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Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on the Holy Masters and on the Will of God


Hello All,

This is another duo of freshly minted "Jewels of Truth" statements from the angels. One on the Holy Masters which seems to be more so directed at the Vatican regarding the Ecumenical Body. (I had to look up that word just to see what it means.) Basically, this statement is directed at the Religious Institution focusing on its scholars as to the clergy.

The next statement on the topic of the Will of God is rather lengthy and uses plenty of modern computer and internet metaphors to make its point come across for younger generations. Speaking about the differences between the Spirit and the Soul of God and of each of us as lesser/younger spiritual entities in contrast. 

So without delaying any longer I'll just jump right into it. 

Go with God and a deeply sacred love. Amen.

Holy Masters:

3106) To each age of humanity there is only a finite allotment of publicly recognized mystics, saints, and prophets regardless of the religion in question upon this world of the Earth. Thus it has been the global view of all human(e) kind in so far their narrow understanding of God upon their lives. 

However, as there are an infinite number of souls upon the endless Heavens. As truly angels of all stellar kinds of roles and assignments of God's paramount Supreme Beauty. Humanity reborn upon this earth has omitted vast numbers of countless more agents as Holy Sages in service to God and Creation. As the enumerated mystics, saints, and dearest prophets of both genders from the public historical record.

Either due to outright political squabbles within their ranks or other ethnic/racist and sexist bias of such reborn avatars of God(dess) having never reached mass popular appeal. As obscure pious men and women of the holy cloths most of them and other lay folks of great spiritual renown. That has been delegated to willful obsolesce by the past/present religious powers that be in authoritative purvey in any given century. 

To be given so much authority by God upon the world only to be dismissed by petty bickering of otherwise selfish dogmatic tyranny. Is a loss to the progeny of the world to come in terms of the divine posterity manifested upon this world to date. So many multitudes of spiritual truths and partially recorded miracles realized and then only to be treated as nonsense is a Sin not to these Holy Masters. Verily it is unto those directly as disrespecting God upon their truly lived Blessed Souls Immaculate!

Some would bark back at us as the religious authorities that be in command. That they have a backlog of decades to work through diligently to confirm, validate, and scrutinize their miracles of such Holy Masters. If it was a truer priority to God heaven and earth would experience upheavals by making such resources a genuine paramount need. Alas, all these luminaries are the living essence of God having lived upon the Earth each to their devote testimonies declaring the Kingdom of God is upon thee all. If that not be sufficient upheavals upon the human societies from antiquity into modern times then what sort of calamity is the church/temple looking for as a sign? 

Moreover, such and such paragons of countless virtues wouldn't merely be just plain historical footnotes in dusty crumbling forgotten volumes to the masses. They would be celebrated individually and collectively if need be as many giants of the peoples of faith to be observed prior, during, and after all other religious observances of the sacred calendar. To speak of their lives and their recorded milestones and spoken words to the masses for new eager and hunger minds seeking to rejoice at their lifelong successes as jubilations to the Omni-present Glory of God. 

Yours is not the reason why not, but the reason how may we serve anew by revealing such reborn catalysts of the Heavens upon the world. In the solemn Image and Likeness of these forgotten Holy Blessed Masters, we the heavenly angelic host herald their united petitions to be remembered anew by the Will of God. Please show the world of faith how to embrace their inner beauty waiting to be soon realized upon this world. In order to overcome the evils of the human conditions as epic and mundane struggles within each passing generation of righteous souls encountered. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Will of God:

3062) Each of us is a spirit/soul hybrid divine union of a holy entity of God in living earnest. In utmost principle, your physical body is not your spiritual vessel or spirit auric body ethereally speaking. The spirit is a container not unlike a clay pot or Memory USB (Universal Serial Bus) stick for such a modern interpretation. 

Your soul is a link to the hive mind and heart of God(dess) as the grandest CPU (central processing unit) chip of your spiritual union with the divine. The Soul of God is a Master Hive Mind Switching Mainframe Station to your subordinate minor soul. In comparison, yours is one hard drive compared to his Super Computer of whichever series is the latest and best to date in the world. 

