Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spiritual Wisdom: "The Path of Avatarhood: Ascension Through The Soul"

Hello All,

I just wanted to break away for a moment from my usual trio of "Jewels of Truth" statements each month. To include this original material I was inspired to write back in March 2003. So see this as another flash from my past collection of notebooks for a contemplative journey to consider in one's own mind.



"The Path To Avatarhood: Ascension Through The Soul"

Everyone wishes for a genie and their destined three wishes. So as to fulfill their own version of glory in this life. Perhaps the best wish of perfection sought can be to make no wish at all. Why make a wish for something that is already yours to begin within the grandeur of God's design? Everything is yours already, the method in claiming your good is the Journey to personal fulfillment. In whatever way you decree that such a definition becomes a realization for you. The trick is the path to complete such a transition of evolving through the ultimate looking glass within your soul. That will fill your being as a bridge between realities for a non-linear scope of living that will remake your mortal understanding. Into a lucid spiritual immortal comprehension of being in the totality of creation. Such a way of life can take one into a myriad of realities for the benefit of one's own soul. And, for those such a person will care about will live through them as their essence of being for all times.

This essence is a unconditional Love expressed in moderation that can take a soul from the "Omega" (End Point). A person will find them self within their concurrent life up to that stage of development. Back to a blessed "Alpha" (New Beginning) on the behalf of grace, which is also where a person already resides within the constant presence of God. Whereabouts all fields of reality are simultaneously expressed in a person's soul as a complete "Circle of Life". A persons or an entity's soul is a non-linear expression not governed by inferior thought patterns of a fragmented linear viewpoint. A concurrent non-linear reality is intermingled with your perceived state of mind. So that all manners of life can and should co-exist with itself on a paradoxical scale from the micro to the macro in what many call "Infinity & Eternity".

Stop and think where you are and notice you are in a process of soul gestation in the womb of God(dess) always. There is thankfully no where that God is not as a reality,including your nocturnal dreams. Give yourself Peace and know all things you seek by Love Absolute (without conditions) will not harm you or others. But only further the "Will of God" as a blessed journey of souls. In a Holy Matrimony we all call the "Holy Spirit". Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Jewels of Truth Quotations & Favorite Quotes of The Month

Hello All,

It's that time of the month again with St.Valentine's Day just around the corner. May you enjoy this next trio of Divinely inspired statements I penned back in late 2008.



887) Our souls are immaculate due to the indwelling Spirit of God within our being. Such a state of inner grace is wonderful to behold in the scope and tenderness a person can achieve in this life. However with a perfect soul we are full of contrasts due to the human condition. Humanity, much like any physical beings are flawed by their own essential nature. Thus the inner striving for a higher truth in living is made that more elegant in the eyes of creation. We are God(dess) in the Infinite variety of life as mother nature so vividly displays in sublime abundance.
Who are we to deny this truth and yet condemn each other or worse ourselves with illusions. Surrender yourself to your inner Immaculate soul and truly live in a dynamic Miracle. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

888) For those who yearn for a unity of all sorts of love, there you are within its wholesome embrace. None of us have left the silent but yet powerful embrace of the maker God. It is only our ego based thinking that causes a false schism where the truth of unity is in full bloom. Surrender your false assumptions onto the Lord God and be set free once again in the splendor of his grand majesty in our daily lives. Doing so relives the tension in our minds and hearts allowing us to move forward. To where we need to be at that stage of our own being. Let go and live deeply within the Love of God(dess). Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

889) The great pillars of a society are: education, the arts, and athletics. From these three avenues of creative efforts be they cooperative or competitive in nature. Promote goodwill amongst your neighbors. However in such a society there needs to be the rule of law under fair and just terms of daily living. Whenever one class of people trump another than misuse and abuse will cause a society to become dysfunctional. Personal liberties must straddle the needs of the whole society, otherwise disharmony will ensue.
All societies must function with a balanced form of commerce and trade with significant oversight as to its own deliberations. If not unfair conduct will yield corruption, greed, abuse, and total incompetence. A pluralistic society needs civic participation, not just from elected officials or diplomats, but from the common ordinary citizen. All must have an emotional investment in their society lest they forget they're social responsibilities, and discredit their true value overall.
A society of peace makers must first rule themselves wisely, before they have a true responsibility to aid other fellow societies. All societies are accountable to themselves first, otherwise a non-sustainable state of affairs will yield eventually a complete collapse of social norms. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


The truth is more important than the facts. ---Frank Lloyd Wright.

