Sunday, January 23, 2022

Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series and Favorite Quotes of the Month of January


Hello All,

A belated Happy New Year!

As this month has flown by thankfully. Many are in the throes of already breaking your New Year's Resolution. They say that after 3 weeks' time people start breaking their personal promises or pledges to themselves. This is why I choose a generic and recycled New Year's Resolution every year for consistency. It is this, to do my very best and to be very well for it overall. That's it! No drama, no fuss, no muss. It's pure simplicity and gets to the heart of my outlook on life generally. 

Today's entry of channeled angelic wisdom, metaphysics, and mysticism as a psychic. Via clairaudient (ie intuitively listening) via 26 years plus of Inspirational automatic writing experience as a calling spiritually. With this continuing discourse with the heavenly angelic host in the multi-volume series of "Jewels of Truth" books and 16 years plus blogging of recent channeled content. 

Our trio of topics for this month of January is on Hidden Universes, Meta Reality, and True Love itself. The first two statements are moreso metaphysical in nature as I take dictation intuitively from the angels. Meaning I feel emotionally for the words, instead of intellectually and analytically writing what I want. The angels use my native vocabulary, however with their own writing style versus my own, which is more informal. As you'll notice with the introduction to this blog entry post herein. 

May you the reader as a spiritual or a curiosity seeker come away with a wider appreciation of the spiritual dominion in the sublime hereafter one Love of God near and far away. Namaste. 

Hidden Universes:

3113) Every person is a Hidden Universe metaphysically of the Source of all endless lifeforms of God in a plurality within their very souls. Some call this phenomenon metaphorically the Undiscovered Country. However, it goes much, much further than at first glance overall truly. 

As all macro Souls of God are sourced from the exalted endless heavenly realms from the meta-bosom of God. As him/her/itself spiritually beyond definite comprehension by the heavenly host. Thus each reborn entity as a human person, creature, and even environmental elements such as landscapes of places or as eco-systems. Has the very Essence of a Living God upon it literally seeped with the very metaphysical ethereal fibers of divinity sourced with ever-lasting beauties therein.

This original creative God Spark is far more complicated if given a chance to peer past the molecular scientific particles. Well into the theological and past all rhetorical dogmatic limitations cast upon it by humanity's homogenous cultural inferences alone. Given a chance to peer past the biological eyes of every wondrous entity as the very window of the souls within. 

However, it may be deemed as each entity as an emanation or Infinite expression representative of the macrocosm of God's totality as unique universal beings. Are literally and beyond figuratively sponsored by other collectives of the very heavens themselves as building blocks. Meaning both literally and figuratively all souls are precursors to reborn spirits as in ghosts with reincarnated bodies as individuals or a matrix of swarms as a hivemind. 

All entities are emissaries of one sort or another whether realized or not by the very entity or being in question. Whether they are from far-flung realities of this or of another Creation by the Absolute Nature of the Almighty of Almighties as God(dess) overall. What this denotes is what many call such and such a person an angel, fairy-like, a star-seed, and even diabolical in temperament. The very mysterious nature of an all-inclusive Mysterious Creator, Sustainer, and Destroyer of realities physical or ethereal is on full display. 

Creation isn't just our nativist backyard of this physical world the earth, solar system, galaxy, or even universe. It verily includes the afterlife as the embodiment of other kingdoms or queendoms of the heavens, limbo's as neutral realms like the astrals, and certainly accursed hells. The Infinite Essence of God is by its very definition beautifully diverse. As in eclectic by godly nature on purpose and by Immaculate designs like any botanical garden displays on earth for an example. 

How many people remind you of a rose for instance in personal interactions? As metaphorically fragrant, deeply beautiful within to without, and quite defensive with spiny thorns if provoked. Perhaps that entity of the divine is a Fae of one sort or another as very passionate environmentally. Another item is your very souls as hubs of rebirths (ie reincarnations) aren't all human and nothing else. Eternity plays a factor here multi-dimensionally speaking where you have simultaneous "Now" lifetimes reborn elsewhere. As the past, present twin lifetimes, future, and other timeless metaphysical pure spirit bodies as non-corporeal ghosts upon other realms collectively. 

