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Jewels of Truth Statements & Favorite Quotes of the Month

Hello All,

I hope your finding yourselves warm and bundled up in this Winter 2014 season. Unless of course if your in Oz (Australia) where its Summer right now. This month of January has evaporated quickly for many of us due to a variety of factors. How many of you have made it a concentrated effort to stop every once in a while and just breathe in "Life"? For plenty of us it costs nothing, just a quick respite to rejuvenate the spirit within allowing vigor and gratitude to fill up our senses for being alive right now.

Today's trio of "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statements are on the topics of: Service, Conduct, and Courage. Written originally back in early to the middle of April 2010 in the series # 1027-1029.

If at all possible enjoy this Winter weather in safety and a humane spirit towards all. May you as always find my statements intriguing as an expressive means of conveying Life in so many words.




1027) We are all born of this life as the result of the many blessed encounters strung across time and space. Our hearts and minds may be fashioned by the world, but our spirits and our ultimate soul in God has been fashioned from the Divine. We as the plural results of God's ultimate expression of Being has not cast us aside from our heavenly realm. We are all at his arm's reach to pull us aside if we stray too far from his earnest reproach into our personal lives. No one can take away your power to live with dignity unless you allow it.

As we each represent the godly in our lives akin to the Angels in this Earth and the Heavens. We showcase all that is divine in each other in order to promote the goodwill in our combined souls. All acts of genuine compassion with neither thoughts of earthly reward or recognition. Will grant the giver a total recovery of their own inherent heavenly beauty. The instantaneous good pleasure of giving is received almost immediately through the "Holy Spirit". We thereby unleash what is holiest in us and release what is purest in our brothers and sisters in spirit.

Forget not this truth of how we may love in action and for it to surround us instantly with grace. We are truly alive when we love each other in service by often reinforcing our faith in the process with God. Compassion and humility by the avenues of understanding and patience have afforded more "Peace on Earth". Than what any signed peace accord between nations could ever accomplish in any lifetime. By the measure we give from our hearts balanced by our minds it shall be afforded to us in this life and the next for all to celebrate as heavenly witnesses. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


1028)  The Love of God(dess) pours forth like a mighty waterfall upon all be they faithful or not. In wondrous measures that are often beyond mere common comprehension. Be still in your hearts and your minds allow for this hidden mystery to overwhelm you. Distill yourselves onto this one point in life where all grace follows in unceasing prosperity. Follow the bread crumb trail of your angels be they well intentioned people or purely in heavenly spirit. Whatever the turn of events in life so that it takes you to moments of reflection or steps to accomplish. Do so with conviction knowing full and well of your place situated within your proper self.

Flow forth from a place of zeal for living that God provides all to those who are earnest in accordance to his "Divine Will". Yet be mindful of the duo feminine aspect of God as Goddess which expresses life by all means nurturing, gentle, humble, and kind when it is warranted. Otherwise without proper inner balance our soulful desires to tame ourselves be they masculine or feminine in essential natures. Will clash with the world at large by being out of step with our intent and our following resolve to be whole in being. Keep to wisdom on what is proper in conduct and what is clearly not. For foolishness beyond playtime is a recipe for disuse and illness in how we express what is real to us alone. In how we decide to reach our most valued spaces in being content as spiritual beings alive in the flesh. Will determine a life well lived or one of confused suffering. Amen.
                                                                                                  ----Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


1029)  What is it to have courage? Is it to move mountains aside in spite of our fears?

Courage is a process that can define a soul in order to help crumble difficult circumstances surrounding them. For there to be fear in our minds there must also be Hope in our hearts. A strong counter balance must be achieved in spirit for courage to take hold down to the roots of our being. For difficult circumstances do not, nor should they not define us. Our reactions may be stern and they may be timid for to be fully human we stumble at times unceremoniously. Our Convictions is what helps us to define ourselves in life as a whole. Troubles will come in all sizes and solutions will appear in all places as well. The great practitioner of life knows how to create opportunity out of perils in order to surmount the ugly in life. The afflicted ones succumb to a gnashing of teeth as they are defeated even before they have fully commenced to tackle hardships. They have forsaken themselves without a chance to overcome. Hardly can the Angels in heaven assist with such a weak resolve to live.

With true courage lived with hope and convictions comes an ingredient called faith. A faith not based on the appearance of insurmountable difficulties. But one of an inner stillness which is sensible in spirit that is filled with unspoken strength and self-worth to overcome all things. Milestones become a well paved roadway to intercede on ones own behalf to nearly subjugate all injustice. For to squish one evil out of your personal life another will come along in your brothers or sisters life. For they are needing instruction in how to overcome for themselves. These are the hallmarks of a true courage that is not to be lauded from the hilltops, but kept in a spirit of humility in order to care for all precious things in life. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


More individuals become so anxious about their own troubles, and yet helping others is the best way to rid yourself of your own troubles. For what is the pattern? He gave up Heaven and entered physical being that ye might have access to the Father.
                                                                         ---Edgar C. Cayce. Reading 5081-1

May the God of steadfastness and encouragement grant you to live in harmony.
                                                                                                              ---Romans 15:5

Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and sustain in me a willing spirit. ---Psalm 51:12

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
                                                                                               ---Eleanor Roosevelt.

Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder. ---E.B. White. "Charlotte's Web"

Monday, January 27, 2014

"Jewels of Truth" Reading From Volume 2, A Statement On "Compassion"


Humanity by its animal nature versus its spiritual nature is prone to gross inequalities of all sorts. Most evident is how we treat the less fortunate by they economically disadvantaged or physically / mentally impaired. We are often more so civilized in name only. To our disgrace we favor opulence over liberty and equality. Thus our human nature will fail us if we do not heed that if the least of us is not represented well in just treatment. It bodes badly for the whole because we are not ready for the mantle of greatness as a humane people much less a nation of civilized people.
                                                                               ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

"Jewels of Truth: The Wayfarer of the Soul", Volume 2 pg. 25

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Automotive Industry Concept: "Smart Phones Inter-Connectivity With Smart Cars"

Hello All,

As today's cars, trucks, and other associated automotive vehicles continue the trajectory of artificial intelligence of on board electronics. It may very well end up within this decade or there about our smart phones will be considered as an indispensable piece of computerized electronics in managing our own vehicles. Not to mention the advent of wearable gadgets that our smart phones may become rather worn on clothing (ala Star Trek communicators) than carried in a holster. Efficiencies are being squeezed nearly every year by the function and computing power of today's gadgets. Vehicles will no doubt continue to follow suit in a similar measure as the wizardry of technology allows for a near convenience experience. In helping us manage our productivity away from work and our own house holds. More like a mobile command and control hub will vehicles of tomorrow emerge in ease of functions for our daily modern needs and wants.

Today's concept is how our contemporary world with "Smart Phones" makes its own incremental debut into "Smart Cars" and vice a versa. Bluetooth wireless connectivity already exists for many years now as one of the very first forays between a smart phone and a personal vehicle computer console panel. What follows is my own vision of how this could emerge for our routine lives here in the Industrialized world.

Every automaker will have developed a software application as a downloadable software interface with their particular car model. For use in a car owners smart phone(s) only after purchasing a vehicle and not before. The car control app will synchronize via encryption processes to the owners smart phone(s). (In case of several alternate drivers each with their own authorized smart phones) In part the car control app will randomly generate an electronic key code that acts as a handshake to open and close one's vehicle. We already today have key less entry devices at a certain broadcast short range frequency like a combination lock. However tomorrows vehicles will have the singular unique smart phone Dial into opening or closing a Smart Car. Just like you were calling a colleague at work to prep something for you in function. In this case your calling your car to open or close and begin its own standard protocol checklist of functions for operation.

The smart phone(s) synchronized to the owners smart car will place an additional layer of theft protection of a vehicle. If a car thief attempts to spoof an owners smart phone to gain key less entry to the owners vehicle. There can be an additional layer of protection provided by the owner where a verbal key phrase must be uttered. Speech recognition software authorizes its the owners own voice and not someones that just knows the key phrase as the password. Or the vehicle can ask a random security question like many websites do today to log in to your account. Again looking for its owners own speech pattern to verify who it is. Also, ones Smart Phone will have a digital finger print scanner to open your vehicle. Do note the thumb is no longer the only required finger for scanning. It can be any number of digits of your choice as an acceptable scanning recipient.

Now vehicles of today may have a rear view camera so as to not bump into someone or another car or object. Smart Cars of tomorrow will be a multi-angle array of safety and security camera's. For instance like in Russia or parts of Eastern Europe its popular for car owners to have personal dash board camera's. For protection to prove something actually happened in a car accident not just for insurance purposes. But, dirty police have been known to be chronic lairs as to occurrences in traffic incidents. So the popularity of car dashboard camera's has soared in Russia and neighboring Eastern Europe. Even in America and in other parts of the world police were the first to issue dashboard camera's onto their patrol vehicles. Tomorrow's smart cars will have dashboard camera's, 360 degree interior roof light camera, exterior rear, exterior car doors, and exterior radiator grill front cameras at street level. As a package suit of safety and security camera's for car owners. Car manufacturers can sell from plain daylight only to sophisticated infrared red see in the dark camera's. Touting viewing distance, illumination, optical clarity, and so forth as sales features.

What this does for a Smart Phone is akin to a home security system often marketed today to home owners. However a wired up smart car with this ensemble of vehicle camera's mimics the very same safety conscious consumer of tomorrow. Using your smart phone via a encrypted connection you dial into your vehicle to watch whats happening around your car. So if an idiot dings your car door in the mall parking lot you'll have recorded footage in tracking down the hit and run away fool. I can hear the incidents of car insurance claims go up in the future for car detailing shop repairs. :o)

Automakers will also transmit to their vehicle fleets sold to car owners anti-virus and malware software protection via the Internet. Since in many ways Smart Cars of tomorrow are a mobile wireless Internet hub of their own, albeit encrypted for private use. Just like today's personal computers receive software anti-virus updates from an assortment of companies. This will be so car thieves don't infect a vehicle to gain entry via a malicious car hack of tomorrow.

Smart phone address books will be synced up with your own smart car's address book accessible via your touchscreen console. However speech recognition can be a primary means of interacting with your vehicles computerized console(s). (Back seat passengers will have one of their own as well.) Whenever your personal smart phone address book updates your car will prompt you requesting for the update from your phone. The same can occur via the car maker control app installed on your smart phone. Your smart phone will solicit you for the most current updates from your smart car with contact information. Of course all of this can be given prior permission to happen behind the scenes without having to authorize every secure request of an exchange of data. Business travelers renting a personal vehicle with a Smart Car can download the car rental company own car control app. The duration of the car rental ticks down like a timer until the car is returned. So the business person traveling via their smart phone can securely transmit their native address book to the smart car rental. For ease of travel to preloaded destinations required by the company during their stay or other personal interests.

Some Smart vehicles such as sport sedans or minivans with additional spacious leg room for back seat passengers. Will have the aforementioned secondary back seat computer console hub for passengers. In a way ever since minivans of today started to have flip down television panels to entertain the kids or what not. This form of on board entertainment will only evolve much further to include computer Internet surfing. And, of course gamers delighting playing their favorite MMO's or multiplayer FPS game match whilst in transit. Picture today's "Playstation Vita" portable game device offered by Sony. The passenger back seat console will have wireless controllers similar to today's "Playstation Vita". With an enlarged screen as a remote control wand or game controller for Internet entertainment purposes. Of course if a passenger has their own Smart Phone or Smart Tablet they can sync with the back seat console hub as a guest log in to utilize its functions as well.

Today GPS devices in cars already record your traveling points throughout the day. Stored indefinitely until the memory cache is overwritten with new data. A Smart Car of tomorrow will have its GPS like a Black Box similar to an airplane as a data recorder. Smart Cars, each will have their own Data Recorders for car insurance purposes and probably one day required by law like an airbag for safety by the Federal to State governments.  The Smart Car data recorders will certainly record in a memory buffer all camera footage whilst stationary and during transit. All of this can be streamed to ones smart phone for reference as needed, but stored on site with ones vehicle. The smart car in some ways will be like a traveling computer server cluster.

*Government vehicles be they Military or Civil Intelligence sectors may benefit from an additional layer of technology just for their own purposes. That is Virtual Augmented Reality destinations pre-programed into their Smart Car for Dead (Data) Drops or Retrieval of Sensitive Data Locations. That to the naked eye is meaningless. But, with an augmented reality sensor with a smart car or helm on the driver they can pin point destination points as needed. There can be tele-conferencing nodes with such augmented reality hotspots similar to every "Mission Impossible" mission briefing. Since the Smart Car is like a driving computer server cluster it can interface with virtual only secure Intelligence sanctioned locations. However any such augmented reality vehicle enabled with such virtual reality sensors can be a mobile transmission node to infect with a computer virus unsuspecting victims.

All government vehicles be they for civil servants in the Federal, State / Provincial, and Local municipalities. Will have their on board Smart Car camera's sync with Federal / Local police departments. So as to provide a public sector Mobile CCTV Platform for public safety surveillance purposes. So if a incident occurs in real time be it a traffic accident or an actual crime taking place. Police can be dispatched as needed. Also regional traffic authorities will also sync into these same government smart cars to data mine traffic flow patterns. To prevent traffic congestion for the populace at large as an additional deployed sensor array package. For motorists to access on a public as needed basis piped into all Smart Cars. Like today's free accessed Public Service Commission free television channels required by law for local county governments and public school districts.

When the era arrives when cars can drive themselves in an automated fashion thanks to companies like Google or Federal government agencies like DARPA. Then consider the Smart Phone like a bell man's whistle calling for a remote-off site pick up for a friend or yourself. The proverbial soccer mom has gone robotic with your own personal vehicle. The same goes for Taxi's showcased in both sci-fi movie versions of "The Running Man" with an automated computerized robotic automobile. Chauffeurs around the world will cringe for their occupations being downsized in later vehicle automated generations. Only the very backwards part of the world will still use antiquated human drivers. Or the filthy rich to denote their opulence for the old ways of driving in antique cars and boats.

During emergencies if the main car driver is injured or unresponsive due to a car accident. If their Smart Car is outside the regional automated traffic network digital umbrella. Which is a centralized traffic authority that provides guidance to all local automated vehicles during transit. Until that time vehicles can do this on their own via satellite after the first few generations figure out such an technological obstacle. When the car driver is out cold at the scene of an accident any authorized back-up drivers that are conscious with their own Smart Phones. Can manually drive the car via their Smart phone if its in drivable condition, but are outside the scope of the regional automated traffic network. (ie Rural areas) Much like in the James Bond 1997 movie of "Tomorrow Never Dies".

If a car is ever stolen or broken into the Smart Car will alert the owners Smart Phone immediately. In tandem the Smart Car will also send out a distress alert call to the local police authorities computer network. Which will in turn alert the closest police patrol squad car to intercept in the vicinity. The alerted car owner with their smart phone can access the encrypted video camera stream of the car thief. Where the en route police squad car will be given temporary access to do likewise so as to build a case for criminal prosecution of stolen property. The car owner will be given the option to turn off the car engine block with or without an alert to the car thieves. Similar in many ways to today's "General Motors OnStar" service car theft protection features. Where all car windows will roll up and car locks secured including the glove department will lock to make the vehicle a secure vault in many ways until police show up. If a vehicle has a passenger folding back seat like in a sport or family hatchback. The folding seat control mechanism will also lock so as to prevent a car thief from escaping via the vehicles trunk space in accessing the manual release lever.

