Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jewels of Truth Statements & Favorite Quotes of The Month

Hello All,

Here we are on the first day of Summer on this 21st day of the month of June. Here in Florida there was hardly any sort of the season of Spring to be had or experienced. It seems that this year of 2011 we have been given two Summers to enjoy and live by as fully as we can.

In this months entry of the "Jewels of Truth" series. We will be exploring the topics of: surrender, chances, and that of prayer itself. Again as always these are all original spiritual wisdom statements. Which I penned back in late March 2009 now seeing the light of day for the first time.

Enjoy them, as I have enjoyed writing and sharing them in this humble oasis of the Internet.


936) When one surrenders their emotional pain and mental anguish to God and his Angels. One gladly will enter into a contract of well being and that of true wonder. What the angels through God accomplish with your surrendered pain and suffering is akin to the miraculous. The angels as messengers of the one true and dynamically living God(dess). Take your prayers and supplications and purify them within the living waters of God's absolute Love. Once the purification's have taken place over time here on Earth it is sprinkled for our benefit upon us. So the response does not always arrive all at once, but over intervals of time as a dimension in how it is applied and appropriated for us. By allowing our daily consumption due to how we conduct ourselves by a just temperament and willingness to receive such a blessedness. Miracles do occur where time is an instrument of measure is not warranted. In such cases the full Divine essence is received remarkably intact for the recipients need and by the beautiful mercy of God on full display.

So release your worries unto the Lord God so that the Angels in Heaven through God may bless you fully. Do not lament in shame and prideful vindication that you deserve more of "this or that". God who is in Heaven, the Earth, and especially in your Heart knows your needs. But only needs your consent to act in response to how well you conduct yourself by righteous deeds. Doing so will grant you the necessary love and peace to overcome all your perceived obstacles and troubles by grace. What we offer up to God in droplets will return to us purified and filled with a joyous wonder. As if waves upon ceaseless waves of unconditional love are thrust upon us. Not to drown us, but to swim and frolic in the living waters of a compassionate truth and beauty. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

937) God loves second chances especially for those individuals who are dedicated to their own mission in this one life. Where such a purpose becomes a heart felt passion that allows them to surmount who they were in a prior way of life. Second chances are not chances that are denied, just withheld for a moment until we are in agreement with our own true convictions. Than and only then can the true excitement of exploring such a purpose take hold. With a child like wonder where many things become possible that once before were not. Such a splendor of a "second chance" is one of grace ready to be accepted at a moments notice. A "second chance" is your Divinity become manifest with all the untold blessings and awe to be revealed in due time. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

938) With the beauty of prayer there is always a hope of a response that is both well meaning and glorious. However the response of an answered prayer may not always appear to us in a manner we can fully comprehend at such a moment. In the fullness of the present moment it is always best that a soul purifies his or her own intent before the very "Will of God(dess)". So as to make the prayer sincere according to the Holy precepts of an actual need or desire to be acted upon by grace. In order to purify or wash your intent in a Holy Light away from the shadows of worry or discontent. By all means use unconditional Love as the agent of purification. So as to insure a blessed outcome for all concerned.

Do not persecute your prayers with worry or angst. Let go that which is not good for you in spirit, such tense emotional behavior will drain you and the prayer of its good and just intent. Instead with thanksgiving in your heart, mind, and upon your lips silently praise God(dess) that the outcome of your prayer is already on its way to you. Be delighted like a child filled with a wondrous outlook that the outcome to your prayers have been bathed within God's own pure love for you. Allow yourselves to be transformed by such a devotion where upon the "Holy Spirit" will be made manifest all around you. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


Anything looked at closely becomes wonderful. ---A.R. Ammons.

Never lose a holy curiosity. ---Albert Einstein.

Where there is great love there are always miracles. ---Willa Cather.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jewels of Truth Series: "One As God Is With Us As Us"

Hello All,

Today I penned another original very deep thought regarding meta-physics that may take several readings to fully digest. It's implications are far reaching in terms as to how well we wish to develop our Divinity in this reality we call "Life". This is also part of Volume 4 of the working manuscript still writing itself in the "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom series.

Enjoy and provoke your thoughts as deeply as you care to wish.


"One As God Is With Us As Us"

1144) All souls are combined through God(dess) as one total reality. What this means is that the very Spirit of the One and only meta-god of all lesser gods. In this our metaphysical reality is unto him or herself in sheer essence and substance. Life and Death, the Heavens and the Earth, the universe and creation are all one streamed thru put of a layered existence. The common unifying factor to make it all as "One" is God(dess) in Spirit form or the "Holy Spirit (Ghost)" itself.