You can be animal, fish, bird, reptile, foliage, insect as primitive lifeforms or semi-sentient like humanity as mammalian primate hominids. Plus pure energy as plasma electric-like entities within gaseous worlds like Jupiter and Saturn in your solar system. The Imagination of God and the lesser deities as our angelic host boggles the minds of children like yourselves. 

This is your Divine Family Tree of God not just biologically but also spiritually alive whether realized or not. This is God(dess) expressing her/him/itself within a plethora of contrasting agendas weaving in and out like a seamless ballet only Mother Nature as Gaia can only accomplish. Each of you is living at the good pleasure of God as blended lifeforms and spirit forms simultaneously. You are truly Hidden Universes begotten by the Mysterious Will of a Magnificient Living Creator,  Almighty Supreme Father/Mother God(dess). Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


3101) To each one there is a time and a place with a pure existence within God(dess) as the Lord and Lady of Hosts. Everything that humanity declares and encounters by sheer reason that is material is finite. Having a beginning and an ending is only one continuum of life that is possible. It isn't the finality to everything else to be encountered faithfully elsewhere upon the wider expanses of this Creation, or of others that have come before and will come after once more. 

All physical matter is but the surface substances available by any given commodity or creature therein. All anti-matter is constant flux as the chaos that exhibits unpredictable motions that defy containment only but in the smallest quantities. Such instability allows for your Creation part of our metaverse as a hemisphere to exist quantumly. This is where Universes collide not just in astrophysics but in metaphysics with repercussions that defy observable witness at least directly. Such indirect inferences allay some of the confusion of the human condition to comprehend its limited rationale to understand this reality in question. 

In other words, paradoxes cannot always be experienced directly, much like staring at the sun without sunglasses leaves your retinas fried. The pure chaotic nature of anti-matter is similar to such an indirect phenomenon that can only be understood sideways. What is orderly and elegant as the manifold structures of your physical universe is to be inferred by observation as elegant and confusing. Leaves much to be desired as even less when the instability of anti-matter helps your space-time universal reality to exist. 

The topsy-turvy flux of anti-matter is the secret sauce that defies comprehension for it stems as a buffer field, not quantum, but greatly superior. To pursue direct awareness of this plasma-like substance is volatile as akin to pure annihilation moreso theoretic calculations will prove fuzzy, to say the least.  To go from one extreme to another from matter to anti-matter misses the boat completely. Look for another by-product from the two that allows them both to co-exist without instant annihilation. It is not dark matter or dark energy that is something else altogether and misleading. 

To chase down the missing link to extremes will lead you nowhere towards infinity. The only point of viable contention is the point of no return in the flux between matter and anti-matter itself. What is produced is more than just your physical existence as the Universe itself. Such is moderation as the doorway unto other under-realized phenomena at work leaving a nearly unheard of residue behind from the mixture.  

To pivot these are the constant principles that help defy your existence presently before the cosmic physical death of your human forms. In order to overcome your combined reality, you must bridge the fulcrum through the middle before catalysts collide. A snapshot before all is vaporized back to nothingness again. Where all Life and death are subsumed instantly by these fickle laws of cosmic physics. 

Not all Universes as Creations are created equal or much less alike. Some are merely stepping stones as buffers to avoid annihilation much like what the composite of anti-matter consists of in dynamic principle. From substrate onto another all of existence is daisy-chained on purpose and by design. Not just for convenience sake but for uniformity of annihilating in reverse order destructively as if unzipping a piece of clothing. 

Your physical Creation is predominantly temporal as in being finite. The Infinite Universe or Meta-Creation you each call as the afterlife is superimposed like a vertical sandwich layer by layer. Whether you each simplistically call this the Heavens, Limbo's as buffers, and the Hells as underworlds. Beyond the afterlife, itself is another series of daisy-chained realities as dominions go. Or in other words another complex series of foreign superstructures that have nothing in relation to the physical nor the ethereal metaphysical planar realms. 

