Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Criminal Law Concept: Protection Against Rabid Press & Paparazzi

Hello All,

This concept of mine will be very controversial due to the unrestrained News Media in our country. Where ownership of media outlets is by a handful of monopoly owners in America. What I am proposing is a standardized Rules of Engagement that the Press and Paparazzi must adhere to when pursuing the people of their next news / gossip scoop. Where this will be written into the penal code for law enforcement here in the States. (hopefully at a Federal level one day to come) The reason for such criminal legislation is readily apparent that the news media can not police their behavior or conduct. Much less the lunatic paparazzi that have gone as far as to aid in the death of a beloved Princess Diana. If the Press and Paparazzi wish to be treated as Predators of the public good than so shall it be.

I'll break down into 3 Stages of civilized conduct where the Press can get their story with prior consent. Besides beat back the throngs of unchecked paparazzi that can cause harm or destruction of property far too easily.

Beginning at Stage 3 and working my way backwards:

Stage 3:

The "Press & Paparazzi" will conduct their business in a modified version of a Restraining Order as a new subjected penal code category. Where upon a hybrid modification of harassment and/or stalker laws will apply to the fullest extent of the law. Where criminal penalties can be anything from a felony to a misdemeanor with additional imposed fines.

Those who have committed a suspected criminal act and are suspects (persons of interest) will be treated as presumed innocent until proven guilty. There are unfortunate a plethora of examples that the Press have marred criminal suspects that were later proven innocent. Where the court of public opinion has demonized such people where the damage to their reputation is despicable. Be it in televised talk programs that give more sensational opinion that critical thought as an example.

The "Presumed Innocent Until Proven Guilty" will be expanded from the court system to our Press. Where witnesses or suspects will not be tainted causing a high profile court hearing moved to a new venue.

Additional penalties could be:

1) Being charged with interfering in an ongoing criminal investigation that will include irresponsible members of the press or paparazzi.

2) Stalking or Harassment of witnesses or persons of interest.

3) An imposed monetary fine to the News Agency from a direct employee of the firm. If not a direct fine to a free agent news reporter or member of the paparazzi.

4) Confiscation of equipment be it: cameras, audio microphones, up to impounding of a news vehicle. Be it a satellite truck or to personal transportation of the press or paparazzi.

Any news making equipment that is confiscated must be stored in a appropriate storage facility that is both secure and if necessary temperature controlled. Upon release of the equipment a fee must be paid for the upkeep of the storage facility costs. Otherwise the property will be considered as forfeited and will be auctioned off by the State in order to generate revenue.

A Red Zone system will be devised around a protected person be it their residence or work place. Including a set distance of protection while in transit when in a personal vehicle. For any criminal case witness or person of interest (suspect) the Press or Paparazzi seek out to cover as news worthy. A modified version of sexual predator penal code will be utilized for the allowable set distance.

A Red Zone will be treated as a "No Go Zone" of enforceable protections. Akin to a perimeter that no trespassers could cross or the squatters of news vehicles and their respective news crews.

Stage 2:

Will apply to public figures be they celebrities or politicians up to diplomats. Where similar restrictions will apply under the Stage 3 provisions. Except that for politicians or elected / appointed public officials of the State. Will continue to be monitored by the Press when on State grounds. (IE Congress, Governors Mansion, Fund Raisers, Banquets, etc...)

In terms of Paparazzi that may utilize cheap tactics of colliding with a celebrities personal vehicle. In order to facilitate a impromptu photo opportunity of an angered celebrity or their personal staff. It will be considered a Hit & Run criminal penalty whether it was accidental or an overt act.

Additional protections for those under Stage 2 will be when in transit. Be it for work related or personal leisure, such as: roadways, marine vessels, or aircraft. Including personal accommodations on resort / hotel property, or guest private property grounds. For ground vehicle transportation a set distance must always be adhered to when tailing a celebrity occupied vehicle. When a celebrity is on a yacht up to a cruise ship that any non-staff personal accommodations must be situated at a set distance. Celebrities such as authors or others yet still conducting a work related workshop on a cruise ship. Will have amended restrictions in order to interact with others as a form of prior consent. Celebrities or Politicians utilizing public air liners will also have a set distance of protection during transit. From unwanted persons in order to maintain their privacy, staff of course is excluded from such interactions. During a stay at a hotel / resort property a red zone restriction will also be in place. Besides if a celebrity or politician is staying in a guest residence of a friend or relative.

The only exception is if a agreed to form of consent disclosure is utilized to gain an exclusive interview or photo shoot. Where any employee or sub-contracted workers (including other guests of the news staff) personal cell / smart phones will be switched off. Where undisclosed hidden cameras or audio microphones will be forbidden.

Stage 1:

Will be anyone else that the news media outlets or paparazzi wish to pursue under news coverage. Similar to Stages 2 & 3 in a "Red Zone" of a personal residence, workplace, or in a personal vehicle whilst in transit.

Exclusions: Such as the use of personal sport vehicles of: ATV / Quads, Snow Mobiles, Bicycles, Roller Blades / Skate Boards, Wheel Chairs (hand powered or electric) are fair game to the paparazzi or the news makers. As long as a person of interest (suspect), witness, celebrity, politician, diplomat, common person is not in their aforementioned "Red Zone".

