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Gems of Opportunity: Humanitarian Concept: "Refugee Resettlement Inclusive Plan" (RRIP)

Hello All,

I've saved this most difficult and controversial European refugee crisis conceptual design for the end of this month of August. Like all things of mostly Europe this proposed solution as an innovation is democratic, socialist, and capitalist in deployment. Right now Europe has been caught flat footed attempting a fragmented approach to a humanitarian crisis of historical proportions. This little Dutch boy scenario of plugging leaks along the fence lines in France at the port city of Calais. And, the emerging fence line in Hungary is a band aid solution at best. Romania, will be the next target for this migratory wave of illegal immigrants after Hungary is cordoned off. 

Taking a macro societal perspective these illegal immigrants fleeing war torn parts of the Middle East and Africa. Follows an age old process for our human species going back tens of thousands of years ago. Whenever there was war, famine, or natural disasters our biological ancestors picked up their tribes and moved onward. That's what is happening before our very eye's or news cycle on Tv!

Another point of perspective as a mixed blessed again as a macro viewpoint. Remember analysts and scholars alike stating that Europe has a Declining Birth Rate? Well these refugees represent a replacement value on a societal scale of said shortening birth rate in Europe. Particularly a graying senior population of Europeans much like America's with our own illegal immigrants dilemma. Will be serviced by said populations of eventual new citizens to their host nations. Nations like Japan as homogeneous as they are will have to import labor like the U.A.E. (United Arab Emirates) has to date. Although the U.A.E is notorious by looking the other way or responding with a lackluster governmental attitude. By allowing contractors to treat these imported labourers like a slave force. I hope Japan doesn't follow in such a dismal foot steps as by the poor example of nations like the U.A.E.. 

However I've gotten off on a tangent since right now globally there are two historically prevalent large human scale migrations occurring. The one from the Middle East and Africans into Southern Europe and the second one are nations like Myanmar and Bangladesh pouring into: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and finally Australia. These two migratory exodus are occurring over sea and land with potentially tens of thousands of refugees drowning on rickety boats and ships. The land crossing into Europe may be less treacherous, but nonetheless dangerous because of the untold story of criminal slavers pillaging refugees like livestock! Those that can't pay extortion or for a crossing or are preyed upon by criminal syndicates can easily end up as forced laborers or worse into the sex trade as newly minted slaves! 

Not until these refugee homelands know peace will this ever widening diaspora only increase into Europe and in the Oceanic portions of the globe. So taking this on as a challenge I took a stab using my conceptual designs skills and have come up with this potential solution albeit controversial nonetheless. I also channeled as a clairvoyant in partnership with my Angels to find inspiration for potential inclusive solutions. 

This is what follows for the "Refugee Resettlement Inclusive Plan" (RRIP) to be accomplished under 6 Phases of development. Pictured above is the refugee camp of "Za'atri Camp" in the nation of Jordan filled with Syrian war torn citizens. The European Union (EU) is going to have to swallow the bitter pill of human social engineering. By laying the groundwork for a infrastructure system of bureaucracy to have all 28 member States share in this burden. On an even par so the wealthy nations of Great Britain and Germany aren't shouldering all if not most of this burden. Of this humanitarian refugee crisis of historical proportions being experienced right now.

What I mean is each of the 28 (EU) European Union member States must construct a camp / village like the one above in "Za'atri, Jordan". Having NATO engineers find suitable lands in rural regions in each of the 28 member States. The camps may evolve into eventual villages or cities into the distant future so urban planning will have to be established on a macro scale. 

All Refugees will be required to stay a tenure of 10 years time within their host nation within the EU. This prevents nations like Great Britain and Germany from receiving millions upon millions of unwanted refugees bloating their economies and logistical infrastructure. Also these 28 member States of the European Union can resettle processed refugees to satellite ghost town historical villages. That need new blood as in populations into various neglected regions of their host nations. This will provide alternative locations for refugees to settle throughout each host nation of the EU. 

Phase 1:

All refugees processed into the main camp will be quarantined and vaccinated to avoid any outbreaks of tuberculosis, whooping cough, or any untreated old world virus. Once they are given the bill of health they can step out of quarantine to settle into the main camp for a period of 90 days time. If any refugees need follow-up medical care for pre-existing conditions they'll receive it as well. Including the disabled that may need medical equipment to help them in terms of mobility.

Phase 2:

All refugees outside of quarantine will commence a Security Clearance Check. To determine their identities if they are carrying passports and/or to establish their credentials. Any subsequent alerts in regards to the security check will look for past criminal or jihadist histories. Any false alerts will be screened out and for any infiltrators such as I.S. (Islamic State) insurgents will be taken for penal justice processing by the host nation or NATO.

Phase 3:

After the 90 Day detention at the main host nation refugee resettlement camp. Refugees with now established credentials as to their lawful identities will be screened  for career vocational skills if any. Those that have White Collar Backgrounds or in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields will be given priority processing for career resettlement. Priority placement of such a white collar labor pool will be given to European trans-national corporations that may have open vacancies for such a career track. The highly skilled once refugees will be given a contract of service commensurate to their expertise and industry pay scale. Being able to take only their immediate family members with him or her for resettlement anywhere in Europe. Otherwise outside the Host nation if not internationally as the Euro centric trans-national corporation has a job vacancy. The 10 year tenure requirement within a host nation is waived as the corporation takes custody of the once refugee and his / her immediate relatives. 

Phase 4:

For those refugees that lack any sort of white collar career skills as to a vocation. They will be assessed to see if they retain any Blue or Pink (Woman) Collar Skills. If so this classification of refugees and their extended family if any. Will be given resettlement placement into the permanent portion of the camp into an eventual village. Otherwise this is when such refugees can be allowed to relocate to alternate host nation ghost town village regional sites so as to repopulate such locales. Such Blue or Pink collar refugees will be given an annual self-renewing contract of employment. They will draw a salary depending on their expertise and industry of choice if available. If none is available locally during job placement they will have the option to select another village. That is within the host nation that does offer such a trade craft vocation. All refugees will be given career tracks that help service their fellow refugees within the main resettlement camp or elsewhere in regional village locales. 

Phase 5: 

At this phase classification any refugees that lacks any iota of vocational skills. Will be occupied by two required activities which are receiving vocational education into an apprenticeship program of choice if available. The second time sink outlet will be a requirement of enrolling into a Volunteer Corps to help service the refugee local infrastructure complex. This volunteer corps basis will be anywhere from 8 up to 20 hours per week helping fellow refugees resettle. This is aside from the vocational apprenticeship training they will receive overall. Qualified apprentice applicants may be able to pursue internships earning a minimum wage or better depending on the employer.

Children of Refugees:

All minors will be placed into a primary or secondary schools erected at the resettlement main camp. Besides learning their ABC's and 123's they'll be required to learn the language and culture of their host nation. There will be ancillary learning of their homeland language and cultures if offered locally. 

Mothers with newborns and toddlers may be exempt from schooling until their appropriate age is reached. Although daycare options may be available for mothers in helping to care for their own children and their neighbors children. 

Any disabled children and adults will be exempt from schooling and/or trade program apprenticeships if certified by a camp physician. Although disabled adults may still be required to contribute on a part time basis to the volunteer corps as able.

Phase 6:

This is for any refugees that have an entrepreneurial interest for a small local business development. Either within the main resettlement camp or nearby a regional village resettlement locale. These screened refugees will be assessed to see if they have expertise in their chosen entrepreneurial profession. (ie local grocers, restaurant, retail space, barber, beautician, etc...) Will be given a 0% interest seed loan from a local community loan program to revitalize the resettlement camp or once ghost town host nation regional village. 

These budding entrepreneurs will also be required to attend a business incubator to learn the In's and outs of running a small business operation. Even if many have had prior experience this will be a refresher course for the host nation local legalities that are pertinent. Over time as these small local business survive and take off they will be required to source new employees from fellow refugees that are from Phases 4 and 5 classification. 

