Monday, January 16, 2017

Jewels of Truth Statement 2,394: "To Bless An Angel Is To Pray To God"

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Today's "Jewels of Truth" channeled angelic wisdom statement is generally on the topic of prayer itself. Most know that prayer, meditation, and contemplation opens up the heart of the worshipper of God. That the prayer when it relates to supplication as in asking for a positive change is only one facet of one's solemn faith in the world. There are just as many forms of prayer and what to pray for as there are stars above in our shared cosmos.

However, with this statement, I channeled yesterday on Sunday spins the topic of prayer in another direction altogether. Akin to a limited purvey of the Angelic intercessor as the heavenly messenger calling all authentic prayers as holy. Beyond what the issue of what the prayer may contain as either supplicating or thanksgiving in praising God with gladness. Towards the end of this missive, we get a brief highlight of our divinity coupled to a person's faith in action. I'll leave it there and I'll get right into the channeled statement via clairvoyant automatic writing.


2394) With every tender heartfelt prayer to God comes upon it the wings of the Angels caress. Holy messengers of not just the Host of Heaven as fellow spiritual beings but towards the Singularity of God(dess) itself in all directions in unison. With every supplication and thanksgiving prayer to God the Almighty. An Angel is instantly Blessed to be its courier across the heavens as the trajectory of its heavenly revelation. Not once or twice but constantly all prayers are holy because each initiator of the prayer represents a unique facet of God upon Creation. As like attracts like kind when an angel is blessed to be a courier to a prayer based on need, want, or thanksgiving. All of heaven fully rejoices instantly that a Child of God has called home in that divine instant.

Each prayer that fulfills the Majestic Will of God on this blue pearl of the Earth. In heaven, that finalized prayer as a completed supplication appears instantly at the ready as the whole truth given beautiful form. However, here on Earth due to the dilation of time moment by moment within eternity of the Now. All change takes its sweet time to come into its united zenith as an occurrence. Many are its factors from how unconditional is the loving faith of the seeker. To whom are any other stakeholders involved with an equal free will of their own in question.

Technically since all souls as reincarnated spirits each has the identical omnipresence of God in them. Then it rests upon the Child of God to suspend disbelief of the world to christen the prayer request here on the Earth. By this, we mean how mature is such a soul towards the pure and perfect awareness of its native divinity with God upon Creation? This matters for depending on his or her own human attitude the prayer request as a need or blessed want can arrive near instantly or take decades for it to appear in the world. All the while in the timeless dimension of paradise the prayer request has been fulfilled in its beautiful array as a living fact metaphysically. A compassionate non-judgemental inclusive unconditional faith matters more here in this instance without any form of disdain for oneself or anyone else. For all souls including the Angels, Fairies as guardian nature spirits, all the ancestors, and God are One as a unified Immaculate collective on a constant basis. Amen.                                                       ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 21 years of his life to the pursuit of clairvoyant automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels inspired conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 11 years plus online. Your welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.

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