Friday, May 29, 2015

Humanitarian Concept: "Indigenous Mobile Hospital Deployments"

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First, I wanted to shrink from the scale of this conceptual design since I first saw the challenge posted at "". A site looking for Innovators to be matched to sponsors offering grants as rewards within particular niche challenges. I found one program that was sponsored by a Canadian accounting firm named MNP. Which has served aboriginal cultures of the First Nations, Inuit, and Metis populations for over 25 years time.

I Immediately had a flash of inspiration from my Intuition, but my heart began to sank when I saw the criteria submission guidelines. Not that they are unreasonable, just that two of the criteria I lacked the skills to source properly on my own. Since its stipulated that submitting incomplete material is rejected completely. Those variables were creating up to a 3 minute video presentation and bouncing my idea off an Indigenous person in Canada. Before resigning myself to apathy I decided to be a rather misfit Innovator and post the solution here instead at "Atrayo's Oracle". I had no realistic interest in the $35,000 Canadian grant award that was being offered by MNP anyhow.

The criteria of the idea challenge must be neutral in cost overlays budget wise. Besides requiring no governmental legislation to be enacted in servicing medical care in remote Indigenous populations in Canada. 

Here's a video from Executive Vice President of Clients & Services "Laurel Wood" from MNP describing the idea challenge. Which they call "Operation Blue Sky: Aboriginal Health Initiative".

Here's the link to the "" challenge:  

My proposed solution to this dilemma is two fold including Canadian Army and Navy or Coast Guard assets. Since it requires to be addressing these 6 criteria overall as noted by MNP. Which are: Relevant, Culturally Appropriate and Inclusive, Cost Neutral, Flexible and able to respond to unique community needs, Action Oriented, Pragmatic and Sustainable, and Functional given current Legislative and Fiscal environment.

Given those parameters anything in the civilian infrastructure is incapable of heading into often remote wilderness encampments across Canada. Except for the Canadian Military forces which have at their disposal "Combat Surgical Hospitals (CSH). They used to be called (MASH) "Mobile Army Surgical Hospital" units as popularized by the comedy sitcom series depicted during the Korean War conflict. 

A military health care unit may clash culturally with the criteria of this being culturally sensitive to the First Nations, Inuit, and Metis cultures. However it can be made at least partially inclusive by including enlisted and commissioned officers that may represent such aboriginal identities across Canada. Perhaps even pulling out of retirement commissioned officers with Canadian aboriginal backgrounds to aid as liaisons with such a healthcare mission.

The deployment of a pilot program (CSH) "Combat Surgical Hospital" unit to the hardest hit remote tribal settlement in Canada. As a baptism to see how viable such an effort could work on land and at sea with a Naval or Coast Guard Hospital vessel for Inuit populations. I would envision personnel rotations of 3 month deployments, however the (CSH) encampment would persist all year long. In cooperation with local Elder government council and the military engineers could pick an appropriate camp site together. Thus avoiding any holy sites or other locations that would offend the local indigenous cultures. Perhaps situated on the outskirts of a township or a bit farther a field that is acceptable to the military engineers and the tribal government. 

The "Combat Surgical Hospital" unit as I'm sourcing pertinent facts are from the Wikipedia page in general. 

It states the most common medical unit deployments are that of the 44 bed variety, but can be scaled up to 248 beds, that requires at full deployment 600 personnel. Most likely the Indigenous Mobile Hospital Deployments would only use the 44 bed configuration. With appropriate support personnel including any military police units to keep order within the military camp itself. Without jurisdiction in the tribal townships, although in emergencies could only offer support help to the tribal police squad on site.

The typical (CSH) medical services are that of a climate controlled patient care environment. With a pharmacy, laboratory, X-Ray (CT Scanners too), dental capabilities, and additional medical services. All of which is powered by robust generators that are brought on site to facilitate their deployment needs. Additional medical services I could envision afflicting many of these aboriginal cultures to date. Similarly encountered in the United States is a rehab treatment for alcoholism, suicide prevention (amongst the youth particularly), and any rape domestic shelters as needed.

