Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Garment Industry Concept: Future Clothing Stores & Print On Demand Clothing

Hello All,

A few months ago I made a blog entry regarding the future vision I saw of an automated fast food restaurant with McDonald's as an example. Now I would like to present a probable future of a clothing store, lets say it's the "Gap" retail chain.

Picture customer body image scanners that are situated inside a clothing store. Looking something like a next generation body weight scale. But with laser scanners tracing an outline of your personal body proportions.

In this next generation clothing store there is very little if any generic clothing on the racks. All clothing of the future is fine tailored by these body scanners for your measurements. Due to the fact of "Print on Demand" clothing weavers that take your scanned body measurements and within a few minutes before your eyes makes your garment for you.

This "Print on Demand" clothing weaver isn't a typical present day horizontal machine. But one that is a vertical weaver and stitching of clothing swatches preloaded into the printer. Before it produces any clothing a instantly foam molded mannequin is created on the printer that represents your body shape. Be it a torso, legs, or a full body mannequin that can be later shredded by the machine to be recycled and used again on another future mannequin.

Once the clothing weaver has its model mannequin with your body shape and contours ready. It begins its precision guided rotations on the mannequin with robotic arms. That weave new garment pieces, if its a one piece garment. Or stitch's preloaded swatches of clothing together before your very eyes. In a circular clear shattered proof glass exterior within this vertical clothing weaver. The robotic arms can also do customer embroidery and also custom air jet dye painting of a piece of garment.

So a customer of the future in such a clothing store can be scanned by the body image scanners. Then before their very eyes witness a mannequin be created from recycled foam as their proxy. With the clothing weaved and created behind the circular glass enclosure as a sideline entertainment for a fascinated customer.

The customer before being scanned for their measurements chooses which apparel they want via a touch screen kiosk. Where they can browse the entire catalog of garments available. Or mix and match to create custom clothing on the spot with a marketing campaign of: "Be Your Own Fashion Designer".

This is what the future of apparel retailers can offer us all with immense selection coupled by cutting edge technology.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Game Design Concept: Npc Mob To Player Level Scaling

Hello All,

For those of you reading this blog entry I am an avid online gamer. Whom enjoys the past time of the MMO (massively multiplayer online) game genre. With all that stated I'll share and combine my other hobby of novel and visionary design aspects for creative solutions.

Currently in a MMORPG (role playing game) there are various stages of npc (non player character) entities that are driven by the game's AI (artificial intelligence). Where typically the npc mob (monster enemy creatures) are in various sets of level of difficulties in contrast to a themed arena of activity. When a player reaches this arena that is themed as a landmark pavilion of sorts. Often times the players level of achievement is often too low or too high in order to interact with said npc mob. This is why in the beginning stages of a player character development. The game designers create a series of themed landmark encounters that consist of a stylized chain of progression.

My idea is to scale the level of npc mob difficulty in conjunction to a player achievement level. So if a player starting themed area has a level one rat enemy npc mob encounter. It is often placed there for a similar player level range of 1-4 to be interacted with in a combat mode. Now taking my idea into consideration where for example a player of a superior level encounters this formerly level one rat. The npc mob scales itself to the range of player achievement level so as to increase re playability for a player in this formerly benign themed landmark.

So lets say a level 50 player wouldn't encounter a level 1 rat npc mob. But a rat npc mob of around a range of 47-50 difficulty level in contrast dynamically to the player level.

This will make former themed landmark game play arena's renewed in activity. For a player subscriber to a MMO game title. Hopefully extending the shelf life of the game's usage albeit adding increased difficulty. By removing tedious and boring area's that were formerly conquered already in game play.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Movies Presentation Concept: Movies Theaters Streamed Online

Hello All,

To date box office movie sales in the US are slumping with DVD sales and cable television pay per view and video on demand taking it's revenue share. Apple itself has debuted a Mac / PC Media hardware platform that allows video content to be streamed to a home Tv set calling it "Apple Tv". There is also the rental DVD market to be included like the Blockbuster and Netflix arch rivals duking it out to the top of the pack leader.

My concept is for bricks and mortar movie theater franchises to expand to the online arena. Not by downloaded movie's to a home computer or PC media center. But to be streamed via a proprietary media player that mimics a movie theater presentation in it's border frames and control console. Already Netflix has decided to host downloaded movies to it's customers, much like other companies like Cinema Now.

So if a movie theater chain like: Lowes, AMC, General Cinema, amongst others decides to showcase on their websites a streamed movie theater experience. That will undoubtedly increase their revenue streams outside from what they can only showcase in their bricks & mortar franchise locations. Much like the Blockbuster company trying to compete with Netflix in a recent advertising campaign. Showing the incentive of mailing DVD rentals to their customers whom they can drop off and rent more movies from their franchise locations.

Such is the case with movie theater companies opening a new front to online audiences in hosting streamed movie showcases. There of course can be cross-promotions to receiving discounts or other marketing pushes to buy the DVD version at a later point. If not merchandising of movie poster and other apparel and memorabilia sales with an e-commerce site by the movie chain's website.

This seems like a very novel expansion and logical next step for movie theater goers from the comfort of their home PC.

Jewels of Truth Quotations & Favorite Quotes Of The Day

Hello All,

I wanted to post a couple of days ago, but it seemed that numerous Google blogs were down due to a coding error. At this time with today's entry I'll only be submitting two new quotations I've authored. Since I need to ration them out for the ones that are the most recent to date.

Enjoy them.

781) Luck is grace manifested by one's very own divinity. It is an atonement to one's personal triumph for that intent. Luck is truly the expression of the sublime that binds us all together by blessings and miracles. Amen. ---Ivan / Atrayo.

782) Judgements against others are stones cast at its victims. Victims whom you may not always be privy to their full melo-drama. Do we desire to stone a living person as a group to death? I hope not, but we do this time and again by the avenues of the Spirit world. Our thoughts or judgements are like arrows of spirit based harm, shot at others soul through God's eternity. Such consequences we may not fully understand as solely physical entities. With such a centric view point of life and it's dealings. Lessen your harsh judgements and you lessen the poison you allow into your hearts each day in this mortal world of ours. Amen. ---Ivan / Atrayo.


If I'm content with a little, enough is as good as a feast. ---Isaace Bicker Staffe c.1735-1812.

Each of us is great insofar as we perceive and act on the Infinite possibilities which lie undiscovered and unrecognized about us. ---James Harvey Robinson.

In order for the light to shine so brightly, the dark must be present. ---Francis Bacon.