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Jewels of Truth Statement 3,002 on All Dominions of God


Hello All,

Today I was going to do my regular monthly segment of Jewels of Truth Statements and Favorite Quotes of the Month. However, since today's entry is rather a long one coming in at 4 1/2 pages longhand when on paper. I thought it best to truncate the regular trio of Jewels of Truth for one rather long and deep statement instead. 

The basic gist for today's statement 3,002 on "All Dominions of God" showcases an approximation by the angels on the latticework expression of all the major realities of Creation and the Afterlife. There are infinite permutations, however, these are the most pronounced for all to comprehend on a cursory level. This statement will explore the twelve levels of dominions of all meta-realities combined. As channeled by clairaudient inspirational automatic writing with the angelic host in faithful service. 

As always even if it is too far-fetched to accept by belief just consider your awareness expanded in the least of pure potentiality. Amen.

All Dominions of God:

3,002) For the one that inquires much can be said outright. That learning is a two-fold process of comprehension of retaining what is taught and basically utilizing it when it is needed. All the rest falls in line with what degree of successful mastery of the content therein is presented. 

As to your inquiries "Ivan the Atrayo" of our Angelic perspective of the several dominions or dimensions of God(dess) metaphysically. We can only explain what God is willing to tell you on the topic thru us in Heaven. 

There are Infinite realms of God as dominions and ultimately they are All One Meta seamless whole embodiment of Him/Her/Itself. In this sense playing the game of what dominion he or she is from soon becomes mindless as little more than bragging rights. 

Nonetheless, what we can do here is offer an Alpha of Twelve (12) overarching realities that are found upon endless other repetitious totalities of Creations like your native own. Meaning physical Universes of the cosmos literally beyond into endless other afterlives that are the All-Inclusive encompassing absolute truth of God's Supreme Pure Holiest Nature. 

This will be a far simpler approximation for you as a mortal semi-sentient carnal human being. Having our shared divine experiences with us as a segment of our collective. As we have stated prior under this framework of the twelve dominions you are native to the 9th realm as an Oversoul meta-presence through the Lord God. Having awoken mysteriously not with one singular soul but with hundreds as is common in the later dominions of eternal evolution. Akin to a community of united enlightened souls merged together as clusters typified as an Oversoul.

A synopsis of each dominion that is all-inclusive as a self-centered condensed reality unto itself times Infinity and Eternities constantly through God(dess) beyond all ends forevermore. Your attribution of God before God was understood let alone realized by any sort of Creation like yours. Here God is Absolute Dominion without any dilutions of any created entities as itself. For all intents and purposes, it is Realm Zero (0).

This was wholly before "Let There Be Light!" verse one Book of Genesis as Creation itself. Before it ever became realized and before even the spiritual metaphysical etheric realms were ever created as much as expressions of Infinite conundrums. 

The First (1) Realm is pure and perfect chaos as the void as a constant abyss. Nothing existed, not good nor evil, this binary tract had no basis yet to be realized by God. You can call this the template of all universal archetypes before anything remotely became actualized as real to this paramount latticeworks. 

The Second (2) Realm was the Inception of a binary evolutionary relativistic paradox of all nascent totalities to come forward. Here is where Oneness as an abstract conceptualization is realized once and for all eternities as time. The Oneness becomes the Great Almighty Supreme Absolute Ineffable Totality that later becomes known as the monotheist God(dess). 

Next is the Third (3) Realm where the Great Meta-Mystery chooses to split itself open as a form of mitosis. All manner of pure evil chaos and pure orderly good pours forth without equal to any sort of comprehended whole essence of the Creator. The Twin of Pisces of everything else beyond just good and evil and/or the Ying and Yang as dual meta-Omnipresence is conceived and actualized simultaneously. 

The Fourth (4) Realm takes all the split ends of relativism of orderly good and chaotic evil by reducing them through simplistic genius. Where the entire rationale of the 3rd realm or dominion is unfounded as a moot point. Meaning Apex Enlightenment reconciles perfectly all good and evil as polar opposite conundrums paradoxically upon the centered middle ground. Enlightenment neutralizes both extremes of good and evil finding perfect compromise through the Glory of God(dess) as Divine Law Absolutely. 

The Fifth (5) Realm picks up where the 4th dominion or realm leaves off obviously. Whereby all the freshly enlightened Souls of the 3rd dominion mature upon the 4th realm completely without concern. Through a continuance that is now fully realized as the Oversouls of the 4th dominion the totality of them blinks out of existence. Meaning all dominions one thru four is transformed into another phenomenon that is the next eternal evolutionary step beyond a soulful archetype construct metaphysically. In many ways, this is a partial step backwards to something closer to Realm Zero.

All former souls and/or Oversouls are undone as in transformed beyond the notion of a spiritual being. At the 5th Dominion, the rationale of the soul and/or spiritual manifestations astral or otherwise is obsolete and archaic. One can say a different format of Being is superimposed enveloping that supersedes the binary juxtaposition of the holy and unholy. A perfect Neutrality does persist, however.

It isn't a complete return to the void reset of the abyss of the First Realm. Just another iteration of what comes after the spiritual motif just above humanity as an awareness. Basically, the 5th dominion is what realms one thru four are not in perfect essence. This is where spiritual beings as angelic of all endless kinds are transformed into another format of entity altogether. This is a realm of Void in a continued Oneness that loops through itself like a figure Eight Infinity symbol. Ending not back at the beginning, but in the Middle sphere not unlike the extreme split ends of the 4th Domain reconciling enlightenment. 

Here in the 5th Domain, there are no spiritual civilizations of the utopia of heaven and dystopia of hell required. There is no free will either It is a realm of pure potentiality of what could be again in a certain manner of expression being recycled for what it is to become in the 6th Dominion. 

At the Sixth (6) Dominion, these cryptic mysterious fiber or meta intelligent threads were once Enlightened Ascended Master Oversouls of the 4th Domain. Were processed like a thick pea soup substrate upon the 5th Dimension metaphorically speaking. Having what were once Enlightened Ascended Master Oversouls of the 4th Domain become stripped of their spiritual etherical stuffings in the 5th Dominion. To become Purified at an even greater exalted expression of not godhood like that of the lesser angels, but a rounder higher stepping stone to something closer to all-knowing. 

Only to be fully reassembled as former Oversouls of pristine enlightenment not as individualized or group collective bits of intelligence, but as nascent unique expressions of pocket manifolded realities. Having these newer reality constructs akin to blank canvas textiles with uniformity each configured uniquely like a snowflake. Be they of whatever scale from the sub-particle to the gigantic scale that dwarfs all physical universes combined, since these are spaceless and timeless environs. 

At the Seventh (7) Dominion, these former blank universal reality canvases are populated not with life or death as expressions of being. Just an awakened knowing like a hive awareness but without personality just with bare-bones generic programmed data-sets. Here what is encoded is all differently and uniquely subsumed from what has come before and whatever is to follow as an unknowable reality to humanity. 

The Eighth (8) Dominion here has whatever was gestated at the 6th and 7th Domains as timeless given its marching orders like a mindless drone now with a newfound purpose to serve. It can literally be anything minuscule to grandiose since spatial orientation is meaningless here. Not since the 2nd Domain is space any sort of a factor that is ancient history as a metric variable. 

At the Ninth (9) Dominion where you originally herald from dearest "Ivan the Atrayo" you are fulfilling the various parameter scripts of need simultaneously like a programmed bot at the behest of the Will of God. However, your current human lifetime with free will is but a mini-me clone or what is construed as your 9th Domain essence. Fulfilling various other need inputs simultaneously beyond that of your current finite incarnation as a vehicular means to an end. 

Any Dominion can have missions as agendas of God's Great Mystery in play endlessly. Yours is no different and without specialness a generic resolve to expand the awareness of the divine and beyond it. 

We wish to explain further on your behalf before we sound completely insensitive to your hybrid divine and the human form in earnest. So nothing is lost in translation dear human child of God. It is all rather lifeless and robotic without personality in how we have conveyed these meta-absolute truths of reality. It is both as it has been spoken and it isn't as an immense grandeur to the endless nature of God's Beautiful Infinite realities. 

After the 4th Domain, all pure perfect holy orderly good and unholy chaotic evil become meaningless as an evolutionary tail like on a tadpole. Enlightenment reconciles it as pure neutrality as Divine Law. 