We all have the original programming on our imprinted personal hard drives (soul) from God's proverbial Super Computer. (ie Being in the Image and Likeness of the Creator.) Which makes our souls Enlightened already to a lesser extent due to being united with the Supreme Administrator (aka God) of our network. As our near Infinite reincarnations of us with a cross-section of our roles and attributes within each different lifetime.

Our personal soul is hedging its willful bets with a spectrum of possible versions of us across Universes and not just on this planet of the Earth. Thus your soul and my soul ergo are already enlightened due to the multiplicity of near-endless reincarnations. Spread all throughout the perfection of God's likeness upon space-less environs of infinity. However, here is the caveat our spirit body as the formerly cited USB memory stick is akin to a blank slate minus any specific destiny roles and attributes downloaded into us as our OS (operating system). 

We as the minor spirit body versus our PC (personal computer hard drive) of our souls that are neurally linked or networked with the Internet of God's Super Neural Computer. We are the pawns without sufficient personal individualized enlightenment although some are considered favored as mature old souls as the phrase goes in popularity. 

Each of us portrays an odd mixture of our personalities as a tossed salad of a spectrum of possibilities between lifetimes. By our collective hard drives of the Over-Soul from other lifetimes with our current individualized presence to date upon the world. We are meant to be on purpose diminutive spirits feeling separate by design filled with contrasting emotions and thoughts of our opposing inner and outer genuine selves. 

The Individualized spirit that wakes up by authentic Free Will to this stage of the charade going on in the world is the Intent of the Will of God. To return each of us spiritually back to our factory maker to a nearly forgotten home not upon this mortal body passing by death. Instead with service to all within our lifetimes by our lovingly chosen preferences with intentional unconditional love. To surmount this world of petty grievances with forgiveness in order to overcome not just ourselves, but the mirage of paradoxical separation. 

This is in a long-winded manner of explaining this metaphorical calling upon all minor souls of the background of our spirits with a soulful interface. That each of you as micronized (mortal) lifeforms as the Infinite reflecting back at itself by the Will of God. That is in turn interacting with its meta-self like an organism in its most native eco-system microscopically within, around, and through your physical bodies as lifetimes go as spatial distortions. 

To this end, it is to become awakened in a holy spirit to ascend back to the holy light much like a moth to a flame or other artificial light source at night. By ascending you each serve the collective mainframe for the good and not just yourselves selfishly. However, this must be lived as any of a number of virtues singularly or collectively as viable beautiful truths. Whether you choose this to be honorable and/or fun-loving may it always be lived with moderation in fair practices. So the value of the service doesn't feel like burdensome work or as an unjustified guilt trip of should's of this and that causation. 

Your spirit body is always in alignment with your soul and your soul unto to the macro Soul of God(dess), known as a heavenly commune called Utopia or Paradise for instance. This is aside from the chaos always happening on planet earth and your personal lives day to day. 

Each of you is a Living Node or spark of an emanation or as a unique fingerprint or iris scan of God. Be God referred to as him, her, and it. What this denotes is that each of you is perfect in spiritual structures much like in God's Image and Likeness. However, not unlike that of the Angels, each of you is evolving across countless eternities as a mark of soulful evolutionary progress as the current little children between lifetimes. 

Your lives on Earth and our non-corporeal eternities as the Angelic Host are as constant spiritual custodial Beings. Much akin as to the ultimate memory of God having concluded long ago its timeless entirety. God is in constantly replay playback mode remembering all of us on a non-linear macro loop basis as ghosts in the machine. This includes all parallel realities of us in your physical Universes and upon the Infinite Heavens of all Total Supreme Angelic Hosts.