Public Town Hall meetings on a bi-monthly basis would help alleviate any misunderstandings between the First Nations, Metis, and Inuit peoples. With the Colonel in charge and support spokespersons on behalf of the military. Even a tour for the Elder tribal council to inspect the (CSH) unit once it is erected for the local indigenous citizens could be offered.

Many Canadian armed forces have helped over these nearly 2 decades in Iraq and Afghanistan with the coalition allied forces. Now that legacy knowledge of helping often remote tribal regions in Iraq and Afghanistan can be put to good use in their native soil. Canadian health care quality is known and promoted as top notch globally as Mrs. Laurel Wood mentioned in the above MNP video. However a notorious gap has afflicted the aboriginal First Nations, Inuit, and Metis peoples in health care viability. 

My proposed "Indigenous Mobile Hospital Deployments" is a potential step in mitigating these often unimaginable circumstances for irreplaceable cultures of Canada. Be it Army or Naval health care personnel deployed in (CSH) units or a naval vessel delivering first class medical care in remote locations. Any nation in the post-Industrial world is judged by how they care for their own on a societal basis regardless of need. Much like the United States faces or at times ignores the affliction of tribal nations out of convenience. By pretending that out of sight is out of mind behavior is not sustainable, nor humane as the so-called land of the Free and the Brave. Canada faces the similar dilemma on a societal basis on how they treat their Indigenous citizens. I hope this proposed solution mitigates some of the factors that have been entrenched for decades within the blessed nation of Canada. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Jewels of Truth Statements & Favorite Quotes of the Month

Hello All,

I hope all things considered the first shoots of the Season of Summer finds you all in good health and in merry spirits. Aside from our daily routines taking us to places we would otherwise wish to be elsewhere. In our doing for ourselves and our loved ones we get so caught up in our living as people. We can easily speed by our divinity that is in tandem action metaphysically alongside our very lives.

A moment's notice is all we need for those of us that do not pray in a ritualistic manner everyday. A simple declarative conscious observation of our spiritual identity with the divine in each of us. Be it to count your blessings for events going your way for "Good Luck" is your divinity or grace in action. Believe it or not.

Today's "Jewels of Truth Statements and Favorite Quotes of the Month" are sourced from the tail end of my recently published third volume of the series. (ie "Jewels of Truth: The Journey of the Soul Continues", Volume 3")

My spiritual wisdom statements for today are on the: Eternal, Souls, and Good & Evil all as macro phenomena of the endless afterlife. In the numerical series # 1075-1077.

Enjoy the material which I channel as an angelic oracle via clairvoyant automatic writing. Even if these concepts are new to you or sit outside your personal faith tradition. May they nonetheless expand your sense of awareness as to what is possible with God. Amen.



1075) Our lives may seem insignificant on the scale of the eternal, but it is not. It is indeed worthy in its crucial state to be lived well and if possible in an abundant goodness. For it is not just to be given a life without it affecting the lives of so many others throughout our years in goodness. Many will depend on us by our own intentions and actions spoken outright or silently in every regard. As we depend on others directly or indirectly to help us live our lives as a collective society.

God depends on us to live through him according to his holy and righteous inclusive Will. A living Will as an accord that isn't capricious in divine nature. As it is profound in unison to all that is holistic in a dignified manner. For every soulful entity be it sentient or not within Creation as a whole. Eternity may seem to be an abstract theoretical concept to many people. It is however justified in an unending spiral of life without a beginning nor an end in a circular fashion. If our lives are worthy in respect to our intentions and actions then we all profit together in the Holy Spirit of God. Our lives are a dynamic temporal event within a constant reality that only God knows as himself. No matter how many times such a spirit reinvents itself within a lifetime or countless lifetimes we are teeming with divine energy to perform well. All of it is just one sacred moment to God(dess), alas but to us mortals we each see the eternal become an endless manifestation in our lives. Amen.                                                           ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


