Sunday, December 26, 2010

MMO Games Concept: Universal Avatar Service

Hello All,

For those of you that are PC gamers that have played multiple MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game worlds in the course of your life so far. Will know that in each game world you play on your basically creating your avatar from scratch. What if you don't have to go that route any longer? What if you had the choice to play a "Master Avatar" that is created in your main MMO and can be transferred to other MMOG within reason. How many of you would enjoy such an option offered by a game publisher that hosts multiple MMO game titles? Let's say what if: SOE (Sony Online Entertainment), NC Soft, iJJi, Nexon, Aeria, and a lesser extent EA Games or Turbine Entertainment.

All of those game publishers if not others that offer 3 or more MMO game titles in their catalog. Could offer a value added option of the "Universal Avatar Service" or (UAS) for a shorthand acronym from now on in this description. I'll use references of SOE in my examples since I'm most familiar with their selection of MMO game titles.

Consider SOE that offers a premium subscriber plan called "Station Access" at $30 US each month. That a premium subscriber plan could offer already to its members at no additional charge minus some "up sell" Ala carte charges explained later on. For those game publishers listed above that are F2P business model mostly. Than a "Universal Avatar Service or (UAS)" can be utilized as an account upgrade option. If not for those F2P game publishers can offer a (UAS) feature at $10 to $20 US at a one time fee. Also the game publisher like SOE, NC Soft, EA Games (That owns Mythic Entertainment & Origin Systems makers of "Ultima Online") can choose to offer a (UAS) service plan as an account upgrade option. Can charge the aforementioned $10 to $20 one time fee plus an additional $3 to $5 US dollars each month. (if it wasn't offered via a premium subscriber plan like SOE's "Station Access")

Now that the general pricing scheme has been explained minus the would be "up sell" charges in getting the attention of the game publishers. This is what a "Universal Avatar Service" plan is all about.

First, continuing with SOE MMO game titles as per the examples in which they offer. That a (UAS) player account that creates a player character in their main MMO game world of choice. Can transfer or export that player race to all other MMO game worlds, no matter if the game theme or lore is utterly different. For example, picture "Star Wars Galaxies" where a player creates a "Wookie" as a player race. With a "Universal Avatar Service" plan that player can export their "Wookie" avatar into all other SOE MMO games as an exclusive option. Be it: Everquest, Everquest 2, Planetside, Vanguard, Free Realms, the upcoming MMO's of "The Agency or DC Online Universe". The only difference is how that "Wookie" player avatar will appear due to the different graphic engine's in each MMO game world. But, all the racial traits of that "Wookie" will be maintained in all game worlds that the player wishes to explore within the SOE MMO games catalog they host.

Second, a player with a (UAS) account will create a "Universal Surname" for their master avatar. Where the first name can be altered from MMO game world to game world. But the family name per say would be the universal identifier of such a master avatar played in numerous game worlds.

Third, the (UAS) account will maintain the same gender of their master avatar in all game worlds. If they wish to alter the gender of the avatar in another game world this is where one of the two aforementioned "Up sell" charges is utilized. For a fee of anywhere $3 to $5 US dollars the player can alter the gender of their master avatar for that one particular MMO game world they have just entered.

Fourth, this feature is one of the most important ones that the base player class or skill set can be maintained as a form of continuity across all game worlds. The (UAS) account will have the option to exercise by their choice to keep the base player class or skill set. Which they had in their main MMO game world, when the (UAS) first began.

So if that aforementioned player "Wookie" was a "Doctor" in "Star Wars Galaxies" they'll have the option of being a "Templar" in "Everquest 2". One base class or profession in-game if not a skill set for a MMO game world that uses a skill tree system instead. Can be transferred from game world to game world at the players discretion. Of course the player can opt to go with another class or skill set instead. Without feeling the need to being pigeon holed in game play, but at least it is an option for them to explore.

If the (UAS) player chooses to keep their main class or skill set into another MMO game world. They'll have the second opportunity of the next "Up sell" by the game publisher. That for an additional fee say $10 to $15 US a player can opt to be given a player character at a mid level range in game play. For example in a game world with a level cap at 50 can opt for a level 25 avatar in the base player class or skill set that was transferred to this new game world. What this offers is a need to avoid the newbie content at the outset of the game. But not cheating the player out of the high end game content. Which they'll still have to earn via game play achievements just like the general population in that particular game world. This also offers the player the chance to avoid at least up to a mid range player character. From replaying the same base player class or skill set in effort that was already invested in their main MMO game title.