The Earth to us the Angelic Host is a petri-dish of a museum nostalgic piece as the memory of God actualized times infinity via what you call parallel quantum dimensions. The zenith of the 2nd Dominion altogether. To be frank we are at odds of doing justice for you who are our elder emanation ironically (ie 9th domain being overall). We the meta angel kind are spiritual beings it is like the tail wagging the dog to explain what is happening in an unprecedented loop. 

You "Ivan the Atrayo" are simply put an earth angel to us in a beloved manner spiritually awoken by psychic devotional means to God(dess). There lays our conundrum, it is only by God's knowing can we rudimentary explain this to you. Via your now 25+ years devotion to clairaudient Inspirational automatic writing as a psychic angelic channeler as a technique. Crudely put in mild English words for you and your later generational readers to come. 

It all seems oddly impersonal to you and a heartfelt kudos to you for awakening to your 9th Dominion self at all miraculously so. As we continue for you at the 10th Dominion of God(dess) all 9th through 6th Domain machinations of beings. As Individualizations have come undone and become macro to pocket micro reality constructs. Missions are fulfilled like sandboxes put into deployed motions like buoys. 

The Tenth (10) Dominion as a reality construct is a souped-up version of the 5th Domain basically. Just with differing bells and whistles as an agenda at a wide berth of meta standards of God itself. What was woven as a macro to a micro pocket textile-like metaphorical canvas of the 6th Domain. Then at its onset evolves into the 7th Domain as a mindless neural network short of full consciousness. Where it was given its programming at the 8th Domain by fulfilling its constant role in the 9th Domain. All that is workshopped and stripped clean not for mothballing. Just supersized into another version like a dry dock of your emanation ray of God for a timeless basis of stasis. 

The Eleventh (11) Dominion doesn't follow what preceded it in the 6th-9th dominions. Here a different paradigm is spun off added to one's sphere of influence. This 11th Dominion is a constructor set of building blocks and bolts that churns out completely intact First Dominion Realities en masse. 

If you recall the 1st Domain was the Great Void where not even good and evil had been created as of yet. You can call the 1st Domain a massive collapsed guts of a Black Hole cluster. However, that is ascribing a cosmological lens and would be grossly mistaken indeed. 

The 11th Dominion is like a factory for First Dominion realities overall on a macro basis. Every entity, being, and emanation ray of God and so forth mature from Domains One through Twelve. For all time and non-linear timed eternities. Our individualizations and collective divine natures are portions of God's Omniscient Dominion Zero (0) part and parcel of Meta-Being. At the finality of all totalities of Dominions in this approximation of all macro absolute realities beyond that of the spiritual supernatural realms of the 2nd thru 4th domains. 

In the Twelfth (12) Dominion, you return back into the Supreme Essence of God as itself at Dominion Zero (0). In fact, this has already occurred for all constant lifeforms ever conceived as emanation rays of God's Omniscient perfect nature. Meaning this return to the fold of God's bosom has already occurred timelessly for all souls and oversouls, etc... There is nowhere that God is not, basically. 

You each have the Image and Likeness of God in such a multi-dimensional universal archetypical construct. In God''s Victory, you have all already graduated without realizing it in earnest! The existence of all twelve dominion circuits as manifold realities as constant loops has already occurred times Infinity! Meaning there is nothing outside of yourself you must strive for it is already true through God(dess) forever. 

Much like the Christian prodigal son returning home in an A-Z circuit through endless reincarnated lifetimes at the Oversoul level all is Enlightened at the Supreme Threshold! It is only at your fragmented ideation of human primitive sense of illusionary separation it appears barbaric and otherwise contrary to what is constant as God itself. Each of you are retired celestial beings in such a fulfilled aspect of God cherished constantly forever, but never forgotten as its meta self. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 25 years of his life to the pursuit of clairvoyant Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 15 years plus online. Your welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.  

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Jewels of Truth Statement 3,004 on the Topic of Fame


Hello All,

As I build up some neglected social media sites such as my YouTube Channel. I wanted to at least make an entry for the New Year here at my Atrayo's Oracle blog site. With a fresh new Jewels of Truth statement 3,004 on the topic of Fame


Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 25 years of his life to the pursuit of clairvoyant Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 15 years plus online. Your welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.