1076) We are all extraordinary spiritual divine beings having a common shared mortal experience as people. Our supremacy in Spirit is not from our mortal egos, but from the indwelling Spirit of God that is the spark of life in our very souls right now! We came to live as people so as to mature as souls through our various outlets of any one mortal lifetime. Many people exist modestly, others yet still succumb to temptations as weakness. Some seek to harm themselves in order to heal from pain from an anguish that seems like death to them. Others yet again seek to harm others because they have been allowed to suffer themselves at the hands of the depraved. Very few seek to transcend all of these circumstances in order to be uplifted not through their egos, but verily through the grace within their living souls. To shift via a fluid empowerment to cause a collective blessing to the masses in every meaning of the word of God come alive in one shared instant.

All experiences are valid and precious from the eternal view of God gazing upon his macro creations. Whom of which he lives in a symbiotic fashion through all of our living souls. We are extraordinary not so much as people, but indeed as eternal souls as holy children of a Majestic Creator. In whose Image and Likeness we resemble in our own creations seeking to be gods ourselves within a lifetime. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Good & Evil:

1077) Although contrary to popular belief perfect harmony in spirit has been achieved between pure good and pure evil within God. It is taking a far distant macro viewpoint within the universal beyond that of our primitive Earth based civilization. Both good and evil are united in perfect harmony although this statement may seem oxymoronic in principle. Since as humanity has had first hand witness to: wars, famine, diseases, poverty, and every other twisted crime in our shared global barbaric history.

Now take the cosmic mountain summit view where both pure good and pure evil. Are each spiritual twins as siblings of the other within the Spirit of God(dess). There is an eternal peaceful understanding between these two polar opposites as a dynamic paradox come through God himself. For only God can make harmony between these two halves of his own Divine Meta Spirit. Each aspect of God's Spirit has dominion over itself in respect to their rightful aligned interests. Each polarity of pure good and pure evil has free reign across Creation as a whole. In every spiritual reality these two faces of God are each housed in their own kingdom be it as Heaven or Hell.

Much like oil and vinegar both attributes have their origins within God as the whole meta being. We as humans are capable of good and evil within a lifetime. Versus our composure is often flawed where God's is immaculate in every expression to ever be conceived. Yes, evil is loudest and most vulgar to witness in every encounter in our lives. Where good is but a whisper in all its gentle favors of a living grace. They are a living dynamic paradox come into form in a circular fashion so as to create in their own kind. It is each with its own purpose and mystery as a clarion call for its own children to heed the Will of the Creator, God. Know that this physical reality is but one of the infinite rooms in God's ethereal palace in order to gaze upon the entirety of totality simultaneously. Every stage is like any other where pure good and pure evil are siblings in perfect celestial harmony in God's Spirit. Only it appears to clash to every mortal flawed primitive species trying to understand themselves through their own creations. Amen.                                                           ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


Difficult times have helped me to understand better than before how infinitely rich and beautiful life is in every way and that so many things that one goes worrying about are of no importance whatsoever. ---Isak Dinesen.

When you plant a seed of love, it is you that blossoms. --- Ma Jaya Sati.

The blessing of the Lord makes rich, and he adds no sorrow with it. 
                                                                                             ---Proverbs 10:22

Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose. 
                                                                                                 ---Helen Keller.

He will yet fill your mouth with laughter, and your lips with shouts of joy. 
                                                                                                       ---Job 8:21

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Jewels of Truth Statement: "There Is No Flaw In God's Love, We Are In Spirit Without Punishment"

Hello All,

Today's spiritual wisdom statement may seem wishy washy to some if not plain arrogant or controversial to others. Nonetheless in our mortal lives as people its very easy to be punished by breaking the rules set out by others. Whether those rules are based on a truthful justice or one that is capricious in nature. Our suffering as people in many ways seems like an unjust punishment since karma is at work.

