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Movie Concept: "Star Trek: The Return of V'Ger"

Hello All,

Taking some creative license of my own and before the next blockbuster Star Trek film comes out this Summer of 2012. I wanted to take a stab at the movie plot if I were granted the ability to create a Star Trek film of my own. This is what follows which if its any good I hope "Paramount Pictures" gets a whiff of it and gives proper attribution where its deserved.

This Star Trek movie concept follows up the 1979 first move release of the Star Trek franchise which was produced by "Gene Roddenberry"  the creator of the series. This very first theatrical release was called "Star Trek: The Motion Picture", whomever coined that sub title should be flogged in my opinion.  The plot of this movie was part romantic and metaphysical to a degree wrapped into the Star Trek envelope. With the returning cast of the Original Star Trek television series from the late 1960's. The premise is this strange alien cloud entity is fast approaching Earth itself. Having obliterated three Klingon warships and a Starfleet monitoring station en route to Earth. During the film the next iteration of the Enterprise star ship is in dry dock. Captain Kirk of the original Tv series is now an Admiral and takes command from a Captain William Decker. That was promised this brand spanking new Starfleet Enterprise vessel. To say he's a bit miffed that he's superseded by the Admiral. When the Enterprise vessel confronts this alien cloud like moving nebula one of their bridge science officers named Illia is abducted. Where Spock takes over command as the chief science officer on board this new class of star ship the Enterprise. Shortly afterwards Illia returns part human and part as a probe of this mysterious alien cloud that is now called "V'Ger". The long story distilled is that "V'Ger" is actually the NASA Voyager 6 probe discovered by an unnamed alien race of living machines and souped up its own technology. Allowing it to continue its original mandate of finding out the meaning of life and to return back to its creators on Earth.

Well that's what "V'Ger" did to a tee although he trampled over the Klingon's and a Starfleet monitoring station to get back to Earth proper. Near the conclusion of the movie after Mr. Spock tries to mind meld with V'ger via an extra vehicular space walk or propulsion suit. V'Ger seeks to become one with his creator where the Illia probe was the now tragic love interest of Captain William Decker become consumed by V'Ger. Captain Decker bravely surrenders his life for the sake of Humanity and the Earth where he'll become assimilated into V'Ger itself. All the while the Illia human probe hybrid has flashback memories of her romance with Captain Decker. Literally the two Star Crossed lovers become one through an energy beam that goes into V'Ger. Rumbling occurs and Admiral Kirk and Spock high tail it away from V'Ger where it appears to being transformed. Once the Enterprise and her crew are at a safe distance away from V'Ger we see V'Ger ascend into another unknown dimension entirely.

It was always assumed "V'Ger" was on a one way trip never to return back to Earth. Since it fulfilled its original mission parameters and its moving onward of its own volition. Well my movie concept of this sequel of "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" is to retain the original properties of metaphysics and a romance. However to add a sublime layer of analysis of our current times geo-politically within this Star Trek saga. This initial movie of Star Trek was set sometime within the 22nd century of humanities far flung future with the "Federation of Planets" under Starfleet command. Perhaps a golden age for humanity and its alien neighbors galactically speaking. My version of the "Star Trek: The Return of V'Ger" is set even deeper into the future that may not be even written by existing Star Trek lore or mythology. Let's just say its the 30th century a mere 800 years later and not even a thousand years has elapsed. (if current Star Trek lore has this covered "my bad" as in a timeline)

It's the 30th century the "Federation of Planets" has grown in size with numerous alien members. However it is clear the golden age of humanity and all galactic alien races is clearly in their distant past. At times Starfleet and the "Federation of Planets" are deemed more like an evil empire. Other times it seems that this union will splinter into fragments and become something far more menacing. This is a troubled age for all concerned, the non-aligned worlds want their own self determined liberty.

Eight centuries later another nebulous alien cloud is seen entering the Sol solar system of Earth. This era of Starfleet is more a cold war where all out galactic warfare is a matter of time, and not if it were to happen at all. The politics within the "Federation of Planets" is toxic much less the warring factions of non-aligned worlds willing to die for their own freedom. The encroachment of this fast moving nebulous cloud is first thought to be a secret weapon devised by the enemies of Starfleet. Since the seat of galactic power is on Earth itself. So the defending Starfleet armada moves to meet en mass to confront this alien nebulous cloud. Once the armada determines this is not a secret weapon from their enemies. All attempts to hail this alien cloud goes unanswered. So like an heavy fortified testosterone  militarized force decides to shoot first and ask questions later. Well as soon as the armada opens fire on the nebulous alien cloud it is consumed by the ghostly cloud. Afterwards all contact is lost with this armada and all within Sol and beyond tremble in fear. Not even space debris from wrecked vessels are to be found the armada itself is now a ghost fleet.  The fast moving cloud continues its vector to Earth, where many fear the entire planet of Earth will be consumed like that of the former armada.

