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Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on Space Farers & The Fae Astrals and 7th Heaven


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Here is one last entry before this month of April concludes of a twofer of channeled angelic metaphysical topics. The first statement has an eye to the distant space-faring future of humanity. The second gets moreso mystical regarding the astral spiritual dimension and the 7th Heaven. 

Topics such as these seem to me moreso fictional when I read them back to myself after completion. However, I take it with a grain of faith and trust my rock-solid connection now stemming nearly 26 years time. As my spiritual devotion with Inspirational automatic writing to date. It's intriguing all the same for something to consider as a plausible occurrence metaphysically, to say the least. 

Without a further adieu may you find these statements curious and blessed in how they are presented. 

Space Farers:

3030) The Heavens are a stupendous place of nowhere constantly as an ethereal dimension of Infinity. A figment of God made real by the undying love of all souls combined in pristine unity finding their completion within God(dess) alone forever. This is the remarkable remembrance of another angelic soul as a testament of the heavens. As forever the constant truth of the superior embodiment of God. For all who read these passages to recall earnestly without heartbreak but only with the Glory of an Invincible God to be cherished without end. 

That as the afterlife is spaceless without tangible matter as it is constant as immutable without time as a chronic interval of temporal movement. Makes for the value of all totalities simultaneously possible without equal intervals in terms of gargantuan scales of ordered definable principles. To this end, we exclaim nothing through everything in a reversed paradox of motions to defy existence. To intrigue the Astro-physicist theoreticians of the semi-cosmic folds of elongated spatial distortion fields. That translocation isn't just tied to quantum theorem but a higher threshold of dynamism that is yet quantified by scientists. 

To entice the Imagination of the impossible as very probable if partitioned into workable slivers of spatial expressions. Can make what is confusing finally sensible again by means of several reversals as workable principles of the fabric of spacetime doctrines. Heretofore, what you assume to be real is an incomplete optical mirage a doppelganger behaving not as it should. In the eons to come what has appeared esoteric will start to become moreso quantified with inferences of great wonders. 

Only when understandings of the metaphysical principles as once implausible constraints are rectified can the mystics and yogis of old be validated. The Astro-dimensional constructs of spacetime whether as wild radicals or not can be manipulated akin to outer hull vessel enveloped skin grafts as a spacetime slingshot phenomena of distant space travel. 

Humanity is always on the verge of career-worthy greatness missing new discoveries just under your realizations as a once discredited refuge pile of nonsense. When cross-disciplinary scientists marry the laws of the natural sciences with the xenographic complexities to understand metaphysics will be the least of your concerns. There are subtle bodies with finer distribution points than the quantum field allows for in the uniformed curvatures to transplant energy fields from A to B points in spacetime. What is perceived with the naked eye is soon missed only another set of recordable datasets can permit indirect observations to determine successful ratios for the desired spectrum of results. 

The Outer Heavens of deepspace envelope all starry realities including the dark foreboding mysteries. As scattered dimensional spectrums permit a bridge to other quasi-exotic locales. Be they once recoverable collapsed wormholes by pumping exotic particles into them to reexpand their snakelike tunnels for a limited sortie. Otherwise, what is deemed as colored spectrum dwarf stars are camouflaged hidden conduits elsewhere in spacetime. Many such colored spectrum distortion fields that appear to be dwarf stars are hyperspace lanes as slipstream conduits at starlight speeds. One final example is Epsilon Andromeda the star system with a trio of gas giants are anchor points of a local hidden wormhole in situ. As artificially constructed by a long since dead civilization of spacefarers taking near local gas giant worlds and plotting them into place as gravitational cornerstones. 

Be not afraid to get your original hypotheses wrong dear children as you may find hidden discarded gems by accidental discoveries. Sometimes by pivoting with flexible maneuvers allows circumstances to be configured into another set of dynamics altogether. Just please don't sell yourselves short and allow your scruples to be corrupted in the process. For technological supremacy making deals for added infrastructure only to get into beds with devils losing not just your self-respect but damning your souls all alike. 

Yours is the future now possible here today for the risk-takers with bold tenacity to seize the fragments available. Many adventures will eventually demand justice lest you make sacrifices that soon become unforgivable by society in terms of life and limbs left behind. Be the Pioneers that the Terrans of Earth demand of each of you but do so with integrity always. Lest you damn your souls in the miserable process just to survive like animals in order to make do with slim odds of wellbeing. 