However we seldom consider the role of our divinity in life. Especially those of us who consider religion much less spirituality a nice thing, but nothing of supreme significance to our daily lives. Our short existence in decades as people and our eternal souls do go hand in hand on purpose. There is a web of connections metaphysically that baffles the mystic and clergy alike. To this end I've channeled from my Angels within as an Oracle. To be transformed by this 20 year plus discourse by their combined compassion. This is our eternal good news as living souls in God's Image and Likeness as his divine off spring. Everything else cascades from this point onward for us to make meaning of our lives, if at all. Much less to have a purpose worth living for especially one that we do not resent in life.

This "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement is numbered #1966 in this 20 years discourse with my / our Angels. On the topic of the "Children of God".

Enjoy and reflect spiritually within by your own sacred faith. Amen.


Children of God:

1966) To God there is no distinction between a way to be and the way you are. No judgments whatsoever, no condemnation, no wrath of God, and no other ill effects at all! All these preceding stances is the anthropomorphizing assumptions of God by humanity in the flawed Image and Likeness of humanity alone. It is that simple really to comprehend in divine compassionate truth in every sincerity. In order to love and understand God(dess) one must surrender by unloading the values of the world with all these misconceptions of the Creator. As he, she, and it in solemn beauty in every conceivable fashion in supreme truth.

Thus in the beginning there was God and he, she, it was very very good. Without anthropomorphizing the Creator with the misaligned perceptions of the created in any form. God is, was, and will be again forever be an ultimate deity with total self-mastery in divine Immaculate identity. To be an impartial entity in every stance of the truth to peer into the hearts and minds of all creatures within totality. This means as the eternal and Infinite Witness he has no favorites with no elitism towards any created entity, this includes the Angels and the Daemons as well. Any invented traditions by humanity set aside taken as literal theology is a vestige of immaturity by humanity as a misconstrued fallacy, that is all.

Until that society upon the world evolves or perishes from the remembered books of written history. Such narcissistic baggage placed unto the divine is actually carried on the backs of men, woman, and children. As a selfish tendency to say one thing when in fact its something else entirely different. Any one mortal species can play that nonsense at its own ideological expense. For the divine will have nothing to do with it in plain neutral truth.

To God we are his ever abiding children for this includes even the most mature elder Almighty Angels as the minor gods and goddesses of totality. On Earth this is witnessed when an elderly parent treats their adult off spring still like a child in certain affectionate respects. We are the living souls of God as such we must accept our juvenile role in Creation itself. In order to move onto greater mysteries God(dess) has in store for all the children of every imaginable species in flesh and in purely spiritual form. Be these children the blessed in heaven and the damned in hell. Each demeanor represents an infinite variety of the Creator equally in an all inclusive manner. God punishes no one not even the devils! However it is the evil committed through karma that punish all as a self-inflicted wound eternally so from lack of nurturing foresight. The Holy Ones are spared because of living in God's compassionate graceful truth always and the rest wait within eternity until they mature with God once more. Amen.            ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Jewels of Truth Statement: "Heaven Always Belongs To The Meek, Before The Bold"

Hello All,

Today's spiritual wisdom statement is rather in line with the Christian New Testament verse in (Luke 13:30) As stated: "You see, some who are last will be first, and some who are first will be last." (International Standard Version) Those who are hurting and innocent in spirit are the first ones to be scooped up by the "Holy Spirit" as a native divine response. A knee jerk reaction metaphysically for such is the "Will of God" in its fullest grandeur of compassion. For the strong can hold out a while longer for a blessed extraction from the world when the hour and the day are just right.

My statement today is #1960 in the series written just a couple of days ago via clairvoyant automatic writing as a technique. I channel the Angels as my own native soulful gift in a benevolent spirit. I have developed this relationship with the divine for the last 3 decades in fits and starts through these many years. The topic is for the Meek and the Lowly Ones of this world of which I am counted in such a rank and file. By oath I have emptied as much of my own ego as possible to be a clear and willing vessel for our spiritual relatives in heaven as the angels.

The "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom series is my conversation with them and the world. This is what came forth in our shared divinity via clairvoyant automatic writing. So far its 3 books published and counting of this dialogue with another 2 books awaiting to be developed, and as I write the 6th volume currently. I often feel as the scribe although the angels call me their herald of the eternal good news of the "Kingdom of God" in each of us.

