Thursday, January 27, 2011

Travel Industry Concept: Gamer Vacation Packages

Hello All,

Gamers, as a demographic group of consumers globally probably spend at least tens of billions of dollars US. (conservative estimate on my part) Now when was the last time you've ever heard of a "Travel Agency" catering travel itineraries towards that of gamers of any age group? To my knowledge Zilch, Zip, Nada.

This concept is to spark the profit motives of travel agencies to get into gear in regards to vacation packages for gamers.

Down below I'm going to remark about three potential outlets that travel agencies can market gamer vacation packages.

1) Taking tour groups of gamers to a convention that is being held to either the general public. Or get this, access special permission where only industry professionals can attend IE "E3". And take a tour operator group of traveling gamers into the convention under some supervision.

Gamer convention destinations can be the common: Comic-Con, DragonCon, Quake Con, SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) Fan Faire, and Blizzards "World of Warcraft" Faire,. The professional industry conventions as I mentioned earlier "Electronic Entertainment Expo aka E3, GDC (Game Developer Conference), CES (Consumer Electronics Show), or an event at the Academy of Arts & Sciences. These later conventions are for the gamer that cares to really geek out on the game industry. In terms of workshops, lectures, summits, all to learn more technically about how games are made.

2) The second variant a tour operator could take with gamers is hosting exclusive LAN (Land Area Networks) akin to a tournament. Let's say an area of California is seeking to boost tourism. While besides catering to business conventions, or run of the mill tourists, they can also host exclusive well marketed "Gamer Tournaments". Or sponsor an existing famous convention slash tournament like that of "Quake Con". Where the gamer tourist can be loaned a preference to a basic computer rig for gaming or a souped up machine for a LAN event. Including a goody bag designed and provided to the tourist by the travel operator as a souvenir thank you gift for attending. Inside can be a run of the mill items from the sponsors of the LAN event. Much like how celebrities get goody bags at gala events. All admittance fee's, standard meals, and non-alcoholic beverages would be covered by the tour operator for the gamer tourist.

3) This last type of a gamer tourist is more destination driven in terms of the classic tourist. But themed for the gamer overall. Many tour operators take their tour groups to particular shops. Where the tour operator has mostly prearranged volume sales commissions with the shop owners. This can still be the case but with gamers and perhaps arrange discounts on purchases that can be found no where else for the gamer consumer. (since their commissions will be based on volume sales)

There can be tour groups also taken into a "Game Developer Studios or a Game Publisher's Premises". Where current games in development would be showcased. The tour operator can provide game developer or game title specific merchandising gifts to the attendants of the tour. Like T-Shirts, Baseball caps, Hoodies, etc... If a tour group at such a game developer or game publisher visits during a beta period of a particular game title. The gamer tourist can snag themselves an exclusive beta key invitation. Much like many do today when attending a game developer booth at a convention.

A gamer tourist can be shown the sites of popular cities just like the classic tourist. But also taken as a group to local franchised locations, such as: Game Works, Dave & Busters, Chucky Cheese (if kids are brought along), or Disney Quest. (if in Orlando FL.) Where again admittance fee's, standard meals, non-alcoholic beverages, and complimentary tokens are all covered by the tour operator. (additional tokens are at cost for the tourist) If such a location isn't desirable than a local gamer Internet Cafe with complimentary time is offered to the tourist. (anything above that is at cost for the tourist)

The destination travel sites like Florida or California would be great for guild or clan get together. Where many gamers are flying into one common location to meet for the first time and have a blast.

Those tour operators that host their own exclusive LAN events with corporate sponsorships. Could also host Augmented Reality treasure hunts provided by the sponsors. Similar to an "Easter Egg Hunt" but using portable gadgets. Supplied either by the tour operator or the sponsors as a loaner for the event.

I'm sure other potential activities could be devised by a tour operator catering to gamers. Be it power leveling, or "How To's" for a particular MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game title held as a workshop. Right along a gamer tourist attending a Blizzard or SOE annual convention. The only restriction is how enterprising can a travel agency be in marketing such vacation packages to gamers. I haven't even mentioned anything about cruise ships holding similar events just for gamers.

The sky is the limit for the tour operator. For the gamer tourist many splendid lifetime memories will certainly be created and cherished throughout the years to come.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Peace & Governance Concept: China Assimilates North Korea As A Protectorate Territory

Hello All,

I'm about to state a very unconventional proposed solution that the unstable State of North Korea poses to the world at large. In a move that will make the Chinese appear as either saviors or as a rising colonial power of the 21st century from the East.

Noting that the oldest known civilizations known to humanity besides that of Northern Africa or Asia Minor. Is also located in the East that being with present day China and India. China in particular was a super power many thousands of years ago. And, with the ascending of the East it will be once again. This is not an occurrence to be feared, since it can yield many wonderful opportunities for those of us in the West.

As the pendulum continues to swing back onto the East. Taking note that in the last 2 to 3 centuries the Western powers were known as the Colonial powers of the world. Which to this day Great Britain, France, and the United States all have territories far from their mainland nations. As the East becomes prominent in regards to China and India I foresee both nations becoming the new colonial powers, but from the East. Aiding unstable nations be it in Africa, the Middle East, or in Central and South America. This won't happen tomorrow, but it could potentially occur in the coming centuries.

