side. Dismas, asked "Jesus the Christ" please remember me when you come upon your father's kingdom in Heaven. Thus Christ welcomed "Saint Dismas" into heaven with him within the bosom of God's Holy Spirit. (Luke 23:36-43)

The 3rd Mercy was Jesus greatest sacrifice in his passing from mortality. God, granted this mercy through Christ in order to forgive humanity as a collective species. For all the errors or sins in order for the Light of Heaven may continue to shine in our souls like a Star of Creation. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Gem's of Opportunity: My Past Environmental Commentary & Concepts For Review

Hello All,

In light of my recent Environmental Industrial Concept: Maritime Recycling Ships Reclaiming Human Garbage in the World Ocean Gyre's (Link) just a few days ago. I thought why not showcase highlights some of my more notable past environmental topics from "Atrayo's Oracle". Since this blog site lacks a proper index function by topic. Sorry about that I try to use the auxiliary functions to get around that in order to search this blog site by calender period and word searches. 

So to facilitate this rehashing here is a unique original perspective asking has the middle 20th century above ground nuclear weapons testing. (That number is 504, according to Wikipedia) Conducted by various nations from the old: Soviet Union, China, France, Great Britain, and predominantly the United States. Contributed to Global Warming as we're experiencing it today? Here's the link on that Environmental Commentary: Has Atmospheric Nuclear Weapons Testing Contributed To Global Warming?

Back on August 3rd, 2007 on this blog site I shared a brief concept called Water Supply Concept: Purifying Monsoon / Flood Waters (Link) Takes the concept of again retrofitted Oil Tanker ships like the most recent one of a few days ago. Whereby the deluge of monsoon waters in countries like Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan can be diverted with some infrastructure improvements. Not to necessarily direct it out into the open ocean but into a pipeline aqueduct system. Where the off-shore retrofitted oil tankers fills up with polluted monsoon flood waters. Taking the commodity for resale to a country in need whilst in transit the filthy monsoon waters gets purified into potable drinking water.

A couple of years later I came up with another concept on April 23rd, 2009 called the Environmental Group Concept: Landfill Combers (Link). Basically comes down to a Second Chance, Last Opportunity of trained personnel wearing appropriate protective clothing. Going through a municipal landfill as a last chance crew removing any missed recyclable items that shouldn't be in the garbage heap. Be it electronics, certain chemicals, plastics, metals, etc... Although the decomposition of waste in landfills is leading to the production of natural gas over time. Best to have trained professionals, volunteers, or misdemeanor offenders working off their community service reclaim what can be salvaged overall.

Later on that year on December 8th, 2009 I came up with Debris Reclamation Recycling Concept: Maritime Wreckers (Link). Isn't at all too unlike the recent Maritime Recycler concept I just offered for June 29th, 2014. I seem to like retrofitted oil super tankers having a multi-purpose mission. Of salvaging excess goods that would otherwise end up in landfills. In this case it would be after a Natural Disaster all that salvageable waste is good money for resale in bulk. Meaning after its sorted and stripped down to its base components at a recycling plant on board a retrofitted super oil tanker. For example of a fleet of leased construction truck haulers eases the burden of the local municipal waste department. Instead of taking the bulk of destroyed buildings after a natural disaster into the local landfill if not worse dumped into the wilderness. It's trucked to a nearby industrial port where its loaded onto a Maritime Wrecker for processing whilst it is in transit.

I have a slew of other concepts throughout this blog site just hiding like unique Easter Eggs. That I wouldn't have the space to mention in this entry. For example in the inaugural year back on November 17th, 2005. I offered a unique concept that is probably decades ahead of its time. Perhaps so unique that it would be controversial to put into practice today. That being Residential Homes Concept: Burrow Homes In Tornado Alley USA (Link). Explaining those living in Tornado prone regions have a literal Death Wish building their House of Cards above ground. Why not strike a compromise of a main residential dwelling built near the surface similar to a concrete shelter bunker. With a retractable ramp door allowing vehicles to easily enter and exit. The front door is like taking a flight of stairs downward not unlike those 1950's bunkers in old New York City apartment building complexes. It's more common sense than a tragedy in the making across the central U.S. States.

I hope you enjoyed this rehash of past environmental related topics here at "Atrayo's Oracle" over these past 9 years. Mayhaps I'll start this as a segment on other repeatable topics I've explored as well in the years to come. I hope you've found them intriguing as I have in working them out as a past time. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Environmental Industrial Concept: "Maritime Recycling Ships Reclaiming Human Garbage in the World Ocean Gyre's"

Hello All,

If global warming wasn't enough of a threat to humanity whether it was caused by humanity or not. Here is a Double Whammy threatening the human consumption of seafood globally as the least of our concern. There's the environmental cascade of such an event of unintended consequences for something we did clearly cause. Not it being so opaque as global warming there's a Global Oceanic Catastrophe. Our planet dare I say our mother Earth has five oceanic tidal vortexes globally called Gyre's. These 5 gyre's have several beneficial environmental causes to help regulate the temperature of the planet, besides being instrumental in regulating global ocean currents.

