Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jewels of Truth Statements & Favorite Quotes of The Month

Hello All,

It is that time of the month where I'll share a trio of all original spiritual wisdom statements I call the "Jewels of Truth" series. This month's trio of entries were first penned back in late June 2009 on the topics of: Mortality, Environmental, and Being True. All of these statements are meant to be introspective with a universal theme to challenge our assumptions of ourselves and the world at large.

The show must go on as they say, so without a further adieu may you enjoy and have your thoughts provoked in a positive manner.

Be well.


963) Breathing is for mortals that tarry for a time and than as a visitor depart as a guest to this Earth of ours. We as human beings are not long lasting on this world we have inherited from our fore fathers. What we are if we choose wisely to be is our only concern for a time. No longer than that shall we be afforded such a gift of life. We can live if we are brave enough to do so, or we can exist by not choosing at all. Our mortality is a gift from our creator that we relish for a time until we age into our twilight years becoming greatly infirmed. Than we carry our mortality around us in our elder years as if it were a bane of misfortune. Longing to either "Live Again" or hoping for a near painless passing at the hour of our demise, for a breath is all we ever had to ourselves. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

964)  Our world our precious Earth ever so fragile and yet an ancient world of four billion years time sustaining life in its biosphere. We as humans often can't comprehend the immense age of a world of four billion years plus. So we treat our precious planet as if it were a juvenile much like how we treat ourselves as a species.Something to be governed, managed, and if necessary exploited for its resources or its advantages that the world can afford us. Paying very little mind to the natural balance by means of ecosystems with which we are associated with entirely. That we can not subjugate becomes mistreated with our negligence for having no inherit value at such a time.

We often would rather break an ecosystem first before we become alarmed enough to rebuild it into a greater whole. Lost in the translation are many of the original pieces which we must substitute over time to maintain harmony with mother nature. Our demeanor with nature is schizophrenic for what we can not control becomes an affront to our senses. Until such a time natural systems become too chaotic than we by a sense of turmoil finally act for the welfare of the whole. Must we always as a people respond to only calamities of our own making.  By not being pro-active enough to safeguard this splendid ancient world of ours to a fuller glory.

Not until we suffer collectively as a species after untold lives will be lost. Will we begin to value our role as self proclaimed stewards of the environment. Where our mutual hubris and political paralysis will give way to thoughtful actions for the greater good of the many. Until that time dawns on our global civilization I thank you those of whom are the fore runners remembering the fragile beauty of our vulnerable mother Earth. For without your courage and selfless actions the idiots of this world would leads us all into perdition.    ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

965) Understanding is not to know, but to listen is to understand with humility of thought. By knowing we are confident in our own thinking. Our thinking can often lead us astray by accident or on purpose. If we are to be true to ourselves than we shall be earnest in our conduct to our fellows.  Otherwise we are a shadow and not the inherit light of our own conviction. We become an embodiment of a personal lie an untruth of our own making that given time will fracture our psyche. That if fed with more lies will become an unruly child. Until that time like a problematic child a tantrum takes hold causing all things to come crashing down around us.

Do we choose rather to be whole and safeguarded by the truth of our own soulful being? Or think we can be sly enough to trick the world of our own selfish motivations until that time we would fool ourselves into a dark corner? We can not inflate our egos without causing unwanted consequences to run amok within our own lives. Be true to yourself, no one can force you to right outcomes, but yourself. It is your own power to keep yourself sane with the right intent. Travel the path of sincere actions that do no harm to yourself or others. Lest you steer yourself down the path of misfortune and become your own cautionary tale for all to avoid. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


Give all to love; obey thy heart. ---Ralph Waldo Emerson.

I've grown certain that the root of all fear is that we've been forced to deny who we are. ---Frances Moore Lappe.

Success isn't how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started. ---Unknown.

While we cry ourselves to sleep, gratitude waits patiently to console and reassure us; there is a landscape larger than the one we can see. ---Sarah Ban Breathnach.

