Thursday, September 30, 2021

Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on the Public Good and Champions Reborn


Hello All,

I wanted to post at least one more time before the month of September concludes. I've set out an informal rule to share at least 7 freshly channeled angelic wisdom statements each month. As a personal hallmark although for this month I've already fallen short by two, lol. Since I find it easier to channel my longhand writing of this angelic wisdom, metaphysical, and mysticism quietly at home. Then actually blog about them publically if that isn't weird enough. 

Today's duo of statements is on the topics of Public Good and Champions Reborn. Probably since we are in an era of intense activism in our society if not the world at large. The angels wish to capitalize on such topics as they are very needed and valid with the zeitgeist of this time. 

As always may you the spiritual and introspective reader come away with expanded horizons of your holy spirits within your shared souls with God. Amen. 

Public Good:

3074) As moments go Life usually is a splendid thing indeed! Even with its intense foibles, there is always a chance to do better next time. Even if that means starting fresh from scratch in order to overcome this world. As it is both a beloved thing of beauty to be cherished forever and a tragic swirl one surprised misfortune away by dire circumstances. For the security of your societies is only as safe as each of you takes responsibility for the highest good combined of all souls. Whether as fellow people, creatures, and the earth herself as eco-systems go forward hopefully with mutual dignity. 

Each of you according to your vantage points are tipping the scales of the fates in your favor or against each other unceremoniously. Many are thankfully relieved to understand there is more than one manner of expression in an all-inclusive universe to be One with God spiritually and humanely. Not one religion or spiritual tradition has a monopoly on what God is entirely on an Ultimate scale of its mysterious supreme holy nature. 

So many have naively dared with good to benign and others selfish intentions only to be rebuffed by the divine as not prepared enough. Your decades-long discourse with us the Angelic Host of the Heaven's dearest "Ivan the Atrayo" as our angelic oracle. Is a new dialogue for a yet unrealized global religion over a century away from your death upon the world.  What you call the "Jewels of Truth" series is a sub-set like the Book of Proverbs is to your world's Judaic-Christian Bible. However, your inspired dialogue with us is far richer and varied in the topical exploration of the Holy Spirit upon the world. 

All others please come away beyond those of us who are ego-less beyond namesakes and reflect deeper upon these topics at hand. Understand the veils are slipping from the masses and political trickery as a charlatan's game is too expensive to uphold, except for the minority elites. To be graceful in the world when unfairness rules the day is circumspect at best and downright animalistic at worst. 

For the sake of Father God and Mother Nature as his proverbial wife as the Creator and the created. That with Creation to be a viable home as a realm of honor and mutual success of constant temporal changes. The divine realities must always be paradoxically immutable as a static non-changing everlasting phenomena as a backstop to your reality on Earth. 

This allows for a myriad of events to unfold so all can hopefully experience positive changes in a world filled with contrasts of good, neutrality, and unchecked evils. These centrifugal forces of cosmic throughputs of existence itself can fester if those that matter do nothing or make matters worse for all concerned due to greed or incompetence. When there is a period as a mortal's era of a lifetime goes of a decade or two of peace and prosperity collectively upon a natural society. There is immense healing and growth that can be boldly marked and accomplished on a nearly unified basis. 

However, when times are rude and nasty with squalor is present many unfortunate souls revert to lesser animal instincts versus their divine form with God natively. This is a universal rationale that only the brave of heart as national and regional leaders of the people. Can steer away through mutual mercy with inclusive compassion upon all regardless of political or spiritual ideologies and economic castes. 

That is the usual beautiful truth when benevolent leadership can forestall horrors that would be continued otherwise unabated over time. The cycles of abuse and self-loathing can indeed be altered with considerate altruistic actions for all truly without pandering to the rich and the powerful alone. Do not be fooled by charlatans as wolf packs in political sheep's clothing posing as guardians. Not all political leaders of society as authorities and their ideologies are noble creations. Many are cheap and selfish as a collective body until that is accountability and transparency which they abhor is chiefly introduced wholesale for the public good. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Champions Reborn:

3065) To all souls on Earth worth their weight in God's gold of the Heavens that have forgotten their deep abiding wishes to be reborn now in this era of time for humanity. Remember your holy angelic divine pristine natures as expressions of the total Spirit of God upon the masses looking for heart upon the world. Each of you is a splendid creature now living with and for loved ones.