With this assessment in hand at least as how I foresee it taking a cue from Human history. In order to diffuse the hostility coming from a very unstable North Korea. I propose for the Chinese to further reduce embarrassment from actions or saber rattling from North Korea. Where the tensions of South Korea if not the United States or the United Nations could fully escalate into another armed conflict with North Korea. That through negotiations the Chinese step in and Annex North Korea as its protectorate State. Basically becoming a Chinese territory, since China has had experience on a much smaller scale in terms to "Hong Kong". When the British handed its former territory back to China when its lease of Hong Kong had elapsed.

Although the Chinese will not be leasing North Korea as a territory. Besides any hopes for a Korean unification will be dashed completely for the South Koreans. It will spell an end to the troublesome armistice that ended the Korean conflict some 50 years earlier. Where the aggressions of North Korea will be muted entirely by the Chinese. The 6 party talks with North Korea will cease due to the fact that Chinese will assume complete supervision of the North Korean nuclear program.

If North Korea accepted itself as a Chinese Protectorate it will see itself in a new and stronger light. The present critical state of a North Korean economy will be merged into the overall Chinese economy. The adoption of the Chinese yuan as a currency will be assumed. China for its part will assume responsibility for the welfare and infrastructure needs of North Korea. By gradual benchmarks the North Korean military will be assimilated into the overall Chinese military forces as conscripts.

China in return will gain access to all North Korean mineral rights, maritime fisheries, and agriculture lands. Following the rulebook as to how China is already developing such commodity rich assets within Africa.

The North Korea president and ruling elites will become equal partners with the Chinese in governance of North Korea at all levels of government. The North Korean defacto monarchy will be recognized by the Chinese State. Where the monarchy will have a say in national and military policy with limited powers. As agreed to during the negotiations with the Chinese where they assumed a greater responsibility with North Korea as its protectorate.

The West be it the United States, European, and the United Nations. If not to a limited extent the South Koreans and the Japanese will have one former fear from North Korea assailed. Although a new fear to replace it in watching as to how the expansionism of China will be displayed. Where its military powers becoming even greater in absorbing the 4th greatest army in the world, that being of North Korea.

The West can not have its cake and eat it too, at least not at the same time. So with this fact stated an uneasy "Win / Win" scenario can be achieved. Where the North Korean threat becomes emasculated by the Chinese. Although with it the Chinese gaining its first major territorial block. By fulfilling its destiny as a colonial power from the East for the 21st century and beyond.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jewels of Truth Statements & Favorite Quotes of The Month

Hello All,

I hope your "New Year" festivities were pleasant and safe. I'm sorta late in posting this installment of "Jewels of Truth" due to taking a personal family trip to Miami, FL. It is just now I've caught up now to my old routine of activities.

Today's trio of all original spiritual wisdom statements are on the topics of: Appreciation, Will Power, and the "Will of God". Enjoy them, and your comments are always welcome.



921) Why do we crave for love and appreciation as souls?

We are more than a singular spiritual entity of God's making. When we combine our interests with other beings of a like mind and heart we truly become alive. We can transcend our mere mortal shells into a splendor that only God(dess) can offer us. We become one in a unified "Spirit of God" where such a harmony affords us the attributes of love and appreciation. In truth when we harmonize such qualities in ourselves and within others we become open vessels. Allowing our spirits to transcend the mundane into the sublime according to the "Will of God". Which constantly bathes our spirits in the rays of his glorious absolute Love. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

922) Where there is a will, there is always an avenue to succeed. Having a fortified will of perseverance allows a person to travel past naysayers and inner criticism. To a land of promise full of opportunity and bountiful growth to be seized and shared with many. The mother of invention grants good cheer to those who seek the fruit of their labors with an inner resolve of confidence.

Those who succumb to doubts and naysayers are broken before they have fully begun their own journey to promise and gratitude. Listen to your courage within your heart, ignore the doubts within your nagging mind of angst. Be wary of the criticism of naysayers, many have forfeited their own glories by listening to their own doubts first. The ones with strength shall overcome many obstacles before them. But know the path is not a solitary one, many true friends and helpers will be found along the way. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

923) When one permits themselves to ardently follow the "Will of God" by a faithful devotion. This is when wonders and all manners of grace shall become self-evident, by the numerous daily occurrences in our lives. By invoking a glorious tradition according to the precepts of morality set though out all benevolent humane traditions. One only becomes empowered to cross into a Holy threshold of a truthful living. When such a decent lifestyle follows in the footsteps of the divine giants that came before us. This grants us the ability to transgress our flawed human nature by God's grace. Into a steadfast miraculous dynamic where our spirits become imbued in the radiance of God's mercy. We begin to make things happen that were once uncommon to us during our normal hours. We begin to parallel the "Will of God" with those of a like mind, heart, and spirit. When we follow this "Will of God" we all celebrate in the majesty of our loving creator. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


The whole of the holy life is good friends. ---The Buddha. (To his cousin Ananda.)

Appreciation is the vessel for future blessings. ---Michael Berg.

When forced to make a choice between a greater evil and a lesser evil, choose to look for the greater good instead. ---Words to Remember Quest. By: Mother Deasie, Rivervale, Everquest 2 MMORPG, by "Sony Online Entertainment".