Everywhere you stumble, your treasure lies. ---Norman Lear. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Small Business Commerce Legislation Concept: "Bricks & Mortar Internet Commerce Relief Act"

Hello All,

It's that time of the month where I share a novel solution as I for see in having a creative based positive impact on society as a whole. This month's idea is regarding how Internet retailers that withhold paying local sales taxes. How this trend is troubling small to mid sized businesses in America within your own locality. Those small businesses that can not compete with major brand franchised locations nationally with E-Commerce websites. Eventually succumb and close their doors for good. Where the next "Walmart" or other wonder child of a mega retailer is cut down before ever reaching their prime in commerce.

Just recently the State of Colorado sued the famous department store of all your wares of the online retailer of "Amazon". The State of Colorado was seeking retail sales tax dollars that its citizens purchased via Well "Amazon" rightly so won the case against the State of Colorado because "Amazon" has no physical presence within that State.

Here's the article dated April 5th of this year courtesy of "Amazon Beats State of Colorado Collecting Sales Tax"

My concept will require those States within our Union to enact commerce driven legislation for small to mid-sized businesses within a regional locality. That will protect them from a loss of retail customers that are only flocking to Internet E-Commerce web retailers. At least only those Internet retailers that are native to the shores of the United States nationally speaking. Anything that is beyond Internationally will not be covered, its up in the air if Canada could be a party or factor of online retailers?

What I'm proposing is a tax credit but with restrictions so as not to have perpetual tax credits with no end in sight for small to mid sized local businesses. We've had Internet E-commerce for less of a generations time say about 20 years time. In those 2 decades or so all that E-Commerce has hardly ever paid any local sales taxes to a State. Yes, E-Commerce sites are voluntarily obliged to pay sales taxes to a State. However only a few good corporate actors have ever done so, the rest are skirting such a national responsibility. In my opinion unless the culture or the political will ever changes it will take an "Act of God" for E-Commerce websites to ever pay sales taxes in America.

 This tax credit for small to mid sized businesses will not apply to national or regional franchised locations. It will not apply to: Restaurants, Convenience Stores, Super Markets or Bodegas, Gasoline Stations, and Health Care Providers. The reason being these are all local commerce needs that could not be superseded by Internet Commerce retail sales. Who do you know for instance purchases a restaurant meal online? Those carry out specials from a national franchised pizza parlor do not count for this tax credit for small to mid sized businesses.

These are the retailer sectors that are covered for small to mid-sized businesses: Computer / Electronic shops, Local Automobile to Recreational Vehicle Dealerships (including Marine Vessels), Furniture Stores, Misc. Gift Shops, Clothing / Boutique Stores, Mattress Stores, Hobby Stores, Auto Parts Stores, Music Stores (Album sales to Musical Instruments), Cosmetics Stores, Jewelry Stores, Camping / Sporting Goods Stores, Florists, Book Stores, Hardware Stores, Travel Agencies, and Office Supply Stores. Those are the bulk of local retailer sectors that are covered by this proposed commerce legislation of a tax credit for small to mid-sized businesses. Only those retailers that deal in "Point of Sale" commerce with customers. Business to business establishments even if they are small to mid sized businesses are omitted from this concept.

Now to the meat of this proposed legislation to include these restrictions for local small to mid-sized retail businesses. The State with guidance from the private sector most likely by a joint committee or series of workshops with legislator staff. Will set up fair benchmarks for each year by sector of retailer commerce be it for example clothing stores to jewelry stores. As noted above in permissible local retailer sectors of commerce.  Every local small to mid-sized retailer must apply to the State every fiscal quarter. With their net sales documented following the proper application forms and supporting evidence to the State division of Commerce agency. Those local establishments that qualify for the tax credit which will be devised in partnership with the private sector and the State. Will receive this one leg of support in regards to the pressures encountered of losing local customers to national Internet E-commerce retailers.

