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Channeled Angelic Wisdom of the Jewels of Truth Series on Doubt, Civil Society & Last Resort Justice


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I wanted to round up this month of April with another trio of original "Jewels of Truth" statements.  Channeled recently via angelic inspirational automatic writing as a psychic technique. I've been in service to God(dess) and the angelic host thankfully for 26+ years now as my predominant Intuitive ability. 

In that time I've penned over 3800+ statements on various eclectic topics of the human and divine nexus. I have no religious degrees, no religious credentials except this spiritual dharmic calling that has been nudging me for over 30+ years of self-development. Always the messages arrive akin to a topic or a phrase and I begin channeling by long-hand writing. 

My three published book volumes are available at AmazoniUniverse (the publisher), Barnes & Nobles, and where online books are sold in ebook, Kindle, and paperback formats. In my trio of books, there are a combined 1,095 in print (ie 365 statements in each volume) in an easy-to-read A-Z format. 

When I began automatic writing back in the mid-1990s they were simple one-liners and/or a paragraph in length. Now as you'll see they can span from 7 paragraphs up to much longer, although I still enjoy the short digital series shared on social media. 

I come at this from the angle of an Inner seeker or explorer mapping like a Navigator of the Soul reality as we know it and as we don't metaphysically. What I've discovered is a wonderland of the Soul of God in all of us as a human species. If we conceived the Glory of God for our personal lives, much less dared to be more as the angels of the heavens reincarnated by God's mysterious grace. Amen. 


3136) For a know it all fool to admit doubt is the beginning of excellence in the world. For the wise to admit unconditional doubt leads to misery by a lack of earnest self-trust. Only when doubt is moderated in a gentle fashion it can lead to peaceable freedom found therein. From any justified truth under the subjective and objective sun of Creation. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Civil Society:

3135) Not every society as a governmental workforce entity of personnel is astute much less prepared when it comes to disturbances or other acts of God. Whether with day-to-day professional business hours of operating its offices and subsequent staffed departments. As sectors of qualified oversight of National or Provincial auspices of the State. 

There will be lapses of professional competency of services and/or expertise rendered upon the people at large. This is to be expected for such burgeoning operations to become more so impersonal and faceless to the citizenry over time. No State is Perfect or 100% prepared at every plausible turn potentially for every other eventuality in this world. To have such unlawful expectations of high regard is Naive at best if not irresponsible at worst. 

Here spells the dictum of doing for yourselves first before depending on an impersonal State as a faceless entity. As it is Institutionally capable or not to handle your needs carefully and respectfully over time. This is especially true when a Man-Made often avoidable bottleneck of bureaucracy thwarts progress for the well-meaning civil servants when available to serve.  Whether neglect to ask for help from the populace lends itself to a growing distrust of the masses. Or other factors that have festered as implicit bias that has garnered a lack of confidence to get a job well done every time. 

This is aside from corruption and maleficence from the very top to the very lowest rung that is ignored. Creates shocks of incompetence along with the superstructure of any organization as commercial, philanthropic, and certainly governmental in due time. When a man-made paper storm of negligence is fostered by the poorly written legislature from lawmakers then poorly made policies will soon follow. 

When a natural disaster happens to befall the State it doesn't bode well either if there is a lack of advance preparation. Much less accountable oversight by authoritative figures and their departments of dutiful governance. The ecology of this Earth demands not only respect but also harmonious justice to ensure viability for all the masses regardless of the species of origins, humanity included. 

If a society fails once be grateful it was hopefully a one-off as the saying goes. However, if the same society becomes acute with dishonesty and brinksmanship then expect militancy to occupy its rhetorical arguments whether deserved or not amongst the masses. Here is where honest brokers of non-partisan truth-tellers as individuals, groups, organizations, and the free press. As the so-called 4th estate can etch out a role for success all can latch onto it with mutual dignity hopefully. 

When a society of the demos as the people disengages not only politically but as common civil agents of positive change that is community-driven. Then expect hardliners to steal the thunder from the passive lot of souls that care but don't speak up when it matters most. There are historical times that this is essential especially for democracies if not other forms of republics in the world. Short of this progress of one class of people is put down and repealed by the less caring fear mongers in order to galvanize power at any cost to life and limb. 

All people are truly accountable to each other when liberty is valued equally for all concerned. Regardless of social status, discriminatory predatory practices or lack thereof in the pursuit of grace upon this chaotic barbaric world of humanity. Without such a fundamental rule of civil justice for all creeds then pandemonium is more likely to occur in due time. This is when regional to national emergencies of the State begin to occur with greater frequency. With a lack of dependable governance then sound modes of communication also begin to become a hodgepodge of hit or miss. When groups of people become more so polarized against the other and talk if not scream past each other. 