Paradoxically our personalized souls is the "Soul of God(dess)" as well. We are micro expressions utilizing the identical meta-soul of God in the macro metaphysical reality. To take this example further all life be it: bacteria, mineral, plant, insects, fish, animal, and so forth contains an equal allotment or portion of the soul or "Spirit of God" that is within the very fiber of our souls. God(dess), has no favorites we are all equal in terms to the very micro metaphysical size of our souls in relation to all of life surrounding us in this very instance.

However we may utilize our own divinity through the scope and powers of our soul is far different than the next life born or ghostly entity. Picture in metaphor God(dess) as the city landscape as to the totality of his/her being in Spirit/Soul form. We through God(dess) are citizens to this fabulous metropolis be it Heaven itself. By our spiritual symbiotic relationship with God, since his soul in the macro is our soul in the micro personalized as us. We have access to the Absolute essence and substance of God(dess) in totality for Free As A Gift. Not so much that God owns us, how can a person own their own eye, just because they were born with it initially. Having total access to God by means of prayers, meditations, contemplations, and so much more. We can experience the "Oneness of Creation" spiritually in so much we can carry an object or an idea. Consider a boy or girl via their muscles can only carry a few pounds at a time. Our Divinity if exercised like a muscle can carry its approximation and no more. We as souls can carry or worship God(dess) by how deeply we can love unconditionally in moderation. Or how much weight of our souls can hold meta-physically by experiencing God directly through our sacred Love. Amen.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gems of Opportunity: Immigration Law Concept: The "American Civil Reconciliation and Patriotism Act" (ACRPA)

Hello All,

The above subject title is still a collective figment of our imagination in America. It is something I'm coining for the very 1st time in how to address the "Illegal Immigrant" issue in our grand U.S.A. What I'm about to propose may make too much common sense that many lobbying groups will squirm in "Fits and Angst". I'm proposing a system that directs the Federal and State governments to process on a macro scale the 20 plus million Illegal Aliens in our country.

What follows below is a 3 step process in order of succession:

First, all Illegal Aliens or unauthorized Immigrants in our country must step forward voluntarily. (there's a later segment of those forced into this ACRPA program) Those that come forward freely will be noted with fewer demands than those forced into the program by ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) or other Federal Law Enforcement agencies. Any Illegal Alien felons or those having committed a string of misdemeanor offenses in a short period of time. (time frame to be devised) Are forbidden from ever participating in this ACRPA program and are subject to procedural deportation abroad. As is already under the law after being convicted of their crimes and serving their time in U.S. prisons. Of those otherwise law-abiding Illegal Immigrants that the only crime is an illegal entry into our country they are eligible for this "American Civil Reconciliation and Patriotism Act" Federally mandated program.

Section A, of this first stage, is all Illegal Immigrants enrolled in this ACRPA program. Be they voluntarily or forced into the program by Federal law enforcement agencies. Must pay monthly or annual membership dues for the upkeep and funding of their personal accounts within this system. Membership for Illegal Aliens within this ACRPA program will span at least 50% of the generating revenue in order to operate this Federal Immigration program. The other 10-20% of this revenue will come from mid, large, or global companies/corporations as employers of said Illegal Immigrants. (small businesses are exempt due to the hardships that would otherwise be imposed on them) The remainder of the funding would come from the Federal and State partners in order to operate this ACRPA program. In the vicinity of the government paying up to 30-40% depending on what offending employers provide in funding revenue through their penalty monetary charges.

Section B, of this first stage, is those Illegal Aliens having committed "Identity Theft Fraud" in order to have gained employment in the United States. Must declare such a crime voluntarily in order to make restitution to the identity theft victim(s). This will be an underpinning in order for those Illegal Immigrants to proceed under such an ACRPA program. A financial audit will be conducted from the beginning of the ID theft by the Illegal Alien. In order to gauge how much in Federal and State taxes have been paid by the Illegal Alien under such a false identity. Including how much in fraudulent charges of incurred debt to the Identity theft victim(s). Whichever number is greater in either taxes paid or fraudulent debts incurred will be the amount of the financial restitution to the Identity Theft victim(s). Since the ID theft victim(s) will most likely have personal protection identity theft insurance provided by any number of outlets already. This is to teach a lesson that ID theft as a crime does not pay in the end there is a consequence for such an action.

However, if the Illegal Alien having stolen someone's identity but has been responsible for the financial upkeep of such a stolen identity. After such a required financial audit can be declared as to causing only minimal harm. Henceforth to be waived from making financial restitution payments to the ID theft victim(s).