The next leg of this three legged stool will be every of the approved local small to mid-sized retailer. Will each receive from the State a per-calendar year scheduled "3 Day Sales Tax Holiday" for their individual sector of retailer commerce. For example all local to regional small to mid-sized business furniture stores can receive a 3 day sales tax holiday in the month of April. To be devised in partnership with the State and the private sector be it a trade organization of furniture stores and such. Other sales tax 3 day holidays will be scheduled for local jewelry stores or any of the approved sectors covered in this legislation.

The third and final leg of this proposed "Bricks & Mortar Internet Commerce Relief Act" will have an added twist to it dove tailing back into the first leg of this tax incentives package. Just like big box national discount chains or supermarket stores provide their customers "Price Matching Guarantees". Any local retail customer that can show a published price that beats a locally advertised item for purchase in retail. Be it publicized in print or online showcased via a mobile device to the retailer establishment. Will be honored by the local small to mid-sized business retailer plus beat the price by 5%. Here's the twist those transactions must be documented by an approved form provided by the State. Where the retail customer signs the form stating they received such a price matching guarantee including the 5% price drop of said item(s). The retailer will take all those sales receipts and combine them into their fiscal quarter application to the State for their tax credit. As denoted above in the first leg of this incentives tax credit legislation. If the retailer qualifies for that fiscal quarter benchmark of net volume sales. Every listed price matched guaranteed offered plus the accompanying 5% price drop discount will be recouped as a bonus tax credit. So the 5% price drop discount on said price matched guaranteed item(s) in retail to the consumer will be passed onto the State.

This commerce legislation is meant to place a foundation of Fairness on top of the bedrock of our capitalism in America. Consider it a form of "Social Capitalism" providing a level playing field to local small to mid-sized retailers in our United States. Versus the Internet E-Commerce websites, be they standalone like or extensions of national franchised retailers (ie "The Gap" or "The Home Depot"). If ever our elected politicians rose to the occasion of forcing Internet Commerce sales tax collections as mandatory. Than this proposed piece of commerce legislation would become a moot point and be apt for repealing allowing it to sunset for good. Without such a form of fairness in commerce Americans will continue to lose the dream of a future success story. Walmart, was once a small business started by a Mr. Sam Walton. If he existed today as a small business he may have succumbed and be forced to close his doors for good before hitting his stride as a global success story.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Happy Good Friday & Easter!

Hello All,

For those of you who are Christians the start of the Spring season comes right on the heels of Easter. Recently I heard that prior to the 15th century in Christiandom that "New Years Day" was celebrated on the 1st day of Spring. I hope your religious or spiritual festivities of this years Easter and Lent period is remarkable for you.

I celebrate it by my gift of automatic writing listening to my oracle within which I consider to be my teaching and nurturing Angels. Often I channel via automatic writing the one thousand plus "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statements after these many years now. However from time to time I receive a Mystical message of profound meaning using my divine gifts.

Technically below will be spiritual wisdom statement #1244 for the eventual volume 4 of "Jewels of Truth". Under the topic of Easter, it may seem far fetched what I channeled via inspiration. At least it rings true to myself, I leave it at each readers discretion if it provides value and comfort to you this Easter 2012.

May you find it thought provoking and inspiring. Amen.

1244) During the festivities of Easter for all Christians throughout this world. As Christ is Savior for having rose again 3 days hence from this cruxification on the cross. One must recall as Christ himself was tempted by the devil Satan when he lived three times. So did Christ venture into hell after his ascension into Heaven.With the Angels of the "Holy Light" descended into the pits of Hell. To offer all damned fallen angels three chances of redemption. A legion negated the "Angels of God", lest a few whom repented and became one with the "Glory of God" once more in eternity.

For Christ he gave the devil Satan within hell three chances of redemption. And, Satan refused Christ all three times from becoming a risen angel once more. Thus the circle was made complete from temptation on this Earth from Satan to Christ. To three chances of forgiveness through the redemption from the "Love of God". From Christ to Satan the devil to rejoin the heavenly flock refused. We must remember the significance of those 3 days before the resurrection from the cross by Christ Jesus Lord and Master of all that is true and pure. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo