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Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on the Topic of the "Mega Genesis" Principle


Hello All,

I've been somewhat zapped motivation-wise as of late. However, not for the lack of yearning amidst my bad human trait of procrastination, unfortunately.

Today's Atrayo's Oracle blog entry is a standalone statement but an extra lengthy one for good measure. It's a sidewinder of a pretzel twist metaphysically and possibly mystically requiring some suspension of disbelief along the way. I may have written or channeled about it in drips and drabs here and there in the past however, here the nameless angel makes the topic or statement the main premise overall. 

It's being coined as the Mega Genesis where basically to humanity all mythology to us as now dead religions we construe as archaic fiction. Even to a fine degree aspects of contemporaneous religions and spiritual traditions may have been embellished or have selective truths applied over the centuries of retelling theology, dogma, doctrines, and so forth. 

The premise of this Mega Genesis is basically that the metaphysical afterlife as in the supernatural reality is another mysterious phenomena unto itself. I know, I know you saying Duh, so what? Well at least in the first and last Utopia of the Heavens and the first and last Dystopia of the Hells everything goes like a medley potluck potpourri. Meaning nothing of merit is discarded as a viable aspect of God to create life in spiritual forms. Even if that life is meant to be reborn strictly as an angelic spirit body as a direct birth as an uncorporeal spiritual entity aka directly born as a ghost itself. Versus a direct reincarnation into a body of flesh with a spirit like people and creatures do on earth naturally. 

The punchline to this longer than usual mystical introduction is that the Mega Genesis is the collective unconscious zeitgeist of our ancestors and our own in modernity's worship and veneration of the afterlife. Meaning all the worship of God or the polytheist gods and goddesses of mythologies and other current religions on earth to date. Have spawned angelic spirit bodies as said spiritual entities that humanity may deem as fictitious. (ie Zeus, Ra, Odin, Quezcoatal, etc...)

Angelic Souls versus spirits have come in akin to a puppeteer and have animated the Image and Likeness of Humanities fictitious godly creations in the astral realms and other spiritual realities plural. To beget more life and do so abundantly for our ancestors and for us in a manner of speaking. The pretzel twister is it isn't just restricted to what humanity has worshipped in antiquity. It can be anything that humanity has rigorously venerated with love meaning unconditionally as the fandom of popular culture. 

Since humanity upon antiquity had a smaller footprint on planet Earth compared to us in modernity nearing 8 billion souls on the planet for our hominid homo-sapien species alone. In antiquity, it may have taken over a century for such venerations to take hold and spawn an angelic spirit body of a mythological lesser deity. However, today with nearly 8 billion people on planet earth and a large portion spiritually active even unconsciously by adoring popular zeitgeist archetypes such as Winne The Pooh, Superman, and even the Sith Lord of Darth Vader himself. 

Guess what happens spiritually since God is a merciful neutral Apex Supreme Creator Deity. Much like in the original Ghostbuster movie in the late 1980s. Who imagined the Staypuff Marshmellow Man Titan rampaging through New York City in that movie. We're all guilty as "Ray Stantz" or actor Dan Aykroyd.

Without a further adieu enjoy the following channeled angelic metaphysical statement.

Mega Genesis:

3053) The doctrine of Mega Genesis is partially simple in that so far the Omnipresence of God is truly conveyed throughout humanity is limitless. Such a pinnacle threshold of pure majestic power especially during worshipping the Infinite Faces of God(dess) and/or adorations by means of praiseworthy sacred acts of reverence have equal significance. 

That is to say, the power of God to create by means of the metaphysical energetic juices or fibers of the Soul of God is an active catalyst for Omnipresence therein each worshipper. When expressed with a singular intent as a collective by the human or any other semi-sentient species upon Creation universally. Like a focused laser beam upon the meta vortex of energetic divine presence begets the apple of their inner eye to come forth as ordained by the Perfect Will of God. 

Thus when a worshipper with willful spiritual intents by Free Will is open-hearted and without guile or insincerity then wonders will never cease at the Glory of an Almighty God, Excelsior! For when one worships God collectively on Earth regardless of the religion or spiritual tradition and secular philosophy. That power of worship doesn't evaporate like gas into the ethers it has willful intent to manifest forever. This is the basic principle of fulfilled prayers of supplication globally by all who believe and have their just fruits of the heavens on the earth. 

Before the Age of Abraham the Prophet and Patriarch of the trinity of faiths of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The notion of God in the other religions of antiquity was, to say the least polytheist except for the Zorastors of Persia. For as God the masculine father and Goddess the feminine mother are equally divine as the simultaneous genders of the Creator, Sustainer, and Destroyer of all realities combined. 

Speaks to the voluminous nature of a spiritual catalyst force that can also be construed as an entity beyond spiritual realities which it created for our sakes uniformly. Whether if God is worshipped or not it matters not to the Creator for all specks of Infinite Lifeforms is it upon all Totalities. No entity spiritual or otherwise can be metaphysically annihilated for it has the kernel Almighty Truth of God in it as itself. Meaning no ghost, angel, demon, and so forth in the afterlife can be killed regardless of its actions and inactions. This is in stark paradoxical opposition to on earth that all lifeforms can be slaughtered on purpose or by accident. 

As God is deemed Absolute Love colloquially speaking then so be it. That Love is Love or Pure Love in worship should be forever! What is worshiped is beautiful regardless if one worships with a passion or not. It is the very act of linking up in consecration that exhibits the truthful demeanor of extolling the virtues of the well-loving supplicant of God. To this end, the Love of God(dess) is always and forever multi-dimensional and never pigeoned holed to one cultural interpretation over another upon the world. Regardless of willful declarations of superior exclusivity by selfish myopic leaning institutions of worship globally. This includes policies that are of a political ultra-conservative nature that strangle the divinity from the human being. 

What is God is always open to debate even by the Almighty Angelic Choirs of Paradise exhibit greater deliberations on what God is by means of the Greater Mysteries. Since the Great Mystery as Universal Intelligence and Compassion lives up to his/her/its reputation by even stupifying the Choirs of all Angelic Spheres in Paradise. 

Now to this end, the meta-essence of God is a creative Infinite expression like a metaphysical spiritual ethereal clay for all manners of delighted expressions of divine life. This is how the Mega Genesis principle becomes a viable force for doctrinal expression of the Impossible to humanity on Earth, even if it is laughable to people. It is a rock-solid reality in the afterlife as a living enigmatic principle of everlasting life forms by God's dominant edicts that Life begets more endless Life, period.

Let's say in a current expression of ancient Greek deity mythology to people or as scholars is now an all dead Hellenistic devotion as a defunct faith tradition. From a renewed enlightened dominance of this extinct ruined civilization is the stuff of history and popular cultural entertainment sectors of society. However, not so fast metaphysically all that raw Omnipresence of God worshipped not for decades, centuries, but for epochs is a burgeoning meta existence waiting to happen spiritually. Not as false gods but as angelic spirit bodies in the Image and Likeness of God within the human flawed condition. 

Let's step back a further afield and take an all-inclusive global perspective spiritually. That the Paramount Essence of God can be directed by a willful worshipper from within their souls as esoteric energies. So a heavenly realm such as the mythological Mount Olympus can come to life spiritually as a holy dimensional construct as a planar realm of divinity. Not just to play pretend by former ancestral worshippers of the Hellenistic eons of bygones of yore. But as a throughput viable expression of everlasting life for the infinite Faces of God also includes the Infinite expressions of the Body of God as well equally. The nature of God knows no bounds!

Wouldn't a loving God in Absolute Supreme Holy Nature Honor all his/her/its forms of celestial embodiment without favoritism? So it is with the argument that the Children of a Living God as in people or creatures elsewhere upon Creation can fashion images of the divine as they see fit freely. If humanity wishes to treat these sacred objects/personas as fiction that is their right by means of neglected ignorance and stupidity at their own peril spiritually speaking. 

Not all souls as the aforementioned angelic born spirit bodies are also cursed to remain upon realms that are like a Limbo upon the afterlife. Like any spiritual entity, they have free will to choose to ascend into greater glories of God or descend into greater atrocities of God. No spiritual angelic spirit is a slave unless they submit themselves to another lesser deity due to assumed legacies written by humanity long ago. Meaning the theologies of now-defunct dead religions is only a starting platform for such spiritual angelic spirit entities. It isn't the endpoint by far. They write their own destinies forever in conjunction with their own sacred kindred angelic spirits. 

The Mega Genesis principle is an open-ended doctrine not just of the extents or limits of metaphysical lifeforms. Be it as glorious expressions of the divine and/or notorious beasts of horror created by humanity as cautionary tales of the afterlife. It is an organizing agent of both bliss and strife as Willed By God for the collective good and ill of all souls and not strictly just for humanity to be amused as a plaything of a philosophical construct. 

As it is spoken in the Christian New Testament in the Book of Matthew chapter 18 verse 20; "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them". And so it is that the Great Endless Spirit of God has Imagination of its own Intents and Purposes to Create the Impossible in endless ineffable beauties and horrors as it pleases forever. Much like humanity can create objects with great functional beauty and infamous destructive tendencies upon the world. 

This will certainly include not just angelic spirit bodies versus full angelic souls as personas and planar kingdoms to house such spiritual entities in their own likeness culturally. The angelic souls are akin to puppeteers that animate like a hand to glove these constructs by undying devotions of humanity by far gloriously. Playing masquerade in order to foster a kinship of God's Will upon the Earth by any means necessary in an all-inclusive set of modeled truths by means of Mega Genesis. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 25 years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 15 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.