Thursday, October 27, 2022

Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on the "Yes" of God & Co-Creation


Hello All,

After so many days of being in my own Leo mannerisms of Drama. I've finally managed to focus and share a couple of Jewels of Truth Statements channeled by the angels within. The beginning of this month of October was crazy since I live in the unincorporated county of Sarasota, Florida. Thankfully, for the northern portion that wasn't cratered by Hurricane Ian most recently. I'm all right, just frazzled and thankful I came out of it like a fortunate prince. 

Today's duo of channeled angelic statements is a precursor to my March 30th, 2022 entry here at Atrayo's Oracle main blog site. Regarding how to manifest wishes and dreams metaphysically as taught to me by the angels via trial and error. (ie self-awareness and discovery) Those topics were Prosperity Dynamo & Positive Ping Wish Fulfillment as a formulary channeled by the angel.

Our topics for today are the "Yes" of God Co-Creation which delves into the metaphysical why's before you ever start wishing and visualizing what you want out of life earnestly. Years ago I saw a brief video clip by fellow automatic writer Neale Donald Walsh. Citing that God only says Yes consciously and subconsciously to our every whim whether good or bad. Meaning when our negative nancy mind of the inner critic obsesses about this that or the other trivial stupidity. If we marinate into it sufficiently it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of negativity orchestrated into our personal lives by happenstance. 

We are the Co-Captains of the Fate of our lives with the Divine afterlife by Free Will. If we free will negativity into our lives by neglect then God says "Yes" my son or daughter I'll give you more of that undisciplined request. The opposite is also true if you marinate on something positive with a disciplined focused mindset. Then wonders will never cease as a blessed cause and effect self-treatment by our higher mindfulness on life itself. 

So consider me as the mad scientist experimenting on myself metaphysically in conjunction with my heavenly-loving angelic host. Watching intimately with constructive encouragement on how it is evolving overall furnishing me with a channeled statement as a breadcrumb trail of a reward. 

These two topics of the "Yes" of God & Co-Creation are the working theory before one gets to the Prosperity Dynamo of building up your auric spirit body with metaphysical strength. Followed by the Positive Ping Wish Fulfillment as the follow-through swings in your mind's eye as the practice itself. 

Without further adieu may these two metaphysical prosperity consciousness topics work for you. As they have already worked for me multiple times from small to large needs and wants in my personal life to date. 

The "Yes" of God:

3183) The only candid response truly God gives to his esteemed marvelous infinite children reborn upon the cosmos sincerely is "Yes". A forever neutral response laden with endless connotations. As God begets more of everything as its macro expressive Supreme Perfection unto Creation itself. God will not deny a genuine response as a supplication from any one soul in Paradise and/or destined for paradise from Creation as Heaven on Earth. 

However, we as humans assume that our asking is in our spoken tongue of this physically audible earth. Not so it is not how we ask with our human mother lingual tongues and bodily expressions that God listens most profoundly. To each of our supplicated requests in prayers, meditations, and contemplations. 

It is a further omniscient request from us that borders on the subliminal echoes of our minds and hearts. By how we each feel and wish most deeply in thought from life itself. If our attitude says one thing by our aspirational mentalities and our emotions say another. Then God follows through on our primordial emotions foremost coupled together with our mirrored unconscious thoughts second. 

Our conscious self-awareness can be a chatterbox of contradictions via the ego animal brain that is often undisciplined. So God only listens to our murmurs as the ever-vigilant stillness within our spirit (auric) bodies instead. We always magnetize to us what we focus on negatively and positively the most in our solemn lives. 

If we live as people with undisciplined mindsets with emotional upheavals about ourselves and each other with the inner critic. Then that is what we are truly asking for unconsciously akin to a knee-jerk reaction negatively about the circumstances of our lives. What we marinate as truly and falsely in our subjective and objective psychological conditioning unconsciously is our programmed pilot light within. If we have garbage in our minds and hearts as contradictions and falsehoods given to us by loved ones, friends, and the world at large. 

Then we are the culprits of a chaotic circle of life swirling around us until we find the holy middle ground with Inner compassion for ourselves first shared with God intimately. This is how the Holy Spirit of God ease drops on our spirit/auric bodies forever whether as people or as ghosts in the afterlife. 