Military Conscription:

For those refugees that seek to circumvent the 10 year holding period within their host nation. As abled body and of sound mind can enlist within the host nations armed military forces. Having to serve a minimum period of 5 years time with an honorable discharge to gain full (EU) European Union Citizenship. This type of loophole also exists within the United States of America for Immigrants to gain American citizenship. Once such a military 5 year period in duration elapses the former veteran of the host nation and his or her immediate family members will gain (EU) citizenship. Being able to relocate elsewhere in Europe if so desired at such a time.

Wage Garnishment:

Since in this proposed solution the (EU) European Union will cover 75% of the expenses of this "Refugee Resettlement Inclusive Plan" (RRIP) bureaucratic Infrastructure. The Host Nations must pick up 15% to 20% of the remainder of the expenses of this refugee infrastructure complex. However 25% of Wages will be Garnished of Phases 3 to 6 Employees that remain within their host nation. This is excluding the Volunteer Corps of Phase 5 and vocational apprenticeship students unless they are earning an internship minimum wage or better. The wage garnishment will help fund portions of the host nation refugee infrastructure bureaucratic complex at large.

Refugee (EU) Lottery Commission:

To help fill in the gap between the host nation costs and refugee wage garnishments. Their will be a Refugee (EU) European Union Lottery Commission put into place. At one or two Euros per lottery ticket only accessible to the refugee populace and not ordinary EU citizens. The revenue for the proceeds will help offset the cost of this refugee bureaucratic infrastructure complex. 

What the Lottery will offer refugees is this the ability to leap frog to another host nation of their choosing if the winner. Let's say a refugee in Hungary as his host nation wins the lottery. He the refugee can take up to 14 extended family relatives with him to the host nation of his choice, in this case that would be Germany. If the refugee doesn't have that many relatives or if the winner is a lone individual. They can elect to receive a prorated structural settlement financial instrument to be paid over the course of 30 years time. Unless they wish to take the prize monies in a lump sum at a hefty discount and after (EU) and the host nation taxes.

(EU) Anti-Corruption Refugee Bureau:

Many of these host nations will fall prey to temptations of corruption of various sorts. Be it crooked politicians either elected or appointed to political office. Contract bidders that are awarded contracts without a bidding process that is transparent. Various forms of bribes and kickbacks in the form of graft. Interdict Criminal syndicates continuing to prey on the refugees to burgeon a human trafficked slave population. Otherwise locally grown refugees that turn to a life of crime forming new Mafia's and cartels locally. 

This (EU) European Union law enforcement branch will work in conjunction with or without the consent of local host nation law enforcement. Just in case the host nation like in parts of Eastern Europe are corrupt to high heaven themselves. Another role for this law enforcement bureau is to track any jihadists that manage to radicalize local refugee populations. In conjunction with INTERPOL and NATO military Intelligence branches to isolate and kill or capture such insurgents run amok. 

Each of the 28 (EU) member States will have such a Anti-Corruption Refugee Bureau on site. Be it in the capitol city of the host nation or close to  the main refugee resettlement camp / village site itself. 

NATO Peacekeepers & International NGO's:

Each of the main refugee resettlement camps into eventual permanent villages and maybe into an eventual city landscape. Will have a deployment of NATO peace keepers to help the host nation military and national police cope with such a population. Until the NATO peacekeeping mission mandate is over they shall be a presence on site to quell any riots and support local national police agencies. 

Also International NGO's (Non-Governmental Organizations) such as international charities and non-profits will be given access to the refugee population. In order to service their daily needs be it: medical care, to vocational training, children's programs, business incubators, cultural enrichment programs and activities, etc...

Refugee Rights & Responsibilities:

Although many of the refugees had intended to land at their destination of choice. This "Refugee Resettlement Inclusive Plan" will snatch that away at least for a period of 10 years time. (Unless they enroll into a host nation military armed forces for 5 years time instead) Since these are humanitarian refugees from war torn global regions, if not political persecution and economic savage poverty. They will be required to abide with such a refugee complex otherwise they can be deported to a neighboring country to their homeland. Besides any criminal offenses that are of a violent nature the refugee could easily end up in the host nation penal justice system as incarcerated. 

For all the rest of the refugee populace can expect a sort of "Bill of Rights" of fair and humane treatment regardless of circumstance of plight. (ie war, political, economic) This will afford them a due process of (EU) law which the host nation judicial system may be under developed to cope in practice. Besides all refugees will have access to: medical care, local transportation, living stipend allowance (ie food & clothing), access to suitable and humane housing, utilities (ie electricity, trash pick up, sewage disposal, clean drinking water, telephone / Internet, etc..), employment, and certain leisure activities for morale purposes. (ie sports, the arts, higher learning access)

Refugees will have access to Regional / National Banking Financial Services. Be it a checking or savings account and have access to financial literacy education. In order to establish retirement accounts from their long-term employers. A civics education can also be offered so as to establish democratic rule of law values to these refugees that usually know very little from former point of origin tyrannical regimes. 


This is a sweeping and very ambitious holistic plan that again is socialistic and capitalistic in nature. Providing a strategic plan to hopefully end large portions of this refugee humanitarian crisis. Otherwise if the (EU) European Union continues to drag its heels and stall the crisis will only get worse and not any better. Expecting local (EU) citizen hate crimes to only increase as a form of bigoted retaliation against the very much unwanted refugees. The Neo Nazi's in Germany are going to vent onto these refugees like never before. 

I hope that this conceptual design is at least an eye opener as to the holistic challenges facing the European Union. Much less the nations in the Oceanic part of the globe facing a similar dilemma. Each attempting to address historical burgeoning humanitarian refugee crisis and usually very poorly and haphazardly at that measure. 

Like I stated at the onset these refugees are the Birth Rate Replacement Value Europe Will Need Within This Generation. So consider this a mixed blessing since Europe is receiving such a populace all at once versus on a gradual basis over time. I doubt that the Hague Court in the Netherlands will be called upon for any human rights abuses by (EU) member States. It seems only 3rd world nations in this contemporary era have received the ire of the Hague Convention and the United Nations. 

Speculation of human rights violations aside the time to act is Now and not soonish. This crisis will only widen and deepen until the solution will become unimaginable for a democratic society. I Hope only through growing pains that Europe shows a united front to upend this plight and bring order to this chaos. God Willing. Amen.

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Jewels of Truth Statements & Favorite Quotes of the Month

Hello All,

It's that time of the month for the "Jewels of Truth Statements & Favorite Quotes of the Month" by other notable sources. Today's trio of spiritual wisdom statements topics are: Love, Lovers, and Redemption. In the series long count of #1084-1086 however also included in my published Volume 3 book of "Jewels of Truth: The Journey of the Soul Continues". 

For those of you who are first time readers thank you for visiting. My work is that of an Angelic Oracle or Channeler utilizing the technique of clairvoyant automatic writing for the past 20 years now. My / Our Angels teach and advise through me for the benefit of all people using a sage like mystical wisdom. There are 455 freely available spiritual wisdom statements on this blog site of "Atrayo's Oracle" for your benefit. You'll just need to hunt and peck by calendar date to locate them since there's no index. Otherwise purchasing a Book, Kindle or Nook edition goes a long way to support my work. :o)

So please enjoy and may these statements entice you in your own personal faith tradition whatever it may be in a beautiful grace.



1084) A great Love is always timeless in how it is given and received by those with the capacity to notice its fullness. Such a true love is not superficial it is often filled with ardent sacrifices exchanging what is here now. For what may come later if it is willed strongly enough under a decisive discipline in compassion. Those lovers and saints of pristine character of the heart, mind, and soul are a true personification of what it means to live with a thoughtful purpose. Not to be easily dismayed by setbacks and not truly in denial of the reality of any given situation.

What may come, will come but with a prepared mindset of strength in this life. For walking such a route one is never truly traveling alone in the "Holy Spirit". The Love as a great love nourishes everything with the bumps and bruises all along the way. Such an unconditional love as a graceful discipline instills gratitude for all the achievements and blessings encountered throughout one's experiences. No matter the scale be it the big to the tiniest, the ordinary into the extraordinary in fullest expression. It is all a grace from God(dess) to be alive no matter how it has been defined. It is a thing of beauty in spite of the difficulties. Just because we can love nearly like God in an unconditional fashion once more in eternity as living mortals. Amen.                                                     ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


1085) When lovers catch each other in sweet tender embraces of the heart by sharing each other's bodies in bliss. Often it is built on a set of undisclosed assumptions of what they seek in the other lover. Such attributes of character may or may not be present in truth. Be it in any sexual satisfaction and surely the passions to follow in being together for a time. The joys will only last if the love is built on solid ground with open expectations communicated by both. The reality of the ordinary will shift the passions into another streamlined awareness in living together as lovers. Initial assumptions of your partner will begin to fade as all first impressions recede into the background of each other's lifestyle choices.

