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Jewels of Truth Statements and Favorite Quotes of the Month of July

Hello All, 

Here is my favorite time of the month sharing a trio of inspired "Jewels of Truth" statements as channeled angelic wisdom. The topics for the last two can be heavy-duty at least mirroring the intense times we're all living under. 

Allow me to preface them briefly. The topic of Islamic Misogyny in part is how many Islamic nations globally, but not all thank God. (pardon the pun) Treat women like if they are in Medieval Europe and due to the recent Covid-19 viral scare cases of domestic abuse are on the rise. Be it on spouses and children as it was stated. The angels I always channel from are nameless as they have no ego in paradise. It's more important for them to be heard and considered than to be stuck on the cult of personality as we are on earth. 

The next dicey topic is on Forgiving God which can seem out of place for most. However, during these times the world over personal faiths are being tested due to the Corona Virus. Be it the direct impact of deaths of loved ones be they blood relatives or dear friends. The human condition is very frail and we are indeed mortal beings here today gone tomorrow. Sometimes unceremonially by a violent tragic manner versus natural causes as it were. This statement goes into this issue generally that it's ok to feel this but not to get stuck there permanently. 

The 1st statement shared today is rather benign compared to those two above. It's about this series in how to read the spiritual wisdom statements and what is on offer here at "Atrayo's Oracle" as a resource blog and website. Enjoy as always and may you each find solace and upliftment in your spiritual journeys upon our shared world. Amen. 

The Jewels of Truth Series:

2942) To be of the value you have offered the world endlessly dearest "Ivan the Atrayo". Is to offer the multitudes the "Jewels of Truth" selflessly without pretense as it stands. No fear lest for the wrongdoers that have plenty of regress they can pursue at their own discretions.

The Jewels of Truth series is an ongoing dialogue with the Heavenly Angelic Host now going 25 plus years strong. Accomplished as a labor of love via clairaudient psychic Inspirational automatic writing as a spiritual technique of dictated expression. Never has Ivan the co-author as it were had writer's block in such a time frame of said 25 plus years time as an outlet and devotion with God(dess). 

The series to date is closely nearing 4,000 statements as a voluminous discourse overall with the Angelic Host with wisdom, mysticism, and metaphysics for the ages now and the next society to come. Topics range from an A-Z format with 365 statements of various short lengths for the modern article Internet reader. Although 3 volumes have been self-published to date through iUniverse. There are an additional 7 manuscripts written but not compiled into book form as of yet. 

There are other offerings such as about 270 channeled angelic wisdom internet memes in the collection. Half of which are freely available on display via the Jewels of Truth website. Each is a gem in its own blessed rite of passage for the spiritual seeker within. Lastly, there is this 15 years long-running blog site of Atrayo's Oracle over at Google's Blogger service. Showcasing over 500 statements as nearly two volumes in length freely available for viewing by topic. 

Although the topics may appear to be redundant in scope at first glance. It is designed in an Intuitive manner to be universal in the essence of spirituality. Of a genuine introspective communion with the divine qualities of an all-inclusive compassionate stance. Offering upliftment, insights, empowerment, and so forth for the intersection of the human and divine being, of all life upon this Creation, we inhabit altogether as One Love Absolute known as God(dess). 

For the keen reader of the "Jewels of Truth" series as an observer and/or the deep listening one. Can gauge facets that are unique to each statement of spiritual wisdom. Even though topics repeat themselves in a purposeful circular fashion to exemplify the universal natural reality of the divine Great Mystery of God. It is to be gleaned like a jeweler which never views a precious stone only in one angle as a shimmering facet of beauty. The contemplative reader will also notice that Ivan at our behest jumps between 1st person and 3rd person perspectives in each statement. The accumulative end product is what is on presentation here for the souls of God of all eternal ages of maturity on the event horizon of the splendid and the ineffable. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Islamic Misogyny: 

2939) To the blessed children of Islam we the angels of Hafiz and Rumi do extol you to repent! From the manners of sexism that shames your divine beauty of God within your souls. As oppressors of the faith isn't the Will of Allah to unjustifiably mistreat the holy sisters of Eve. As you are duly aware of Adam the Great Forefather by eating of the forbidden fruit of the sacred tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Before the great inequity as the fall of humanity for the hubris of disobeying God the Almighty Lord.

