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Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on Spiritual Modesty, Exalted, Glories of God, & Grace


Hello All,

I hope for those here in the States you had a blessed Thanksgiving Holiday to cherish with friends and families. Aside from the tumult occurring around the world for various reasons whether noble or not. This is a period of faith for several of the world's religions to uphold our values and to cultivate our convictions in the face of strife. 

Today's Jewels of Truth statements will cover four topics with a bonus to start us off as channeled by the heavenly host. Kudos to one of my friends for starting me on the topic via phone text and her contribution to the topic category. Cheers. 

The topics are as follows Spiritual Modesty, Exalted, Glories of God, and finally on the topic of Grace. Often when I do a 1st draft via longhand on my notebooks they vastly expand in additional channeled content when it gets to its 2nd version digitally. I have reams of notebooks from over these 28 years of channeling the angelic heavenly host with psychic Inspirational automatic writing. 

May you find these topics nourishing to each of your spiritual or religious traditions. However, it may find you specifically in the world with true love by a living faith in God. Amen.

Spiritual Modesty:

3278) Those who may boast of their spiritual social status needlessly in the world. Have missed the point of earnest humility. They choose to act unconsciously by the ego and not truly as mindful living servants of the divine itself. 

Such pretensions become sadly a mockery by browbeating the other in a very unfortunate stance. They truly have forgotten their sacred Inner Truth by omitting their grace in life fully. Modesty or in other words, humility as a means of silent service when coupled through compassion speaks volumes in the holy sublime stillness. 

Not so much by bombastic grandstanding of why your faith has saved you for x, y, and z rationales. Evangelism has its place in houses of worship and in the community when it is respectful of the other. When such a code of conduct is misplaced then a wanton disservice is committed. By overstepping one's social responsibility in a spiritual manner of dignity for all souls alike. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


3277) What is truly exalted before all people on Earth as it is in the endless Heavens is God alone. There are countless mutable suppositions of what constitutes such attributes of the divine earnestly. However, when it comes to the spiritual sublime truths as outlets of divine expressions. Becomes bewildering out in the greater far-flung reaches of Creation itself universally. Only God(dess) is finely suited to being the Ultimate Exalted One.

All emanates from the first cause of this outlet of existence itself a truly mysterious beautiful realm of the Almighty towards the totality of the Supreme Holy of Holies. We are all made in this divine spark to excel in spite of the insurmountable difficulties faced by (wo)man, beast, and environment. Our combined totality as a macro collection of living souls is also dearly attributed towards the Omni-presence of him/her/itself as the Zenith Creator of all other creators. 

Nothing compares nor can match the delicate perfect excellence of all that is. We are nonetheless modeled after its Image and Likeness however, flawed we conduct ourselves by carnal human tendencies. There is a litany of Meta Expressions of Being True Forevermore by our integrity. By means of an elaborate adoration that persists beyond the physical known confines of this Universe as a collective configuration. 

Each unique imprint of our entity expressions of the divine as ghosts with physical bodies presently. Becomes an unquantifiable metric of the next dominion metaphysically superimposed over us like a finely layered spiritual stratification of Being or Divinity upon Totality. 

Many will compare themselves to God by means of maniacal hubris when out of context due to a tantrum of vanity at large. Whether it is fairly attributed to one's genius of skill and renowned experiences considered upon society as a titan man or woman of industry globally. However, such an established dictum of such subtleties is still grossly misplaced. A short-sighted Eureka can inadvertently feed the ego of a false prophet in the making upon the world. 

To be known as the constant "I Am" is beyond all paradoxical underpinnings on a basis that is both Infinite and Timeless dimensionally speaking. A sincere welcoming by faith of the unknown graces into a robust beautiful reality that is newfound in its discoveries yet to occur in all seriousness. Typifies the excellence of an exalted state of being alive as the kernel truths of liberty are revealed by the gestalt of great unknowns that become dispelled into keen understandings as novel inventions at large. 

Be mindful not all exaltations are equal to God in paradise when the excitement of wonder is crystalized as a reality of tomorrow becomes harnessed for today by invention. Allow your observations to be indeed remarkable and gloriously astute just do not lose sight of the marathon that must be traveled to reach the masses over the years if at all. There are many oddities towards humanity that are truly endearing to the angelic heavens as the custodians of Infinity. 

Please leave such philosophical treatise to the angelic masters to aid humanity. In discerning what such and such a factor truly represents metaphysically for the living fibers of its essence come alive. What is co-created upon the world has many redundant twins elsewhere out and about in your cosmos. Your version of it may be grand but it isn't the only model to exist in perpetuity. 