Fifth, SOE had offered for a time a player character service called "Station Players". For their games of Everquest, Everquest 2, and Vanguard which included player stat tracking, leader board's and rankings, personal photo galleries, item database, rag doll profile picture with stats of personal equipment being shown. All of these offerings comes with a "Universal Avatar Service" plan at the outset. It will be offered on a personal web page with tabbed tracking results just like SOE "Station Players" was designed to offer. But, also other players can right click the player avatar's in that particular game world and inspect them. Seeing similar information from that one or more game worlds the (UAS) exists within. It is up to the (UAS) player to offer publicly or restrict the information or pictures that are shown in privacy permissions.

Another secondary offering of this feature is for those online game communities that have game divisions in multiple MMO games. Where 3 to 5 (UAS) players or more are listed in any one particular guild in-game. The guild stats, rankings, photo's, wealth holdings, etc... will be tracked as a courtesy. So the "Universal Avatar Service" players that belong to a mutual guild that plays at multiple MMO game worlds from that one particular game publisher. Will have this added incentive to their game play sessions in many MMO game worlds.

So to recap the "Universal Avatar Service" plan will have a player account the option to export from their main MMO game title. Their player race, class / skill set (if so desired and pay extra for a mid range character), universal surname, gender (a fee to alter a player gender per game title), and a player character tracking stats and progress service across multiple MMO's (including their guild if it qualifies). All of these features can be transferred to any number of MMO game titles that such a particular game publisher offers. Within their present to future inventory of MMO game titles.

This is a shot in the arm of premium subscriber plans for those game publishers that base their business on game subscribers. If not F2P (Free to Play) game publishers offering such an upgrade account option at an added fee via a micro-transaction store front. The days of redundancy in game play can be changed from its current model for gamers into the creation of a "Master Avatar" across numerous game world titles. It is up to the game publisher if they so wish to pursue it as an offering for their installed customer base.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Television Concept: Tv Sets With Virtual Remote Controls

Hello All,

With Christmas only two days away here in my part of sunny Florida. How many of you would enjoy a television of tomorrow available today?

No I'm not speaking of those 3-D televisions with the clunky 3D glasses in order to get an eventual migraine headache. How about a television that allows the user to be their own "Remote Control". Where through voice recognition and wireless motion controller technology. The days of fumbling for a remote control under the couch cushions are gone.

Television remote control technology has been with us for about 25 to 30 years or so. Yes, its gotten way more sophisticated by adding more programmable features and confusing buttons. Where the remote control of today appears more like a magical wand of a techno wizard.

Picture, where you the TV user can control and interact with your television either by voice commands. Such as loudly saying "TV On, TV Channel 46, TV Surf My Favorite Channels, and of course TV Off". Noting that when addressing the television you can select the default "TV" nickname or create your own. So there won't be any confusion when addressing your television for a verbal command.

What about if your not interested in speaking commands like to a faithful domestic pet, albeit electronic in this case. You care to use hand or arm gestures via a wireless motion controller technology to prompt the television to your desired results. Similar to today's Microsoft Xbox 360 "Kinnect" technology that has recently debuted for its video game console. Where you the TV viewer can input motions within the range of the TVs motion camera to execute commands. Like waving your hands like you would to a person saying hello, but in this case it turns on your television. Or clapping your hands in order to turn off the television. Like the classic "Clapper" technology of years past to turn on or off lamps and so forth. Of course noting if clapping the TV virtual remote system would need safe guards. To avoid false sounds like a thunderstorm lightening clap triggering the television each time for its programmed input command.

There can be of course a combination of the two virtual remote control input commands used in tandem. Like the clapping that both triggers the sound portion of the voice recognition platform and the wireless motion controller of the TV set. Or a TV viewer says "Alice (as the TVs nickname) go to channel 46 and the TV viewer also waves their hand to cancel that command request at the last moment."

The virtual remote control will also have a portion of the TV screen. Say like a quarter of the screen that is a dedicated command screen that pop's on or off. When the TV viewer makes their command inputs, be it voice or motion controller. The virtual command screen that pops up is the equivalent of today's remote control. It also acts as a confirmation page that the television has accurately heard or seen via motions your input commands to execute. This virtual command screen can be pre-positioned to be anywhere on the screen that the user feels most comfortable with in viewing. For example be it in the center of the TV screen or one of its four corners.

In the future such virtual remote control televisions can have additional layers of interactivity. Such as advertisers promoting a new product on TV. Where the TV viewer either by a voice command input or by a pre-selected motion gesture would request additional information or a product discount coupon. Where the TV viewers information such as postal address is securely stored on a users TV set.

