Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on Broken Faith & Divine Rights


Happy All Hallow's Eve Everyone!

For those that celebrate Halloween and for those that don't. Don't be a spook!

Today's Jewels of Truth channeled angelic wisdom statements will be a duo this time around. The topics will be on a Broken Faith and on your Divine Rights as a Child entity emanation from God's Image and Likeness. You have inalienable celestial rights in the heavens as an eternal entity aka ghost. Not unlike having limited rights on a conditional basis from your host nation of birth or residency. Unlike those citizen rights as a human, these Divine Rights are everlasting and unconditional upon your flavors of a metaphysical Utopia.

The statement on a Broken Faith is self-explanatory for the most part. As always these statements are sourced via psychic automatic writing in an Inspirational fashion as a writing technique by longhand originally. I have 28 years plus experience as an automatic writer channeling the heavenly host. (Be they angels, ancestors, fairies, nature spirits, lesser deities, and certainly God(dess).

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These two most recent statements were channeled less than ten days ago as fresh off the pearly gates. :o)

May you find them intriguing whether you accept them or not. As long as they expand your blessed horizons of the Infinite Divinity within us all. Amen. 

Broken Faith:

3269) Sometimes in life very bad things will happen to good people who were already struggling with other hardships outright. Often this signifies a hurling even further backwards personally akin to an insult to injury. From the Big Picture angelic Heavenly perspective in a detached compassionate manner, it is another opportunity to reset your dilemmas in the world. 

What appears as personally disastrous at first glance is the heavenly expression of Tough Love to steer you around so as to orient you onto a stronger pathway of redemptions. What was once before a dead-end cycle of turmoil leading you in a circle around a self-created abyss of your own annihilation. With a renewed long-distance Hope you have a 2nd chance to heal your psyche, living conditions, and a potential righteous outcome, if you have sufficient courage to claim such soulful treasures of God.

What was once a prior perpetual state of despair has you boomer ranged onto another loop that has a chance of success versus a dead-end street just before of wretched agony. We the heavenly host often sling-shot mortals through Tough Love in order to catapult them away from pre-existing miseries of all consecrated kinds. 

When your faith is in another person versus a set of circumstances of your own dysfunctional making as flawed coping mechanisms socially speaking in the world. You have linked hearts to another spiritually speaking whether they are a fine suitor or a wretched behemoth of foul relations. Be this with unspoken allegiances to individuals as relatives, friends, and perhaps strangers verily unto other impersonal organizations such as to a government or a corporation. 

Many an idealist that swears fealty towards an organization by a declared oath of principles. Only to realize years to decades later such people run Institutional entities are flawed. Much remorse with disgruntled recriminations occurs needing heartfelt healing of such feelings of betrayals to be allievated. No one can deny there is goodness and even greatness of the people nameless and perhaps even recognized in such human-led Institutions of all kinds on earth. However, there are also backstabbing politics of usurpers and deceivers as snakes in the grassy knolls best avoided at all costs.

When a Loved one breaks your heart and mind not just once but repeatedly over the years. What sort of resolve do you have? Often the best recourse after breaking your selfless soul as a compassionate spirit to their parasitic tendencies is to simply let them go. Take your own medicine of courage led by faith and trust in God and save yourself unless you martyr yourself to a miscreant dearly loved. 

Walk away, nah crawl away if you must slowly psychologically as contemplations before the eventual day you actually leave such an aggrieved abuser. Be this a spouse that has self-destructed or a relative perhaps a young adult addicted to opioids. You can not save them if you have personally self-destructed first morally and certainly spiritually by living in a self-created Hell on Earth. 

Seek help from social welfare and religious organizations aside from having confidants be they therapists to other relatives and friends that can be trusted. Do not be selfish with your hardships for spiritually they belong to the world whether they are acknowledged or not. What must bear fruit takes many such seasons to grow unfettered without interference lest a healthy pruning from time to time. 

Only those individuals that make a clear and lasting break away from the pandemonia at the home or office workplace front. Can find the moments between moments in utter silence to listen to the Intuitive stillness of God and the angelic powers that be for guidance. Yours isn't a unique tragedy although it feels horribly as such. To have your holy rightful redemption you must develop personal courage even if you must crawl like a newborn child emotionally and mentally to achieve it. 

Your masochism at the hands of an abuser isn't noble anymore. Their frigid demeanor must be surrendered to a higher authority even if you must metaphorically walk on your knees out of such a hell hole. The scars can heal if you are dedicated once you are outside such a killing field of angst. Those that harbor monsters either die a slow cowardly death morally and spiritually. Or become just like their abuser as tormentors of another demented sort as the once abused is now a victimizer of another generation of hapless victims. 

Be the Difference to experience a positive change start small and tiny with moral choices that are anonymous without advertising to anyone your progress. Seek resources locally and online to overcome your hardships whatever they may be in fact. Your facts can change if you start now and continue even if you have fits and starts over a period of months and years. You aren't completely lost to us in the heavens, pray without ceasing and give thanks even for the slightest foolishness to God. That is only redemptive by his Glory alone. 

Yours can be the path well-lived even after years of tragedies and internalized abuses. Forgive yourself, forgive your tormentors silently, and even Forgive God if you must for feelings of abandonment. The path to success in life is for all who claim such bold glory. Even if you fail along the way a modest success is nothing to surrender easily. Your dearest eyes tell sagas to us the heavenly angelic host of the saints and sinners alike. 