We are the constant Now to us but to God, we are it's/his/her Nostalgia. Being cherished forever as antiquated museum obsolete pieces as artifacts forever as diminutive miniatures of itself. This doesn't forbade the greatest adorations of all of us united nor does it mean we don't have inherent values. Just that we are yesterday's, today's, and tomorrow's dreams to him, it, and her as God(dess) once loved and always loved as fond farewells recalled. 

Those of us in the heavens and all other parallel dimensional realities much like your earth. Are echoes of it's, his, her past, present, and futures metaphysically in a non-linear eternal and non-spatial event horizon. As highly prized trophies as living constant memories on an Infinite playback macro/micro loop. Much like when a person or creature dies mortally and haunts a location. It is looping its final tragic moments usually akin to a glitched error in its operating system of the spirit body. It is stuck for all intents and purposes not realizing he or she died physically years to decades to centuries or longer ago in linear time scales. 

Here however thankfully God has already realized itself by Supreme Cosmic Enlightenment by means of Perfections. Although, not with separation anxiety unlike a ghost haunting but a sheer reverence of momentous celebrations of all its commands as totalities or as realities go. Whether humanity calls them as the afterlife of the heavens, limbos, hells, and any other dimensional realms as Creations outstanding as the good, neutrality, and evils by their respective behavioral attributes. All of it has been transcended beyond such willful personality traits of the universal living and dying conditions. 

Still, God isn't an absentee parental sublime figure for he, it, and she is a responsible parental caretaker of all of it personally and impersonally as an Avant-Garde tour de force by karma. For God is both conscious and unconscious of us as individuals and as collective aspects as entities and so forth. This is why the Angels are your caretakers and direct spiritual siblings as kindred through the auspicious grandeur of God(dess) forever. 

It is like we the angels are your far older siblings helping to raise up our younger brood as quasi-parental figures or in other words your parental guardian angels. So when God is indeed directly unconscious of the physical Universe(s) (ie Creations plural). The angels endless in soulful numbers step up to the proverbial plate of life and death as its ever meta-caregivers to fit the bill of macro and micro proportions as forever entities. 

The Force of God can only be addressed by any number of holy perfect names. Which provokes any of its number of countless Supreme Holy Spirit Bodies into conscious catalytic actions. Otherwise, each of you shall receive wholeheartedly God's standby dial tone mode like with an analog telephone line as a metaphor. As God has created your paradoxical Universe, although God itself is beyond paradoxes as its own native truism. It's like the universe physically is a two-wheel bi-pedal bicycle and God is a rocket ship or as a UFO (unidentified flying object). 

Each of you is precious as the meta-spiritual entities with a spirit, a soul, and many other multi-dimensional bodies you have yet to fathom by means of enlightenment. As input and output channels of God as a spectrum of life and death supremely so. What is above, is also below as the maxim goes as a simple rule of thumb. Meaning what happens in Heaven can happen usually also on earth given the constraints of it being only perfect good and no sort of shenanigans of evils whatsoever. 

Heaven can happen to a lesser degree on Earth which humanity calls as Blessings and Miracles. Which is the conscious awakening of God in your unified reality. Be the younger angels of God and create, sustain one another, and recycle all else that is life-giving in its blessed forms back to God as Willed by means of Compassions forever. Amen.  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 26 years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 16 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.

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Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series and Favorite Quotes of the Month of December


Hello All & Happy Holidays!

May many of you be cultivating the festive emotions and goodwill of this holiday season. Regardless of religious and secular observations such as Hanukkah (ended Dec. 6th), Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day (observed yesterday), Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year's.

To this end, this month's trio of channeled angelic wisdom, metaphysics, and mysticism is on the topics of Spiritual Ancestry, Force of Spirit, and God Node. Whereas Spiritual Ancestry draws the distinction of our biological earthen ancestors of our spirits. Versus our angels in God as soulful ancestors of our united divinity forever. This follows with a description of what compromises the essence of the Holy Spirit itself. 

Lastly on the topic of God Node which resides within your Highest Divine Self. That you can spiritually command goodwill following the inclusive benevolent precepts of the Will of God alone. Versus merely only supplicating for your good like soliciting for alms of the heavenly afterlife. 