What you each call as God as monotheism or as the lesser deities as angelic polytheism as a stupefied stratification of divine species in mysterious origins. The Creator is also the Sustainer of absolutely everything and also the destroyer of totalities. This is merely a lattice utility works in constant immutable motions beyond what you attribute as pure immaculate good, detached neutrality, and purest diabolical evils. Totally impartial and also paradoxically beautifully caring with endless compassion at every unforeseeable turn. 

The Great Mystery is just another name for that which is yet to be quantified by humanity at large. Whether by scientists or mystical sages and oracular prophets regardless of the religion of your world or of the afterlife. It all eventually collides together like a macro blended quasi-phenomena that if directly peered into nothing is observed, but if indirectly experienced absolute wonders are revealed at every faithful turn compassionately. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

True Love:

3111) All True Love within our solemn sacred spirits of God will experience a great pleasure for having loved in that indescribable way. However, in spite of our best efforts, we will also experience pain with poor assertions or outright misunderstandings on our part. 

True Love doesn't make demands for another beloved person to be forced to do or act in ways that make us always happy. True Love instead is unconditional freedom with compassionate trust for the one you truly adore. They will do their best not how we define it for them, but how they choose to comport their livelihoods overall. 

True Love forgives and never ever enslaves the other lover with fear, guilt, shame, and most of all rage. That is a petty adult as an immature tyrant that enslaves the innocent trusting soul that is abused outright treated as property, unfortunately. Real acceptance of both the strengths and weaknesses must be whole and forthcoming giving leeway to each respectively. However, this doesn't give carte-blanche (ie limitless authority) to be hateful and abusive psychologically and certainly never physically with violence of any kind whatsoever. 

If the one you truly love is abusive verbally and physically seek out trusted help from domestic professional caregivers in regards to mental health practitioners. In order to overcome such a toxic relationship with diatribe outbursts that border on the insane and paranoid. Do not become victimized by tyrannical loved ones or enable their poor behavior as believing you are totally to blame. That twisted form of logic only belittles you further and makes misery far worse to be disentangled from originally. 

Compassion at home and the workplace begins within your heart and the soul of God foremost within each of you. True Love will hurt if it is worth keeping alive when the connection is truly mutual overall. Not a masochistic pain, but emotional mental anguish when the trials of the human condition reach your tolerance to make peace with them earnestly. 

If you are a silent admirer of a distant friend or acquaintance due to shyness. Where they whom you adore has no inkling of your deepest affections you must relax and not give into further stress. Be coy but be kind without giving it all away awkwardly. Take the lead and find common ground and interests to socialize to probe if they are truly worth your attention or not. Have the courage to bridge the divides that make you appear different or opposites in composure and of personal character. 

If you get cold feet or stuck during the tenure of such social interactions over time. Do not force yourself for that is how you become more nervous and really create further weirdo vibes along the way. Every union of the stars happens in cycles and orbits. So find your natural rhythms as your strengths and link that to the one you care for from an anonymous distance. Take risks but gradual small ones at first that respect their dignity and yours certainly along the way. No touching, but admire all you want and if you still can not bridge such a divide. Then it is time to move on to someone else that is closer to earth for you seriously. 

True Love communicates freely without creating cones of dysfunctional bottlenecks of expression. All genuine mutual love is precious to preserve and grow with the kind nourishing care of your loved one and certainly yourself in tandem. Such loves that are truly far lasting take years to evolve and keep the original spark alive and bright. The moment compliancy sets in with taking the other for granted the relationship becomes more a convenience than a desirable necessity. The very spark of True Love is the literal essence of God as your divinity in your hearts and souls. Sharing it freely and abundantly without discrimination returns countless immeasurable blessings that come full circle back to you by the Immaculate Will of God(dess). Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Kindness is like snow. It beautifies everything it covers. ---Kahlil Gibran.

Value making a difference more than making a fortune. ---Lynne Twist. 

If you can't have facts, you don't have truth, and you can't have trust. ---Maria Ressa. 2021 Nobel Prize Winner in Journalism. PBS Newshour 12/10/2021 Tv airing. 

Even if our efforts of attention seem for years to be producing no result, one day a light that is in exact proportion to them will flood the soul. ---Simone Weil.

I no longer want to have anything to do with love that forgets to be grateful. ---Thomas Merton.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 26 years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 16 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.