What's happened I suppose since the late 19th century industrial revolution up until modern times now in the early 21st century. On a massive scale we've treated the ocean like a massive sewer system. Especially during the last 50 years or so each of the world's oceanic gyre's have become a partially floating landfill. Albeit only about 10% of the human garbage is floating on the ocean surface. The bulk of the 90% has sunk into those often deep trench canyons on the sea floor. What's alarming about this now than say a few decades ago is the sheer size of all these: plastics, metals, styrofoams, rubber / latex, etc.. Often its called the Oceanic Hairball in each of these five global gyre's. The greatest of these is the North Pacific Gyre otherwise known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Made mostly famous by that cargo container of rubber ducky's being washed overboard during a pacific storm. Where via satellite oceanic researchers tracked the tidal pattern of the rubber ducky's in the North Pacific Gyre. To learn more about it since it became an opportunistic chance to use this freak occurrence to study the tidal vortex patterns.

Well now this same North Pacific Gyre oceanic patch has become the infamous toilet for humanity. This eyesore probably seen from space by satellite now. Like any toilet has become backed up its only a matter of decades before it threatens humanity directly. It's no longer a question of If, but When?

Here's a video report from the DW: European Journal for June 4th of this year regarding the North Atlantic Gyre (aka the Gulf Stream) off the coast of the Netherlands.  (this video lasts like 4 minutes long, sorry I can't post it directly. Google, which owns Blogger is fixated with either YouTube or nothing else)

European Journal: Netherlands The Catch of the Day Is Plastic  (Link)

Already according to Deutsche Welle (DW) is reporting in that video segment that half of the North Atlantic Grye whales and seals are ingesting plastics. In the North Pacific Gyre the jellyfish, fish, sea birds, and even muscles attaching themselves to degradable plastics have been spotted. I suppose not until we're affected directly will we as the species that caused this fiasco will fix it. Until that time expect to see from everything in these gyre's from the smaller fish up to giant whales start to have a massive die off. Fisherman won't be the only one's complaining when fishing stocks being containmented with Microplastics. Microplastics are those tiny fragments of degradable plastics that flake off our trash over time. Ending up in our sea birds and sea life as a choking hazard. Wait until the first generation of people globally start choking on their lunch or dinner. Here's hoping the fish processing plants as food manufacturers weed out the bulk of these containmented fishery stocks. Although I am painting a gloomy picture that will probably occur in the next 50 years or so at the rate we're dumping trash into the world oceans.

There's an organization called "Project Kaisei" based out of San Fransisco, California.  The word "Kaisei" in Japanese means ocean planet. This vanguard of a research organization has sent 2 research expeditions to the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch" since 2008. On their splash homepage automatically plays a full screen 9 minute or so video showcasing the scale of the problem. Please Watch It.

Project Kaisei (Video Link)

Now that you're starting to get a glimpse at the scale of this dilemma I'm attempting to describe to you. Here as my own talent goes is my own original concept in beginning the discussion in order how to tackle it from an industrial scale. This Oceanic Hairball where there should be now 5 globally in each oceanic gyre. Is from an Industry side for manufacturers a potential Goldmine of Profit. Yes, I didn't stutter nor I'm I a sell out in not caring for our beloved Mother Earth. For the gargantuan industrial clean up needed of our world oceans there is a silver lining. These resources as our former garbage was once consumer and industrial goods. They can be fully Recycled. Meaning since this trash is floating in International waters there is no one nation to pay for mining rights or recycling rights of these resources on an industrial scale.

The most important issue is here not to disrupt the aquatic eco-system that is mostly unaffected by all this trash in the surrounding regions. Since already a large swath of sea creatures that are caught up in this Oceanic Hairball are dead whether they know it or not. Better to consider such a region a oceanic quarantine zone where any sea creatures containmented by human garbage. Unfortunately can not be rescued much like the British Petroleum BP disaster of 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico. The oil covered sea birds along 100% of the gulf coast areas of Louisiana, Missouri, Alabama, and Florida were not systematically rescued. (It was only smaller environmental groups that gave a dam and attempted to save the oil tared wildlife) It wasn't completely humanly possible, thus the same conundrum will effect environmentalists when big industry starts to mine or recycle the trash in these ocean gyre's.

What I'm proposing for big maritime industry to do is one of two things at first. The first experimental class of oceanographic seafaring class of vessel recyclers. Can either be constructed from scratch at a ship building facility as the very first designed generation class of vessel. Or the cheaper of the two are retrofitted existing oil tankers with massive internal hold tanks. Perhaps oil tankers that are nearing the end of their lifespan in service. That are capable of passing through the Panama and Suez canals respectively as a global seafaring vessel.