Someone's light bulb goes off to see if in galactic history anything like this before has occurred and lo and behold they learn of V'Ger itself. Many lament if V'Ger was just defending itself and the protective Earth armada is gone they would've wished that V'Ger would finish them off. Since their galactic enemies of the non-aligned worlds will surely now besiege Earth returning it to its own Stone Age.

As V'Ger approaches Earth orbit any defending forces marshal themselves waiting for the next shoe to drop. An unauthorized beam is detected on the surface of the Starfleet Academy in San Francisco. A security detail is dispatched expecting a guerrilla commando attack force. What they encounter baffles them completely its Captain William Decker in full 22nd century garb Starfleet uniform. Before Decker can say a word the security detail shoots him with a stun ray and hauls him off like a sack of garbage. V'Ger, in Earth's orbit begins to exit the Sol solar system via a similar vector of which it first entered. Captain William Decker is interrogated by Starfleet capitol military police. Stating the last recollection he has was speaking to Admiral James T. Kirk and Spock before sacrificing himself with Illia. Being consumed into an energy beam of V'Ger's creation. Of course that doesn't go over well with the military police expecting a foul conspiracy to be had. Due to the toxic politics of the day of a potential all out galactic war being imminent. So they begin torturing William Decker for answers that are truthful by Decker but not of any satisfaction to Starfleet.

(Those that recall in the original Star Trek Tv series and the more recent Star Trek "Enterprise" Tv series with actor "Scott Bakula". That the parallel dimension of an evil empire consisting of Star Fleet was explored. So my movie concept of this potential version of Star Trek franchise has it occurring in a deeper period in its own future.)

During this exchange of several sessions of interrogation and torture by StarFleet capitol military police. William Decker starts to have memories surface of his love for Illia. Including what transpired after V'Ger ascended into another dimension of consciousness itself. At this time Decker starts to experience paranormal phenomena which he quickly surmises that V'Ger has altered him some how. During the interrogation sessions his prosecutors throw at him will they all become what Illia became as a human probe hybrid. Including demeaning the memory of Illia as a person and his own grasp on reality Decker starts to break down. During a torture session Decker recognizing his new godlike powers striking down like roaches his persecutors. Thunderbolts, telekensis of hurling personnel and equipment out of his way, walls and walkways being torn asunder as Decker makes his escape of the detention area. Whilst all hell is breaking loose within this prison we see combat personnel beaming into the vicinity to quell this escape from Decker. Decker angered from the torture does unspeakable acts against his chief tormentors. Along the way Decker frees other imprisoned political figures, rebels, and criminals within this prison facility.

Altogether Decker and the ones he rescues steal a nearby civilian transport and thus a motley crew and kinship is formed amongst them. As they all try to flee Earth's orbit Starfleet star fighters and a frigate is in hot pursuit. This civilian transport has no defensive weapons so its like hawks chasing down a butterfly. This pursuit seems doomed at the onset, however this transport does have warp drive capability. As star fighters close in on their vessel we see Decker fire with his mind bolts of light at them. Where utter destruction is assumed of these star fighters and yet these attack fighters could have easily been beamed to some other place and time. Once the warp drive is spooled up not knowing where they're going they desperately pick a random coordinate for a hyperspace jump.

(Countless times in the original Star Trek Tv series or that of Star Trek: The Next Generation we see alien species with demi-god like powers. Be it "Q" played by actor John Delancy in The Next Generation. Or the later to be discovered juvenile alien that forces the original series Enterprise crew to do acts against their will. If not the famous melee fight between Kirk and the savage lizard alien on a inhospitable world. Where the adjudicators of this fight are surprised by Kirk's compassion offering mercy to the savage alien lizard.)

We see our escapees enter a strange solar system that appears ancient. Where around one planet debris of a long ago space battle lays testimony of the carnage experienced. As soon as this motley bunch attempt to get their bearings space wise. We see the initial Star Fleet frigate jump into this very same random planetary system. Having trailed them through hyperspace still pursuing Decker and their former prisoners. This time however Decker is caught off guard after taking a nap during the hyperspace transit. The Star Fleet frigate wastes no time and opens fire on this stolen civilian transport. Decker is startled into awakening by the vessel being hit and is making an emergency landing or trying to on this ancient looking desert planet. This next scene we see the transport crashing into the dunes where many of the escapees are either dead or dying. William Decker himself doesn't have a scratch on him miraculously so, one of the fringe benefits of being an avatar or immortal. As Decker stumbles out of the transport he's overtaken by the eerie vista of this strange dusty desert world. Looking behind him he see's former comrades dying or dead within the fumes exiting this crashed transport. Waves of guilt run over him since he feels at fault for their demise in escaping Earth.