To be ready and willing to help is a grace of God in each of you that have the forthright nature of compassion in their divine spirits. That is when heroes and heroines of the masses reveal themselves when all seems almost out of luck much less good fortune to overcome the travesties at hand. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Last Resort Justice:

3134) All Justice ultimately rests in the Hands of God(dess) metaphysically speaking. No other Supreme Authorative Entity exists beyond the All Immaculate Knowing of the macro Mysterious nature of God of all Totalities therein of Divine Being. However, that being declared that here on Earth it is a point of irate contention with utmost woe that harbor unparalleled sagas of cautionary tales. 

On Earth, as the Nation States are concerned justice is only as good as the Laws that govern the masses are written and implemented writ large. Not all laws are worth the dry ink they are printed on due to partisan shenanigans as willing despots seeking to make a mockery of governance itself. When the rulers as legislators are subverted by any self-righteous exclusive political leanings. Then only the more affluent classes as castes of the minority make out as thick as thieves. 

How justice is served is also of paramount importance, is it fair and unbias, or furthermore leaning towards compassion for the victims? Or held in contempt the very historical ideals now unfortunately related to a past era in time. When only the privileged can access responsible civil and criminal courts of redress then a whole society begins to fail itself gradually resembling a disgrace truly. 

When implicit bias as subliminal perceptions isn't waived much less addressed. Then expect judicial prejudice to become part and parcel of the honorable bench. Skewing the balance of verdicts one way over another spells a cheapened and disrespected courts for the masses. When of course mercy begins to be forgotten becoming moreso a factory line of transactional plea bargaining akin to a flea market environment. Lady Justice the angelic goddess of Themis herself begins to itch uncontrollably.

The rash of human discourse that amounts to justice fades especially when under autocratic States. That only ruling elites gain redress and all others are left as vigilantes to have a sense of satisfaction by means of criminal retribution. 

When spirituality as forgiveness is devoid of justice for the people by the people then all else begins to lose luster as well. When little to no trust rests upon the hypocrites of the autocratic rule a riot if not a societal upheaval is near at hand. Where "Might Makes Right" seems the only plausible exit strategy for those remaining and clinging to power at the expense of everyone who isn't them. 

The codex of morality, ethics, principled norms such as common sense and decency when cut a thousand times over by bureaucrats leaves only cowards remaining behind. The lowest common denominator when reached leads only to upheaval as bedlam. 

All of this circles back metaphysically I tell you with us the Angelic Host of the Massive Heavens endless that they are. We are the adjudicators of all that God delegates towards our angelic species of spiritual kind in paradise. Where justice is only regarded for the lesser heavens, for the exalted higher-tiered heavens all is supplied for without want or care forever. 

What goes unpunished whether by mother nature herself as Holy angelic sister Gaia and certainly forfeited by humanity itself. Soon becomes our duty to follow through as the Paragons of Paradise to leave no stone unturned without ego and ill-will. All Last Resort Justice of God is served with Absolute Forgiveness when a righteous soul makes an honest mistake with good intentions run afoul. All others are relegated towards the Wheel of Rebirths (ie Reincarnations to be reborn as victims of their previous crimes against souls.) 

This is the meta-genius simplicity of God(dess) at work to galvanize positive changes at every unforeseeable turn potentially possible that can be expressed upon existence. The Perfection of God engulfs all in its wake of immense grandeur that not even the darkness as evils and light as benevolence can escape upon all Almighty Totalities. 

You the Children of God are accountable to each other whether you respect this truism or not. What one generation of reborn souls leaves undone we the Majestic Accountable Heavens will carry forth the Infinite Compassionate Will of God in Paradise with or without humanity. The predatory bestial nature of humanity notwithstanding has damned countless to the pits of Hell. Leaving their Oversouls at a loss until the next rebirth of its damned spirit to make amends if it wishes.

All others that uphold the graces of God as magical divine laws as the unseen faithful become viable first in your beautiful sacred hearts forever. You not only validate to us the angelic host the Glory of God but make us your kindred spiritual siblings. In our most caring humility possible beyond your imaginations conceivable soon becomes God manifested upon reality times Infinity. Beautifully in Perfect Compassionate Truth for all concerned. Amen.  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 26 years of his life to the pursuit of clairaudient Inspired automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 16 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "Jewelsoftruth.us" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.

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