Man and Woman were equals in spite of Eve being produced from Adam's left ribcage. As man and woman become of one flesh in marriage is a misnomer. Man and Woman became One Spirit exalted before God once more. Akin to the proverbial universal Ying and Yang oriental qualities of the eternal soul having a precious manner of self-realization in elegant beauty. 

To degrade your spiritual sisters the world over as 2nd class citizens, if not worse in other abhorrent nations where abuse runs rampant. Honors, not our Supreme God in Heaven but dishonors the united graces of sanctity by the living memories of the fatherly Adam and the motherly Eve within the Garden of Eden. For as God Forgives the Righteous greatly, he surely remembers the inequities of lesser men. Be they behaving poorly as tyrants and the fallen men of the Laws of God's Heaven on this Earth. 

For every man that oppresses his spiritual sister before God without dignity nor mercy. As God stands in absolute witness forevermore will meet an equal misery before death as karma within their solemn lifetimes. This is a basic universal divine law of cause and effect a form of justice few deserve clemency from experiencing. Even before the wailing dead are buried back into the mother's womb of this earth. Will the Son of Man be received as a bastard in the afterlife to give testimony to the angels for his inhumanity towards the woman on earth. 

To raise your hands with closed fists and closed hearts against the holiness of your spiritual sisters. Breaks the covenant of Islam one lash at a time for such a soul in question. For not even do honor killings meet permission to even exist. The political honor killing of a so-called family is already rotten to the core of the fruit Eve gave Adam ages ago. It fulfills not justice but sacrilege before God as Omniscient above all! Oppression of women and subsequent so-called honor killings makes men and their accomplices akin to disgraced souls before God the Supreme Adjudicator of the Fates.  

To oppress all other innocence in the world seeking joy-filled righteousness just to exist. Denotes a ruthless regime that worships not God in Heaven but the will of weak humanity in a hell of their own creation. This is more so the barbaric human ego of patriarchy at work disguised unevenly as faith by illegitimate powers that be in existence. A hellish trick by any other name that serves not God but the devils of the underworld instead. Reveals fallen angels disguised as cowardly men at large falling from grace before the very eyes of the world.  --- Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Forgiving God:

2893) When forgiveness is at its deepest in terms of personal introspection. It is here where self-denial of the flaws as personal faults are all laid bare before the Angels and the Almighty Spirit of God. Accountability with hopefully elegant transparency spiritually speaking is the path of a robust redemption at work upon this world.

However, for all its aims and purposes this world is a flawed mess of a civilization at the outset. Never was it completely fair and corruption runs rampant when adjudication of the better laws goes unenforced. Be this upon any nation on this Earth historically of the past, present tense, and the future societies to come. Humanity is error-prone by its animalistic barbarism versus the Holy Spirit of God in all your divine beating hearts of grace. 

To seek forgiveness of the self, loved ones, strangers, Institutions of the State, and truly if brave enough of your enemies. Is missing a wider macroscopic point that each of us are reincarnated unified spirits of a Living God(dess). Be it in his/her/its original Supreme Angelic template Image and Heavenly Likeness. Each having been reborn directly into an unfair to a corrupt meat grinder of a planet called Earth. 

We have been placed here as the reborn of grace on the uneven spoiled ground per se as the Infinite Souls of God(dess). Without our native spiritual countenance of recalling our exalted enlightened state before mortal birth within and as paradise itself. Having to fend for ourselves more or less a little above the beasts of the world hopefully, to say the least. Then of the angels as is our ritual divine exceptionalism of a birthright to claim as God's Inheritance for us all. 

Whether we have consented to this rebirth of the flesh of this world for a partially flawed lifetime as people or not. With our beautiful holy family of endless Souls of God helping us select our communal Master Plan. As our personalized missions by the Perfect Will of God as it stands eternally. We each have been purposely dealt a bad hand in human life some more than others by the angelic fates. No matter if we worship God or not by the contrasts of life and death under the auspices of binary evolutionary causations. 