Here is when romantic partnerships are tested the most severely. It is in the consequences of what is expected and what actually occurs in truth. Only a true love will reconcile the faults in another’s behavior with acceptance and forgiveness. Humor in good taste will often go a long way to mend emotional sadness experienced together or alone. Whereby what is accepted doesn't force the other into a shape they aren't truly as themselves in conduct. All lovers’ folly begins in making the first wave of wishes into eventual ultimatums of your romantic partner. Badgering your lover into submission is a recipe of heartache and sorrows in any relationship. Both lovers must be willing near equally to be attentive to the other in needs and wants within reason. Otherwise one will surely drift away like flotsam on the open tide from your heart and eventually from your life as a whole. Compromise followed by compassion in respecting each other's boundaries in order to be rejuvenated for the other in life. This will guarantee "What Is" will continue "To Be" in togetherness as the trials and joys will cross your path time and again in this life.   
                                                                               ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


1086) To lose oneself with abandon in a sense of much needed responsibility is reckless indeed. However to lose one's ego is to regain your authentic self by all that is blessed in nature. In all mannerisms that allows you to shine a light upon your worthy soul. This is the holy light of redemption upon the rock of an ever present faith in your goodness. All goodness shall set you free to pursue what are your solemn gifts in this one life. Where prior you lacked the courage to move forward with confidence due to fears of rejection or failure. This divine light will shine within you a revealing glow filled with a truth in a compassionate manner. With a compassion that will lead you away from the appearances of petty differences of circumstance. Into a greater picture of what it means to succeed not just with a material abundance but in a sublime grace as well. This will become part of your spiritual vision understanding that life is a spiral of indirect consequences influencing your direct results.

Living with an unconditional love as an outlook will only give you the resolve to keep on when you otherwise just want to quit. This sacred love will fill you with the "Holy Spirit" each time teaching you the renewable resource of God's Spirit. It is all around you as your energetic soulful self in divine principle. This is the love that caught you when you first took a leap of faith long ago and continue to do so each time as needed. Be well, live past your ego well into your spiritual self as your eternal essence has become real before your very eyes. Amen.     ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 20 years of his life to the pursuit of clairvoyant automatic writing channeling the angelic host. Ivan is the author to the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 10 years plus existence online. 

Those who have a strong sense of love and belonging have the courage to be imperfect.                                                                ---Brene Brown.

Busyness is not a reason for not getting other things done. It is an excuse for not claiming your true priorities.                                         ---Alan Cohen. 

Your painful emotions are designed to bring your attention to the parts of your personality that you were born to challenge and change, so that you can transform yourself from an angry, jealous, avaricious, or even vengeful person into one who is compassionate, wise, and grateful for Life. 
                                                                                        ---Gary Zukav.

Everywhere you stumble, your treasure lies. ---Norman Lear.

Everything in the world makes sense and is wonderful if viewed through open eyes.                                             ---Jose Ortega y Gasset.

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Jewels of Truth Statement: "Beyond Good & Evil Is Pure Enlightened Neutrality of Spirit"

Hello All,

Many have come to adore Heaven as they should in a metaphysical sense regardless if they have lived righteous lives or not as people. All seek reunification with the divine which in many venues is their deepest truth as living spirits. It is easy to condemn those aspects we do not readily understand much less tolerate in life. The label of wickedness is branded more often through the ego than through the sublime heavenly truth. People be they of faith or none at all make accusations and judgement calls that are mistakened in the long run. Never paying credence to undo such falsehoods by simply brushing them under the proverbial rug.

No man, woman, or child on this Earth is without error as mortal spirits. Albeit our souls are perfect in contrast as divine because God resides in us all collectively. This living contradiction is a thing of beauty if seen from an Immaculate distance. Up close it is living and breathing chaos tearing itself apart in bouts of sheer confusion. We are wrestling with our better angels when the projection is more of our own making than of anything that is likely to literally threaten us.

There is evil in the world as there is good, however both are vehicles to an ultimate overcoming of this world in order to become self-realized through God(dess) alone. Today's "Jewel's of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement is on Neutrality as #2027 in the series. It delves into the substance of pure neutrality that transforms a soul into a state of total enlightenment. The Great Witness God may seem absent from our lives even some would falsely declare we've been abandoned to our own devices. This is a distortion by not comprehending the underlying metaphysical dynamics involved as to his total omnipresence.

Be still and know the Lord God of all gods is constantly in a symbiotic relationship with every soul. By his Infinite creation involved with us as us in the meta sense. Let this peace become profound in your understanding we are never alone in the Holy Spirit. Even though in flesh as humans we may feel alone, but this again is another misunderstanding as to the countless throngs of angels loving us from within our united souls. Amen.

Awaken oh dear spiritual siblings.



2027) All the forces of good and evil are simply contained within a sacred and total pure neutrality of being alive. To become an enlightened spiritual being one must master profuse good and evil. In every presented form in truth and lie through countless reincarnations. What remains is the constant element otherwise known as the sublime ineffable pure neutrality. This is after the cancellation of both good and evil much akin a sub-atomic collision of matter and anti-matter. Whereby a renewed transformation takes hold beyond simple sight and yet all profound in total expression. This self-annihilation may seem macabre however it soon becomes a self-realized paradox unto one's spiritual identity as an eternal being.

All spiritual ascended masters having lived miraculous feats within a lifetime. Are such gateway souls for all the rest to follow earnestly in a solemn faith. We can not all do them justice in naming them, but the most sacred in this age of humanity they are known as: Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Christ, Krishna, Buddha, and most recent as Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, Jr., and so on... These are the countless divinities come alive as prophets and saints of ancient yesterday's to contemporary tomorrow's. Many continue to become reborn streaming out of paradise to be reincarnated onto a weary world that needs their vision long ago. For the eternal "Word of God" shall not be denied nor did it ever end in the so called human antiquity. It always continues to march onward through the spirit of excelsior for every generation of remarkable life on this Earth that seeks to heal and prosper all.

To reiterate all pure good and evil is contained unto pure neutrality through the Great Witness as the very Spirit of God. The afterlife in metaphysical disposition is purely neutral in spiritual essence. The many Heavens and Hells are but legendary tales humanity seeks to prolong through dogma in its primitive Image and Likeness of the cruel flesh. Nonetheless there are spiritual nations of a mutual accord that may be regarded like heavens and hells not separated of each other, but layered as one circular perfect truth we know as God himself. Here the souls as heirs of God's first Creation in pure Spirit have their constant being in a timeless and space less existence. Nothing is withheld from them to experience through the Infinite reincarnations occurring in tandem with their Over souls. By free will in the afterlife any entity as minor deities in God's Image and Likeness as purified enlightened angels in pure neutrality. Have free rein to create with God anything that pleases them as eternal souls within Infinity. We as the reincarnated have become the handiwork of their meta creations in the sleepless lands of the divine. We are the angels reborn seeking to experience our creations time and again. As we see fit for the collective well being of all in and through God(dess).

This has been the joy outside the sacred nexus of time and space beyond just good or evil alone. This is an all inclusive meta reality as a sheer spiritual neutrality can foster for all. Those that seek condemnation have it by free will, those that seek spiritual ecstasy have that too, and those that want nothing at all have that endlessly as well. We aren't devoid of life or death, but we are collectively the culmination of both as the Great Supreme Truth known as God(dess). We are the "I am, that I am" as majestic divine beings for always this is so by the "Will of God" plural and singular. Good and evil aren't in isolation of the other this is just a primordial fallacy as an evolutionary stage of soulful development. Carnal Ego's can scream at the winds of change all they want and still be fools. Both good and evil are true and false simultaneously depending on the infinite facet of context. Karma is our mother and our nursemaid seeking certainty that no one is forgotten or left behind. As we journey together into a paradise of our own making be it known as Heaven or Hell through Pure Neutrality. Amen.                                   ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 25 years of his life to the pursuit of automatic writing channeling the angelic host. Ivan is the author to the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 10 years plus existence online.  