The type of retrofit I'm proposing in design is as follows as pictured above from the center exterior hull on either side of the vessel. Have retractable hull access points circular in shape where industrial vacuum hose suckers deploy. Something similar to what marine archaeologists use when excavating the seafloor for wrecks. Where the content hosed up via those vacuums is sifted on board the research ship for selective archeological treatment. Basically do the same but on steroids where as this retrofitted oil tanker vessel sucks up the oceanic hairball. Via an internal conveyor belt system it starts to place in each oil tank hull storage all this recycled material and/or misc trash and containmented sea life. Once such a phase of siphoning the ocean surface of this 10% of human low hanging trash is scooped up. The next phase of the ships operation kicks into gear. The internal tracks of conveyor belts are rerouted like a locomotive train switching tracks within the ships internal industrial architecture.

This is where the rerouted trash is placed a new onto the internal conveyor belts. Going into an industrial processing facility for these reclaimed recyclable goods. There will be three recycled processes ongoing one is the process called "Thermal Depolymerization". Which is a fancy word for gleaning back the petroleum goods such as various oil grades that went into creating all these plastic types originally. According to an article from the website called "Fast Company" in September 1st, 2011. A company called "Greenstar Recycling and Vadxx Energy" will be building a state of the art facility in Arkon, Ohio that is projected in 2012 to reclaim 80,000 barrels of petroleum from thermal depolymerization. (As of Feb. 2013 "Waste Management Inc." purchased "Greenstar Recycling" for $220 Million)

Wikipedia: Thermal Depolymerization (Link)

Fast Company: Converting Plastic Back To The Oil It Came From  (Link)

Go figure a retrofitted Oil Tanker vessel as the first generation maritime recycler. Becoming a petroleum processing reclamation plant from discarded plastics. The other recycling process is similar to the one above but where the plastics are sorted into grades by the seafaring workers. (Yes, its grueling work with hazards of getting sliced easily by sharp edges from the trash) To place the sorted plastics into a recycling plant to reclaim them for future industrial manufacturers. A process called "Re / De - Polymerization" not unlike the one stated above. Do note the bulk of the Discarded Fishing Nets Made of Nylon can be recycled as well. Since all this lost fishing nets causes a tragic dilemma called "Ghost Fishing". Where fish continue to be caught and die from these drifting under sea nets that have been cut off by fishing vessels.

The Maritime Recycler vessel as a class of ships besides dividing the plastics for petroleum reclamation. And recycling the other assorted plastics for future Industrial manufacturer usage. Will also have on board a metal furnace to reclaim all the assorted metals. The Oil Tanker will lastly have an incinerator plant where any miscellaneous trash and the containmented sea creatures will be cremated. The power generation plant of this former oil tanker now maritime recycler class of ships. Can generate power to a limited degree from the incinerator plant as well. Although not to contribute to global warming from the emissions of such an incinerator plant smoke stacks on the ship. Every ship will utilize a process of algae scrubbers as a pollution control methodology in its emissions.

Here's a link to website called "Phys.org" on an article dated March 14th, 2012 on how algae can be a bio fuel and a source of pollution control. Where of course algae is plentiful in the world oceans although this will be a specially treated species of algae. That will be utilized for such a pollution control process.

Phys.org "Algae Species Explored Biofuel Source" (Link)

Once all the plastics and metals are recycled including reclaimed petroleum as the output by product. Just like the internal hull conveyor belt track system in sourced these raw resources. The same dynamic will be at play in reverse order where the reclaimed materials will be organized according to type within the very same storage hulls that once contained the raw resources. Once the Maritime Recycler is filled to the gills (pun intended) of industrial grade materials for manufacturers. The home office will look for industrial buyers at a global port of call. Where the vessel will deliver directly to their port of choice to unload these recycled industrial goods. Thus heading back to its native port of call to swap out for a new fresh crew and supplies for the next voyage to reclaim the trash in the ocean gyre's.

That's what I foresee as a potential reality taking perhaps the next 50 years to clear up the ocean surface of every of the five ocean gyre's. With this industrial concentrated effort to recycle all these discarded resources like mining a surface landfill for recycled content. However there's still the other 90% of human garbage that has sunk to perhaps the ocean sea floor. That has to be reclaimed somehow perhaps in the late 21st to early 22nd century. Maybe with a new class of submarines to similarly vacuuming up these under the sea floor landfills. Where the stored raw resources are taken to an ocean surface rig platform that has the necessary recycling processing facility. Then the refined resources can be off loaded onto cargo ships delivered to manufacturers at their sea port of choosing.

This is my crystal ball into what I can foresee as a potential reality in mining or reclaiming those under the sea discarded trash. Nonetheless expect to see a flotilla of maritime recyclers globally. After the first generation of retrofitted Oil Tankers have proven the concept thoroughly as the 1st generation of Maritime Recyclers. Than the industrial titans of ship builders will go directly for this new class of ship vessel. To being built from scratch for such an industrial operation in each of the globes ocean gyre's.