We are squeezing our hearts and minds out upon the world at large to make a sweet batch of cosmic lemonade for God, the angels, and the populated heavens with our ancestors. So as we ask ourselves the pertinent faithful questions why or beg for forgiveness with mercy to the divine realities. Please know full and well we have been dealt an unjust hand by God's design as Divine Providence at work. 

This was mostly done to separate the children of God between the disciplined be they the righteous, benign, and the wicked as dominions of the afterlife. To reawaken or stir up the majestic Soul of God in each of us to cherish and value our siblings. Be they human, creatures of the world, and the archetypical forces of mother nature herself across Creation(s). All the while I say as "Ivan the Atrayo" without hubris we must also Forgive God(dess). With utmost sacred humility for placing us on this topsy turvy Earth here upon Infinity and now upon this epoch of eternity. Amen. --- Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Attending to life is an act of love. = Katie Rubinstein.

When the waves close over me, I dive down to fish for pearls. = Masha Kaleko.

Strive to be uncynical to be a hope-giving force, to be a steward of substance. = Maria Popova.

It is impossible to Intellectually understand the true nature of the divine without losing one's mind. = Sasha Graham.

Life can survive in the constant shadow of illness, and even rise to moments of rampant joy, but the shadow remains, and one has to make space for it. = Diane Ackerman.

What you are, the world is. And without your transformation, there can be no transformation of the world. = J. Krishnamurti.

Sometimes our light goes out but is blown again into instant flame by an encounter with another human being. Each of us owes the deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this inner light. = Dr. Albert Schweitzer.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 25 years of his life to the pursuit of clairvoyant Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 15 years plus online. Your welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly. 

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Jewels of Truth Statement on the Soul of God

Hello All,

Like many of us who are under self-proclaimed lockdown that has the privilege to do so whilst at home. The hazard of a slight case of mild depression and a touch of stir-crazy has set in currently. Now after 5 months of lockdown minus occasional walks in my neighborhood for sanity sake. 

In the meantime of living like a hermit in suburban seclusion, I have made a good effort. With additional sessions of automatic writing besides other psychic divination techniques whilst at home. Such as tarot and the use of the pendulum with my angelic family of guides, teachers, and guardians. 

Today's statement #2937 comes in around 4 pages longhand which is how I choose to channel the angels via inspirational psychic automatic writing. The topic is on the Soul of God and 75% reads beautifully until the aspects of the Totality of the Soul of God which includes all of the meta afterlife. Not just the select preferred heavens as a mystical conundrum from our very human binary perspective as unenlightened spiritual beings. This is just a heads-up since this point is controversial but makes sense in the Supreme Oneness Metaphysically of the Creator God at hand. 

As always in lieu of a full set of 3 "Jewels of Truth" statements I do each month at a minimum. I thought it best to drip out this topic on its own until I work up the motivation to share the other blessed topics. Like I cite each time even if the topic is too way out there as a mystical channeling. May it just please expand your inventory of ideas as a metaphysical extraordinary possibility. In the grand scheme of the divine realities as a segment of Infinity. Even if you refute it all together, thank you. Many Blessings. 

The Soul of God:

2937) To this we enjoy saying to your heart "Ivan the Atrayo" we are gladdened you have taken a bold step forward. In your metaphysical unfoldment as a divine channeler with your angelic being reborn upon this Earth of your present tense era of historical time. You have recalled truly a portion of your eternal divine inheritance that is universally eligible to any other person on earth that claims it rightly so in beautiful truth personally. 

That there is no fixed you and I as distinct spiritual entities at the grandest scope of the Divine Oneness through God(dess) Almighty. All blurs into an Immense potluck bowl of totality at the Meta Soul level of God. There is a divine law of paradox at work as a juxtaposition in sublime truth metaphysically speaking on an ethereal basis. That all spirits much like people, creatures, and archetypical natural forces like systems of the ecology of mother nature herself. All of them have distinct personalities as reincarnated spirit bodies with a respective astral aura as an energetic capsule of the lower self. The spirit bodies of all lifeforms times Infinity are of a meta-extension of what Christians call the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost of God. 