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Jewels of Truth Statement: "To Be Reborn Countless Times Within Eternity"

Hello All,

Today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement #2025 is on the topic of Reincarnation. From the perspective of the meta uber soul or "Over Soul" often called our Highest Self in the Divine Spirit. How our incarnations are happening on an simultaneous basis all at the same "Now" moment across Creation(s). It's mind boggling, but our physical universe is but one of many other spiraling universes in this one Creation we can only begin to fathom with an educated guess. Let alone our spiritual reincarnations numbering ad infinitum as a collective force we call God(dess).

This statement also stretches our grasp of what it is to be a mortal human being in contrast to the ultimate afterlife reality. Our existence here is puny, but no less remarkable given the scale of the holy infrastructure of the metaphysical network of souls at work on our collective behalf. It functions in a harmony that would only be a wet dream to a logistical officer of a labor force working in a governmental bureaucracy. It's that far reaching and awe inspiring on an holistic basis. And yet I still can not do it justice in these words that are failing me right now!

So gaze into the looking glass reflective mirror of your divine soul. Even if you refuse to accept such a premise, be nonetheless exposed to such a supremely holy grandeur accessible to all Life, human or not in Creation. Amen.



2025) All of Life is a precious smorgasbord for the eternal child of God etching out its reincarnated existence. To what end we seldom recall on our own individual basis, although collectively we may stumble upon a greater truth yet still to be marveled together. It is only well and good for any line of curious inquiry that interests us within eternity that we are reborn so as to experience life and death. Much as it was for our souls before a mortals birth we marvel at Creation from a far and within the womb of God(dess). From our macro abode as a soul's presence into our eventual reincarnated micro presence as people, creatures, or elemental phenomenal forces at large. Be we little more than foolish homo-sapiens in an ape's suit of flesh and bones. When only this becomes a thing of remarkable beauty to be encountered and experienced in every contradiction to behold by the "Will of God" alone. For the love of God is just as overt as it is covert in gentle subtleties expressed here, there, and everywhere.

Returning to a beginning only that the memory of God can recall as its apex earliest memories of Creation. We are ghosts reliving our lives backwards as far flung primitives. Where in tandem our spiritual inheritance is that of the deified minor gods of paradise as angels. Eternally to repeat the cycles of good, evil, and neutrality in order to keep our macro perspectives humble. As we create with God succeeding generations of other Creation(s) out beyond the framework of the known celestial firmament. We have come to remember our grace known as God itself. Many have come timeless counts again and again wanting to capture an essence of sheer delight. That has no other bearing, but that of the masters seeking to relive their earliest child like memories as eternal souls out into this and every other cosmos. To what would be mundane and boring to mere mortals becomes a thing of ecstasy of extraordinary aims for the minor god like souls in the majestic afterlife. We each await our moment to cross back into a reincarnation like giddy school girls ready to strut their joy out into the wide wide open Creation.

Not all lives are meant to cause unimaginable pain, nor is it all meant to cause untold suffering for the entity to experience the plurality of life in general. Our Divine Mother is also our Divine Lover of whichever gender or none at all in complete spiritual ecstasy as Infinite Souls. All are welcome to remember or forget one paradise for another, if that's what they want for this moment.

Our moment is instant as a frozen snapshot stuck into an eternal funk of bliss as a living ethereal constant without end or beginning. A complete and wonderful perfect circle of life beyond the confines of death going everywhere and nowhere simultaneously. Most mortal reincarnations live at a slow pace in contrast to our metaphysical reality of the instantaneous. Our "Over Souls or Highest Self" consists of every reincarnation of our segmented spirits reborn across every unimaginable Creation that can be in the sublime truth. The sum of our divine spirits as once reincarnated mortals equals one "Over Soul". As a minor enlightened deity we call as one facet to the whole "Face of God". This encompasses an array of other Infinite faces of God as sibling facets or souls together into a singularity of divine life. Much like a set of Russian Matryoshka dolls one within the next and so forth like an infinite daisy chain of souls forming a meta circle known as God(dess).

We are collectively the deified children of God for a God of gods can only create souls that are deified in his immaculate Image and Likeness. We are everlasting souls seeking to be the minor-Creators in their own rightful place alongside the source of every beauty ever touched by the love of God. Amen.                       ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 25 years of his life to the pursuit of automatic writing channeling the angelic host. Ivan is the author to the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 10 years plus existence online.  

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Jewels of Truth Statement: "A Paradise Without Contrition"

Hello All,

Many have spoken in the world of a potential afterlife without a hell for the damned. I myself through my human ego thought that this was more hippie bull shit. Feel good passive la la none sense since I was raised in a Roman Catholic background as a hispanic child. Well serve me up a helping of crow since as I channeled below via our angels in statement #2022. That the afterlife is purely neutral in God's supreme alignment of being.

I'll admit I'm struggling still trying to come to terms of this potential divine reality for souls. I'm told via my intuition there is enough tortuous punishment in our universal physical Creation to exceed what any hell can produce in the afterlife. God as the chief master Creator is Immaculate in presence akin to a form of sublime godly enlightenment. Such a motivation is neither just good or just evil, it is in fact supremely neutral in disposition. No white, gray, or black it is a vitally alive kaleidoscope of every color to have ever been created in totality. Blowing past the duality mindset of humanity binary perception as it is for our biological development up to this point in our evolution.

And so it goes without saying this wasn't what I expected to hear when doing automatic writing from my / our angels in the Holy Spirit. The topic is on Paradise.

May it challenge if not heal your rationale of the binary good versus evil of the afterlife. Amen.



2022) It is only the mortal children in the universe that act crudely with each other. From the dawn of interpersonal scale of living up to entire inter-civilization conflict to the nth degree. To act and to behave as adorable children doesn't permit one to excuse their behavior when it is ruinous in nature. And, so it is with all mortal kind of all ages and worlds across the endless cosmos in relativity of species maturity within Creation collectively. Punishment is rife with the uncivilized of the Holy Spirit within a lack of sufficient spiritual acumen. For in the afterlife all is harmonious there is no conflict whatsoever! You see all souls are eternal having experienced enlightenment long ago in prior reincarnations within Creation several times over.

What this signifies is that the last Judgement for each former mortal life form isn't punitive in design, but truly educational in compassionate scope by divine law. The beauty of God is in each of us even the ones filled with untapped potential that have led despicable lives. We are timeless entities of a divine grace afforded by the "Will of God" alone. Call us souls or Angels these names are so unimportant for all names are transitory, lest the eternal names of God(dess) supreme.

We act as a phenomenal continuum many call heaven in a unified stance as to our manifested presence. No soul is harmed for all souls ad infinitum represent the elegant diversity of the macro totality of the One meta Creator, God. For God to quarantine a select cadre of aspects of his own perfect nature is ludicrous much less oxymoronic in practice. What many have encountered as angry apparitions are lower realm spirits that have refused by free will to cross back into the totality of the ethereal firmament. These immature spirits prefer to live within eternity closer to the mortal dimensional sphere at a slower pace of being. Be they ill tempered to the accidentally lost or confused that are benign to truly benevolent in divine nature. Many call these Earth bound lower realm spirits however all souls can choose how to behave without recrimination from God or the Angels in divine truth.

All the rest is harmonious within the backdrop of the Infinite divine nature metaphysically as it relates to the dimensional ethereal realities. God is Goddess as we are God as all is God everlasting. Amen.                                                       ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 25 years of his life to the pursuit of automatic writing channeling the angelic host. Ivan is the author to the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 10 years plus existence online. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Jewels of Truth Statements & Favorite Quotes of the Month

Hello All,

It is that time of the month which I share the segment I enjoy the most which is the trio of "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statements. Always with an eclectic mix of interesting topics that lend it to the personal growth category of inner expression. These statements are also found in Volume 3 of the recently published "Jewels of Truth: The Journey of the Soul Continues".