These are some of the manners I can envision a Smart Car of tomorrow will function for owners. Smart Phones will cross the threshold of an optional mobile communications gadget into a very necessary component in owning a personal vehicle. Everyone will have a Smart Phone of various technological features and quality levels of affordability. By extension Smart Cars will piggy back onto this modern society need in many ways to aid us in living more productive lives. Although the price of productivity may be more burdensome due to loss of privacy and other sociological inconveniences for having technology available at all times. This is the future perhaps within the decade if not a few years after that but well within our generations time frame. No longer the domain of science fiction but hurling towards us as a real fact.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 21 years of his life to the pursuit of clairvoyant automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan, is the author to the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work is available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 11 years plus online. Your welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly. 

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Psychic Journey Magazine "Winter/Spring 2014" Issue, Has Published My Introductory Article

Hello All,

Psychic Journey Magazine, has recently published my own Introductory Article on pages 28-29 on their most recent Winter/Spring 2014 issue. A Free online version of the magazine can be seen at this "Link". Enjoy.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

"Jewels of Truth" Reading From Volume 2, A Statement On "Love"


Love is bound to no one, it is only bound to itself. The truest form of Love is all sustaining and absolute in its generous nature. Humanity often confuses conditional love and lust as forms of destructive entrapment's. By suspecting that selfish needs through the ego is the culprit. Lust is self explanatory yearning to obtain which it believes it lacks. It is an empty sense of greed from within the deep recesses of the mind and heart. Conditional love is a diluted form of unconditional love. By expressing love with demands plays the petty game of favoritism, where in the end there is no winners.

Unconditional Love plays no favorites, makes no demands, is accepting, embraces all that is good in nature, is inclusive in its purest sense not just in principle, but action and as a force of life. Pure, absolute, total, unconditional, infinite, and eternal love are but a few of the ways to express our relationship with each other and especially with God our maker. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

"Jewels of Truth: The Wayfarer of the Soul", Volume 2 pg. 98-99

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jewels of Truth Statement: "God's One True Face"

Hello All,

Here we are together already on the half-way point of this first month of the year. Kudos, to my readers in both "Poland and Malaysia" that have spiked my readership numbers for the last couple of months. I appreciate the attention and your readership, truly I do.

Today's entry is on the topic of "God's Face" as the very majestic "Holy Spirit", and the one he shares through his own creations. Which we all have an aspect of him in the very core of our spiritual identity. This "Jewels of Truth" statement is numbered #1633 in the series and was written in late December of last year.

As always do enjoy the content and may it very well stretch your perception of what it means to be a very much alive spiritual entity in God. Amen.



1633) Our God the one true god will only have "One Face"! Not unlike any other living creature that has only one face in composition. However such a magnificent face has an infinite variety of expressions. That portray life in its most various forms. Not all expressions will be recognizable to even the most devout pilgrim as a supplicant to God. This is why you will know the most earnest being by their actions rather than their speech alone. Many will be convinced otherwise and thus become easily fooled by the charisma of a pretender. For every deceived person there are ten more innocent persons awaiting God into their own personal lives. The harvest of souls is ever growing in evangelism that is filled with compassion and humility.

If one religion or philosophy does not speak to your soul. Then move onward looking for benevolence wherever it may be found. Allow the spirits of the ancestors to guide you and not the tricksters amongst humanity. You will know you have found a slice of paradise in faith and understanding. When your humanity is not smothered nor are you treated like cattle. A well traveled soul is more respectable than one whom has denied their own divinity. Albeit all are worthy vessels for the divine to inhabit in sincere measure. Having mindfulness not to harm your brothers or sisters by proclaiming ego based superiority in any form. Be it in your duties or rank by means of service in whatever aspect it may take in practice.

God(dess), is always found in all things simple in nature. All gentle and diminutive forms of life is God at his most sublime akin to a child. Be in awe wherever you find the splendor of mother nature for Father God is wed to her for an eternity. You will find the beloved with his spouse always in the "Holy Spirit" of matrimony. Treat all creatures with reverence as you should be treated with dignity and not with fear. Respect the nature of each entity for all have boundaries as mortals. As souls however we are all boundless through our united "Spirit of God".

