Saturday, February 28, 2015

Jewels of Truth Statement: "The Power of our Infinite Glorious Souls"

Hello All,

Since I sorta pulled a fast one on you folks on "St. Valentine's Day" by posting several excerpts of my two books. I guessed why not play catch-up and fully post my usual more recent "Jewels of Truth" statements in the series. So today I'll be posting on the topic of our Soul(s) numbered in the series at #1929. Written just less than two hours ago this morning.

Do enjoy as always and may it awaken the grand potency of your divine soul in the Creator. Namaste.



1929) Every soul has an immense power house of potency granted by God(dess). For each soul is self-sufficient of capable holy strength to perform untold wonders. These feats are possible because God makes this so in his Image and Likeness as the Creator, as the Lord God of all gods. All souls are united in Spirit as one meta-entity we call God(dess). It is in this threshold that the all inclusive power of the Lord God is transmitted. Where it is acted in accordance to his perfect Will for and by Creation.

Every entity soul that awakens through any benevolent faith tradition in God. Will automatically increase the capability within themselves to perform wonders. Only by the Glory of God and of none other for the ego is an illusion of the carnal physical mindset. The orders of scale of these performed wonders is determined by the maturity of each soul's heritage in heaven. Meaning what is termed an old soul in the world is a profuse giant in Heaven, whether or not self-realized by the entity spirit on Earth.

All is full of grace in this regard as miracles are inevitable through the souls of the faithful. This is divine law in complete essence forever and everlasting. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Jewels of Truth Statements & Favorite Quotes of the Month

Hello All,

I wasn't going to miss the month of February without this segment in earnest. To update you my readers of what has been happening with the eventual publication of Volume 3 of the "Jewels of Truth" series. I've just today finalized the Interior portion of the book which will be coming in at a whopper of 348 pages. So far these are just the two formats of the paperback priced at $23.95 U.S. and the E-Book at $2.99 U.S. respectively. Eventually I'll work my way around to getting the Kindle and Nook versions available as well. Right now with the publisher iUniverse I'm just waiting on the "Cover Draft" to give it a once over before I fully authorize it. Once this step is done it heads to the printer and into their database for their print on demand bookstore online.

Now onto this weeks trio of "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statements on the topics of: Fellowship, Gambling, and the Holy Spirit. These will be #1066-1068 in the series which in a way you'll be sampling from Volume 3 before its formally published at iUniverse.

Enjoy as always and may you reflect and broaden your spiritual perspective in the process.


1066) It has been said that finding a good person in life is difficult. Well this is only true to a degree in so much of a discerning heart and mind that can locate a trustworthy person of benevolent character. This is aside from tricksters acting out with sly subterfuge in order to gain favor by acting out in the shadows. All is motivation be it good or wrongdoing by thoughts, intents, and actions. This element of human behavior is pivotal when we associate with strangers, friends, and family alike. We are social animals in the flesh and as divine souls in spirit. How we conduct ourselves can lend itself to one side or both sides of this living spectrum. 

How we keep close to the right influential people around us will become a hint as to what we value in ourselves. If we associate with moral people than we act in kind and the same is true if we associate with miscreants. Our dedication will dictate often the terms even unconscious how we will act out of the dynamic of peer pressure. How we favor another may also indicate how we favor ourselves to a limited degree. When we invest our lives into the right people then we are rewarded tenfold. For such beauty reflects back onto our souls instantly. The opposite is true when we invest ourselves in shallow or bad people. Including a selfish inconsiderate lover by a romance or a marriage we damage our prospects of well being in truth. Taint yourself with an asshole and suffer the consequences of it even if your intentions were innocent.  

Try to keep around good people whenever possible for this blesses your soul and theirs in a united metaphysical strength. It becomes an equalizer allowing grace to gain a foothold in all your interpersonal dynamics. Your precious character and dignity rely on the best choices in life if you dearly value the good things all around you. Learn from your mistakes and especially learn from the mistakes of others for this becomes wisdom in earnest. In all of what I have said live your lives with joy do not make life a hardship of drudgery lest you forfeit your native love with God for a temporary moment. Amen.               ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


1067) Gambling must always be pursued with caution. The risk of loss occurs more often for the unprepared by lack of skill or fore knowledge regarding the "Bet". Lady Luck favors the bold, but she does not favor the idiot. One must know the odds or know well enough the game for what the stakes entail before entering into such an exchange of chance. Gamblers seek pleasure of the "Win" above all else. Hardly ever is there fortune to be made with a feverish gambler. Only misery will be found with unpaid debts when a gambler refuses to stop when reason calls for it. 