The United States needs a uniform version of a standardized set of protections from unwanted intrusions from the Press or Paparazzi media outlets. Otherwise our civil liberties will continue to be diminished and humane treatment of others will continue to be in decline.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jewels of Truth Quotations & Favorite Quotes of The Month

Hello All,

It's that time of the month again where during middle of the month I share another trio of original "Jewels of Truth" statements for the mind & soul.

Thank you for pondering them.


896) Our God is an absolute presence. So humanity may discover its own indwelling Divinity it has been blessed with by numerous faiths in our shared world. All such faiths based truly on an inclusive benevolence will lead back to the Holy Temple within your soul. Where God is awaiting us all continually throughout eternity with an unconditional abiding Love.

All faiths are relative in how they reach a state of being transcended from human form into the formless Spirit of God(dess) within all Life. Such an awareness will nourish all hearts and minds with a tranquility that surpasses the need for understanding why. It just is the Will of God. Be still and know this awareness of the Spirit of God(dess) within your being. And you to will find eternal life in abundance surrounding you constantly in both Divine and human form. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

897) All those that fight against something will only enhance it through resistance. Instead of fighting to prevail victorious one needs to step back away from the ego of perceived separation. To understand that to truly overcome a need one must either support or heal the opposite that is causing the initial conflict. If such a conflict is a circumstance than it is easier to transcend by supporting the competing factors that diminish the perceived wrong. However if a person(s) are the ones that are causing the havoc. One needs to find a compromise to mitigate the distress. If the other group or person is belligerent than abandon them to their own nonsense. And, do your best to resolve a situation without their input or involvement in the matter in question. This is the path to true resolution when dealing with competing factors. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

898) Those that seek righteousness through the ego will only find hardship. But for those who seek unconditional love in a moderated fashion will find abundance in a myriad of outlets upon them. Being right is not always the best use of truth. When having to be right and thus making others wrong. Is a trick of the human ego in finding superiority, no matter if it is illusionary by disguise. Compassion is the root of all healing of any truthful or perceived wrongs. Since compassion is of love and love an extension of truth itself.

Being loving instead of being right all the time. Lends itself to peace, and an abundant peace without the need of logic nor reason. This is the core path of being a peace maker and by extension the essence of a benevolent diplomat. Whereby acting as an ambassador of the supreme truth of God(dess) within all of us who are created in his/her own Image. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


You will never be commonplace if you are vigilant in love. ---Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity.

It is a huge danger to pretend that awful things do not happen. But you need enough hope to keep going. I am trying to make hope. Flowers grow out of darkness. ---Corita Kent.

If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought. ---Peace Pilgrim.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Games Industry Prediction: China Overtakes West In AAA MMO Games In 5-10 Yrs.

Hello All,

For some my prediction may not be one at all due to the plethora of MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game titles the Chinese are churning out each year. However in my opinion that's just an attempt to throw wet paper at the wall to see what sticks. From such a business strategy the Chinese will surely profit in 5 to 10 years time learning from the growing pains to follow. On how to: design, build, maintain, and hopefully prosper the MMO genre game market.

The past five to ten years the other Asian countries of Japan & South Korea will inadvertently open the door for the Chinese and Indian game developers. Allowing them to penetrate into the Western consumer pocketbooks. Notable success stories of Sony on the Japanese side if not other game companies such as Sega. Be it the video game console business or the MMO market with "Sony Online Entertainment". With South Korea's "NC Soft" in their line-up of MMO quality game titles.

Within the last five years or so Western game publishers have opened game studios be it in China or India respectively. Where the talent (labor) and costs of running a studio is cheap compared to the West. The quality of the staff is just as good if not superior in some respects. Consider the Chinese and Indian game studios are in the "training wheels period" learning what they can from their Western counter-parts. Expect all this to change within the next five years however as fledgling game developers start to launch in China & India.

One of the undercurrents I make such a prediction is the Chinese in particular will revolutionize group / population game dynamics and structures. The West has approached the player mentality of game design in a mindset of the rugged individualistic personal hero / heroine. The Chinese due to real factors of population densities in their country with a billion plus citizens. Will usher forth key group / niche game play for the masses in MMO game genre. The dynamics of such game design will be from the back end infrastructure down to how game play will effect groups of players in a structural form.

Already the Chinese game market has influenced the Western MMO market with the introduction of the F2P (Free to Play) business model. F2P in China was developed due to income restrictions and easy access to population density in the cities. The West's adoption hasn't been on the same grounds however as in the East. Here in North America it may have been because of the economic turmoil due to the "Great Recession". Although the transition has not been fully adopted offering a hold over voluntary game subscription business model. In order to garner access to better quality items and/or loot in game play. This is aside from the mirco-transaction item malls introduced as an e-commerce presence to the game in the F2P business model.

These 5 to 10 year range expect Chinese and Indian game developers to offer AAA MMO game titles to the West. The Indians will take they're cue from the Chinese in game design styles and methods in launching such enterprises. Such as the typical Chinese or Indian MMO game titles will be steeped in their own cultural mythology for themed game worlds. So expect High Fantasy themes as the easy bet until they mature in styles. Where they will offer other themes be it science-fiction or historical periods when they have planted their roots firmly into the Western game markets.