The metaphysical Heavens envelope all as its native child in swaddling blankets. To claim your divine inheritance in the worlds to come amongst the cosmos of the outer stellar star system charts. Just to expand the influence of empires with colonists and explorers of the far-flung stellar winds as nebulas. Always be curious but at a safe enough distance. Just do not forfeit wisdom for the sake of extreme logic and reasonable expressions by obtaining cursed knowledge in the process. Each of you are unique emanations as spiritual entities of a Living God(dess) with the promise of your ancestors fulfilled in each of your bosoms now and forevermore. 

Be loving with that set of truths lest you damn each other in seeking longevity making a dying hell in reality by your arrogance and stupidities combined. Sometimes no living being will come to your rescue when hailed due to foreboding hazards of space-faring misfortunes. Warn all interlopers with a testimony of woe that danger lurks nearby of what horrors were encountered. Then prepare one another for a noble painless death if odds of surviving the ordeal are slim to none. 

This is the great sadness of explorers and settlers will face constantly in hostile environs of deep space and extra-dimensional realities. That few dare to venture for good sensible reasons in exploring the outer reaches of civilized space. A justified prayer for goodwill before an impending death for warriors, settlers, and explorers will alert your angelic guardians to receive your spirits if demise is your destiny. In order to ascend beyond the twilight astral realms just outside spacetime to be delivered back home to God(dess) without cryptoxenic undue interference. For spaceless husks as cadavers in deep space are a horrid sight to behold no matter if human or of another genus of species altogether. 

The great promise is yours in the Holy Spirit of God the Apex Creator of both beneficient wonders and Miracles. Prepare your mortal faith to be tested for the near-impossible sojourns amongst the stars to come. Now that Humanity has entered a New Age of Terran orbital earth space flight with increasing farther out zones of cyclical travels. In the full Eon to follow this period you'll recognize your greatest joys and fears simultaneously. That yours is a soon-to-be-crowded quadrant of spacetime with other deep space-faring semi-sentient intelligent species like yourselves. With the compassion of Saints and the Itchy Trigger fingers or digits of devils. Be the wise and then safe in that order of procedural encounters now and forevermore. Amen.  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

The Fae Astrals & 7th Heaven:

3034) To be the one that remembers so much with so little of life experienced is truly an awkward occurrence indeed. You "Ivan the Atrayo" have recently come across a great realization as channeled content in your mind's eye. Regarding the extraordinary nature of ecological spirits as what popular culture considers the Celtic fairies as guardians of Mother Nature or Gaia. 

Before humanity took hold as the dominant hominid as the homo-sapien species or apex predator of the earth. The Earth in this era of time humanity can verily be the harbingers of neglect in terraforming the planet by sheer greed. Nonetheless, the Earth is spiritually alive as your direct holy divine sister as a living child of God. She has birthed and raised countless species whether submissive or outright dominant as a nursery planet for some now 4.4 billion years of time. 

The next to most recent apex predator on the earth humanity has discovered by the fossilized record of diggings be it with paleontologists or other scientific disciplines. The dinosaurs of all intents and purposes and for that matter any reincarnated genus of species as lifeforms such as minerals, bacteria, viruses as the elements with all flora and fauna in co-existence. Are in a meta sense all the nature spirits or Celtic-like fairies reborn upon the earth in any given period of pre-history and now in modernity. Even some people display facets that are fae-like in personality since humanity is indeed part of the animal kingdom itself in its most stripped-down ecological essence. This is aside from the anthropomorphized legends of the Celtic fairies as wee folk with gossamer wings retold as oral traditions for centuries.

Before the Great Age of Dinosaurs some 1.5 billion years ago give or take a few hundred million years the Earth was an Ocean Planet. Without any form of landmass not even Pangea which would come much later on in about 360 to 500 million years later. The dominant apex species on this ocean world are gigantic Jelly Fish in schools that number well into the tens of thousands. 

Much later as about 900 million years ago from our vantage point did the first mutated reptiles waddle onto coastal beaches globally.  As a bridge species between the seas and the landmass not unlike present-day sea tortoises that continued for about a few million years more. Where the earth had several pre-historic ages of dinosaurs as periods of wild carnal savagery until their first series of extinction-level planetary-scale events began. The comet killer was just the final cherry on top from a world swiveling in climatic throes.