Today's topics are in the numbered series #1081-1083 under the categories of: Love & Fear, Balance, and Perspectives at large. Those of you that have read Volume 3 and seen my posts of the "Jewels of Truth" series here at "Atrayo's Oracle". Will no doubt find a discrepancy or two in the grammar and change of a word or two in my presentations. I often enjoy tweaking each statement so what you read here on the blog may be spruced up differently than what is presented in each of my published volumes.

The famous singer or crooner "Tony Bennett" once stated during a "Tavis Smiley" interview on PBS. That when Mr. Bennett sings he often turns the phrase different with a new word or two in the song. In order to keep the singing interesting for himself during the performance. Well I in my own way as a writer I tweak my own automatic writing in the same manner to keep the discourse with our Angels interesting. So keep that in mind the next time you read a spiritual wisdom statement from my blog and in a published volume.

As always may you be expanded in your horizons by being exposed to notions you would not otherwise consider that you find beneficial.



Love & Fear:

1081) In this life we can choose what will motivate us as a whole. Will it be Love or Fear that sets you apart in this lifetime? Karma has no hold on our souls greatest truth a love known as grace. Or a dying fear of sheer torment during this sojourn of our Earthly trek. When you choose poorly then you shall be preyed upon and easily manipulated by your peers via numerous tactics of fear and selfish whims at large. If again you chose wisely then keep on your guard using reason with an unconditional love expressed in moderation. Because a conditional love is flawed as a mixture of demands placed on it by the frail ego always. It has no place being called love in the absolute eyes of God(dess).

Good intentions may often follow a self-justified conditional loving response. However seldom on what you seek becomes what is truly intended in life. More often than not unintended consequences with shallow demands by a conditional love will reign supreme in heartache and mental anguish. An unconditional love on the other hand is harder to practice at first by upholding it. This is not a love without discipline or a backbone as do what you please. It is a bold true love that the romantics of legend and the spiritual saints have practiced with their own life's blood bolstered by convictions. Unconditional Love is divine and godly in faith as it is in a living practice by the secular and the spiritual domain. It is a paradoxical emotional phenomena as gentle and hard simultaneously for it mimics God as both the Constant and the Absolute. By being true to oneself and each other in this life we liberate ourselves in beauty. Love well and deeply, but not as a zealot. Just be as a living form of excellence for us mortals portraying paradoxically our perfection as souls in God's sublime "Holy Spirit". Amen.                                                  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo. 


1082) There is a common paradoxical misperception we all face and by most accounts we get it backwards more often than not. What I'm speaking of is the balance of excellence through our physical mortality with all that we think, say, and do. This is in comparison to the perfection of our souls in the Image and Likeness of God as we stand in complete truth. Many with obsessive personalities seek the impossible with perfection in the living flesh. That we act by pursuing it with a folly akin to an eager dog chasing its tail out of habit. Instead I tell you; calm yourselves with patience and seek a gentle moderation by your sincere intentions and actions. Doing so affords you the space of not being your own worst taskmaster.

Otherwise just seek a form of excellence that is warranted by a robust common sense. A common sense that is reasonable and practical with form and action. This will lead you into a holistic pattern of balance without tipping the scales of Life in an unwanted direction. You must not find yourself wavering by being a punitive taskmaster seeking perfection. Then Stop and Breathe by starting over realizing that perfection is only found in the Divine Spirit in essence and not in the substance of mortal flesh of this world. Amen.                                               ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


1083) Those who share various perspectives as points of view irrespective of favoritism. Will be often one of the most considerate in analysis above all others. Having a shrewd foresight of past patterns, dynamics, and trends that may reappear once again under a different light. Sometimes people only judge what is within direct grasp omitting the most likely occurrence of another sort just around the bend. Usually getting stuck solely on short term gains whereby long term highlights or pitfalls are ignored at the peril of all.

It is when others begin to be vilified by doing the right thing out of a positive sense of dutiful intentions. That the hateful rhetoric drowns out any potential gains by making the righteous soul take an unbecoming detour. Sabotaging any gains and if indeed worthy as an ounce of prevention soon becomes apparent the pound of pain is on its way. Only after earning their keeps can the good actors be given the necessary authority and leeway to act without detractors. Attributing the benefit of all including the whiners that are often the first recipients of their justified fruits. Vindication is usually a bittersweet affair having a mighty "I Told You So!". To those who won't be dissuaded until all suffer just like themselves out of trial and error. Fools are often vain and fickle souls immature like a child not knowing what it wants to be pleased with in earnest.

It has always been the courageous to take the first set of risks until the path seems secure enough to be traveled by all. No matter if the others don't quite comprehend the gains to be achieved in results. It boils down to the classical "Fight or Flight" primal response in others. This is where the higher caliber astute souls distinguish themselves from the followers at large. Be this regarding the scale of individuals or up to entire nation States as a living ethos of being alive. The future always belongs to the brave and the bold in action. Be those actions justified at the time or way off base until a further elucidation can be gained of the greater truth as the difficulties in life become revealed for all to see.                               ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


I have good advice, and sound wisdom; I have insight; I have strength. ---Proverbs 8:14

If you follow the herd, you'll end up stepping in shit. ---Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

Embrace change and design for it. ---Barbara Beskind. IDEO Designer at 91 years old.

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less. ---Madame Marie Curie.

In the stillness of the quiet, if we listen, we can hear the whisper of the heart giving strength to weakness, courage to fear, hope to despair. ---Howard Thurman.

Open my eyes, so that I may behold wondrous things. ---Psalm 119:18

When you are inspired...dormant forces, faculties, and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be. ---Patanjali. 

Serious Sincere Systematic Service Surely Secures Supreme Success. ---Unknown.

What you seek is seeking you. ---Rumi.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Atrayo's Oracle Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary Online!

Hello All,

It's a great day for "Atrayo's Oracle" for I am celebrating its 10th anniversary online as a blog site today July 24th, 2015!

Who knew I would be writing away with a modest worldwide audience of readers who have been silently enjoying our work. To date I have on this blog site 452 "Jewels of Truth" statements of spiritual wisdom from my/our Angels on this site. With a tandem amount of 191 "Gem of Opportunities" of eclectic conceptual designs as innovative solutions for the next society to come onto the world potentially.

Lately I have increased my web presence by doing some light advertising on the side to increase viewership. Since the publication of my 3rd Volume about 3 months ago, namely "Jewels of Truth: The Journey of the Soul Continues", Volume 3. That one volume alone has 224 Topics in length with about 348 pages in size for the paperback version. Written in an easy reference A-Z format just like volumes 1 & 2 of the series.

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A big warm Thank You for everyone new and old that has spent time to enjoy this online oasis of "Atrayo's Oracle". For those weary of this world that come to drink of the waters of inspiration and empowerment for our holy spirit within. Kudos also goes out to those that choose to purchase one of my 3 volumes in Kindle, Nook, E-Book, or Paperback of the "Jewels of Truth" series as well.

As always your humble servant of the eternal "Good News" of God(dess).

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Jewels of Truth Statement: "Let There Be Light, Is Always Now!"

Hello All,

Half of this year has come and gone by already with the season of Summer at its near zenith. As the mythological gods of the Sun be it Helios for ancient Greece or Apollo for the ancient Romans. Would attest that a spirit filled with clarity illumines what would otherwise not be seen. So it is with my Angelic Oracle within that I channel via automatic writing as a technique of clairvoyance.

Today's topic is on the Holy Light numbered in the series at #2007. It discusses how when God declared "Let There Be Light..." (Genesis 1:3). That moment to us as humans seems historical at the birth of Creation. What if, metaphysically that moment is eternal in a constant feedback loop happening every moment we call the present "Now". Akin to a dynamo power plant as the infrastructure to Creation keeping the "Lights On". (pardon the pun)

To a greater extent we as living souls in God's perfect Image and Likeness spiritually and not in the flesh. We are the Light of Creation come alive much like every Star in every Galaxy in every Universe that exists. We are the breath of God come alive in other words. And so it is again and again "Let There Be Light!"