All of a sudden Decker approaches one of the dying crew members a human female political prisoner. He gets flashbacks of Illia, and without saying a word nor recognizing what he is doing. This dying woman starts to experience her fatal wounds being healed returning her to full health. Decker realizing what he's doing stops mid way of the healing, which the woman screams at him "you better finish what you started you bum". Where Decker smiles and continues with the intent of healing her completely. Decker continues going through all the fatally wounded escapees returning them to full health. On a dare one of the rogue criminals says to Decker why don't you resurrect the dead while you're at it. The criminal laughing it off, but Decker curious as to the extent of his new god like powers takes the challenge head on. To the amazing and sheer shock of the remaining crew Decker resurrects the dead crew members one by one. A sense of holy calm washes over them all where Decker seems to glow with an aura of strange origins.

As the intrepid vagabonds make their way from dune to dune in this endless sea of a desert planet. Hoping to find some sort of shelter from the heat and the winds picking up in velocity. Decker, see's a woman dressed in strange ceremonial clothing approaching him. Decker tells this to his followers but they mock him thinking it to be a mirage of heat stroke befalling him. When the female alien is upon them she tells Decker that she is a ghost a matriarch guardian of her long since dead people. That Decker's friends can not see her, only he can because of his powers. She tells Decker that they are all standing upon a long buried citadel complex of catacomb ruins. That if he were to part the sands of time burying this complex they may enter safely from this fast approaching desert storm. When Decker tells this to the motley bunch they think he's completely lost his mind. This is even after doing the miracles or other feats just hours before them in person. He tells them to stand aside and where the alien female ghost tells Decker to part the sands. He begins to do so freaking everyone out thinking they could at any moment be buried under these dunes themselves. To everyone's amazement once more they begin to see a stone doorway entrance to these ancient catacombs.

Upon opening the stone slabs of a set of doors Decker starts to light the torches along the underground route they're walking with his mind. When after a long walk they enter a center domed cathedral of sorts within this citadel of a plaza complex underground. At sections of the walls of this long lost shrine like stations of the cross for Christians. There are depictions of William Deckers life from birth to becoming a Captain in Star Fleet to his ascension into V'Ger and after his return to Earth. All the while this female alien ghost explains each section and the meaning of his life to her own people and what wisdom they gained from it. All sections are revealed to William Decker even his future and reuniting with Illia in complete human avatar form like himself. Some of the more criminal elements start to ferret through the ruins looking for valuable relics to plunder. Those that remain by Deckers side ask if he can give them the ability to see this ghost. Which he does and to their amazement they begin to see and understand her foreign language that is long since dead telepathically speaking to them.

When this ghostly matriarch finishes her explanation to Decker and those surrounding him. She says she has fulfilled her duty and it is her time to return to paradise. Decker, starts to quiver asking her to please stay awhile longer. She stated she's been waiting for him for over ten thousand years time. It is now her time to go after fulfilling her solemn promise as a custodian to her people's wisdom and prophecy. As the criminals turn looters return with their treasures in hand. They're startled to see the female ghost which looks right through them like they're not even there standing in front of her. This is when she begins her ascension to her own version of the heavenly afterlife. Everyone stares in awe during this sacred transition for this once proud matriarch guardian returning home back to her own God.

Moments later muffled voices are heard down the long underground passageways of a Star Fleet away team with a security detail. We see after the desert storm has passed the Frigate landed on the surface with several other smaller military space craft setting up a beach head command post in pursuit of Decker. This is when more kudos to the motley roguish crew out of their sheer cunning and cajones they find their way to the desert world surface. Via this alternate exit they sneak up and steal another space craft and again make their escape. All under the nose of this expeditionary pursuit force by having hijacking this vessel and throwing out its original crew. Meanwhile we see within the catacomb xeno archeologists piecing together the remnants of this long lost civilization. Where after coming upon this underground cathedral like vicinity they're equally startled to see the murals of William Decker's entire lifetime, including his future. Weeks go by and we are filled in on the entire report of the significance of this prophecy they encountered of William Decker. That he nor V'ger are the enemy to be feared that more likely they themselves are to be worried as in the future of the "Federation of Planets" have two potential climatic outcomes. One is to usher in a new golden age for the galaxy with a thousand years of peace or to bring about the utter apocalyptic ending for this galaxy. That they themselves are the enemy within, where by William Decker if he succeeds is to offer a chance to reform the "Federation of Planets" as a galaxy wide institution from within.