Our responsible task is to clean up our inner world of the mind and heart with inclusive compassion and self-forgiveness for past and present traumas experienced in the world. To declutter the garbage and demagnetize the old programming subconsciously we may falsely harbor about ourselves and the world at large with hostile bias. So we can reset our human psyche in order not just to overcome the world. But, to automatically overcome ourselves first even if it is partially accomplished halfway is much better than not at all. 

That form of genuine goodwill gesture will be seen and realized by God(dess) and our sacred angelic host. Of the Heavenly Ancestors within akin to a signal flare shot for the sake of mercy and joy with thankful relief. For having wrestled with our inhumane animal nature and turning a positive corner hopefully for all that we love dearly in the world including ourselves. It takes courage and conviction to take responsibility for our dysfunctional unconscious mentality within. The reward is eternal grace echoed into our lives in almost perfect union with the Heavenly Host where blessed wonders are only the beautiful beginning. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Part One Co-Creation:

3190) In all of Creation there are three primary echoes as imprints for all conscious living beings as a summary explanation. These imprints facilitate survival mechanisms of continuity of existence out into your starry cosmos. 

They are simply as follows primal emotions as feelings, intelligence as thoughts, and finally voice for auditory or verbal self-communicative expressions. All these three are the identical mechanism of a faculty of expression but under the auspicious core bottleneck of function. Meaning the deepest layer is primordial emotions as raw feelings followed by the epidermis of intelligent rational thoughts and finally the dermis of socialized communication. All three are One and the same but at differing latitudes of self-expression of the individual and collective being of a person and a community of souls. 

These three modalities are branches of the identical tree trunk of the person each approximating significance. Each is uniquely present with your own signature individualized imprints of your sacred nativist spirit body as a soulful person. This bears repeating so as to dispel any misunderstanding down the line of this treatise of this prosperity consciousness explanation to be. 

Each branch of feeling, thinking, and verbal expression is a selective wavelength where all three can meld together as One. Whether it is in beautiful harmonies or discordant tragedies as chosen by the one who projects it outwards and ultimately inwards in spirit. To declare with such energies for lack of a better word to date as to pontificate via the metaphysical multiverse. 

These components of emotions, thoughts, and speech also echo profusely into the afterlife for those angels and other spirits as ghosts know where to look for such signaling. When you as a worshiper of God or some other entity lesser deity of the afterlife pray, meditates, or contemplates you are invoking/evoking upon the greater spiritual ethereal forces that be present forever. 

Regardless of what the messaging may be in fact it is flagged by the divine metaverse with sacred acknowledgments and heard wonderfully even before the worshipper utters their last word. For the Great Perfect Spirit of God(dess) has latched telepathically onto the worshipper with a warm embrace akin to a laser-targeting diode. 

Emotions as feelings are the simplest to decipher followed by your conveyed thoughts via the faculty of your mind and its backdrop of Imagination. The final modality or component is your well-intentioned speech which is the densest or heaviest of the three wavelengths to interact with the Holy Spirit. 

When any entity spirit as a human person or any other creature of the cosmos engages within the cosmos of Creation in the worship of the afterlife. Echoes begin to ensue akin to a cacophony of melodies where some are in harmony and others are out of tune. For example, someone asks for all his dearest devotion for more money and yet harbors low unproductive self-esteem issues that are negative. That Immediately cancels out the request for it is a song played out of tune proverbially speaking.

The next example is when the same request for more money is sought by a faithful worshipper with a better sense of self-worth in life. Albeit it isn't perfect but similar to a soprano acapella soloist sings their heart out with sublime harmonies as a prayer, meditation, or contemplation. All three wavelengths are in accord as One personal truth claiming their divine inheritance in the world and walaa! An orchestration of the heavenly angel's aid in such a request is being birthed into your personal life akin to midwives. 

So those that worry and fear unconditionally in an unconscious self-sabotaging manner have capsized their truth and moreover their request before God. There is very little balance much less psychological health needed with self-respect to carry out such a common universal need. God isn't tone deaf, he/she/it hears and knows all even before it infinitely happens across all realities. However, there is a system that when followed reveals the glory of God upon each faithful worshipper. Or not when it is disregarded as nonsense and superstition by those that live by appearances outside themselves and not by faith in the unseen ancient metaverse of the Great Supreme Mystery. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Part Two Co-Creation:

3190) Now with a candid response available to one that practices self-improvement in life holistically. Not as a passing bandwagon fad but one that sticks to it with convictions year in and year out. There is an inner universe of the Soul of God in each of you who love God unconditionally. The clairvoyant psychic spiritual arts aren't just for select destined individuals reborn as angels upon this Earth. They are the bread and butter for the interaction with the holiest realms of God Everlasting taken with compassion and never fear-based rationales.  