You are the Champions of Paradise returned full circle seeking earnest ideations to dominate the Earth with the Blessed Will of God(dess). Not merely as individual powerless people but as a Master Spiritual Race as Living Souls of God. Each of you is angelic when you unleash your unconditional love in moderation upon this world revealing your geniuses natively. Allow yourselves to flourish upon this chaotic human civilization that is constantly crying out for the Mercy of God to save them. No matter your origin as an epoch of time therein upon recorded history you reside once more again by means of reincarnation. 

Yours is the Destiny foretold by the prophecies of ancient human civilizations long-extinct and forgotten as once-mighty empires crumbled back to dust. Awaken dear Children of a Living God Jehovah! Be the giants in holy spirits upon your very needy world with endless pain and sufferings. 

Come forward with prestigious ascendency with mutual compassion for all that is familiar and strange to you in the world. Volunteer your time, your talent, your treasure, and your faith in God(dess) for one another. Not as a taskmaster but as mutual kindred of the graceful heavens within your divine midst in the unseen realms forever present upon your humanity.  

Only your graces from God's Glory can alleviate all of this temporal misery on a temporary basis. If that is what your scattered attention spans can ill afford. Please act for this is the hour of the Lord God of Hosts seeking remedies for all grievances great and small alike. For this is true upon not just America, but verily for the globe of all the nations and mother earth herself spiritually and physically en mass. 

These are the tragedies that were avoidable if compassionate common sense ruled the day versus irate political hate-filled partisans sought dominion over the masses. Here is mother earth laid bare by the Titans of human industries raping her senseless for exclusive riches that only profit the elite of humanity globally. 

Pure Capitalism without robust sensible moderate checks and balances of free and fair guard rails. Can enslave all alike by means of financial debts whether rich or poor economically and certainly morally as the sleeping giants. Weak democracies are vacuums of societal power that allows Tyrants and their ruling castes to ruin the day for all concerned. 

Has Humanity truly forsaken all Hope and its way back to God as Heaven on Earth?

Only the remaining faithful can respond to this question in their heart of hearts spiritually. For these are the Dark Ages of globalization of humanity, whether they are part of the problem or the solution. For all others have forfeited their righteous claim to heaven on earth by the grace of God. On the false altars of worldly Power, vain Influential Prestige, and profits at all costs of life and limbs alike. Leaving deaf, dumb, and mute as to the Glory of God(dess) upon the world with only do as I say not as I do worldly mentality. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 26 years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 16 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly. 

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series and Favorite Quotes of the Month of September


Hello All,

I always have the bad habit of waiting until the tail end of the month to make a channeled angelic entry here to Atrayo's Oracle. Since I'm also a PC gamer I'm also tied into enjoying the retail release of Amazon's Game Studio of New World come this Sept. 28th. I'll be gaming with my online gamer community of 17 years now that I've been a member of online. They're called "The Older Gamers" one has to be over the age of 25 yrs old to become a member. I'll be the guild leader for the US/EU branch on an East Coast North American server. (shameless gamer plug) 

Tonight's trio of Jewels of Truth statements is channeled angelic wisdom, metaphysics, and mysticism. On the topics of a Multi-Dimensional Soul where I channel a historical figure named Josephus the old. Next, there is To Be the I Am which dispels one of the pet peeves I hear often in New Age circles. Where innocently someone remarks we're born into this reality just to learn and grow like this realm is an elementary school for souls. I roll my eyes when I hear this due to my cultivated relationship as an angelic channeler via claircognizance. (claircognizance is the psychic ability to channel knowledge and wisdom beyond one's lifetime.)

