Friday, February 13, 2009

Comic Book Art Concept: "Live Action Picture Stills As A Comic Book"

Hello All,

Comic book's have been the pre-cursor to cartoons in America if not the world around us. Historically speaking they were invented around the 1930's during the Great Depression years. Where also "Superman" came as a beacon to audiences of that day needing a Hero during those trying times in America.

Believe it or not Hollywood has also realized this for nearly a decade now. Where high budget films based off of the Marvel or DC Comics universe of super heroes or villains has returned to awe and stun audiences alike.

My concept is to meld the comic book media with the sway of full color glossy picture stills. To follow in the foot steps of the current tradition of a comic book. But instead of hand drawn cartoon like graphics by great artists in their own right and generation. To insert full live action and real picture stills by a keen photographers eye. Of course if one is to mimic a Hollywood high budget film. One must include in the background scene CG (computer graphic) elements so as to spruce up the tale.

Such a "Live Action" comic book can include the same crop of famous celebrity talent that the current superhero films are famous for to date. The comic books can come printed in high glossy photo stock paper or come as an digital download or on a limited edition DVD series with numerous bonus features. (such as the production of the comic book, the behind the scenes footage, the history of such a story or how it was created.)

Once this medium of the "Next Generation" of Comic Books takes hold in popular culture. Than journalists can take hold of it in the old "Life Magazine" tradition. By depicting a story in photographic media to enlighten and educate audiences of all ages. Certain real world depictions can be a limited edition run covering the plight of the refugee victims in Dafur Sudan as an example. Where a portion of the retail proceeds goes to a charity be it the "United Nations" or whomever.

The "Live Action" picture stills comic book has a lot of potential to entertain as well as inform.

Intellectual Property Concept: A Remake of Disney's Mary Poppin's

Hello All,

Right now out of Disney's vault of classical media content they are selling for a limited time on DVD the original "Mary Poppin's" movie in all its splendor.

So my idea is for gosh heck why hasn't Disney remade Mary Poppin's for this current generation of children young and old alike? It has remade so many of it's movie classics before, but why not this one?

In the remake of "Mary Poppin's" I have two actresses in mind. "Natalie Portman" is the chief contender for the lead role, but if she is unavailable than select "Christine Knightley". Also a cameo role appearance of "Dick Van Dyke" is a must and without question nor doubt.

However this remake move of "Mary Poppin's" is just a lead in to the children's animated series of the "Little Mary Poppin's". Which can air on the Disney Cable TV channel for young audiences.

The "Little Mary Poppin's" animated cartoon series for children. Will follow Mary Poppin's when she was just a child. How she flowered to be such an adorable human being with such a fairy God Mother enchantment to us all.

The animated series will convey tales of morality that will be both entertaining to children and instructive. Showing us all the back story of how Mary Poppin's came to be and why she is so full of compassion and sweetness.

This is an excellent opportunity for Disney to pursue. If only if they're leadership and imagination permit it during this time and era we're in together.

Electronic Feature Concept: The "Smart DVR"

Hello All,

Right now I'm a subscriber through my cable TV service of the DVR (Digital Video Recorder). Which if your not aware as of yet records and pauses live television broadcasts. So you don't have to be glued to the network or cable broadcasters telecast schedule. Besides a nifty and to die for feature is to fast forward past TV commercials that are often time consuming if not all too repetitive.

My concept today is to make perhaps that next series of DVR devices to include a "Smart Feature". Which the dilemma today that after one schedules a program to be pre-recorded. That many of such broadcasted content runs over its allotted time on TV. Whether this is due to a special announcement on rare occasions or more commonly squeezing too many TV commercials into the program that is airing that day. What this causes is the program that has been recorded at its climatic finale is cut off at the very end. Since the channel guide which is where the television program is scheduled to be recorded by in hour. Is always exact and down to the top of the hour or half past the hour with hardly a diversion in-between.

So my concept of a "Smart DVR" will recognize inherently when such a TV program runs over its allotted scheduled TV time. Where it will continue to record smartly the extra 30 seconds to up to a full 2 minutes where necessary. When a TV broadcaster cheats the channel guide schedule and runs over into the next scheduled programs airing time.

Mostly likely this "Smart DVR" feature will be dumb. Where future DVR software will just automatically add the additional recording time as needed per TV program. When in a future generation that digital detection software improves and catches an over run Tv program. It will kindly continue to record down to the very second that the Tv program truly ceases to be.

That is my desire from DVR developers to instill in these future devices yet to come into our homes or elsewhere.

Jewels of Truth Quotations & Favorite Quotes of The Month

Hello All,

What seems to be a monthly occasion for myself on my humble blog site. Here is another three original never before seen spiritual wisdom quotations written by yours truly. May you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Be well.


849) Those of us that proclaim that life isn't fair. Is very correct, because creation isn't based upon fairness. It is however paradoxically based upon "Love and Fear" in totality. So which aspect of creation do you wish or intend to focus upon? ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

850) Our beloved Creator gave breath to all that was, is, and will be again. In doing so with such an unconditional and total intent of love. That all other hardships of mortality cease to be the case. Our maker of all that is life imbued his / her own essence as both the living creator and the created being. In one full loop of the circle of life the Holy Spirit permeates totality. Never far away but always beyond cursory recognition of a mortals perception. What is not seen, is than felt as an ever evolving relationship with all that is. An Infinite bond that can not be undone nor forgotten amongst his / her own creations of the Beloved. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

851) Art is the greatest expression of the creative soul within all that is and will be. Art is a reflection of what is felt or what is being sought after in one's heart or mind. Art can be of beauty, and its works can appear beautiful to the beholder. However art isn't pinned down only to reflect the beauty in nature or the human condition. Art can be political in nature if so desired, to various degrees of success or failure in generations yet to be, which will be its inheritors. Art is our reflection of ourselves in how we choose to depict ourselves by truth or falsehood. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


You have lived well if something of your influence survives to inspire others to live well. ---Ralph Lee Goodman.

Do all you can with what you have, in the time you have, in the place you are. ---Nkosi Johnson. (12 yr. old Boy living with AIDS.)

The best way to predict the future is to invent it. ---Alan Kay.

Each minute of life should be a Divine quest. ---Paramahansa Yogananda.

Reality is permeated, indeed flooded with divine creativity, nourishment, and care. ---Marcus J. Borg. "Conflict, Holiness, and Politics."