Holy Light:

2007) All of time linear or nonlinear in scope as a living eternity is a farce to the Creator, God. For God is the chief arbitrator of change and the unmovable truth in its finest expression. The Creator is endless for without a beginning or an end. Means God(dess) is the "Great Constant" as the ever present "Now" moment. This creates an eternal nonlinear "Now" moment as a constant feedback loop unto every reality in a circular motion.

We as incarnated life and eventual death of the flesh are the energetic particles within the totality of Creation. Recall in the "Book of Genesis" Chapter One Verse Three and I quote; "And God said, Let There Be Light: and there was light." Right now in an eternal nonlinear fashioned phenomena of time. That identical utterance of the Immaculate Almighty God is in a Constant feedback loop of supreme grandeur. We as the collective of created souls in God's perfect Image and Likeness. Are experiencing that endless moment together in tandem Right Now! All of divine Creation is encapsulated in that stasis field or one Holy Instant of the First Light that became the meta us in the Holy Spirit. We collectively are that "Light of God(dess)" come alive in a unified whole everlasting absolute continuum. Hallelujah!                                                                ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Monument Concept: "The Tomb of the Unknown Immigrant"

Hello All,

Today's conceptual design concept will be controversial to some here in the United States of America. Ironic the land of Immigrants if not conquerors that the only native children are the Indigenous people of the America's. That have died and are dying at our Southern U.S. Borders of: Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. The estimated count at most conservative numbers is between 6,330 to 7,000 illegal status Immigrants perishing in the deserts of their ancestors. Those numbers are from the year 1998 up to 2014 (the 2015 numbers aren't included). As cited by the "U.S. Border & Customs Agency" as of 2015 statistics released so far. Those illegal Immigrant deaths could be much higher up to 9,000 since those cadavers exposed to the elements haven't been located in the southern desert landscape to date.

The above picture is from the city of Ypres, Belgium as a World War One Memorial dedicated to the British Commonwealth. It's called "Menin Gate Memorial" which represents 54,389 British officer and enlisted soldiers that do not have a grave to be buried into at all. Recently on July 9th, 2015 the 30,000th "Last Post" Buglers song was played to commemorate such a sacrifice. Every evening at 8:00 PM the volunteer fireman squad in ceremonial uniforms play the bugle song of the British "Last Post". The American equivalent would be the bugle song of "Taps" that started in the year 1862 during the Civil War period. Only for a period of 4 years during German occupation during WWII they didn't play such a commemorative song. Until the Polish army began to retake the city towards the end of the second Great War. Allowing them to honor such a sacrifice as the city was still being taken back from the Germans.

The American version is the "Tomb of the Unknown Soldier" in Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia. This tomb was also commissioned just after the end of World War One. On March 4th, 1921 as an act of Congress just overlooking Washington D.C.

Now I'm not making a direct example of a military campaign sacrifice of tens of thousands of men. I am making the comparison that tombs do exist to honor the unknown dead. That have died not in disgrace but in cherished grace for their combined sacrifice. The only crime by the illegal Immigrants was the horror out of desperation that they chose to cross the American southern desert ill equipped.

My conceptual design today is for a not for profit organization to be created via committee of valued stake holders for such a project to be undertaken. Once financing and location placement is finalized a architectural design document can be developed for a combination of a pavilion. That will consist of a "Tomb of the Unknown Immigrant" flanked to the left side by a Granite stone slabs Memorial. For the names of the rediscovered deceased Immigrants reconnected via DNA profile matches to living relatives searching themselves. With either a stone or bronze monument depicting the human condition desperation struggle of perishing in the southern American desert. That includes their aspiration of a better quality of life for their families. The pavilion can have an indoor chapel or Roman-Catholic Church affiliated on the grounds. The latter would require permission from a local Arch-Dioceses of the Roman Catholic Church. To donate or provide a low cost lease for a parcel of land for such a tomb pavilion complex.

Aside from such a Monument Tomb Memorial chapel or church pavilion complex being erected to the deaths of the Unknown Immigrants. There would be one or more charitable organizational work associated in discovering via DNA and other forensic evidence perished Immigrants to be reconnected to their respective families. Such as "Colibri Center" out of  Tucson, Arizona that is committed to such a mission already as a human rights advocacy organization. Another such entity effort is the "Arizona OpenGIS Initiative for Deceased Migrants" based out of Pima County, Arizona. Providing plotted map locations of deceased Immigrants in their county since 2001. The last charitable group I'll mention started off as a spiritual compassionate initiative versus a secular one. They are known as "No More Deaths" as a faith based community outreach as of 2004. That later became in 2008 an official ministry of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson, Arizona.

The above picture is a monument out of New York City Battery Park dedicated to all the Immigrants globally that entered America through Castle Garden, New York. This bronze monument depicts several era's of Immigrants such as: a Eastern European, a Jew, a freed African Slave, a Priest, and a Worker. The sculptor is "Luis Sanguino" celebrating the diversity of New York City. Further information can be found at this "Immigrant Monument Link". The greatest American Iconic monument for Immigrants is of course the "Statue of Liberty" which had its own historical controversy when it was being erected.

Connections drawn between the Statue of Liberty and immigration were not always positive. Nativists (Americans who opposed immigration) linked the Statue to immigration most starkly in political cartoons critiquing foreigners' threats to American liberties and values.
Source: "The Immigrants Statue"

Not to forget the Victorian era "Ellis Island" Immigrant experience as remembered here on behalf of the Hayter Family.

All immigrants arriving at Ellis Island had to undergo a medical inspection. Medical officers screened immigrants for any indication of physical or mental illness. If illness was suspected, immigrants were detained at Ellis Island's hospital complex. In some cases, the incurable or extremely ill were sent back to their home countries. In total, approximately 3,500 immigrants died at Ellis Island; 1,400 being children.
Source: "Ellis Island Experience"

Immigrant deaths unfortunately is nothing new historically speaking attempting to make the crossing into America itself. This denotes a multi generational plight for families outside our borders seeking a greater dignified expression of a better quality of life. Immaterial on how they came to seek America be it by ship or on foot in the contemporary sense via a treacherous desert inhospitable climate. Such souls should be loved in a capacity that it gives them a dignified remembrance for the sacrifice to their family and their heritage. A place of hopeful healing be it on a spiritual level if not a secular one for the newly rediscovered Immigrant dead. To be given a solemn grace of being named and grieved decently by their relatives and countryman.

Economically the impact on a municipality that hosts such a Tomb Monument Memorial chapel or church pavilion complex may be beneficial. Since not only local citizens and Immigrants will visit but also tourists helping to add tax dollar revenues to such a sacred venue. Not to mention local area hospitality dollars also to be generated as part of the local attraction.

I would hope beyond the common sense benefits to such a placement of a Monument Tomb Memorial to the Unknown Immigrant. There would be an artistic offering to help generate a new Song for their Plight be it sung by Mariachi's or other musical artists. Making the song a thing of societal healing for those most deeply affected through a misgiving of losing a loved one in such a capacity.

This project as a conceptual design is an attempt to remember and heal from not only the past but the very present. Since these illegal Immigrant status deaths are still occurring to date on a perpetual basis. This "Tomb of the Unknown Immigrant" could become a cultural and humanitarian focal point. To help adequately address this southern border crisis not just by the U.S. States affected, but by the Nation as a whole. How many Migrant deaths will it take for Congress to act with nobility much less in a equitable humanitarian basis? Ten thousand, a hundred thousand, or more dead souls until this injustice is healed with dignity?

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Jewels of Truth Statement: "We're One of All"

Hello Everyone,

For those here in the States I hope you've enjoyed your 4th of July Independence Day which this is the 239th such Holiday for us Americans. Now in a week or so on July 14th for the French it will be "Bastille Day". Which is also their splendid day of Independence to be celebrated. I mention the French since historically if they hadn't intervened to help our colonial forefathers we'd still be part of the English commonwealth. Now that isn't so bad, but in colonial times with "King George III" a real pain in the arse.

Today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement is more so metaphysical if not mystical in nature. Everyone of these jewels from heaven I channel via automatic writing as a technique if you're a first time reader. I'm an Angelic Oracle in the traditional sense and in writing this discourse for over 20 years now. I've been transformed from within my spirit as a Sage having recently celebrated writing my 2000th statement a few days ago.