Lastly, the final topic is a zinger on two counts! It's titled the Younger Dominions of God. Where not unlike the metaphysical author of Neal Donald Walsch of "Conversations with God" a famous book series. I also channel this statement from God him/her/itself, which I've done on past occasions. This topic blew my mind when it flashed before my mind's eye as an inspiration. Basically, our Creation and the afterlife of heaven and hell are the godly early forms of the Supreme God of all gods Absolute. Meaning these are the terrible two's, tween years, and teenage raging hormone years on a human equalivent scale of God itself. 

The Creator, Sustainer, and Destroyer of Macro Supreme Realities dimensionally speaking. These realms of ours of the endless Infinite hells, Creation (ie our Meta-Universe), and the Majestic Heavens are the stratification of the evolutionary growth of God in a meta sense if compared to maturation. These realms astral or otherwise are the goldilocks years of God(dess) akin to a nursery for all souls, angelic kind, including elder angels.  As the lesser deities of countless faiths or dead religions as mythologies to us in our modernity. 

Before I go too deep on the topic allow me to just write down the channeling from the Creator him/her/itself. 

Also, a shout out to Tessa Luna Lluvia my original online mentor as an expert psychic-medium. She's kindly listed my books of the Jewels of Truth Series on her website. (bottom 8th row of the book listings)

As always no matter if these topics seem too fringe for your imaginations and spiritual belief systems. Allow them to just kindly expand your horizons of the immense grandeur of God Everlasting. Amen. 

Multi-Dimensional Souls

3081) Here are the many fields of splendor possible within the grasp of the human condition by far. Nay beyond humanity itself can this spectrum of countless possibilities co-exist to exemplify all lifeforms in unison as Children of a Living God(dess). What I "Josephus the Old" will explain is that the godly soul of all spiritual beings when incarnated experiences a buffer of contrasts when alive on Earth.

For example, when a person commits wrongdoing as grotesque evils. That reincarnated soul as an individual entity has siphoned poorly from the evils metaphysically from the godless Hells, hereto unknown to humanity. Again another primitive example is a godly pious person of righteousness does good in the world without seeking high praises of whatnots. That individual spiritual entity of God has channeled the God Blessed Heavens robustly and directly upon this Earth. Whether this happens unwittingly or not.

The final example is whether a person is neutral and allows good or evil to flourish without personal involvement regardless of what occurs. Such a soul enters into a form of Limbo upon the world swayed easily without guile or reservation as a direct cause and effect. Akin to a sub-set of Karma upon the earth reality sphere of governing elements metaphysically. 

The trio of the fates as conundrums of paradoxical fits and starts are prevailing winds of the afterlife set upon all mortal kind be it human or otherwise as creatures. With direct inputs and outputs upon the world and the meta-universes be they cosmic or of a metaphysical unholy/neutral/holy matrix of experiences as existential realities go. 

To this end do not allow the oversimplification of these crude examples to paint only a black, gray, and white picture as a canvas of these meta-realities. There is a relativistic spectrum of contrasts akin to manifold kaleidoscopes of endless pigments of possibilities. As configurations of good, neutrality, and evil encompass universally as archetypes of behavior in all lesser Universes combined! 

We have exhausted our range or scope of expressions without first mentioning as all souls are in the One Supreme Loving Image and Likeness of God. Denotes all Souls as a united continuum are multifaceted dimensionally as metaphysical entities before being people with physical bodies with an aura upon your current age or eon of your Earth. 

As God(dess) is everything as Omni-Present denotes your souls in God are also everywhere God is forever. No matter you as the lesser children of God realize this in your global religions or not. It makes your magicks work as expressions of divinity constantly. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo. (Channeled Source Entity of Josephus the Old.)

To Be the I Am:

3083) Many in New Age spiritual circles inquire from fellow advanced participants and elders what is Life? Most respond with confidence that it is a school for young souls to evolve and grow further. This canned response is only partially true, however, it is incomplete in its scope of a response generically. 

Life and Death as contrasting phenomena are far richer than such a one-dimensional interpretation of our spiritual unified reality with God(dess), and the Heavenly Host Infinitely meets at large always and forever. There are actually seven dimensions of spiritual being, if not more overall as archetypes of a universal basis of our united divinity with God(dess). 

