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Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on Conduct, Being, and Personal Character


Hello All,

Finally, I've set aside some time to blog some freshly minted for this month of May a trio of Jewels of Truth statements as channeled content from the Angels. For the last year or so I requested from the angels to receive this content usually as a theme of topics. So randomly without forethought on my part, the 3 topics of Conduct, Being, and Personal Character have been set aside for now. 

The topics and/or attributes are self-explanatory so not much background information is necessary. For those that are new readers of Atrayo's Oracle blog site of 18+ years online originally at Google's Blogger portal, and now at various satellite locations online such as LinkedInTumblr, and Temple Illuminatus

I have been channeling the heavenly angelic host and assorted holy ones for now over 28+ plus years. Utilizing a writing technique that is considered as psychic Inspirational automatic writing. Not unlike the author of The Conversations With God book series of Neale Donald Walsch. I may actually have channeled more Inspired content than Mr. Walsch but not all of it is published publically. Lol, but who's counting? 

Without further adieu may you be blessedly informed and expand your spiritual horizons of grace. Amen.


3316) Many wonders occur without the cognizant realization of people in their common ordinary midst. Each to experience a solemn loving Omni-Presence of God universally. One must exude reverence for the great and small of this world simultaneously. In order to garner a situational or circumstantial awareness as a living blessing when what is perceived is well-meaning indeed by faith. 

Not all perceptions are equal, nor robust in the continuity of an honorable conduct. Thus it takes much practice and genuine sincere curiosity to experience the holiness of the divine in your everyday common midst. 

What do you notice spiritually? It depends usually on your cultural faith tradition in this world by devotional expectations. Is it an angel, a holy ghost, a natural fairy, a nature spirit, an ancestor, and so forth? Will you can you notice what is perpetually there spiritually noticing you by a beloved esteem? Intention follows adoration when the pure heart is stirred from within for what is holy is everlasting only through God(dess) alone. 

Shining as a spirit reborn upon the world permits you many graces as both wonders and responsibilities to hold a higher standard of conduct both humanely and spiritually. First, do no harm. Meaning do not condemn the foreigner or your neighbor for how they commune or not with the celestial divine upon the world. Paradise is an Inclusive metaphysical reality of the afterlife for all faiths. Each one is a sacred trust as religions, spiritual traditions, and philosophies of ancient bygone civilizations, contemporary ones, and ones yet to be invented. Not just by humanity on earth but by intelligent semi-sentient species out beyond in the cosmos. 

Like-kind spiritually as pulses or energetically will always attract each other where space and time aren't real to the metaphysical afterlife. A spiritual holy enshrined magnetism occurs by a person whose devout is akin to Being calibered or harmonized to the divine like a tuning fork at a specific frequency beyond what is audible alone dimensionally. 

So vibrating with benevolence in your heart, mind, and soul of God in you welcomes like kind of the holy ones. A circular loop of constant grace is enshrined through you as if you are a bead being strung on a loop of great affection to be adorned by God as if wearing you like a necklace of precious diamond-like jewels. 

However, if you hate with anger with toxic vibrations as pulses of ill-will both as a person and a spirit reborn you will stir up metaphysically not just poor conduct but Hell on Earth as well. Such disruptive outbursts that are sustained are the worst kind of danger wherever possible on a spiritual basis. 

Your world is awash with a Contrast of goodness, neutrality, and evil each with a native spectrum of metaphysical frequencies all its own kind. Humanity often calls them the Virtues and Vices each expression is an intonation much like the aforementioned tuning fork at a marked dedicated frequency. How you balance your decorum signifies your stature not just on earth with the maturity of personal character but also in the afterlife simultaneously. 

The divine is enmeshed with your mundane common ordinary world it is a layered stratified existence of the extraordinary wonders unto the plain and benign phenomena of all circular dynamical realities. What you pour of yourself personally out of you and into you from other sources spells the difference of health or disease upon you physically and spiritually in tandem. 

There are many avenues to commune with the benevolent spiritual realities whether by prayer, meditation, and contemplations as forms of worship. There are also devout songs, dances, and solitary exercises of the Intuitive mystical arts just to name a few. Do you have a pure open heart and mind without being jaded of what is divine and what is clearly not? 