Enjoy, and may you find insight and truth wherever your faith in the divine is found. Truly worshipped by whatever name you choose finds you loved and complete. Amen.


Lowly Ones:

1960) To all the vulnerable children of God who have been mistreated in the world. Prick your ears intently and listen deeply with your open hearts in dear silence. The God of the Heavens, this Earth, and the Infinite Stars above loves you in a considerate manner. Knowing your full names in spirit and as people of this world here and now. Your celestial parent loves you as his own living essence come alive as the Infinite faces of the Creator.

You are not alone as your earthly human bound infirmity would have you believe as an impaired physical or mental handicap. Your soul is a thing of living beauty a multi-faceted prism illuminated far more than any diamond could be in truth. For your combined spirits are the living essence of Heaven itself come alive in the earth and further out into Creation as a whole. When "Jesus the Christ" uttered that; "The Meek shall inherit the Earth." (Matthew 5:5) This truly means all the humble people filled with a robust authentic convictions of good conduct. Are the reborn masters of every paradise in God's Ultimate creativity made real. Although a fine dichotomy exists here on Earth as reincarnated souls especially as the infirmed with bodily limitations. It is because your soul sought out the most if not hardest expressions as mortal beings as flawed individuals. The grandeur of your living souls is apparent when in your innocence you smile deepest in your travesty out of ignorance. To be the children of God isn't for the faint of heart and of mind as people. For all the most blessed forms of God seek mortal expression in the most unlikely of places. Meaning in the vulnerable dire need of the handicap and poverty stricken materially speaking. God shines brightest in the ghetto's of the world than in the luxurious palaces with tower high cathedrals. The skin deep material beauty of the world is ok, but God isn't stuck on stupid for our divinity and eternal truest beauty is in the living pristine soul.

This wonderful Earth is sometimes filled with horrible monsters pretending to be people. They may have once been innocent, but have forsaken their divinity due to betrayal and brutality committed against their love. So they set out to ruin all who come near just because they do not care and feel empowered falsely to do so. So it is to all who are valued as the Angels of the Lord God to appear as reincarnated souls and in pure metaphysical spirit. These living examples attempt to heal a maligned world and preserve the noble beauty that may already exist in every flavor of life imaginable. For the love of God(dess) arrives instantly for God sits outside time itself as a dimension.

Please remember you are never alone in the "Holy Divine Spirit" within your being. Relief from the suffering of this world is only a shift in perception away, especially as you practice it as a conscious discipline. What you portray to the world is you and it isn't, you are the decider and God is the truest enabler. Choose the best always, lest you fall prey to your own misdeeds only to feel misery instead. As a human person you may end up isolated, but God rests in the silence in the nothing as a vacuum of clear space. In that frightening isolation at times and sobering in others God operates in paradoxes. What is nothing in the materialism of the world is also metaphysically the Absolute in totality. The "Holy Spirit" as the purest "Spirit of God" is the embodiment of all the Angels, the ancestors, and of the realm of every version of Heaven there is in infinity. This Force surrounds us, lives in us, and comes through us as power to be good or evil in the world. This force is neutral, we can choose the best in benevolence or we can choose to surrender to evil. God is always the witness to both and the final arbitrator in all expressions.

When you seek of the Love of God(dess) do so in moderation for this comes sweetest to the good of heart. There is nothing to reach for, you as the Infinite face of God are the embodiment of the divine just the native way you are right now and for eternity. And for all who are meek in their worldly suffering be it physical or mental handicap, the addicted wallowing in pain, the forgotten as the living dead, and every other form of hardship in existence. You are not the appearance of what you have evolved into through the flesh. This is just the stage to evolve our eternal souls through learning, growing, creating (like God), and most of all loving in a beautiful righteousness. You are not to abandon your responsibilities for the yoke of this world must be carried, but you carry it with the giants of the heavens always in a miraculous grace. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.