However, as this paradox continues under the identical breath of God(dess) metaphorically. There is no whatsoever division of Souls in the Infinite Plurality of the Oneness of God the Supreme All Original Almighty Creator on a spiritual macro basis. What this means that the human use of pronouns of he, she, and even it as showcasing the illusionary separation of people on earth doesn't exist on a soul level in the afterlife. The human syntax grammatical separation of pronouns only extends to the distinguished displayed presence spiritually of your minute spirit bodies with cherished personalities. 

What all this means is that there is zero personalization as to what you call your soul or that other person's soul when they have crossed over into the afterlife. What you call the Soul as a spiritual phenomenon is literally the only One Supreme Meta-Soul that God created for himself alone, period! When people declare that such and such a person is their soulmate or twin soul. It is a selective skewed result of a narrow exclusive mindset. Frankly, all of reality is your Soulmate through God Everlasting. The same goes for what is termed as the Over-Soul. The only oversoul is that of God in you and none other. However, all his/her off-spring as duplicate infinite spirits much like a commune share in the one Soul of God universally. The Soul spiritual phenomena isn't your private property even with the popular culture fallacy of selling your souls to a devil for favorite powers. That is pure hokum!

The Soul of God was created when the spiritual realities were being grafted into place by the Creator. What the Judean-Christian Bible calls the ancient greek Alpha and Omega of your universal Creation. God simply dumb downed his Supreme Totality into a costume of what you call the Soul in order to interact with all of the created spirit bodies.  

The beauty of the Infinite Soul of God is this that your soul is also the soul of Christos, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammad, any other angelic master of the Heavens. Be they the entire lot of Archangels, Seraphim, Angels, Saints, Prophets, Ancestors, etc... However, there is also the unpleasant realization of the eternal Totality of God as the Meta-Supreme Originally Enlightened Mystical Spiritual phenomena as your realities. Basically, as the maxim goes what is above, is also below as in limbo and hell as warped spiritual realities. One can not escape not even with nicety political correctness that All Souls As One in God Means All Souls Absolutely Without Relativism!  

That is you are united with the best Spirits of God as those avatars humanity has globally worshipped across your theological religious antiquity. Your Soul also double dips with the united Souls of Limbo or Purgatory spiritual realities and those of the despicable cursed hellish domains of God as pits of discord. Whenever a person hates and does fearful evil in the world they are channeling the non-local Omnipresence of God that co-habits Soul wise in Hell itself! The polar opposite is also thankfully true when a person acts in accord with the Perfect Pure Loving Will of God(dess). They are channeling the Heavenly realities of God and the Infinite Angels of benevolent paradises. 

So everyone that has judged wickedly despots of your history of Adolf Hitler of Germany, Joseph Stalin of Russia, Nero of Ancient Rome, Benito Mussolini of Italy, Fidel Castro of Cuba, Augusto Pinochet of Chile, Francisco Franco of Spain, Saddam Hussein of Iraq, etc... That ugly spiritual judgment has looped around through the Meta Soul of God in United Oneness and boomer ranged back to sender cursing yourselves. Instead of turning the other cheek as "Jesus the Christ" taught in your antiquity when in Judea as the Jewish Rabbi with unconditional love in action known as the living grace of God him/her self.

The Hindu faith tradition now over 5,000 years old has taught theologically that God has 3 faces. Although that is too simplistic for an Infinite Creator. Alas for the sake of this context the Creator Face of God is known as Brahma, the Great Sustainer of our reality is called Vishnu, and the enlightened Destroyer of realities is known as Shiva. Those 3 Hindi Faces of God make up the united Soul of God as all-inclusive for Creation and the afterlife completely of the endless Heavens, Limbo's as neutral zones, and Hells combined. 

We the Angelic Host as meta spiritual educators are repeating ourselves in this statement. So as to hammer this point home with simplicity for your readers in the decades and centuries to come. When the Great Jewish Semite Patriarch of Solomon commanded the Angels and Demons when utilizing High Kabbalistic Magicks. He commanded not the Soul as spiritual phenomena he commanded and utilized spirits of the angels and demons. For the Soul can never be commanded for that alone belongs to God as public communal property everlasting across all Creations and Infinite realities. Amen.  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 25 years of his life to the pursuit of clairvoyant Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 15 years plus online. Your welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.