The topic for today is on the Eternal Soul meaning not just our temporal human incarnation right now. By Eternal Soul I mean the aspect of us that is timeless in God's Image and Likeness. I call the Eternal Soul as the Over Soul for a particular reason. It's the chief aspect of our core spiritual being that co-exists with God(dess) outside time and space. I have a pet peeve when "New Agers" as a spiritual tradition depict reincarnation in relation to only past lives. Our soulful eternal reincarnation includes the past, but also the present concurrent era of us right now, and certainly into the distant future. Reincarnation is the past, present, and future for the most part for our eternal souls. There are other incarnations that rest outside of time as a dimension, but for this discussion this is too complicated to explain right now.

So consider this a simple primer when you use the word Eternal Soul in your own spiritual discourse. May it certainly expand your horizons on what is capable for our Oneness only through the Creator. That is a living metaphysical network of our combined Highest Self as a backdrop to Creation. Whether you accept, struggle, or deny what your reading here at "Atrayo's Oracle". At least you'll have some exposure to the power of God in our very united Souls in the Almighty Creator's perfect essence. Amen.



Eternal Soul:

1992) Every person as a unique entity has an Eternal Soul. However that aspect of yourself is simultaneously shared with the total sum of every reincarnation you will ever have in Creation as a macro whole. What this means is that your present timeline is networked into your core essence of your Highest Divine Self or otherwise known as the Over Soul. The Over Soul is like the core eternal version of yourself beyond the flesh of your human body. Well into every assorted reincarnated version of yourself resting outside time and space as meta dimensions. You are one incarnation right here and now on Earth. Or so you think you are, but there may be parallel versions or twin souls incarnated from your Over Soul in your present era as well beyond this singular Earth. Literally you have an extended family of incarnations within eternity and infinity of yourself in the past, present, and distant future. To further complicate this esoteric phenomena not all of these lifetimes are of human or Earth based origin. You may have incarnations on other worlds as sentient life forms like humans. Still you may have simpler incarnations as lowly creatures be it something like: animals, fish, insects, and plant life. Further out you may have a long lived lifetime as part of the five elements of the: air, liquid, fire, earth, and plasma.

Consider all of this to be the expression of your Highest Divine Eternal Self. To be your truest spiritual version of you in God's living perfection. You are now a mortal temporal short lived animal called a human being. Consider this one lifetime to be a Star in a Galaxy of Stars. Of every plural reincarnation you will ever conceive of through your Eternal Soul. To make this further remarkable your Eternal Soul has never left the right side of God in Heaven. All souls are multi-dimensional or omnipresent through the singular Glory of God as an eternal celestial network of potentiality. What this means is that your human reincarnation is an extension or transformation into temporal limited life span of a body with flesh. Your soul can be in more than one place at a time and so your spirit is in your human body. And, your meta core Over Soul resides with God(dess) in Heaven if you have benevolence in life. If you are the dark child of the evil spawn than your soul resides simultaneously in hell with your version of the Creator as well.

We are all divine siblings through God. The power of God's soul or the "Holy Spirit" is immaculate and perfect. As entity souls we merely piggy back onto such a wave length or ethereal truth metaphysically. Our soul is more than meets the eye of curved perception of a human being. To truly know your spiritual inheritance in God. Is to remember we are the children of God as the angelic minor deities reborn within Creation. Through every iota of a parallel eternity on a gigantic continuum of a macro united basis. Amen.
                                                                                     ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Humanitarian Concept: Eradicating Poverty In America By Mimicking Its Best Socialist Example, The U.S. Military Branches

Hello All,

What I'm about to espouse will surely be like kicking a hornets nest here in the United States. This conceptual design is meant to shake the calcified foundation of public thinking beyond just political ideological terms well into humanism. For the sake of self disclosure I am an Independent politically in America leaning as a moderate on certain societal issues. For humanism and environmental issues I lean towards the progressive left. For commerce and the military towards the political right within reasonable balance. Since my readers would know I'm also deeply spiritual and as an Angelic Oracle a.k.a. a psychic-medium I channel many of these conceptual designs myself. Just like I do my spiritual wisdom statements as the 20 plus year discourse with my / our Angels. 

First, allow me to start at the very beginning with the definitions of Socialism & Capitalism as furnished by:


a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.


an economic system in which investment in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations, especially as contrasted to cooperatively or state-owned means of wealth. 

The political right especially the radical far right in America with dripping venom consider the word "Socialism". To be practically a cursed word in their vernacular. Similar as the word "Liberal" politically speaking in decrying the left side of the aisle although technically it means freedom of tyranny or bigotry. I suppose like how Muslims had the technical word of "Jihad" (righteous struggle) hijacked by the radical hate mongers to mean a holy war. Hatred breeds victimization be it in the political theater or in the combat theater.

Walking away in peace from any hate speech that would rather fear and destroy society one attack at a time. My conceptual designs are mostly humane, although I have past design examples that global militaries could deploy as well.

Now this is how I have witnessed Socialism in America. For to have an America without socialism is to create a dystopia on an Orwellian scale. For pure capitalism allows people to be a commodity not just as a labor workforce, but as slaves without dignity nor privilege. America had to experience a Civil War in the mid to late 19th century to end Slavery ushered in by Pure Capitalism with the triad of: Rum, Sugar, and Slaves. Today's triad of economic principles is: Money, Oil, and Weapons. Tomorrows economic triad may very well be: Power (Wealth Classism the 10% (Multi-Millionaires) to 1% (Billionaires) & Renewable Energy), Water, and Technology.

Second, here are the examples of Civilian Socialism in America to date. (This list is in no way complete)

1) Social Security Benefits a Federal Legal Ponzi Scheme (Pension & Disability Benefits)
2) Medicare & Medicaid Federal / State Healthcare Benefits (The Government is always the Insurer of Last Resort. Medicare is for the elderly and the disabled, with Medicaid for the economically poor)
3) Food Stamps (Food Insecurity Program)
4) Utility Energy Assistance (Discounted reduced rate electricity program)
5) Lifeline Federal / State Credits (For Landline & Cellphone Telephone rebate per month)
6) Temporary Cash Assistance (For the Economically Poor, usually the Homeless)
7) Public School Districts Across America as in Kindergarten-12 grades.
8) Public Colleges and Universities (At reduced rates for State citizens)
9) Public Libraries
10) Court Appointed Criminal Legal Defense
11) Public Municipal Parks
12) Federal National / State Parks (Although admission & camping fee's do apply)
13) Public Infrastructure of Roads, Bridges, Highways without paid Tolls (Subsidized by taxpayers)
14) Public Transit of Buses, Subway, Monorails, etc... (Admission fee's per ride do apply, but subsidized by taxpayers)

Now picture an America with none of that above as a pure Capitalistic society. Where everything is ala carte and your nickle and dimed to death. A dystopia by my definition, so the radical right politically do not know the horror they would create without an iota of socialism in America. That would include No Federal / State pork barrel projects and Corporate Welfare as Tax (Removal / Discount) Sweetheart deals.

For any democratic State in the world evolved to date it must have subsidized ventures via socialism. (Governmental & Philanthropic) However it must be balanced as well with a Fair & Free Market Economy without corruption, collusion, and conspiracies. To make a delicious pastry besides sugar it requires salt and spice otherwise it's ruined. In my example socialism is the salt, capitalism is the sugar, and the spice are private charities as non-governmental organizations. Since the salt and spice in this example both finance with public and private subsides to happen for social welfare programs and the humanities of the: arts, athletics, and education. So Pure Capitalism would have no socialism remember, that means no: Charities, Foundations, Endowments, Grants, Scholarships, Stipends, etc... whatsoever!

Third, to the meat of this conceptual design to showcase the Socialism in the American world class military armed branches. Where more than 10% of our annual GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is poured into as in subsidized by American taxpayers.

Here are the examples, and again this list is in no way complete. This list also omits base salary rates for enlisted and officer corp personnel.