This is where the first cliff hanger of this movie closes on that note of a revelation to movie going audiences.

The rest of the back story is that throughout the movie we see Captain William Decker having recalled memory flashbacks of V'ger. Including of his past romance with Illia when she was fully human in the 22nd century. Decker, also during his escape begins having visions of Illia. Where he learns that he may have to wait a century or more as an immortal for the return of V'ger. Where V'ger will deposit Illia on the surface of Earth at some uncertain future time like with what occurred with him. Once reunited independent of if the galaxy enters a thousand years of peace or a galaxy wide Apocalypse. They are together to seek out the nexus which was described in a subsequent "Star Trek: Generations" 1994 movie release. In this movie Captain Jean Luc Picard found himself within the throes of the nexus. Besides stumbling into demoted Admiral into the rank of Captain James T. Kirk into his own version of nirvana. William Decker and Illia are to seek out the nexus and find their own version of peace as lovers for an eternity.

That's my treatise of a movie plot concept for another theatrical release of the Star Trek franchise. With my treatment for "Star Trek: The Return of V'Ger". Thank you for reading thus far and may you have enjoyed it.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Jewels of Truth Statements & Favorite Quotes of The Month

Hello All,

I hope many of you are enjoying the first days of the season of Spring. Which officially began last Tuesday of this week which is soon coming to a close. In a first for this blog of "Atrayo's Oracle" instead of sharing a solitary brand new "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement. That I have written from a pending Volume 4 of the series.  I'll share a trio of my most recent in the series numbered at #1,238 - 1,240 on the topics of: a Miracle, Purpose, and True Love. For those unaware of my spiritual wisdom writings yes I've written one thousand two hundred and forty statements so far and counting. Of which I have self-published in two volumes via as my publisher thus far "Jewels of Truth: A Soul Odyssey Within" and "Jewels of Truth: The Wayfarer of the Soul" to a number of 730 in total in paperback, e-book, Kindle, and Nook formats. (Links to my books are located to the right hand side column of this blog site under the Links section)

So as I often enjoy saying without a further adieu may you find this trio of spiritual wisdom statements inspiring and thought provoking.


1238) All miracles are of the one creator we call God(dess). There is only one miracle to have ever existed and as such we call this miracle God, the God of gods. No other truth can be as sweet as this to our souls, whether we be in Heaven or on this Earth right now. All miracles, blessings, good omens, good luck, and so forth are echoes of this one glorious first miracle we know as God. These divinely inspired echoes are a constant force for good that never began and shall never end, for any creation that is in totality. Knowing this sacred truth will set all free whom use it as a touch stone of grace itself. Be mindful of your intent held in a spiritual trust, for their is the power of a benevolent God at work here right now. Any intent less than pure, will be purified and made whole for all to witness. As heaven is certainly a possible reality on Earth for those with the conviction to find it. The eye of the needle is at hand for your salvation and the providence of the many. Amen.  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

1239)  Those of us who need a purpose so as to live a life worth living. Find first your eternal love in spirit. There once discovered your true love will set you free from the bondage of this Earth we impose on each other. With your love in hand walk gently towards your purpose which you shall co-create with God. Once you create your purpose, your purpose would have found you whole, and well rounded to move forward by numerous acts of grace. Events will transpire to reveal a conspired chain of synchronicities that shall unfold your inner splendor for all to recognize as heaven sent. Becoming not king, but ambassador to all that is true and noble. A knight like many that have come before and will follow in your own foot steps. Be well, for far more ageless souls need no purpose to live a worthy righteous life. All they need is to follow the divine code we all call the "Will of God" its chivalry is timeless. Amen.  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

1240)  A true love that is divine in nature by any soul that recognizes the truth as holy. Knows that a sublime love is not just found in another lover of God. But, also within the depth of their very own being transcending the illusion of being separate of our oneness in the "Holy Spirit". This is what many term as the inner temple or sanctuary where you and the creator are one in essence and as the substance of yourself right now. Know that this union no one can tear away from you. For any that try such an insane attempt do so at their own peril of being cast into the pits of a living hell.

Your truest love is of a sound mind, heart, and spirit as God is your custodian for an eternity. We are multidimensional souls living once more on this Earth. So as to be witness to this very age revealing itself before our mortal eyes. Be still lay your worries aside at the feet of the Lord God and walk in peace to each of your promised lands of the Heavens within your being. Amen.  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


Love makes labour light. Love alone gives value to all things. ---St. Teresa of Avila.