May you find these original statements channeled with inspirational automatic writing. As a clairaudient psychic technique with 26 years plus experience both informative and revealing of the Glory of God upon us all. Amen. 

Spiritual Ancestry:

3100) As the Soul of God is upon us all inclusively it makes our next closest holiest siblings to be the Angelic Heavenly Host. As our living angelics in the pure Holy Spirit as our metaphysical ancestral family. Through God as the singular Supreme Parent of totality alone makes the angels as our forever sibling stewards for an eternity. 

This is in paradoxical contrast to our living spirits with our earthen born biological genetic family tree of relatives. Including beyond that of our cultural terrestrial and societal ancestors by means of our united reincarnations across the centuries and epochs. Amen.  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Force of Spirit:

3102) All that is of the Great Spirit as a non-quantum point of origination is of a superior enmeshed realm upon our physical cosmic reality to date. A living force with the self-awareness that defies reason and logic of all kinds of inferences. It is a non-localized phenomenon as a field of endless supreme possibilities that supersedes linear and non-linear cause and effect principles of monumental existential forces.

All of the Great Holy or Infamous Unholy Spirit is beyond conventional comprehension. The uses of affiliated Magicks be they White for the good and Gray for the neutral and Black for the accursed archetypes. Are merely byproduct conversions of the energetic thrust of the inherent forces of the Great Spirit as itself. To be diluted by the magician, witch, and shaman so as to come into living form by intentions. 

Here is where spiritual forces as high and low polarities erupt as natural extensions of the catalyst wielder of the soul of each entity therein. Meaning when the entity as a person or soulful presence of God within the magician, witch, and shaman archetype role. That casts a spell, invocation, evocation, ward, charm, enchantment, blessing, curse, and so forth. They have siphoned upon their spiritual maturity within the developed temperament of their personalized relationship with their faith tradition be it with God or godless as agnostics. 

There are High and Low Magicks for each corresponding attribute of good, neutrality, and evil upon your world and beyond for the cosmos dimensionally speaking. The Great Spirit is a multifunctional force for positive change and stability where none other can deny universally. The same goes for the Benign Gray Neutrality of spiritual forces as a blended bastardization of good and evil. Finally the polar opposite for all that is corruptedly pleasing and long-lasting, which is the Infamy of Evil itself. As beautifully alluring as the great seducer and yet diabolical at every (im)possible turn. 

These are the trio of spiritual realities upon the afterlife as depicted in the false assertion of humanity of an endless metaphysical struggle between good and evil itself. Nay, they are in harmony with perfect enlightened symmetry through God(dess) alone as the Supreme Absolute Witness and Curator of all Totalities of Life, Stasis, and Death. It is the barbaric rationale of animalistic humanity that infers that conflict exists on primitive earth so it must also exist in the afterlife where enlightened perfection reigns supreme. 

However, God(dess) as the Creator, Sustainer, and Destroyer of all Absolute realities isn't constituted with Spirit and/or Soul as universal inclusive/exclusive archetypical constructs. The spiritual forces that humanity depicts as Spirit and Soul are meta macro creations as a lattice framework or network of exalted forces to serve and be served in tandem. Spirit as itself as an embodiment of God is a living etherical essence as a differing conversion by process of the Soul itself. Souls are held up as a higher phenomenal echelon plateau to the Spirit itself. So all Spirit (Holy, Benign, and Unholy) is derived out of the United Macro Soul of God. As it was created by God to be worn like a wetsuit for the oceanic spiritual realities by all infinite entities as reincarnated spirit bodies upon Creation. 

The Soul is the highest pinnacle of all angelic kind as a perfect metaphysical species as servants, guardians, and other roles for and by God itself. All Heavenly Souls have unlimited free will including and especially by all angelic kind. Upon the benign neutrality without enlightenment and that becomes conditional as limited willpower of self-governance. Of course, hellspawn is as utter slaves with no autonomy at all as cursed thralls.