1) Military Base Housing, including for Immediate Dependents. (whether on the military base proper or outside into a municipality)
2) All Medical Care as Active Duty (which is considered as world class top quality)
3) G.I. Bill (Higher Education subsidized dollars for College and Universities)
4) Uniforms & Fatigues (ie clothing)
5) Training in Warfare (aside from basic boot camp, and well into higher echelon learning for infantry, armor division, piloting, technical communications, etc....)
6) All Weapons and required ammunition (from small arms to large scale vehicles)
7) On Military Base transportation and deployment to theater operations
8) Limited free communication service on a Military base and when deployed (ie telephone, internet, & teleconferencing, otherwise at additional cost for extra usage)
9) Free Legal Defence
10) Hazard Pay Insurance (As an Insurance payout upon the death of a Soldier, Sailor, or Airman to next of kin.)

I'm the First to Admit that of course these soldiers, sailors, and airman must be supplied with the essentials. In order to fully accomplish their training and missions to safeguard America and our Allies. Be it the prior listed uniforms and weapons, but technically that is socially subsidized by the American taxpayer all throughout.

Now since the military armed branches have such a pivotal missions to protect and safeguard from all enemies foreign or domestic. They deserve all that the American Homeland can offer, which includes additional benefits such as for veterans.

(This list is no way complete)

1) Veterans Medical Care  (Although the VA (Veterans Administration) offers sub-par medical care for veterans mirroring State Medicaid programs of the poor in many instances)
2) VA Loans for Homestead Residential Property
3) Each of the 5 military branches has an Emergency Fund for Veterans, Spouses and dependent Children created by fellow active duty and veterans like a charity.  (Temporary rent assistance, higher education, medical procedures, etc...)
4) Retail discounts for admissions fee's from Theme parks to Federal National to State Parks. Cinema discounts, preferred rates in Banking and Loans, etc...

Our veterans deserve this adoration don't get me wrong by the general civilian population. Some of it is socialized and some of it is discounted by caring corporations as ethical and shrewd business practice.

Fourth, now considering all the support our Military branches receive in Federal and State government support by taxpayers. By keeping us safe and in an open manner the potential to be prosperous in our societal sandbox. Why don't our First Responders as in Police, Fire Rescue, and Hospital Ambulance get an equal representation of socialized support as do our military? Their mission keeps civil society from diving into sheer anarchy. Yes, there is socialized help by the Federal, State, and Local governments but many times these first responders rely on private charitable dollars to help procure much needed equipment.

Oh wait! So did our Troops when they were in Iraq and in Afghanistan due to the logistical nightmare from the Pentagon. Taking half a year or more to timely support our troops when deployed as early as 2008 in Iraq as reported by the ""Christian Science Monitor March 2008" (Link).

Since 9/11, the market for tactical war gear has expanded from nearly nonexistent to nearly $150 million in sales each year, which includes sales directly to soldiers as well as to the Pentagon, according to industry sources.
CIA operatives, domestic SWAT teams, and Border Patrol agents are also rounding out their gear at bazaars like Commando.
To some critics, the sight of soldiers buying their own battle gear symbolizes a divide between frontline grunts and rear echelon procurement officers who may never have seen battle. Rep. Gene Taylor (D) of Mississippi told the House Armed Services Committee last week that supplies such as body armor and uparmored Humvees "[have] taken entirely too long" to get to frontline troops.
In some cases, charity groups have stepped in to help. Operation Helmet, founded by Bob Meaders of MontgomeryTexas, shipped special helmet liners to soldiers to replace what many soldiers said were poorly designed helmet pads issued by the Army and the Marines. Just as Operation Helmet thought its work was done late last year, more requests came in from troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Five years later this trend only grows as reported by "NBC News February 2013" (Link) in Afghanistan.

A civilian military depot in California is trying to plug soldier-reported gaps in U.S. supply lines literally on a shoestring budget — by providing bootlaces along with tourniquets, tracheotomy tools, goggles and other gear to service members in Afghanistan who say they are increasingly strapped for basic equipment.

But Troops, a nonprofit with one full-time employee and a small squadron of corporate backers, calls the latest request sent from soldiers soon to be in harm’s ways a disturbing first: They say they need key materials to protect them in a combat situation.
So with the advent of security contractors a.k.a. mercenaries like the famous "Blackwater". Now known as "Academi" (Wikipedia Link) due to a scandal in 2007 in Iraq by killing and wounding civilians. A Pure Capitalistic military branch doesn't depend on the lowest bidding contractor to fulfill a work order. They go directly into the military supply commercial marketplace just like civilians do everyday. We all know bureaucratic red tape is the death knell to a superior world class military logistically speaking.

Fifth, now to get to the meat of this conceptual design beyond this lengthy set up. By describing the necessary scale of Socialism has in positive societal effects overall. In order to eradicate poverty in America it can not be directly sourced through a free and fair market economy. Since American Capitalism isn't totally Free and Fair due to corruption, collusion, and banking conspiracies up the proverbial ying yang. Leaving it totally on the plate of private philanthropic donors and foundations is a severe sadistic disrespect of the scale of this dilemma.

Following in theory and to a limited degree the American Socialism as showcased in Civil and Military society. I would envision a quasi-paramilitary solution by undoing the centuries long status of the under or lower economic classism in America. Allow me to explain the nine rings of Classism I see in America to date:

9 Rings of Classism:

1) The Lower, Middle, and Upper Under / Lower Class (from the destitute chronic poor to the Working Poor holding down one or more part time jobs without a living wage)
2) The Lower, Middle, Upper Middle Class (Ever so shrinking in the post Great Recession Era)
3) The Lower, Middle, and Upper Upper Class (From the Multi-millionaires 10% up to the Billionaire 1%)

My conceptual solution in theory is to outlaw or completely eliminate the Under / Lower Class. Not as a criminal offence, but to raise the quality of life of such a disadvantaged economic class. Up to the Lower Middle Class by giving them a quasi paramilitary structure of upward mobility.

What this entails is not creating new ghetto's of public housing stock. That experiment failed in the United States, Britain, France, and Russia by the mid-20th century vestige of high crime neighborhoods has left society as a whole. What I'm proposing is the new trend in this early 21st century of Mixed Use Housing Stock in middle class neighborhoods. Using a voucher system subsidized by the Federal / State / Local governments that individuals and couples get apartment units. With the under class now lower middle class as families with children get a single family home. Be it a refurbished foreclosed property to a newly constructed property like by "Habitat of Humanity" does across America and the Globe.

These once former Under / Lower Class economically speaking won't be sitting idle collecting benefits either. All will be required to serve at a minimum on a weekly volunteer basis under this quasi paramilitary societal infrastructure. Much like President "Franklin Theodore Roosevelt" ushered in during the Great Depression 1930's & 1940's American era. Like the historical "Works Progress Administration" (Wikipedia Link) that put unemployed adults and delinquent children to work. Those that are part-timers will volunteer a minimum amount of hours each week under this renewed system. Everyone else that wishes to work full time will pull down a salary much like anywhere by being guaranteed work. However the work may not actually be what they want, but what is needed in such a societal public works campaign to eradicate poverty.

All the while those enrolled due to economic hardship will get medical care, transportation, housing, food, etc... all subsidized until they break free into the Middle Middle Class. Then they can join the rest of civil society in the Free & Fair Market Economy like everyone else to date. Many have stated that the American Military Industrial Complex and each of the five U.S. Armed Forces Branches of the: Army, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, and Air Force. Are like a society within a society at large with their own bureaucracy and legal system. Well this system to eradicate poverty in America if not picked up elsewhere Internationally will create a similar society within a society with its own bureaucracy and legal system. Those working within such a system will not be taking jobs away from those in the Free and Fair Market Economy. Since they'll be insourced public infrastructure and social service jobs to maintain such a Lower Middle Class standard of living.

This is just a potential conceptual design on what could be to undo centuries of the under / lower economic classism of the disadvantaged. Since any sort of Capitalism has been an Utter Failure to address the needs of the poor. Trickle Down Economics is a Fallacy not worth repeating. Only a form of Socialism can help alleviate for the chronic poor economically a chance of upward democratic values mobility. Otherwise if one wants endemic servitude of a slave class. Then use capitalism to expound the suffering upon such an economic demographic of people.