All such ecological lifeforms as primitive global ancestors as souls or living children of God. Each ascended into the heavens or descended into the underworld each according to the merits of their respective lifespans. Not unlike our own meritocracy with the afterlife in the judgment of our divinity upon our mortal passing. In a macro collective fashion, the multi-layered series of ages as different periods of Mother Earth also ascended into what can be deemed as the Astral Realities

You see not just individual units as lifeforms had a spiritual passing. Also, entire metrological weather systems and ecological land and seascapes as terrain surfaces also have a dominant spirit essence of God in them equally akin to Animism. However, the physical passing of entire disrupted ecological surfaces ascends into the astral realms at a slower pace than individual creatures as vectors back to the Creator in the Heavens.

In order for all such spiritual entities known as nature spirits, power animals, and even the Fae. To reclaim their divinity across eternity they aid their brethren as all other flora and fauna on the earth to live by celestial tenets of grace. Notwithstanding, they also lend spiritual aid to humanity when invoked by people with a greater enlightened unified principle awakening of divine kinship across the native species line of co-existence. 

By helping us their once biological cousins now as spiritual twin heirs with God(dess) in Paradise. Much like the angel's aid in their own cosmic eternal evolution of their respective souls in a macro constant phenomena we call God. Basically, there are righteous fae or nature spirits and fallen ones similar to the angels. However, such spiritual entities aren't always enlightened and tend to have an erratic outburst of emotions in Celtic fairy traditions considered as mischievous. Since they aren't human-centric in behavioral orientations for that matter in question moreso zoological.

Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from our terra firma at an angle are the twilight no-souls buffer zone. Above this with an ascendent vantage point are the first forays into the astral infinite ethereal realities where brilliance leads to greater expanses towards the actual heavens. The obverse is also true the darker and foreboding with cosmic intensity are the void as spaceless environs the closer is the gnarl drift into the underworld belly of the astral realms. This is where the fallen nature spirits often considered as ethereal parasites and malevolent tricksters reside.

As a spiritual rule of thumb the higher the dimensional frequencies in the purity of brilliance the greater access to blessed encounters of all manners of spiritual entities of grace. Be they astral nature spirits, mythological creatures of long since dead religions of historical civilizations on earth, esoteric dimensional beings neither alive nor departed, and so forth. All these preceding layers of spectral lifeforms are what precedes the actual heavens akin to a macro foyer environment. 

Now picture the Earth itself as terra-firma sliced metaphysically into thirds of the Heaven of Earth, Neutrality of the World, and Hell on Earth respectively. As the Kingdom of God of the world but not of it. With Infinite souls in numbers that eclipse comprehension with Nature Spirits (Fae), departed ancestors, higher dimensional spiritual beings as Angels, Archangels, Lesser Mythological Deities, and associated mythological creatures such as Pegasus that are the totality of the Heavenly Host of God. Occupying spiritually Heaven on Earth, Heavenly Limbo or Neutrality, and the Heaven of Heavens as the Supreme Godhead reside here as everywhere simultaneously. 

In a technical sense, there is only one ever Macro Heaven however, for the sake of mortal comprehension it can be subdivided accordingly for definable simplicity sake. Such a Unified Macro Heaven can be partitioned from one to three to seven to ten up to infinite scales of celestial totalities. For all intents and purposes let us use the 7 heavens to honor the allegory of how the Earth and Creation were created in 7 human calendar days. Under this auspicious accord, we honor your planetary holy sister the Earth or Gaia with all its reservoir of infinite godly angelic souls in the Perfect Image and the Likeness of God forever so.

That all of your materialized physical energetic Creation which includes your Universes, Galaxies, and so forth with cross-spectral higher and lower ethereal dimensions of the combined afterlife. (ie Heavens and Hells) Is the one and only 7th Heaven insofar that it overlaps with Heaven on Earth or Creation as a spiritual meta-existence of a planar reality. As Above, so below since the 7th Heavenly Earth is sanctified holy ground it in a polar opposite fashion instructs that the 7th Hell on Earth is dreadfully acknowledged equally. 

Your souls are all enlightened times Infinity due to near-endless reincarnations of your (im)mortal coils as bodies. However, your blank canvases as spirit bodies although blessed in the Likeness of God are immature until self-mastery is achieved, if at all within a lifetime. Thus it is your free will to choose to be just plain people forgetful of your singular divinity. Or begin the long trek back to the Creator as the Supreme Sustainer of realities to recall your angelic Image and likeness with God(dess). 

There is Absolute Forgiveness in a Supremely Beneficient Maker of All Souls when invoked and claimed by free will. For your Creation is unfair at first glance with chaos and other mean-spirited entities. Such encounters lead the benign and the blessed back to the fold of grace if permitted and only then ascend into everlasting peace. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 25 years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 15 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.

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