To reiterate as the Soul is a force or property governed strictly by God as the meta-Supreme Ruler cascades into Spirit itself, which cascades further into Magickal ideations that are seized by the reincarnated spirits as people. Like a daisy-chained event of countless periodical forms that emit the causation of catalytically spiritual forces in both directions. Be it down to earth and back up into the united afterlife be it the endless infinite heavens, neutral astrals, and the damned hells. 

There is another dominion of stratification beyond that of the phenomena of the Soul as a universal inclusive archetype of and by God itself. However, that is beyond the purvey of all angelic kind as a metaphysical species much like fish in the sea. Anything beyond the waterline is happenstance conjecture as another universal totality designed and fostered by God. With other entities as the meta-consciousness of God similar to the all angelic kind but as our precursors ancestrally.

At this fulcrum aperture of Meta-Creation beyond the Heavens as higher still. With perfections unknown to the most senior almighty angelic kind as the eldest of our spiritual species be they Seraphim or others yet still that is unknown to humanity. They can experience trance like that of an out of soul journeys like people have astral spirit body sojourns. To have limited ascension experiences to comprehend what is superior to the Soul archetype universal construct creation of and by God.

Ascension into God(dess) beyond what is considered as living perfection itself catapults all entities into another set of universal dynamics beyond paradoxes itself. It is the crossing over from one set of realities unto another akin to crossing the blood-brain membrane barrier for humans or mammals. This is a nativist Xeno catalytic phenomenon that defies extraordinary rationales of what is permissible to us the Angelic Host in order to explain any further. 

We the Angelic Heavenly Host impart to thee "Ivan the Atrayo" these knowings. As you have awakened past our meta-heavenly existence within the Mind of God itself which is vastly beyond metaphysics. From one enigma to another all Spirit/Soul archetypes are beyond relativism as absolutes cradled by the ineffable apex enlightened perfection of God(dess). 

All Spirit as a metaphysical phenomenon consists of a matrix of properties that exceeds all your known elements of earth, air, fire, water, and cosmic plasma. Including all calculated dimensional values of physics or astrophysics, and furthermore any other quantifiable observations by humanity to date which is puny at best. All spiritual and soulful realities are the glue holding together the quantum flux of matter and anti-matter. Allowing the chaotic mixture to erupt into order to cause life, stasis, and death to exist upon your Creation. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

God Node:

3099) For each spirit body therein has a lower functional role known as the astral auric body that wraps around your physical human form. However, there is also seamlessly in tandem a Higher Self as another functional role that resides where your spirit is native to vibrationally with God. All innocence usually exists in neutral heavenly space less environs be it for children and for all adults. Anything else that is conflicted in life by moral values as sinister begins to tumble down Jacobs ladder to paradise. 

Everyone's Highest Self versus the lower self exhibits angelic nature as decreed by God as Divine Law. This higher form of Holy Spirit of the Pure Self of God in us, through us, and around us forever. Is a super-conscious phenomenon cross-linked like a daisy chain to each of your higher echelon souls. Although with all that stipulated upfront there is another connection point as a non-localized upline from your Highest Self into your soul body. It is known as the God Node

This is a metaphysical nexus point or aperture that connects one immediately in a timeless fashion to the holy powers of God's Image and Likeness in all spirits and souls universally. Much like a zipline that travels vertically, it is here as a nexus field of immense possibilities that any spirit body can interact with God directly without an angelic intercessor. 

In other words, your God Node is your divine entity emanation expression mirror image and likeness of God reflected back at you. It is your personalized kiosk station connector relay point to God(dess). Like a red telephone cellular line from the American presidency to other world leaders across the globe. This is the uniqueness of your Spirit and Soul of God in you reflected back at you with the macro self-awareness and meta-intelligence of God as him/her/itself. It is the Absolute Creator as your junction point of a manhole aqueduct cover as the plumbing of your living spirit ghost body on earth. As you are in the Infinity of Here and the Eternity of Now forever as a cross-section of this cosmic reality as the Constant Essence of God(dess) in, through, and around you forever. 