God, the one true god of all deities assumes them all as his progeny in Spirit. Watch him smile with love in gladness at his creations forever more. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

"Jewels of Truth" Reading From Volume 1, A Statement On "Eternity"


The present moment is eternity renewing itself constantly as a rebirth of all life. Whether this life is aware or not of its heritage in this eternal destiny we call Creation. The "Now" as it is referred to is actually God acknowledging his Creation moment by moment as the expression of his Majestic Divinity. Regardless if the children of his creations remember this truth or not. It is as it is for time is truly non-linear in the scope of the spiritual reality. This is how in one manner why eternity exists as it always has been for now and forever more. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

"Jewels of Truth: A Soul Odyssey Within", Volume 1 pg. 20

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Jewels of Truth Statement: "The Wonders Beyond Prayer That Are Unto God Himself"

Hello All,

I hope your New Year celebrations were festive and delightful enjoyed with friends, family, and strangers alike. As we enter this new year don't persecute yourselves with your "New Year's Resolution". Especially if it was very unrealistic for you to accomplish in all sincerity. Saying this does not denote abandoning those resolutions that you promised to yourselves that have merit as well. My New Years Resolution is always the same year in and year out so as to keep it simple. It is "To do the best I can and be very well for it", no fuss no muss. It's self-explanatory with no pressure to strive for my best and to execute it well with residual rewards along the way.

Today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement is on the topic of "Metaphysics". Numbered in the series at #1630 for those keeping count written this past mid-December. This statement seems to skim across several topics such as: prayer, our divinity, heaven, and God as a whole. So I chose the general category of Metaphysics instead since it covers this gamut very well.

Please enjoy the material even though you may disagree with aspects of it. Nonetheless it will stretch the horizons of your minds in asking "What If"? As always these spiritual wisdom statements I write with Inspiration using Automatic Writing as a technique.



1630)  All prayer is an intimate act between oneself and the Creator God. No matter if one prays in a group or by oneself alone. The intent is to utilize the Divine system or "Holy Laws" for the abiding good to prevail in all things.

When we pray for another person and when we pray to our ancestors be they a particular loved one or strangers to us in this one life. We are utilizing an Ancient timeless system that maintains no borders. For it is everywhere simultaneously as we deem such a presence as the "Holy Spirit" of God. God's, own persona made into a manifest essence beyond that of any physical limitations. So when we pray we assume a union with such a holy presence that is eternal and Infinite in nature. We consciously flip a switch of our own divinity to come first as to subordinate our mortal self.

What this reveals is all sorts of wonders deemed as prior impossible or fictitious to humanity itself. This becomes a voided after thought by means of an atonement that neutralizes such restrictions of any physical world. Miracles, Blessings, Omens, and so forth are native and become common occurrences for the "Holy Spirit" to accomplish. Under the guise of our divine selves as living spiritual entities. We are not bound to petty whims of the humanistic frail ego. An awakening no matter how brief binds us all into a sublime "Oneness".

All things are always happening within the eternal "Now". This "Now Moment" is a constant Eternal dimension transfixed as a solitary point unto itself. Many call such a place Heaven, but heaven is also known to the Angels as God(dess) the Creator. There is one truth and the countless Infinite illusions that follow as a continual window dressing over the hidden truth. God, is a constant reality unto himself. Everything else is an illusion guided by his "Holy Will" so as to live through his creations. And, for his creations to live through God in a symbiotic fashion.

We utilize the essence of God when we pray, meditate, or contemplate to transcend our mortal limitations. To cross through the illusionary veil freely and with total liberty as divine beings having a very finite physical existence. In our own holy spirits we become like god, but we are not God himself. We are the Image and Likeness of God as divine beings made from Heaven as the embodiment of True Love. Anything short of this is a shadow that passes from the truth and into oblivion. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.