Second, either by negligence or outright disregard for authorized employment within the United States any American or Foreign National corporate entity, allowed to offer employment within America. That knowingly or unknowingly harbors Illegal Aliens or Illegal Immigrants within their own workforce will be liable and be charged with both monetary fines and penalties if their conduct is egregious. In so far to allow ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) or other Federal law enforcement agencies to conduct random on the spot facility inspections. Be they of the workforce or request of records in so far as to the corporations allowing a quarterly audit of their records. (be it financial or of their workforce)

This is where American Lobbying groups will squirm with "Fits and Angst" as I stated in the introduction. Besides being charged with monetary fines and penalties of up to 10-20% in funding such an ACRPA Federal Immigration program. (at least for the offending Mid to Globally sized corporations) They will be subject to random local inspections if not Raids by Federal Law Enforcement agencies. (State and Local Law Enforcement cannot interfere or demand an Illegal Alien their Immigration Status, unless having committed a felony.) Where also there will be quarterly audits of their records be they of their personnel or financial from the offending regions. Where the crime of employing Illegal Aliens was first discovered. Any American or Foreign corporate firm stating innocence when caught "Red Handed" with an Illegal Immigrant workforce will do so through their own negligence or wanton criminal conduct.

Illegal Aliens that are caught during an inspection or raid of an employer premises by ICE or other Federal law enforcement agencies. That is not wanted for prior criminal warrants will be forced into the ACRPA program or face direct deportation if they refuse repeatedly. Once under Federal custody, all Illegal Aliens will receive a primer educative session on what the ACRPA entails on a whole basis. If the Illegal Immigrant still refuses enrollment into such a Federal Immigration program. They have opened themselves for a means to deportation, not unlike those who are otherwise felons for their serious crimes.

Those Illegal Immigrants that are seized in an inspection or raid by ICE or other Federal Law Enforcement agencies. That is voluntarily involved and enrolled within the scope of the ACRPA Federal Immigration program. Are flagged as compliant and free to go without harm or any sort of discrimination.

Third, the entire reason for being for this ACRPA program is to provide Illegal Immigrants a legal bonafide U.S. Green Card and work VISA to remain within the U.S.A. After successful completion of this ACRPA program, a prior Illegal Alien is now classified as a Legal Immigrant after 3 years time. Having met all the requirements and terms of the "American Civil Reconciliation and Patriotism Act". Where they are then allowed to apply for U.S. Citizenship like any other Legal Immigrant. Basically, any Illegal Alien is forced to the back of the line through the ACRPA program. After a successful completion, they will have an advantage over those that would otherwise follow the law as a legal Immigrant. But the penalty is the time frame of a three year period of staying complaint within the ACRPA program.

Those Illegal Aliens that have been in America for a decade or less are liable to be enrolled in this ACRPA Federal Immigration program. Be they select themselves voluntarily or are forced into it by Federal Law Enforcement agencies. Those Illegal Immigrants having lived in the United States for longer than a decade can be subject to a shortened version of this ACRPA program.

Now here's the real fruit of this ACRPA program that all Illegal Immigrants in order to stay complaint whilst paying their member dues. Must attend an ESOL (English as a Second Language) educative coursework program. That is provided by the local public school district at designated night schools, or at a local community college campus. Those Illegal Aliens that show a prior competency of the English language can be waived from taking the ESOL coursework. By taking an oral, reading, and written exam of the English language which is basically the ESOL final exams.

Next, that all members of the ACRPA must take American History and Civics classes similar to what those that are applying for U.S. Citizenship must undergo. Remember I stated at the beginning of this third stage that those under the ACRPA program will have a Head Start. But will go to the back of the line due to the 3-year time frame in fulfilling the requirements and terms of this program.

Lastly, all members of the ACRPA program must subject themselves to 300-500 volunteer hours during the scope of the program. However, the member wishes to slice those hours in the capacity of volunteerism from a designated list of either secular or religious charitable organizations. The reason for this volunteerism is to silence the carping from naysayers. That all Illegal Aliens are a drain on our social services to the poor or the needy. Any such perceived drain on American social services will be altered and turned into a benefit for America and the Illegal Aliens as a whole. By fulfilling a requirement of 300-500 volunteer hours to sanctioned secular or religious charitable organizations within America. Those Illegal Aliens that are disabled can receive a shorter amount of volunteer hours, or be completely waived from this requirement.

Another point those Federally endorsed volunteer corps such as "Ameri Corps" for example. Can be among the list of secular charitable or volunteer organizations that the "American Civil Reconciliation and Patriotism Act" can provide to the members of such a program. Since programs like "Ameri Corps" provide assistance for college tuition and if not minimum wage jobs to its volunteers to list only two of the benefits.

The "American Civil Reconciliation and Patriotism Act" will restore civil discourse to both Americans and Immigrants of all sorts be they Legal and Illegal Aliens. If only our Federal Government provides the leadership and the motivation to inspire its citizens to act responsibly and humanely. We can all be proud Americans and filled with a sense of patriotism that is well deserved and fully warranted under God. Amen.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 22 years of his life to the pursuit of clairvoyant automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels inspired conceptual designs that are multifaceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 12 years plus online. Your welcome to visit his website "Jewelsoftruth.us" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.