When the High Priests, Mystics, Saints, and Prophets uttered the living Power of God as Gnosis. It was with the full authority and privilege of God in them or in other words there God Node connection relay point within their Highest Self. Where each one developed individually as a lifelong devotion spiritually consecrating their lives and souls back to God as a living gift for Life on earth. Becoming exalted along the way at least historically by humanity usually after the fact. Of each of their mortal existence having elapsed by the Will of God as their master life plan from heaven for the whole earth and all of its inhabitants. Be they human, creature, and elemental forces as souls of a living perfect enlightened God(dess). 

However, other spiritual masters as magicians, witches, and shamans as servant leaders of the just and righteous on the earth usually have command over their God Node with spiritual maturity. Although the poorly matured spiritually can also wreak havoc with an undisciplined God Node equally as well with selfish or debased evils. For the God Node is the seat of living and dying powers of God to create and destroy reality metaphysically and physically for the very adept masters. 

Those with awakened Intuitive faculties such as the psychics, mediums, and trance communicative ethereal spiritual abilities. Are the purveyors to eventually discover such a God Node if they dedicate their lives back to God for the goodwill of all united humanity regardless of spiritual tradition, global religion, and secular philosophies. The power of God Node permits one to intercede with God the Supreme Maker, Sustainer, and Destroyer of realities directly without angelic intercession. 

What this denotes is beyond prayer itself as a form of the passive supplication of petitioning for aid for this or that need and want. Here in such a spaceless environ of metaphysical infinity one can Command their unique singular essence of God itself. To repeat you can only Command spiritually the unique specific mirror of your Image and Likeness of God expressed as yourself and No One Else Without Their Explicit Permission Absolutely. That is the caveat as the tightrope to walk with God(dess) in, through, and around you for all eternities and infinities of the afterlife. 

When High Priests such as the Catholic priests serve in a ceremony of exorcism to eject a hostile unwanted astral trickster or worse a fallen daemon from a person, creature, or a physical property as a haunting. They aren't asking for permission from the cursed fallen one, they have the permitted grace of the defiled person for mercy and compassionate aid to be served spiritually. It is here that the High Priest be they of whatever religious body uses spiritual commands permitted by God to usher heaven on earth for all intents and purposes. 

Be it loosely considered as active prayer, thanksgiving as praises, and downright commanding authority of God within their spiritual self-mastery by devotional vocation. The thrust equals the cause to effect changes, not by passive beseechment alone but the active spiritual commanding authority to remit changes on earth by superior means that are blessed and miraculous for all concerned.  

The God Node is only limited by your Imaginations and Perceptions of your so-called real world on Earth as it is in Heaven and the afterlife therein. Each of your Highest Selves as Spirit Ghosts with human bodies can inject spiritual majesty on earth when you have developed like muscles your spiritual powers as souls of a Living God alone. Whether this is networked with your heavenly ancestors and the angelic marshal forces as choirs/spheres that be immaculate is for the best of all concerned. One can never command with brute force to compel ancestors and/or angels to do anything without their explicit voluntary permission by grace in God as it is Divine Sacred Law. 

You alone spiritually have the Power as a Loophole or Caveat to Command your own sacred divine Image and Likeness of an Absolute Creator, Sustainer, and Destroyer God of all gods within your very living souls. How you govern yourselves spells the difference of Heaven or Hell on Earth by your very intentions and devotions to quality of life in the world therein. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Value making a difference more than making a fortune. ---Lynne Twist.

Even if our efforts of attention seem for years to be producing no result, one day a light that is in exact proportion to them will flood the soul. ---Simone Weil.

A harmonized mind produces harmony in this world of seeming discord. ---Paramahansa Yogananda.

You can never run away Not ever. The only way out is in. ---Junot Diaz.

I'm glad I understand that while language is a gift, listening is a responsibility. ---Nikki Giovanni.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 26 years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 16 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.