The voice recognition and wireless motion controller platform can also allow the original television owner. To create a "Master Password" whereby if the television is ever stolen when plugged into another location as per a physical postal address. If the "Master Password" isn't spoken and gestured the television won't operate. And it'll trigger an alert when its connected to a cable or satellite dish connection other than its own. (at its predefined physical postal address)

The added convenience and depth of interactivity can only grow with a virtual remote controlled enabled television. Be it with voice recognition or wireless motion control platforms as part of a brand new stand alone television set or purchased as an additional peripheral for the Television.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jewels of Truth Statements & Favorite Quotes of The Month

Hello All,

It's that time of the month again for another original trio of "Jewels of Truth" to be shared.

I hope many of you are preparing well and enjoying this festive time of the year. No matter your faith this is often a time to rekindle our relationships with one another. To value what is good and cherish the rest with a spirit of thanksgiving and delight.

A week ago I finished writing my 3rd Volume to the "Jewels of Truth" series. As I stated in my last entry back in November that each volume consists of 365 all original spiritual wisdom statements and/or proverbs. So my running total to date is 1098, so technically I've started to write volume 4. :o) Albeit writing the material is one thing for me, another more time consuming is compiling it into a proper manuscript. Since I write all this material by hand and then edit and transcribe it to digital form when I'm able to do so. I'm still going at a snails pace of compiling the manuscript of volume 2 needing another 109 statements to be set into place. With all likelihood I'll publish or more likely self-publish via "iUniverse" itself. Much like i did with Volume 1 "Jewels of Truth: A Soul Odyssey Within".

Although one day I do hope that I find myself a literally agent within the field of spirituality. Or knowing synchronicity I hope a good one finds me. Since I seem to lack the business acumen needed in the world of publishing much less have a proper marketing budget of my own. That will give this spiritual wisdom material of mine its proper due in the fullness of time.

Today's three "Jewels of Truth" topics cover the areas of: a Rainbow, Vigilance, and Magic. Do note that statement #919 was originally shared on this blog site on December 18th, 2008 which was the same day it was written. It was one of those that was very inspiring for me to share just like the recent #1088 back in late November of this year.

So without a further adieu here are spiritual wisdom statements: #917, #918, and #920.



917) Our souls shine brightly like a rainbow of life. Where we are accompanied by many spiritual elements throughout our sojourn on this Earth of ours. In Spirit we are never alone, we constantly have the blessed company of our loves ones. Be they known to us in this lifetime or if they have been with us in numerous lifetimes. Each Spirit acting as a "Ray of Light" shines its own brilliance of a holy light within the "Rainbow" of our life. We are united in a common purpose, where ever we go be it safe or not on this Earth or beyond. Our heavenly companions surround our spirit as if a constant bubble of absolute love that only the Holy Spirit is capable of producing. Those that accept such a rainbow of heavenly unity shall walk in peace and with the grace of God(dess) always without fail. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

918) Those with a vigilant heart must always uphold the truth for the common good. Doing so permits transparency of the masses so as to govern with prudence and wise counsel. If the populace does not hold a government, a corporation, or any other institution in check. Than gross negligence, abuses of the system, or crimes will be committed without regard to safety, property, or the utmost general welfare for all that allows liberty to flourish.

Vigilance must occur in tandem with those who are honest brokers for the justice of the many. Otherwise there will be no accountability for the abuses or high crimes done to the State or its own citizenry. Without vigilance there is no hope for the highest good of all that are concerned for the agenda of the many. Vigilance is the sentinel of the astute and the considerate. For a place where justice is the highest and fairest regard for all who are of the "Light of God". ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

920) I believe and know in Magic! This magic is not pagan or based upon witchcraft. It is based on the sacred "Divinity" within all of us and the beauty of life itself. This magic I speak of manifests itself in synchronicities, omens, blessings, and most of all "Miracles" both small and large. Another word for this magic is the "Grace" of God(dess) that performs wonders that are dynamic and vibrantly alive.

All of life is singing in harmony. It is only when we quiet the turmoil around our minds & hearts and truly listen. Can we begin to hear the orchestra of God(dess) in its fullest splendor. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


The more alert we become to the blessing that flows into us through everything we touch, the more our own touch will bring blessing. ---David Steindl-Rast. "A Listening Heart".

People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone. ---Audrey Hepburn.

By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and Third by experience, which is the bittersweet. ---Confucius.