Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Prayer Concept: "Five Easy Steps To Divine Prayer"

Hello All,

We are all divine spiritual creations in the Image and likeness of our creator. By whatever spiritual or religious significance we ascribe to in our personal devotion. This divine prayer is not the ultimate method to prayer, nor should it replace what is already working on your personal behalf. It is just one distilled simple conduit as a spiritual tool to unfolding the Holy potential in each of us. At our own pace, intent by thoughtful intent as it should be.

1) First, hold your intent in thought and within the theater of your Imagination. Whether your intent is a need, want, or simply to praise: God(dess), Allah, Higher Power, Christ, Moses, Mohammad, Buddha, Krishna, Ganesh, the Great Mystery, the Great White Buffalo, the Great Turtle, and so forth .....  It is all One, it is a holy intent with a sincerity to express the purity of your own divinity as an aspect of the god self within your soul or spiritual being.

The focused Intent must be held in the Altar of your inner Temple where you as a mortal and paradoxically a soul meet in a sacred silence. Explore your intent with a visual detail in your mind's eye. How does it make you feel? Anything not of God must be released and try again to hold a pure intent in a just and benevolent manner. A rule of thumb is whatever is in accord of the grand majestic "Will of God" is ok to supplicate for in your personal life right now. That it does no harm to you or your fellow family, friends, strangers, and especially enemies.

2) Second, "Be Still". By staying calm and with a inner poise that maintains your true center within your soul. Any anxiety encountered as resistance within your being. Must be lovely acknowledged and simply be surrendered. No fuss, no muss. Just keep it simple. Even if it is an emotion that causes suffering. Just be silent and still within your being.

3) Third, "Surrender" silently from within. Just let yourself go in the "Flow of Life". One can visualize in the "Mind's Eye" a voyage being taken down a powerful stream in one direction only. Any resistance is only temporary. If you resist as an instinct, teach yourself through a kind patience to "Let Go, and Let God". The practice of an inner surrender increases the more effort one puts into it overall. For many their human ego will brow beat them to thinking this step is foolishness. The greater the inner resistance to surrender peacefully from your ego. The more lubricious it seems to stand aside and surrender your mortal willful ego through an inner spiritual discipline.

4) Fourth, is to "Love Unconditionally". A true spiritual love without limits, but in only one which is to love all things in a balanced moderation. Such a moderation acknowledges our mortality that can only achieve excellence and not perfection. As people we are error prone, as souls in the Image and likeness of God we are perfect in Spirit. This is a silent paradox between the auric interface of our soul and human body.

A Love for all Life yet in moderation permits us to keep our peace of mind in this turbulent world.  To love unconditionally does not mean you are to allow yourselves to be abused at your own hands or that of another person. It is a grace full of wisdom that is the divine at work by the "Holy Spirit". Allow such a Godly Spirit to renew you from within. Feed you with strength, patience, and most of all joy to being alive right now.

5) Fifth, Be Grateful. Yes, be grateful for whatever you ask for in a spirit of humility. There is a dynamic living reality in Heaven as a spiritual law upheld by truth and compassion. As long as your prayer request is sincere without malice for anyone it becomes instantly anointed by the "Holy Spirit".

When your ego bothers you with impatience with a delay of your prayer request. Create a simple, but deeply meaningful personal affirmation as a tool to recall your peace of mind. Use such a affirmation of the divine truth as your shield from your ego that is weak. Prayers that supplicate a need or want must come. However in the meanwhile purify yourselves with an unconditional Love and Gratitude. Keeping a flexible mind and heart in the duration. Stay alert, your prayer request may come to you in an unassuming subtle and simple manner. Hardly ever with any notoriety. A prayer fulfilled always comes as good news or what appears as a strange surprising opportunity in disguise to act upon in that one moment. If you fail to act at first do not become alarmed. If at first you miss a chance for your prayer to be fulfilled another opportunity will come much like a message awaiting to be received.

This methodology to prayer will no doubt be welcomed to be uniquely customized to fit each and every spiritual seekers own needs. As s/he will see it best to worship with the divine in a space that is tranquil and soothing. Within the reality of our oneness through God. Use it in good health, for as "Ralph Waldo Emerson" once stated: "The first wealth is health". Amen.  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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