Be at Peace and Celebrate the excellent wonders forever present towards the one that affords such a marvelous attitude of appreciation. For all things natural and artificially co-created by the hands of the curious minds that dared to make things of hopefully lasting value. No one is truly the first out in the cosmos perhaps not even on the Earth when legacy inventions are forgotten over the epochs of time after civilizations have come and gone again. 

Allow all Exaltations to be truly the exclamation of God's Infinite Beauty and enfolded variety to impact upon reality with the dearest of par excellence. This is the mold metaphysically to resemble what is divine iterations after modeled versions become classical over time. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Glories of God:

3263) For all the pristine Glories that belong to God alone for his/her/its Perfect Truth shines Brightest in the hearts of the righteous and noble that are godly in holy nature indeed. None other are permitted to succeed until they have proven their worth unto God alone who values grace over the world. 

No matter if the merits are based on altruistic motivations or not. One whom is full of courage has rightly claimed the golden ribbon of accomplishment as their rightful prize in heaven. In order not just to overcome this turbulent world of yours, but to surmount it upon the wings of brave eagles to soar past all inequities both great and small therein. 

The Glory of God has no equal and thus its majesty is truly Almighty Forever! All who claim a glory of righteousness upon the world. Only do so by an agreement of a sublime permission of God's pristine essence as itself extended to all of merit.

What is the Glory of God(dess) has many countless interpretations as verifiable holistic truths of great renown. Here is where great changes happen to upset ill-gotten gains by foul tempests of all accursed kinds upon the world. Their Triumph is often short-lived whether in months up to god-forsaken years of mortal struggles of nasty upheavals.

Tyranny wears many illusionary faces of devils both pleasing and diabolical as draconian. All of it matters little before the Supreme Glory of God of perfected paradises. Much like pesky garden weeds they too will be uprooted in due time upon the world, even if it takes a generation or two of mortal souls.

No Empire of villainy lasts on the earth no matter its origin of civilization in history. All are toppled from within by citizens and outside by foreigners of just cause whether sufficiently prepared or not. Lest the righteousness of the heavens stir deeply to reincarnate a champion avatar that arrives as an ascended master to be. Do not be forsaken every one thousand years time a holy one appears be it a saint or a prophet(ess) to guide the noble heart away from the turmoil of the land.

Many have doubted and have paid the price of weak-willed character upon a lifetime. Courage depends on goodwill to be followed consistently by a compassionate truth and justice for all living souls. When mercy is offered genuinely then truly an earth angel has been reincarnated in your solemn midsts as witnessed by hallowed God eternal. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


3276) Wherever there is Grace there is God with conscious abundance! A manifold Immaculate truth that is absolute in pivotal authority. A force of good that can shift conditions for greater accountability upon all worlds. 

Here is where realizations of the renowned Glories of God wearing the cloak of majesty known as Grace are best understood. No one is forgotten all children are accounted for truly and remarkably so. Regardless of the species of origin upon Creation itself. 

All Life as a plurality is known to God as its impersonal extension as Creation itself on a macro scale that dwarfs all imaginations combined. There is a grand Intimacy struck since the inception of a spirit that is born in paradise. As an entity in the realm of the supernatural an elusive dimensional disembodied form finds its eventual expression. 

Here it can be implied that God is present unconsciously but that is amiss more likely the Omnipresence of God(dess) is paradoxically present unconsciously and consciously simultaneously. Where Grace awakens upon the doormat Holy Spirit of God in situ. What awakens the Holy of Holies are the angels and at times an exalted holy person such as a Saint or Prophet(ess). 

Otherwise, the generic script of reality continues unabated like an elaborate executable digital program (exe. format) of what it means for that locality. When the Great Almighty God of all lesser angelic gods Supreme awakens upon the world locally. There are several functions occurring simultaneously not unlike a whirlwind of graces akin to an instant checklist of "Do's and Don'ts" on site. 

Grace becomes the universal standard of superior and perfect spiritual elixirs as to what ails humanity and Creation at large. Here is where the extraordinary heavens metaphysically pours out their goodwill as the endless graces indiscriminately. Like an overturned Vat onto the masses in great need. For only an instant or two the circumstance in advance was planned out ages ago by other angels as specialists for the faithful. 

In order to remediate the entire scenario based on the hierarchy of needs from the smallest unto the greatest in question. No one is left out who deserves to be served with the unconditional Love of God(dess) forever present. Now and always such miracles may be few and far between. However, this is by design for all upon the earth and beyond may come to know the Grace of a Living Great Mystery of God Almighty. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 28 plus years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient-inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic Heavenly host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also utilizes a unique channeled angelic divination method called the Multi-Deck Divination SystemNumerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 18 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.

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