Seek not to be the fool by being in over your head in a wager. Seek prudence and balance yourself with care from making a deeper hole from where you may be standing right now. The skilled player that knows the odds is never welcomed by the casino. Only the pleasure seeker with a fat wallet and a lack of self-restraint is the safest bet by the gambling predators.                                                             ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Holy Spirit:

1068) When one invokes the "Spirit of God" wonders will appear silently as if stillness has shifted in like a gentle cloud on a sunny day. For example if a young person is truly lonely in life. The invocation of the "Holy Spirit" becomes available as a form of comforting succor of the spirit within. Where like minded interests with the divine coalesce into a one mind sort of union. Allowing a mutual bridge of beneficial goodwill to be opened and maintained as one worships God in a beloved truth. 

This allows for synchronicities to begin to lovingly take shape around the aura of any willing spirit in partnership with the divine. It may at first appear as a form of supplication albeit this is yet a misnomer in truth. There is a union of equality from one soul of God with another child of God as mirrored equals in Spirit. The contrast enters that our mortality is wholly flawed with that of any divine holy ghost. No matter the stage of life as living creatures we are unified constantly beyond our shallow awareness to the majestic presence of God always. Until that time the keen spirit awakens as a mortal child or by a spiritual devotion only to be rebuked by the world at large as heresy. The children of God as ignorant mortals want to become masters of their own fate. Yet so easily dismiss the holy and divine as nonsense until time they are ill prepared and knee deep in drastic trouble.  

A union with the divine be it worship or devotion is a marriage or symbiosis of souls with God and his entire Creation. No half measures, no curiosity seekers, no half-truths, just the complete and total Kingdom of God with everything that it entails in principal. Enrichment in all things of godly treasures of the soul are awakened by the ardent seeker of God(dess). Short of this God's perfection would become a farce in any other regard in the absolute truth. Amen.                      ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you. ---Andrea Dykstra. "Shortcuts to Spirituality"

What you seek is seeking you. ---Rumi.

Find the thing that stirs your heart and make room for it. Life is about the development of self to the point of unbridled joy. ---Joan Chittister. "Monasteries of the Heart Newsletter"

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures. ---Thornton Wilder.

The latter splendor of this house shall be greater than the former, says the Lord of Hosts; and in this place I will give prosperity. ---Haggai 2:9

O Great Spirit, I awake to another sun, grateful for gifts bestowed, granted one by one. ---Twylah Nitsch. "Seneca Medicine Woman"

You will be enriched in every way for your great generosity, which will produce thanksgiving to God. ---2 Corinthians 9:11

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Telecommunications Industry Concept: "The Smart Pager (Beeper) Redux"

Hello All,

Some of you will think I'm out of my mind seeking to conceptualize a piece of hardware that for the most part is obsolete. A item of telecommunications relegated to its hay day fame of the 1990's era. Before you think this design concept absurd first hear me out for at least one paragraph. (Not including this one.)

Twitter is all the rage as a glorified version of SMS (Short Message Service) Messaging limited to 140 digital characters per tweet. This is however yesterdays hardware limits swimming happily today. What If a return of the "Smart Beeper" reappears on the worlds mobile electronic stage. Yes, the modern smart phone in many ways makes it redundant. Yet still people buy stand alone camera's although smart phones have camera's as well. A variety of choices is good for consumers or so they say.

Above is an Image of a 2013 "April Fools Joke", but what if that was real? Consider for a moment a color LCD screen that only handles Tweets. Be it from the company of "Twitter" for their accounts or from other generic wannabe competitors that exceed the 140 digital character limit of yesterday. Such a device should be able to also handle emails and IM's (Instant Messages) however its not a smart phone. It won't do telephone calls in general. Yet it can have a voice recognition microphone for voice commands and/or voice to text messaging.

The device above in this pretend scenario can also have "Caller or Messager ID". Because still its a classic pager or beeper package in today's bells & whistles of mobile gadgetry. It will have memory in the gigabyte range to hold past text messaging or emails. It can even be its own destination of a fixed hardware centric email address similar to an IP address. The camera function can be optional to send picture still images. Since a smart phone has the robust computing power to handle live video communication streaming or conferencing. A "Smart Pager" will do some things like a Smart Phone, but specialize in others that only a smart phone pays lip service (pun intended) to in practice.

Still keeping that above faux "Smart Pager" in mind a Qwerty keyboard can be inserted with a flip top. A hidden Qwerty panel underneath the one of the arrows for scrolling through text messaging, and the camera lens in the bottom corner of the device. The Qwerty keyboard can be fixed like in a "Blackberry" smart phone or virtual where the LCD screen elongates when the flip top lid is lifted.

The classic belt clip like the old 1990's beepers can persist in the Smart Pager era as well. Avoiding the need for a pouch or holster altogether in practice. The Smart Pager can also give this 1st generation of Smart Watches a run for its money and ease of use functionality. An unlimited smart phone data plan is now $50 US a month thanks to "T-Mobile" gutsy industry wide leadership. Otherwise Americans would still be paying triple that amount at $150 US a month. So a "Smart Pager" data unlimited plan could be priced less perhaps say $20 a month. Since it doesn't rely on telephone or video streaming like its smart phone hardware cousin.