One such as this worshipper and practitioner of the divine inherited psychic arts believes and knows interaction with the afterlife is possible. Then the fear and awestruck nonsense are demystified altogether and the real work of your devotions to God and the angelic Heavenly host can continue. All needs and wants are orchestrated affairs as a timeline of events daisy chained like a string of pearls for every one human, creature, and ecology as Mother Nature herself as a macro planetary force. 

The Holy Spirit of God(dess) is the unseen catalyst of all perfect divinities regardless of religious or spiritual names ascribed to it/him/her. Similar to a magician one must develop a relationship over time hopefully for an entire lifetime akin to a worshipper with the spiritual arts and metaphysical sciences. To Invoke or Evoke positive changes in their localized environments for a greater communal good selflessly and as required selfishly. 

When the disciple is ready to learn whether by trusted elder peers or to be self-taught by their own cognition of experiences. Their projected feelings, thoughts, and spoken word must be compassionately policed from confusing fears as irrational chaos. This is when the spiritual seeker becomes a self-aware partner with the heavenly purely spiritual ancestral angelic host. To be humble enough to be taught the mystical arts with the stability of purpose and function out into the world.

To manipulate ethereal reality from the top down into your physical natural order of the world. Is to shift your cosmic perspective not to deny human scientific philosophies but to fulfill them with a deeper layer of greater pristine moral truths that transcend lifetimes and entire human civilizations. This is a grandiose tall order with the short-term selective winner takes all mentality of humanity. A conjunction of the practice of faith in God regardless of whatever tradition of spirit. The spiritual metaverse, psychic-mediumship-trance arts, and the high divine white magicks are the disciplines that have lasted eons for humanity philosophically. 

The soul searching of the why's is imperative for just to be the most powerful is a childish response. Albeit that can lead to self-destruction when you deny the grace of all other living souls around you in life. A noble heartfelt mindset is required if one wishes to be entreated by the heavenly angelic host of paradise. 

When the practitioner of such an altered state of continuing to develop personally with disciplined intent and experiences that are life-affirming. Then the rationale of a strong conviction evolves into place in order to Co-Create in the world with the spiritual ancestors of benevolence alone as your married dominion with God(dess). 

Your emotions, thoughts, and speech as in the tone of its content are like three laser beams all focused together into a singular glass lens for a force multiplier effect. When emotions with visualized thoughts via the backdrop of your Imagination as a faculty attribute of the mind is seized. With positive constructive short and sweet affirmations that cement your emotions and thoughts together. You are calling upon the Divine Law of the Rule of 3 as your witness before God and the Heavens for a positive yield as your harvest in the world. 

The visualized wishes for thoughts aren't a marathon of over ten minutes or more in time. It is a ping of a quickie lasting mere seconds (up to 15 seconds) and released unconditionally once you have a robust picture in your mind's eye. This means every time your unconscious mind begins to worry and fear with the self-sabotage treatment of your inner animal brain critic. You do the opposite and recall one singular positive emotion as your marinated spice with your robust picture of a visualized wish. Of up to 15 seconds and then release it back to God in the Holy ethers. 

Doing said exercise every time you begin to self-sabotage with worry up to a dozen or more times a day. Your positive emotions, thoughts, and affirmative speech are the three laser beams all focused together as one wavelength. Via the glass lens of your auric spirit body as a force multiplier effect of God in you as a mini-co-creator. You are the broadcast tower or cell tower of your wishes out into the universe and the afterlife. You must police your waveband spectrum versus having subliminal negative chaotic emotions and thoughts about yourself and your personal worldview. 

You are a custodial presence of the Holy Spirit of God with the angels, fairies of heavenly grace, and creature spirits of this world as the elders of their own heavenly kind. It takes a universe of souls or a well of souls to come together all as One Image and Likeness of the Creator God(dess) Absolutely. The more we tear this world apart like childish tantrums or supremacy of the ego. The more we co-create Hell on Earth. The choice is ultimately yours as individuals reborn as the entities of God from another Heaven if you Will It? Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 27 plus years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic Heavenly host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 17 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.