Monday, June 11, 2012

Electronic Industry Concept: "Augmented Reality (AR) Visors & Eye Glasses"

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As a futurist I pride myself in taking a stab at the dark of what the next generation of technology or processes may look like in reality. When Google announced "Project Glass" a couple of months ago of a pair of eye glasses utilizing augmented reality. I thought to myself what is the next step down the line and how will such a piece of visual technology affect society as a whole? Below are my thoughts and my own conclusions with additional features such a visual tech can make use of for ease of use functions.

The days of 2D flat screen displays are numbered when augmented reality or (AR) eye glasses or visors takes the world by storm. Just like flat screens replaced the old 20th century analog television set. The flat screen televisions, monitors, and 3D televisions will become the thing of the past due to (AR) visual eye ware. Electronic makers such as Sony or others that rely heavily on the flat screen television or computer monitor market. Could very well end up like today's Kodak company behind the curve having lost out of the digital camera market they helped invent.

Building on top of whatever Google has in mind with their own personal "Project Glass" project. Here is my vision of the augmented reality (AR) visor helmet or eye glasses of tomorrow practically here today in 5 to 10 years time. Picture either a set of (AR) eye glasses or visor helm with miniature web cams on the left, right, center front, and rear center of such a piece of visual digital eye wear. If not a crown of disguised miniature web cams for a true 360 degree viewing. The web cams are to capture your very own personal environmental experience. Using a GPS tracker to provide auxiliary tracking metrics akin to a (HUD) heads up display. The scenery recorded by the 4 web cams or the crown of web cams gets blended into the lenses of the (AR) visor or eye glasses. The user will have a personal slider mechanism to graduate the Immersion Rates of the transparency of said images. Just like any user of audio input devices uses a volume control for ease of use and comfort. The Immersion slider will provide a (AR) Visor or Eye Glass wearer satisfaction to personally navigate their personal location. Such as if on the move through a throng of fellow people, around obstacles, and miscellaneous hazards. If one is in a safe and comfortable location than the Immersion slider can go full tilt with the digital landscape drowning out any sense of personal real world reality.

All (AR) visor helmets or eye glasses come with ear pads for audio inputs and a microphone boom. Since they'll work either in conjunction with your mobile smart phone or as a stand alone personal computer. Wearable computers of science fiction becomes reality with (AR) visors and eye glasses. Any additional input devices will be motion gesture based via technological jewelry or other worn cue markers. Today's "Mircosoft's Xbox 360 Kinnect" hands free motion control device may very well be considered a grand daddy to future wearable motion gesture based peripheral devices. Those augmented reality visor helmets will have additional computer circuitry behind the hard protective shell. All shaped to fit the human head, be it shielded to protect the wearer from any electo-magnetic interference to the human brain. Much like cell phones and their microwave transmissions have proven to possibly effect the human brain in certain research studies.

Gamers of tomorrow will be sporting (AR) visor helmets branded to look like their favorite games of tomorrow. IE picture a "Star Wars" Republic or Empire star fighter helmet being worn by a gamer. Much like today's gamer computer system has a notebook aesthetic skin or laser engraving of iconic Images. Where the (AR) visor helm is either linked by a wireless connection to a belt computer pack or a as a stand alone computer helm. With motion gesture based and speech recognition command inputs during game play fully immersed in their game session be it in public or in the privacy of their own home. Computer LAN's (land area networks) will take on a whole new meaning with gamer tournaments or charity marathons. Having access to 360 degree view points due to the rear center or crown web cam's on the (AR) visors or eye glasses. The old adage of having "eyes in the back of your head" will become a truism because of this technological piece of digital visual eye wear. If not the nerdy wise crack of having 4 eyes due to eye glasses will have a whole new meaning in the future.

Motor cycle drivers, mounted police patrols, and military forces will also benefit from the use of (AR) visor helmets when out navigating the world at large. Especially when out in hostile environs for security forces coordinating via their futuristic wearable computers. Today's science fiction will certainly again become tomorrow's science fact because of augmented reality visor helmets and eye glasses of digital visual ware.

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