You see the Smart Pager (Smart Beeper) could be the next gadget to take the world by storm. Companies in social media like Twitter could cross-promote the "Smart Pager" for their own Tweets. Or Instagram could use it for their still picture images for account users. Limited Internet connectivity with the Smart Pager versus full blown Internet surfing on a smart phone. A range of app's can be developed for such a mobile electronic hardware platform of the smart pager (smart beeper). It's time for a capitalist tech firm with vision to pursue this line of thought. Apple Inc. are you paying attention?

Thursday, February 12, 2015

"Jewels of Truth" Reading From Volumes 1 & 2 on Love and Lovers

Hello All Lovers of Life,

Welcome all my new readers to this St. Valentine holiday special entry. With a hearty thank you for my long standing readers that enjoy my inspired vocation in life.

Today I thought I would do something special instead of sharing one solitary statement from my recent spiritual wisdom writings. I was thinking why not offer several statements from both of my published volumes of the "Jewels of Truth" series. To wet our appetites for passions in life be it a person or a chosen expression of the object of our greatest love in life. I'll start off with excerpts from Volume 1 the "Jewels of Truth: A Soul Odyssey Within" with the topics of Love & Lovers. Followed by Volume 2  the "Jewels of Truth: The Wayfarer of the Soul" with the identical topics of Love & Lovers. Let me know which volume you like best in the series be it the first or the latter second volume.

Do enjoy the material and may it inspire your poetic love life with that special someone closest to you. Namaste.



When you truly encounter someone that will be your future lover on this Earth. And your eyes gaze into each other your souls are remembering what was, and by your sacred permission on a mutual basis what will be once more. Building that former relationship where you both last left off in total celestial bliss. Such is the taste of profound intimacy for an eternal soul that transcends beyond humanity, but to all other species of life.  


Love is the intoxication of God.
Absolute love; heals absolutely.
All tribulations fade when exposed to total Love.
Love is the softest balm any soul can feel, and the sweetest taste Life has to offer all.
The amount of love you can receive is the measure of love you can give.

Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Jewels of Truth: A Soul Odyssey Within, Volume 1 pg. 47 & 49



When two lovers gaze into each others star gazed eyes. Both Heaven and Earth pass away from their own combined reality. Where entire unspoken symphonies of absolute Love are exchanged to each other. As if a sacred serenade has become beholden in this blessed instant that occurs between them both. This and so much more intensity is the unconditional love God(dess) constantly exchanges throughout all life in Creation.

Unfortunately only a minority become intimate with this form of Divine Love in any given lifetime, although it is always open to all. That is why lovers always tread here in the bosom of God(dess). Or as it is best known as the "Garden of Eden". Amen.


Wherever your love is, so is your Heaven made manifest before your very eyes.
Love is the ultimate absolute magical force known for its benevolence throughout Creation. Amen.
To love fully and well, especially unconditionally. Is to usher forth the fragrance of heaven into your life. Heaven can be brought anywhere there is a lover of life. Like the glass blower creating a masterpiece. Love is shaped and formed by the purest of desires of a nurturing goodwill. Such a lovers grace for ones own divinity can invoke the "Will of Heaven" where glories will be established as needed. That is the power of "Heaven and Earth" in holy matrimony that has moved mountains across the ages of time forever more. Amen.

Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Jewels of Truth: The Wayfarer of the Soul, Volume 2 pg. 99, 100, 101

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Jewels of Truth Statement: "A Hug Is The Love of God Made Real"

Hello All,

Since we've entered the special month of Amor (Love) in all its beauty. Whether this is between lovers all throughout to family and friends alike in life. I wanted to set the tone for the first two "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statements of this month to reflect such a sentiment. The next statement will be following next week closer to "St. Valentine's Day".

A shout out to "Psychic Tee Gregory" that enjoys offering up Hugs to strangers, friends, and family alike.

Today's statement is #1858 in the series written originally in mid November of last year. On the topic of Hugs by how dear love is created instantly in such a tender and sincere embrace between two souls.




1858) When we hug another person in a warm embrace of affection. One of which where a sincerity of the inner spirit is revealed. We are remembering for an unconscious moment the "Will of God". As "Jesus the Christ" summarized it best to love your neighbor as you would love yourself. (Mark 12:31) In accomplishing such a feat you are indeed loving God with your spirits directly. With all your mind, heart, body, and finally soul in life. You are indeed validating the benevolent "Will of God(dess)" all around your midst. Creating a grace out of thin air as Christ himself multiplied the fishes, loaves of bread, and sanctified the sacred wine for the masses.

As we hug another being we reveal our deepest love with God for the recipient. We showcase our heart on our sleeves with intimacy for a moment. This truth is both good and beautiful in every regard. Love is created and shared instantly through a mutual heaven in and with each other. To create love is to create as God created reality as a whole. A divine love that is unconditional expressed intelligently for one and all souls. An inclusiveness that is glorious in nature leaving nothing or no one behind, but only promoting them further with a tender embrace. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.