I made your name known to them, and I will make it known, so that the love with which you have loved me may be in them, and I in them. ---John 17:26

For I desire steadfast love and not sacrifice, the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings. ---Hosea 6:6

A sacred illness is one that educates us and alters us from the inside out, provides experiences and therefore knowledge that we could not possibly achieve in any other way. ---Deena Metzger.

And this is my prayer, that your love may overflow more and more with knowledge and full insight. ---Philippians 1:9

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Prayer Concept: "Five Easy Steps To Divine Prayer"

Hello All,

We are all divine spiritual creations in the Image and likeness of our creator. By whatever spiritual or religious significance we ascribe to in our personal devotion. This divine prayer is not the ultimate method to prayer, nor should it replace what is already working on your personal behalf. It is just one distilled simple conduit as a spiritual tool to unfolding the Holy potential in each of us. At our own pace, intent by thoughtful intent as it should be.

1) First, hold your intent in thought and within the theater of your Imagination. Whether your intent is a need, want, or simply to praise: God(dess), Allah, Higher Power, Christ, Moses, Mohammad, Buddha, Krishna, Ganesh, the Great Mystery, the Great White Buffalo, the Great Turtle, and so forth .....  It is all One, it is a holy intent with a sincerity to express the purity of your own divinity as an aspect of the god self within your soul or spiritual being.

The focused Intent must be held in the Altar of your inner Temple where you as a mortal and paradoxically a soul meet in a sacred silence. Explore your intent with a visual detail in your mind's eye. How does it make you feel? Anything not of God must be released and try again to hold a pure intent in a just and benevolent manner. A rule of thumb is whatever is in accord of the grand majestic "Will of God" is ok to supplicate for in your personal life right now. That it does no harm to you or your fellow family, friends, strangers, and especially enemies.

2) Second, "Be Still". By staying calm and with a inner poise that maintains your true center within your soul. Any anxiety encountered as resistance within your being. Must be lovely acknowledged and simply be surrendered. No fuss, no muss. Just keep it simple. Even if it is an emotion that causes suffering. Just be silent and still within your being.

3) Third, "Surrender" silently from within. Just let yourself go in the "Flow of Life". One can visualize in the "Mind's Eye" a voyage being taken down a powerful stream in one direction only. Any resistance is only temporary. If you resist as an instinct, teach yourself through a kind patience to "Let Go, and Let God". The practice of an inner surrender increases the more effort one puts into it overall. For many their human ego will brow beat them to thinking this step is foolishness. The greater the inner resistance to surrender peacefully from your ego. The more lubricious it seems to stand aside and surrender your mortal willful ego through an inner spiritual discipline.

4) Fourth, is to "Love Unconditionally". A true spiritual love without limits, but in only one which is to love all things in a balanced moderation. Such a moderation acknowledges our mortality that can only achieve excellence and not perfection. As people we are error prone, as souls in the Image and likeness of God we are perfect in Spirit. This is a silent paradox between the auric interface of our soul and human body.

A Love for all Life yet in moderation permits us to keep our peace of mind in this turbulent world.  To love unconditionally does not mean you are to allow yourselves to be abused at your own hands or that of another person. It is a grace full of wisdom that is the divine at work by the "Holy Spirit". Allow such a Godly Spirit to renew you from within. Feed you with strength, patience, and most of all joy to being alive right now.

5) Fifth, Be Grateful. Yes, be grateful for whatever you ask for in a spirit of humility. There is a dynamic living reality in Heaven as a spiritual law upheld by truth and compassion. As long as your prayer request is sincere without malice for anyone it becomes instantly anointed by the "Holy Spirit".

When your ego bothers you with impatience with a delay of your prayer request. Create a simple, but deeply meaningful personal affirmation as a tool to recall your peace of mind. Use such a affirmation of the divine truth as your shield from your ego that is weak. Prayers that supplicate a need or want must come. However in the meanwhile purify yourselves with an unconditional Love and Gratitude. Keeping a flexible mind and heart in the duration. Stay alert, your prayer request may come to you in an unassuming subtle and simple manner. Hardly ever with any notoriety. A prayer fulfilled always comes as good news or what appears as a strange surprising opportunity in disguise to act upon in that one moment. If you fail to act at first do not become alarmed. If at first you miss a chance for your prayer to be fulfilled another opportunity will come much like a message awaiting to be received.

This methodology to prayer will no doubt be welcomed to be uniquely customized to fit each and every spiritual seekers own needs. As s/he will see it best to worship with the divine in a space that is tranquil and soothing. Within the reality of our oneness through God. Use it in good health, for as "Ralph Waldo Emerson" once stated: "The first wealth is health". Amen.  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.