Do you succumb easily to hardship complaining that your life is stressful without practicing self-improvement? What maladies of the human condition are beyond your control and which ones can you influence privately or with the help of other trusted souls? Do you practice Mercy and Forgiveness upon yourself and extend it to all others be they human, creature, and ecological? 

Heaven on Earth and Hell on Earth are two sides of the identical reality each sharing a spectrum of dimensional constants that can distinguish the weak from the strong in the world. Your attributes as your personal conduct signify this treatise between you and God personally and privately that no other person be they well-meaning or not should have any authority to interfere with truly. Please know which master you obey predominantly in the world and act accordingly by faith in God(dess) always and forever more. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


3317) The Soft Stillness of Being Within feeds the doing moreso profoundly. The Deeper the Being, the Deeper the Mindfulness of your cherished wholeness which fulfills true Being. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Personal Character:

3318) To the one who feels much for his/her own behavior as an outlet of justified actions. Be not afraid to live a finely righteous demeanor given if the circumstances are in your favor or not. Sometimes difficult choices must be made with careful analysis as to the ramifications of the highest and best good that is possible for all concerned. Regardless, if the highest good is yours or not given the potential array of outcomes. 

There are moments where a personal sacrifice is called for as a form of practical character building for the upliftment of the spiritual self upon this world in terms of karma. This isn't to say to suffer needlessly at every possible turn as a martyr, masochist, and so forth. No tend to what is rational and behave with honour as to what is expected from you in that moment of time wherever possible. 

Then follow the trail of the sensible claim of following decisions based on reason, common sense, logic, and if necessary by sheer Intuition as required. Always moving at your pace and if not at what the moment dictates in an orderly fashion even if the pace can seem hectic at first blush. Do not be bullied into making rash decisions by peer pressure with an incomplete assessment of the facts at hand. 

Moreover please trust your Intuitive heart foremost when the decisions are serious. Silence the racing thoughts, take a deep breath or two, and release the anxiety. Listen emotionally to the Stillness within feel for the moments between moments and there you will have found your Intuitive Heart alive with your Guardian Spiritual Angel present in your Divine midst. 

Give yourself leeway to make mistakes without crucifying yourself too harshly to be a fallible person in the world. Humanity was never meant to be perfection, that is an irrational glitch of the human ego. Do celebrate your minor with larger successes in your life personally. Since so few well-meaning people will do so on your legitimate behalf as friends, loved ones, and even strangers. 

Sincerely welcome the plights that will challenge your mettle in order to rise to the occasion by living your convictions as best as you can even if you falter repeatedly. Courage requires stamina to continue despite the odds. Compassion spells the difference between the holy ones and the brutal animals of the world. Be dignified in a manner that best suits your personality, not the generic canned responses your elders may demand from you earnestly. 

Cherish responsibility in order to hold yourself to a better standard of living. Society will have expectations of you and not all of them are considerate. Sometimes being the misfit is better company than the dogma of the era that is politically and culturally hysterical and flawed in humane esteem. To know this difference takes personal Inner humility to truly understand your motivations and that of the illness of psychology of the societal masses. 

Not every aggressor is wrong so discern accordingly and not every victim is innocent either. Comprehension beyond the situational facts on the ground but truly the untold truth takes a practical understanding of the human condition. With a spiritual fortitude to do your best always without being lazy and cheating at another person's expense. 

Predicaments will occur that are chaotic as accidents and emergencies beyond the ordinary of the commoners day. Allow your Inner Stillness to guide your steps with sensible approaches that allow for minor confusion to be later clarified with reason and logic from trusted authority figures. Even if their personable values differ from your own in life and dogma. It is not the place to adjudicate the peace at that very instant of chaos that can come later when disaster strikes profusely. 

Do live with the strength of personal character and compassion for the stranger, foreigner, and your kinsfolk as your neighbors. This includes for yourself foremost and all other persons known and unknown in the world. For your thoughts, words, actions, and even your inactions do matter spiritually and moreover upon this reality of the Earth.

Whether there is earnest allowance of what must be earned, shared by privilege, and gifted as charity. The original sin is withholding your grace from the world when it is dearly needed and otherwise wanted by mutual fellows and the masses in question. To serve another sincerely with virtue is to serve God silently in the constant eternal stillness of what matters most can be unspoken with a cherished internal embrace by the divine. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 28 plus years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient-inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic Heavenly host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also utilizes a unique channeled angelic divination method called the Multi-Deck Divination SystemNumerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 18 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.