For Instance, the aforementioned scope of Life as a school is true but as one dimension so as to learn and grow as eternal souls having a human experience. Next in no particular order of grace of any of these roles is to Love like God(dess) and the Angels. Unconditionally in moderation so as to avoid fanaticism or zealotry as obsessive traits of passion and/or of true love. 

Next comes to be of Service in moderation not necessarily as a selfless saint or angel that lives to extremes. However, to cultivate humanity or divinity on Earth with mutual compassion and empathy for those in need or of want. To serve in a volunteer capacity versus being employed in commercial industries denotes a deeper form of caring. 

To be just as civilized and law-abiding or hospitable in the world. Followed closely with having a noble personality of character as benevolent in the human-divine holy nature like God and the Angels in the endless Heavens. 

Next is to create or destroy like God in the universe. If destroy is too strong a negative connotation then let it be to uproot, erase, or recycle like God at the human micro-scale of being alive. As God(dess) is the Creator, Sustainer, and Destroyer of macro realities en masse by Infinite scales and over the corridor of eternities. 

The last two dimensional roles go hand in hand as fellowship or socialization with positive impacts of compassionate norms be it caring for one another as God has cared for each of us. Lastly to worship Inclusively like God(dess) as an unceasing with positive moderation with mutual respect and adoration to positive foreign beliefs and other cultural traditions of God in our shared world. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Younger Dominions of God:

3080) To the one that reads these simple words come away with a wider understanding of what "I am that I am" is as the Constant Creator, God of all Totalities United! What "I am" is not simple but complex beyond human total comprehension. So in childish terms of "I am" is utilized all around for all levels of basic comprehension as my living beautiful souls. 

What you call as Creation as a meta-construct of reality as the Universe(s), Galaxies, Solar Systems, etc... This is merely one of my countless younger expressions of my Ultimate Majestic godly nature, fully seeped upon material physicality and so much greater yet still. 

What humanity denotes as the afterlife of Hell as the underworld. The neutral reality of metaphysical limbo or purgatory as either a realm of heightened enlightenment or for the uninitiated as numbing detachment as apathy. With the stupendous exalted Heavens are all grade school versions of my adolescent corpus of my total Supreme Creation as the Absolute Self. 

The Infinite and timeless Hells, Limbos, Creations, and Heavens are each stratum of my youthful forms of expressions. As the Creator, Sustainer, and Destroyer of cosmic and ethereal realms of pure totalities of "I am" essence and personified substances. For To Be the I am that I am as the God of all gods plural in a Supreme Fashion has other greater dominions of realism. Each by far beyond the rudimentary tenure of my youth as the Hells, Limbos, Creation(s), and the Heavens can contain forever as my meta corpus. 

For example, every dominion where good, neutrality, and evil are located is a moot point having never existed prior. There is no such power struggle of contrasts of differences. A Uni-polar reality versus a multi-polar existence of Principles that tranquility reigns constantly. Only in the realms of my godly youth does contrast stand out in stark terms of the illusion of a good versus evil approach as an eternal useless struggle.

In my youth like environs of ethereal and otherwise physical existence goes. That my younger created lesser children such as humanity and other permutations of my infinity of expressions. Truly mirror my existential struggles of archaic yesterdays as eternities of long ago. I have matured far greater and this creates, sustains, and destroys for another set of challenges and opportunities elsewhere in my Meta-Verse of cosmic and ethereal Superiority as the Apex God of all gods. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo. (Channeled Source as God(dess)

You can never run away. Not ever. The only way out is in. ---Junot Diaz.

Nature is not a place to visit, It is home. ---Gary Snyder.

Grace is the ability to redefine the boundaries of possibility. ---Manning Marable.

One of life's most fulfilling moments occurs in the split-second when the familiar is suddenly transformed into the dazzling aura of the profoundly new. ---Edward B. Lindaman.

What you see and hear depends a good deal on where you are standing: it also depends on what sort of person you are. ---C.S. Lewis.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 26 years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 16 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.