Be on your guard for the greatest threat comes from within humanity before even the impersonal natural disasters lays claim to your souls on Earth due to climate tragedies. Situational awareness is a must not with paranoia but with Pronoia realizing your divinity is the sacred pathway of overcoming this world slowly and deliberately. 

Whatever faith or a dear sacred trust becomes broken in the world. It takes triple the effort to restore it over time in a sincere often selfless resolve to heal what was once scarred. It takes a whole regime of personal self-development to release the dysfunctional old patterns by finding renewed hope to reinvigorate a psyche and a human body away from maladies that once before injured it. Whichever path you choose may it be the right one for you even if mistakes are encountered along the way. They aid you such mistakes to realize what isn't for you. 

Go with internalized humble confidence away from your pain into your strengths instead. Those will be the laurels gained and cherished over time that lead you away from misery unto your own slot of peace on earth. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Divine Rights:

3270) For all concerned souls on this version of the earth beyond your humane arts and sciences that endeavor to reveal the glories of the world at every unforeseeable turn of events. Yours is a glory already forgotten long ago in terms of the metaphysical wonders in your common ancient midsts. Every creature whether as a human person or known to you as wildlife primitive in its ways. Along with the spirits of a place be it urban, suburban, and certainly a wild ecological sphere of an untamed environment. 

All these entities spiritually have a right to exist and thrive by their own solemn divine accord as Willed by God(dess). Every entity spiritually as a spirit and by hierarchical connections of the soul body of God have inalienable Divine Rights to flourish upon Creation. We the angelic host as minor deities move the cosmos to make this ultimate desire of God the Lord of Majesties Eternal to bring this Immaculate Truth to bear as realities without end or beginning.

Every entity has a responsibility to grow, mature, and serve one another with dignity. Be this on the physical interactions and certainly with the spectral ethereal environs by worshipping God, however, you define him, her, or it. 

We denote that there are universal tenets known to many of you as the virtues, norms, ethics, and rules of sound judgment coupled with benevolence that make such a noble difference to exist into perpetuity. Such a godly essence is perfect in terms of retrofactions to curve the bend of realities back onto itself so this Creation may exist forever. A loop of another order of magnitudes that permits the divine to intercede on behalf of the living by the flesh or other energetic transfers of being alive. 

A macro totality of souls of what you term as the afterlife embodies all the values of the just and of the wicked known and unknown unto all Creations alike. Those who herald eventually back to the Heavenly hereafter are afforded esteemed privileges and rights garnered by how their reincarnation has lived rightly. Most of these basic rights are gifted as Promises Everlasting by God itself and all the rest as privileges are earned on a case-by-case eternal basis on the soul level over eternities of collective efforts of all your rebirths. 

Such ones that are called Old Souls are the juveniles of eternity having gamed the celestial system as the ringers. Reborn to serve and cause mischief out of delight to enjoy this side of the universe with grace and ease well deserved by the angelic gods indeed. These are the awards of past, present as concurrent, and forelong future reincarnations co-existing with you. What was once garnered is now redeemed to be cherished once more with greater factors of privileges by the fates in question for any entity that has earned or been gifted them to live by the grace of God indeed.

The unfair advantages a person, circumstance, or a force of nature may have in the world. These are heralded from far away remembered eternally and cherished by God as the ultimate supreme guarantor. 

Your free will is indicative of not just the number of choices you exercise but the prestige of your divinity on earth to be living to the fullest expression of the Glories of God everlasting. Many variables and attributes have been predestined as baked into your reincarnations right now as reborn heavenly young angelic spirits. Those who live in accordance with their highest and purest truths experience such heavenly privileges foremost before all others in slumber within a lifetime of denial. 

The karma available to each of you is sacred and neutral. What you make of it is yours alone although you can carry the karma of others as a selfless sacrifice of your own noble choice. Those with boarder shoulders spiritually speaking get the best whistles and toys as blessings within a lifetime. What they utilize isn't for selfish use alone. Many are constant givers to the point of self-destructive ruin as martyrs. Not all martyrs are wise and not all martyrs are destined to rise to the occasion. Some are merely victims caught up in the fervor of another miscreant's slaughter. 

Each of you are solemn ghosts with physical bodies that you deem as human and as such mortal for a finite era of time on earth and no more. This can not be further from the metaphysical truth eternal as it is glorious to recall your divinity is a life within a human lifetime. Each of you has more than a single lifetime simultaneously ongoing in a multi-dimensional constant. What is deemed as your Over-Soul is a constellation of all your reincarnations happening Right Now! Be this ten thousand years ago as a Neanderthal hominid, five hundred years ago in the European Ressainance, and One Thousand years from now on a human colony barely surviving on another planet. 

The turnstile of portals of the ages is always happening metaphysically Now, not later or then. Your face is but a finite echo of something far greater looming forever and it won't stop just because you're agnostic or an atheist filled with unresolved dramatic confusion. All are welcome to cherish their divinity and to safeguard the foreigner's divinity without condemnation and certainly without discriminatory persecutions based upon cultural creeds. 

You each are inches from self-realizations of astounding gobsmacking wonders of the glory of God(dess). Claim them if you are so bold as to remember what it means to be an angelic spirit living as someone else perceiving itself as divorced from the cosmos. Rekindle what is yours to achieve within a lifetime shared by the goodwill of others that accept your artistry and magnetic resolve to carry on by chance and destiny alike. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 28 plus years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient-inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic Heavenly host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also utilizes a unique channeled angelic divination method called the Multi-Deck Divination SystemNumerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 18 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "Jewelsoftruth.us" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.