One single gift acknowledged in gratefulness has the power to dissolve the ties of our alienation. ---David Staindl-Rast. "Gratefulness, The Heart of Prayer"

The mind creates the abyss, the heart crosses it. ---Sri Nisargadatta.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Governance Concept: Ethics & Accountability In Election Campaign Reform

Hello All,

When I state "Campaign Reform" I'm not speaking about the amount of financing from donors into political elections. My concept will cover two different segments of campaign reform that some sort of headway needs to be pursued.

The first is to bolster voter confidence and participation into our Constitutional Republic democracy. When political candidates during an election campaign either directly or indirectly by a proxy group attack the personality of a rival. It is demoralizing not just to the one receiving the often baseless warping of the facts. But it tortures the Issues facing the populace as a whole be it at the: Local, State, or Federal levels of governance. Such childish "Tit for Tat" attacks further antagonizes the voters with misinformation by solidifying ill informed stances on the issues at hand.

What I propose is a series of penalties to be codified into Campaign Reform Law. A simple primer so that the law makers and their legal wordsmiths do not get confused.

The possible penalties could be:

A) To be liable and prosecuted in the Civil & State Courts for "Hate Speech".

Hate speech in so far using campaign literature and media airtime to attack a political rival. Be it their political history, military service history, personal character assassination, and religious background.

B) To disqualify for a period of years from any sort of elected or appointed political office in government.

Basically to be "Black Listed" for conduct that is demeaning in the public domain during an election campaign. Be it in the confines of using slander, liable, hate speech, or defaming a political rival during an election campaign.

C) To pay specified penalty fines for each campaign media spot. That is considered as demeaning as stated above in "A & B" that is aired or displayed in the public domain. By displayed meaning: direct mail pieces, pamphlets, billboards, posters, or other forms of printed media.

This option basically bankrupts the political war chest of a would be person running for elected office.

The above trio of penalties for campaign attacks against a rival during a campaign. I consider to be "Part 1" of my election campaign reform.


"Part 2", consists of accountability of "Campaign Promises" made to the voters in order to get into elected office.

How many times have voters elected a suave charismatic politician into elected office. Where once inside government it turns out to be a case of "Dr. Jeckal & Mr. Hyde" in regards to the policies and agendas that is pursued.

Again my proposal is to offer a set of penalties. To those who have little to no intentions as political tricksters in attempting to pursue their campaign promises. I will not fault the politician that in full earnest attempts to dialogue and engage his or her own associates in government or the citizenry. But for those who are hypocrites they deserve a set of political and governmental penalties imposed on them. This will force politicians to think twice before they open their mouth. In what they seek to accomplish whilst in elected office.

Here is another set of three potential penalties that can be codified into political Campaign Reform law.

A) In failure to uphold campaign promises during an election campaign. The elected member of government is denied from running as an incumbent. In the same office for the next term of elections.

Basically denying the politician from running again for a second term. Be it in the: Local, State, or Federal government level. However it doesn't forbid them from running in another post up for election. Akin to playing musical chairs jumping from post to post.

B) A Monetary penalty fine is imposed at the end of their term in office. It can consist of 10% of their combined salary during their term. Or 10% as an example of their total economic self-worth in terms of assets.

Basically hitting the politician in the wallet where it is meant to hurt. By their practice of deception and misleading the citizenry in false intentions.

C) A public apology at the end of their term to those in government and the citizenry for a lack of leadership. Without making excuses or blaming something else for their own lack of initiative to even engage on the issues promised.

This one is the least painful and may be considered more of a slap on the wrist. It may in fact increase their political popularity rating in the short term by showing humility. By stating his or her own weakness and vulnerability and making a stand to do better the next time around. (Doesn't that sound like another hollow "Campaign Promise"?)

This is all in an attempt to strengthen "Campaign Reform" and the public discourse. Through participation of those in government and the citizenry to continue to build up our democracy. And, not allow the all too often political mud slinging in election campaigns. That cause agony to the voters even if it is on a subliminal basis.